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The Soccer Stadium足球场Kathy and Evan take a look at Amsterdam soccer stadium.凯西和艾凡参观一下阿姆斯特丹的足球场K:Man, this place is big!凯西:天啊,这地方真大!E:It has to be. Soccer is the number one sport throughout Europe. 艾凡:它一定得这么大足球是欧洲最受欢迎的一项运动In the States we have the Big Three:在美国,我们有三大运动项目:baseball, football, and basketball, but there only the Big One here in Europe: soccer.棒球、美式足球和篮球,但是在欧洲只有一大运动项目:足球K:Can you play soccer, Evan?凯西:艾凡,你会踢足球吗?E:I never have. I think my high school had a team, but I went out baseball. Did you join any sports teams in school, Kathy?艾凡:我从来没踢过我想我念的高中有一足球校队,但是我加入了棒球队凯西,你有没有参加学校的任何运动队伍呢?K:In high school I went out track. The 00- and 800-meter runs.凯西:高中时我加入了田径队──四百公尺和八百公尺赛跑E:Wow! Those are tough races.艾凡:哇!那些都是蛮艰辛的速度竞赛K:Yeah. That probably why I didnt do very well at them.凯西:没错那可能是我没办法在这两项运动中表现优异的原因E:It more important to enjoy the game and get stronger from sports than to perm well in them.艾凡:享受运动的乐趣和藉此强身比在运动项目上表现优异更为重要K:Were you a good baseball player?凯西:你棒球打得很好吗?E:I was so-so. Anyway, let exercise a little. Last one to the goal post there is a rotten egg!艾凡:我打得普普通通不管怎样,咱们来运动一下吧最后一个跑到终点的人是王八蛋! 585Barack Obama went on the offensive over foreign policy in the third and final presidential debate, repeatedly accusing Mitt Romney of flip-flopping on major international issues but failing to deliver a killer blow to his opponents resurgent campaign.在第三场也是最后一场总统候选人辩论中,奥巴马就外交政策发起攻势,一再指责罗姆尼在重大国际问题上的立场不坚定,但未能给他对手迅速崛起的竞选活动一个致命打击。While the president emerged as the narrow winner on the night, the encounter, which was cordial and largely uneventful compared with the previous two debates, is unlikely to have much impact on the outcome of the election.虽然总统那晚险胜,此次相逢与前两次辩论相比是诚恳且基本上平安无事的,不太可能对选举结果产生多大的影响。Going into the debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, Obama had an inbuilt advantage on foreign policy and security. As president, with access to daily briefings by intelligence analysts, diplomats and generals, he is better briefed and it showed as he dominated Romney in the first half of the debate.在佛罗里达州卡拉顿林恩大学的辩论,在外交政策和安全上奥巴马有一个固有的优势。作为总统,能接触到情报分析员、外交官和将军的每日简报,他能更好的概括,好像在上半场的辩论中他配着罗姆尼。The Republican candidate appeared unsure at times and occasionally stumbled over his lines as if struggling to remember his briefing notes. He began sweating as Obama, aggressive from the start, got the better of him during exchanges on Iran, Iraq and Russia as well as on US military spending.共和党候选人时常表现出不确定以及偶尔会忘了自己要说的,好像在试图记住他的简要笔记。当奥巴马从一开始就咄咄逼人时他开始出汗,在伊朗、伊拉克、俄罗斯以及美国的军费开的交流中他才表现得更好。On issue after issue, from Iranian sanctions to withdrawal from Afghanistan, there was little difference between his position and that of the administration, but Romney insisted he would have projected American strength more effectively.一个问题接着一个问题,从伊朗制裁到从阿富汗撤军,他的位置和政府态度之间的差别不大,但罗姆尼坚持他将更有效地加强美国的力量。While the debate was supposed to be solely about foreign policy, domestic concerns were never far from the surface and the candidates took every opportunity to pivot to their stump speech attacks over the economy and tax. The same was true in the spin room afterwards where both campaign teams dispensed quickly with debate comments and moved instead to analysis of the state of the race in swing states.尽管辩论被认为是仅仅关于外交政策的,但国内关注从未远离表面,候选人抓住每一个机会围绕他们的竞选演说在经济和税收方面给予攻击。之后在旋转屋也是一样,两个竞选团队很快分配着辩论,同时转到摇摆州中的竞争状态分析。Obama won the second to put himself back in the race. Although he also won the third, foreign policy is not a major concern for voters and it is unlikely to result in any major poll swings.奥巴马赢得了第二场辩论挽回颓势。虽然他也赢得了第三场,外交政策并不是选民关注的主要问题,这不大可能导致较大的选票波动。The exchanges revealed there is little major difference between the two in term of their approach to security and foreign affairs. On Iran both vowed it will not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Rommey said he would introduce more stringent sanctions; Obama said they were aly as stringent as they could possibly be.此次交流显示,两人在长期的安全和外交事务的处理中他们并没有大的区别。在伊朗问题上他们都发誓不会允许其拥有核武器罗姆尼说他将出台更严厉的制裁,奥巴马说他们已经尽最大可能的严厉了。来 /201210/205399Complain the journey抱怨旅行Is there anything I can do you?我能为您做些什么吗?Yes, I joined your group of bus tour this morning.是的,我早晨加入了你们的巴士观光团You promised the journey will last 3 hours and we will visit sightseeing spots.你们承诺的是旅行将持续三个小时并且我们会参观个景点Yes, sir. We promised that.是的,先生,我们是那么承诺的But we have a -hour journey.可是我们只参观了两个小时Really? I am sorry, sir. We will look into this matter. Would you please wait a moment here?真的吗?抱歉,先生,我们会调查这件事情,您能在这里等等吗? 51

