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郑州省人民医院去除狐臭多少钱郑州/华山医院激光去红血丝多少钱南阳市去除川字纹手术多少钱 Cutting off your thumbs切掉你的大拇指No thumbs, no smartphone. The proverb was born in an Apple store in Michigan and still holds true today. What#39;s the point of burdening yourself with this ;finger; that insists on being so unlike the others, especially when the opposable thumb is no longer useful in 2017? So don’t hesitate to ask for help in cutting off your thumbs. If this method doesn’t achieve the desired results, try cutting off all the other fingers as well. The more the merrier!没有拇指,就没有手机。——这是一家在墨西哥的苹果手机商店的标语,这话放到现在依然成立。干嘛要留着这只和其他四指截然不同的手指呢?尤其是在2017年对生拇指已经毫无用处了。所以别犹豫了,大胆地让人帮你切了大拇指吧。如果这个方法不奏效的话,试试把所有手指都切了吧。越多越好!Using a carrier pigeon养一只信鸽Now you#39;ll have to think twice before sending a simple ;OK;. Just remember to leave the windows open if you’re waiting for a response. If this doesn’t work, always remember that pigeon is excellent with bacon and peas.这样在发送一个简单的“OK”时你也不得不三思而后行。如果你在等回复的话记得把窗打开哦。如果这也不奏效得很,谨记鸽子最爱吃的的是培根和豌豆。Communicating directly直接交流Few people know that the human body has a lot of proprietary applications allowing for a range of social interactions. Very practical for communicating, the ;voice; can send myriad messages. A signal will be transmitted at the speed of 340m/s in direction of your interlocutor, who interprets it by consulting his inner ear. If you don’t have the voice app, you can test the manual application.很少有人知道人体其实有很多专属应用可以用来进行广泛的社交。“声音”可以传递大量信息,这对于交流来说非常实用。你可以以340米/秒的速度向对话者传递一个信号,对方根据内耳来做出决定是否要打断你。如果你没有“声音”这个APP的话,你可以查看下你的应用手册。Hiring a messenger雇佣一个报信者This method boosts employment and is especially appreciated by running fans. On the other hand, if it’s to announce a break-up, it’s much less fun for the messenger. Don#39;t make someone else do your personal dirty work. Come on.此法能够刺激就业,而且尤其受到跑步爱好者的欢迎。不过如果你要分手的话,这对于报信者来说就不怎么有意思了。拜托,别让人帮你做坏事啦。Using a dumbphone使用非智能手机——“智障手机”As the name suggests, the international day without smartphone concerns only smartphone users, translation: those using ;phones with intelligence;. Therefore, the use of a “stupid phone” remains possible. Bring back the old model with a broken screen. If you have a Windows Phone, don’t change anything.非智能手机是名副其实的智障手机,在没有智能手机的今天只有智能手机用户受到关注,也就是那些使用“有智慧的手机”的人。所以用“智障手机”也还是有可能的。把那些屏幕碎裂的旧手机带回来吧。如果你的手机系统是Windows的话,什么也别改。Using a disposable camera使用一次性相机Very important for the smartphone photographer, you can take it everywhere and in a few days, your selfies are at home. It#39;s lightweight and durable with no battery to worry about charging! On the other hand, if you make a mistake while taking your picture, you must start all over again. And if you don’t have a developing lab at home, you must pay up.对于喜欢用智能手机拍照的人来说这很重要,你可以随身携带一次性相机,你的自拍还可以留在家里。它轻便耐用,而且不会受到没电的困扰!不过如果你在拍照的时候失误了,你就必须重头再来了。而且如果你家没有洗照片的地方的话就没办法了。Going to Lake Desolation去湖边荒地No internet, no problem. Thanks to its isolation from modern civilization, Lake Desolation offers the ideal environment for both a nice day without a smartphone and burying a corpse. No Wi-Fi and only two outlets on the whole mountain to recharge your phone... It#39;s the perfect opportunity to get your life in order or to go back to 1958.没有网络,就没有问题。湖边荒地与世隔绝,是度过离开手机完美一天以及……埋葬尸体的绝佳地点。这里没有Wi-Fi,且整座山只有两个商店可以给手机充电。这是让你的回到1958年生活的绝佳机会。