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郴州临武县治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好郴州包皮环切术The last time we wrote about Doug Kass -- a small hedge fund manager with a large presence on CN -- it was to document a neat little trick he played on his Twitter feed in February, the day before Apple#39;s annual shareholder meeting.我们上一次提到道格#8226;卡斯还是在今年 2 月,苹果年度股东大会的前一天。卡斯是一家小型对冲基金公司的经理,在美国全国广播公司财经频道(CN)颇有影响力。当时那篇文章提到了他在Twitter上玩的一个小把戏。Apple#39;s (AAPL) share price was down and Kass was long the stock. He tweeted a rumor that the company was about to announce a split, the stock went up, he sold his shares at a profit, tweeted that the rumor was baseless and then spent the rest of the day hurling insults at his critics. (See A day in the Twitter life of Doug Kass.)当时,苹果(Apple)股价下跌,而卡斯正在做多苹果股票。他在Twitter上发布传闻称,苹果即将宣布分拆。受此消息影响,苹果股价出现上涨,而卡斯在盈利之后便抛售了所持股票。他随后又发布消息称传闻并无依据,随后遭到了大量指责。(参阅道格#8226;卡斯在Twitter上的一天。)Well, Kass is at it again. On Sunday, citing the same ;Gnome; that was the source for his stock split story, he tweeted:如今,卡斯又故伎重施。他援引与其股票分割传闻为同一个消息来源的“Gnome”的说法称:Kass, it turns out, is not alone in suggesting that the solution to Apple#39;s woes on Wall Street is to fire its CEO. We#39;ve been hearing whispers to that effect from disgruntled shareholders for weeks, but now -- two days before Cook is scheduled to report Apple#39;s March quarterly earnings -- they#39;ve come to the surface.为了取悦华尔街,苹果应该炒掉库克,持这种观点者不仅仅只有卡斯一个人。数周以来,不满的股东们都在私下议论纷纷,大体意思都是要求库克下台。如今,距离苹果发布 2013 财年第二财季财报还有两天,这些不满情绪正在浮出水面。And who#39;s doing that? Let#39;s take a look:我们来看看放出这些风声的都是谁:We#39;ve got the tweet from Doug Kass, whose main Apple-related claim to fame was to publish his ;Bear Case for Apple; the day before the stock began a nosedive that lopped 0 billion off the market cap of the world#39;s most valuable company.我们已经知道了道格#8226;卡斯通过Twitter发布的消息。而真正使他备受关注的是在苹果公司股票暴跌,使这家全球最有价值公司市值缩水3亿之前,他所发表的《看跌苹果》一文。We#39;ve got The impossible task of fixing Apple by Rob Enderle, a consultant for Dell (DELL), Microsoft (MSFT), Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and others, who has made a career of bad-mouthing Apple in print and on TV. (For background on Enderle, you can start with John Gruber#39;s 2003 Putting the #39;anal#39; in #39;analyst#39;.)知名科技行业顾问罗#8226;恩代尔撰写了一篇题为《修复苹果,不可能完成的任务》的文章。他是戴尔(Dell)、微软(Microsoft)和惠普(Hewlett-Packard)等公司的顾问,长期以来一直在纸媒和电视上唱空苹果。(关于恩代尔的背景资料,可从2003年约翰#8226;格鲁布的《堵住‘大嘴分析师’的嘴》一文开始查阅。)We#39;ve got Sunday#39;s Is Apple Looking For A Replacement For CEO Cook? in Forbes.com, the online arm of a once-respected business publication whose experiment in what it calls ;incentive-based, entrepreneurial journalism; has led to what Macworld calls ;a relentless clown show of anti-Apple contributors.;《福布斯》网站上周日刊登了一篇题为《苹果是否正在寻找 CEO 库克的接班人》的文章。作为一家商业期刊的网络版,这个网站一度倍受尊敬。不过这篇文章被 Macworld 杂志指责为“代表反苹果作者的小丑表演”。Make no mistake, the people who want Tim Cook#39;s head on a spike are not friends of Apple. As far as I know, he still has the deep respect of the analysts who know the company best and -- most important -- the confidence of the board of directors who granted a million restricted shares of Apple as an incentive for him to stick around for at least a decade.毫无疑问,希望库克下台的投资者并不是苹果的朋友。据我所知,了解苹果的分析师对库克仍然非常尊重。更重要的是,苹果董事会向库克提供了 100 万股受限股,作为吸引库克留在苹果的激励措施。它体现了董事会对库克的信心。For the record, Apple is still trading higher today than it was when Cook replaced Steve Jobs. The forces that drove the stock up to over 0 and then down to below 0 seem to me to have more to do with a dysfunctional securities market than anything Cook has done as CEO.目前,苹果股价仍高于库克接替乔布斯出任苹果 CEO 时的价格。我认为,苹果股价上涨至 700 多美元,随后回落至 390 美元,更多的是因为股票市场的机能失调,与库克担任 CEO没有什么关系。;The market is crying uncle and something has got to give,; says Oracle Investment#39;s Laurence Isaac Balter, who has been banging the ;Cook must go; drum for weeks.投资公司Oracle Investment 的劳伦斯#8226;艾萨克#8226;巴尔特过去几周中一直在鼓吹“库克必须离开苹果”。