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White wine bargains are always rarer than their red counterparts but there are 28 truly fine wines here, from all over the world, listed in ascending order of lowest-known price in the UK.特价白葡萄酒比特价红葡萄酒要少见得多,不过这里我要推荐28款来自世界各地的精品,本推荐中的产品以价格升序排列。Vigné-Lourac, Cuvée Classique 2012 IGP Comté TolosanVigné-Lourac, Cuvée Classique 2012 IGP Comté TolosanBlend of southwest France (Mauzac, Loin de l’Oeil, Muscadelle) and Sauvignon Blanc grapes make an intensely “local” and comfortable wine with a certain smoky perfume and only moderate acidity. 12%采用长相思(Sauvignon Blanc)与法国西南部葡萄品种混酿,包括莫扎克(Mauzac)、千里目(Loin de l’Oeil)和慕斯卡黛勒(Muscadelle)。这款葡萄酒的“地方特色”很强,有令人愉悦的烟熏味道和中等的酸度。酒精度:12%#163;6.95 Great Western可购于:伟西酒业(Great Western)价格:6.95英镑Jér#244;me Choblet, Le Fief Guérin Vieilles Vignes Sur Lie 2012 Muscadet-C#244;tes de GrandlieuJér#244;me Choblet, Le Fief Guérin Vieilles Vignes Sur Lie 2012 Muscadet-C#244;tes de GrandlieuRelatively full-bodied Muscadet but definitely saline and fun. Very juicy and salivatory with real depth of flavour. 2012 was a great Muscadet vintage. 12%一款酒体相对丰满的蜜思嘉黛(Muscadet),但带有咸味,很有趣。口感多汁,香气也有一定的深度。对于蜜思嘉黛来说,2012是一个好年份。酒精度:12%。#163;7.99 Waitrose可购于:维特罗斯酒业(Waitrose)价格:7.99英镑Thymiopoulos Malagousia 2012 NáoussaThymiopoulos Malagousia 2012 NáoussaFull marks to Mamp;S for seeking out a fine example of the Greek Malagousia grape that is responsible for this clean, fragrant wine with an attractive undertow of molten honey and lively vegetation. Very good balance and interest. 12%进口商能够找到这么好的一款由希腊品种马拉格西亚(Malagousia)酿造的葡萄酒,真是值得称赞。这款酒纯净芳香,拥有诱人的蜂蜜和草本新鲜感,非常平衡。酒精度:12%。#163;8.99 Marks and Spencer可购于:玛莎百货(Mamp;S, Marks and Spencer)价格:8.99英镑Miguel Torres, Cordillera Chardonnay 2011 Limarí ValleyMiguel Torres, Cordillera Chardonnay 2011 Limarí ValleyHalf the fruit grown in this new, cool region was fermented in new French oak barrels. With its vaguely stony nose, it tastes more like Chablis than any other European style. Not the utmost in sophistication but great value. 13.5%来自于新兴的凉爽产区,有一半的葡萄汁在全新的法国橡木桶中发酵。这款葡萄酒有一点矿石的味道,更像是夏布利(Chablis)风格,而不是欧洲风格。虽然不是很复杂但是性价比很高。酒精度:13.5%。#163;10.44 Wilks amp; Co可购于:威克斯酒业(Wilks amp; Co)价格:10.44英镑Maison Roche de Bellene, Cuvée Spéciale 2011 BourgogneMaison Roche de Bellene, Cuvée Spéciale 2011 BourgogneMost Bourgogne Blanc comes from M#226;con but this barrel-fermented, keenly priced example, made by Nicolas Potel, is very pure and tastes very C#244;te d’Or. Creditably long. This would make a great house white. 13%大多数勃艮第白葡萄酒(Bourgogne Blanc)来自于马孔(M#226;con)地区,不过这款出自力高宝德(Nicolas Potel)的橡木桶发酵葡萄酒非常纯净,口感有典型的金秋(C#244;te d’Or)风格,尾韵之长也是实至名归。可以作为一款非常棒的酒店特选白葡萄酒(house white)。酒精度:13%。