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想上斯坦福或者哈佛吗?录取率持续下降,你很可能被拒 -- ::19 来源: 国际著名高校录取率持续走低,一方面由于某些高校刻意吸引更多申请者,而那些经典名校靠品牌影响力吸引了更多莘莘学子一起来看看最新出炉的名校录取率清单Admission rates super-selective colleges are headed in one direction: Down. Stand, with the most competitive admissions in the country, this year edged below the 5 percent mark the first time. Harvardrsquo;s rate, second-lowest among major colleges, hovers right above that threshold.名校录取率持续走低,斯坦福在国内入学竞争非常激烈,今年录取率首次降至5%以下众多名校中,哈佛录取率第二低,仅比斯坦福入学率稍高一点点The admission rates are getting so low that a New York Times columnist joked that Standrsquo;s this year was 0 percent ; with everyone denied access to the elite school; the truth is, if you apply to Stand you probably wonrsquo;t get in. Itrsquo;s not quite at the vanishing point, but the real rate of .7 percent at the private university in Silicon Valley is still astonishing compared to a decade ago. the class entering in fall , Stand admitted a share more than twice as large as this year (but still quite low): .9 percent.名校录取率实在太低了,纽约时报专栏作家开玩笑称今年斯坦弗的录取率为0-所有人都被拒了实际上,如果你申请斯坦弗大学,很可能不会被录取虽然不至于录取率为0,但硅谷的私立大学实际录取率只有.7%,同十年前相比十分令人震惊年秋季,斯坦福大学录取率是今年的倍多(但仍然很低):.9%The numbers game reflects the frenzy of competitive admissions. The more applications, the lower the rate, unless a college grows enrollment to match rising demand. Some colleges seem to do everything they can to boost applications, which enables them to deny more applicants, making the school look more selective.这场数字游戏反映了入学竞争的激烈程度申请者越多,录取率越低,除非高校扩招来适应这日益上涨的需求有些学校似乎想尽办法吸引申请者,这样他们就能够拒绝更多人,从而使得学校看起来更加抢手But the most prestigious schools donrsquo;t have to gin up demand. Their rising application totals simply reflect the perennial national and global power of their brands. Stand drew 3,997 applicants this year, up from ,97 the year bee. Harvardrsquo;s total was 39,1, up from 37,3. Cornell led the eight Ivy League schools (which donrsquo;t include Stand) in number of applications, with ,966, up from 1,900.但最著名的高校无需如此这些高校逐年上升的申请人数仅仅印了学校品牌在国内外多年的声誉和影响力今年斯坦福收到了3997份申请,比去年的97有所上升哈佛从去年的373上升至391.康奈尔大学在八所常春藤联盟院校中(不包括斯坦福)收到的入学申请最多-966份,比去年1900有所上升A quick scan of official news releases and student newspaper reports found lower admission rates this year at several prominent colleges and universities. The Washington Post is keeping track of admission rates at top schools the incoming fall class, and the previous yearrsquo;s class. We will update the list as we gather more data from selective colleges.快速浏览官方发布新闻及校刊报道可以发现,今年几所著名院校和大学的录取率再创新低华盛顿邮报实时跟踪著名高校在今年秋季及去年的录取率一旦收集到更多高校数据,我们将会立刻进行更新It is important to note that these figures combine all offers, from the early and regular phases of the cycle. ;Early decision; applicants ; who apply in the fall and commit to enroll if accepted ; will often find the admission rate their group is much higher than the total rate. Regular applicants typically apply in January, get offers by April 1 and then weigh their choices. They have until May 1 to decide where to enroll.