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Helen has lost her precious earring. In a panic, shes searching everywhere for it. Neil is worried about the mess shes creating and tries to help.海伦弄丢了她珍贵的耳环。她惊慌失措地到处找。尼尔对她制造的脏乱感到担心,试图提供帮助。Neil: Hello, welcome to another edition of The English We Speak. Im Neil.尼尔:大家好,欢迎收听本期地道英语节目。我是尼尔。Helen: Hi, everyone. Im Helen.海伦:大家好,我是海伦。Neil: Helen, what are you doing? Are you looking for something?尼尔:海伦,你在做什么?你是在找东西吗?Helen: Yes, I am. Im looking for my earring; its a present from my mum.海伦:对,是的。我在找我的耳环。那是我妈妈送我的礼物。Neil: Oh. When did you last see it?尼尔:哦。你最后一次看到那副耳环是什么时候?Helen: A minute ago. I looked in the mirror before I came in to the studio. Im sure I was wearing it.海伦:一分钟以前。我进演播室前照镜子时还看到了。我确定我当时是戴着的。Neil: Em, let me help you look under the table for it. But I dont think youll find it by turning the place upside down. Be calm. Lets leave the chairs on the floor.尼尔:额,我帮你在桌子底下找找。不过我认为,你把这里翻个底朝天,也不见得找得到。冷静下来。我们把椅子放好。Helen: Im not turning the chairs upside down, they are too heavy. I just want to check underneath them.海伦:我不会把椅子倒过来,这些椅子太重了。我只想看看椅子下面有没有。Neil: When I say turn the place upside down, what I mean is you are making the studio very messy.尼尔:我说“把这个地方颠倒过来”的意思是,你会把演播室弄得很乱。Helen: I am sorry. Ugh, I found it. Its under the desk.海伦:抱歉。哦,我找到了。在桌子下面。Neil: Phew, what a relief. I dont think wed be allowed back in the studio if we literally turned the studio upside down.尼尔:啊,真是松了一口气。如果我们按字面意思,把演播室颠倒过来的话,我想我们就会被禁止进入演播室了。Helen: So to turn something upside down means to make the place really messy because youre trying to search thoroughly for something. Here are some examples.海伦:所以“把某样东西颠倒过来”意思是说你把这个地方弄得特别乱,因为你在仔细寻找某样东西。下面是一些例句。Examples例句I turned my house upside down and I still couldnt find my car keys.我把我家搞得一团糟,可还是没找到车钥匙。I dont care if you have to turn the place upside down. Youve got to find my wedding ring.我不在乎你是不是要把这里搞得一团糟。你一定要找到我的婚戒。Neil: Well, lets tidy up before the studio managers come back and turn our lives upside down.尼尔:在演播室经理回来完全颠覆我们的生活之前,我们把这里收拾好吧。Helen: Lets do that!海伦:我们开始收拾吧! 译文属 /201605/441033

栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:Lets get the ball rolling! 我们开始吧!(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201504/370280

  8. Arcade 8.游乐场A: I love playing all of these old fashioned games!A:我爱玩所有那些老式游戏!B: Me, too! Too bad its so expensive.B:我也是!糟糕的是太贵了。A: I wish theyd cost nickels instead of quarters.A:我希望他们更便宜一些。B: I think that would lose the arcade a lot of money.B:我想那会使游乐场少赚很多钱。A: Maybe, but it would get them a lot of new customers.A:或许吧,但会给他们带来更多的新顾客。B: Despite the high cost, these games are a lot of fun.B:除了它的高价,这些游戏很有趣。A: Look at these old graphics!A:看这些旧照片!B: Its funny to think they were once considered high-tech.B:这很有趣,他们曾经被认为是高科技的。A: I used to be really good at this game when I was a kid.A:当我还是个孩子的时候,我曾经是真的很擅长这个游戏。B: My brother and I used to compete all the time.B:和我我哥哥一直在竞争。A: Lets see who gets a higher score!A:让我们看看谁得到了更高的分数!B: Maybe tomorrow. Im aly out of quarters. B:可能要明天了。我又要投币了。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/441263

