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US Looks at Iraq-Style Community Policing for Afghanistan美拟组织阿富汗民众加强地方治安 The Pentagon is preparing what it calls a "pilot program" to organize local Afghan citizens to help secure their towns and neighborhoods. The program is similar to one in Iraq that was a key factor in security improvements there during the last year. 美国国防部正准备在阿富汗推广一项试验计划,把阿富汗民众组织起来,帮助加强市镇和邻里的治安。在过去一年里,在伊拉克实行的一项类似计划对改善伊拉克的治安状况发挥了关键作用。Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman confirmed the plan to launch the program, which was first reported by The New York Times.  纽约时报首先报道了五角大楼即将实施这项计划的消息,五角大楼发言人布莱恩.惠特曼对此加以确认。"It is, I guess, best described as kind of a grassroots program, with prospects that could lead to improved Afghanistan security," Whitman said. "This is more of a pilot program, a very modest initial look at a community type policing program." 惠特曼说:“我想,形容这项计划的最好方式是把它称为一个改善阿富汗治安状况的基层项目。它是一项试验计划,是一项加强社区安全的初步尝试。”Whitman describes the plan as an Afghan government initiative that U.S. and NATO forces are supporting. He says it will start in Wardak Province, near Kabul, where Taliban fighters have been gaining strength in recent months. 惠特曼说,这项计划是由阿富汗政府发起的,得到了美国和北约部队的持,将首先在邻近喀布尔的瓦尔达克省实施。塔利班在那里的势力几个月来不断加强。Whitman says the idea is to deputize local citizens to improve security and extend the reach of the Afghan government.  惠特曼说,这项计划的要点是把改善治安的权力下放给民众,扩大阿富汗政府的影响力。"This is designed to facilitate sharing of information, building trust, all with an eye toward improving governance at the district and provincial level and connecting it better to the central government," Whitman said.  他说:“实行这项计划的目的是促进情报的分享,建立信任,改善地区和省级政府的治理能力,加强地方政府和中央政府的联系。”Whitman says the initial program will involve only several dozen Afghans, but the Times says commanders plan to expand it rapidly if it succeeds. 惠特曼表示,最初的计划只涉及到几十名阿富汗人,但是纽约时报报道说,如果最初的计划获得成功,美军指挥官打算迅速推广这种做法。A similar program in Iraq organized more than 100,000 local citizens, including former insurgents, and put them at checkpoints and local police stations. Commanders credit the program with improving security, partly by turning government opponents into allies. The Iraqi government is in the process of taking responsibility for those forces, absorbing some into the security services and disbanding others. 在伊拉克实行的一项相似的计划把10万多民众,其中包括前反叛份子组织起来,在检查站和警察局值勤。美军指挥官们把伊拉克治安的改善归功于这项计划,因为它把政府的敌人变成了政府的朋友。伊拉克政府目前正在接管这些组织,把其中一些人编入安全部队,同时解散另外一些人。Officials say it was not necessary to provide weapons to the Iraqi groups, which became known as the Sons of Iraq. The New York Times says there is a plan to provide arms to the Afghan citizens' groups, but Whitman could not confirm that. The Times also es Afghans as saying the plan could lead to new local militias and potentially spark a civil war. But Whitman says it is "premature" to be concerned about such things. 官员们表示,这些伊拉克组织被称为“伊拉克之子”,政府不必向他们提供武器。纽约时报报道说,有计划向阿富汗民众组织提供武器,但是惠特曼不能确认这种说法。纽约时报还援引一些阿富汗人的话说,这项计划可能导致新的地方民兵的出现,并有可能激发一场内战。但是惠特曼表示,现在就担心这些事情“为时尚早”。The former U.S. commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, is now in charge of U.S. efforts in both wars. He has said he wants to transfer some of the concepts used in Iraq to the increasingly difficult fight in Afghanistan. And while he acknowledges the two wars are very different, and he has not said exactly which techniques will transfer and which will not, he believes both have the same top priority - providing security so government efforts to build long-term stability can take hold. 美国前驻伊拉克指挥官彼得雷乌斯将军目前正指挥着伊拉克和阿富汗两场战争。他曾表示,希望把在伊拉克使用的一些概念应用到日益艰难的阿富汗战争中去。他承认,这两场战争有很大的不同之处,而且他也没有说明将转用哪些作法,但是他认为两场战争的重点都是一样的,那就是确保治安,这样政府就可以努力建立长期和持续的稳定。200812/59696Bush Administration Sees Progress After G-20 Meeting美称金融峰会就应对危机达成共识 The Bush administration says Saturday's G-20 meeting in Washington laid the foundation for a coordinated international effort to tackle the global financial crisis. 布什政府说,星期六在华盛顿举行的20国集团会议为处理全球金融危机的国际协调努力奠定了基础。U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez says the summit of leaders of industrialized and developing economies did not produce any immediate, concrete action to shore up the financial system. Rather, he said, the meeting promoted consensus on how to formulate a way forward. 美国商务部长古铁雷斯说,工业化和发展中经济体的领导人的这次峰会没有立即采取可以增强金融体系的具体行动。但是,古铁雷斯说,会议增进了如何制定解决办法的共识。"