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How to Spend Valentine#39;s Day?今年情人节怎么过?We hold love in our hearts rather than our hands, and we see it only when we give it to another. Simple, heartfelt gestures are the best way to offer the gift of love.爱是开在心中的花朵,只有当我们把它献给对方的时候,才能看见它的笑容。最好的礼物是用心准备的礼物。Things You#39;ll Need你需要这些:CD Players, Answering Machines, Printers, Candles, Flowers, Picnic Basket, Wrapping Paper, Hershey#39;s Kisses Candy, Sparkling Waters, Breakfast Tray, Romantic Music, Romantic Music, Construction Paper, Stationery, Computers, BalloonsCD机,答录机,打印机,蜡烛,花,野餐篮,包装纸,好时巧克力,苏打水,早餐盘,浪漫的音乐,色卡纸,文具,电脑,气球For boys:男生篇Show Her You Love Her向她表示你的爱Leave a note on her pillow, a note on her dressing table mirror, a note on the breakfast table, and a note on her car#39;s steering wheel.在她的枕头、梳妆镜、早餐桌、汽车的方向盘上统统留下爱的小便条。Find a classic love poem and write it on the bathroom mirror.找一首经典的情诗,写在浴室的镜子上。Bring her breakfast in bed - with a love note on the tray.为她准备床上的早餐;别忘了在餐盘上留下爱的小便条。Draw a heart on her makeup mirror.在她的化妆镜上画颗爱心。Use a can of water-soluble, non-toxic aerosol paint to write a message of love on the grass in your yard.使用水溶无毒的油漆喷雾在院子的玻璃上写下绵绵的情话。Call her favorite radio station and request a romantic song during the time she drives to home.打电话给她最爱的电台,并在她开车回家的时候点播一首浪漫的歌。Change the welcome message on your answering machine to an expression of love.把答录机上的欢迎词变成真爱的流露。Show up at her workplace, meet her as she takes her break, and whisk her away to a lovely park. Have a picnic lunch, complete with candle and rose.在她休息的时候,出现在她的公司,带她去一个美丽的小公园,享受一顿带烛光与玫瑰的浪漫野餐。Write her a long letter, one in which you recall the most emotional parts of your romantic history.为她写一首长诗,回忆爱情路上最感人的瞬间。Print out ;I Love You; posters on your computer, put them on your garage door and on light posts around the neighborhood.制作;我爱你;的海报,张贴在车库的门上以及社区的灯柱上。Ask her to watch the sunset with you - and promise her your love will burn longer than the sun.带她去看夕阳;告诉她你的爱将比太阳更长久。Open the windows, put her favorite romantic song on the CD player, and invite her to dance under the stars.打开窗,播放她最爱的歌曲,与她一起在繁星下起舞。 /201202/171146A fourth-grade teacher was giving her pupils a lesson on logic.;Here is the situation,; she said. ;a man is standing up in a boat in the middle of a river, fishing. He loses his balance, falls in, and begins splashing and yelling for help. His wife hears the commotion, knows that he can#39;t swim, and runs down to the bank. Why do you think she ran to the bank?;A girl raised her hand and asked, ;to draw out all of his savings?;小学四年级的教师正在给学生们上一堂逻辑课。她举了这么一个例子:“有这样一种情况,一个男人在河中心的船上钓鱼,突然失去重心掉进了水里。于是他开始挣扎并喊救命。他的妻子听到了他的喊声,知道他并不会游泳,所以她就急忙跑向河岸。谁能告诉我这是为什么?”一个女生举手答道,“是不是去取他的存款?”笑点在这里:bank在英语中除了我们平时很熟悉的“”之外,还有“河岸”的意思。 /201204/179596A new book by a American sociology professor documents how a record number of Americans now live by themselves, and, what#39;s more, they spend more discretionary dollars than their married counterparts.根据美国一位社会学教授的新书记载,美国单身人口的数量已创下了历史纪录,更重要的是,他们的自由出也超过了已婚人士。More and more companies are taking note of this phenomenon and adjusting their product design and development, marketing and advertising plans accordingly.越来越多的公司已经注意到这一现象,并开始相应地调整产品的设计、开发、推广以及广告方案。Only 51% of American adults today are married. Of the country#39;s 32 million singletons, the majority ; about 18 million ; are women.如今,美国成年人的结婚率只有51%。全国3,200万单身一族中,女性占多数,人数约为1,800万。The book ;Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone;, by Professor Eric Klinenberg, describes the solo lifestyle as increasingly a matter of personal choice rather than a result of some kind of social failure, as it was once widely perceived.埃里克;克兰纳伯格士所著的《单身奏鸣曲:独处的兴盛与诱惑》(Going Solo : The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone)一书对单身生活方式进行了描述,称单身已经日渐成为个人选择,而不是像以往那样,被人们普遍视作是某种社交失败的结果了。The internet age and accompanying 24/7 work culture have made living alone more attractive and manageable for many, an easier mode in which to achieve a balance among work, life and relationship issues.网络时代以及随之而来的全天候工作文化让单身成为更有吸引力、也更易于管理的生活模式,让人在工作、生活和人际关系的处理上游刃有余。The growth in this demographic has spawned hip new neighborhoods for urban professionals which are full of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, boutiques, health clubs, etc. It has also caught the attention of real estate developers, since singles buy 1/3 of all homes in the U.S. and their needs are often different than couples with kids.单身人口的增加催生了务于城市专业人士的时髦产业,街坊里的餐厅、酒吧、咖啡馆、精品店、健身房层出不穷,比比皆是。房地产开发商也被吸引过来,因为美国购房者中有三分之一是单身,他们的需求和有孩子的家庭截然不同。Other than real estate developers, other consumer companies sharpening their marketing focus on singles include packaged foods, alcoholic beverages, jewelry, restaurants, home furnishings, etc.除了地产商,其他消费品企业也磨刀霍霍,瞄准单身群体大力推销包装食品、酒精饮品、珠宝、餐厅、家居用品等产品。The author outlines the results of a 1957 survey of American attitudes to being single. The findings were dramatic. Of those surveyed, 80% believed that people who preferred to be unmarried were ;sick;, ;immoral;, or ;neurotic.;作者摘录了1957年对美国人如何看待单身的调查结果,结论很有戏剧性。80%的受访者认为,不婚人士要么;有病;,要么;作风有问题;,要么;发神经;。America 55 years ago had an adult population with more than 70% married, so it#39;s understandable that most people felt that was the norm. But still: ;sick, immoral or neurotic?; How times change!55年前,美国成年人的结婚率高达70%,所以大部分人会有这种看法也是可以理解的。但话说回来,;有病、不道德或发神经;,这些字眼未免有些过头了吧?时代变化真是太快了!One obvious question is how this demographic shift in America over the past half-century compares with other regions around the world. The data suggests it#39;s clearly not just an American phenomenon.一个明显的问题是,美国人口这半个世纪以来在这方面的转变和世界其他地区相比情况如何呢?资料明这并不是美国独有的现象。In Stockholm, Sweden, 60% of households have only one occupant. In London and Paris, singletons number roughly 50% of total households (about the same as Manhattan and Washington, D.C.).在瑞典的斯德哥尔,60%的住家都只有一口人。伦敦和巴黎的单身人士也占到总户数的50%(几乎和曼哈顿及华盛顿特区的情况一致)。In Taiwan, singletons have aly topped 42% of the over-20 population.台湾的单身贵族已经占到20岁以上人口的42%。European countries aly have higher ;live alone; percentages in their urban centers than the U.S. does, and there are also sharp increases underway in India, Brazil and China.在欧洲国家的市中心,;独居;的比例已经超过美国。印度、巴西和中国的独居比例也在迅速攀升。The implications of this ongoing trend are profound, for leaders in business and government alike. At the rate we#39;re heading, married couples may be in the minority before long.这种持续的势头对政商两界领袖都带来了深远的影响。照这个速度发展下去,已婚族可能很快就会变成少数派了。 /201202/172108

