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重庆三峡中心医院儿童分院医术信得过?重庆星宸整形医院地址电话Chinas greenhouse gas emissions are likely to peak by 2030 or perhaps earlier, taking into account the needs of industrialization and urbanization, the countrys special representative on climate change said on Monday.中国气候变化事务特别代表在周一表示,考虑到工业化、城市化发展的需要,中国温室气体排放量可能在2030年或更早到达峰值;It is reasonable for China to set the peak target for around 2030 and we will try our best to achieve it a bit earlier,; said Xie Zhenhua, who also serves as a national political adviser.担任国家政治顾问的解振华表示:“将峰值设置在大约2030年,这对中国来说是合理的,我们也将竭尽全力更早实现这一点。”China appeared to hit a carbon dioxide emissions peak in 2014, and the level then fell in 2015, according to a study by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics, according to a report from Reuters.据路透社报道,根据伦敦政治经济学院的格兰瑟姆气候变化与环境研究所的一项报告显示,中国的碳排放可能已在2014年达到峰值。But Xie said he has noted that several agencies have recently issued reports concluding that the global emission of carbon dioxide has stopped growing because of a weak world economy and efforts taken by many countries in 2015, and that China was a major factor.但是解振华表示,他已经注意到了,一些机构最近发布报告总结称,全球碳排放量已经停止增长是由于在2015年许多国家做出了相应的努力以及世界经济的疲软,并且称中国是主要因素,;But we did not reach the peak in 2014,; Xie said at a news conference of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference on Monday.解振华在周一召开的中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会的新闻发布会上表示:“但是中国在2014年并没有达到峰值。”China plans to complete that industrialization by 2020 and its urbanization drive, and population growth are both likely to be stable by around 2030, he said.他说道,中国计划020年完成工业化,在大约2030年使得城市化驱动和人口增长实现稳定发展。To achieve the peak as planned, China has taken a series of steps to slow down the growth of emissions. China will continue to increase energy efficiency, develop non-fossil fuels, expand forests and adjust its industrial structure.为了实现峰值目标,中国已经采取了一系列措施来减缓排放增长速度。中国还将继续提高能源利用率,发展非化石燃料,扩大森林面积,调整产业结构。来 /201603/430680广安妇幼保健院在哪 Russian media say the government plans to cut the amount of money it spends on the International Space Station during the next decade.俄罗斯媒体报道说,俄罗斯政府计划削减在未0年内用于国际空间站的开。The Izvestiya daily reports the latest budget drafts for 2016-25 include about .3 billion in spending on the station, or about 0 million a year. That is a 10 percent reduction from a previous draft in April.俄罗斯《新闻报》报道,俄罗016-25年的预算草案包括大约三十三亿美元用于空间站,平均一年大约三亿三千万美元,比去年4月草案中拨款少了百分之十。Russias space agency is one of five that works together to operate the station with a rotating crew of astronauts that conduct experiments. Russia plays a key role in transporting the crew to and from the station, since the ed States retired its fleet of vehicles to send astronauts into space.俄罗斯宇航局是运营国际空间站的五个机构之一。国际空间站有来自不同国家的宇航员轮流到那里进行科学试验。美国接送宇航员所用的航天飞机退役后,俄罗斯发挥了在地球与空间站之间接送宇航员的重要作用。The ed States has funded the largest portion of the stations budget since it launched in 1998 and currently spends about billion a year on the project.国际空间998年发射升空以来,美国对空间站预算的贡献最大,每年拨款0亿美元。来 /201601/422205Has Donald Trump finally gone too far? So many people have asserted this so often in the past, with so little ensuing decline in his popularity, that the claim would seem to lack any hope of plausibility.唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)是不是终于做得太过火了?过去那么多人经常主张这一点,却几乎不会导致他的人气出现些许下滑,以至于这种主张似乎没有希望取信于人。Yet there is reason to believe that Mr Trump really has gone too far and that this time even he realises it.不过,现在有理由相信特朗普确实太出格了,并且这一次他也认识到了。