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Sure, you think the world is full of solid objects.世界充满了固体物质,你可能对此深信不疑。You think theradio youre listening to is solid.你会以为,你正在听的收音机是固体的;You think the floor yourestanding on or the chair youre sitting in is solid.你正站在上面的地板是固体的;你正坐在上面的椅子是固体的。Heck, you probably think that you yourself are a solid object. Wrong.嘿,你可能说,我自己也是固体呀。可惜,你错了。One of the strangest things modern atomic theory has shownus is that what we commonly take to be the world of solidobjects is for the most part empty space.现代原子理论带给我们最大的惊奇是,通常被认为是固体的东西其实大部分都是空隙。Thats right.确实是这样。Even something as reliable as a table, a brick, a baseball, even yourbody, is by and large just empty space.即使是像桌子,砖头,棒球,甚至你的身体,这些看起来实实在在的东西,其主要构成都是空隙。Why is that?为什么这么说呢?Its because you, the baseball, and everything else is made up of atoms.这是因为你也好,棒球也好,其它的任何东西也好,都是由原子构成的,And atoms themselves are mostly empty space…而原子本身大部分都是空隙。But wait! What about the protons and neutrons and stuff?不过,等一下!你可能会问,不是还有质子、中子吗?Well, theyre in there, but only in the very center. Thats called the nucleus.它们又在哪里呢?别着急,它们还是在那里,不过只在正中间一点点地方。所以它们被称为原子核。An atoms nucleus is surrounded by a cloud of orbiting electrons.原子核的周围环绕着一团按轨道运行的电子群。Virtually all the mass of the atom—the stuff and not the fluff-is in the nucleus.事实上,粗略地说,原子的重量就是原子核的重量,And the nucleus is incredibly tiny compared tothe overall size of the atom.尽管与整个原子相比,原子核小得不可思议。In fact, its about a hundred thousand times smaller.具体地说,原子核比原子小十万倍。Its like aspeck of dust floating around inside a cathedral.形象地说,原子核与原子就如同一粒漂浮的微尘与大教堂,In between the dust speck and the cathedral walls is nothing but space.而灰尘和教堂的墙壁之间没有任何东西-全是空隙。So you are made up of things that are mostly empty space, with occasional specks floating inthem.所以你就是由这样的东西构成的:它们基本上都是空隙,几颗微尘漂浮其间。Does it make you feel kind of empty, too?这是否让你感到某种空虚?Dont worry. Every other object in the world,from a pebble to Mount Everest, is the same way.别担心。世上所有一切,从小小的鹅卵石到巍巍喜马拉雅山,也都是这样构成的。 201411/341258Reforming Leviathan处于改革浪潮中的庞大机构Mandarin lessons政府官员的经验之谈Governments need to rethink how they reward and motivate civil servants政府需要重新思考如何去奖励和提升公务员的工作动力。THE French call them hauts fonctionnaires, the Germans Beamte im h?heren Dienst and the British, somewhat more economically, know them as “mandarins”. The senior echelons of civil services are a powerful arm of the state. They implement the reforms dreamed up by politicians, and design public services ranging from welfare systems to prisons. Compared with private-sector bosses, the bureaucrats who manage the public sector tend to be less well paid but have more cushioned lives, with more secure jobs and far less pressure to improve productivity. Now the mandarins face change.法语中称呼他们为官方人员,德语叫做高级公务员,英国则各位简短称呼公务员为政界要员。公务员的高层人员是国家的一个强大的臂膀。他们实现政客对于改革的设想,并构思计划公共务,涵盖面从福利制度到监狱。与私营部门的老板相比,负责管理公共部门的官员往往不太高薪,但拥有更多的缓冲生活,更安全的工作,对于提高工作效率方面,其承受的压力远不如私营老板。现在的政府高级官员们面临着改变。