自报家门询问台,您早A: Good morning, this is the Inmation Desk. May I help you, sir?询问台,您早先生,能为您效劳吗?B: Yes. I’d like to speak to Mr. Buddy Cote. Could you tell me his room number? 是的,我要找巴迪?科尔先生听电话,您能告诉他的房间号码吗?同类问句:Operator. Can I help you? 我是接线员,能为您务吗.?Hi, A Hotel. What do you want? 您好,这里是A旅馆您有什么需要吗?想找某人我想请布朗先生听电话A: l’d like to speak with Mr. Brown.我想请布朗先生听电话B: Is he a hotel guest, sir?先生,他是旅馆的客人吗?同类问句:Who would you like to talk to, sir? 先生,您要和谁通话?I’d ike to talk to Miss Lin Hong. 我要找林红Hello! May I speak to Jenny, please?你好,请让珍妮接电话,好吗? 16

Choosing Clothes of Overcoat挑选风衣面料I want to have the overcoat made to measure.我想定做件大衣Sure,sir. Have you brought the cloth?好的,先生,您带布料了吗?No, I dont know which one to choose. I think maybe you can help me.没有,我不知道该选哪种我想或者你可以帮我忙Well, I recommend you to choose the 0% cotton.我建议您选纯棉面料I will take your advice.我就听从你的建议 539升职Promotion提升promotionA: This marketing research is conducted very well.Who did it?B: Fang Lin,a young girl.She just got the promotion.老板很器重他The boss thinks highly of him.A: The boss will promote Robert as manager.B: Robert is a go-getter guy.That why the boss always thinks highly of him.你是这个职位最恰当的人选You were the right person the job.A: Robert,thank you recommending me as the Market Manager.B: I thought you were the right person the job.And Im sure youll do very well in it.你的工作很出色You did an excellent job.Well done.A: You did an excellent job.I heard that you have been promoted to a group leader.B: Oh,thank you.离职quitresignA: Hi,Mr.Norman.Nancy will quit next week.And she recommended you as office director.I also think you are the right person.B: Thank you very much.I appreciate the opporty.接替succeed take overA: Hello,Rice.You know the chief ant in Financial Department is going to retire.Id like you to take over his job.B: Thank you very much.I appreciate this opporty. 36

