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重庆星辰美容医院开双眼皮手术多少钱重庆市做隆鼻手术多少钱I’d like to say hello to everyoneparticipating in DEMO Fall in Silicon Valley! It’s really a privilege for me to share some thoughts with so manytalented young leaders.DEMO showcases the best of thebest when it comes to innovation around the world. And that’s why DEMO has brought togetherentrepreneurs and innovators from Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, fromBrazil, China, and beyond.During my travels as Secretary ofState, I’ve seen firsthand the amazing transformation taking place in many ofyour countries. And what’s driving thattransformation is really what makes it so exciting – it’s young entrepreneursand innovators, all with a bold new idea and the drive to take that idea andmake it a reality.I am especially pleased that DEMOis promoting entrepreneurs from Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, where Irecently spent a couple of weeks. TheState Department is very proud to be a partner in these efforts, because weknow that the best ideas are simply never bound by borders.That’s why we’re working hand inhand with the private sector, NGOs, universities, and governments. And that’s why our Office of Global Partnershipshas launched “LIONS AFRICA” and “TIGERS at Mekong,” two exciting public-privatepartnerships that strengthen entrepreneurship in Africa and the Lower Mekongsub-region in Southeast Asia.As you know, the work you’redoing isn’t just about making money – it’s about making people’s livesbetter. And when you succeed, you fueltechnological innovation and create economic opportunity and jobs not just foryour own people, but for people around the globe.I’m confident that in this roomis the next big idea, the next start-up of tomorrow – it’s in your labs, it’sin your imaginations. So take advantageof this opportunity to network, make great connections, and find novel ideas tostand behind and support. You’ll have my support and the support of the StateDepartment in that effort, I promise you.All of you are risk-takers anddreamers. You’re not just the leaders of tomorrow – you’re actually leadingtoday. And that makes all thedifference. You’re changing the world evenas we speak. And when I think of yourtalent and drive – your passion and creativity – I really couldn’t be moreoptimistic about the future that we can build together. So thank you for all that you do, and I hopeyou enjoy the rest of your visit.201412/351093重庆飘眉手术多少钱 Hi, everybody. 大家好!At a moment when our economy is growing, our businesses are creating jobs at the fastest pace since the 1990s, and wages are starting to rise again, we have to make some choices about the kind of country we want to be.当前我们的经济发展走势良好,我们的企业也正创造着超过上世纪90年代最高水平的工作机遇,而且工资也开始上涨,但我们要选择一下我们国家需要什么样的未来。Will we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well? 我们是接受一个只有利于极少数富人的经济呢?Or will we build an economy where everyone who works hard has a chance to get ahead?还是致力于打造一种每个辛勤付出的人都能获得成功机会的经济呢?That was the focus of my State of the Union Address-middle-class economics. 这是我的国情咨文重点关注的内容:即中产阶级的经济发展方式。The idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules. 这样的想法是所有人都能得到公平的机会,承担共同的责任,遵守同样的规则,我们的国家就会发展的最好。This week, I will send a budget to Congress thats built on those values. 而在本周我将向国会提交一份基于上述观点的预算方案。Well help working families paychecks go farther by treating things like paid leave and child care like the economic priorities that they are. 我们要采取提供带薪休假、儿童保障等措施帮助工薪家庭,这些事会成为我们经济发展的重中之重。Well offer Americans of every age the chance to upgrade their skills so they can earn higher wages, with plans like making two years of community college free for every responsible student. 我们要为美国各年龄段人民提供机会,让大家提升劳动技能,找到高薪的工作。为优秀学生提供两年免费社区大学教育计划就是实现这一目标的方式。And well keep building the worlds most attractive economy for high-wage jobs, with new investments in research,infrastructure,manufacturing, and expanded access to faster internet and new markets. 