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A Russian maritime spy plane flew into Estonian territory on Tuesday in the most serious violation of Nato airspace by Moscow since the end of the cold war.Fighters were scrambled from Lithuania where Nato’s Baltic air policing force is stationed and from Denmark and Sweden as the aircraft, an Ilyushin 20 “Coot armed with an array of high-tech surveillance and electronic warfare equipment, circled the Baltic sea.Two military officials with knowledge of the incident said that Nato sovereign airspace had been violated.An Estonian official said the Russian spy plane flew more than 500m into Estonian airspace for about a minute on Tuesday close to the large, inhabited islands of Hiiumaa and Saaremaa off the Baltic state’s west coast.According to a Nato military officer, the spy plane took off from Kaliningrad.“At 12:53pm. CET the IL-20 approached Estonian airspace from the northeast,he told the Financial Times. “I’m not aware of any incursions into the airspace patrolled by Nato other than the brief incident yesterday.”The spy plane was intercepted and escorted out of Estonian airspace by Portuguese F-16 fighters, based in Lithuania as part of Nato’s Baltic air policing mission.Estonia has reported five previous airspace violations by Russia but all have been above the tiny uninhabited island of Vaindloo, located in the middle of the Gulf of Finland. Although viewed seriously by Tallinn, such incidents, unlike the latest violation, have not been a cause of serious alarm among Nato chiefs.An Ilyushin spy plane flying in the Baltic also triggered Nato jets to be scrambled from their base at Siauliai on Monday but did not pass into actual Nato airspace.Nato officials are unclear as to whether the incidents are connected with the Swedish hunt for a suspected Russian submarine in waters close to Stockholm.But the Ilyushin spy planes are ideally equipped for submarine hunting and communications interception and jamming.Swedish officials have not yet publicly disclosed whether they know which foreign power the submarine belongs to, though few have any doubt of it being Russian. The Swedish military has said it believes the sub to be hiding, possibly damaged, among the thousands of islands and islets in the Stockholm archipelago.周二,一架俄罗斯海上侦察机飞入爱沙尼亚领空。这是自冷战结束以来,俄罗斯政府对北Nato)领空的最严重侵犯。在这架装备有高科技监控与电子战设备的伊20(Ilyushin 20)“黑Coot)”飞机环绕波罗的海飞行之际,北约方面从立陶宛(北约波罗的海空中治安巡逻武装力量的所在地)、丹麦和瑞典出动了战斗机。两名了解这一事件的军官表示,北约领空遭到了侵犯。一名爱沙尼亚军官表示,这架俄罗斯侦察机在周二进入爱沙尼亚领空后,飞行超00米的距离。当时,飞机靠近了这个波罗的海国家西岸的希乌马岛和萨雷马岛,这两个岛都是有人居住的大面积岛屿。根据一名北约军官的说法,这架侦察机是从加里宁格勒起飞的。这名军官告诉英囀?金融时报》:“在中欧时间下午123分,这架伊尔-20从东北方接近了爱沙尼亚领空。在我的印象中,除了昨天的短暂事件之外,北约巡逻的空域从来未曾遭遇这样的入侵。”这架侦察机遭到多架葡萄牙F-16战斗机的拦截,并被护送出爱沙尼亚领空。这几架F-16战斗机就驻扎在立陶宛,以执行北约的波罗的海空中治安巡逻任务。在此之前,爱沙尼亚曾报告了5次俄罗斯侵犯领空的现象,不过当时后者入侵的领空都在芬兰海湾中间一个无人居住的Vaindloo小岛上空。尽管爱沙尼亚政府认为那几次事件也十分严重,但北约从并未像周二这次这样发出严重警告。周一,一架在波罗的海飞行的伊尔侦察机也曾令北约出动了驻扎在希奥利艾基地的飞机,不过这架侦察机并未实际进入北约领空。目前,北约官员仍不清楚这一系列事件是否与瑞典在斯德哥尔附近海域搜寻疑似俄罗斯潜艇的事件有关。今年,北约曾多次出动战斗机拦截接近北约领空的俄罗斯飞机,拦截次数已013年全年多了两倍。来 /201410/337795

Some of OPECs Gulf members are concerned about the latest drop in oil prices which had not been expected, OPEC delegates said, but they see little chance of the exporting group diverting from its policy of defending market share.一些欧佩克海湾国成员代表对最近预料之外的石油价格下跌十分忧虑,欧佩克代表称,尽管如此,转变政策以维护市场份额的希望仍然不大。Brent oil is trading near a barrel, close to its 2015 low after an 18 percent drop in July, pressured by abundant supplies and concern about the health of the Chinese economy, the worlds second-largest oil consumer. Despite this, the delegates including from Gulf OPEC members who declined to be identified say China is still buying and stockpiling crude and they expect strong global demand growth should push prices back to next year.受原油供应充足和世界第二大石油消费商---中国经济健康状况的压力,布伦特原油目前股价接6美元每桶,继7月下8%后,达到2015年最低价。尽管如此,包括来自海湾的不愿透露姓名的欧佩克与会成员表示,中国仍然在购买和储存原油。他们希望全球对于原油需求的有利增长可以让原油价格在明年回升0美元每桶;There is a concern about the health of the Chinese economy, but as numbers have shown the need to import oil is increasing,;an OPEC delegate from a Gulf oil producer said.“中国的经济状况让人担忧,但是数据显示,对原油的进口需求在增长。”