他说:“市场已经投降,必须有所作为。”;If a stock rally hits on this rumor before earnings it will be a sign for sure.;“如果在财报发布前股价受这一传闻刺激出现上涨,那么将是肯定的信号。”Now that#39;s rich.这可真够搞笑的。UPDATE: Rocco Pendola, who blows hot and cold on Apple, weighed in to say he#39;s been publicly lobbying for Cook#39;s ouster in his column on The Street since last Wednesday, including a piece Monday morning that called the decision to recommend Cook as CEO the worst decision Steve Jobs ever made.最新消息:对苹果的态度一直摇摆不定的知名投资人洛克#8226;彭多拉也在 The Street 网站的专栏上发布消息称,他从上周三开始一直在公开游说苹果驱逐库克。他在本周一的一篇文章中表示,选择库克作为 CEO 是乔布斯一生中最大的决策失误。 /201304/236758郴州男性生殖健康医院有哪些 A shortage of female workers in science and engineering has long posed an image problem for Silicon Valley. Now a one-time congressional candidate is trying to make a difference, starting with a summer training program in New York City.缺少理工科女性是硅谷长时间以来的一个问题。现在,一名国会候选人试图在纽约开设暑期培训课程改变这一现状。A new organization called Girls who Codeis starting an eight-week program in July for 20 high-school-age girls, who will learn how to build websites and mobile apps and start their own companies. There will also be workshops on topics such a financial literacy, computer science and robotics. The group said it has financial backing from companies including Google, eBay, General Electric and Twitter.一个名为;编程女生;的新组织将在七月份为20个高中年纪的女孩子开设八个星期的课程,在这个课程中,这些女孩子将会学会怎么建立网站和移动应用,甚至开设自己的公司。课程中也包含财务知识、计算机科学和机器人技术。该组织表示已经得到了一些公司的经济援助,包括谷歌、易趣、通用电气和推特。Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code and a former deputy public advocate in New York City, said the seeds for the program were planted during her unsuccessful 2010 run for U.S. Congress, when she was struck by tech inequalities.润丝曼·萨贾尼是;编程女生;的创立人,也是纽约公共宣传的正式代理人。她说,该计划的萌芽是在2010年,她在美国国会上竞选失败,失败原因是科学界男女比例的不平衡。;Women are going to be left behind,; Saujani said. ;Technology has the potential to create income inequity and we need to do something about it.;;女性就要落在后面了。;萨贾尼说。;技术是造成收入不平衡的潜在力量,为此我们要做点什么才行。;Cries of ;where are all the women?; reverberate from Wall Street to politics and beyond, but the dearth of women is particularly stark in technology fields, where talent is held up as the quality that trumps historic barriers of sex, race or class. Despite many programs aimed at encouraging women in tech fields, fewer than 20% of undergraduate degrees in engineering or computing and information sciences were awarded to women in 2009, according to the National Center for Women amp; Information Technology.;女性在哪里?;的呼喊声从华尔街蔓延到政坛甚至更远,但技术领域的女性缺乏问题尤其严重。对于人才的高要求阻碍了女性的发展,这一点比过去的性别障碍、种族、阶级障碍等都要更为严重。尽管很多奖项的目的在于鼓励科技界的女性,但根据国家女性和信息技术中心的资料显示,2009年工程学士学位和计算机和信息科学学士学位的女性获得者还不到总人数的20%。Girls Who Code and other initiatives aimed at drawing more women to tech fields say the key is to get girls interested in science, engineering and computing when they are very young, and support them to pursue education in technology.;编程女生;和其他方案的目的都在于吸引更多女性进入技术领域,而吸引的关键是让女性在小时候就对科学、工程和计算机产生兴趣,还要持他们接受科技教育。;If we want there to be more women who pursue careers in engineering and computer science and feel welcome in these fields, we have to work on ways to increase the number of women studying engineering - it#39;s that simple,; wrote Sara Haider, a Twitter engineer, in a blog post Tuesday.;如果要更多女性从事工程和计算机技术工作,使她们在科技领域受到欢迎,就必须想办法增加学习工程技术的女性数量——就这么简单。;推特的工程师萨拉·海德周二在她的客这样写道。Girls Who Code has the advantage of a high-profile founder, Saujani, the onetime hedge-fund attorney and former campaign fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. Saujani drew a spotlight during her campaign, which had the backing of tech and Wall Street luminaries such as Morgan Stanley#39;s then-chairman John Mack and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.编程女生创始人是知名的萨贾尼,她曾是对冲基金代理人和希拉里的前任选举活动筹款人。萨贾尼当时在希拉里的选举时掀起过高潮,得到了科技界和华尔街杰出人物的持,比如当时根史坦利投资公司的董事长约翰·马克和推特的联合创始人杰克·多西。