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南平治不孕不育三甲医院福州修复结扎大概多少钱New research reveals that it may be your job that is causing you to lose up to two week#39;s sleep every year.最新研究显示,职业可能是造成人们每年最多缺乏两周的睡眠的原因。Mattress brand Sealy polled more than 15,000 people from across the world on their sleeping habits.床垫品牌丝涟于日前调查了全球1.5万余人的睡眠习惯。Results show that although without a salary, mothers rank the highest when it comes to sleep deprivation, with 25% getting less than five hours a night - considerably less than the recommended seven to nine.结果显示,尽管不拿薪水,母亲是睡眠不足问题最严重的职业,1/4的母亲每晚睡眠时间不足5小时,远低于7-9小时的推荐值。One in five of those who work in transport, communications and construction also average on less than five hours.交通、通讯和建筑行业的从业人员中,也有1/5的人平均睡眠时间少于5小时。In third place are those in public sector roles, including education and health, with 82% getting just six hours a night.位列第3的是教育、卫生等公共部门的员工,82%的人每晚睡眠时间仅6小时。Overall, 77% of the surveyed fail to get the sleep we need to be healthy and happy.总的说来,77%的调查对象的睡眠时间都未达到保持健康快乐所需的睡眠量。 /201705/509365宁德检查封闭抗体正规医院 She#39;s been with you for a long time.你们已相恋很长一段时间。If you#39;ve been together for a long, long time, chances are, your gal is not going anywhere any time soon. FYI: once we get attached to something (like a boyfriend), we never want to let go. Familiarity and comfort are EVERYTHING for the women who enjoy relationships.如果你们在一起很久很久了,那么很有可能你女朋友会一直陪你左右。顺便说一句:一旦喜欢上某个东西(比如说男朋友),我们是永远不会放手的。谈恋爱时,女生觉得熟悉和舒坦最为重要。She goes above and beyond.她对你特别好。She#39;s constantly showering you with affection just to show you how much she cares. She wants to be treated like a princess, yes - more than that, though, she wants to treat you like royalty, too.她不断的向你表露感情,只是为了告诉你她很关心你。她希望你能像对待公主一样对待她,是的——但不仅如此,她也会像对待皇室一般对待你。You#39;re part of her circle.你融入了她的圈子。Her mom adores you; you have her best friend#39;s stamp of approval. If you#39;re right for her, it#39;ll show in ALL of her relationships . . . giving her more incentive to stick around.她的妈妈喜欢你;她的闺蜜也认同你。如果她认定了你,那一定可以从她身边人看出来……她会更有动力的粘你。She#39;s vocal about her feelings and desires.她对自己的感情和欲望直言不讳。If she tells you what she wants and when she wants it (i.e. ;I think we should consider moving in together within the next year;), this lady is pretty damn serious about you, and she wants you to know.如果她告诉你她想要什么以及什么时候想要时(比如:“要不咱们考虑明年同居”),那她对你一定是认真的,她想让你知道。She imagines a future with you.她会想象有你的未来。If she#39;s got a list of baby names going on her iPhone notes, she#39;s undoubtedly picturing a future with you, however distant. Or maybe she#39;s researching how to decorate your next apartment (see above), or she#39;s pinning engagement rings on her Pinterest board. No matter the case, she#39;s definitely imagining a long life with you by her side.如果她的iPhone记录簿上有一长串宝宝的名字,那毫无疑问,她一定在想象和你的未来,不管这个未来有多么遥远。或者她正在研究该如何装饰你们的新公寓(见上),又或者她在Pinterest(社交软件)上用图钉将订婚戒指钉在板上。无论是哪种情况,她都一定在幻想有你陪伴左右的未来。She#39;s not afraid to tell you the truth.她不害怕和你说实话。She tells you when you#39;re getting on her nerves, when she#39;s feeling sad, and the reason she gets jealous once in a while. She tells you about her childhood, her hopes and dreams, and her thoughts on the things that matter in the world. She only opens up with the ones she knows are going to stick around - and she#39;s going to stay, too.她会告诉你她什么时候生你气、什么时候难过、偶尔也会说一说自己吃醋的理由。她会和你说她的童年趣事、她的希望和梦想、以及她对天下大事的想法。她明白有些人会一直陪伴左右,她也只对这些人敞开心扉——当然,她也会和你一起留下来。Her love is unconditional.她的爱毫无条件。She lets you know how much she loves you every single day, and yes, ;forever; is part of her vocabulary. When you get in fights - including the really big, ugly ones - she still reminds you that you are, and always will be, the one. What more affirmation could you need?每一天她都会告诉你她有多爱你,是的。“永远”是她常挂嘴边的一句话。你们吵架时——包括吵得面红耳赤的时候——她仍然会告诉你你现在是也将一直都是她的挚爱。你还需要什么其它肯定呢?译文属 /201612/485452永泰县打胎最好的医院