来自海湾石油生产国的以为欧佩克代表说;Oil prices will remain volatile... but they will recover,; the delegate said this month, adding that he does not expect OPEC to take any step now ;due to unclarity; in the market.“石油价格将持续波动,但是他们难以恢复,”以为代表本月谈到,并且补充表明他并不期望欧佩克现在采取任何行动,因为市场的状况并不明朗。Prices have more than halved since June last year. OPECs Gulf members, relatively wealthy, are better able to cope with low oil prices than the African members, Iran orVenezuela. Led by Saudi Arabia, the Gulf members drove OPECs strategy shift last year to allow prices to fall to discourage growth in competing supply sources. While non-Gulf members of the Organization of the Petrole Exporting Countries have frequently expressed concern since then about the drop in prices, Gulf members have rarely voiced such sentiments. But there is no indication they expect OPECs policy to change.自从去年六月起,原油价格已经下跌过半。相比起欧洲国家成员,那些相对比较富有的欧佩克海湾国代表最好能够适应原油的低价。去年,以沙特阿拉伯为首的海湾国成员驱使欧佩克实行战略转移,使得原油价格下降,以阻碍竞争原油供应商的增加。然而,非海湾石油输出国组织成员自油价下跌以后,常常表达自己的担忧,海湾成员国则很少表达这样的情绪。但并没有迹象表明,他们期望欧佩克的政策转变;Of course everyone is concerned, but we hope by the fourth quarter the market will start recovering,; a second OPEC source said, citing the end of seasonal refinery maintenance that will boost crude demand.“当然,每个人都很忧虑,但是我们希望市场在第四季度会回暖,”欧佩克称,传讯季节性的捡厂维修会增加原油需求。CHINA CONCERNS对中国的忧虑OPEC officials reconfirmed its market-share strategy at its last meeting in June. At the time, delegates were expecting a recovery in prices towards the end of 2015, supported by expected higher global demand.月的最近一次会议中,欧佩克官员再次重申了它的市场份额战略。当时,代表们都期望原油价格015年年底凭借全球原油需求的增长回升。But those sentiments have changed with the latest oil price drop and as concern grows about the demand outlook in China.但是这种期待伴随着最近石油价格下跌和中国原油需求展望的担忧而改变;Prices are expected to stay under downward pressure until the expected enhancement in demand next year, then they can reach around -60 a barrel,; a third OPEC delegate said.”预计原油价格会一直处于下行压力中,直到明年预期的需求增加,之后它们可以达到55-60美元每桶,”欧佩克第三代表称。OPEC currently expects an acceleration of growth in world oil demand next year to 1.34 million barrels per day, from 1.28 million bpd this year, as well as an increase in the demand for its own crude as non-OPEC supply expansion slows.欧佩克期望明年全球石油需求量可以28万桶每天增加34万桶每天,同时随着非欧佩克供应方扩张的变缓,对其自身的需求量会上涨。Although Chinas crude demand has so far remained strong as authorities take advantage of cheap oil to build up strategic reserves and consumers kept spending despite the slowing economy, there are signs of weakening, with the devaluation of the yuan potentially denting fuel imports.由于中国当局利用原油价格下跌进行石油战略储备,中国消费者也并未因为经济增长放慢而停止消费原油,所以中国的原油需求仍然强劲。但是伴随着人民币贬值,原油需求下降的迹象仍然可见。OPEC delegates and industry sources say it is hard for Saudi Arabia to reverse the policy it championed, particularly at a time when both Iran and Iraq are gearing up to boost their crude exports.欧佩克代表和业内人员称,沙特阿拉伯很难维持其持的政策,尤其当伊朗和伊拉克都在拳擦掌准备提高其原油出口时;The Gulf states are worried about the decline but there will be no change of direction unless Saudi was to lead it,; an industry source and OPEC expert said. ;At the moment, Saudi is still in charge and they will stick with it.;“海湾国家对于原油价格下降都很担忧,但是出给沙特接管,这一切都不会改变,”一位业内人士和欧佩克专家称,“此时,沙特仍然大权在握并且会坚持自己的政策。”Adding to the uncertainty over the health of the Chinese economy is concern about rising global oil production in a market that OPECs own forecasts indicate is aly oversupplied by more than 2 million bpd.加之中国经济状况的不确定性,欧佩克预测已经超额供应了200万桶原油。Saudi Arabia and Iraq, OPECs top two producers, have been pumping this year at record highs, and others like Russia have kept production levels elevated.欧佩克最大的两个石油生产--沙特阿拉伯和伊朗已经达到了历年石油生产的高峰,其他国家比如俄罗斯,一直在提高石油产量。OPEC does not meet until Dec. 4 and has rebuffed calls for an emergency meeting by Algeria. While OPEC rules say a simple majority of the 12 OPEC members is needed to call an emergency meeting, insiders say unless Saudi Arabia is among those in favour no meeting is likely.直到12号,欧佩克不会举行会议,阿尔及利亚关于呼吁召开紧急会议的要求已经被回绝。尽管依据欧佩克规定,紧急会议可以在12个成员中的大部分要求时召开,内部人士透露,除非沙特阿拉伯在要求者之列,否则会议不会召开;Emergency meetings need coordination and agreement or at least a proposal before the ministers go for it, and I dont see this happening,; said the second OPEC source.“紧急会议的召开需要协调和同意,至少在部长要求以前有一个提案,这些我都没有见到。”来 /201508/395468Housekeeping is crucial to safe workplaces. It can help prevent injuries and improve productivity and morale.