需要注意的是,这些数据包括所有录取者,即整个阶段的前期和常规阶段;提前录取;的申请者-即秋季申请,若录取即承诺入学-他们的录取率通常比总录取率要高得多常规申请者一般在1月份申请,月1日前拿到录取通知,然后选择大学他们需在5月1日前确定入学学校 College Admission Rates年大学录取率The sortable table below includes selected top schools with data available as of April 1, but please check back, as the list will be updated. The admission rates are preliminary.下表包括著名院校截止到月1日的数据,但请与之前数据对比查阅,该清单会进行更新年的录取率仅针对第一阶段不幸遇上鲨鱼,这样做你才不会被吃掉 -- 18:7:6 来源: 为了避免被鲨鱼袭击,有没有什么简单的预防策略呢?如果真的遇上了一条鲨鱼,你又该怎么做呢? (CNN)Ah, the joys of summer. Getting lost on road trips. Firework injuries. Shark attacks.(CNN)恩,夏天来了,很多乐趣也跟着一起来了比如在旅途中迷失,被烟花爆竹炸伤,又或者,遭遇鲨鱼袭击Yes, we know there are a ton of terrible things more likely to befall you than a shark taking a liking to you. But it does happen (last year, there were about 0 attacks worldwide). So, as you head to the beach, here are some tips to keep you from becoming shark snack.当然,众所周知,被鲨鱼袭击的概率非常低,远低于其它更多更可怕的、会发生在你身上的事情不过,它的确发生过(去年,全球大约有0起鲨鱼袭击事件)所以,当你计划去海滩,这里有一些建议,能避免你成为鲨鱼的点心Be the bigger man做一个更强大的人See a shark and think it’s about to attack? Act "big," because sharks respect size and strength, says shark expert George Burgess, director of the International Shark Attack File. And pop it on the nose. "A smack to the nose is startling to a shark," he says.遇到鲨鱼,发现它将要攻击你?据全球鲨鱼袭击档案的负责人、鲨鱼专家乔治.伯杰斯介绍,“表现得强大些,因为鲨鱼敬畏体型和力量猛击它的鼻子”他说,“这里是鲨鱼最致命的地方”Thrash about拼命挣扎,别装死Attacks are rare; deaths are rarer (six worldwide last year). But if you do find yourself in the jaws of a great white -- or bull shark, or tiger shark -- don’t play dead. "If you play dead, you’re going to be dead," says Burgess. Because the shark, after taking an exploratory bite of you, will think it’s won the battle and will commence to chomping.鲨鱼袭击很少见,而被鲨鱼吃掉更少之又少(去年共有6起)但是,如果你真的发现自己已经在大白鲨、牛鲨、或者虎鲨的嘴里了——别装死伯杰斯说,“如果你装死,你真的就要死了”因为在鲨鱼试探过之后,会认为自己是赢家了,就会上来大快朵颐Fight! Fight! Fight!还击!还击!还击!Deal with a shark like you would a neighborhood bully. "So hit him, and maybe he’ll go home to mommy," Burgess says. If you got something handy, like your selfie stick or scuba gear, smack the shark with it. Or just use bare hands and go the nose, gills and eyes -- all sensitive areas.对付鲨鱼,就好像是被邻居欺负一样,“所以你就打它,也许它会回家找妈妈”伯杰斯说如果你手上有什么工具,比如自拍杆或潜水装备,猛击鲨鱼或者就只是赤手空拳的去打它的鼻子,腮和眼睛——它所有敏感的部位Spring the shore迅速上岸Successfully fought off Jaws? Hightail it to the beach. That might sound obvious, but it makes sense. All of that splashing and commotion (not to mention the blood) is sure to attract other sharks that might be swimming by, says Burgess. Once on solid ground, stop the bleeding and get help.成功地脱离了“鲨口”?迅速撤回海滩这听起来可能平淡无奇,但它确实非常有效伯杰斯说,溅起的水花和骚动(更不用说血了)一定会吸引其他游过这儿的鲨鱼一旦到了陆地上,迅速止血并求助Whew, surely you don’t ever want a repeat of that experience. So what should you differently next time?哦,下次你肯定不想再重复这一经历那么,有哪些要注意的呢?Stay out of Florida别去佛罗里达州OK, we’re kidding (but only a little). The Sunshine State usually leads the world in unprovoked shark attacks. It had 30 last year. Makes sense if you think about it: lengthy coastline + throngs of tourists shark buffet.好吧,我们是在开玩笑(但真的是这样哦)这个阳光充足的地方,是全球最容易无端遭鲨鱼攻击之地仅去年就发生了30起如果你思考下,其实不无道理:漫长的海岸线+众多的旅游人士鲨鱼自助餐Don’t swim at night不要在夜间游泳Contrary to the joys Michael Stipe sings about, avoid night swimming, because you can’t see the sharks coming. Also avoid mouths of rivers, inlets, channels and any place where fish congregate. "Where there’s fish, there’s predators," Burgess says.