我们要继续打造全球最具吸引力的经济发展环境,提供高薪职位。为此,我们要在科研、基础设施建设、制造业、宽带建设和开拓新市场上加大投资。We can afford to make these investments. 这些都是我们能够承担的投资。Since I took office, weve cut our deficits by about two-thirds-the fastest sustained deficit reduction since just after the end of World War II. 自从我主政以来,我们将财政赤字削减了2/3,这是自二次世界大战以来最快的赤字持续削减。We just have to be smarter about how we pay for our priorities, and thats what my budget does. 我们对如何在优先事项上投资应该更明智,这就是我的预算方案要做的事情。It proposes getting rid of special interest loopholes in our tax code, and using those savings to cut taxes for middle-class families and reward businesses that invest in America. 该方案建议消除税法中有利于特殊利益集团的漏洞,利用节省下来的钱为中产家庭减税,鼓励在美国投资的企业。It refuses to play politics with our homeland security, and funds our national security priorities at home and abroad. 该预算方案在国家安全问题上坚决不玩政治把戏,将为国家安全在境内外的优先事项提供资金。And it undoes the arbitrary, across-the-board budget cuts known as “the sequester” for our domestic priorities, and matches those investments dollar-for-dollar in resources our troops need to get the job done. 并消除对国内优先事项的绝对的、全面的预算削减,也就是常说的“隔离政策”,将每一分钱投到需要的地方,让我们的军队拥有必要的资源完成他们的工作。Now, I know that there are Republicans in Congress who disagree with my approach. 当下,我知道国会的一些共和党人并不同意我的方案。And like I said in my State of the Union Address, if they have ideas that will help middle-class families feel some economic security, Im all in to work with them. 正如我在国情咨文中所说的,如果他们有合适的建议,可以帮助中产家庭获得经济上的安全感,我会全力配合他们。But I will keep doing everything I can to help more working families make ends meet and get ahead. 但我将继续尽我一切努力,帮助更多的中产家庭实现收平衡,取得成功。Not just because we want everyone to share in Americas success-but because we want everyone to contribute to Americas success.这不仅仅是因为我们想让每个人都分享美国成功的成果,更是因为我们希望每个人都能为美国的成功贡献自己的力量。Thats the way the middle class thrived in the last century-and thats how it will thrive again.这正是上个世纪中产阶级发展壮大的方式,也是将来其发展壮大的方式。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。201502/358801The reality is, in Western countries, quite often we do focus on the pursuit of happiness as if happiness is something that we have to go out -- an object that were supposed to get, or maybe many objects. Actually, in fact, if you look in the dictionary, many dictionaries define pursuit as to ;chase with hostility.; Do we pursue happiness with hostility? Good question. But back to Bhutan.事实上是,在西方国家,通常我们注重对快乐的追求正如快乐是一种我们必须非常从外部才能得到的一种我们我们理应得到的东西,和很多其他的东西一样而事实上,如果你查查字典看一下的话,许多字典把这种追求定义为“带着敌意的追逐”。我们是带着对抗的情绪追求快乐的么?问的好。再回到不丹。Bhutans bordered on its north and south by 38 percent of the worlds population. Could this little country, like a startup in a mature industry, be the spark plug that influences a 21st century of middle-class in China and India? Bhutans created the ultimate export, a new global currency of well-being, and there are 40 countries around the world today that are studying their own GNH. You may have heard, this last fall Nicolas Sarkozy in France announcing the results of an 18-month study by two Nobel economists, focusing on happiness and wellness in France. Sarkozy suggested that world leaders should stop myopically focusing on GDP and consider a new index, what some French are calling a ;joie de vivre index.; I like it. Co-branding opportunities.实际上,在不丹南边和北边的边境生存着这个世界百分之38的人口。这个小国在一个成熟的工业社会中刚刚起步,就放出万丈光芒,影响了整个二十一世纪的中国和印度的中产阶级?不丹实际上创造了一种终极的输出,一种新的全球通用的福祉。这个世界上有40个国家正在研究他们自己的GNH。你也许听过,去年的秋天法国的尼古拉·萨科齐,宣布了获得了诺贝尔奖的经济学家一项18个月研究的研究结果,这项研究关注于法国的快乐和幸福。萨科奇提出世界的领导人应该停止目光短浅地只关注GDP关注一种新的指数,法国人称之为“幸福指数”我喜欢这个提法。一个品牌合作的机会。Just three days ago, three days ago here at TED, we had a simulcast of David Cameron, potentially the next prime minister of the UK, ing one of my favorite speeches of all-time, Robert Kennedys poetic speech from 1968 when he suggested that were myopically focused on the wrong thing and that GDP is a misplaced metric. So it suggests that the momentum is shifting.就在三天前,在我来的TED的三天前,我们和大卫.喀麦隆有一个同时联播节目,他可能是下任英国首相,引用了一个我最爱的一句演讲,罗伯特肯尼迪在1968年的诗歌演讲当时他提出我们只把目光放在那些错误的事情上GDP是一个错位的度量标准。这预示着动机发生了转变。201402/275419重庆去红色胎记的价格