打扫卫生对工作场所的安全至关重要,它有助于预防受伤,提高生产力,提振士气。The practice extends from traditional offices to industrial workplaces, including factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants that present special challenges such as hazardous materials, combustible dust and other flammables. Here are 11 tips for effective workplace housekeeping.无论是传统办公室,还是工业生产车间,比如含特别风险(危险品、易燃粉尘和其他易燃物)的工厂、仓库和制造厂,打扫卫生都很重要。以下是高效清洁工作场所1个技巧. Prevent slips, trips and falls预防滑倒、绊倒和掉落Report and clean up spills and leaks.有物体溢出、泄露时应报告上级并清理干净。Consider installing mirrors and warning signs to help with blind spots.考虑在盲区旁放置镜子、张贴警示标志。Replace worn, ripped or damage flooring.地板破损、裂开或有损坏时应更换。Use drip pans and guards.使用滴油盘和防护装置. Eliminate fire hazards消除火灾隐患Keep combustible materials in the work area only in amounts needed for the job. When they are unneeded, move them to an assigned safe storage area.在工作场所只存放工作需要量的易燃物品。不需要时,将易燃品移至指定的安全储藏区。Store quick-burning, flammable materials in designated locations away from ignition sources.将速燃、易燃物品存储在远离火源的指定地点。Avoid contaminating clothes with flammable liquids. Change clothes if contamination occurs.避免衣物沾染易燃液体。一旦沾染,赶快换掉衣.Control dust控制粉尘Dust accumulation of more than 0.8 millimeters covering at least 5 percent of a rooms surface poses a significant explosion hazard. Vacuuming is the ;preferred; method of cleaning. Sweeping and water wash-down are other options. ;Blow-downs; using compressed air or steam is allowed for inaccessible or unsafe surfaces.粉尘沉积超过0.8毫米,覆盖房间表面达5%或以上时,会有重大的爆炸隐患。吸尘器是清理灰尘的最佳选择。清扫和洒水也是可选的。对于接触不到或不安全的表面,可用压缩空气和蒸汽进行排气清理. Avoid tracking materials避免留下痕迹Work-area mats should be kept clean and maintained.工作场所里的垫子应保持干净并加以保养。Separate cleaning protocols may be needed for different areas to prevent cross-contamination.不同场所应有独立的清理规定,以防交叉污染。If the materials are toxic, industrial hygiene testing, uniforms and showering facilities might be needed.如果这些物质有毒,需要进行工业卫生检测,穿戴工作,安装淋浴设备. Prevent falling objects避免物体掉落Protections such as a toe board can help prevent objects from falling and hitting workers or equipment. Other tips include stacking boxes and materials straight up and down to keep them from falling. Place heavy objects on lower shelves, and keep equipment away from the edges of desks and tables.趾板等防护物品有助于预防物体掉落,以免击中工人或设备。其他的建议包括:整齐堆放堆垛箱、物避免掉落;将重的物品放在低架子上;设备应远离桌边. Clear clutter清理杂物Keep aisles, stairways, emergency exits, electrical panels and doors clear of clutter, and purge untidy areas. Empty trash receptacles before they overflow.过道、楼梯、紧急出口、配电板和门口处禁止堆放杂物,脏乱场所应清理干净。垃圾箱装满前应清空. Store materials properly正确储藏物品Storage areas should not have an accumulation of materials that present hazards for tripping, fire, explosion or pests. Unused materials and equipment should be stored out of the way of workers. Remember to put everything back in its proper place. Keeping a storage space nearby so workers are encouraged to use it.储藏区不应堆放可能绊倒人、引发火灾和爆炸、招致害虫的物品。未使用过的物品和设备应放在不影响工人的区域。谨记所有物品用完后应放到合适的地方。储藏区应设在附近,以方便工人使用. Use and inspect personal protective equipment and tools使用并检查个人防护装备和工具Wear basic PPE such as closed-toe shoes and safety glasses while performing housekeeping. Determine what type of PPE to don based on the potential risks. Regularly inspect, clean and fix tools. Remove any damaged tools from the work area.打扫卫生时穿戴基本的个人防护装备,如包头鞋、安全眼镜。根据潜在的风险来判断穿戴哪种类型的个人防护装备。定期检查、清理和修补工具。将所有损坏工具移出工作区. Determine frequency确定清洁频率All workers should participate in housekeeping, especially in terms of keeping their own work areas tidy, reporting safety hazards and cleaning up spills. A company should have a mixture of deep cleaning and more frequent, lighter cleaning that involves sweeping and responding to spills.打扫卫生人人有责,特别是个人工作区应保持干净,上报安全隐患并清理泄漏液体。公司应既有全面大扫除,又经常做一般性清扫,如扫除垃圾,清理泄漏液体0. Create written rules制定书面规则Housekeeping policies should be put in writing. Written protocols could specify which cleaners, tools and methods should be used.清洁卫生制度应以书面形式呈现出来。书面协议可以明确规定应该使用哪种清洁剂、工具和方法1. Think long-term着眼长远Housekeeping should be more than a one-time initiative. Keep records, maintain a regular walkthrough inspection schedule, report hazards and train employees to help sustain housekeeping.清洁卫生不应该只是三分钟热度。应该做记录,定期做全面检查,汇报隐患,指导员工经常清洁卫生。来 /201508/392528