There has long been taxpayer fury when big projects go awry. Berlins new airport is three years overdue and predicted to cost 6 billion (8.1 billion), three times the original estimate. But voters, and thus politicians, are especially intolerant of civil-service inefficiency nowadays. One prompt is austerity. Another is technology, which is changing not only how public services are delivered—think of “massively open online courses” in education—but also the way they can be measured. Social networks enable users to grumble about hospital waiting-times and mathematics results. Perhaps the biggest pressure is the passing of time: private-sector workers are incredulous as to why civil servants should escape the creative destruction that has changed other offices around the world.长期以来,大项目出差错时纳税人会因而感到十分愤怒。柏林新机场建设已有三年逾期,并且预计耗资60亿欧元(81亿人民币),三倍于原来的预算。但在现今,选民和政客尤其无法忍受公务员务效率低下。其中一个提示便是紧缩政策。另一个则是技术,这不仅正在改变公共务的提供方式—思考“大规模开放式在线课程”的教育—但同时也是在思考他们可以被评估的方式。社交网络让用户有机会抱怨医院候诊室漫长的等待时间和自己的数学成绩。或许最大的压力是时间的流逝:私营部门的工作人员对于为何公务员要逃避已经改变了全球政府各部的创造性破坏表示质疑。The reform of the public sector is a huge project, but people are at the centre of it. Government is a service industry, and there is a basic talent problem. A few civil services—Singapores is the obvious example—compete with the private sector for the best graduates. But elsewhere even elite departments, such as the US Treasury and Britains Foreign Office, struggle (or lose high-flyers quickly). The mandarins and their political masters need to change tack.公共部门的改革是一项庞大的工程,需要以人民为中心。政府是一个务行业,并且存在一个基本的人才问题。一些民事部门—如新加坡的民事部门就是一个明显的例子—他们能够与私营部门竞争优秀人才。但在其他地方,即使是精英部门,如美国财政部和英国外交部,也同样存在斗争(或很快失去极高报负者)。政府官员和他们的政治领导者需要改变策略。Too many civil servants, especially in continental Europe, swirl around a bureaucratic Gormenghast but rarely leave it. Nearly four-fifths of German senior public servants have been in public administration for more than two decades. The French state under Franois Hollande is governed by a caste of unsackable functionaries, resistant to reform. One reason many officials become stuck is their generous pension deals: making pensions portable should be a priority. But career structures also must adapt.太多的公务员,尤其是在欧洲大陆的公务员,他们漩涡在具有官僚政治的古老王国歌门鬼城身旁,但很少会选择离开它。近五分之四的德国高级公务员已经在公共管理中工作超过二十年。整个法国处于奥朗德状态,由固若金汤的社会团体所管辖,他们抵制改革。其中一个原因是,很多官员被慷慨的养老金交易卡住:使得养老金可携带成为一个必须考虑的优先事项。但是,职业结构也必须作出适当改变。Most civil services still tend to be gerontocracies, where age and seniority are synonymous. New Zealand has dismantled the system of rigid hierarchies and pay-grades that spawned the likes of the phlegmatic Sir Humphrey in the B comedy “Yes Minister”. Instead, it appoints departmental chief executives in its ministries, who sign contracts to meet specific targets and can be dismissed if they fail. Singapores civil servants are frequently sent out to private-sector jobs. Britain has appointed a senior figure from the oil business to run the agency that deals with large-scale state projects. The idea is that private-sector experience in areas such as contract management and negotiation can help avoid disasters like Berlins airport.大部分公务员还是倾向于老人统治,这一词是年龄和资历的同义词。新西兰已经剔除了坚硬的等级和付费等级制度,这两种等级产生了类似于冷漠的汉弗莱爵士在B喜剧中的台词中“是,首相”这种制度方面的喜好。相反,它任命在其各部委部门的行政首长,负责签订契约,以达到特定的目标,并在他们失败时可以予以取消。新加坡的公务员被频繁地派遣到私营部门就业。英国已任命来自石油行业的资深人物来运行国家大型项目所涉及的机构。我们的想法是,在诸如合同管理和谈判领域私营部门的经验,可以帮助避免像柏林机场所发生的灾难。All this appeals to right-wing politicians. But the corollary of better performance is higher pay. The British governments chief operating officer announced this week that he is leaving for a lucrative commercial job. Singapore, which runs a far leaner government than America, pays its best people 2m a year. No Republican congressman would tolerate that, which is foolish. The cost of higher salaries is offset by saving money on costly consultants to mop up failing projects.