与迈克尔.斯泰普演唱的恰恰相反,你要避免晚上游泳因为鲨鱼来了你也不容易发现,也不要在河口、水湾、运河以及其它任何鱼群富集的区域游泳“哪里有鱼,哪里就有食肉动物”伯杰斯说Ditch the bling不要佩戴闪光的东西Light reflecting off jewelry is a surefire shark draw. They think it’s fish scales. So, leave those gold chains on the shore.珠宝等反光的东西会吸引鲨鱼它们会认为这是鱼鳞,不要把珠宝项链等带下水高考前夕 73所野鸡大学曝光 --5 ::50 来源: Half a month bee millions of high schoolers take Chinarsquo;s national college entrance exam, a new batch of fake colleges has been exposed.距高考还有半个月,新一批的虚假大学被曝光A list released last week on sdaxue.com, a site that helps students choose higher educational institutions, exposed 73 Chinese universities or colleges as unaccredited diploma mills. The website has published its annual list of fake schools since . This list pushes the total number of phony colleges exposed to over 00.上大学网致力于帮助学生们选择高等院校上周,网站公布的虚假大学名单又揭露了73所颁发未经授权书的院校自年以来,该网站每年都会公布虚假大学的名单,累计公布00多所虚假大学On the list are 3 schools in Beijing where many of the countryrsquo;s top universities are located. Shandong was second, with eight fake colleges, while Shanghai has seven.其中有3所虚假大学位于中国众多高等学院的所在地;;北京;山东共有8所虚假大学,位居第二;上海共有7所,位居第三Names of institutions are usually slightly altered versions of the names of real universities and colleges to confuse prospective students. Accreditation is usually fabricated or out of date. According to the website, 66 of the 73 bogus colleges were not on the college list published by the Ministry of Education (MOE), while 6 used old names of legal colleges. One used an alternative name of a Party school in Beijing.为了困惑准大学生,这些机构通常将正规院校的名字稍加改变,他们的认书往往是伪造的或者过期的据上大学网报道,73所野鸡大学中有66所均不在教育部公布的《年全国高等学校名单中,6所冒用正规高校更名前或合并前的名称,1所冒用中共北京市委党校的别称These colleges usually woo and swindle high school graduates through slick recruitment sites.虚假大学一般通过空壳网站招收和欺骗高中毕业生Xinhua reporters contacted a dozen of them, all supposedly located in Beijing, but none of their phone numbers were available. Most of their addresses are in the suburbs, making them hard to find. Some, such as the address of ;Beijing Normal University of Science and Technology,; simply do not exist.新华社记者拨打了十多所北京字头虚假大学的联系电话,一个都没有联系上大多数院校都位于郊区,很难找到,一些院校的地址根本就不存在,比如;北京科技师范大学;;Approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, our college trains talent education and global labor services,; s the website of Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, reportedly located in Beijingrsquo;s Chaoyang District. The college claims more than ,500 graduates and excellent teaching facilities. Xinhua reporters could not locate the college at its address, although a vocational school was found. One of the school staff confirmed that no other college is located there, and that the vocational school was the only education institution in the vicinity.;我校是经北京市教委批准成立的一所融高等教育助学和国际劳务输出培训于一体的高等教育学校学院成立至今,已为社会培养500多位优秀毕业生校园教学设备一应俱全,; 虚假大学;北京建筑工程学院;官方网站上写道新华社记者来到其官网上标注的北京朝阳区地址,但并未找到该学校但是,附近的确有一所中专学校,学校工作人员说这里只有一所中专学校,附近没有其他的学校古驰因阿里巴巴加入而退出美反假联盟 -- :00:53 来源: (上海)在四月份中国电商巨头阿里巴巴加入国际反假联盟之后,古驰(美国)成为第二个退出该联盟的公司SHANGHAI (AP) ; Gucci America has quit the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, the second defection since the Washington, D.C.