North Koreas communist leadership is marking the three-year anniversary of the death of ex-dictator Kim Jong Il.朝鲜劳动党领导层纪念前独裁者金正日逝世3周年。State television on Wednesday showed North Koreans bowing and leaving flowers at the statue of the former leader and his father Kim Il Sung.朝鲜国家电视台星期三播放了朝鲜人在金正日及其父亲金日成的雕像前鞠躬和献花的场面。Horns from automobiles, ships, and trains rang out across the country at noon Wednesday to mark the death anniversary.星期三正午,朝鲜各地的汽车、轮船和火车鸣笛纪念金正日逝世3周年。Top North Korean leaders participated in a ceremony later at the Kumsusan Palace, where the bodies of the two late Kims are preserved.晚些时候,朝鲜高层领导人出席了在锦绣山太阳宫举行的仪式,金日成和金正日的遗体都存放在那里。Pyongyang has worked hard to create a personality cult around the Kim family, which has now ruled North Korea for three generations.平壤努力建立对金氏家族的个人崇拜,该家族对朝鲜的统治已经延续到第3代。Kim Jong Il died unexpectedly in December 2011. He passed power to his young son, Kim Jong Un, who has quickly solidified his rule.20112月,金正日猝然离世。他年轻的儿子金正恩接掌政权,并很快巩固了自己的统治地位。Wednesday marks the end of a traditional three-year mourning period for the late Mr. Kim.星期三,对金正日的传年悼念期结束。The young Mr. Kim has largely carried out the same policies as his father, including overseeing the advancement of the countrys massive military.金正恩基本上仍在实行金正日的政策,包括掌控朝鲜庞大的军队现代化。He is also responsible for overseeing what U.N. officials recently described as human rights abuses that are ;unparalleled; in the modern world.金正恩还要对朝鲜的侵犯人权行为负责。联合国官员最近指出,朝鲜侵犯人权的程度在现代世界是最严重的。来 /201412/349977Emperor Akihito has expressed “deep remorsefor Japan’s wartime actions, marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war with language that deviated from previous years.日本明仁天皇(Emperor Akihito)对日本的战时行为表示“深刻反省”。天皇在纪念第二次世界大战结0周年时所用的措辞与往年有所不同。The 81-year-old emperor‘s words of regret were delivered following a minute’s silence at noon. At the same moment in 1945, his father Hirohito announced Japan’s surrender.在正午默哀一分钟后,现年81岁的天皇发表了表示悔意的讲话945年的此时此刻,他的父亲裕仁天Hirohito)宣布日本投降。“Reflecting on our past and bearing in mind the feelings of deep remorse over the last war, I earnestly hope that the ravages of war will never be repeated,the emperor said on Saturday. The ceremony in Tokyo to remember the war dead was also attended by Empress Michiko and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.“在回顾过去、对先前战争深刻反省的基础上,我殷切期盼战争惨祸不再重演,”天皇在上周六表示。美智子皇后(Empress Michiko)和安倍晋Shinzo Abe)首相也出席了在东京举行的纪念战死者的仪式。The emperor’s words were closely watched this year as Mr Abe is seeking to reinterpret Japan’s pacifist constitution to make it easier for its armed forces to fight. On the eve of the 70th anniversary, Mr Abe issued a statement in which he stopped short of giving his own clear apology. He upheld the forms of past statements of remorse, but said the country did not intend to keep apologising for ever.天皇的讲话今年受到密切关注,因为安倍晋三正寻求重新解释日本的和平宪法,放宽对自卫队投入战斗的约束。在二战结束70周年前夕,安倍发表了他的声明,其中没有表示明确的道歉。他在形式上维持了过去的反省声明,但表示日本不打算永远道歉下去。Every year on Aug 15, the emperor has stuck to the same script using the phrase “deep sorrow.But it is believed to be the first time that he used the word “remorsefor the annual speech. His statement was also longer this year with new wording on the public’s commitment to peace.每年85日,天皇都在讲话中使用“深深悲痛”这个措辞。但据信这是他第一次在年度演讲中使用“反省”一词。今年他的演讲篇幅也更长,在日本公众向往和平这一点上有新的表述。“Seventy years have passed since the end of the war, and our country today enjoys peace and prosperity, thanks to the ceaseless efforts made by the people of Japan towards recovery from the devastation of the war and towards development, always backed by their earnest desire for the continuation of peace,the emperor said.“战争结束已经过去了70年,今天我们的国家享有和平与繁荣,这要归功于日本人民对于战后重建、对于发展作出的不懈努力,撑他们坚持下去的始终是他们对于保持和平的真诚愿望,”天皇表示。While the emperor is forbidden by constitution from having a political role, he has on several occasions expressed remorse for the war and used language that appeared to be more conciliatory to China and South Korea.尽管宪法禁止天皇扮演任何政治角色,但明仁天皇已几次对战争表示反省,并使用看起来对中国和韩国更为安抚性的措辞。On Saturday, three cabinet ministers visited the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo, which honours Japan’s war dead including some convicted of war crimes. Mr Abe did not visit the shrine and only sent his ritual offering in an apparent bid to avoid causing tension with neighbouring countries.