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Neurologists and psychologists are of the opinion that spending a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes on a daily basis with these brain training games and memory improvement techniques will do wonders for you and your mind power. So let us take a look at the 5 things you can do to improve your memory. Read on to find out more.神经学家和心理学家建议,每天利用至少15到20分钟进行脑力锻炼游戏,学习提高的技巧,你将会发现自己的思维将发生不可思议的变化。让我们来看看提高的5种方法。往下阅读了解更多。1.A good night#39;s sleep might be useful1.优质睡眠作用不小When you sleep, your mind is at rest, which causes your brain to solidify the links shared by the neurons in your brain, which in turn boosts your power to remember. The best way to sharpen your mind skills is to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. So get your fair share of sleep.当你睡着之后,你的思维进入休息状态,大脑开始固定神经元之间的连接,进而促进你的。让思维变得敏捷的最好方式是:每天至少保7至8小时的睡眠时间。所以要好好睡觉。2.A little bit of jogging is always a good idea2.适当慢跑是个好主意Doing some workout is good for the entire body, as well as for the brain. Jogging regularly balances your heart rate, which increases the flow of blood to your brain, thereby boosting your memory power. Other than jogging, you can opt for cycling, running and swimming for at least 40 minutes every day. Any physical activity that includes effective hand eye coordination is good for your brain.运动对全身都有好处,对大脑也是。定期慢跑会使你的心率平衡,增加大脑血液流动,从而提高你的。除了慢跑,你还可以选择每天骑行、跑步、游泳40分钟以上。任何体育活动,包括有效的手眼协调活动,对大脑都有好处。3.Multitasking should be avoided as much as possible3.尽量避免一心多用People say that multitasking shows off the ability of your brain to handle multiple tasks at a single go. But the concept is entirely wrong. In fact, researchers are of the opinion that due to multitasking, we lose focus and concentration, which causes memory loss, ie, we forget certain things. That is why you will see that when you a book and talk to someone, you cannot do either properly. So quit multitasking today.人们认为,大脑拥有同时处理多种事务的能力值得炫耀--然而,这种想法完全错误。事实上,研究人员认为,由于同时进行多项任务,我们失去了重点以及专注力,造成记忆缺失并会遗忘某些事情。所以你会发现,一边读书一边与人交谈,两边都不能做得很好。今天就改掉一心多用的习惯吧。4.Try some herbal remedies4.尝试草药调养For many centuries, our elders have taught us that taking herbs for mental growth is always beneficial. This fact is absolutely true. Herbs like Ashwagandha is extremely good for boosting one#39;s memory, as well as curing brain related diseases like Alzheimer#39;s and Parkinson#39;s. Also, naturally occurring oils, like fish oil, helps the neurons in our brain to grow properly, which reduces the chances for several neurodegenerative illnesses.许多世纪以来,我们的祖辈一直教导我们用草药健脑,益处良多。事实的确如此。比如印度人参,对提高就非常有帮助,还能治疗脑部相关疾病,如阿尔茨海默症和帕金森症。同时,天然生成的油,如鱼油,可以促进大脑神经元的生长,减少神经组织退化等疾病的患病机会。5.Always try to stay organized5.尽量保持井井有条A messy house creates blocks in your memory, as you cannot remember where you might have put a certain item. Keeping your house organized makes it easier for you to remember things, as well as creating a healthy habitat for you.乱糟糟的房子会给你的记忆添堵,比如当你记不起某件东西放在哪里的时候。把家里收拾得井井有条,会让你更容易想起事情,同时也为自己创造了一个健康的生活环境。译文属 /201608/458573Lower levels of salivary testosterone have also been tied to higher self-reported levels of relationship satisfaction and commitment, a lower interest in sex outside of marriage and a lower chance of divorce. 与低水平的唾液睾酮相关的是较高水平的爱情满意度和忠诚度,男性对婚外性的兴趣较低,离婚的几率也较低。So it would seem that a father’s decrease in testosterone levels during the transition to parenthood leads him from exploring new mating opportunities towards investment into the current relationship and caring for offspring. 因此,似乎在向人父转变的过程中,父亲的睾丸素水平下降,会使其停止寻求新的交配机会,投身于目前的关系及照顾后代。