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2017年11月21日 04:58:26来源:医互动

我的暑假生活 -- :0:0 来源: 我的暑假生活It’s sunny and hot in the summer holiday. People like staying indoors,and so does I .暑假里,,阳光明媚,天气也很热人们喜欢待在家里,我也一样During the summer holiday ,I usually watch TV、do homework 、walkthe dog Lele ,mother's favorite、and swim.I like swimming very much. I usually swim once a week. After swimming, I willfill relaxed and comtable. How wonderful it will be ,if i can swim everyday!这个暑假,我经常看电视、做作业、遛我妈妈最喜欢的那条—乐乐,还有游泳我非常喜欢游泳我经常一周游泳一次游泳过后,我会感觉放松和舒要是每天都可以游泳该多好啊!。

  • 我的朋友 My Friend -- ::39 来源: I have many friends, and one of them is Lily. She is one of my best friends. She lives in the same area with me. We become friends three years.Every school day, we go to school together. We have many things in common. example, we both like listening to the music, ing books and playing badminton. We both study hard and do well in studies. We help each in study, because we want to make progress together. I am happy to have such a good friend.我有很多朋友,莉莉就是一个她是我最好的朋友之一她和我住在同一个小区三年前我们就成为了朋友每到上学的日子,我们就一起上学我们有很多共同的爱好,比如,我们俩都喜欢听音乐,看书,打羽毛球我们俩学习都很努力,而且成绩很好在学习上我们互相帮助,因为我们想共同进步我很高兴有这样一个好朋友。
  • 冬天的早晨The Winter Morning -- :5:50 来源: Thewinter morning is very cold. I don’t want to get up at all. The bed is so warmand comtable, but the outside is too cold. Every morning, my mother pulls meup from my bed. It takes much longer to get up. But I like the breakfast inwinter morning, because mother often cooks hot food me. It makes me muchwarmer. Because of the cold weather, father often takes me to school, so I don’thave to ride my bike or take a bus. In one world, the winter morning is coldand I just want to stay indoor.冬天的早晨很冷我一点都不想起床床是如此舒适和温暖,但外面很冷每天早上,我的妈妈把我从我的床上拽起来起床需要很长的时间但是我喜欢冬天早晨的早餐,因为妈妈经常把热的食物给我它使我暖和多了因为寒冷的天气,爸爸经常送我去学校 ,这样我就不用骑自行车或者坐公车了总之,冬天的早晨很冷,我只想呆在室内。
  • 英语导游词:香港Cook Light介绍 --9 18:: 来源: Cook Light is as committed to good coffee as it is to vegetarian food -- and considering its slogan is "Go veggie," that's a very good thing. Cook Light的素食料理跟咖啡一样美味——它的口号(Go veggie)值得称赞 The coffee blend used here is smooth and creamy in taste, which makes it a perfect accompaniment to milk, which is served at the right temperature and very well frothed. The quality espresso is a bit variable, though we've heard that things are improving as the café settles in. 这间店的咖啡顺滑浓郁,配搭牛奶更加美味,整杯咖啡的温度刚好,奶泡也非常幼滑Espresso的素质则有点不稳定,虽然我们听说咖啡店上轨道后情况有所改善The only big problem is that the place is so small, there's nowhere to sip a coffee once the Quarry Bay office hordes descend. Luckily, a takeaway latte or cappuccino is only HK.3 Hoi Chak Street, Quarry Bay, tel +85 590 8689唯一最大问题就是该店太小,鲗鱼涌的上班族来到,就没办法好好饮一杯咖啡不过幸好,外卖latte或cappucino只售港币19元鲗鱼涌海泽街3号,电话:+85 590 8689 英语 导游词 香港。
  • 英语话剧:阿甘正传 -- :55:30 来源: REST (voice-over) That Momma, she sure was right. It's funny how things work out. EXT. BAYOU LA BATREBUBBA'S MOM'S HOUSE - DAY rest walks up to a shack on the edge of the Bayou. A group of black kids play in the front yard. REST (voice-over) I didn't stay home long, because I'd made a promise to Bubba. And I always try to keep my promise. So I went on down to Bayou La Batre to meet Bubba's family and make their introduction. Bubba's mother named MRS. BLUE and her other children look at rest. MRS. BLUE Are you crazy, or just plain stupid? REST Stupid is as stupid does, Mrs. Blue. MRS. BLUE I guess. EXT. BUBBA'S GRAVE - DAY rest steps over to Bubba's tombstone. REST (voice-over) And of course, I paid my respect to Bubba himself. REST Hey, Bubba, it's me, rest Gump. I remember everything you said, and I got it all figured out. rest pulls out notes from his pocket. REST I'm taking the twenty-four thousand, five hundred and six-two dollars and ty-seven cents that I got... EXT. BAYOU - DAY rest walks across a yard where men are cleaning shrimp. REST (voice-over) ... well, that's left after a new hair cut and a new suit and I took Momma out to real fancy dinner and I bought a bus ticket and three Doctor Peppers. rest walks along a wooden pier. rest pays an old black shrimper a large wad of cash. OLD SHRIMPER Tell me something. Are you stupid or something? REST Stupid is as stupid does, sir. EXT. BUBBA'S GRAVE rest stands at the grave. REST Well, that's what's left after me saying, "When I was in China on the All-America Ping-Pong Team, I just loved playing ping-pong with my Flex-O-Ping-Pong Paddle." Which everybody knows it isn't true, but Momma says it's just a little white lie so it wouldn't hurt nobody. So, anyway, I'm putting all that on gas, ropes and new nets and a brand-new shrimpin' boat. EXT. BAYOU - DAY rest steers his shrimping boat. The boat is old and rusty. rest unleashes his nets as his catch of the day drops to the deck. It is a bunch of garbage and shells. rest picks up one shrimp. REST (voice-over) Now, Bubba had told me everything he knows about shrimpin', but you know what I found out? Shrimpin' is tough. EXT. DOCKS rest pulls a couple of shrimp out of a bucket. REST I only caught five. OLD SHRIMPER A couple of more, you can have yourself a cocktail. The old shrimper begins to walk away, then stops and looks at rest. OLD SHRIMPER Hey, you ever think about namin' this old boat? REST (voice-over) I'd never named a boat bee, but there was only one I could think of. rest paints a name on the side of his boat. The name is "Jenny." REST (voice-over) The most beautiful name in the wide world.。
  • 我爱听故事,我最喜欢的童话故事—白雪公主 -- :6: 来源: I like stories,but i like listening to stories more.Every night bee sleeping,my mother will tell a story to me.Mother's voice is sweet and soft,i usually fall asleep bee the end of the story.And the second night,my mother will go on to tell the story.My favorite story is the Snow White.Snow White is white and beautiful,she's the most beautiful woman in the world.I love story books,i hope one day in the future i canalsotell good stories to others.我喜欢故事,但是我更喜欢听故事每天晚上睡前妈妈都会给我讲故事妈妈的声音甜美又温柔,我经常在故事讲完前就睡着了第二天妈妈会接着给我讲故事我最喜欢的故事是《白雪公主白雪公主长得又白又漂亮,她是世上最漂亮的女人我爱故事书,我希望将来有一天我也能给别人讲好听的故事。
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