I think the important thing is the leaders of G-20 coming together and agreeing on a longer-term agenda," said Carlos Gutierrez. "One meeting is not going to solve the whole global situation, but they did agree in principles. They agreed on future meetings. They agreed on a process. I think that is a very important step." 古铁雷斯说:“我认为,重要的是,20国集团的领导人聚在一起,就长期的议程达成一致。一次会议不会解决全球出现的所有问题,但是他们的确在原则上达成了一致。他们同意在未来再举行会议。他们在程序上达成了一致。我认为,这是重要的一步。”Gutierrez was speaking on CNN's Late Edition program. 古铁雷斯是在美国有线新闻网“晚间版”的节目上讲这番话的。The G-20 meeting yielded pledges to strengthen the ground rules under which financial markets operate. Participants also promised efforts to boost investor and consumer protection, and to stimulate economic growth. 20国集团会议最后表示,一定要加强金融市场运作的基本原则。与会者还答应,一定会努力增强对投资者和消费者的保护,刺激经济增长。Secretary Gutierrez said President Bush shares the view of other participants that some market oversight is needed to prevent excesses and abuses, but is adamant that the free market be preserved. 古铁雷斯部长说,布什总统和其他与会者都认为,为防止过度和滥用,有必要进行一些市场监管,但是布什总统坚决认为必须保住自由市场。"We are here to strengthen our free-market capital system, not to change it," he said. "There is an inclination when you get into problems like this to go to an extreme, to over-regulate. I think we have to be careful. We have to find a balance, and we cannot over-regulate so that five years from now we are trying to claw our way back because we overdid it." 古铁雷斯说:“我们这里强调的是加强我们的自由市场资本体制,不是去改变这个体制。当遇到像这样的问题的时候,有监管过度,走极端的倾向。我认为我们必须要小心。我们要找到平衡,我们不能监管过度,造成5年后我们因为做的过头而走回头路。” The G-20 meeting was held amid a continuing drumbeat of unsettling economic news around the world. Last week, Germany officially slipped into recession, while more Americans filed for unemployment benefits, and China's projections for economic growth were cut. 在20国集团举行会议的时候,世界各地继续传出令人不安的经济消息。200811/56374Unemployment in the West西方国家的失业情况The quest for jobs追逐工作It is not impossible for politicians to reduce the West’s frighteningly high unemployment levels对于政客们来说,降低西方国家令人为之恐惧的高失业率并不是不可能的A LITTLE geographical imagination helps to convey the scale of joblessness in the West. If the 44m people who are unemployed in the mainly rich members of the OECD lived in one country, its population would be similar to Spain’s. In Spain itself, which has the West’s highest jobless rate (21%), the number of people without work matches the combined population of Madrid and Barcelona. In America the 14m people officially jobless would form the fifth-most-populous state in the union. Add in the 11m “underemployed”, who are working less than they would like, and it is the size of Texas.一张小的地理图片便能有助于映射出西方国家的失业情况。在经济合作组织中,如果一些主要的发达成员国有4400万失业人口居住在一个国家,这就相当于西班牙的总人口数。而就西班牙本身而言却有着西方国家最高的失业率,达到21%。这些没有工作的人口加起来相当于皇家马德里和巴塞罗那两城市人口的总和。在美国,官方统计的失业人口为1400万,足以组成该国的第五大州。另外还有1100万未充分就业的人口,这相当于田纳西州的人口规模。The landscape is not uniformly bleak. Germany, for example, now has a lower jobless rate than before the financial crisis. But in most of the rich world the proportion of people unemployed, though down a bit from its peak in , is still alarmingly high, even as fears mount that several countries may be slipping back into recession. And the human cost of the economic crisis is paid largely by those who are out of work, for joblessness increases depression, divorce, substance abuse and pretty much everything that can go wrong in a life. 情况并不都是惨不忍睹的。例如,德国较金融危机之前相比,如今失业率却相对较低。但是在大多数富裕国家,失业人口的比重较年顶峰时相比,尽管有所降低,但仍然居高不下,令人担忧,甚至一些国家随着恐惧的加深,会再次滑落到经济衰退时期。经济危机中人类所付出的代价主要有失业者们“买账”,他们的抑郁症状增加,离婚率上升,滥用物质,很多东西会使他们的一生误入歧途。Worse, today’s joblessness is a particularly dangerous sort. A disproportionate share of those out of work are young, and youth unemployment leaves more scars, in terms of lower future wages and greater likelihood of future unemployment (see article (http://www.economist.com/node/21528614) ). Joblessness is also becoming more chronic. In America, famous for its flexible labour market, the average jobless spell now lasts 40 weeks, up from 17 in 2007. In Italy half of those without work have been so for more than a year. Long-term unemployment is harder to cure, as people’s skills atrophy and they become detached from the workforce. Its shadow lingers, reducing future growth rates, damaging public finances and straining social order for years to come.更为糟糕的是,当今的失业是一个特别危险的因素。由于失业造成的分配不公“摊”在年轻人身上,考虑到未来的低工资和可能性较高的失业,年轻时期的失业情形留下了更深的伤疤。失业也正在变得极重难返。以灵活市场就业出名的美国如今平均失业时间会持续40个周,与2007年的17个周相比有所上升。在意大利,一半的失业者遭遇这种情形不止一年。由于人们的技术会不断“萎缩”,而他们又变得与世(劳动者)隔绝,所以长期的失业很难“治愈”。阴影—未来的经济增长率有所下降、公共财政遭到损坏及未来的社会秩序变的歪曲—挥之不去。201109/154245