这一切都吸引了右翼政客。但更好成绩的必然结果是更高的薪水。英国政府的首席营运官在这个星期宣布,他将要胜任一份利润丰厚的商务工作。新加坡,其运行比美国更为精简的政府,付给其最佳胜任者200万美元一年的薪酬。没有共和党议员能够容忍这一点,他们认为这是愚蠢的想法。更高的工资成本是由节约资金成本聘请高昂费用的顾问以扫荡失败的项目而抵消的。There is one area where less change would be useful. To plan careers, you need a long-term strategy—and democracy throws up change every election. In Britain health-care officials talk about successive “re-disorganisations”. One reason for authoritarian Singapores success is that its voters have miraculously always chosen the party founded by Lee Kuan Yew since he took control in 1959. Voters elsewhere are less obliging. New Zealand has tried to counter this by boosting the powers of a state-services commissioner, whose duties include one of lasting “stewardship”. That could be a useful model for elsewhere—especially America, where too many senior positions are filled by political appointees (who then take months to get confirmed by Congress). Mandarinates have their faults, but somebody needs to keep Leviathan working.在有的地方发生更少的变化是有用的。要规划职业生涯,你需要一个长期的战略—民主党在每一次选举中都抛出改变的承诺。在英国,其卫生保健官员谈相继出现的计划混乱。独裁新加坡的成功原因之一是在于它的选民已经奇迹般地始终选择由李光耀在1959年掌权开始创办的一党。其他地方的投票人则没有表现如此殷勤。新西兰一直试图通过提高一个国家的务专员的权力而抵制这种情况,这些务专员的职责包括其中之一的持久的“管家”权力。这可能是在其他地方是十分有用的模式—尤其对于美国,在那里太多的高级职位由政治性任命的官员填补了有益的模式(他们需要数月才能通过国会得到实)。官职有其缺点,但需要有人来维持庞大体系的运作。译者:肖登怡译文属译生译世 /201505/377906Its a dwarf of minke whales,one of the smallest of great whales.这是一头侏儒小须鲸,侏儒小须鲸是巨鲸里最小的一种。The turtle have swum from as far away as islands in the South Pacific.海龟们来自遥远的太平洋岛屿。But the whale have travelled considerably further,all the way from Antactic.但鲸鱼来自更远的地方,一路从南极而来。They come to Ribbon Reefs,south of Rain Island,to calve in the warm tropical waters or to mate.它们来到雷恩岛南边的带状礁,在温暖的热带海水里分娩或交配。Whale watching’s becomes a local tourist attraction.赏鲸已经成为当地的一个旅游项目。But some whales turn the tables, they go people watching.但有些鲸鱼却反其道而行之,它们赏人,These are adolescent whales,and they are extremely inquisitive.这些是未成年的鲸鱼,而且它们有着极强的好奇心。The moment of that first encounter is extraordinarily intense because you see the animal materialise beneath you.第一次遭遇鲸鱼的那个时刻会让人异常紧张,因为你看见它们真真切切在你下方。The first thing you see is the white strip on the pectoral fin,and the waters seems to solidify.最先映入眼帘的是胸鳍上的白色条纹,跟着连水好像也凝固了。This is a big animal,5 or 6tons.这是个大家伙,大概有5,6吨重。And then you gradually see it turn, and the eyes foucus on you,and you focus on the eye.然后慢慢地,你看见它转弯,眼珠子一错不错地盯着你,你也盯着它的眼睛。The animals are plainly studying you, and gradually getting closer and closer.这些家伙显然正打量你,而且慢慢地越靠越近。You are the object of curiosity to this whale, and its remarkable sensation.你就是这小家伙好奇的对象,这真是很奇妙的感觉。201510/403494

听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):When you think about water pollution, you might think about massive sewer overflows, factory pollution or agricultural runoff. But theres another source of water pollution that might be in your backyard: septic systems that have failed.They pollute lakes and streams around the state – and in fact, around the country.Sean Hammond, deputy policy director for the Michigan Environmental Council, is calling for better rules for septic systems and inspections.;We are the only state in the country to not have a statewide septic