-based group allowed Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to become a member in April.(上海)在四月份中国电商巨头阿里巴巴加入国际反假联盟之后,古驰(美国)成为第二个退出该联盟的公司Michael Kors walked out of the IACC last month, calling Alibaba ;our most dangerous and damaging adversary.;上月,Michael Kors退出国际反假联盟,并将阿里巴巴称作;我们最危险有害的竞争对手;The outrage over Alibabarsquo;s membership raises fresh questions about how effective Alibaba has been in fighting fakes as it pushes to take its e-commerce juggernaut global. It has also allowed the deep loathing some harbor one of Chinarsquo;s global champions to burst into view.对于阿里巴巴加入的愤慨伴随着阿里巴巴在完成全球电商布局之时会如何打击假货的疑惑这也让对中国商业巨头之一的嫌恶浮出水面Gucci, along with other Kering Group brands like Balenciaga, is suing Alibaba in New York federal court. They accuse Alibaba of knowingly encouraging and profiting from the sale of counterfeit goods on its e-commerce platms. Alibaba has dismissed the suit as ;wasteful litigation.;古驰和开云集团旗下的品牌如巴黎世家正在纽约联邦法庭上起诉阿里巴巴它们控诉阿里巴巴在其电商品台上有意识地鼓励贩售假货,并从中牟利By Saturday, Guccirsquo;s name had been struck from the IACCrsquo;s website. ;They were not happy about Alibaba joining,; said IACC vice-president Candice Li-Uzoigwe. She said Gucci inmed the group of its decision to leave on Wednesday.截止周六,古驰已经不在反假联盟的网站上了反假联盟的副主席Candice Li-Uzoigwe说:;他们对阿里巴巴的加入感到十分不悦;她还说,古驰在周三告知联盟退出的决定;The IACC stands by its decision and is committed to lean into the future and lead a coalition of the willing,; IACC president Robert Barchiesi said by email Saturday. ;Whether itrsquo;s payment processors or online marketplaces, the choice is clear, they must be an integral part of the solution.;周六,反假联盟的主席Robert Barchiesi在电邮中表示:;反假联盟不会改变决定,并致力于和品牌们一起发展美好的未来;Alibabarsquo;s membership falls into a special category, without leadership positions and voting rights. Barchiesi said that it was created in response to eBayrsquo;s request membership. eBay ultimately did not join the coalition.阿里巴巴的成员身份比较特殊,没有领导席位和投票权Barchiesi表示,这个身份是为了易贝的申请而特别设立的然而最终易贝也没有加入该联盟Alibaba has said IACC membership would allow it to work more closely and effectively with brands to proactively ence intellectual property rights.阿里巴巴表示,反假联盟成员的身份能让其和各个品牌一同更加有效地保护知识产权The IACC has over 50 members, including Apple, Cisco Systems and Chanel.国际反假联盟有超过50名成员,其中包括苹果公司、思科以及香奈儿Gucci and Alibaba did not immediately respond to requests comment.古驰和阿里巴巴并未立即就此事作出这些词多年前就有了,你都认识吗? -- :3:18 来源:chinadaily 我们每天都在向大家介绍英语中产生的新词和新的表达,不知道你们都积累多少了?有时候,我们发现的一些新词可能在英语里已经出现好多年了,但是一直没有被大规模使用,所以也就没有引起我们的注意 今天要给大家介绍的这些词,它们出现的最早记录都在1995年3月,也就多年前你都见过吗?知道是什么意思吗? gt;gt;Barfmail 退回邮件 n. An email message spewed out in all directions. 无法发送出去的邮件 最早出现1995年3月6日,The Washington Times 引文: Barfmail: multiple bounce (nondelivered) messages to the level of serious annoyance, like what happens when an inter-mail gateway goes wonky. —Larry R. Moffitt, “The Hacker's Dictionary,” The Washington Times, March 6, 1995 gt;gt;Celebrity wrangler 名人联络 n. A person who negotiates with a celebrity's agent, manager, or publicist to ensure the star's attendance at a social event. 