Led by Darby Saxbe of the University of Southern California, the study followed 27 couples expecting their first child during pregnancy and first few months after birth.这项研究由南加州大学的Darby Saxbe带领,他们追踪了27对夫妻怀第一胎以及孩子出生后几个月里的情况。他们测量了在怀期间家长们的睾丸素水平。The parents’ testosterone levels were measured during this pregnancy, and participants rated their investment, commitment, and satisfaction with their partner a few months after their child’s birth. 孩子出生后的几个月中,参与调查的夫妻还要对自身的投入度,忠诚度和对伴侣的满意度进行打分。The team found that fathers showed significant declines in testosterone while the pregnancy progressed, and a significant positive correlation with the mother’s testosterone levels. 该研究小组发现,在伴侣怀期间,父亲的睾丸素水平出现明显的下降,并且与母亲的睾丸素水平呈显著的正相关。A better correlation between the mother’s and father’s testosterone levels during pregnancy was associated with higher levels of father involvement after the child’s birth — the degree of synchrony between the parents predicted the fathers’ investment, commitment, and satisfaction in the couple relationship. 在怀期间母亲和父亲的睾丸素水平之间的相关性越好,孩子出生后父亲的参与程度越高——父母之间的同步程度预示着父亲的投入度、忠诚度和对夫妻关系的满意度。 /201608/463073

A regular trim or treatment at the hairdresser is part of the beauty regime of women the world over. But for the past 13 years, one woman has decided to forego the salon and instead see just how long she can grow her hair.相信这个世界上绝大多数的女孩都会定期去理发店修剪头发或做造型。但这位女士却在过去的13年里放弃逛理发店,因为她决定要看看自己的头发到底能长多长。Dubbed the real life Rapunzel, Russian woman Dashik Gubanova Freckle has earned more than 104,000 followers on Instagram for her exceptionally long cascading hair.来自俄罗斯的达什克#8226;古巴诺娃#8226;弗雷克尔被人们称作真人版的长发公主,有一头超长的瀑布般的秀发,而她的Instagram账号目前有超过104000名粉丝。Ms Freckle started growing her hair in 2003 and appears to be very proud of her luscious brown locks.弗雷克尔从2003年就开始蓄发,她看上去对自己那一头柔软的棕色头发感到非常自豪。The Instagram star says she loves #39;creativity in all its forms#39;, and says her goal is to have her hair reach her toes.这位Instagram红人表示自己喜欢“各种形式的创意”,自己的目标是将头发蓄到齐脚趾那么长。She has also responded to those who have suggested she donate her hair to make wigs. #39;This post is for those who say that I should donate their hair for wigs ... In 14 years, I cut a scythe and donate hair for wigs,#39; she wrote on Instagram. #39;Today, I grow hair. My goal is to grow them to toe.#39;有人建议她可以把自己的头发捐出来制作假发,而对此她在Instagram上的回复是:“对于那些叫我捐出头发的人,我想说再过14年我会把头发剪下来捐出去做假发,但现在我还不行,因为我的目标是把它留到脚趾。”Ms Freckle recently shared a of herself in a rainbow jumpsuit, running her hands through her hair to show just how long it is.弗雷克尔最近还上传了一个视频,视频里她穿着虹连体裤,用手指穿过头发来展示自己头发的长度。She has also said close to 200 snaps of herself throughout the process and recently posed for a series of snaps that showed the full length of her tresses - the tips of her hair reaching the lower part of her shins.另外,弗雷克尔还有近200张的照片记录着她蓄发的过程,而最近她发了一组照片展示她到目前为止的蓄发成果——结果显示她的发梢已经可以到她的小腿了。And despite many questioning how she manages to blow dry her hair, keep it clean and whether she trips over it, the majority of comments left for Ms Freckle have been overwhelmingly positive.尽管有很多人在询问她怎样能把那么长的头发吹干,如何保持头发清洁,是否会被自己的头发绊倒,但绝大多数人对她的评价都很正面。#39;You remind me of a Barbie doll. I love everything about you. Keep it up,#39; one woman wrote on Instagram.“你让我想起了芭比娃娃。我喜欢你的一切。继续留头发吧。”一位女网友在Instagram留言道。#39;My friend showed me your s on FaceBook and I just wanted to tell you I am fascinated by your hair. It#39;s so beautiful,#39; said another.“我朋友给我看你的视频还有脸书主页,我只想告诉你我被你的头发迷住了。它太美了。”另一位网友留言道。 /201605/446112Confucianism’s Philosophy儒家的哲学Confucianism can be said to be a system of moral,political and social principles concerned with perfecting human character. According to Confucius, humans, though not always good, can become good through learning and through service to others, i. e. becoming wise.儒家思想可以说是政治和社会原则与完美人性相结合的制度。据孔子的思想,人类,虽然不总是好的,但可以通过学习和务他人而变好好。比如说,变得明智。 /201607/445751