  讲解文本:catch up 赶上(进度),和朋友叙旧,聚一聚We should catch up when I get some free time.等我有空,咱们聚一聚。This bar is a very good place to catch up with friends and have some nice beer.这个吧很适合和朋友聚一聚,喝杯啤酒。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201609/464756。

  1.Well, Im getting really hungry.唉,我真的好饿。I think we should take a break and come back to this item after lunch.我想我们应该先休息一下,等吃完午饭再回来做。Shall we go get something to eat?我们要不要去吃点东西?2.Its getting rather late. Can I suggest that we stop at this point and perhaps regroup tomorrow?时间很晚了,我想我们能不能到此为止,要不明天再碰头?I think we could all do with some rest.我觉得我们可能都需要休息一下。Mr. Wang, wed like to invite you to dinner.王先生,我想请你吃个晚饭。3.My God! Will you look at the time! Its after 2:00! My wife will kill me.天啊!你看时间,已经过两点了! 我老婆会杀了我。Joyce, are you hungry? Do you want something to eat before you go back to your hotel?Joyce,你饿不饿?想不想在回饭店前吃点东西?4.Well, that was a very impressive presentation, Ms. Hsu.徐,这场报告真精。Wed like to thank you for coming all this way to explain the new concepts to us.我们要感谢你远道而来为我们解释新概念。To show our appreciation, wed like to invite you to have dinner with us.为了表达谢意,我们想请您共进晚餐。 /201603/431506