重庆星宸整形激光祛斑手术多少钱If you believe that every life has equal value, its revolting to learn that some lives are seen as worth saving and others are not. We said to ourselves: ;This cant be true. But if it is true, it deserves to be the priority of our giving.;如果你认为生命都是平等的,那么当你发现某些生命被挽救了,而另一些生命被放弃了,你会感到无法接受。我们对自己说:“事情不可能是如此。如果这是真的,那么它理应是我们努力的头等大事。”So we began our work in the same way anyone here would begin it. We asked: ;How could the world let these children die?;所以,我们俩用在座任何人都会想到的方式开始工作。我们心存疑问:“这个世界怎么可以眼睁睁看着这些孩子死去?”The answer is simple, and harsh. The market did not reward saving the lives of these children, and governments did not subsidize it. So the children died because their mothers and their fathers had no power in the market and no voice in the system.很简单,也很残酷。在市场,拯救儿童是一项没有利润的工作,政府也不会提供任何补助。这些儿童之所以会死亡,是因为他们的父母在经济上没有实力,在政治上没有发言权。But you and I have both.但是,你们和我在经济上有实力,在政治上有发言权。We can make market forces work better for the poor if we can develop a more creative capitalism-if we can stretch the reach of market forces so that more people can make a profit, or at least make a living, serving people who are suffering from the great inequities. We also can press governmetns around the world to spend taxpayer money in ways that better reflect the values of the people who pay the taxes.如果我们能够设计出一种更有创新性的资本主义制度——如果我们可以改变市场,让更多的人可以获得利润,或者至少可以维持生活 ——那么,这就可以帮到那些正在极端不平等的状况中受苦的人们;那么我们就可以让市场更好地为穷人务。我们还可以向全世界的政府施压,要求他们将纳税人的钱,花到更体现纳税人价值的地方。If we can find approaches that meet the needs of the poor in the ways that generate profits for business and votes for politicians, we will have found a sustainable way to reduce inequity in the world. This task is open-ended. It can never be finished. But a conscious effort to answer this challenge can change the world.如果我们能够找到这样一种方法,既可以帮到穷人,又可以为商人带来利润,为政治家带来选票,那么我们就找到了一种减少世界性不平等的可持续的发展道路。这个任务是永无止境的。它不可能全部完成,但是任何自觉地解决这个问题的尝试,都将会改变这个世界。201405/297667四川抽脂多少钱 And as he performed, I looked around the audience, and I saw their faces and the look in their eyes and their responsiveness to his music, and it was clear to me finally where the problem lay.他演出的时候,我看周围的观众,我看着他们的脸,他们的眼睛,他们对音乐的反应,很明显我知道了问题出在哪儿。It wasnt that the music that was lacking, it was my ability to appreciate it and to hear it in the right way.问题不在于音乐不够好,而在于我没有能力去欣赏,是我听的方式不对。The crowd, they would sing along and be totally immersed in his music.人群跟着一起唱,完全沉浸在他的音乐中。And I had this epiphany, that I was missing the point.我领悟到是我错了。And from now on, I was going to somehow learn how to get it.从此我开始学习如何欣赏它。I was gonna learn how to hear with local ears, and I deconstructed and analysed what it was, that made Chinese audiences connect with certain types of melodies and rhythms, and song structures, and lyrics, and thats what Ive been doing for the past almost twenty years.我开始学习如何用本土的方式来听,我解构它,分析它,是什么使中国听众喜欢这种独特的,旋律,节奏,歌曲结构和歌词,这就是过去的20年我一直在做的。And it took me a long time and I am still learning, but at some point, I not only began to be able to appreciate the music but I started being able to contribute to it and create my own fresh spins on the tried-and-true.这需要很长的时间,我仍然在学习,但从某一刻开始,我不仅能够欣赏这种音乐,而且我开始能够贡献于它,在实践当中贡献我自己的新鲜血液。And I think this happens to everyone, really, who is on the outside looking in, it always looks strange.我觉得这个发生在每一个人身上,真的,以一个局外者的视角向里探望总会觉得奇怪。If you looked at things from your perspective, youre always going to think that these people are weirdos, whats wrong with them, why are they listening to these stuff?如果你以自身的角度去审视别人,你总是会觉得这些人是怪人,他们到底怎么了,他们为什么听这些东西。And Im saying that you can make an effort and get , it can be done, and Im living proof of that.而我说,你可以努力并最终理解,我就是活生生的例子。And as an ambassador of Chinese pop, Im trying to get people to open up to a sound that they may not feel is palatable at the first listen.