上周六,三位内阁部长级官员参拜了东京的靖国神Yasukuni shrine),这里供奉着日本的战争亡灵,包括一些被判有罪的战犯。安倍本人没有参拜靖国神社,只是向靖国神社献上了“玉串料”(祭祀费),显然是为了避免造成与邻国的紧张局势。South Korean president Park Geun-hye said on Saturday that Mr Abe’s speech left much “to be desiredand contained “regrettable elements.Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said “Japan should have made an explicit statement on the nature of the war of militarism and aggression and its responsibility on the wars.”韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)上周六表示,安倍的讲话有很多地方“不够好”,并含有“令人遗憾的元素”。中国外交部发言人华春莹表示,“日本理应对那场军国主义侵略战争的性质和战争责任作出清晰明确的交代。”In his statement, Mr Abe did not refer directly to the suffering of so-called comfort women who were forced into prostitution by Japan’s army during the war, but he did make a fresh acknowledgment of the sexual violence that accompanied the war.安倍晋三在他的讲话中没有直接提及慰安妇的苦难(这些妇女在战争期间被日本军队强迫提供性务),但他确实对战争期间的性暴力作出了新的承认。Isao Tokoro, professor emeritus at Kyoto Sangyo University and an imperial family expert, said the emperor’s words were not meant to have any political implications. But he added the 70th anniversary marked a “turning pointwhere the emperor felt compelled to use clearer language to express his feelings for the war.京都产业大学(Kyoto Sangyo University) 名誉教授、皇室专家所Isao Tokoro)表示,天皇的话本意不是要具有任何政治含义。但他补充说,战争结0周年标志着一个“转折点”,天皇觉得不得不使用更清晰的语言来表达自己对那场战争的感想。“The emperor wanted to mark this turning point with his deepest hope that people will reflect on the war with remorse and think seriously about peace,Mr Tokoro said.“天皇在纪念这个转折点时,最深切地希望人民以反省的心情反思那场战争,认真思考和平,”所功表示。来 /201508/393306

President Barack Obama has admitted that his failure to pass ;common sense gun safety laws; in the US is the greatest frustration of his presidency。奥巴马总统承认未能在美国通过“常识性安全法”,是任职期间遭受的最大挫折。In an interview with the B, Mr Obama said it was ;distressing; not to have made progress on the issue ;even in the face of repeated mass killings;.He vowed to keep trying, but the B’s editor Jon Sopel said the president did not sound very confident。接受B采访时,奥巴马表示,“尽管反复出现击事件”,但未能作出改变,因此感到“沮丧”。他发誓表示将继续尝试,但B编辑Jon Sopel表示,听起来,奥巴马并不自信。However, Mr Obama said race relations had improved during his presidency. But with just 18 months left in power, he said gun control was the area where he has been ;most frustrated and most stymied; since coming to power in .但奥巴马总统表示在任期间,种族关系得到了改善。奥巴马的任期还8个月,他表示009年当权以来,的管控是“受到阻碍”最多的一个领域;If you look at the number of Americans killed since 9/11 by terrorism, it’s less than 100. If you look at the number that have been killed by gun violence, it’s in the tens of thousands,; Mr Obama said. ;For us not to be able to resolve that issue has been something that is distressing.; 。“自9.11恐怖袭击之后,因恐怖袭击受害的美国人不00人。但有成千上万人死于暴力。”奥巴马说道。“但我们解决不了这个问题,这着实让人苦恼。”Mr Obama has pushed for stricter gun control throughout his presidency but has been unable to secure any significant changes to the laws。奥巴马任职期间一直努力实行更加严格的管控,但并没有能对相关法律作出实质性的改变。President Obama seemed very confident and very relaxed, as if he felt things were starting to go his way .After the midterm elections, Mr Obama looked as if he was walking around with a very heavy weight on his back, feeling very frustrated。之前,奥巴马总统很自信也很放松,仿佛事情开始按照他的期望发展。但中期选举之后,奥巴马肩上似乎扛起了重担,倍感失意。But since then he’s had the diplomatic deal with Cuba, the nuclear agreement with Iran, an Asian trade deal and several other successes. Suddenly, he has a spring in his step. He feels like he’s achieving quite a lot at the moment and he still has ambitions to achieve an awful lot more。但自此之后,奥巴马先后与古巴签订外交协议,与伊朗签订核计划协议,与亚洲签订贸易协议并取得其他若干成就。突然间,奥巴马的脚步轻松起来。他感觉此刻取得的成就甚多,他仍然是雄心壮志,期待取得更多成就。On race relations, Mr Obama said recent concerns around mass incarcerations were ;deserve intense attention; but insisted progress had been made。就种族关系来说,奥巴马表示与大规模囚禁相关的问题值得引起“广泛关注”,但他坚持表示已经取得了进展。Children growing up during the eight years of his presidency ;will have a different view of race relations in this country.;在奥巴马8年任期中成长起来的孩子,“会对种族关系有不同的认识。”