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I think Franklin was finally pounding the nails into the coffin of superstition,我想富兰克林最终打破了封建迷信this was at a time when lightning was still considered by many people to be Gods vengeance.尽管当时 闪电仍被许多人认为 是上帝的报复To test his theory, a specially adapted kite with a metal wire at the top为了验他的理论 他改造了一个风筝 风筝顶端缠着金属线And a metal key at the base.;All right, away you go. Let it go!;底部有一个金属钥匙;好了 你快跑起来 放手!;An experiment that could unlock the secrets of the skies...or electrocute him.这个实验也许能解开天空中的奥秘 但也可能给他招致电刑Mankind, driven by a new curiosity To explain the unknown.人类在新的好奇心驱使下 想要解开未知的谜团Benjamin franklin, in search of the secrets of lightning,本杰明·富兰克林探寻着闪电的奥秘Helping unlock the keys to our electric world.From clouds, static electricity.开启了通向电力世界的大门 静电产生于云层;You will find it streams out plentifully;你会发现静电不断地流动From the key at the approach of your knuckle.;从钥匙向你的的关节处移动;The first proof that lightning is electricity.这首次明了闪电是一种电He looked at the world differently,他观察世界的角度与众不同he wanted explanations that were rational and that made sense他所追寻的解释要是理性的 合乎情理的and couldnt be attributed to supernatural forces.而不是用超自然力量来解释201603/433482First lady Michelle Obama will attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral Friday without her husband.周五,第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马将出席南希·里根的葬礼,奥巴马并不参加。The Washington Post reports rather than attending the funeral in California, President Obama will instead keep his commitment to speak at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.华盛顿邮报报道,没有参加加利福尼亚举行的葬礼,奥巴马总统将履行他的承诺,在德克萨斯州奥斯汀市举行的西南偏南艺术节上讲话。The Obamas released a joint statement about the former first lady after learning of her death Sunday, saying, ;We remain grateful for Nancy Reagan’s life, thankful for her guidance, and prayerful that she and her beloved husband are together again.;周日得知前第一夫人去世的消息后,奥巴马发布联合声明,称“我们仍对南希·里根的一生心存感激,感谢她的指导,祈祷她和她亲爱的丈夫又在一起了。”This isn’t the first high-profile funeral President Obama skipped recently. The White House faced criticism after Obama failed to show at former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral last month.这不是最近奥巴马总统第一次错过备受瞩目的葬礼。上个月奥巴马没能出席前最高法院大法官安托宁·斯卡里亚的葬礼,白宫遭到批评。Former first ladies Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Rosalynn Carter are expected to attend Reagans funeral. 前第一夫人希拉里·克林顿,劳拉·布什和罗莎琳·卡特将出席里根的葬礼。She will lie in repose at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Wednesday and Thursday and will be buried next to her husband.她将于周三和周四在罗纳德·里根总统图书馆停灵,并将安葬在她的丈夫旁。译文属。201603/430314

Fate intervenes.命运交织着The Lord is my shepherd.耶和华是我的牧者I shall not want.我必不至缺乏He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.他使我躺卧在青草地上He restoreth my soul.领我在可安歇的水边John Rockefeller narrowly missed the train,约翰·洛克菲勒惊险地错过了这趟火车one that wouldve carried him to his certain death.否则他必将落入死亡的深渊The close call has a profound impact on the young oil man.这次死里逃生 对这位年轻油商具有重要意义He leadeth me into paths of righteousness for His names sake.他使我的灵魂苏醒 为自己的名引导我走义路Amen.阿门A man of deep faith,作为虔诚的信徒he becomes convinced that他开始相信God has spared him for a reason.上帝没有取他性命是有原因的Without thinking that he himself他坚定地相信in particular was chosen by God to become自己是上帝选中的人this great business success,自己必将获得伟大的商业成功Rockefeller believed that everything was divinely ordained,洛克菲勒坚信 一切都是上天的意旨so nothing happened in the world without Gods will,任何事情的发生 都需要上帝的意志without Gods blessing.都需要上帝的保佑Rockefeller once again heads to meet with Vanderbilt洛克菲勒再次踏上了去见范德比尔特的路as a changed man.这时的他像换了个人Where before he was intimidated,之前 他很害怕and facing bankruptcy, now hes a man of destiny.而且面临破产 现在 他则是一个命运眷顾的人Cornelius Vanderbilt may be the richest毫无疑问 科尼利厄斯·范德比尔特and most powerful man in the country,是国内最有钱有势的人accustomed to getting what he wants,习惯于获得自己想要的东西but he has no idea what hes about to encounter.但他并不知道自己将会遭遇什么201603/429142



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