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Transcript of the Prime Minister's broadcast on Foot and Mouth Disease I want to speak today about the devastating outbreak of foot and mouth disease, to say what we are doing to control and eradicate it, and how everyone can play their part in ensuring this can be achieved as quickly as possible. The situation is indeed grave for British farming. The funeral pyres of farm animals are the worst nightmare for the livestock farmers. And it is not just the financial loss, massive as that is, which is the cause of so much pain for farmers, the heartbreak also comes from all the hard work and planning, often over many years, that has ended with their animals being slaughtered and burned. This also explains why there is such a tremendous feeling of d and anxiety throughout farming, an industry which has suffered difficult times in recent years. I want to offer my sympathy to all those farmers whose livestock has been infected. I also promise them and the wider industry that the government will do what it can to help over this very difficult period. I can also reassure all farmers and the general public that everything possible is being done to contain this disease, to eliminate it, and in the longer term to put in place any new controls needed to prevent it happening again. It is why we imposed the total ban on the movement of livestock last Friday, and have placed exclusion areas around the farms affected. It is likely there will be more cases in animals aly incubating the disease, but we hope however that the controls that have been put in place will prevent the further sp of the disease. I want too to pay tribute to the tremendous efforts of the State Veterinary Service in identifying, tracing and controlling this disease. But for their work we would now be facing an even bigger problem than we are. I also want to thank the farming and livestock industry itself for the way it has reacted to this crisis, for their advice and their co-operation in putting in place the tough controls needed. Everything we have done has been in full consultation with the National Farmers Union. I can understand too why there may be general concern in the public at large. The scenes of burning carcasses on our farms are disturbing. But it is important to remember that foot and mouth disease has no implications for human health or food. But though we are not at direct risk from this disease, we can play a part, unknowingly, in sping it. Foot and mouth disease is a highly infectious virus which can be picked up by us on our boots, clothes and cars and carried many miles. By staying away from farmland, by keeping off any footpaths through or next to farms or open land with livestock, we can help the efforts to eradicate this disease. We are giving local authorities today the power to enforce the temporary closure of footpaths and rights of way, but we hope people will voluntarily stay away in any case. Farmers, of course, are not producers of our food simply, they are also guardians of our countryside. Their hard work and dedication has created and protects the countryside we cherish and enjoy visiting. So by staying away from farmland areas, unless we have good reason, we can show our support for farmers in these difficult times and help contain and then eradicate the disease from Britain as soon as possible. Thank you. 200705/13286

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. On Monday night, I will address the American people about the state of our union. I will report that over the last seven years, we've made great progress on important issues at home and abroad. I will also report that we have unfinished business before us, and we must work together to get it done. In my speech, I will lay out a full plate of issues for Congress to address in the year ahead. Two of these issues require immediate attention. First is the economy. I know many of you are worried about the risk of an economic downturn, because of the instability in the housing and financial markets. You should know that while economic growth has slowed in recent months, the foundation for long-term growth remains solid. And I believe that with swift action, we can give our economy the boost it needs to continue expanding and creating new jobs for our citizens. On Thursday, my Administration reached a bipartisan agreement with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader John Boehner on an economic growth package. This package will deliver direct tax relief to hardworking Americans. It will also include incentives for businesses -- including small businesses -- to make new investments this year. I ask the House and Senate to enact this package into law as soon as possible. And while I understand the desire to add provisions from both the left and the right, it would be a mistake to undermine this important bipartisan agreement. By working together, we can provide our economy with a shot in the arm when we need it most. The other urgent issue before Congress is a matter of national security. Congress needs to provide our intelligence professionals with the tools and flexibility they need to protect America from attack. In August, Congress passed a bill that strengthened our ability to monitor terrorist communications. The problem is that Congress set this law to expire on February 1st. That is next Friday. If this law expires, it will become harder to figure out what our enemies are doing to infiltrate our country, harder for us to uncover terrorist plots, and harder to prevent attacks on the American people. Congress is now considering a bipartisan bill that will allow our professionals to maintain the vital flow of intelligence on terrorist threats. It would protect the freedoms of Americans, while making sure we do not extend those same protections to terrorists overseas. It would provide liability protection to companies now facing billion-dollar lawsuits because they are believed to have assisted in efforts to defend our Nation following the 9/11 attacks. I call on Congress to pass this legislation quickly. We need to know who our enemies are and what they are plotting. And we cannot afford to wait until after an attack to put the pieces together. When I go before Congress on Monday, I will speak more about how we can keep our economy strong and our people safe. I am confident that we can work together to meet our responsibilities in these areas -- and leave our children a stronger and more prosperous America. Thank you for listening. END 200806/40866