  Rob: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Rob and joining me today is Feifei.罗布:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是罗布,今天和我一起主持节目的是菲菲。Feifei: Hello everyone. Hey, what about that new guy whos started in the office?菲菲:大家好。嘿,刚来办公室的那个新人怎么样?Rob: Brian?罗布:布莱恩吗?Feifei: Yes, hes very funny — always telling jokes — and yesterday he started juggling with three oranges — he was very good.菲菲:对,他非常有意思,一直在讲笑话,他昨天还表演了抛接三个桔子呢,他人非常好。Rob: Hmm, he might be funny but I havent seen him do much work — I think hes a bit of a wild card.罗布:嗯,他可能很有趣,不过我并没有看到他做太多工作,我想他可能是个未知数。Feifei: A wild card? You mean hes like a playing card — a heart, a spade or maybe a diamond?菲菲:疯狂的纸牌?你是说他像扑克牌一样吗,可能是红心,黑桃或者是方片?Rob: No, no, although the expression does come from playing cards — here, it means he is unpredictable: hes someone we dont know much about so were not sure how hes going to behave in the future.罗布:不是,不是,虽然这个表达方式的确起源于纸牌,不过它的意思是说一个人不可预测:我们不太了解一个人,所以我们不太确定他未来的表现会如何。Feifei: Oh do you think so? Well yes Rob, Brian is unpredictable!菲菲:哦,你是这么认为的吗?好吧,罗布,布莱恩无法预测!Rob: Lets hear some more examples of this phrase…罗布:我们来听些这个短语的例句……Examples例句Were taking a gamble, shes a wild card, but lets hope she delivers what she promises.我们是在冒险,她是一个未知数,希望她能遵守承诺吧。Jack is too much of a wild card to get a place on our team.杰克是个未知数,他不太可能在我们队中获得一席之地。The wild card in this competition is Chelsea: nobody really knows which way the score will go.这场比赛中的变数是切尔西:没有人能预测最后比分。Rob: Right, have you got that? A wild card can describe someone who is unpredictable or they behave in an unexpected way. But although Brian is a wild card, I wish hed settle down and do some work instead of joking around all the time.罗布:好,你明白了吗?这个短语是用来形容某人不可预测,或者说他们经常做出令人意想不到的举动来。不过虽然布莱恩是个变数,不过我希望他能安定下来努力工作,而不是到处开玩笑。Feifei: Oh do you wish you were a bit like him?菲菲:你也希望像他那样吧?Rob: Not at all — anyway what kind of card would you call me?罗布:完全不,不过你会称呼我是什么卡?Feifei: Youre my favourite card — youre an ace!菲菲:你是我最爱的那张——纸牌A。Rob: Ace! Gosh thanks Feifei, youre such a card!罗布:纸牌A!天哪,谢谢你,菲菲,你真是个有趣的人!Feifei: See you next time.菲菲:下次再见。Rob: Bye Bye!罗布:再见!Feifei: Bye!菲菲:再见! 译文属 /201504/367571All the time 一直;总是例句:Our knowledge of universe is growing all the time.我们有关宇宙的知识一直在增加。Ive been thinking about it all the time.我一直都在思考这件事。A:My brother was beaten by his classmates last week, and I couldnt believe that the teacher pretended that he didnt know anything.我弟弟上周被他同学打了,我不敢相信老师居然假装什么都不知道。B:In fact, I bet this happens all the time, because the teacher doesnt want to look for trouble.其实,我打赌这种情况一直都有,因为老师不想自找麻烦。背景音乐:Chris Rene-Young Homie更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号SmethilyFM(注意:“S”和“FM”均为大写) /201605/445181经典句型:The Australians are very warm-hearted. 澳大利亚人很热情。A:Do you like the Australians?甲:你喜欢澳大利亚人吗?B:Yes. The Australians are very warm-hearted. 乙:是的。澳大利亚人很热情。A:And they are also easy-going.甲:他们也很随和。B:Oh, its true. I want to have a visit there again. 乙:哦,的确如此。我想再去一次。A:Me too.甲:我也是。经典句型:I enjoy the life in Australia very much. 我很享受澳大利亚的生活。A:I have been here for two months.甲:我已经在这里两个月了。B:Have you got used to the life in Australia?乙:你习惯澳大利亚的生活了吗?A:I enjoy the life in Australia very much.甲:我很享受澳大利亚的生活。B:Youre right, the environment here is very good.乙:是的,这里的环境很好。句型讲解:get used to表示习惯于。后面跟名词或动名词。如:Have you got used to the cold weather here?你习惯这里的寒冷天气了吗? /201505/374546

  Language Points1. I hear what you say.看起来好像是:你说啥我听到了。实际上人家的意思:呵呵(你说的是屁,我完全不想跟你再讨论下去了)。2. With all due respect...看起来好像是:他特别尊重你。。。实际上人家的意思:呵呵,恕我直言。。。3. Not bad.看起来好像是:马马虎虎但是不太好。实际上人家的意思:挺好的。4. Quite good.看起来好像是:挺好的。实际上人家的意思:稍欠火候。5. Its interesting.看起来好像是:他们很感兴趣。实际上人家的意思:呵呵呵呵。6. That is an original point of view. /201605/440672本期内容:The darkest hour is that before the dawn黎明前的时分是最黑暗的首先,我们来学习一个单词 dawn D-A-W-N 黎明,破晓我们可以总结一些表示一天中时间段的词比如 中午 noon N-O-O-N黄昏 twilight T-W-I-L-I-G-H-T午夜 midnight M-I-D-N-I-G-H-Tthe darkest hour is that before the dawn黎明前的时分是最黑暗的, 所以熬过那段最黑暗的日子,等待你的就是黎明的光明关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201704/505976


  Exercise 7-2:Targeting The TH SoundIn order to target the TH sound,first, hold a mirror in front of youand our familiar paragraph silently,moving only your tongue.It should be visible in the mirror each time you come to a TH.Second, find all of the THs,both voiced and unvoiced.Remember, a voiced sound makes your throat vibrate,and you can feel that vibration by placing your fingers on your throat.There are ten voiced and two unvoiced THs here.You can mark them by underscoring the former and drawing a circle around the latter.Or, if you prefer, use two of your color markers.Pause the CD to mark the TH sounds.Dont forget to check your answers against the Answer Key, beginning on page 193. /201511/409252。