Saujani and Kristen Titus, executive director of Girls Who Code, said they focused on drawing participants from less affluent families. Saujani said she went to New York City public housing developments and asked tenants to identify girls who are excited about computers. Saujani said 70% of New York City public school students have had no access to computers in school.萨贾尼和;编程女生;的执行董事克里斯汀·提图斯表示他们着重于吸引平民家庭的孩子过来参与计划。萨贾尼说,她到过纽约的公共住宅区,从居民口中打探对计算机感兴趣的女孩子。萨贾尼说,纽约70%公立学校的学生无法在学校使用计算机。In addition to the eight weeks of workshops, participants in Girls Who Code also will be paired with female mentors in engineering roles at AppNexus, an advertising technology firm in New York, and other women entrepreneurs in New York City.除了这八周的课程,;编程女生;的参与者还会跟纽约广告科技公司AppNexus的女性工程师和其他纽约的女企业家一起学习。Girls Who Code said it hopes to expand the program to other cities next year.;编程女生;表示,希望明年能把这个计划拓展到其他城市。 /201207/191294郴州第四人民医院不孕不育科

郴州市第一人民医院南院治疗早泄多少钱“Two events overnight suggest that smartphone pricing in China’s high-end market could come under some pressure,” writes UBS’ Steve Milunovich in a note to clients Tuesday.本周二,瑞银集团(UBS)的史蒂夫o米卢诺维奇在致客户的报告中写道:“昨晚的两个事件表明,在中国的高端市场上,智能手机定价可能将承受一定的压力。”I e:原文引用如下:o First, Samsung’s pre-announced results indicate share loss in China, contributing to a sequential double-digit ASP [average selling price] decline on more mid/low end devices and aggressive pricing.o 首先,三星(Samsung)事先公布的结果显示,它在中国的市场份额缩水,从而导致更多中低端设备的平均售价出现了两位数的下滑以及更为激进的定价。o Second, as reported by Bloomberg … China’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Council (SASAC) may be ordering telcos to reduce their sales and marketing costs by 40 billion Yuan [.4 billion] or about 20%, out of which handset subsidies likely amount to more than one-third.o 其次,据彭社(Bloomberg)报道,中国国务院国有资产监督管理委员会(国资委)可能要求电信公司削减销售和营销成本约20%,即400亿人民币(约合64亿美元),而其中很可能三分之一以上是用于补贴手机产品。Nicolas Gaudois, UBS’ man in Hong Kong, says Samsung is cutting prices to put the squeeze on China’s homegrown Android smartphone makers, hoping to win back some of that share loss. He’s concerned that Samsung’s 15-20% share may not be big enough to drive the market.瑞银驻香港员工尼古拉斯o高铎伊斯表示,三星正在通过降价向中国本土的Android智能手机厂商施压,以期夺回部分丢失的市场份额。高铎伊斯担心,三星15-20%的份额可能不足以推动市场。Meanwhile, a 33% cut in Chinese carrier subsidies would slow sales across the high end market, which is where Samsung does some of its Chinese business and where Apple does all of its.同时,中国电信运营商补贴削减33%可能将导致整个高端市场的销售放缓。高端市场是三星在中国的收入来源之一,更是苹果(Apple)在中国的唯一收入来源。UBS estimates the high-end (+0 w/VAT ) represents roughly 20% of Chinese smartphone sales, of which Apple had a 33% share in 2013.瑞银预计,高端手机(含税价超过500美元)市场在中国智能手机销售总额中占比约20%。2013年,苹果公司在中国高端手机市场上的份额为33%。“The good news for Apple,” writes Milunovich, “is that demand for the iPhone 6 should likely be stellar, offsetting slow market growth with share gains.”米卢诺维奇写道:“对苹果而言,好消息是,市场对iPhone 6的需求可能很旺盛。因此,它市场份额的增长有望抵消整个市场增长放缓的影响。” /201407/310981郴州治疗膀胱炎多少钱 郴州包皮切割手术哪里比较好

郴州市人民医院北院男科医生 Mobile anonymous sharing app Whisper today confirmed that it has raised million in its third round of venture capital funding.知名匿名信息分享应用Whisper今天确认,第三轮风投融资成功募资3600万美元。China#39;s Tencent, Shasta Ventures and Thrive Capital came aboard as new investors, while return backers included Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.腾讯公司(Tencent)、沙斯塔创投(Shasta Ventures)和兴盛资本(Thrive Capital)为新加入的投资者,而早期投资者如红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)和光速创投(Lightspeed Venture Partners)则再一次为Whisper提供融资。Whisper also announced its third product update, which includes enhanced search and category functions.Whisper同时还宣布对产品进行第三次升级,包括优化搜索功能,分类也更加优化。The company previously had raised million since being founded in early 2013. Newer rival Secret has raised over million from such firms as Kleiner Perkins and Google Ventures.自2013年年初创立以来,这家公司已经获得过2400万美元投资。而它刚冒头的对手“秘密”(Secret)则已获得凯鹏华盈(Kleiner Perkins)和谷歌创投(Google Ventures)等公司超过1100万美元的投资。 /201405/299849郴州市第一人民医院男性专科郴州东方医院治疗液臭



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