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重庆星辰做整形的费用重庆市星宸整形整形美容多少钱It#39;s reassuring to know even one of the most recognisable women in the world does embarrassing things in public. 即使全世界最知名的女性也会在公共场合做令人难堪的事,了解这一点我们会感到些许宽慰。Witness Courtney Cox having an obvious, stonking row with her fiancé outside a packed West London restaurant this week. 本周,有人看到柯特妮#8226;考克斯在伦敦西部一家喧闹的餐厅外,与她未婚夫大吵了一架。Whether you were mortified for her (What did he do to provoke her into making a scene?) or him (How mortifying to have Monica shouting at you in public!), the end result is the same: mutual humiliation. 不论你是否会为她(他做了什么会激怒她当众做出令人难堪的事?)或他(被莫妮卡当众大骂多么令人羞耻)感到羞耻,但最后的结果都是相同的:双方共同的耻辱。Spousal embarrassment is something every couple experiences at some point - and it#39;s never pleasant. 每对情侣都曾在某一时刻因对方而感到难堪——这种经历向来令人不快。Our partners represent us: they#39;re not like family (who you can#39;t choose) or friends (who you can but somehow aren#39;t as personal a reflection of ourselves). |我们的伴侣代表了我们:他们既不像家人(你不能选择)也不像朋友(你可以选择,但朋友并不能反映我们自身)。If our partners make a fool of themselves, we look bad because we#39;re judged by the company we keep. 如果我们的伴侣做了蠢事,我们面子上也挂不住,因为别人会通过我们的伴侣判断我们的为人。How many of the following is YOUR partner guilty of - or, dare I say it, you!下面提到的这20件事,你的伴侣做过几件?老实说,你又做过几件?THE TOP 20 THINGS OUR PARTNER#39;S DO TO EMBARRASS US IN PUBLIC 情侣在公共场合做的20件最令对方难堪的事1. Arguing 1.吵架Whether you#39;re the one raising your voice and making angry hand gestures (Courtney Cox style) or on the receiving end (Johnny McDaid), having a row where others can see or hear us, is high on most people#39;s #39;Please No#39; list. 无论你是提高了嗓门,作出了生气的手势(柯特妮#8226;考克斯式的)还是当了受气包(约翰尼#8226;麦克达德式的),在他人能看到或听到的地方吵架,是大部分人最不愿发生的事。2. Spilling secrets 2.泄露秘密Letting your less-well-off friends know exactly how much you spent on your house/sofa/bag; telling your boss how you frequently stay up late binging on box sets; 告诉手头更不宽裕的朋友你花多少钱买了房子/沙发/包包;告诉你的老板你经常熬夜听套装唱片;how you pick your toenails when you#39;re sitting on the sofa or revealing dark secrets from your past. 告诉别人你坐在沙发上剪脚趾甲的丑样,或者揭露你的黑历史。3. Giving intimate details of your sex life 3.讲述性生活的细节What you get up to, how often you have it (particularly galling if it#39;s not impressive). |谈论性生活状况以及频率(尤其是当事情并不美妙时特别尴尬)4. Political rants 4.大声争论政治新闻Something most of us can relate to post-Brexit. 我们大都能联想到英国脱欧。It#39;s one thing having a lively debate, quite another pointing fingers, going red in the face and refusing to let others change the subject. 一场政治事件引起激烈讨论,用手指着对方,由于激动脸色变红,而且不让别人改变话题。5. Swearing 5.说脏话We#39;ve all let off the odd #39;F-bomb#39; but a partner who does that (or worse) every sentence, when you#39;re out with your parents and their friends, isn#39;t endearing. 偶尔说句脏话,我们都可以接受,但当你和父母以及他们的朋友一起外出时,你的伴侣每句话都带脏字(甚至更糟),这确实让人讨厌。 /201608/463064重庆星辰医学是正规的 New shoots and first blooms are nature#39;s signal that spring has arrived - even if warmer weather hasn#39;t made an appearance.  新生的嫩芽和初绽的花朵是大自然的信号,预示着春天已经到来——即使更温暖的天气还没有出现。  As these vibrant photographs show, cherry blossom trees are set to create glorious floral displays around the world.  从这些充满生机的照片中,我们可以看出全世界的樱花树都会营造出美伦美奂的花景。  These stunning images, taken in Japan and in South Korea, show their picturesque landscapes being transformed into a sea of pink as cherry trees bloom.  这些惊艳的美图摄于日本和韩国,盛开的樱花把这两个风景如画的国家变成了粉红的花海。  Japan has celebrations for cherry blossoms every year from about the end of March to the beginning of April.  日本每年三月底到四月初都会庆祝樱花盛开。  Yoshiki Fujiwara, a photographer based in Japan, has travelled to different parts of the country, including Kyoto, Kansai and Honshu, to capture the cherry blossom in 2015.  藤原喜章(Yoshiki Fujiwara)是一位日本摄影师,他曾在2015年到京都、关西和本州等不同地区拍摄樱花。  Some of his images showed the surreal landscape covered in pink while in others, the bright flowers arenestled amongst forest green trees.  他的作品有的展示了大地一片粉红的超现实美景,有的则是鲜艳的花朵静栖于绿色的树林之中。 /201604/435510重庆市星辰整形是公立