南平那家医院性激素检查Does getting up at the crack of dawn really hold the key to success? I decided to try it and set my alarm for 5am for a week. Here are seven things I learned:破晓时刻早早起床就能打开成功之门?我决定实验一下这个说法,在一周的时间里都把自己的闹钟设在早上5点钟。我有如下7点体会。1. You suddenly have time to exercise突然你有时间锻炼了As someone who always prioritises her social life over her fitness, I’d for a long time told myself I didn’t have time for exercise. It turns out that when you get up four hours before you have to be at work, there’s so much time to fill you’d be silly not to get moving.作为一个永远重视社交、轻视健康状况的人,长期以来我一直告诉自己我没时间去锻炼。后来我发现,当你在上班时间之前四小时起床的时候,你获得了非常充裕的时间,不去动一下就太蠢了。2. You’ll feel smug你会觉得有优越感Exercising in my living room at 6am, whilst not only my flatmates but the majority of people everywhere were still asleep, felt kind of awesome.早晨6点,当我的室友,以及周围大多数的人都还在睡梦中时,我已经在起居室里锻炼了,感觉自己棒棒哒!3. You’re hungrier all day你一整天都会更加饥饿One of the nicer parts of getting up earlier was having the time to cook myself nice breakfasts at home. But being awake longer and eating breakfast earlier seemed to mean I was hungrier all day long.早起的一大好处就是,我有时间在家给自己做一份丰盛的早餐。吃早餐的时间提前了,这就意味着一整天我都感到更加饥饿。4. You have to cut short your social plans in the evening你不得不把晚上的社交时间缩短On an average day when I’d be getting up at my usual time of 7.15am, I’d go to bed around midnight. But if I had to get up at 5am, there was no way I could stay up that late.平时我一般7点15起床,12点左右开始睡觉。但是如果我5点起床,就不可能熬夜到那个时间了。5. You’ll look better你的状态更好I spent my mornings curling my hair, painting my nails and doing smokey eye makeup and was a little overwhelmed by the lovely comments on my “glowing complexion” and “glorious hair.” My poor colleagues have had to go back to my regular look now.我用早上的时间做发型,擦指甲油,画烟熏妆,大家对我“透亮的肤色”,“靓丽的指甲”赞不绝口,这些赞美让我非常精细。我可怜的同事们现在都回到我平时的样子了。6. You hit a wall你有点力不从心On the first couple of days of my week as an early-riser, I didn’t even feel tired.在早起这一周的头几天,我根本没觉得累。And as the week wore on, the novelty wore off. By day five, I did not want to get up and was feeling really tired. When my friend cancelled our dinner plans for that evening, I was secretly thrilled that I could go home and go to bed. Which is most unlike me. The week felt so long.随着时间一天天过去,新鲜感逐渐消退,到第五天的时候,我完全不想起床,感到疲惫极了。我的朋友取消了我们的晚餐之约,对此我暗中十分兴庆,想着我可以回家睡觉了。这太不像平时的我了。7. You’ll be more efficient at work你工作起来更有效率Incredibly, I actually achieved more at work than usual and was surprisingly productive. I genuinely felt energised throughout most of the working day all week long. I was more focussed too.难以置信的是,我能够比平时完成更多的工作,效率也出乎意料的高。在这一周中,我真切的感觉到自己几乎一整天都能量满满。我的注意力也更集中了。Perhaps being productive first thing in the morning before you get to work does in fact make you more productive for the rest of the day.在早晨一天的工作开始之前就让自己保持高效率,或许这样确实能让你一整天都效率更高。 /201705/509934福州市二医院检查卵巢 When it comes to choosing between someone who is handsome or tall, some Japanese women have made up their mind.在选择颜值还是身高这个问题上,有些日本女性已经做出了决定。There are aly countless surveys that aim to assess whether physical attractiveness and other characteristics play a role when it comes to dating successfully.事实上,针对是外貌吸引力还是其他性格魅力决定约会成功这一问题,世界上早已有数不清的研究和调查。According to RocketNews24, a recent survey conducted by a Japanese Internet portal asked 286 female participants whether they would choose between a short and handsome man or an average-looking but tall man for a date.最近,日本一家名为RocketNews24的门户网站进行了一项调查,参与调查的286名女性将会在个子矮但长得帅以及个子高但相貌普通的两种男性中间选择约会对象。The survey revealed that 75.2% of the respondents said they would rather date someone who is tall but looks average.