Mother asked her little boy:;Darling, what did the teacher teach you today?;;Nothing, Mum, answered the son proundly, instead, she asked me how much one plus two was, and I told her three.;母亲问她年幼的儿子:;宝贝,今天老师教了你些什么?;;儿子骄傲地说:什么都没教,妈妈。她反倒问我一加二等于几,我告诉她等于三。; /201201/167449

英国 Keele 大学的专家研究发现:咒骂以及发出一些粗俗的语言,可以拥有止疼效果。为了明这个理论研究人员把自愿者的手放入冰块中,他们不断咒骂。反复实验之后,发现有咒骂的人心率会加速,同时也可淡化疼痛效果。研究人员发现咒骂不仅仅是一个情绪化的事情,而也可能反应到省力上。士 Richard Stephens 说:人类从有语言开始,就有了咒骂。它由大脑中心控制,而不是像大多数语言一样由大脑左半球控制。这说明咒骂对人类可能还有一些潜在原因。Scientists from Keele University found that letting forth a volley of foul language can have a powerful painkilling effect, especially for people who do not normally use expletives. To test the theory, student volunteers placed their hands in a bucket of ice cold water while swearing repeatedly. They then repeated the exercise but, instead of swearing, used a harmless phrase instead. Researchers found that the students were able to keep their hands submerged in the icy water for longer when repeating the swear word - establishing a link between swearing and an increase in pain tolerance. They also found that the pain-numbing effect was four times more likely to work in the volunteers who did not normally use bad language. The team believes the pain-lessening effect occurs because swearing triggers the ''fight or flight'' response. The accelerated heart rates of the students repeating the swear word may indicate an increase in aggression, in a classic fight or flight response of ''downplaying feebleness in favour of a more pain-tolerant machismo''. The research proves that swearing triggers not only an emotional response, but a physical one too, which may explain why the centuries-old practice of cursing developed and why it still persists today. Dr Richard Stephens, who worked on the project, said: ''Swearing has been around for centuries and is an almost universal human linguistic phenomenon. ''It taps into emotional brain centres and appears to arise in the right brain, whereas most language production occurs in the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain. ''Our research shows one potential reason why swearing developed and why it persists.'' /201104/132485

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