Future historians may trace his demise to the 12-minute tirade he delivered at a campaign rally in San Diego. That happens to be where a class-action lawsuit by unhappy graduates of the now-defunct Trump University is being heard. Mr Trump accused Gonzalo Curiel, the judge presiding over the litigation, of being “a hater of Donald Trump noting that the judge “happens to be, we believe, Mexican Mr Trump went on to describe the case as a “scam the federal court as a “rigged system and Judge Curiel as “totally biasedand a “total disgrace Challenged to explain himself later, Mr Trump responded, “I’m building a wall. It’s an inherent conflict of interest.”未来的历史学家在研究特朗普的失败时或许会追溯到他在圣地亚哥竞选集会上发表的为2分钟的长篇大论。现已关张的特朗普大Trump University)不满的毕业生发起的集体诉讼恰好在该地审理。特朗普指责审理此案的法官贡萨洛#8226;库列Gonzalo Curiel)是“唐纳德#8226;特朗普的仇恨者”,并指出这名法官“恰好是墨西哥裔”。特朗普进一步形容该案是一场“骗局”,联邦法庭是“人为操纵的系统”,库列尔法官“充满偏见”、完全是“耻辱”。后来特朗普被要求进行解释,他回应称,“我想要建造一面墙。这是固有的利益冲突。”The response inside the Republican party has resembled what happens when you turn the lights on in a kitchen infested with cockroaches. Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House of Representatives, who finally endorsed Mr Trump just after his San Diego diatribe, called the remarks “the textbook definition of a racist comment Mark Kirk, the Republican senator from Illinois, withdrew his previous endorsement. Even Newt Gingrich, one of Mr Trump’s most enthusiastic sycophants, called the remarks “inexcusable共和党内部的回应就像是,当你打开厨房灯时发现到处都是。就在特朗普在圣地亚哥出言不逊后终于持他的众议院议长保#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)称,这些就是“教科书中定义的种族主义言论”。伊利诺伊州共和党参议员马克#8226;柯克(Mark Kirk)收回了此前对特朗普的持。甚至作为特朗普最热情的奉承者之一的纽#8226;金里Newt Gingrich)也称该言论“不可原谅”。All of which raises the question: why are they finally noticing his blatant prejudice now? Mr Trump has made more obviously racist comments about Mexicans, describing them as rapists and drug dealers. He has mocked the disabled and called his female critics dogs and fat pigs. He has claimed that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and faked his birth certificate. Far from being his worst, his comments about Judge Curiel were merely typical.这一切引发了一个问题:他们为何现在才注意到特朗普“公然的偏见”?特朗普针对墨西哥裔发表过很多明显具有种族主义色的,形容他们是强奸犯和毒贩。他嘲讽过残疾人,把批评他的女性称为和肥猪。他声称,巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)在肯尼亚出生并伪造了自己的出生明。他对库列尔法官的仅仅是典型而已,远未达到登峰造极的水平。But in another way Mr Trump did break new ground in challenging core American values and showing contempt for his fervent supporters. The most important ideal Mr Trump traduced in his diatribe was assimilation. Anger about illegal immigration is one thing. Denying that people born and raised in the US are fully fledged Americans is something else entirely. Mr Curiel’s father worked in the steel mills of northern Indiana to put two sons through law school. A third son went to Vietnam, where Mr Trump avoided service. As a federal prosecutor, Mr Curiel had to live under armed protection, after he was threatened with assassination by a Tijuana drug cartel. His is the kind of story of patriotism and struggle with which Americans of every ethnicity identify.但是,在另一方面,特朗普在挑战美国核心价值观和蔑视其狂热持者方面确实开辟了新天地。在特朗普的谩骂中,他中伤的最重要的理想是同化。对非法移民的愤怒是一回事。否认在美国出生和长大的人是十足的美国人,完全是另外一回事。库列尔法官的父亲过去在印第安纳州北部的炼钢厂工作,把两个儿子送入了法学院。他第三个儿子去了越南,正是特朗普逃避兵役的地方。作为一名联邦检察官,在遭到提华Tijuana)一个贩毒集团的暗杀威胁后,库列尔不得不生活在武装保护之下。他的经历可以谱写一则美国所有族裔都认同的关于爱国与奋斗的故事。A second national premise Mr Trump violated is respect for the rule of law. Politicians stray into treacherous territory when they insult the courts. To attribute legal outcomes one dislikes to political bias or, as Mr Trump asserted, personal animus and corruption corrodes trust in the judicial system. For him to make this kind of charge in a case that threatens him financially demonstrates the way in which he thinks American justice is for sale.特朗普违背的第二个国家原则是尊重法治。当政客侮辱法庭,他们便陷入了危险的境地。把个人不喜欢的法律结果归因于政治偏见——或者,如特朗普所坚称的,个人恩怨和腐败问题——侵蚀了公众对司法体系的信任。