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2019年05月25日 22:58:30

福州备孕检查多少钱The European Court of Justice has expanded on its insistence that all workers throughout the EU have a right to reclaim holiday time affected by illness.欧盟法院做出了一项法律解释,欧盟国家所有的员工如果在休假期间生病,都有权利重新补回假期。The court ruling, made after an appeal by a Spanish trade union, is binding on all EU members, including Britain.法院是在一家西班牙工会提出请求后作出这项裁定的,对所有的欧盟成员国都具备约束力,包括英国。The Luxembourg-based court insisted that employers should honour workers rights to both time off sick and paid holidays.这家位于卢森堡的法院坚持认为,雇主必须尊重员工休假期间生病补假和带薪假期的权利;The purpose of entitlement to paid annual leave is to enable the worker to rest and enjoy a period of relaxation and leisure,; the court said. ;The purpose of entitlement to sick leave is different, since it enables a worker to recover from an illness that has caused him to be unfit for work.;;保带薪年假的权利是为了让员工可以享受一段放松休闲的时光; 法院解释说;而保病假权利的目的则不同, 因为生病会让员工无法胜任工作,而病假可以确保他们得到康复;It would be ;arbitrary and contrary to the purpose of entitlement to paid annual leave; to deny workers holiday time in exchange for time spent sick.如果把员工生病期间的休假也算入休假时间,这就;违背了带薪年假的目的;。The judgment goes further than the courts earlier rulings on sick leave. Previously, the court had said that people who were sick before their holiday started could take their leave at another time.之前法院曾针对病假做出过裁定,而这次的判决更进一步做出了说明。此前法院表示,员工如果在假期开始前生病,那么可以另选时间休假。The judgment relates to the EUs Working Time Directive. While the UK has an opt-out on parts of the directive relating to working hours, there is no exemption on sick pay and holiday. The Government has said it will apply the courts rulings from October, although business groups have said that doing so will be harmful to the wider UK economy.此次裁决和欧盟的《工时指导法》有关。尽管英国选择退出了和工作时间相关的部分指导法的约束,但是在病假工资和假期方面并未免除相应的责任。英国政府表示将0月开始执行法院的裁定,虽然众多企业认为这样做会损害更广泛的英国经济。Norman Lamb, the employment relations minister, said the ruling boosted the case for changing EU rules on holiday rights.就业关系部部长Norman Lamb称,这项裁定促使了欧盟对休假权利做出调整。He said: ;I do not believe that the directive had to be interpreted in this way which involves extra cost for business. Most employees accept that if they fall ill while on holiday, it is unfortunate but they do not expect extra holiday. This judgment reinforces the need for a reassessment of the scope of the Working Time Directive.; The Governments own estimates suggest that adopting the rules will cost employers more than pound;100#8201;million annually.他说;我不认为这项指导法意味着给企业带来更多的开。大部分员工认为如果他们在假期里生病的确很倒霉,但他们也没有指望还能把这部分假期补回来这项裁定让我们有必要重新评估《工时指导法》的范围; 而政府预算表明,如果按照新的规定执行,英国的雇主每年会多出1亿英镑。The Department for Business did not comment on Thursday night, but the Coalition has pledged to resist implementing the courts judgments.英国商务部周四晚上并未对此发表,但该联盟已经宣称将抵制法院的裁定。Earlier this year, Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, described the courts rulings as ;an unnecessary burden on businesses; and ;completely unjustifiable at a time of economic strain;.今年早些时候,商务大臣Vince Cable称法院的这项裁定;企业多余的负;,而且;在经济不景气时期是完全不合理;。Some British employers, including the B, aly give staff the right to reclaim holiday time if they fall sick. Business groups said the rulings underlined the need for ministers to resist the court.包括B广播公司在内的部分英国公司已经允许那些在假期生病的员工重新补回假期。英国的公司纷纷表示,这项裁定会迫使商务部进一步抵制法院的判决。The CBI said that British businesses ;would like to see the judgments reversed, so that the directive is focused on the health and safety of the workforce, as originally intended;. The Federation of Small Businesses urged the Government to ;avoid implementation of any ECJ ruling on annual leave and sick leave for as long as possible;.英国工业联合会称,英国的公司;希望裁定能够被推翻,这样指导法会像它最初的目的一样,专注于员工的健康和安;。英国小企业联合会敦促政;避免执行欧洲法院在年假和病假上的裁定,而且拖得越久越好;。来 /201206/188462连江县医院看不育Discount询问是否打折Well take the route No..我们选择第号旅游路线Fine.How many people are there in your party?好的,这次旅游有多少人?Just two. How much does the trip cost?就两个人,多少钱? double.个人0美元Is there any chanoe of a lower price?能不能便宜点的?I am afraid not.Right now it the tour season.恐怕不行,现在是旅游旺季 96福州那间医院试管生儿子好

福州腹腔镜手术那间医院好龙岩做试管男孩的医院It better to designate Tanggu as the loading port.在塘沽装货比较合适A manager of a Japanese Company and a staff member of a Chinese corporation hold a discussion on the loading port at Beijing Hotel.中国公司一名业务员与日本公司的经理在北京饭店就装运港问题进行了洽谈Wed better have a brief talk about the loading port.我们最好能就装运港问题简短地谈一谈You may choose Tianjin as port of shipment.你可以选择天津作为交货港How about shipping them from Huangpu instead of Shantou?把汕头改为黄埔交货怎么样?You insist that Dalian is the loading port, right?您坚持把大连定为装运港,对吗?Now Huangpu is fine as the loading port.现在可以把黄埔定为装运港We are always willing to choose the big ports as the loading ports.我们总希望用较大的港口作为装运港Wed like to designate Shanghai as the loading port because it is near the producing area.我们希望把上海定为装运港是由于它离货物产地比较近It makes no difference to us to change the loading port from Shantou to Zhuhai.将装运港由汕头改为珠海对我们来说问题不大Shall we have a talk on the port of discharge this afternoon?咱们今天下午是不是谈谈卸货港的问题?He exchanged views on the choice of the unloading port with Mr. Smith.他和史密斯先生就选择卸货港问题交换了意见What your unloading port please?你们的卸货港定在哪里?It not reasonable to have the goods unloaded at Hamburg.把货卸在汉堡不太合适We dont think it proper to unload the Chinese tea at London.我们认为把伦敦作为中国茶叶的卸货港,很难让人接受As most of our clients are near Tianjin, wed like to appoint Tanggu as the unloading port.我们的大多数客户离天津较近,所以选择了塘沽作为卸货港There are more sailings at Shanghai, so we have chosen it as the unloading port.因为上海的船次多,我们把这里定为卸货港Wed like to change the unloading port from Tokyo to Osaka.我们愿意把卸货港由东京改为大阪Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇port of call寄航港saillings船次optional port选择港loading port装货港unloading port卸货港port of shipment装运港port of destination目的港European Main Ports (E.M.P.)欧洲主要港口Customary Quick Dispatch港口习惯快速装运 3680南平解扎手术哪家医院最好<牛人_句子>龙岩输卵管疏通哪里比较好

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