code,; Hammond said.That means throughout most of Michigan, no one is inspecting septic systems once theyre in the ground. Only 11 counties have any sort of requirement, he said, while the states 72 other counties have none.At the same time, the state estimates that septic systems are failing at a rate of ten percent.When septic systems break, they can cause nutrient pollution, E. coli and other types of bacteria to find their way into groundwater and other waterways.This is especially problematic, Hammond said, because about half the state gets its water from groundwater.;Until we can get a registry and figure out where these septic systems even are, we really dont even know what the true risk is, even though we know its probably great,; Hammond said.He said House Bills 5732 and 5733 aim to establish a statewide septic code for Michigan.;Septics are the one place where we are behind the entire nation,; Hammond said. ;We are the last state to even consider adopting a statewide septic code. Every other state has one. And with our precious water resources, and 50% of our state getting their water from groundwater, we have to move forward on protecting those resources.;For the full conversation, listen above.201610/468600

The Lions have won only one game this year, and in their most recent game, Matt Stafford suffered 13 hits, seven sacks, and the Lions went from a 17-6 lead over Minnesota to a 28-19 loss.Bacon says to the Ford familys credit, theyve stayed out of the way as the team struggles.;Theyre pretty much everything you want in owners except an inability to hire the right coach,; he says.Bacon thinks team president Tom Lewand is smart and will eventually get it right. But he doesnt feel that way about head coach Jim Caldwell.;Jim Caldwell is clearly not the guy, in my opinion,; he says.Bacon looks to Caldwells warning to his quarterback during a game as a sign of his bad coaching.;He told Matt Stafford ... If you throw one more pick, Im going to pull ya.;;Man, let me tell you right now. If a high school coach did that, I would throw a flag and say, this is the wrong approach. In the pros its no better,; says Bacon.Nor does he think Matt Stafford is good enough.;He has not won an away game over a winning team. He just cant. And youll not go very far in that league with an inability to play a good team at their place.;In terms of college football, Bacon gives both the U of M and MSU an ;A -; for different reasons.U of M for playing above their expectations, and MSU, at 8-0, for keeping that streak alive...even if some of those wins were a little ugly. 201510/405905

Im trying to understand how life works and Ive learned this我想搞明白生活是怎么回事 我学到了这个you have to date people that you really like.你得跟你喜欢的人约会You cant just be physical because if it is,its doomed.不能只是为了性 因为如果是那样的话 那就完蛋了because men are bipolar when it comes to sex.因为涉及到性爱时 男人是双极的Pre and post sex we are two different people.性爱前和性爱后 我们是两个不同的人Pre sex,very enthusiastic.Yes,I agree with that.Ha,ha,ha,thats so funny.性爱前 很感兴趣 对 我同意 哈哈哈 太搞笑了Just the lie,the deception.谎言 欺骗I hear myself talking to women.Im like shut up!我听见我自己跟女人谈话 我都想说 闭嘴吧And its all for what?Just to get laid.这都是为了啥啊 就为了滚床单But the second that you climax,youre like what have I done?