It will be my sincere and constant desire to observe toward the Indian tribes within our limits a just and liberal policy,我真诚和长久地希望对在我们的限制之内的印第安部落奉行一个公正和宽容的政策。and to give that humane and considerate attention to their rights,and their wants which is consistent with the habits of our Government and the feelings of our people.并给予他们的权利和需要以人道和细致的关心。他们的需要是和我们政府的惯例和人民的感情相一致的。The recent demonstration of public sentiment inscribes on the list of Executive duties,最近的公众意愿显示在执政者的职责之中,in characters too legible to be overlooked,the task of reform,以清晰且不可忽略的字眼加上了改革的任务。which will require particularly the correction of those abuses that have brought the patronage of the Federal Government into conflict with the freedom of elections,此任务特别要求纠正那些给联邦政府赞助与选举自由之间带来矛盾的恶习,and the counteraction of those causes which have disturbed the rightful course of appointment,以及抵消那些扰乱正当的任命程序和,and have placed or continued power in unfaithful or incompetent hands.把权力给予或保留在不忠之力之手中的因素。In the performance of a task thus generally delineated I shall endeavor to select men whose diligence,and talents在执行如此总体确定的任务时,我应该努力选择那些其勤奋和天资will insure in their respective stations able and faithful cooperation,将保在各自岗位上的得力和忠诚的合作的人们。depending for the advancement of the public service more on the integrity and zeal of the public officers than on their numbers.为了改进公众务,我们要更多依靠公务员的正直和热情而非他们的人数。A diffidence,perhaps too just,一种也许过于正当的,in my own qualifications will teach me to look with reverence to the examples of public virtue left by my illustrious predecessors,关于我自己的任职资格的信心不足将教我以崇敬之心看齐我显赫的前任们留下的公共美德的楷模。and with veneration to the lights that flow from the mind that founded and the mind that reformed our system.以尊重之意面对那源自创立和改革我们体制的思想的光辉。The same diffidence induces me to hope for instruction and aid from the coordinate branches of the Government,同样的信心不足使我期望政府协调部门的指导和辅助,and for the indulgence and support of my fellow citizens generally.以及同胞们总体的宽容和持。And a firm reliance on the goodness of that Power whose providence mercifully protected our national infancy,并且坚定地依赖那神圣力量的恩赐,他的眷顾保护过我们国家的幼年时代,and has since upheld our liberties in various vicissitudes,并从此在多次兴衰中保护我们的自由,encourages me to offer up my ardent supplications that He will continue to make our beloved country the object of His divine care and gracious benediction.这鼓励我热情地请求他将继续把我们可爱的国家作为他神圣关切及和蔼祝福的对象。02/436184

Good morning. This week, I held important meetings at the White House about the situation in Iraq.On Monday, I met in the Oval Office with one of Iraq's most influential Shia leaders, His Eminence Abdul Aziz al Hakim. We discussed the desire of the Iraqi people to see their unity government succeed, and how the ed States can help them achieve that goal.On Thursday, I had breakfast with Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain. We discussed the sectarian violence in Iraq and the need to confront extremists inside Iraq and throughout the region. The Prime Minister explains it this way: "The violence is not ... an accident or a result of faulty planning. It is a deliberate strategy. It is the direct result of outside extremists teaming up with internal extremists -- al Qaeda with [the] Sunni insurgents, [and Iran with] Shia militia -- to foment hatred and thus throttle at birth the possibility of non-sectarian democracy."The Prime Minister and I also discussed the report I received this week from the Iraq Study Group, chaired by former Secretary of State James Baker and former Congressman Lee Hamilton. Their report provides a straightforward picture of the grave situation we face in Iraq. The Iraq Study Group's report also explicitly endorses the strategic goal we've set in Iraq: an Iraq that can "govern itself, sustain itself, and defend itself."The report went on to say, "In our view, this definition entails an Iraq with a broadly representative government that maintains its territorial integrity, is at peace with its neighbors, denies terrorism a sanctuary, and doesn't brutalize its own people. Given the current situation in Iraq, achieving this goal will require much time and will depend primarily on the actions of the Iraqi people."I agree with this assessment. I was also encouraged that the Iraq Study Group was clear about the consequences of a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq. The group declared that such a withdrawal would "almost certainly produce greater sectarian violence" and lead to "a significant power vacuum, greater human suffering, regional destabilization, and a threat to the global economy." The report went on to say, "If we leave and Iraq descends into chaos, the long-range consequences could eventually require the ed States to return."The Iraq Study Group understands the urgency of getting it right in Iraq. The group also understands that while the work ahead will not be easy, success in Iraq is important, and success in Iraq is possible. The group proposed a number of thoughtful recommendations on a way forward for our country in Iraq. My administration is reviewing the report, and we will seriously consider every recommendation. At the same time, the Pentagon, the State Department, and the National Security Council are finishing work on their own reviews of our strategy in Iraq. I look forward to receiving their recommendations. I want to hear all advice as I make the decisions to chart a new course in Iraq.I thank the members of the Iraq Study Group for their hard work and for the example of bipartisanship that they have set. The group showed that Americans of different political parties can agree on a common goal in Iraq and come together on ways to achieve it. Now it is the responsibility of all of us in Washington -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- to come together and find greater consensus on the best way forward.As part of this effort, I met this week with House and Senate leaders from both parties, as well as senior members of the Armed Services, Foreign Relations, and Intelligence Committees. We had productive discussions about our shared duty to forge a bipartisan approach to succeed in Iraq. The future of a vital region of the world and the security of the American people depend on victory in Iraq. I'm confident that we can move beyond our political differences and come together to achieve that victory. I will do my part.Thank you for listening.throttle at birth : 扼杀在摇篮里200703/11248

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