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1. What are they planning on doing in the morning?A. fishingB. mountain bikingC. hiking. According to the weather report, when would it start raining?A. in the afternoonB. at nightC. in the morning3. What did Paul get to bring?A. rain coatsB. umbrellasC. rain boots. Where did Sara leave the playing cards?A. next to picnic tableB. on picnic tableC. under picnic table5. What do they finally decide to do?A. stay at a hotelB. return homeC. sleep at the campground 3695Valentine Day情人节February th is a complicated but interesting holiday. First of all, Valentine Day is not a holiday from work. No one gets a day off. On Valentine Day people ususlly send romantic cards to someone they love or want to be loved by. The cards are called ;valentines;. They are very colourful, often decorated with hearts, flowers or birds, and have humorous or sentimental verses printed inside. The basic message of the verse is always ;Be My Valentine;, ;Be My Sweet Heart; or ;Lover;.月日是一个复杂而又有趣的节日首先,情人节不是一个休假日没人放假在情人节这一天,人们爱谁或想得到谁的爱,就可给那个人寄去充满浪漫情趣的卡片这种卡片叫“情人卡”情人卡色鲜艳,常装饰有心、花或鸟,里面还印有幽默或感伤性的诗句这些诗句传递的基本信息总是“做我的情人吧”、“做我甜蜜的心上人或情人吧”One of the symbols of St.Valentine Day is the Roman god of Love, called Cupid. Cupid is often printed on the card, who is winged infant without wearing anything, poised to shoot his arrow into a heart. He would shoot an arrow of love into a person heart to make the person fall in love immediately, maybe with the first person to come along. Sometimes one arrow would go through two hearts, holding them together. So on February th not only do we have picture of the Christian St.Valentine but we also have pitures of the non-Christian Cupid, the Roman god of love.情人节的标志之一是罗马爱神——丘比特丘比特经常被印在卡片上,他是一个赤身裸体、长有翅膀的婴儿,手里拿着箭,摆出一副要射心的姿势他把爱之箭射中一个人的心,这个人会很快坠入爱河,可能是和他(她)第一个见到的人有时候,一箭会射中两颗心,把它们穿在一起所以在月日,我们不仅有基督的“圣·瓦伦登”的画像,还有非基督的罗马爱神丘比特的画像But it is from the Christians that we get the stories about Valentine Day that most people have come to believe. One story is about a Christian man whose name sounded something like ;Valentine.; He lived around 50 A.D. At that time the Roman Emperor Claudius refused to allow any Roman soldiers to get married any reason whatsoever. Christian couples came to Valentine to be married. So Valentine would marry them in a Christian way. He was discovered and put in prison by the Emperor. One tradition says that he wrote notes to his friends by making on leaves and then throwing them out the window of his prison. And the leaves were shaped like a heart.大多数人相信的情人节的故事来源于基督教其中有个故事提到,有一个基督徒的名字听起来像“瓦伦登”他大约生活在公元前50年那时罗马皇帝克劳狄乌斯禁止罗马士兵以任何借口结婚信奉基督教的夫妇就去找“瓦伦登”主持结婚“瓦伦登”以基督教方式为他们秘密举行婚礼,后来被罗马皇帝发现送进监狱传说他在叶子上做标记给他朋友传递信息,然后把叶子扔出监狱的窗外这些叶子的形状是心形的 186No one knows if the Lost City of the Atlantis is real or just a myth. But there are some folks in Florida just off the coast of Miami have decided to build their own Atlantis. Part of it is aly in place, and we sent N's Kerry Sanders 5 feet down to check it out. Good morning, Kerry.Oh, good morning, this is the gate here to the mythical city of Atlantis. It will cover eventually an entire acres, a huge underwater area, in fact, it will be the largest of its type, costing almost million dollars. How do ya pay something like that? Well, as the Mafia says, first you gotta swim with the fishes.In the blue green waters just off the Key Biscayne Florida, the Lost City is under construction. More than 30,000 tons of artwork, including bronze sculpted lions, placed in a precise layout and artists' vision of Atlantis all possible because of what will eventually be cemented into those holes, cremated remains. We are not a cemetery, we are a memorial, and so a memorial city. This is all concrete.Businessman Gary Levine figures selling underwater plots would no only pay this project; it'll also turn a heavenly profit.With the average cost 00 dollars and 80,000 sets of cremated remains, we're looking at about 0 million dollars.Cookie idea? You see this, right here, was a big sailfish. N. Laverne Smith who was surrounded her living days with treasures from the sea, at 80 years old, she and her husband bought two plots in Atlantis to continue that theme in the afterlife.We kind of want in somewhere if our grandchildren and great-grandchildren wanted to come and pay their respect and say hi grannie and papa, they could.Sculpting this undersea world, artist King Brandout. He says to get this far required environmental approvals from 8 federal state and local government agencies.If you are lucky enough to get passed all the obstacles, you can make the dream come true. This is one of those examples right here, here and now.So your y-made-market in your mind is what? Baby booms? Baby boomers. Because? Because there are 50,000 people are weak and dying in ed States. And baby boomers are looking something different? Something very different and money is not the question mark.And so the cost to be buried here is about twice a normal funeral but somebody who wants something completely different, I guess this is it. Once a guy might know guys, it is open free divers anytime you wanna come.Ha, that's a little weird. Yeah, why not, dive the memorial today... 3Aleppo Evacuation Nearly Complete阿勒波撤离基本结束Approximately 30,000 people have been evacuated from eastern Aleppo, Syria economic capital and most populous city. This week evacuations were delayed almost hours, leaving evacuees hungry and freezing on buses. Syria hub has been under heavy bombardment from both government ces and rebels months, but a ceasefire was arranged earlier this month in order to get civilians to safety. Though they are safer now than they were in Aleppo, the evacuees are still in a war zone where the shelter and medical care is dismal. When President Assad regime officially takes Aleppo, all of Syria major cities will be under his control.将近30000人已经从阿勒波东部撤离出来,阿勒波是叙利亚的经济首都,人口也最为稠密本周的撤离延迟了近个小时,致使撤离人员在大巴上挨饿受冻数月来,叙利亚的中心一直处于政府军队和反叛者的狂轰乱炸之下,不过为了让市民们转移到安全的环境下,本月早些时候已经达成了停战协议虽然现在撤离人群比在阿勒波安全,但是他们依然位于战争区域内,庇护所和医疗务都非常落后等阿萨德总统的政权正式接管阿勒波后,叙利亚所有的主要城市都会处于他的控制之下译文属原创,,不得转载 859

Part 3. Tomorrow house.Keywords. home automation, convenience, security system, technological wonders, energy-efficient.Vocabulary. gee-whiz, spa, coax, thermostat, intriguing, abound, floodlight, skylight, drapery, infrared.A. Have a pre-listening discussion on the following three questions.1. What is home automation? In your opinion, what are some of the things that could be examples of home automation?. What are some of the main interests in creating automated houses?3. Can home automation offer benefits and lifestyle improvements elderly and disabled people, imaging how? 755

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