但是 你高潮的那一秒 你想着 我做了什么啊Its like a murder.Theres a naked body here.How do I get rid of it?那就跟谋杀一样 这里有一具裸体 我该怎么处理掉它I have left my own apartment after sex.Do you kown how uncomfortable that is?做完爱后我离开过自己的公寓 你知道那有多么不舒吗Theyre looking at you going where are you going?她们看着你说 你要去哪里啊I just,I cant.Just do whatever you need.我只是 我做不到 你想做什么都行Something happens to men during orgasm. Something leaves our bodies.高潮时男人会有变化 有东西离开了我们的身体I think its interest. And you cant get that back for roughly an hour.我觉得是兴趣 大概一小时内 你都找不回兴趣And yet women are so comfortable afterwards.Theyre like what do you want to do now?但女人在性爱后好舒 他们说 你现在想做什么啊Anything.Not with you.Ill do anything you like but you cant be there.什么都行 只要不跟你一起做 我愿意做你喜欢的任何事 但你不能在场And I really hate that happens to us as men because I adore women.我真的讨厌那种事发生在男人身上 因为我喜欢女人I think theyre incredible.Just the fact that they agree to pregnancy.Theyre just like yeah,sure.我觉得她们很了不起 她们居然会同意怀 她们说 好吧 没问题Ill let someone live inside me for nine months.Nine months!我会让一个人在我体内住九个月 九个月啊People say to me,can you hold this?I say no.Im James Smith.Thank you very much.人们对我说 你能拿着这个吗 我说不行 我是詹姆斯·史密斯 非常感谢201607/453788Imagine a situation where a person has needlessly been injured by another.想象一下,如果一个人毫无理由地被另一个人弄伤了。The injured person is naturally hoping for some help.这个受伤的人自然希望得到一些帮助。Instead, the cruel one who injured that person starts shouting terrible, insulting words.但是恰恰相反,这个冷漠的人还向这个受伤的人大声恐吓,说一些侮辱性的话。Thus, the victim has now been injured both physically and emotionally.结果,受害人身体上和心理上都受到了伤害。It is a kind of double injury, making an aly bad situation become worse.这是一种双重伤害,使本已糟糕的情况变得更糟。Now, to use this expression as an idiom, there has to be a situation in which something bad caused by another person becomes worse because of them.这种表达方式作为一个成语来使用,是指某人在做出糟糕的事后把情况弄得更糟。There need not be any actual physical injury, and no one may actually be speaking insulting words.在这种情况下,不一定造成什么身体伤害,也不一定有什么侮辱性的语言。However, it is clear someone feels injured in some way, and that injury is being increased, not lessened.但是,的确有人因某种方式受到了伤害,而且伤害还加重了,一点没有减少。For example, if a friend breaks your favorite dish, that is a kind of first injury.例如,如果有朋友打翻了你最爱的碗碟,你会感到伤心。If that friend then criticizes you for having cheap, easily broken dishes, that is adding insult to injury.但是如果那个朋友接着讽刺你专买那些便宜的和容易破碎的碗碟,这对你而言可就是雪上加霜了。 /201501/353752

听力参考文本:Michigan Bookmark is a series that features Michigan authors reviewing Michigan books.It would be expected that tales of cheating, addiction, violence, deception and comeuppance would take place in a gotham like Detroit. But Michigan-born author Christine Rice understands that nowhere is karma more swift and secrets more vulnerable than in the tight hive of a small town.;Swarm Theory; is a book of linked short stories that take place in the fictional, rural town of New Canaan, somewhere between Flint and Detroit. If the Biblical name of the town isnt a sign of the retribution to come, the foreboding ;eerie green stillness; of the Midwestern sky certainly is.The opening salvo, ;Atmospheric Disturbances,; follows Astrid Miracal, a teenager whose Lebanese mother and philandering father fill the household with the electric tension of a looming tornado. As Astrids parents are caught in a destructive cyclone of infidelity, Astrid falls into a lifetime of chasing storms.The stories follow