Obama's four-step rehab President Obama announced a plan on Wednesday to help homeowners find relief and reduce the number of foreclosures .So here's on my planned works.First, we will make it possible for an estimated 4 to 5 million currently ineligible homeowners who received their mortgages through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to refinance their mortgages at lower rate.The second thing we are gonna do under this plan is we will create new incentives, so that lenders work with borrowers to modify the terms of sub-prime loans at risk of default and foreclosure.There's a third part of the plan, we will take major steps to keep mortgage rates low for millions of middle-class families looking to secure new mortgages.Fourth, we will pursue a wide range of reforms designed to help families stay in their homes and avoid foreclosures, and my administration will continue to support reforming our bred... bankruptcy rules, so that we allow judges to reduce home mortgages on primary residences to their fair market value as long as borrowers pay their debts under court ordered plans.GLOSSARY1. ineligible adj.不合格的 2. Fannie Mae 范尼梅(美国俚语,指“联邦全国抵押协会FNMA”) 3. Freddie Mac 美国联邦住房贷款有限公司 4. refinance vt.再为...筹钱, 再供...资金 5. sub-prime loans 次级贷款 6. default n.拖欠 不履行 7. foreclosure n.丧失抵押品赎回权, 排斥 8. mortgage rates 抵押贷款率 9. a wide range of adj.各种各样的,大片的 10. bankruptcy rules 破产法 11. primary residences 主要住宅 A person's primary residence is the dwelling where they usually live, typically a house or an apartment. 03/63674

Clinton: US, Pakistan, Afghanistan Face 'Common Threat' of Extremism美、巴、阿三方会谈强调加强合作  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton convened a three-way meeting with the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan Wednesday, saying they face a common threat, task and challenge posed by Islamic extremism. Clinton stressed U.S. regret over the death of Afghan civilians in a U.S. air attack Monday against Taliban forces.美国国务卿克林顿星期三召集巴基斯坦和阿富汗领导人举行三方会议。她表示,他们都面临伊斯兰极端主义带来的共同的威胁、任务和挑战。克林顿强调,美国对美军星期一对塔利班武装力量进行的空袭造成阿富汗平民死亡感到遗憾。The trilateral meeting, the second of its kind this year, comes at a critical juncture with both the Pakistani and Afghan governments facing major battlefield challenges from militant forces. 这次三方会议是今年举行的第二次类似会议。它是在巴基斯坦和阿富汗政府都在战场上受到激进分子的重大挑战的时刻举行的。Clinton, convening joint talks that are to continue later at the White House with President Obama, said the administration has common cause with the two South Asian governments, who she said are struggling with extremists who would destabilize and undermine democracy.克林顿召集的三方联合会议晚些时候将在白宫同奥巴马总统继续举行。克林顿说,美国政府与这两个南亚国家政府有共同的奋斗目标,因为阿、巴两国都在与破坏稳定和民主的极端分子作斗争。The trilateral meeting convened under a shadow of one of the most serious incidents of U.S.-inflicted civilian casualties of the Afghan war, with dozens of Afghans reported killed in a bombing raid aimed at Taliban forces in the western Farah province.正在这次三方会议举行之际,刚发生了美国在阿富汗战争中导致平民伤亡的最严重的事件之一,据报导,有几十名阿富汗人在美军对阿富汗西部法拉省的塔利班力量进行轰炸时丧生。Clinton in opening remarks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, reiterated a U.S. statement of regret issued late Tuesday and a promise to investigate the matter. 克林顿在与阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里会谈的开幕致词中,重申了美国星期二晚间发表的表示遗憾的声明,并承诺对有关事件进行调查。"We deeply regret it," Clinton said. "We don't know all of the circumstances or causes, and there will be a joint investigation by your government and ours. But any loss of life any loss of innocent life, is particularly painful. And I want to convey to the people of both Afghanistan and Pakistan that we will work very hard with your governments and your leaders to avoid the loss of innocent civilian life." 她说:“我们对此深深表示遗憾。我们不了解当时发生的所有情况和原因,你们的政府和我们的政府将进行联合调查。但是,任何生命的丧失,任何无辜生命的丧失,都令人特别痛心。我希望向阿富汗和巴基斯坦人民传达这样一个信息,那就是我们将和你们的政府和你们的领导人一道努力工作,避免无辜平民的丧生。”For his part, President Karzai - who appealed in Washington Tuesday for the ed States to be more sensitive to Afghans - said he the hoped the two governments can work together to reduce and eventually eliminate such occurrences.卡尔扎伊总统星期二在华盛顿从他的立场出发呼吁美国对阿富汗人更富有同情心。他说,他希望两国政府能共同着手减少、并最终消除这类事件。He also said he hoped the trilateral forum can help ease his country's frequently tense relationship with neighboring Pakistan. 他还表示,他希望三方论坛能协助缓和阿富汗同其邻国巴基斯坦的关系经常出现的紧张局面。"