Mr Obama was speaking to the B at the White House before departing for Kenya. Talking about how he was feeling after his recent successes, he said ;every president, every leader has strengths and weaknesses;. ;One of my strengths is I have a pretty even temperament. I don’t get too high when it’s high and I don’t get too low when it’s low,; he said。奥巴马出访肯尼亚之前在白宫接受了B的采访。谈到对最近取得的成功的看法时,奥巴马表示:“每个领导者都有优势和不足。”“我的一个优势是,我拥有平和的心态。情况好时不骄傲;情况差时不气馁。”来 /201507/387928African nations that have been supplying oil, copper, iron ore and bauxite to feed China’s supercharged growth have suddenly woken from a dream.一直向中国供应石油、铜、铁矿石和铝土矿、以撑中国迅猛增长的非洲国家,突然从梦中醒来。China is slowing and trying to shift to a consumer-driven model that will inevitably depend less on African raw materials, and commodity prices are tumbling as a result. Further, some international investors, spooked by the prospect of rising US interest rates, have lost their appetite for emerging markets.中国经济增长开始放缓,中国还在努力向消费驱动型增长模式转型——该模式将不可避免地降低中国对非洲原材料的依赖,大宗商品价格也因此不断下跌。另外,受到美国可能加息惊吓的部分国际投资者,已对新兴市场失去了兴趣。“The past decade has been very benign for Africa,says Paul Collier, an Oxford economist, “but that’s over.The period began, he says, with debt relief, before “commodity prices went through the roof In the 10 years to 2014, trade between Africa and China increased 20-fold to more than 0bn.“过去十年对非洲非常有利,”牛津大Oxford)经济学家保罗科利Paul Collier)表示,“但那种日子已经到头了。”他说,那段时期一开始是各国减免非洲的债务,然后“大宗商品价格又一路飞涨”。截014年的十年,中非贸易额增长19倍,至000亿美元。The combination of low debt and high revenue allowed many African governments to tap capital markets for the first time. In some cases, that funded the discovery of more reserves of minerals and hydrocarbons.债务低加上收入高,使得许多非洲政府头一次得以利用资本市场。在某些情况下,这为发现更多矿产和碳氢化合物储量提供了资金。“This was the biggest opportunity Africa ever had,says Mr Collier, “but it’s broadly been a missed opportunity.”“这曾是非洲面临过的最大机遇,”柯利尔表示,“但这个机遇基本上被错过了。”Countries that did not prepare in the good times by diversifying or building strong economic buffers are now likely to suffer a Chinese hangover.如今中国做东的盛宴已散席,那些在景气时期没有未雨绸缪地进行多元化或打造强大经济缓冲的国家,眼下可能会受豪饮后遗症之苦。Yet that does not mean the Chinese-African relationship has ended far from it. For a start, China’s economy may be slowing but, barring a catastrophe, it is unlikely to grind to a halt. Even at 5 per cent growth, China would add an Indian-sized economy to its aly massive bulk in four years, implying a steady, albeit more moderate, demand for African raw materials.但这并不意味着中非关系已终结——远不至此。首先,中国经济或许正在放缓,但除非发生一场灾难,中国经济不大可能逐渐放缓至停滞。即便以5%的速度增长,已然庞大的中国经济也将年内增加相当于一个印度的经济体量,这意味着中国对非洲原材料的需求尽管将降温,但仍将保持稳定。Second, the China-Africa relationship goes much deeper than extracting raw materials. “Rwanda and Ethiopia are not commodity exporters,says Deborah Br甀琀椀最愀洀, an expert on China-Africa relations at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Those two economies have close trade and investment ties with China, and have racked up years of impressive growth. “So something else is going on.”其次,中非关系的发展远远超过了开采原材料的范畴。“卢旺达和埃塞俄比亚并非大宗商品出口国,”约翰霍普金斯大学高级国际研究学Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies)的中非关系专家德拉布罗蒂加Deborah Br甀琀椀最愀洀)说。这两个经济体跟中国之间保持着紧密的贸易与投资关系,并且多年来增速令人瞩目。“所以,中非关系还有别的东西。”In the case of Ethiopia, the relationship has been built on trade, and investment in infrastructure and manufacturing, says Arkebe Oqubay, architect of the country’s industrial policy. “I don’t think Chinese investment in Africa is primarily driven by resources.”埃塞俄比亚工业政策的设计师阿凯贝攠鍙巴(Arkebe Oquba)表示,埃塞俄比亚与中国的关系一直建立在贸易、基础设施投资与制造上。“我认为,中国对非投资并非主要由资源驱动。”More than any other country in Africa, Ethiopia has made concerted efforts to build an industrial base.埃塞俄比亚一直比任何其他非洲国家都更努力地协同打造工业基础。“While Africa cannot copy Chinese stages of development, it may be able to learn more than from Europe,Xu Weizhong of the Institute of African Studies told a Chatham House conference this year. “Ethiopia, for example, has studied Asian dragons and tigers, which have influenced its policies.”“尽管非洲不能复制中国的发展阶段,但非洲从中国身上或许能比从欧洲身上学到更多。”中国现代国际关系研究院西亚非洲研究所的徐伟忠今年在查塔姆国际事务研究所(Chatham House,又名英国皇家国际事务研究所(the Royal Institute of International Affairs))的一次会议上表示,“比如,埃塞俄比亚研究了亚洲四小龙和四小虎,研究成果影响了该国的政策。”Chinese companies, many of them private, have been among the most enthusiastic investors. In the leather industry, Huajian, one of the world’s biggest shoe manufacturers, employs 4,000 workers in an industrial park outside Addis Ababa. Its experience has been largely positive and it plans to increase its workforce to 40,000.