特朗普在这样一起从经济上对他构成威胁的案件中作出此类指控,表明他认为美国司法是可以买卖的。Of course, this assumption reflects Mr Trump’s past success intimidating his enemies with lawsuits and using his wealth to cultivate friends in high places. Florida’s attorney-general considered joining a separate, multi-state fraud suit against Trump University in 2013. She reportedly decided not to do so shortly after he sent a ,000 contribution to her re-election campaign.当然,这种假设反映出特朗普过去成功地以诉讼威胁对手、利用财富结交身居高位的朋友的行为013年,佛罗里达州总检察长曾考虑介入一起针对特朗普大学的独立、跨州的欺诈诉讼。据报道,在特朗普向她的连任竞选捐.5万美元后不久,她便改变了主意。The third and final line Mr Trump has crossed is around financial predation. He has cast himself as a tribune for the economically vulnerable. But Trump University was a flimflam designed to separate the credulous from their borrowed cash. The gullible enrollees were in the mould of Mr Trump’s supporters: displaced, desperate for assistance and too trusting of a flamboyant huckster they had seen on television. For prices as high as ,000 for the “Gold Eliteprogramme, aspirants were told they could become wealthy real estate investors like Mr Trump. A businessman who launches a venture of this type clearly does not hold his customers in high regard.特朗普越过的第三条、也是最后一条红线是围绕金融掠夺的。他把自己描述为经济状况欠佳者的保护者。但是特朗普大学就是一个旨在让那些轻信者失去借来的钱的骗局。那些易受骗的入学者与特朗普的持者极其相似:无家可归、迫切渴望帮助、太信任他们在电视里看到的那些花言巧语的宣传者。对于“黄金精英Gold Elite)项目高达3.5万美元的价格来说,这些有抱负的人被告知他们可以成为像特朗普一样富有的房地产投资者。创立此类项目的商人对其客户明显没那么重视。This week Mr Trump issued a rambling statement claiming that his comments had been “misconstruedand an unusually subdued speech from a teleprompter after the primaries in New Jersey and California. But the suspicion grows that he is doing something other than running to win. Mr Trump’s campaign operation remains an understaffed, underfunded, feuding mess. By appearing in San Diego, he was wasting time in a state where Latinos outnumber whites, and which he cannot possibly win. In the same spirit of futility, he has laid the groundwork to contest New York, which has not gone to a Republican since Ronald Reagan.日前,特朗普发表了一则漫无边际的声明称他的言论被“误解”了,并在新泽西和加州党内初选后看着提词器念了一篇异常温和的演讲稿。但是,人们愈发猜测,他不会胜选。特朗普的竞选运作仍然人手不足、资金不足、争执不休、一片混乱。现身圣地亚哥的他,是在这个拉丁裔人口超过白人的州(也是他不可能拿下的州)浪费时间。同样徒劳无功的是,他还为竞逐纽约州做了准备工作。自从罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)以后,共和党从未拿下过纽约州。Nothing he is doing makes any sense for his party. The buyer’s remorse that afflicts enrollees in Trump University is now infecting his more prominent Republican apologists. They know they were gulled and want their money back.他的所作所为对共和党来说没有任何意义。折磨那些特朗普大学入学者的“买家懊悔buyer’s remorse),如今正在那些为特朗普辩护、更加显赫的共和党人中间蔓延。他们知道自己受骗了,想把钱要回来。来 /201606/449039重庆市星宸整形医院过年

重庆市星辰整形医院医生电话Somali security forces say they have ended a deadly siege of a beach-front restaurant in the capital, with at least seven people killed in the attack along with two assailants, a police official said Friday.索马里首都加迪沙警方官员周五说,索马里安全部队表示,他们已经结束了对首都一家海滨餐厅的包围。至少有7人和2名袭击者在交火中丧生。Mogadishus police chief, Colonel Bishar, said the attack ended just before dawn Friday morning. 加迪沙警长毕沙尔上校表示,袭击星期五拂晓前已经结束。“The security forces have ended their operation in which they rescued most of the civilians who were stranded inside the restaurant building and now we are in full control of the restaurant,said Bishar, speaking from the scene of the attack in Mogadishu.他在袭击现场说:“安全部队已结束行动,营救出大多数被困在餐厅里的平民。我们现在已完全控制了这家餐厅。”The attack started Thursday night when a car bomb went off near Banadir Beach restaurant, followed by a gun battle.袭击始于周四晚上,当时,一个汽车炸弹在班纳迪尔海滨餐厅附近爆炸,之后发生战。Al-Shabab militants quickly claimed the responsibility for the attack.索马里青年党的激进分子很快声称对袭击负责。Colonel Bishar said seven people were killed during the attack, including five civilians and two security personnel. He said two assailants were also killed. Security forces say they have arrested another militant involved in the attack.毕沙尔上校说,有7人在冲突中被打死,包名平民和2名安全人员。他说,2名袭击者也被打死。安全部队说,他们逮捕了另外一名参与袭击的激进分子。来 /201608/463058重庆星宸美容医院是几甲 重庆市星辰整形医院价格表