与名人的经纪人、经理人或者公关人员商讨联络,确保名人能够出席某个社会活动的人员 最早出现1995年3月日,The Dallas Morning News 引文: Celebrities attending the All Star MS Rodeo will be well fed Sunday night, thanks to Al Biernat, manager of the Palm restaurant, and celebrity wranglers Marty Rendleman and Jean Kibler. —Alan Peppard, “Could be an instant replay,” The Dallas Morning News, March , 1995 gt;gt;Coolhunter 时尚猎酷 n. A person who investigates cutting-edge trends, fashions, and ideas and sells them as market research to companies so they can incorporate them into their latest products. 研究最前沿的潮流、时尚和理念,并将成果出售给公司企业,让其将这些成果应用到最新产品中的人 最早出现1995年3月日,The New Yorker 引文: The paradox, of course, is that the better coolhunters become at bringing the mainstream close to the cutting edge, the more elusive the cutting edge becomes. This is the first rule of the cool: The quicker the chase, the quicker the flight. The act of discovering what's cool is what causes cool to move on, which explains the triumphant circularity of coolhunting: because we have coolhunters like DeeDee and Baysie, cool changes more quickly, and because cool changes more quickly, we need coolhunters like DeeDee and Baysie. —Malcolm Gladwell, “The Coolhunt,” The New Yorker, March , 1995 gt;gt;De-alert 解除警报 v. To separate a nuclear weapon's warhead from its delivery system. 将核弹头与其发射架相脱离 最早出现1995年3月9日,Federal News Service 引文: Another developing international norm is the cessation of nuclear weapons testing. Since the NPT was signed, only one new country — India — has carried out an underground test. The steep reductions, de-alerting and detargeting of nuclear ces also convey important symbolic messages. —Michael Krepon, “Prepared Testimony of Michael Krepon Bee the Senate eign Relations Committee on Ratification,” Federal News Service, March 9, 1995 gt;gt;Dead tree edition 纸质版 n. The paper version of an online newspaper, magazine or journal. 在线报纸、杂志和期刊的纸质版 最早出现1995年3月3日,The Wall Street Journal 引文: The Los Angeles Times is on Prodigy under the name TimesLink and, like its parent, is filled with lengthy stories on every imaginable topic. But this strong content is trapped inside one of the ugliest and most confusing user interfaces I've seen on an electronic paper. The opening screen sports buttons, a clunky and juvenile Prodigy-style illustration and a garish ad. That said, there's a lot here, including much material that goes beyond what's in the dead-tree edition. —Walter S. Mossberg, “Newspapers Go Online to Save the Industry,” The Wall Street Journal, March 3, 1995 gt;gt;Eco-driving 环保驾驶 pp. Driving in a way that minimizes fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. 将油耗和尾气排放降到最低水平的驾驶方式 最早出现1995年3月31日,Sydney Morning Heral 引文: Now Mercedes Benz has started looking at the problem and has developed an eco-driving program. So far 1,0 drivers have done the course and, in covering 7 million kilometres, Mercedes believes they have saved 1.5 million litres of fuel and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by around 35,000 tonnes. —Alan Kennedy, “Drive to slow greenhouse blowout,” Sydney Morning Herald, March 31, 1995 gt;gt;Egosurfing 自我搜索 pp. Using a search engine to locate and pages, posts, s, and other online content that mentions your name. 