中国企业(其中许多为民营企业)一直投资热情极为高涨。在皮革行业,全球最大的制鞋企业之一华坚集团(Huajian)在亚的斯亚贝巴一处工业园雇用000名工人。该公司的经历基本是顺利的,它还打算把员工数量增加至4万人。Howard French, an academic and author of China’s Second Continent, says that rising labour costs at home and the Chinese public’s growing awareness of environmental damage is driving some lower-end manufacturing out of China. These push factors, says Mr French, make Africa an interesting offshore destination. “It’s aly a big deal, and potentially it’s a very big deal.”著有《中国的第二块大陆China’s Second Continent)一书的学者傅好文(Howard French)表示中国国内劳动力成本的上升加上中国民众越来越在意环境破坏,开始推动部分低端制造业撤出中国。傅好文表示,这些推动因素使非洲成为一个值得关注的海外目的地。“这已经是一笔大交易,它可能还会是一笔非常大的交易。”He describes Beijing’s resource grab, lubricated sometimes by massive bribes, as mostly “pernicious Yet Chinese individuals, and Chinese companies such as Haujian, he says, can have a potentially beneficial impact.他把中国的资源夺取(有时是用大笔贿赂来疏通的)描述为基本上“极其有害的”。不过,他表示,中国的一些个人、以及华坚集团等中国企业可能会产生有益的影响。One of Africa’s attractions is that it is largely uncontested territory. “Chinese companies can go and cut their teeth at [low] prices, because the top tier of western companies is not there. It’s an ideal training ground.”非洲的吸引力之一,是国家之间基本没有领土纠纷。“中国企业可以去非洲以(低)代价获取经验,因为那里还没有第一流的西方企业。那是一个理想的训练场地。”Mr French remembers 18 months ago on the drive into Kampala from Uganda’s Entebbe airport, seeing billboard after billboard for Chinese goods: “Mattresses, fridges, washer-driers, roof tiles you name it.”傅好文记得8个月前,在从乌干达坎帕拉驾车去恩德培机场途中,他看到了一个又一个的中国商品广告牌:“床垫,冰箱,洗衣烘干两用机,屋面瓦——什么都有。”Cheap Chinese products, such as textiles, have often been blamed for wiping out whole swaths of African industry. But Mr French argues that the death of inefficient industries selling overpriced goods to unfortunate African consumers is not necessarily to be mourned.经常有人指责称,纺织品等廉价中国产品挤垮了非洲的一个个行业。但傅好文认为,那些向倒霉的非洲消费者出售高价产品的低效率行业垮掉,未必值得哀悼。The trick is to harness the new opportunities provided by Chinese interest in the continent, he says. If governments respond with the right incentives, as Ethiopia has tried to do, by encouraging manufacturers to invest locally, transfer technology and employ local staff, China can be more a boon than a threat.他说,关键在于抓住中国对非洲的兴趣提供的新机遇。如果各国政府像埃塞俄比亚一直努力在做的那样,拿出适当的激励措施作为回应,鼓励生产商在当地投资、向当地转移技术并雇佣当地员工,那么中国带来的可能会是福音而不是威胁。Ha-Joon Chang, a development economist at Cambridge university, says that even though the Chinese state has been every bit as exploitative as the west, Beijing’s growing presence in Africa has been largely beneficial.剑桥大学(Cambridge university)发展经济学家张夏Ha-Joon Chang)表示,尽管中国政府的剥削性与西方完全相同,但中国加大在非洲的存在,基本上是对非洲有益的。“The most important thing is that there’s competition,he says. “For African countries, there used to be only one bank in town. It was called the World Bank.Ethiopia has found Chinese finance “smoother and faster he adds. African nations, says Mr Chang, must wean themselves off simply “digging things out of the ground“最重要的事情是,这带来了竞争。”张夏准说,“过去,非洲国家只能从一家借钱,那就是世界(World Bank)。”他接着说,埃塞俄比亚已发现,从中国融资,过程“更顺畅、也更快捷”;非洲国家必须使自己摆脱仅仅“从地下挖东西”的状态。Instead, they need to move to an early industrial phase in the mould of now-wealthy South Korea, whose GDP per capita in 1960 was half that of Ghana’s. One of South Korea’s first successful industrial experiments was wig-making, he says, a labour-intensive operation that required workers to attach individual strands of hair.它们需要按照如今已跻身富国行列的韩国的模式,迈进早期工业化阶段0世纪60年代,韩国的人均国内生产总GDP)仅为加纳的一半。张夏准说,韩国首批成功的工业化试验之一是假发制造业,那是一种劳动密集型业务,要求工人把一缕一缕的假发贴上去。Other countries such as Rwanda, Mauritius and Ghana, have set off in the right direction, says Mr Chang. On the other hand, “Zambia is still digging copper...愠渀搀 Angola doesn’t appear to be doing much to prepare for the future.”张夏准说,卢旺达、毛里求斯和加纳等其他国家已朝着正确方向出发了。另一方面,“赞比亚仍在挖铜……安哥拉似乎也没有为未来做太多准备。”The next decade or so, he predicts, will see a sharp divergence between countries with good policies and those without. China’s interest in Africa, albeit tempered by its current slowdown, means that opportunity will continue to knock. But it will not knock equally.张夏准预测,未来十来年,实施了良好政策的国家与未实施良好政策的国家之间将出现巨大分野。