Longjing tea龙井茶Longjing tea is from longjing,West Lake, Hangzhou. It is a top-grade green tea.龙井茶产于杭州西湖的龙井村。它是一种顶级绿茶。It is recorded that tea was produced in longjing in the Tang Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty longjing tea was the favourite one of Emperor Qianlong.据记载,龙井茶产于唐代时期的龙井。在清朝,龙井茶是乾隆皇帝的最爱。It is made of tea shoot. They are green,fragrant, sweet and beautiful-four unique characteristics of Longjing tea.龙井茶由茶尖制成。这些茶尖色绿、香郁、味甘、形美--龙井茶的四绝特点。In the past there were mainly four brands of longjing tea:“shi,”“long,”“yun,”and“hu. They were the four brands of Longjing tea produced in Shifeng, Longjing,Yunqi and Hupao respectively.过去龙井茶主要有四个品牌,即“狮”、“龙”、“云”、“虎”。这四个品牌的茶分别产于狮峰、龙井、云栖和虎跑。Now they are classified into three brands: “shi,”“long,”and“mei.”“Mei” is the Longjing tea produced in Meijiaawu.现在他们被划分为三个品牌:“狮”、“龙”、“梅”。“梅”是产于梅家坞的龙井茶。 /201605/445297Stagnant domestic and global demand is exerting downward pressure on China#39;s leather and fur industry.由于国内外需求的停滞不前,如今中国的皮革皮毛产业正面临着巨大的下行压力。Fur manufacturers and dealers are tightening their belts in the city of Jiaxing, East China#39;s Zhejiang Province, the capital of the nation#39;s leather and fur industry. In the township of Chongfu, production in fur clothing factories has slumped after the number of orders took a nosedive.位于中国东部的浙江省嘉兴市是中国皮革皮毛产业的中心城市,那里的皮毛制造商和经销商现在正勒紧裤腰带过日子。在崇福镇,皮毛订单的数量骤减,皮毛装工厂的产量也随之下降。In a large factory, only about 20 workers are now processing pieces of fur to make expensive overcoats and accessories, while unprocessed furs sit in a storage refrigerator.在某个大型工厂中,现在只有大约20个工人把皮毛制造成昂贵的大衣和配饰,而将那些未加工的皮毛储存在冰箱里。Factories in Jiaxing process a variety of animal pelts, from the expensive furs of foxes and martens to more affordable types like rabbits and other common mammals. The furs come from animal farms in Shandong and Hebei provinces, and the products are sold all over the country and exported to Russia, Japan and the US.嘉兴市的工厂加工各类动物的皮毛,其中比较昂贵的有狐狸皮和貂皮,而比较便宜的是兔皮和其他哺乳动物的皮毛。这些动物的皮毛来自山东省和河北省的畜牧场,制成的产品销往全国各地,并出口到俄罗斯,日本和美国。The industry has been hard hit in the last couple of years. A mink coat used to sell for 20,000-30,000 yuan (,090-4,635) in the market, but prices have plummeted to about 10,000 yuan. Other fur products have experienced a similar slump最近几年,皮毛产业受到了严重的打击。之前市场价格高达2万到3万元(3090-4635美元)的貂皮大衣现在只能卖到1万元。其他皮毛产品的价格也骤然下跌。The dealers say this is due to a plunge in fur prices in the world market. China has been experiencing an economic slowdown and demand in foreign markets has also dwindled. On the other hand, during 2009 and 2013, the size of the fur farming industry increased by 30-40 percent every year, according to the China Leather Industry Association, which resulted in chronic oversupply.相关经销商认为,世界市场皮毛价格的下降导致了中国皮毛价格的降低。中国正在经历经济增速放缓,国外市场的需求下滑的困境。此外,据中国皮革工业协会统计,在2009年到2013年之间,中国的皮毛养殖业每年增长30%到40%,导致了长期供大于求的后果。People in this industry say that their business can survive, although with reduced profits, but the workers in these factories may be left out in the cold by job losses. They can only hope that this year#39;s autumn peak season is enough to keep them in work.从业人员表示,即使利润有所下降,他们的企业仍然能够存活下去,但是工厂的工人就会因为失业而遭到冷落。他们只希望今年秋天旺季的时候能够让他们保住饭碗。 /201605/443368