Swiping the toilet roll玩玩卫生纸卷筒When you’re bored in the bathroom, you just have to swipe this roll of paper to feel at ease. The movement is the same and it’s occasionally more fun than using the smartphone. Just ask the cat.当你在厕所闲得无聊时,你可以擦卫生纸的卷筒来解除烦闷。本质虽然一样,但有时候玩卷筒纸可能比玩手机更有意思。问问猫咪就知道了。Using the traditional tin can with string用传统的拉线易拉罐打电话You have 20 people to call today? Campbell#39;s is going to be very happy. Make sure you have an extra long string for your calls abroad. Beware: a line cut is always possible. Pigeons (what else) perched on the line could also pose a connectivity problem.你今天要打20个电话?坎贝尔公司(美国最大的浓缩汤汁罐头公司)很高兴听到这个消息。打越洋电话时确保你有加长线。记住:随时可能会断线哦。鸽子(或是随便其他什么东西)在线上停留一下都会引起打电话的问题。Cheating作弊Really though, what#39;s forcing you to spend the day without a smartphone? You always have the option of tapping into this wonderful resource: free will. Ultimately, nobody will stop you in the street for excessive use of your smartphone. The police are aly too busy with marches and riots to care, so it#39;s all up to you.说真的,是什么让你离开手机的啊?你随时都能够选择使用这个完美的资源:这取决于你自己的意愿。没有人会在大街上因为你过度沉迷于手机而阻止你。警察要忙着处理游行和暴乱,所以这一切都取决于你自己。Good luck!祝你好运! /201703/494950河南省郑州华山整形美容医院妊辰纹怎么样

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郑州/第一人民医院整形中心According to a new meta-analysis, there are significant personality differences between students in different academic majors.根据一项新的元分析,学生学术专业上有巨大的个性差异。Anna Vedel, a psychologist from Aarhus University in Denmark, analyzed 12 studies examining the correlation between personality traits and college majors. Eleven of them found significant differences between majors. The review examined the so-called “Big Five” traits: neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.安娜·维戴尔是丹麦奥尔胡斯大学的心理学家,她做了12项研究,分析了性格特点和大学专业间的关联,其中11项研究发现了专业间的巨大差异。研究检验了所谓的“五大”特点:神经过敏、性格外向、乐于体验、友好和善和做事认真。Arts and humanities majors are in the position of being anxious, but not very organized.They were less conscientious than students in fields like science, law, or engineering. They also tended to score higher on ‘neuroticism’.艺术和人文专业学生焦躁、条理欠佳,不及科学、法律和工程学专业的学生认真。他们“神经过敏”一项分数更高。On the plus side, along with political-science majors, arts and humanities students also scored higher on openness than did economics, engineering, law, or science students. Openness is characterized by an active imagination, love of variety, and a wide range of intellectual interests.从好的一面看,和政治学专业学生一样,艺术和人文专业的学生要比经济、工程学、法律和科学专业的学生要更开明,体现在想象力丰富、喜欢变化、求学兴趣广泛。Economics and business students rated consistently lower in neuroticism. Along with law students, business and economics students were also less agreeable than students in the other majors. Economics, law, political-science, and medicine students were more extroverted than students in the arts, humanities, and the sciences.经济和商学专业学生在神经质一项评分始终偏低。和法学学生一样,商业和经济专业的学生没有其他专业的学生好相处。经济、法律、政治学和医学专业的学生要比艺术人文和科学专业的学生要更外向。Vedel hopes her findings can help college counselors guide students into the best majors for their personalities.维戴尔希望她的发现可以帮助大学辅导员引导学生根据其个性选择最好的专业。The findings are explained somewhat by the gender distribution among college majors. It#39;s well-known, for instance, that women are far less likely to enter engineering fields than men are, and women tend to be more neurotic, agreeable, and conscientious than men, according to the study.研究多多少少解释了大学专业的性别分布。比如,众所周知,女性远远不及男性那样容易进入工程学领域。根据研究所说,女性更神经质、性格更讨喜、比男性更认真。 /201704/503760 南阳市祛痘多少钱郑州/上街区去痘医院哪家好

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