#163;10.95 The Wine Society可购于:酒协佳酿(The Wine Society)价格:10.95英镑André Pigeat 2012 QuincyAndré Pigeat 2012 QuincyQuincy can offer great value compared with its more famous neighbour Sancerre; much older vines too. Amazingly rich nose for a Sauvignon Blanc. Really seriously broad, floral and fun – but sufficiently fresh too. 12.5%坎西(Quincy)产区比相邻的桑赛尔(Sancerre)产区更能够提供高性价比的葡萄酒,葡萄植株的年龄也更大。一款香气非常丰厚的长相思。口味有一定的宽度,充满花香,同时又很新鲜。酒精度:12.5%。#163;11.95 Jeroboams可购于:耶罗伯安酒业(Jeroboams)价格:11.95英镑Ridgeback Chenin Blanc 2012 PaarlRidgeback Chenin Blanc 2012 PaarlMildly nutty nose with some flowers, honey and tension on the palate. No hurry to drink this. It’s unusually easy to see a relationship with Chenin Blanc’s roots in the Loire. Good stuff. 13%柔和的坚果味道中带有一些花香、蜂蜜香,口感有张力,还可以继续陈放。在这款葡萄酒中很容易就能够找到白诗南(Chenin Blanc)在自己故乡卢瓦尔(Loire)所表现出的特色,确实非同寻常。一款很好的葡萄酒。酒精度:13%。#163;11.99 Real Wine Co可购于:真实酒业(Real Wine Co)价格:11.99英镑Dom Lyrarakis, Thrapsathiri 2012 CreteDom Lyrarakis, Thrapsathiri 2012 CreteThrapsathiri is the grape. Some skin contact. Exciting grip on the palate and some refreshing aromas of vegetation. Produced in tiny quantities and offering real substance and interest. Neat finish. 13.5%葡萄品种的名称叫做斯拉普萨斯里(Thrapsathiri)。酿造时进行了一些浸皮处理。有令人兴奋的紧致口感和新鲜的草本香气。产量很小,一款真材实料的葡萄酒。收尾非常干净。酒精度:13.5%。#163;12.95 Berry Bros可购于:贝瑞兄弟(Berry Bros)价格:12.95英镑Finca Vi#241;oa 2012 RibeiroFinca Vi#241;oa 2012 RibeiroSmart, heavy bottle. Made from a blend of four Galician grape varieties – mainly Treixadura. Satisfyingly complete, refreshing and persistent. 13.5%酒瓶漂亮厚重。采用四个加利西亚(Galician)葡萄品种酿造,以特雷萨杜拉(Treixadura)为主。有非常好的完整性、新鲜感和持久度。酒精度:13.5%。#163;13.50 H2Vin可购于:菁华酒业(H2Vin)价格:13.5英镑Dr Bürklin-Wolf, Wachenheimer Riesling trocken 2011 PfalzDr Bürklin-Wolf, Wachenheimer Riesling trocken 2011 PfalzUnusually exuberant for a “village” rather than a single-vineyard wine. Perhaps prolonged biodynamic viticulture has imbued it with some extra zip and flavour. 12.5%属于村庄级而非单一园级别,充满非同寻常的活力。这样的特点可能是来自酒庄持久以来奉行的生物动力学种植法(biodynamic viticulture)。#163;13.50 Tanners可购于:泰纳酒业(Tanners)价格:13.5英镑Dom Vincent Dampt 2012 ChablisDom Vincent Dampt 2012 ChablisVery pale. Quite intense and sculpted. Good apéritif. A fine emissary of the superior 2012 vintage in Chablis. 12.5%颜色非常浅,非常浓郁,是一款很好的餐前酒。很好地体现了夏布利产区2012年份的优势。酒精度:12.5%。#163;13.95 Corney amp; Barrow可购于:科内巴罗(Corney amp; Barrow)价格:13.95英镑Ch#226;teau Roquefort, Roquefortissime 2012 Entre Deux MersCh#226;teau Roquefort, Roquefortissime 2012 Entre Deux MersAn all-Sauvignon dry white bordeaux from a family estate. Excellent price for a creamy wine aged in new French oak barrels. Bright-fruited and seductive. Good balance and aly drinking well with no obvious oak. Green fruit flavours. 13%来自家族式酒庄的长相思单品种葡萄酒。全新法国橡木桶陈酿,拥有奶油质感,性价比非常好。果香明显,非常诱人。有很好的平衡度,现在饮用已经很不错。橡木味道并不突兀,有绿色水果的香气。酒精度:13%。#163;13.99 Waitrose可购于:维特罗斯酒业(Waitrose)价格:13.99英镑 /201312/269610