Occasions like today, Afghanistan will use to the best of its ability to deliver to the effectiveness of what we're doing together for stability and to do the right thing with regard to our relations with Pakistan in bringing more confidence, more trust, and a working environment in which the two countries together can wage a more effective struggle against the menace of terrorism, and the violence that radicalism causes," Mr. Karzai said. 他说:“阿富汗将尽一切努力利用像今天这样的机会,来有效地维护稳定,采取正确步骤改进我们同巴基斯坦的关系,进一步树立信心和信任,并创造这样一种氛围,使得两国能针对恐怖主义的威胁和极端主义带来的暴力发动更有效的斗争。”U.S. officials in recent weeks have expressed open concern about the Pakistani government's commitment to defending against Taliban inroads after militants went on the offensive in districts north of Islamabad. 在激进分子于伊斯兰堡以北地区发动攻势之后,美国官员最近几个星期对巴基斯坦政府关于捍卫领土、不让塔利班得寸进尺的承诺公开表示担忧。But in his remarks, President Zardari stressed his commitment to the fight against terrorism, saying the threat is common to all three countries and the burden is shared. 但是,扎尔达里总统强调了他有关打击恐怖主义的承诺,说威胁对三个国家都存在,大家都要分担这个重任。"I'm here to assure you that we shall share this burden with you, for no matter how long it takes and what it takes, democracies will deliver. My democracy will deliver," Mr. Zardari said. "The people of Pakistan stand with the people of the ed State and the people of Afghanistan. We stand with our brother Karzai and the people of Afghanistan against this common threat, this menace which I have called cancer." 他说:“我在这里向你们保,我们将与你们分担这个重任,无论需要多少时间,无论需要付出什么代价,我们的民主制度将会获胜。巴基斯坦人民与美国人民和阿富汗人民站在一起。我们与我们的兄弟卡尔扎伊和阿富汗人民站在一起,抵御这个共同的威胁,这个我把它称为毒瘤的威胁。”The opening event of what are to be two days of high-level talks included the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Pakistan and Afghanistan for the conclusion of a border trade and transit agreement by the end of this year - an accord under discussion for more than 40 years.为期两天的高层会谈的开幕活动包括巴基斯坦和阿富汗为在今年年底之前缔结边界贸易和运输协议签署一份备忘录,双方已经就这份协议进行了四十多年的讨论。05/69002China's cultural heritage authority has opposed the auction this month of two Chinese relics looted from the Beijing Imperial Summer Palace almost 150 years ago.The two artefacts, a Qing Dynasty bronze rabbit head and a bronze rat head, will be auctioned by Christie's in Paris from Feb. 23 to 25 and are expected to fetch between 10 and 13 million dollars each.The two sculptures were originally housed in Yuanmingyuan, Beijing's Imperial Summer Palace. They were stolen when the palace was burnt down by Anglo-French allied forces during the Second Opium War in 1860.They currently belong to the Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation and were put up for auction by Pierre Berge. Zhang Jianxin, deputy director of the museum department with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, says the Christie's auction is unacceptable and China should not be asked to buy them back."For the stolen relics, China definitely opposes purchasing them back by spending taxpayer money."The official also warned business people might exploit the patriotic concerns of the Chinese to raise bidding prices for their own gain.In the meantime , a team of 81 Chinese lawyers has written to Christie's and Pierre Berge in an effort to stop the sale and return the relics to China.The lawyers plan to sue Pierre Berge if there is no "positive feedback within a reasonable period". China and France signed the 1995 Unidroit Convention on Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects, which stipulated that any cultural object looted or lost because of reasons of war should be returned without any limitation on time span.03/63729BLISS sps across Lalo’s face as his glossy black locks are blown dry by cooing stylists. Dogs big and small are beautified for 100 pesos (.70) in the back of a perspex-walled van run by Fluffy Shower, a mobile pet-salon that visits Mexico City’s posh neighbourhoods to apply shampoo and ribbons to upper-class animals. The sharpest dogs sport green, white and red jerseys to mark Independence Day on September 16th. Next month pet boutiques will sell Halloween pumpkin outfits and dainty witches’ hats.当宠物美容师一边哄着Lalo,一边吹干它乌黑亮丽的卷毛的时候,Lalo的脸上洋溢着幸福。在塑胶墙面的货车厢里,无论大还是小,美容费都是每只100比索(合约7.7美元)。这辆车是一家名叫Fluffy Shower的流动宠物沙龙的,现在正在墨西哥城的富裕地区巡游,出售高级宠物的香波和链条。最引人注目的穿着绿色、白色和红色的运动衫,在9月16日庆祝独立日。下个月宠物精品店还会推出万圣节南瓜装和精致的女巫帽。 