作为华语流行歌曲的大使,我力图让人们对第一次觉得别扭的音乐保持开放的心。So what else can we do to reduce this imbalance in our popular cultures?所以我们还能做什么来减少这种流行文化中的不平衡呢?Well, maybe give a talk at the Oxford Union. Tour more outside of China?也许在牛津辩论社做个演讲是其一。在中国之外多开演唱会?But seriously, actually I think the tides have aly started to change, very slowly, very cautiously, almost calculatingly. You see more cross-cultural exchange now.但严肃地说,我觉得潮流已经开始改变了,慢慢地,小心地,一步步地,你现在能看到更多跨文化交流了。More interest in China, definitely a lot of joint ventures, a lot of co-productions in recent years.更多人在中国投股,近年来,显然有了更多合资企业,更多的合作产品。201507/385477重庆星辰整形医院去痣多少钱

重庆祛疤那医院好 I am a vicar in the Church of England.我是一名英国圣公会的牧师。Ive been a priest in the Church for 20 years.我做牧师已经有20年了。For most of that time, Ive been struggling and grappling with questions about the nature of God. Who is God?在这20年的大部分时间里,我一直在努力解决和回答关于上帝本质的问题:上帝是谁?And Im very aware that when you say the word ;God,;many people will turn off immediately.我很清楚,当你一说起“上帝”这个词,很多人会立即走开。And most people, both within and outside the organized church,still have a picture of a celestial controller,a rule maker, a policeman in the sky who orders everything,and causes everything to happen. 并且大多数人,无论是信教还是不信教的,心中还是认为上帝是这样一个形像:一个天上的主宰者,规则制定者,掌管一切的太空警察,万事万物发生的根源。He will protect his own people,and answer the prayers of the faithful.他会保护他创造的人类,并回应信徒们的祷告。And in the worship of my church,the most frequently used adjective about God is ;almighty.; 在教堂里做礼拜,对上帝最常用的形容词是“全能”。But I have a problem with that.但我觉得这个观念是不对的。I have become more and more uncomfortable with this perception of God over the years.多年以来,我已经越来越对这个观念感到不舒。Do we really believe that God is the kind of male boss that weve been presenting in our worship and in our liturgies over all these years?难道我们真的相信上帝是一个这么多年来我们在礼拜仪式和祷告中描述的那么一位男性的老板形像?Of course, there have been thinkers who have suggested different ways of looking at God.当然,曾经也有一些思想家建议用不同的方式来看待上帝。Exploring the feminine, nurturing side of divinity.比如:探索神的女性和育养的一面,Suggesting that God expresses Himself or Herself through powerlessness,rather than power.主张上帝是通过阴柔无力,而不是阳刚和力量,来呈现自己,不管是作为男性或者女性形像;Acknowledging that God is unknown and unknowable by definition.接受上帝本来就是未知的,也不可知的,这个定义,Finding deep resonances with other religions and philosophies and ways of looking at life as part of what is a universal and global search for meaning.寻找与其他宗教和哲学之间共同的内涵,以及作为全世界人类探索人生意义过程中看待生命的不同方式。These ideas are well known in liberal academic circles,but clergy like myself have been reluctant to air them,for fear of creating tension and division in our church communities,for fear of upsetting the simple faith of more traditional believers. 这些想法在自由学术界是众所周知的,但像我自己这样的神职人员却不愿意公开宣扬它们,因为害怕在教会中会产生紧张气氛甚至分裂,害怕打破传统信徒的纯朴信仰。I have chosen not to rock the boat.我选择了不去惹麻烦。Then, on December 26th last year, just two months ago,that underwater earthquake triggered the tsunami. 然而,去年12月26日,仅仅两个月前,海底地震引发了海啸。And two weeks later, Sunday morning, 9th of January,I found myself standing in front of my congregation intelligent, well meaning, mostly thoughtful Christian people,and I needed to express, on their behalf, our feelings and our questions. 于是两个星期后,星期日上午, 1月9日,我站在我的会众面前,他们是一群智慧的、善良的、有思想的基督徒,我需要代表他们表达我们的感情和我们的疑问。I had my own personal responses, but I also have a public role,and something needed to be said. 虽然我有自己的个人感受,但我还有一个公共角色,这时需要说点儿什么。And this is what I said.下面是我当时所说的话。Shortly after the tsunami I a newspaper article written by the Archbishop of Canterbury-fine title,about the tragedy in Southern Asia.海啸发生后不久,我读了坎特伯雷大主教发表在报纸上的一篇文章,标题是:关于发生在南亚的悲剧。The essence of what he said was this:他所讲的精髓是这样的:the people most affected by the devastation and loss of life do not want intellectual theories about how God let this happen.因这场灾难和生命的逝去而饱受磨难的人们并不需要一个理论来解释上帝为何让这种事情发生。201505/374942四川省做双眼皮多少钱四川重庆星宸医院整形科



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