7aSRDqcaWnm2W|yw,iFbSNBenjamin Franklin once said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Fast forward to today and rising early is still considered a common quality of highly successful people.本杰明#8226;富兰克林曾经说过,“早睡早起使人健康、富有和聪明Uq|wI*.[;p~5。”直至今天,早起仍被视为成功人士的一种常见品质a0*0*UWB2MG1T|!j9。Of course, it#39;s important to note that waking up early shouldn#39;t come at the expense of getting enough sleep: Adequate shuteye is also an important component of success.当然,重要的是要注意,早起不应该是以牺牲充足睡眠为代价:充足的睡眠也是成功的一个重要因素^OZ|s[y9t!z;。We took a look at what some of the world#39;s most successful people -- past and present -- do first-thing when they get up in the morning. Not everyone on the list is an early bird, but they all know how to leverage their mornings to start working on a positive and productive note.我们研究了过去和现在世界上最成功的一些人,他们早上起床后做的第一件事h#o(ci8)4%L;Naq。该表单上不是每个人都早起者,但他们都知道如何利用早晨以便开始积极和富有成效地工作AH^t+8o.hQTpMLn3aSYn。4xRQ^uAU8x!RRs1. Barack ObamaObama is a self-proclaimed night owl -- but he wakes up early to squeeze in a workout before getting in to the office at 8:30 a.m. or 9 a.m.奥巴马自称是夜猫子,但在早上8:30或9点要到办公室之前,他会起的很早来挤出时间锻炼@U~sgaC(z,Vn。;Health is obviously important to Obama,; writes Robert Pagliarini of CBS News. ;So much so that it#39;s the first thing he does in the morning. He doesn#39;t hope to squeeze in a workout if he has time, he ensures he has time by doing it first thing.;“健康对奥巴马很重要,”哥伦比亚广播公司的罗伯特#8226;帕格利瑞尼写道BKWu+%Q(4oC。“所以这是他早上做的第一件事U!DwkE0to|O|%^~f6)[。他不希望他有时间的时候来挤出一点来锻炼,他确保他有时间做这第一件事DdOFnw@#RF1c(F2n。”OQ;kYo-pk+)yg8w^ld1Th7bdAiremjCUZR]mBGh|qZxD24[ /201307/248565

Average-looking men with good manners are among the most trusted, while good-looking men are trusted the least, a new survey suggests.The survey, conducted in Canada and the ed States by public relations firm Ketchum Global Research Network and brand development firm MARC Research, showed that men with good manners are considered more attractive than those without.But only 17 percent of the Canadians surveyed trust good looking men."Canadians and Americans both agree that good manners are critical to getting the attention of a potential love interest," researchers said in a statement."Canadians have an innate distrust of attractive people."The phone survey of 515 Canadians and 515 Americans was conducted on behalf of Canadian Club Whisky, which is owned by Illinois-based Beam Global Spirits amp; Wine Inc and part of Fortune Brands Inc.The survey showed that Canadians care less than Americans about making money.Fifty percent of the Americans polled said they would be willing to shift to a seven-day work week for a wage increase, but only 36 percent of Canadians would do the same. 一项调查表明,长相普通但彬彬有礼的男士被认为最可靠,而长得较帅的男士则被认为最不可信。这项调查由凯旋全球调查网络公关公司和“MARC调查”品牌发展公司在加拿大和美国开展。调查表明,在很多人看来,彬彬有礼的男性比那些不懂礼貌的男性更具魅力。仅有17%的加拿大受访者认为长得帅的男性能靠得住。调查人员在一份声明中说:“加拿大和美国的受访者都认为,彬彬有礼的男士更易吸引异性的目光。”“加拿大人对于‘帅哥’似乎存在固有的不信任感。”该调查受“加拿大俱乐部威士忌”的委托,分别对加拿大和美国的各515名受访者进行了电话访问。“加拿大俱乐部威士忌”隶属位于美国伊利诺斯州的Beam Global酒业集团,是“财富品牌”集团旗下的一个品牌。此外,调查显示,与美国人相比,加拿大人不是很在乎挣钱多少。美国50%的受访者称,他们愿意一周工作七天以获取更高的薪水,但仅有36%的加拿大人愿意这样做。 /200804/36982