Pet care is booming in emerging markets, as the growing middle class stops buying dogs for security (or dinner) and starts doting on them. Nowhere has the fashion taken off as quickly as in Latin America. In the past five years spending on pet food and knick-knacks has risen by 44%, to billion, according to Euromonitor, a market-research firm, which estimates that Chile has more pet dogs per person than any other country. Latin pets may be the world’s most fashionable. As Mexico’s rainy season tails off, dogs are stepping out of designer shoes to show off painted claws.中产阶级买不再是为了保卫或者食用,而是为了当作宠物,因此宠物保养在新兴国家市场正蓬勃发展。而这种时尚在拉丁美洲的发展是最快的。根据一家市场研究公司欧睿的调查,过去五年中,宠物食品和玩具的开销增长了44%,达到了110亿美元。该公司估计,智利是人均拥有宠物数量最多的国家。拉美的宠物应该是世界上最时尚的,随着墨西哥的雨季渐渐结束,们脱掉时尚鞋子,开始显摆它们的染色的爪子。Rising incomes allow Latinos to treat mutts as members of the family. More young people are living alone and putting off marriage, choosing pets for company instead. These “pet parents” indulge their animals as if they were children, says Emily Woon, Euromonitor’s pet-care supremo, who reports that Latin America has been the “star market” of recent years. Latinos are especially fond of dogs, which are costlier than cats, but superior in every respect. Whereas in Europe the dog- and cat-food markets are equal, in Latin America dog food outsells cat food by nearly six to one.随着收入的增加,拉美人渐渐把们当成家庭成员了。越拉越多的独身年轻人推迟婚姻,选择宠物作为自己的伴侣。欧睿宠物保养权威人士艾米丽·伍恩说,这些“宠物爸妈”们对宠物们溺爱地像自己的孩子一样。据她所说,近年来,拉美已经成了“明星市场”了。拉美人特别喜欢,尽管养比养猫要贵,但是在各方面都比养猫好。在欧洲,猫食品市场份额相等,但在拉美,粮的销售差不多是猫粮的六倍。There is room for growth. Many Latinos still feed their pets table scraps: three-quarters of Mexican hounds make do with leftover bits of burrito. Billboards around Mexico City’s parks urge owners to switch to Pedigree and other brands of delicious packaged pet food.这个市场还有扩大的空间。许多拉美人还是在用剩饭剩菜来喂宠物:四分之三的墨西哥猎犬都在吃墨西哥玉米煎饼的残渣。墨西哥城的公园里到处都是广告牌,力劝宠物的主人改用宝路或者其他名牌包装的可口宠物食品。Glitzy pet superstores, which account for more than a fifth of pet-product sales in America and Canada, barely exist south of the Rio Grande. The most popular outlets are still small, independent pet shops, which retain customers by offering credit. But the superstores will come. And when Latin animal-lovers can buy a full range of food, toys and veterinary services in one place, life could become even more luxurious for Mexico’s privileged pets.在美国和加拿大,琳琅满目的宠物超市占了宠物产品销售量的五分之一以上,而在格兰德河以南却十分罕见。最流行的经销店还是规模小、单独的宠物商店,并通过赊购来保留客户。但是大型超市还是会出现的,如果拉美的动物爱好者在同一个地方购买所有宠物食品、玩具和医用护理设备,那么墨西哥高级宠物们的生活将会更加奢华。 201110/156055

在上一期的节目中,咱们大致了解了板块构造说。这个学说能够说咱们对于落基山的来源吗?嗯,好像仍有很多的谜团解不开,那么还是得借助于考古的发现,考古中最重要的就是化石。除了菊石化石,还有什么其他化石吗?看看啰! ...remained. How did the collision of two tectonic plates at the western edge of North America cause the rise of the Rockies 500 to 1,000 miles inland? Mountain ranges that formed on the margins of continents are pretty easy to explain, or where continents have collided. When India slams into Asia, we get the Himalayas. Where Oceanic crust dives beneath the continental margin in the northwest, the Cascades or in South America the Andes Mountains, but these mountains here, in the middle of the continent, are much harder to explain. And they've been / an enigma for decades. Only recently, geologists have come up with a plausible theory. They suspect the Rockies formed along a line where the crust is very fragile. What happens when the continent gets compressed, especially if there is a weak zone, or a zone that's prone to buckling? It rises. That's what's brought this granite to the surface. Geologists now understood how the Rockies rose. And they had a date for when it happened. But what were these early mountains like? How did they compare to the mountains of today? On a site in the Rockies 70 miles northwest of Denver, geologists find a clue. Mountains that we see here today aren't the mountains that were around millions of years ago. They are always evolving. Rivers are shifting. Peaks are shifting. It's a very dynamic process. Someone says as if mountains are alive themselves. Miller sets out to estimate the height of the early mountains. But how can you measure something that is no longer there? Once more, fossils provide the evidence he is looking for. What's amazing about collecting fossils is that you are really the first person to see this when you crack open a rock. It's first time it sees light again after 16 million years. Miller has uncovered a 16-million-year-old fossilized leaf. It's from a tree that grew here just 10 million years after the Rockies began to form. And intriguingly, this leaf holds a clue to the height of these early mountains, or more precisely, it's the edges of the leaf, known as leaf margins. Botanists know that in colder temperatures the margins tend to have more teeth than leaves that grow in warmer areas. 