  经典句型:What are you going to wear in the party? 晚会你打算穿什么衣?A:What are you going to wear in the party?甲:晚会你打算穿什么衣?B:I dont know.I have only jeans.乙:我不知道。我只有牛仔裤。A:Are you going to the party with your old jeans?甲:你要穿这条旧牛仔裤去参加晚会吗?B:Why not?乙:为什么不能?A:Youll look strange because its a formal party.甲:你会看起来很奇怪,因为这是正式的晚会。经典句型:Do I have to dress formal suit in the cocktail party? 我参加鸡尾酒会需要穿正式的西装吗?A:Do I have to dress formal suit in the cocktail party?甲:我参加鸡尾酒会需要穿正式的西装吗?B:Is it a formal party?乙:是正式的酒会吗?A:Im not sure.甲:我不清楚。句型讲解:参加聚会穿什么衣呢?你可能经常会遇到这样的问题。这时你可以向别人请教:What do you think of this suit?你认为这件衣怎么样? /201501/355804

  unit 192 情侣幽会dialogue 英语情景对话A: You went out on a date last night, didnt you?A:你昨晚又赴约了,是吧?B: Yes, I did, but Linda stood me up. She didnt keep the date for the first time.B:是的,但琳达失约了。这是她第一次失约。A: How come?A:怎么回事?B: I dont know.B:我也不知道。A: Why dont you phone her for a date again?A:干吗不打电话和她再约一次呢?B: I did phone her this morning, but she hung up on me. I think she is going to walk out on me.B:今天早晨我打电话给她了,但她挂断了电话,拒绝和我说话。我想她准备和我吹了。A: Dont jump to conclusions. Look at the bright side, try to make another date again.A:不要妄下结论了。要看到积极的一面,试着再约一次。B: I will. Thanks for your advice.B:我会的。谢谢你的忠告。 /201509/399190

  Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Paul:Please help yourself to whatever you like. Don’t be shy。请随便吃。别不好意思。Linda:Yes, thank you. I’ve aly been helping myself。好的,谢谢,我一直在吃呢。Paul:This dish tastes terrific! Would you like to try a little? It is a little hot, but very good。这道菜尝起来味道好极了!你想尝一点吗?有点辣,但是非常好吃。Linda:I like hot food, especially Sichuan cuisine。我喜欢吃辣味的食物,尤其是川菜。Paul:Would you like another beer?你要不要再来一杯啤酒?Linda:I’ll have another cup if you insist. I know I don’t like to drink alone, especially if there’s someone sitting next to me。如果你坚持的话,我就再来一杯吧。我不喜欢一个人喝酒,尤其是有人坐在我旁边的时候。Paul:Come on, it’s the weekend. Let’s toast to an enjoyable meal. Cheers!行了,今天可是周末。让我们举杯庆祝一下我们的美味大餐。干杯。Linda:Bottoms up! And you’re right. This meal is incredible. I wish I had known about this restaurant before. Thanks for bringing me here. I know I’ll be back again soon。干杯,你说的对,这顿饭条好吃了。我真希望我以前就知道这家餐馆。谢谢你待我来这里。我知道我不久还会再来的。重点句子:我来给你倒啤酒。Let me pour the beer for you。干杯?!Cheers!为你的升职干一杯。Here’s to your promotion。让我们为前途干杯!Let’s drink to our future。请随便吃。Help yourself to whatever you like, please。听说这里的意大利面条不错。It’s said the spaghetti here is very good。你想来点这个吗?Would you like some of this?要不要再来一杯?啤酒?Would you like another beer?尝尝这个。Try this。我吃饱了。I’m full。 /201501/354391

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