Astrid and her friends, a band of luckless misfits, who grow up laboring beneath their parents poor decisions. As the characters develop, so do the links between their lives. One begins to understand how actions beget reactions, and how one life can turn upon the choices of others.In the vein of Flannery OConnor, Rice exposes the darkest aspects of human nature as the children of New Canaan raise themselves and learn hard lessons. More than once, I wanted to holler, ;Where are their mothers?;The answer is that they are largely absent: Mothers pack their bags and disappear. They follow their drug habits. They discover new love. They commit suicide. They become ghosts who haunt their children into adulthood. As Astrid herself realizes, ;This is reality: Hovering in space, unanchored, with no one and nothing to pull us back down.;But all is not lost for the resilient inhabitants of New Caanan, whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Its a place where faith shines only through the defrocked, where a girl finds courage behind the wheel of a Monte Carlo, where a war veterans soul mate is an abused dog, and where a disinherited lovechild has the power to exact justice.What becomes of the hive when the queen no longer reigns? Individuals follow their own instincts and the collective thrives or suffers accordingly.In ;Swarm Theory,; New Canaans children reap the sins of their fathers and the neglect of their mothers. Its a gripping work of Midwest Gothic that is a cautionary tale about ;the choices people made and the staggering blows unleashed in their wake.;Desiree Cooper is a former attorney, Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist and Detroit community activist. Her latest book is called ;Know the Mother.;201606/452095Business: Hospitality Stay with me商业:酒店业,别离开我As online rivals whizz ahead, hotels try to be both big and nimble.眼看网络竞争对手飕飕前进,各酒店力求变得大而灵活。HOTEL companies check out well just now.酒店企业最近表现不错。On May 3rd Hyatt became the latest chain to report sunny results—profits were up by 55% over the same quarter in 2015.5月3日,凯悦成为最新发来喜讯的连锁酒店——其利润率相比2015年同季度增长55%。In America RevPAR (revenue divided by rooms available in a given period) has risen for the past six years, according to STR, a data outfit.据数据机构STR报告,在美国,单间可用房收益(指一定时间内的客房总收入除以可用客房总数)过去六年持续上升。Analysts debate when fortunes will change.分析家们已经开始讨论好运何时会到头的这个问题。America’s market has been buoyed by a temporary mismatch of slow-growing supply and robust demand.美国市场缓慢增长的供给和强劲的需求之间存在着一种暂时性的错位,而美国市场正是靠这点才撑到今天。In the long term, however, the greatest uncertainty is not cyclical, but structural, as online firms change the industry’s shape.但是从长远看来,随着线上公司逐渐改变该行业格局,最大的不确定性不是在于周期,而在于结构。Neither Airbnb, a room-sharing site, nor online travel agents are hotels’ obvious adversaries.不管是空房租赁网站Airbnb,还是网上旅行社都不是实体酒店的显著竞争对手。Big hotel chains subsist on weary business travellers; Airbnb does not.大的连锁酒店主要靠疲惫的商务旅客赚钱,而Airbnb却不是。Yet the growing popularity of the platform, now valued at around billion, means it may siphon more guests from hotels in future.然而这个现在市值250亿美元的住宿预订平台,其日益增长的受欢迎程度意味着其未来可能从酒店吸引走更多客户。Booking sites help hotels but chomp into their margins with fees of up to 25%.预定网站对酒店有一定帮助,但高达25%的中介费却使酒店利润大减。Last year they accounted for nearly one in five bookings in America, up from one in ten in 2006, according to Phocuswright, a research firm.