小编有约:今天小编考考大家的发散性思维,"Mountains that we see here today aren't the mountains that were around millions of years ago. They are always evolving. Rivers are shifting. Peaks are shifting. It's a very dynamic process. Someone says as if mountains are alive themselves. " 你喜欢山吗?你有时间在山里走一走,呼吸山里的空气吗?对于最后两句你是怎样理解的? 对这段话Daisy有特殊的体会。从小生活在山边的我,对于山的变化是很敏感的。山也是有呼吸的。走在山里,那种静谧与安详的环境,人在不知不觉中就感到安定。偶尔的鸟叫,和蝴蝶的飞舞,会让人感到各种各样的生物都绚烂地活在这个世界,大自然的一切都那样的美好。所以请爱护大自然吧。这是Daisy的感想,你的呢?201110/158847西南地区的旱灾仍在继续,救援工作正在进行。在云南,省政府、非政府机构和当地人民一起携手共度难关。Duan Lijun is a primary school student in Mile County, one of areas hit hardest in Southwest China's Yunnan Province. Thanks to relief work, Lijun is given a bottle of mineral water each day. But the teenage girl saves most of her limited water a for her family. Because of this, she drinks just one and a half bottles of water each week. "It's been a long time since we lacked drinking water. Everyday, I pray it will rain soon, and that my folks at home won't suffer from thirst any longer."Since last fall, Southwestern China has been plagued by its worst drought in six decades. In some areas, the disaster is worst in a century. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the disaster has affected around 61 million people and left about 5 million hectares of land barren across Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing and Guangxi. Duan's hometown Yunnan is the worst-hit province, with about 5.4 million people facing water shortages.To cope with the severe challenge, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation has launched the Spring Rain program, calling for donations for water, food and other relief materials.The national Land and Resources system has also been given responsibility to pump underground water into drought affected areas. The first 153 meter-deep artesian well was made in Yiliang, a county nearby the provincial capital of Kunming, on Friday. One local farmer is very happy to have fresh water nearby his home again."I got here five this morning to queue for the water."The 552 cubic meters of water the well pumps every day will go some way to addressing the demand for water to drink and irrigate crops. Across the province, workers are drilling daily with the aim of digging over a thousand wells by mid-May. 52 are aly functioning and 288 are under construction, providing 20 percent of the needed drinking water. The Ministry of Water Resources has allocated more than 6.3 billion yuan, or around 900 million US dollars to support further relief work.Qiu Ruitian is deputy director of the State flood control and drought relieve office."The fund will be used to supply drinking water for both humans and livestock, to upgrade water conservation infrastructure and support small-scale farming water."With such industrious collaboration it is hoped that Southwest China will be enjoying a reliable water supply before long. Tingting, for CRI News.201003/100052Economic Outlook Slides in Europe and Asia欧洲和亚洲的经济前景黯淡 European stock markets fell Friday after a mixed performance in Asia. A weak outlook for oil prices depressed global markets as share of crude hits its lowest level in five years. 欧洲股市星期五下跌。亚洲股市有升有降。油价前景看空使原油类股跌落到五年来的最低点,全球股市也受此拖累。European stocks are generally down again as energy shares made investors skittish. 能源类股让投资人感到不安。欧洲股市再次整体下滑。Earlier in Asia, Japan's central bank slashed its key interest rate down to just a tenth of one percent. The Japanese government predicts the nation's economy will experience negative growth through 2010. 在亚洲方面,日本央行把基准利率削减到0.1%。日本政府预测,日本经济的负增长局面将会持续到2010年。The economic storm there is badly affecting exports. Various media reports out of Japan say Toyota, the country's top-ranked automaker, will announce its first-ever operating loss next week. 这场经济风暴严重影响到出口。日本多家媒体的报导都说,日本头号汽车制造商丰田公司将在下个星期公布首次运营亏损的消息。Toyota sales have nosedived due to the soaring value of the yen, which makes Japanese products more expensive overseas. 由于日元大幅度升值推高了日本产品在海外的价格,所以丰田汽车的销售急剧下滑。