在网络搜索并阅读带有自己名字的网页、帖子、文章等在线内容 最早出现1995年3月1日,Wired 引文: Egosurfing: Scanning the Net, databases, print media, or research papers looking mentions of your own name. —Gareth Branwyn, “Jargon Watch,” Wired, March 1, 1995 gt;gt;Elvis year 猫王年 n. The year in which a product, person, or phenomenon peaks in popularity. 某件产品、某个人,或者某个现象极度风靡的一年 最早出现1995年3月日, Billboard 引文: But Lyons believes that's simply more evidence that the pent-up demand Barney product was satisfied, and that sales will continue to be healthy. “Prior to ‘93, there was little Barney merchandise available,” Mack says. “We call 1993 ‘the Elvis year.”' —Moira McCormick, “Theme park, TV, vid show Barney far from extinct,” Billboard, March , 1995 gt;gt;Ethnoburb 族裔郊区 n. A suburban area that draws a large number of immigrants from the same ethnic group. 聚集了大量同一种族移民人口的郊区 最早出现1995年3月日,Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers 引文: Wei Li, “Los Angeles' Chinese Ethnoburb: Evolution of Ethnic Commy and Economy,” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, March , 1995 gt;gt;Fact-free science 虚拟科学 n. A scientific endeavour—such as a computer simulation of a biological process—that does not take into real-world constraints such as chemical or biological data. 计算机模拟生物进化过程等不需要考虑诸如化学或生物数据等现实局限性的科学探索 最早出现1995年3月日,The New York Review of Books 引文: I discuss below a particular example of a dynamic system—Turing's morphogenetic waves—which gives rise to just the kind of structure that, as a biologist, I want to see. But first I must explain why I have a general feeling of unease when contemplating complex systems dynamics. Its devotees are practicing fact-free science. A fact them is, at best, the output of a computer simulation: it is rarely a fact about the world. —John Maynard Smith, “Life at the Edge of Chaos?,” The New York Review of Books, March , 1995 gt;gt;Issue literature 主题文学 n. A literary genre where each work takes as its central theme a social, cultural, or political issue. 每部作品选择一个社会、文化或政治问题作为主题的文学作品形式 最早出现1995年3月日,The Irish Times 引文: Strangely or not strangely at all,“ said Ms Carr, ”babes are usually feminists, if you mean by feminism the promotion of all that is good and liberating in our culture. Where the babes part company with their sisters, is when it comes to issue literature. Babes will not reduce their work to a series of issues and disapprove strongly with anyone who tries to reduce their work to a series of issues. —Luke Clancy, “Writer prides herself on being ‘a babe',” The Irish Times, March , 1995 gt;gt;Paraeducator 特殊教育者 n. A teaching assistant, particularly one who works individually with children who have special language or learning needs. 帮助有特殊的语言或学习需求的孩子进行单独学习的助教人员 最早出现1995年3月3日,The Press-Enterprise 引文: The assistants want to be treated as professionals, in partnership with certified teachers. And please, don't call them aides. “We are teachers, OK? We are co-workers. I am not anybody's aide. I am your co-worker,” said Virginia Rivas, bilingual instructional aide Palm Springs Unified School District, who was answered by a cheer from the audience. The preferred term is para-educator, conference organizers said. —Rebecca Shoults, “Session gets teachers' aides fired up,” The Press-Enterprise, March 3, 1995 gt;gt;Weddingmoon 婚礼蜜月 n. A vacation that includes both a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon. 