据研究机构Phocuswright报告,在美国,来自网站的房间预订占比从2006的十分之一上涨到去年的近五分之一。In Europe, where the hotel market is more fragmented, online agents account for one in four.在酒店市场较为分散的欧洲,在线中介的比例则达到了四分之一。For hotel firms, one solution is to get bigger.对于酒店集团来说,解决方法之一就是扩大经营规模。After a bidding war with Anbang, a Chinese insurer, Marriott agreed to buy Starwood for more than billion last month.上个月,经历了一场与中国保险公司安邦之间的投标大战后,万豪同意以超过130亿美元的价格收购喜达屋。The result will be a 1.1m room behemoth. Other firms are bulking up, too.这意味着一个拥有110万间客房的巨型企业由此诞生。其他公司也在扩大其规模。Last year saw billion of hotel mergers, according to Dealogic, a research firm—the highest level since 2007.据研究机构Dealogic称,去年酒店企业并购金额达670亿美元,创下自2007年以来的最高记录。Scale will help hotels battle their main competitors: other hotels.巨大的规模将使酒店在与其主要对手(其他酒店)竞争时更具优势。But the recent spate of deals is also a response to challengers online.但最近的并购热潮也是对其网络对手的一种回应。A bigger hotel firm can seek lower fees from online travel agents.酒店公司越大,需要付给网上旅游代理商的钱就可以越少。Investments in technology can be deployed across more rooms.技术上的投资可以用于覆盖更多的房间。And the more hotels a firm manages, the more credibly it can urge travellers to bypass third parties and look for rooms on its own site, as Hilton, InterContinental Hotels and others are doing.并且如果一个企业运营的酒店数目越多,它就越能说旅行者们绕过第三方,直接登录酒店官网预订房间,例如希尔顿,洲际酒店等酒店就是如此。Hotels are also finding new partners or acquiring firms outright.酒店也在需找新的合作伙伴或直接并购整个公司。On April 5th AccorHotels, a French firm, said it would buy onefinestay, an upscale rival to Airbnb.4月5日,法国酒店集团雅高称其将收购“高端版” Airbnb的对手Onefinestay。InterContinental, which was due to hold its annual meeting on May 6th, is partnering with a company called Amadeus to launch a new, cloud-based reservation system that gives more personalised service.本该在5月6日召开年会的洲际酒店却正忙于与一家叫Amadeus的公司联手推出一个全新的云端预订系统以提供更个性化的务。Despite such efforts, it will be difficult for hotel firms to keep up.尽管做出了这些努力,酒店还是很难保持其发展势头。They cannot beat online firms’ reach.网络公司的覆盖面要比他们大得多。Airbnb has more rooms than even the combined Marriott and Starwood; online travel agents’ inventory is broader still.例如,Airbnb所拥有的房间甚至比合并后的Marriot和Starwood都要多,而网上旅游中介的房间存量更多。Expedia’s scale is particularly worrisome for hotel companies.Expedia的规模尤其令酒店企业担忧。Its sites include not just Expedia. com but Travelocity, Hotwire, Hotels. com and Orbitz—an acquisition regulators declined to challenge in September to the dismay of hotel chains.它所拥有的网站不仅仅有Expedia.com还有Travelocity,Hotwire,Hotels.com and Orbitz—监管机构在九月份拒绝提出质疑的这一收购行为使得酒店连锁业倍感沮丧。Less than two months later, Expedia said it would pay .9 billion to buy HomeAway, which helps property owners rent their houses to those who want them for a holiday.一个月多后,Expedia称其将以39亿美元的价格收购HomeAway。HomeAway主要致力于帮助房主出租房屋给那些需要房子度假的人。Matching online firms’ agility will be equally challenging.想要变得像线上公司那样灵活也同样不容易。Airbnb is trying to attract business types by helping them find homes with wireless internet, 24-hour access and a desk.Airbnb正试图通过寻找带有无线网络和办公桌并且能全天候入住的房间,以此吸引商务人士入住。Expedia plans to offer more listings that show hotel rooms beside houses and flats.Expedia还计划提供更多住宿信息,供顾客查询房屋和公寓附近的酒店房间。Such a move could make both Airbnb and hoteliers bristle.该举动可能会使Airbnb和酒店老板们大为恼火。译文属译生译世 /201610/474044

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