调查显示,有75.2%的参与者表示,自己更愿意和个子高但相貌普通的男人约会。Meanwhile, some of the 24.8% of those who chose the short but handsome option aid that it#39;s not all about looks.与此同时,在剩余24.8%选择与个子矮但长得帅的男人约会的参与者之中,部分表示自己也不完全是奔着颜值去的。One argued that because she is petite, it would be a challenge to talk to someone who is more vertically blessed.其中一位参与者称,因为自己的身材本身就比较娇小,所以不适合再找比自己身高高太多的。The large margin in the results show how most Japanese women tend to lean towards someone who is tall despite their physical appearance.选择比例悬殊的调查结果表明:大多数日本女性倾心于身高较高、而不是外貌更好的男性。 /201704/502063福州市中医院疏通输卵管好不好费用多少

福州去哪里输卵管接通比较好 It#39;s the latest hipster fad that forecasters predicted would be killed off in 2016.留胡须的风潮原本被预言将在2016年过去。But it looks like beards are here to stay for a bit longer.但现在看起来这股胡须风潮还要再刮一阵子。For more than half of the men in Glamour Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Men for 2017 have some form of facial hair.因为超半数入选《魅力》杂志2017年最性感百名男性的人都留着某种胡须。The poll, which included TV personalities, film stars, musicians, sportsmen and YouTubers, was voted for by 80,000 of the magazine’s ers showed they found men with beards more attractive.这一榜单的候选人包括电视名人、电影明星、音乐人、运动员和油管人,经该杂志8万读者投票选出,结果显示,人们认为留胡须的男性更有魅力。In the list, 63 of the 100 celebrity men all had some kind of facial hair.榜单中可以看到,入选的100位男星中有63位留着某种胡须。Jamie Dornan was awarded the top spot for a second time, having taken the accolade in 2015.詹米#8226;多南是第二次位居榜首,上一次他登顶榜单是在2015年。The Fifty Shades of Grey actor, 34, has previously spoken out about how much he hated himself without any facial fluff.曾主演《五十度灰》的詹米#8226;多南现年34岁,他曾经公开说过很讨厌自己没有胡须的样子。He said: ‘I hate my face without a beard, I swear to God I really hate it. I always think I look really young. I think when I’m clean shaven, I look like a thumb.’他说:“我讨厌自己脸上没胡须,我发誓我真的很讨厌。我一直觉得自己看起来挺显小的。如果我把自己的脸刮得很干净,我觉得自己看起来就像个大拇指。”And he’s not alone, Aidan Turner, who was placed at number two this year, also doesn’t shave when he’s not filming Poldark saying: ‘In my next role I want to grow a beard and put on loads of weight.’无独有偶,今年位居榜单第二的艾丹#8226;特纳在不拍英剧《波尔达克》的时候也不刮胡子。他表示:“下一个角色我希望能演个体型壮硕的大胡子。”In fact, in the top 10, only two of the stars were clean-shaven, Tom Hiddleston and Matt Bomer.事实上,前十名中只有两位男星是不留胡须的——汤姆#8226;希德勒斯顿和马特#8226;波莫。Throughout the list, there are a host of men who prefer to the ditch the razor including Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry and Victoria star, Rufus Sewell.榜单中不爱刮胡子的男性不在少数,包括奥斯卡奖影帝莱昂纳多#8226;迪卡普里奥、哈里王子和参演英剧《维多利亚》的卢夫斯#8226;塞维尔。Adam Brady, Grooming Expert from Ruffians Barbers said the stigma around beards had disappeared.著名理发店Ruffians Barbers的造型师亚当#8226;布莱迪说,和胡子有关的耻辱感已经消失了。He said: #39;A few years ago, beards were seen as a sign of not being particular reputable.他说:“就在几年前,胡子还被看作是名声不太好的一种标志。”#39;Men with beards were seen as being dirty and unhygienic. But the stigma seems to have gone.“有胡子的男性被视为邋遢、不卫生。不过这种污名似乎已经远去了。”‘Men have got better at styling their beards. They no longer look overgrown, straggly and crusty.“如今男性更善于打理自己的胡子。他们的胡子不再是又硬又长、乱糟糟的了。”#39;There is also an abundance of products like beard oils, gels and creams so people can take care of them.“现在还有很多胡须护理品,如胡须油、胡须啫喱、胡须霜。”‘Men, not just celebrities take more pride in their appearance.“不仅是名人,普通男人也越来越为自己的形象而感到骄傲。”#39;It used to be seen as a negative for men to spend too much time papering themselves but that perception has changed.“过去男人花太多时间捯饬自己为人所不齿,但现在这种观念已经改变了。”‘A tidy well-kempt beard signals attractiveness plus more men have haircuts that complement their facial hair.’“整洁有型的胡须会令男人魅力倍增,现在更多男性会注意让自己的发型和胡须相匹配。” /201612/485880福州第二医院治不孕不育多少钱福州做精液常规检查哪间医院好



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