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Only 25 per cent of Americans would like the next president to expand the role of the US military overseas, according to a poll that underlines the cautious mood of voters about foreign policy.突显美国选民对外交政策审慎心态的一项民意调查显示,只有25%的美国人希望下届总统扩大美军在海外的角色。In the poll, only 14 per cent of respondents said US foreign policy had made the country more secure since 9/11, when it launched the more than 15 years of military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.在这项民调中,只4%的受访者称,美国外交政策让本国/11事件以来变得更加安全,美国对阿富汗、伊拉克和其他国家发动的军事干预已5年。In an election that has featured a surge in isolationist sentiment, the poll adds to evidence voters are wary of new overseas entanglements, especially in the Middle East. 在这场以孤立主义情绪高涨为特征的大选中,这项民调进一步明,美国选民对卷入新的海外干预——尤其是在中东地区——抱有戒心。However, polls also show disillusionment with the foreign policy of the Obama administration, which has tried to adopt a more restrained approach to that region.然而,民调也显示出公众对奥巴马政府的外交政策幻想破灭,后者曾试图在中东采取更为克制的姿态。The sceptical public mood could be a test for Hillary Clinton if she is to win the election, given her push for the US to be more involved in the Syrian civil war, not least the creation of safe zones for refugees.公众的怀疑态度可能成为希拉克林Hillary Clinton)面临的考验——如果她能赢得此次大选的话——鉴于她曾力推美国更大程度地介入叙利亚内战,尤其是为难民建立安全区。The public is demanding a humbler, wiser approach steeped in realism when using our military abroad, said William Ruger, vice-president for research and policy at the Charles Koch Institute, the think-tank that is a sponsor of the poll. 在海外动用军事力量方面,公众要求一种根植于现实主义的更低调、更智慧的方式,智库查尔科赫研究所(Charles Koch Institute)负责研究与政策的副所长威鲁格(William Ruger)说,此次民调显示了华盛顿外交政策精英与美国公众的脱节,前者持一种主动、进攻性的立场,而后者对一再的海外冒险行动戒心重重。This poll shows the disconnect between the Washington foreign policy elite, who support an active, aggressive stance, and an American public that is wary of repeated ventures abroad.该智库是此次民调的赞助者之一。Asked about the impact of US policy during the past 15 years, 51 per cent said the world was less safe and only 13 per cent felt otherwise.在被问及过去15年美国政策的影响时,51%的受访者称世界变得更不安全,只3%的人认为更安全了。Among the respondents, 51 per cent said the US should not deploy ground troops to Syria, and 10 per cent said US troops should help Saudi Arabia in its military campaign in Yemen.在受访者中1%的人称美国不应该向叙利亚派遣地面部队0%的人表示美军应帮助沙特阿拉伯在也门展开的军事行动。According to the poll, 39 per cent wanted defence spending pegged while 37 per cent said it should increase. 根据此次民调9%的受访者希望国防开不再增加,7%称应该增加。Eighty per cent per cent said the president should need congressional approval for military action abroad.80%的受访者表示,总统发动海外军事行动应该需要国会批准。The poll by Survey Sampling International involved 1,000 respondents and was also sponsored by the Center for the National Interest think-tank.国际抽样调查(Survey Sampling International)策划的此次民调共调查000名受访者,还得到了智库国家利益中心(Center for the National Interest)的赞助。In the past, the Charles Koch Institute has focused largely on domestic policy issues, including criminal justice reform and innovation. 查尔科赫研究所过去主要关注国内政策问题,包括刑事司法改革和创新。It is pushing for involvement in the foreign policy debate, which it believes is dominated by neoconservative ideas about intervention and US global leadership.该所正在争取参与外交政策辩论,认为目前美国的外交政策辩论受到新保守主义有关干涉和美国全球领导地位等观念的配。来 /201610/475122。

SINGAPORE June 30 (Reuters) - Japan will launch a tender for fighter jets as soon as mid-July the Ministry of Defence said in a deal seen worth up to billion as Tokyo seeks to bolster its air defences amid creeping tension with China over disputed maritime borders.新加0日(路透社---国防部表示,日本将最快于七月中旬启动一项价值高00亿美元的战斗机投标,由于和中国存在争议的海上边界的紧张气氛日益攀升,东京将以此加强其空中防御。In one of the biggest fighter jet contracts up for grabs in years a ministry spokesman said Japan will contact foreign and domestic defence contractors soon after a July 5 deadline for expressions of interest in the tender for about 100 warplanes.这是近年来供人竞价的最大标的的战斗机合同之一,国防部发言人指出,日本将在六月五日其标的大约为100架战斗机的投标意向书截止日后,很快就与国内外制造商签订合同。People familiar with the matter said U.S. firms Boeing Co and Lockheed Martin Corp have been invited to take part in the project dubbed the F-3 fighter jet programme alongside Japans Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) the prime domestic contractor.知情人士透露,美国的波音公司和马洛克希德公司被邀请参加代号为F-3的战斗机投标,日本三菱重工作为国内主要承包商,也在被邀标行列。A final decision is likely in summer 2018 the people said with deployment due at the end of the 2020s at the earliest. They declined to be identified because the matter was confidential.知情人士说,最终决定可能将018年夏天做出,也可能最早在本世0年代末部署。因为保密的原因,他们拒绝给出明确的时间。With a value seen by these people at up to billion the F-3 programme will dwarf most recent fighter jet deals in value likely attracting global contractor interest. But analysts say Japans preference for an aircraft that can operate closely with the U.S. military given close Washington-Tokyo ties makes a non-U.S. option a long-shot.知情人士估算的价值高00亿美元的F-3项目,将使得近年来绝大部分战斗机合同的价值都相形见绌,很容易引起全球战斗机制造商的兴趣。但是分析人士称,日本为了拉近华盛顿和东京的关系,更倾向于采用能和美军飞机协同操控的战斗机,这使得美国以外的公司胜算极小。来 /201607/453122。