An anonymous artist has, perhaps illegally, taken the Pokemon Go craze to a whole new level.虽然这有可能是违法的,但是一位匿名艺术家将其对《精灵宝可梦GO》的狂热提升到了一个新高度。A large Pikachu statue popped up overnight in New Orleans#39; Coliseum Square Park last Sunday. Reddit user ;Salamanagement; posted a picture of the statue later that day, and fans began visiting the figure.上周日,一座巨型皮卡丘雕塑一夜之间就出现在了新奥尔良体育馆广场公园。当天晚些时候,一名Reddit用户发了一张这座雕塑的照片,随后大批粉丝们就前往参观了。The ;Pokemonument,; nicknamed after the inscription on the back of the statue, is made of fiberglass, but painted to look bronze.;宝可梦纪念碑;这个名字被刻在了这座利用玻璃钢制成的雕塑的背部,但是外面刷的漆使雕塑看起来像是青铜做的。The statue seems like it was made with careful planning — the base fits perfectly in the spot where a fountain used to sit.这座雕塑的建造显然经过了精心计划--底座正好是原来一座喷泉所在的地方。City officials have yet to make a statement on whether the statue will remain in the park. Nearby residents said they#39;re not against the idea of letting Pikachu stay.目前,市政府官员还未决定这座雕塑是否能留在公园里。不过附近的居民们已经表示,他们不反对把皮卡丘留下来。;It#39;s a defunct fountain,; Karen Reese, a member of the park#39;s neighborhood association, told online news site Uptown Messenger. ;It#39;s actually on our list of fountains to get running again. So as long as it#39;s sitting here without any water flowing, it#39;s okay with me.;;喷泉已经废弃了。;公园居民联合会的成员凯伦·里瑟在接受新闻网站Uptown Messenger的采访时表示,;其实我们想让喷泉重新运作起来。虽然雕塑在那里没有水的流动,但对我来说还是可以的。; /201608/4605625.National Gallery, England5.英国伦敦国家美术馆,英国Situated in Trafalgar Square, London, the National Gallery was founded in 1824. Amongst its collection are 2,300 paintings from the 13th Century to the 20th. Its collection belongs to the public of the ed Kingdom and entry is free of charge. Unlike many museums in continental Europe, the gallery was not formed due to nationalising a former royalty owned collection, but rather due to the British government buying an initial 38 paintings for display. Since this purchase, the gallery was shaped by its earliest directors as well as from significant private donations. At one point, the museum was one of the few galleries with all its pieces on display, although this is no longer the case. The gallery has unfortunately seen its fair share of controversy – first regarding its over-zealous approach to restoration, then for misattributing paintings. Recently, it drew heavy criticism after deciding to buy US artist#39;s George Bellow#39;s #39;Men of the Docks#39;. This was seen as a non-European painting in a European style, potentially taking the Gallery in a new artistic direction, and it was lambasted from both sides of the Atlantic. The National Gallery sees more than 5 million visitors each year.英国伦敦国家美术馆始建于1834年,坐落于伦敦的特拉法加广场。在其众多艺术品中,有2300件13世纪至20世纪的画作。其藏品属于大英国民,对所有人免费开放。与很多欧洲物馆不同的是,此馆最初并不是通过国家将前朝王宫收为国有而成立的,而是为了展示大不列颠政府购买的38幅画作。自此始,英国伦敦国家美术馆即被设定为个人藏品捐赠所建。此外,它当初还是少数展览所有藏品的物馆之一。只是“这里的藏品数量庞大,逃脱不了无奈将部分珍贵藏品雪藏的命运。不幸的是,这样一座物馆也难逃非议:第一点便是它那过度的修缮方法。第二点则是对画作的错误认定。最近,它因购买美国艺术家乔治·贝洛之作《码头上的人》备受争议。这幅被视作欧洲风格的非欧洲画作暗示了物馆走的新艺术方向,但也招致大西洋两岸的骂声。同上,这里每年都要为至少500万的参观者敞开大门。4.Tate Modern, England4.泰特现代美术馆,英国London#39;s Tate Modern forms part of Britain#39;s Tate group, along with Tate Liverpool, Britain, St Ives and Tate Online. It is Britain#39;s national gallery of international modern art. Its collection is made up of national and international contemporary art dating from 1900 to present day. Tate Modern annually attracts around 5.3 million visitors annually, a number far higher than originally expected. Since 2004, plans have been in place to essentially double the display space available. Estimated to cost #163;215 million, the project began with an underground expansion, primarily to show live performance art. It has been described by the museum as the world#39;s first gallery dedicated entirely to live art. The Tate Modern is host to an ever changing array of exhibitions by artists including Picasso, Klee and Gilbert amp; George – a retrospective display which consumed an entire floor of the gallery.