中国对非洲的兴趣,尽管因当前其自身增长放慢而减弱,仍意味着机会将继续来敲门。但是,它不会平均地敲每一个国家的门。来 /201510/40355943 YEARS O43年前Two musk oxen for a pair of giant pandas. Who would make that trade?两头麝牛换一对大熊猫,谁会做这样一笔买卖?The Chinese did, when President Richard M. Nixon was on his world-changing trip to China in 1972.中国人就是这么干的,这件事发生在1972年,理查德·M·尼克松总统(President Richard M. Nixon)那次改变世界的访华之旅过程中。Thus renewed the American love affair with these jumbo creatures, the newest of which twins were born to the teenage panda Mei Xiang at the National Zoo in Washington on Saturday (one did not survive the week).于是美国人重新爱上了这种吃竹子的动物,就2日,华盛顿国家动物园的熊猫美香还产下了双胞胎宝宝,不过其中一只在一周内夭折。Panda diplomacy has had a long history, but before Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing arrived in the ed States (not long after Nixon returned from his trip), there hadn’t been a giant panda here for more than 20 years.熊猫外交历史悠久,但在大熊猫玲玲和兴兴抵达美国之前(尼克松从中国归来后不久),美国已经有20多年没有大熊猫了。At The New York Times, this was front page news, and it began with a vigorous debate about where the pandas would reside. In an article on March 1, 1972, Murray Schumach reported that “with the intensity of politicians bargaining for presidential convention delegates, zoo directors are bringing every kind of pressure to get one of the furry clowns with the black-patched white bodies and the black-ringed eyes.”玲玲和兴兴的到来成了《纽约时报》的头版新闻,先是一场激烈的争论,讨论它们到底应该住在什么地方。在1972日的文章中,默里·舒马Murray Schumach)写道,“众家动物园园长为得到一只黑白相间、带黑眼圈的毛绒小丑使尽全身解数,就像政客为了成为总统会议代表一般激烈。”The Bronx Zoo had a compelling case: “We still have the panda house with its sprinkler and swimming pool,its director, William G. Conway, was ed as saying in the article. “It is now inhabited by wallabies,Mr. Conway was further ed. “But we’d send them back with the kangaroos in 10 minutes if we could get a panda.”布朗克斯动物园有个很棒的熊猫舍:“我们仍然保留着带洒水器和泳池的熊猫房,”文中引用园长威廉·G·康韦(William G. Conway)的话说。“现在那个房间被沙袋鼠占了,但如果能够得到一只熊猫,我们可以在十分钟内把它们送回到袋鼠那里。”By March 13, Nixon had made his decision: The pandas would live at the National Zoo. The conversation then turned to another urgent question:33日,尼克松做了决定,两只熊猫将入驻国家动物园。接下来讨论焦点变成了另一个棘手的问题:“The sexual identity of the pandas has been discussed at the highest levels,Robert B. Semple Jr. wrote in an article on March 14. “While sunning himself in Key Biscayne, Fla., John D. Ehrlichman, Mr. Nixon’s top domestic policy adviser, received a call from a zoologist who said he feared that the Chinese might send two males or two females.”“最高层人士曾为熊猫的性别展开讨论,4日,小罗伯特·B·森普Robert B. Semple Jr.)撰文写道,“尼克松的最高国内政策顾问约翰·D·埃利希曼(John D. Ehrlichman)在佛罗里达州基比斯坎度假晒太阳时,接到一个动物学家的电话,说他担心中国人会送来两只雄性熊猫或两只雌性熊猫。”They did not. The girl panda, Ling-Ling, and the boy panda, Hsing-Hsing, arrived in early April and made their public bow on April 20. In another front page article, Nan Robertson reported that “the first to pay a callwas “Mrs. Richard M. Nixon, who giggled her way through introductions.”他们并没有这样做。女熊猫玲玲和男熊猫兴兴月初抵达美国,并0日第一次对公众亮相。在另一篇头版文章里,娜恩·罗伯Nan Robertson)写道,“第一个去看望熊猫的是理查德·M·尼克松的夫人,整个介绍过程中一直咯咯笑个不停。”Ms. Robertson ed Mrs. Nixon as saying: “They give you an extra dimension of joy.The first lady added, “I think everyone would like to cuddle them.”罗伯逊引用尼克松夫人的原话:“它们带给你特别多的快乐。”第一夫人还说,“我觉得所有人都想抱着它们。”For her part, “Ling-Ling lay on her log sofa, daintily nibbling on a piece of honey-b toast clutched in a forepaw.”与此同时,“玲玲斜倚在她的圆木沙发上,用一只前爪拿着一片蜂蜜烤面包,慢条斯理地啃着。”And what about those musk oxen?那两头麝牛又怎样了呢?“Frankly, I just don’t think musk oxen have the sex appeal pandas do,the National Zoo director, Theodore Reed, was ed as saying in another Page 1 article by Ms. Robertson. “You like musk oxen, but pandas can steal your heart away.”“坦白地说,我觉得麝牛不如熊猫那么性感,”罗伯逊女士在另一篇头版文章中引用国家动物园园长西奥多·里德(Theodore Reed)的话说。“你可以喜欢麝牛,但熊猫却能偷走你的心。”The article reported that Mr. Reed had personally escorted the musk oxen, Milton and Matilda, to Peking (now Beijing), returning with the pandas.这篇文章还报道,里德亲自护送两头麝牛——米尔顿和马蒂尔德——去往北京,并且带回了两只熊猫。“He confirmed that Milton was suffering from postnasal drip, possible depression, a cough and falling hair in the Peking zoo. Matilda is also reported to be feeling poorly.”“他实,米尔顿在北京动物园有点流鼻涕、咳嗽和掉毛,可能有点抑郁。据说玛蒂尔达状况也不好。”But thanks for the pandas.但是幸好我们得到了熊猫。来 /201509/397243

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