重庆星宸皮肤有没有微信咨询The super strong El Nino officially came to an end in May. But the lingering effects of El Nino will continue to cause larger rainfall and the possibility of severe flooding in China#39;s coastal regions remains, warned Zhou Bing, chief engineer of the National Climate Center.超强厄尔尼诺事件已于5月正式结束,不过国家气候中心首席工程师周兵提醒,厄尔尼诺的残余影响仍将导致降水增多,我国沿海地区发生严重洪涝灾害的可能性依然存在。The provinces of Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi may have 50 to 80 percent more rainfall than the same period in recent years, the national meteorological authority said.中国气象局预计,湖北、湖南和江西省的降水量或比近年同期偏多5-8成。After the strong El Nino, China may see the coming of La Nina, El Nino#39;s opposite phenomenon. Together with global warming, rising sea levels may exacerbate the impact of flooding and storm surges, Zhou said.周兵表示,强厄尔尼诺过后,中国或许将迎来与厄尔尼诺相反的拉尼娜现象。全球变暖和海平面的上升可能会加重洪水和风暴潮致灾程度。Both the El Nino and La Nina phenomena are related to abnormal ocean currents and temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific, leading to global changes of temperatures and rainfall.厄尔尼诺和拉尼娜现象都是与中东和太平洋地区的洋流、气温异常有关的,这导致了全球气温和降水出现了变化。;We need to make full preparation for the extreme weather conditions like flood, drought and heat, due to the lingering impact of El Nino and coming of La Nina,; said Zhou.周兵表示:“由于厄尔尼诺的残余影响和妮娜的到来,我们要对如洪水,干旱和炎热等极端天气做好准备。”In 1998, the southern regions experienced devastating flooding after El Nino that caused heavy casualties and economic losses.1998年,在厄尔尼诺现象之后,南方地区经历了毁灭性的洪水灾害,该灾害造成了大量人员伤亡和经济损失。 /201606/449863重庆星辰美容是正规吗? 重庆星辰医学美容医院电话号码

重庆重医附二院多久了?正规吗Traveling makes us feel sick because modern transport tricks the brain into thinking we have been poisoned, a neuroscientist has said.一位神经系统科学家表示,现代交通工具会诱导大脑认为我们已经中毒,所以旅行常常使我们感到不舒。Being in a car, train, boat or plane causes conflicting signals in the brain which trigger a reaction similar to that which occurs when someone is poisoned.乘坐汽车、火车、船舶或飞机的体验会在大脑中形成相互矛盾的信号,这会引发和人们中毒时相似的反应。Dr Dean Burnett, of Cardiff University, said the feeling of nausea is caused because the brain thinks the body needs to remove a toxin through vomiting.卡迪夫大学的迪安#8226;伯内特士称,大脑认为人体需要通过呕吐排毒,于是便造成了这种恶心感。But in fact, the #39;poisoning#39; effect is caused by the mixed messages from the muscles – which tell the brain the body is motionless – and the ears, which sense movement.但事实上,这种“中毒”效应是由肌肉中的混合信息所引发的,肌肉向大脑传达身体静止的信息,而耳朵却察觉到身体在运动。Speaking on the US radio show Fresh Air, Dr Burnett said that the body had not yet evolved to cope with the sensation of being in vehicles, where the body is being moved without performing movements itself.伯内特士在美国广播电台节目《新鲜空气》中表示,在交通工具中人们的身体在被移动,而本身却未执行任何行动,人体还未进化到能够适应这种感觉。He said: #39;When we#39;re in a vehicle like a car or a train or a ship especially, you#39;re not actually physically moving... Your muscles are saying #39;we are stationary#39;.他说:“当我们乘坐尤其是汽车、火车或是轮船这样的交通工具时,你的身体事实上没有在运动,因此你的肌肉也认为‘我们是静止的’。”#39;If you are sitting in a ship, you#39;re looking at a static environment, so there#39;s no information for the eyes to say #39;we are moving#39;.“如果你坐在船上,你是看着一个静态的环境,因此并没有传递给眼睛‘我们正在运动’的信息。#39;But the fluids in your ears, they obey the laws of physics. And they are sort of rocking around and sloshing because you are actually moving.“但是你耳朵里的液体遵循物理定律,你确实在移动,因此它们四处摇摆、晃动。#39;So what#39;s happening there is the brain#39;s getting mixed messages. It#39;s getting signals from the muscles and the eyes saying ;we are still; and signals from the balance sensors saying #39;we#39;re in motion#39;. “所以问题就是大脑得到了混合信息。肌肉和眼睛告诉它‘我们是静止的’,而从平衡感知器官传来的信号又说‘我们在运动’。Both of these cannot be correct. There#39;s a sensory mismatch there.这两者不可能同时正确,所以知觉就不相匹配。#39;And in evolutionary terms, the only thing that can cause a sensory mismatch like that is a neurotoxin or poison. So the brain thinks, essentially, it#39;s been being poisoned.“从进化角度来看,唯一能够引起感知矛盾的就是神经毒素或中毒,因此大脑判断其根源在于中毒了。#39;When it#39;s been poisoned, the first thing it does is get rid of the poison, aka throwing up.#39;“当中毒的时候,首先要做的就是排毒,也就是呕吐。”