重庆市星辰整形医院是几甲South Korean President Park Geun-hye has offered to step down, asking parliament to come up with a plan to ensure stable regime change amid a corruption scandal that has riveted the nation.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)已表示愿意下台,她请求国会制定一个计划,在一场举国关注的腐败丑闻中确保政权平稳更迭。Ms Park said she would step down according to a schedule agreed by lawmakers to minimise a leadership vacuum.朴槿惠表示,她将按照立法者商定的时间表卸任,以尽量减小权力真空。However, her proposal was rejected by opposition politicians as a ploy to delay her impeachment.然而,她的建议被反对党政治人士拒绝,他们认为这是一种手段,目的是拖延弹劾她的程序。“I have now laid everything down. I’ll leave everything about my future to parliament, including shortening my term,the president said in a televised address.“我现在已经放下一切。我会把关于我未来的一切交给国会,包括缩短我的任期,”韩国总统在电视讲话中表示。She faces mounting public calls to resign a move she has so far resisted as opposition lawmakers prepare to impeach her.她面临着公众发出的日益高涨的要求她辞职的呼声,而此前她一直不愿这么做。与此同时反对党议员正准备弹劾她。Ms Park has 15 months left of her single five-year term but, if she were to be impeached or resign, an election would be held in 60 days.朴槿惠的首个五年任期还剩5个月,但如果她辞职或者被弹劾,韩国将0天内举行选举。The main opposition Democratic party dismissed her proposal as a political attempt to delay her departure and pledged to push ahead with its impeachment motion, which could be voted on as early as Friday.主要反对党共同民主党拒绝了她的提议,称这是其推迟下台的政治企图,并承诺将推进弹劾动议,该项动议最快可能在本周五提交表决。“She is handing the ball to parliament, when she could simply step down,said Park Kwang-on, a Democratic party lawmaker. “She is asking the parliament to pick a date for her resignation, which she knows would lead to a discussion on when to hold the presidential election and delay everything.”“她可以干脆地下台,却把球踢给国会,”共同民主党议员朴光Park Kwang-on)表示,“她请国会挑选一个辞职日期,她知道这会导致一场有关何时举行总统选举的讨论,延迟一切。”Ms Park said she hoped her offer would end political confusion and put the country back on track as soon as possible.朴槿惠表示,她希望她的提议将结束政治混乱,使国家尽快重返正轨。But Shin Yul, a professor of politics at Myongji University in Seoul, predicted that the country’s political unrest would probably persist as Ms Park attempted to weather her crisis.但是,首尔明知大Myongji University)政治学教授申Shin Yul)预测,在朴槿惠试图挺过这场危机之际,该国的政治动荡很可能会持续下去。“She is trying to prolong this chaos by making things more complex,he said. “The opposition should put the motion for her impeachment within this week.”“她试图通过使事情更复杂来延长这场混乱,”他说, “反对党应该在本周内提交弹劾动议。”Ms Park’s approval rating has fallen to a record low of 4 per cent as her closest aides have been indicted for alleged abuse of power.朴槿惠的持率已跌至4%的历史最低点,她的几名核心幕僚面对滥用权力的刑事控罪。Tens of thousands of South Koreans have taken to the streets on recent weekends to demand her resignation. The protests followed allegations that her long-time friend, Choi Soon-sil, meddled in state affairs influencing everything from budget proposals to what Ms Park should wear and extorted funds from top companies.数万韩国人在最近几个周末走上街头,要求她辞职。引发这些抗议的导火线是,她的长期密友崔顺实(Choi Soon-sil)被指干涉政府事务(从预算提案到朴槿惠应该如何着装,什么都要管),并向韩国大企业勒索资金。Ms Park was named by prosecutors as a criminal “conspiratorin the scheme. She is the first South Korean president to face a criminal probe. But she has not made herself available for interrogation by prosecutors, with her lawyer saying she would instead comply with a probe by a separate independent counsel.朴槿惠已被检察官列为该案的刑事“共谋者”,成为第一位面对刑事调查的韩国总统。但她没有接受检察官的讯问;她的律师称,她将配合独立律师的调查。来 /201612/481311 重庆星辰美容医院能检查怀孕吗重庆星宸整形医院有整形美容吗



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