一份美国报纸说,联邦政府准备对至少12家大型金融机构提出起诉。原因是这些机构就在2008年发生的金融危机中发挥很大作用的房贷持券的质量给投资人提供虚假信息《纽约时报》报导说,美国联邦住房金融局的起诉对象有美国、根大通、高盛等金融机构。这些在房地产泡沫期间把各种房贷券捆绑在一起出售给投资者,包括政府持的房贷公司房利美和房贷美这家报纸说,美国联邦住房金融局的看法是,这些金融机构没有提供有关房主收入被故意夸大或作假的据。当这些房主无力付月供的时候,这些房贷券也就没有价值了房利美和房贷美在有关券上共损失300多亿美元。纽约时报说,联邦住房金融局在争取让赔偿这些损失 A U.S. newspaper says the federal government is set to file lawsuits against more than 12 massive financial institutions for misrepresenting the quality of mortgage-backed securities that played a role in the 2008 financial crisis. The New York Times says the Federal Housing Finance Agency is taking action against Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs and others. The banks bundled mortgages and sold them to investors, including government-backed mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the housing bubble. The Times says the FHFA will argue the banks missed evidence the homeowners' incomes were inflated or falsified. When those homeowners' were unable to pay their mortgages, the securities lost value. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lost more than billion combined on the securities. The Times reports the FHFA is seeking repayment from the banks for those losses. /201109/152359第一句:Here you are. Please dont hurt me.给你,请别伤害我A: Freeze or I’ll shoot?不许动,否则我开了B: Oh, no, l,m just a traveling student and don’t have too much cash on me.哦,不要,我只是个来旅行的学生而已, 我身上没有多少现金A: Nonsense. I want money.少废话,我要钱B: Here you are. Please dont hurt me.给你,请别伤害我第二句:What do you want?你想要什么?A: Hands up.举起手来B: What do you want?你想要什么?A: Shut up. Where is the money?闭嘴,钱在哪儿?B: It’s in the pocket of my trousers.在我的裤兜里 57757Transfer Passenger中转乘客Is this the baggage claim area flight KB56?这里是航班KB56的取行李处吗?Yes. We are on the same plane.是的,我们搭乘的同一架飞机But I am a transfer passenger. I have a connecting flight to Miami.可我是个中转乘客,我得赶去迈阿密的联程航班So you have to bring your baggage to the transfer check-in area.那你还得把行李拿到中转登记处那里Yes.It quite troublesome.嗯,是的,相当麻烦Why not go and find a porter?为什么不找个搬运工呢? 0377

Color Suits my Complexion颜色适合自己的肤色Is there anything I can do you?我能为您做些什么吗?Yes.I am looking a skirt. What in fashion now?是的,我在找件衬衣现在流行什么呢?This one is the latest. How do you like it?这件是最新的款式您喜欢吗?Well.Could I try it on?嗯,我能试穿吗?Sure.当然(A moment later) It cute. The color suits my complexion.(过了一会儿)衬衣很好看颜色也挺适合我的肤色 070第期:Asking An OpinionX:Do you mind if I open the window?X:如果我打开窗户你介意吗?Y:If you don’t mind,Id rather you didnt.I have a cold and feel chilly.Y:假使你不介意,我倒希望不要打开因为我感冒了,觉得有点冷X:Oh,that’s too bad.Should I call a doctor?X:哦,真糟糕要我打电话请医生来吗?Y:I’d appreciate it if you would.Y:如果你这样做我会很感激你X:OK.X:好吧其他出国旅游英语句型:1.If you don’t mind,Id rather you didnt.如果你不介意,我真希望不要那样做该句是个省略句,它原来是这样的:a.本句使用了“I would rather+that从句”的虚拟语气句型1)与现在事实相反时:I would rather+过去时that从句I wish+过去时that从句例:I wish she were here.Id rather she were here.It is a pity that she is not here.我真希望她现在就在这里但遗憾的是,她并不在这里)与过去事实相反时:I would rather+过去完成时that从句 I wish+过去完成时that从句例:I wish she had been here.I’d rather she had been here.It is a pity that she was not here.我真希望她当时在这里但遗憾的是,她并不在这里b.由上得知,原句实属与现在事实相反的虚拟语句If you don’t mind,Id rather(that)you didnt. If you don’t mind,I wish(that)you didn t..I’d appreciate it if you would. 如果你那么做,我将会感激你 I would appreciate it if you would call a doctor me. I would appreciate it if you called a doctor me.你若替我打电话给医生,我将会很感激本句使用了下列句型:I would appreciate it + if引导的过去时从句 若……,我将很感激例:Jack:Id appreciate it if you would pick me up later.Lily:OK.I can do that if you like.杰克:如果待会儿你能来接我,我会感激你莉莉:好吧只要你喜欢我就那么做 5180

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