He explained that ing in a car made the sensation of travel sickness worse, because the eyes were focused on a small, static space and gave the brain no information to explain that the body was moving.他进一步解释,在车上阅读会恶化晕车的症状,因为眼睛始终盯着一块小而静止的空间,让大脑无从解释为什么感到身体正在移动。The feeling of sickness could be relieved by looking out of a car window because this showed the brain movement was taking place.看车窗外却能够缓解晕车的感觉,因为这告诉大脑人体正在运动当中。#39;You can see the passage and movement itself, so that balances the system,#39; he said.他说:“你可以亲眼目睹过道以及移动本身,这也就让系统得到了平衡。”#39;The brain#39;s going: #39;Oh, look, things moving - I must be moving#39; - and then sort of calms down the sickness response.#39;“大脑这样思考:‘噢,看,物体在运动,我也一定在运动’——这也就在某种程度上缓解了晕车的反应。”Dr Burnett, who was discussing his new book #39;Idiot Brain: what your head is really up to#39;, said brain systems became more refined and efficient as people aged but that children were more susceptible to travel sickness because their brains were still developing.伯内特士在新书《愚蠢的大脑:你的头究竟怎么了》中说道,随着人们岁数的增大,脑部系统变得越来越精炼和高效,而孩子们更容易晕车,因为他们的大脑仍在发育当中。He said there was no clear reason why some people suffered from travel sickness more than others, calling it a #39;quirk of development#39;.他表示,现在还无法清楚地解释为什么有些人比别人更容易晕车,他将其命名为“发育中的怪异现象”。But he said there were several other aspects of modern life with which the brain had not yet evolved to cope.但他同时声称,大脑进化至今还未能适应现代生活中的好多其他方面。For example, jet-lag was the brain#39;s response to being disorientated by being moved between time zones with different levels of daylight, he said.他说,举例来说,时差综合症是人体穿梭于不同时区不同白昼时,大脑因感到迷乱而产生的反应。 /201608/463370 Others around you, particularly family members, might be rather quiet today. It could seem as if everyone is running around like crazy, but not sharing what is on their mind. You#39;ll just have to trust your intuition, when you need to know what they#39;re up to. Writing could come from deep within, whether it be letters, poetry or novels - allowing you to express a side of yourself you aren#39;t often in touch with. Use this spiritual gift and dig deeper!你身边的人,尤其是家人,今天可能会特别安静。就好像每个人都在疯狂的东奔西跑,但却不说出自己的想法。当你需要知道他们是怎么想的时候,你必须要相信自己的直觉。内心深处可能会想要写作,不管是写信、写诗还是写小说--写作能使你表达自己不常见的一面。好好利用这一精神礼物,并深入挖掘吧!Your well being horoscope幸福运势After the emotional havoc you went through over the last few weeks, the period beginning today will be quite soothing. You can take advantage of these smoother to rediscover inner emotional harmony and improve the balance of your energy flows. Moreover, if your physical health is not quite up to snuff, the weeks ahead should give you a chance to rest and recuperate.过去几周你在情感上经历了大的波折,从今天开始你的情感会十分平定。你可以利用这些平静的事物去重新发现内心的情感和谐,促使体内气流的平衡。而且,如果你感觉身体不是很舒,那么接下来的几周你就有休养生息的机会了。Your love horoscope爱情运势A close friend or love partner could propose an impromptu trip, and you might just decide to go. You#39;re likely to be feeling restless and anxious for adventure, and may have been considering several options - but your friend#39;s idea is likely to be the most appealing! If this is a foreign trip, you might want to take time to study the language of the place you#39;ll be visiting. You#39;ll be surprised at how quickly you#39;ll learn it!你的密友或者另一半可能会提议来一场说走就走的旅行,你可能会决定加入。对于这场旅行冒险,你可能会觉得不安焦虑,也可能想出了很多选项--但是你朋友的想法很可能是最具吸引力的!如果是出国游,你就需要花点时间去学习目的地的语言。你学习语言的速度快到令你自己都感到惊讶!Your career horoscope事业运势The atmosphere over the last few days didn#39;t really suit you, and it may have been a fairly difficult period for you. The large amount of stress on your career made you a lot less productive than usual, but now the storm has passed, and this period of calm will allow you to get down to work. Your day today will be conducive with the kind of concentration you#39;ve needed to make up for all that lost time...过去几天的气氛真的不适合你,很可能对你来说那是一段煎熬的时光。工作中的大量压力使你没有平常那么多产,但现在风暴已经过去,这段平静的时光能让你重新开始工作。今天你很容易集中,而你也一直需要集中注意以弥补之前逝去的时光。译文属 /201607/456825重庆星辰皮肤是正规的重庆星辰整形在哪



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