伦敦的泰特现代美术馆与泰特利物浦艺术馆、泰特英国美术馆、泰特圣艾夫斯美术馆及泰特在线美术馆一同隶属于英国泰特集团。它是英国的国家国际现代艺术馆。泰特现代美术馆专门收藏20世纪至今的国内外当代艺术品,每年能够吸引大概530万的旅客前来参观,远超事先预期。自2004年以来,扩大一倍展馆可用面积的方案已经步入实施。据估计此计划耗资2.15亿英镑,项目以地下扩建为开端,目的主要是为了展现行为表演艺术。它被誉为是世界上第一个专注于行为艺术的美术物馆。泰特现代美术馆展出了一系列风格迥异的大师作品,如毕加索、保罗#8226;克利、吉尔伯特和乔治的代表作,这些作品完全是一场占据了一整层画廊的重大回顾展出。3.British Museum, England3.英国国家物馆,英国Every year 5.6 million people pass through the doors of the British Museum. Located close to the heart of London in Bloomsbury on its original site, the building covers a massive area of 92,000 m2 (990,000 square feet). Established in 1753, the British Museum was originally largely based on the collections of the physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane. The institution finally opened to the public on 15 January 1759 and up until 1997 it housed both a national museum of antiquities and a national library in the same building.每年大约有560万的游客会前来参观英国国家物馆。该馆原址坐落于伦敦中心附近的布隆斯伯里区,建筑占地规模大至92,000平方米(990,000平方英尺)。英国国家物馆建立于1753年,该馆藏品大多数出自于身为内科医生、科学家的汉斯·斯隆爵士。1759年1月15日,英国国家物馆正式对公众开放,直到1997年,古董和史书才从布卢姆斯伯里搬迁到了位于圣潘克拉斯的新馆,这也使得古董收藏馆和新大英图书馆都置于英国国家物馆。2.Metropolitan Museum of Art, North America2.北美大都会物馆The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located in New York City on the eastern edge of Central Park. It is by far the largest art museum in the ed States and one of the ten largest in the world covering about 190,000 m2 (2,000,000 square feet) and sp across two locations. The Met was founded in 1870 by a group of American citizens (which included businessmen and financiers as well as leading artists and thinkers of the day) who wanted to open a museum to bring art and art education to the American people. It was officially opened on February 20, 1872 and has since moved locations from its original site. This huge museum attracts a staggering 6.1 million visitors annually and has a #39;pay as you wish#39; admission with a recommendation of . Don#39;t fret though, it#39;s only a donation and no one will kick you out for not paying.大都会物馆坐落在纽约中央公园东部。整个物馆分为两处,共占地190000平方米(即2000000平方英尺),是美国最大的物馆,也是世界上十大物馆之一。大都会物馆在1870年由一批美国公民筹建落成。这批公民中有商人、金融家,也有艺术领域的领军人物和当代思想家,他们希望通过开放物馆给美国人民带来艺术作品和艺术启蒙。从原址搬离后大都会物馆于1872年2月20日正式开放。这座宏伟的物馆每年都会迎来610万之多的游客,它承诺“票价随君”,但也给了个25美元的推荐票价。别担心,购买门票实际上就是种捐赠行为,没有人会因为你没付费而把你赶出去。1.The Louvre, France1.法国卢浮宫物馆A central landmark of Paris, the Louvre is probably the most renowned museum worldwide. No one can pinpoint the exact origin of its name, but the Louvre was originally built as a fortress in the late 12th century and the building has been extended many times to form its present structure. The museum opened on 10 August 1793 with an exhibition of 537 paintings – the majority of the works being royal and confiscated church property. It has now been extended to include nearly 35,000 objects from prehistory to the 21st century which are all exhibited over an area of 60,600 square metres (652,300 square feet) – one of which of course is the Mona Lisa. The Louvre is the world#39;s most visited museum and sees more than 9.7 million visitors annually.作为巴黎的地标,位于法国巴黎市中心的卢浮宫大概是世界上最负盛名的物馆了。没人知道这名字的由来,只知道卢浮宫始建于12世纪,原是法国的王宫,现为艺术物馆,历经800多年扩建重修达到了今天的规模。1793年8月10日,卢浮宫正式对外开放,首次展出了537幅美术臻品,这些艺术品大多源于皇室,并被教会充为公产。现如今的卢浮宫占地60600平方米(即652300平方英尺),拥有从史前到现代的收藏达40万件以上。其中展出的收藏品有近35000件,最著名的莫过于《蒙娜丽莎》油画了。卢浮宫是举世瞩目的万宝之宫,每年慕名前来的游客多达970万人次,堪称世界之最。审校:大洋彼岸的一条鱼 编辑:凯珊 来源:前十网 /201606/449919

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