包括了婚礼和蜜月的假期 最早出现1995年3月日,The Houston Chronicle 引文: Many Caribbean islands have reacted to the growing popularity of “weddingmoons” by agreeing to waive waiting period requirements so that, in some instances, tourists can marry the day they arrive. —Harry Shattuck, “Not all couples wed to tradition,” The Houston Chronicle, March , 1995

[]“北京瘫”葛大爷晋升网红 鹿晗学样 --18 ::9 来源:sohu 最近,一种“脖子以下全是腿”的坐姿在网络上爆红,而葛大爷葛优成为了这一姿势的最强代言人与葫芦娃,尔康,以及天线宝宝等“过气明星”再次走红的方式一样,葛大爷以及家庭情景剧《我爱我家再次通过”表情包”的方式,成功上位网红 Recently, a sitting posture become notoriously famous online. And just like other superannuated images such as “Er Kang” and the“Teletubbies”, Ge You becomes popular again through its funny “emoji icon package”. 那么葛大爷的表情包到底有什么独特之处呢? So what's so special about Ge You in this TV series that makes it coming back to public after such a long time? “北京瘫”是这一系列表情包的明星动作,葛大爷饰演的二混子纪春生完美诠释演绎了什么是“北京瘫”——脖子以下全是腿这一姿势的英文表达有Beijing repose, 以及CRI 英语环球广播圆桌议事赫扬翻译的Beijing Slouch Beijing Slouch is the English expression of this posture of Ge You in these pictures. The unemployed native Beijing young man Ji Chunsheng, starred by Ge You, perfectly presented and demonstrated this ;Old Beijingers' Style; sitting posture—below the neck are legs. 很快,机智的小伙伴们发现“ 脖子以下全是腿 ”不仅是葛大爷的专利,更是北京“大爷”的标准化坐姿葛大爷以外,冯导更是北京瘫坐姿的又一诠释者 Netizens found out another representative this posture--Feng Xiaogang. 冯导这姿势是可是和葛大爷一样销魂呢~更神奇的是,网友发现这一姿势不光是老一辈北京“大爷”的专利,更是被小一辈北京“少爷”演绎的淋漓尽致 However, this posture is not monopolized by those old Beijing natives. 近日,网友还评选出了“京城四瘫”!大张伟,鹿晗,易烊千玺,张一山 Recently, netizens have voted younger representatives this posture. 这四位北京“少爷”可谓是继承冯导和葛大爷的衣钵,完美的诠释了北京“少爷”的北京瘫 These four younger native Beijing celebrities perfectly take over the mantle fo Ge You and Feng Xiaogang's sitting posture of Beijing slouch. 其实这种全是腿的坐姿真的无处不在! Here! Here! And Here!! Anyway,医生提醒道,这种坐姿虽然舒适,但是会对脊柱造成严重压迫,所以我们还是应该提倡健康的坐姿 But doctors warn the public, although this position is comtable, but it will exert pressure on the spine hardly, and we should call healthy sitting posture. Photo Source: Weibo

“标签自拍”运动揭露快时尚内幕 -- 18:51:59 来源: Fashion and politics do not make the happiest of bedfellows. all its virtue signalling, a system based on inequality and insecurity ndash; thatrsquo;s the fashion business ndash; has little room genuine compassion. However, last week the beneficiaries of sweated labour are being asked to examine their consciences ndash; and their order books ndash; as part of Fashion Revolution Week.在时尚和政治领域不会有愉快的共事者由于它所有的长处特点,时尚行业,这个建立在不公平和不稳定基础上的系统,是没有太多的同情心的然而,作为;时尚革命周;的一部分,血汗劳动的受益者们在上周被要求进行良心测试,他们的订货单也要接受审查This is a global response to the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory complex in Bangladesh that killed 1,1 people and injured ,500 more, on April . And as well as a ;label selfie; campaign on social media, it has aly provoked a special Fashion Question Time in the House of Commons, hosted by Labour MP Mary Creagh, at which the industry was urged to come clean about its eign suppliers and help to clean up the iniquitous conditions under which their workers are hired.