I was at my brother's house this week with his 2 kids and I noticed something disturbing. 90% of what this family eats comes from a box or a restaurant. There's nothing wrong with convenience per se, but it seems so unnecessary, expensive and simply unhealthy.In 15 minutes per week, you could prepare most of these things at half the cost. Making them yourself also allows you near-total control of what you and your children eat. Have you ever looked at the sodium content of snacks out there today? Kids get 3 times the recommended daily allowance of sodium before noon!The true cost of packing up these snacks yourself seems to be in the time and effort, which many people treat like a very precious commodity. If you can spare a few minutes each day in an effort to push some healthy foods down your kids throats, you can be on your way to saving money at the grocery store and at the doctor's office as little Johnny becomes healthier.Here are 5 easy ways that you can get moving in the right direction and I challenge you to open your pantry or cabinets and identify other ways you can whip up some Do-it-Yourself magic and come up with healthy alternatives to your snacks.Kids SnacksI've priced it out and buying a tub of pretzels and parceling them into snack bags is literally 3 times cheaper than buying the individual bags. No coupon in the world will save you what 20 minutes will.If that weren't enough of an incentive, this also allows you to customize your kids snacks too. Make Chex Mix without the sugar, take the raisins out of the trail mix since your kid doesn't eat them, etc. Perhaps the best part is these snacks last just as long when you pack them up yourself as they do in their individual packs.Rice Crispy TreatsYes I know pre-made rice crispy bars are awesome and while no one eats them for their health benefits, have you looked at sodium content? Wow.If you make them yourself and keep them in Ziploc bags, they taste better, last just as long, and have much less sodium. As a bonus you can substitute brown puffed rice so you actually get a little fiber.Microwave PopcornRegular microwave popcorn costs about a bag. Bulk popcorn costs about a nickel a bag. There isn't even a choice here. All you have to do is drop a 1/4 cup of kernels in a paper bag with 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Then staple the bag shut and microwave it just the same as you would any other bag of popcorn (no, the staples will not cause sparks if your microwave was built after 1986). Cheap, fast, and 0 cholesterol or artificial flavors.Fruit CupTupperware and similar sealed container companies have been striding forward at a remarkable pace; especially in the area of smaller containers. There's no reason you have to buy pre-fab