Here in Britain, Prime Minister Gordon Brown held his final monthly news conference of the year. While not ignoring the tough times ahead, he underlined that getting out of this downturn will only be accomplished through coordinated, global action. 在英国方面,布朗首相举行了今年最后一次的月度记者招待会。他对今后的困难直言不讳,同时也强调,只有通过全球协调行动经济才能够走出这次的衰退。"So if 2008 was the year we confronted the global downturn, must be the year that the world comes together to invest and build a prosperous future while giving real help to families and businesses now. And the countries that continue to invest for the future through the downturn, will be the countries that emerge stronger in the future," he said. “所以,如果2008年是我们遭遇全球衰退的一年,那么,年就一定是全世界行动一致,投资建设未来繁荣的一年。我们现在就要给家庭和企业提供实质性帮助。那些在衰退时期投资未来的国家将来会变得更加强大。”Mr. Brown says in Britain and elsewhere, the right things are being done right now to combat this difficult recession but he stressed it will take time to see results work through the system. 布朗在英国和世界其它地方多次表示,为了跟这一阶段的衰退进行战斗,有关方面正在采取各种可能的措施。但是,布朗强调,这些措施要在经济体系中产生效果还需要一些时日。"Yes, it is unfortunate that we have been the victim of a global downturn. It is unfortunate that it sp from being a financial crisis into affecting all the sectors of our economy. But we are in a strong position to deal with this because we have cut interest rates, we have injected money into the economy, we are a competitive economy and over the next few months you will see for many people a result of the fall in oil prices and the fall also in food prices that peoples' standards of living, for many, many people will go up," said Brown. “是的,很不幸,我们已经成为这次全球衰退的受害者。很不幸,这次衰退正在从一次金融危机扩大到整个经济的各个领域。不过,我们现在所处的位置相当坚实,原因是:我们已经削减了利率,给经济注入了资金,我们的经济富有竞争力,在今后几个月,人们会看到油价的下滑和食品价格的下滑对人们的生活产生了效果,许多、许多人的生活水平将会提高。”Although oil prices have tumbled from nearly 0 to a barrel in the past six months, Mr. Brown warns that price volatility will remain a pressing challenge. 虽然油价在过去的六个月里已经从将近150美元一桶下降到30多美元一桶,布朗还是提醒人们,价格的波动依然是严峻的挑战。Adding to the gloom was a prediction by a top banking association that said the worst has yet to come for the world economy. 一家有名望的金融业机构的预测加重了前景的暗淡程度。这个机构认为,世界经济最糟糕的时候还在后面。The Institute of International Finance (IIF), which represents more than 375 of the world's major banks and financial institutions, said the global economy would shrink by 0.4 percent in after two-percent growth this year. 国际金融协会表示,全球经济明年将会收缩0.4%。这个机构认为,今年的增长为2%。国际金融协会代表着全球至少375家大和大的金融机构。Charles Dallara, managing director of the IIF, called the current situation "the most severe, globally synchronized recession in modern economic history" as he presented the report at a news conference in Washington on Thursday. 国际金融协会的执行主任查尔斯.达拉拉(Charles Dallara)星期四在华盛顿举行记者招待会公布了该协会的一份研究报告。达拉拉称目前的形势是“当代经济史上最严重的全球同步衰退。”Powerhouse economies - including the ed States, the 15-nation eurozone and Japan - that are now in recession were forecast to contract a hefty 1.4 percent amid the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. 世界主要的经济体美国、欧元区15国和日本等现在都已经陷入衰退。经济预测说,在未来一年中,这些经济体将会在大萧条以来出现的最严重的金融危机中收缩1.4%。200812/59300

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates flew out of Bahrain Saturday afternoon after meeting with the king and crown prince about political reforms, and just ahead of another demonstration in Manama.美国国防部长盖茨星期六下午飞离巴林。此前,他与巴林国王和皇太子就政治改革问题举行了会议。在盖茨离开后不久,麦纳麦爆发了又一次示威活动。There was a large protest on Friday in Manama and on Saturday thousands of protesters marched near the royal family's palaces. As the secretary headed home he said he believes the kingdom's leaders are serious about responding to the protests with real political reforms.星期五,麦纳麦发生了大规模抗议。星期六,几千名抗议者在皇家宫殿附近举行游行。盖茨部长在返回美国的途中说,他认为巴林领导人是认真地要以真正的政治改革来对抗议活动作出反应。After riding past the site of Friday's large protest and street battle with police, Secretary Gates spent nearly two hours with Bahrains' top leaders, including ten minutes alone with the king. On the flight home, the secretary said the region's leaders need to respond to the protests with more than what he called "baby steps."盖茨乘坐汽车经过了星期五爆发大规模抗议以及和警察进行巷战的地点后,与巴林最高领导人会晤了近两个小时,其中有10分钟是单独与巴林国王会面。盖茨在返回美国的飞机上说,这一地区的领导人需要迈出更大的步伐来回应抗议活动,而不是他所说的“婴孩似的步伐”。"I believe, based on the things that I've heard from the crown prince and the king, that they are prepared to do more than just, as I put it, baby steps," he said.他说:“根据我从皇太子和国王那里所听到的,我认为他们准备要做更多的工作,而不仅如我所说的‘婴孩步伐’。”Secretary Gates urged the Bahraini leaders to respond to their people's political and economic grievances with "real reform." He said they have aly made some changes and would like to move faster with what he called "more far-reaching steps." 