这算是对年月日发生在孟加拉国的拉纳广场工厂大楼坍塌事件的全球性回应,这场事故造成人死亡,至少500人受伤社交媒体上的;标签自拍;运动也在工党议员玛丽bull;克里奇主持的下议院中引起了一场关于;时尚问题时代;的辩论,这场辩论要求时尚业把国外供应商全部公布出来,也要帮助改善雇佣工人的不公平条件The disaster graphically demonstrated the true cost of quickly changing trends, or ;fast fashion;, high-street brands such as Gap and Benetton: dangerous working conditions, long hours and little pay the garment workers. And what made it worse is that was global fashionrsquo;s most profitable year to date.这场灾难裸地明了快速变化的流行趋势或者;快时尚;的真实消耗成本,像是Gap和贝纳通这样的主流时尚品牌的背后是装工人危险的工作环境,超长的工作时间,以及微薄的薪水更糟糕的是年是迄今为止全球时尚业最赚钱的一年;Most of the public is still not aware that human and environmental abuses are endemic across the fashion and textiles industry and that what theyrsquo;re wearing could have been made in an exploitative way,; says Carry Somers, the co-founder of Fashion Revolution, who argues that transparency is the first step towards persuading brands to take responsibility working conditions across the supply chain. Which is why, last week, people are taking those ;label selfies;, tagging the brands of what theyrsquo;re wearing, and asking #whomademyclothes.;大多数公众都没有意识到滥用人力和环境资源是时尚业和纺织业的常态,也没有意识到他们穿在身上的衣是通过剥削工人、滥用资源的方式制作而成;凯瑞bull;萨斯说道他是;时尚革命;的共同创始人,并且提出透明度是让品牌主动对整个供应链工作环境负责的第一步这就是为什么上周人们要进行;标签自拍;,指出他们衣的品牌,并询问#谁制作了我的衣裳Often the answer will be ;poor Bangladeshis;. But similar working conditions prevail across the globe, and the big brands seem blithely unconcerned. The international Behind the Barcode report, published last year by the charity Baptist World Aid Australia, found that 86 percent of brands surveyed made no attempt to ensure a living wage across their supply chains, and half didnrsquo;t even know the locations of the factories in which their garments are made. And while Hamp;M and Inditex (Zara) have taken action to pay wages above the legal minimum at the final stage of production, in the ;cut-make-trim; factories, this does not extend to the textile workers, who spin or embroider the fabric, or to the cotton farmers at the very beginning of the supply chain.大多的都是;可怜的孟加拉国;但是全球各地都有着类似糟糕的工作环境,但是大品牌貌似对此毫不关心去年澳大利亚世界援助浸信会慈善机构出版了;条形码背后;国际性调查报告,报告发现86%参与调查的品牌没有打算确保整个供应链的最低生活工资,一半的品牌甚至不知道制作装的工厂在哪里虽然Hamp;M和Zara已经开始采取行动,在生产的最后阶段付高于法定最低标准的工资,在裁缝制衣工厂里,这些福利不涉及到纺织或刺绣工人,也不包括在供应链最前端的种植棉花的农民The latter certainly deserve better treatment. In the past years, there have been 50,000 cotton-farmer suicides in India (equivalent to one every 30 minutes) because they simply canrsquo;t make ends meet. But, says Somers: ;Tragedies are preventable. All we need is to make every stakeholder in the fashion supply chain responsible and able their action and impacts. We have incredible power as consumers, if we choose how to use it.;后者当然应该受到更好的对待过去的年里,印度有5万名种植棉花的农民自杀(相当于每30分钟一个人自杀)因为他们根本就无法养家糊口但是萨斯说:;悲剧是可以阻止的我们所需要做的是让每一个时尚业供应链中的利益相关者对他们的行为和影响负责如果找到使用权力的方法,我们作为消费者也能具有惊人的力量;The 63-million reach of last yearrsquo;s #whomademyclothes hashtags is just a first step.去年#谁制作了我的衣裳的标签运动有6300万人参与,这只是开始Vocabularycome clean: 全盘招供;坦白交待iniquitous: 邪恶的;不公正的stakeholder: 利益相关者

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