fruit cups anymore. Dicing your own fruit means your kid isn't drinking down the high fructose syrup that most fruit is packed in.DIY fruit cups last about a week so you can do up a batch Sunday night and you're good for school. If you're using apples or some fruit that browns, just sprinkle in a little lime juice.YogurtHave you seen how much sugar is in yogurt these days? My nephew's literally, I'm not making this up, had Mamp;Ms in it. I found that interesting since my sister-in-law is one of those semi-self-righteous moms who would never let her kid eat a candy bar.The same little Tupperware that worked for fruit cups can be filled from a tub of vanilla yogurt with the exact amount of fresh fruit, jam and honey you want your kid to eat (yogurt, strawberries and honey is the best thing ever). If not, you may as well give the kid a candy bar - the sugar levels are nearly the same!Packing your own food for your family has a ton of advantages. It's cheaper, healthier and it gives you total control over what you eat. As I showed here, it's also pretty easy. A hidden value to all of this is that your kids will actually see what you're doing and learn healthy habits early in life.If everything they eat comes shrink-wrapped, zip-topped and in individually wrapped portions, how will they ever learn to cook for themselves? How will they even understand the concept? 这星期在我哥哥家里,和他两个孩子在一起的时候,我发现了一件令人担心的事情。他们家吃的东西,90%不是包装食品,就是餐馆的外卖。没错,这很方便,但我觉得很没有必要,而且也很贵,还很不健康。每星期,你只要花上15分钟,就能够用一半的价钱做好平时所吃的大部分食物。自己做,还能让你基本掌控你和孩子们的饮食。你注意到今天孩子所吃快餐的钠含量了吗?孩子们一个上午的钠摄入量就已是专家建议的三倍。自己动手做这些吃的只需花费你一点点时间和精力,但很多人却惜之如金。如果你每天能花上几分钟,让你的孩子吃上些健康的食品,那你就省了买药看病的钱,小强尼也能变得更健康了。以下五个简单方法能帮助你朝正确方向转变。我也持你大胆动手,打开橱柜,看你自己是否也能弄出一些取代快餐的健康食品来。孩子的零食我算过,买一桶椒盐卷饼,再把它们分袋装要比单独一袋袋买便宜3倍。也就是说,20分钟的功夫能比任何优惠券都省钱。如果这还不够吸引人,那么请想想,它还能帮你管理你孩子的零食。比如,你可以做不含糖的Chex Mix玉米片,还能把Trail Mix什锦杂果里的葡萄干都挑出来,反正你的孩子也不喜欢吃…..也许,最大的好处是,如果你自己把它们装起来,它们能和在单独成品包装里保存的时间一样长。全谷物小点心我知道商店里卖的小米棒味道很棒,也知道没有几个人吃它是出于健康原因。但你了解过这里面的钠含量吗?如果你知道了,肯定会大吃一惊。如果你能自己动手,并把做好的小米棒放在密封袋里,那它们不仅更好吃,而且保存时间一样长,并且钠含量还能少很多。还有一个好处就是,它能代替食用膨松糙米,能让你获得少许纤维的补充。微波爆米花通常,微波爆米花的售价是1美元1袋。大批量购买的话,价格还可降到5美分一袋。在这件事情上,你几乎没什么选择。你所要做的就是把1/4杯的谷物装入一个纸袋,再放入1/4勺的盐和两勺橄榄油。用订书机把袋口钉紧后,放入微波炉里去微波,就像你平时用微波炉来做其他爆米花一样。(不用担心,如果你的微波炉是1986年以后生产的,订书钉就不会引起火花)。这样做出来的爆米花,不仅便宜、快速,还没有胆固醇和其他人工人造香味添加剂。什锦水果特百惠和其他密封容器制造商又有了长足进步,尤其是在更小容器方面。利用这些容器,你就没必要去买现成的什锦水果。自己切水果能让孩子不喝下太多的果糖。自己动手做的什锦水果能保存一个星期。你能周日晚上做一批,然后周一孩子上学就有得吃了。如果你是用苹果或其他变褐色了的水果,那你只需在里边撒上一些酸橙汁就行了。酸奶你知道时下的酸奶所含糖分有多少吗?不夸张地说,我侄子喝的酸奶里所含的糖跟牛奶巧克力豆里含的差不多。而有趣的是,我嫂子是那种半自以为是的人,从不让她的孩子吃一根糖果棒。你同样可以用特百惠的密封盒来做一些酸奶。先往里面倒入一些香草酸奶,然后再放入等量的新鲜水果、果酱。如果你愿意的话,还可以加入一些蜂蜜。(酸奶、草莓、蜂蜜是最好的东西)。如果你不打算自己动手做这样的酸奶的话,那你就完全可以给孩子吃糖果棒了,因为它里面含的糖分跟普通酸奶差不了多少。自己给家人做吃的有许多好处。不仅更健康、更便宜,也能让你很好地掌握你的饮食。如上所述,这做起来也很容易。还有一个你看不到的好处就是,看到你做这些,孩子可以从小养成健康生活的习惯。如果他们吃的都是薄膜包装好的、或密封罐内的现成的食品,他们又怎么会知道自己做饭呢,更不要说理解健康饮食的概念了。 /200808/45584