盖茨部长敦促巴林领导人以“真正的改革”来对巴林人们在政治和经济上的不满作出反应。他说,他们已经做出了一些改变,并愿意以所谓“更深远的措施”更快地行动。But he said one problem is that some opposition elements have refused to join a dialogue offered by the crown prince, a frustration the prince also expressed to reporters at the start of meeting. Gates said U.S. diplomats have met with opposition leaders to try to convince them to participate in talks.但是盖茨说,目前的一个问题是,一些反对派分子拒绝参加皇太子提议的对话。皇太子在会议的开始也向记者表达了这样失望情绪。盖茨说,美国外交人员与反对派领导人举行了会面,试图说他们参加会谈。 201103/127939Asia and Europe's economic front CNN's John Vause reports leaders from Asia and Europe agree on plan to overhaul financial systemAnd so it now, it has come down to this: dozens of leaders from Asia and Europe beating apart to Communist China to find a solution to the greatest crisis capitalism has faced in more than 70 years. This meeting was planned in Beijing long before the credit crunch. But the symbolism seems unmistakable. China, the economic superpower of tomorrow, will play a major role in solving the economic mess of today. Europe and Asia have come together in Beijing at the time of global crisis. And indeed, we are, in the moment, we're, we need global team work. As I said, two days ago, we seem, swim together, ah, we think together. And now, these leaders want new rules for global finance. We need even more financial regulation to ensure financial safety.French president Nicolas Sarkozy was looking for China support to his plan to rewrite the rulebook of international finance. He didn't get that. But ahead of the major economic summit in Washington next month, he does have support for significant changes in the way business has done.We need to try it into the / making for them. And this brings me to what the prime, Chinese prime minister has said, intonation to the Washington Summit, that / that China was going to participate very actively.But China will not be using its massive foreign reserves with almost 2 trillion US dollars to save the world. The government's focus, says the premier, is to keep strong economic growth at home or / this lowest as it has been in years, and expected to slow further in the coming months. This summer was about a united front, 43 countries representing half the world's economy, demanding tougher rules for the international finance, great transparency, strictest supervision. All they had to do now is convince the US.John Vause, CNN Beijing.200810/54098Britain being "overrun" by street signsThe British government has declared war on the profusion of unnecessary road traffic signs, railings and advertising boards, saying they blight towns' English character.Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has written to local council leaders in England, calling on them to cut the number of unsightly signs and other "street clutter."Even traffic lights are in the firing line.Ministers want the public to inform local authorities of particularly bad examples of excess signage, to clean up the national landscape."Our streets are losing their English character," Pickles said. "We are being overrun by scruffy signs, bossy bollards, patchwork paving and railed-off roads -- wasting taxpayers' money that could be better spent on fixing potholes."The government says that in some cases traffic signs are installed by councils in the mistaken belief they are legally required, when they are not.Hammond said the abundance of so-called street furniture often makes towns resemble "scrapyards," confusing motorists and obstructing pedestrians.For signs to be most effective, ministers say, they should be kept to a minimum.When busy Kensington High Street in central London was stripped of excess road furniture, for example, it helped reduce accidents by 47 percent.The Department for Transport is reviewing traffic signs policy and new advice on how to reduce clutter will be published later this year.For more Bilingual News, please log on to our website at language.chinadaily.com.cn. For now, this has been Nelly Min.Vocabulary:profusion: the property of being extremely abundant(丰富;大量)unsightly:unpleasant to look(难看的)overrun: invade in great numbers(蔓延;占领)scruffy:shabby and untidy(肮脏的;不整洁的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112505

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