Nearly 50% of Americans wear corrective glasses, according to the trade group Vision Council. And most of them are guilty of the biggest crime in lens care: Exhaling onto their lenses, then wiping the fog off with their shirt sleeves. But does this really damage your lenses? Teri Geist, an optometrist in Omaha, Neb., and chairwoman for the American Optometric Association, weighs in.行业组织VisionCouncil提供的数据显示,接近50%的美国人佩戴用于矫正视力的眼镜。他们中的大多数人在眼镜护理过程中都犯过一个最严重的错误:对着镜片哈一口气,然后用衬衫袖子把镜片上的雾擦掉。这真的会对镜片造成损害吗?美国验光学会主席、内布拉斯加州奥马哈市的验光师盖斯特(Teri Geist)对此进行了实验。Simple Solution简单方法Though there are countless products on the market claiming to wipe streaks away, the AOA recommends the most basic of options: kitchen-sink soap. The best way to clean your glasses, says Dr. Geist, is to run them under warm water and put a tiny drop of dishwashing detergent on the tip of your fingers to create a lather on the lens. Then rinse with warm water, and dry with a clean, soft cotton cloth.尽管市场上有无数产品声称可以擦掉眼镜镜片上的污痕,但美国验光学会(American Optometric Association)推荐的是最基本的选择:厨房洗洁精。美国验光学会主席盖斯特(Teri Geist)称,清洁眼镜的最佳方式是将其在温水下冲洗,在指尖滴一小滴洗洁精,在镜片上打出泡沫,然后用温水洗净,并用干净柔软的棉布擦干。#39;Everyone uses their shirt cloth─worst thing!#39; she says. #39;Your shirttail almost certainly carries dust, and that has the potential of scratching your lens.#39;她说:“很多人都用他们的衬衫下摆擦眼镜──这是最糟糕的做法!你的衬衣下摆几乎肯定沾有尘土,这可能会刮坏镜片。”Glass vs. Plastic玻璃镜片与树脂镜片Of the 69.1 million Americans who bought prescription spectacles last year, most purchased plastic lenses; glass has gone out of fashion as safety concerns have arisen. Unlike that hard surface, plastic is soft and can scratch easily.去年,6,910万美国人购买了处方眼镜,其中多数都是树脂镜片;由于对安全的担忧上升,玻璃镜片已经过时。与玻璃镜片坚硬的表面不同,树脂镜片柔软而且容易被刮坏。Once lenses are scraped up, #39;there is no way to buff that scratch out,#39; says Dr. Geist. Attempting to clean glasses when dry only exacerbates the problem, since a wet surface is slicker than a dry one. #39;People breathe on their glasses then grab a Kleenex or paper towel or napkin because they#39;re convenient, but the rough fibers that they#39;re comprised of might leave debris behind,#39; Dr. Geist says. She adds that special microfiber cloths are good for dry touch-ups during the day, but aren#39;t a stand-in for a thorough, soapy cleaning. Neither is your breath.盖斯特士说,一旦镜片有了刮痕,“就没有办法除去”。在镜片干燥时擦眼镜只会加剧问题,因为湿润的表面会比干燥的表面光滑一些。盖斯特士说:“人们在镜片上哈气,然后顺手抓起一张餐巾纸去擦眼镜,但构成餐巾纸的粗糙纤维可能会在镜片上留下碎屑。”她补充说,特殊的超细纤维布适于干擦镜片,但它不能替代彻底的皂液清洁方法。你的哈气也不行。Reflecting on the Problem涂层问题Lenses typically have some form of protective coating and should never come into contact with ammonia, bleach, vinegar or window cleaner. #39;Those chemicals can break down the coating or just strip them,#39; says Dr. Geist. #39;You know those bubbles you sometimes see on your lens? Those are caused by #39;cleansing#39; solutions.#39; Avoid the problem by requesting anti-glare and UV coatings that are embedded within the lens, which can cost about 0 more than regular-coated lenses.镜片通常有某种形式的防护涂层,因此不应接触氨、漂白剂、醋和窗户清洁剂。盖斯特士说:“这些化学物质会破坏或者洗掉涂层。你知道有时在镜片上看到的泡泡印是怎么回事吗?那就是用‘清洁剂’导致的。”要求在镜片中加入防眩光和紫外线涂层可以避免这个问题,这种镜片的价格比普通涂层镜片高出约100美元。Clean Lines清洁产品Natural oils from your hands, eyelashes and face can lead to a lot of buildup each day, reducing lenses#39; effectiveness. Leaving spectacles on a sink or vanity, where hair spray and perfume can fly through the air, adds to the residue. The AOA recommends washing glasses every morning, paying special attention to the frames and earpieces, where hair product and makeup tend to rub off. Whatever you do, don#39;t use the most handy form of water to clean your lenses. #39;Some people use spit, but don#39;t,#39; urges Dr. Geist. Though dirty glasses won#39;t cause an eye infection, saliva #39;is not the best hygiene method, and it just won#39;t work very well,#39; she says. Soap, warm water and a dry cloth are all you need, once a day, to keep glasses optimally clean and functional. #39;I have had patients who say they can#39;t see well, but it turns out it is just the scratches,#39; says Dr. Geist.手、睫毛和面部每天产生的天然油脂可能大量堆积在镜片上,降低镜片的透光性。将眼镜放在水池或卫生间台面等可能残留发胶和香水飞沫的地方会增加残留物。美国验光学会建议每天早上清洗眼镜,尤其应该注意镜框和镜脚等容易擦到护发品和化妆品的地方。无论你做什么,都不要用最现成的“水”来清洁镜片。盖斯特士说:“有些人用唾液,可千万别这么做。”尽管脏镜片不会导致眼部感染,但唾液“不是最卫生的方法,而且它的效果也不好”。你只需要每天用皂液、温水和一块干布,即可保持眼镜清洁好用。盖斯特士说:“我的患者中,有些人说他们看不清,结果只是镜片上有划痕。” /201303/228451

No one’s gonna argue about the importance of a good night’s sleep but I have to raise an eyebrow when I see someone selling a ,500 alarm clock that claims to give you a better sleep but isn’t covered in valuable gemstones. The NightCove from Zyken uses a combination of specially engineered lighting and sounds that not only help you fall asleep and wake up more naturally but also seems to encourage the body’s phases of light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.The colored lighting apparently helps influence the brain’s production of melatonin which is linked to the body’s transitions between feeling awake and feeling sleepy. So when you use a regular light bulb for ing before bed you can throw off the levels of melatonin which in turn makes it harder to fall asleep. The lighting in the NightCove however is specially tuned to keep things in balance which should make it easier to drift off when you’re y. In the morning it then wakes you up gradually with a combination of blue and white lights to ensure you feel awake instead of wanting to hit the snooze button. 相信没有人会对一夜好眠的重要性有所争议,那么一种宣称能让你睡个好觉的标价2500美元却没有镶嵌宝石的闹钟呢?一家法国公司Zyken推出了一款名为“睡湾”的睡眠灯,它综合了光效和音效作用,不仅能使你入睡和醒来得更自然, 还能让轻度睡眠、深度睡眠及眼球快动睡眠各阶段更加协调。很显然,色照明会影响大脑褪黑激素的分泌,而褪黑激素与身体的觉醒和渴睡阶段的过渡有联系。如果你睡前阅读用的是普通灯泡,褪黑激素的分泌被扰乱,你就会比较难以入睡。而“睡湾”的灯光设计就是保持事物的平衡,使你在需要的时候容易慢慢入睡,然后在早上用蓝白光逐渐唤醒你,而不是让你骤然醒来,却仍是迷迷糊糊的想睡。 /200805/39975

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