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Lenovo reveals new tablet design Richard Quest talks with David Roman of Lenovo to find out what makes their new tablet different from others on the market.We actually did a lot of work. Weve been working on tablets for a long time. And as we are looking at some real consumer usages of the tablet, we look at a number of the things that we thought could be done better. And one of them was actually how you hold the tablet and the fact that theyve become so thin means when you hold it with one hand it can actually be very, very difficult all the time. The second is people sort of tend to use the tablet in different ways, sometimes you want to watch s, sometimes you are doing conferencing. You are doing different things. Sometimes you want to stand it up and you also have to type on it. So we came up with the notion of a different shape, literally a different phonefactor that willl allow us to hold it in a much more natural way, so it fits your hand. It will allow us to stand it up on its stand and to stand it in a tube mode so you can type on it. And one of the benefits of doing it this way is we got this sort of relatively large cylinder, so we could put much, much bigger batteries in the tablets, still keep in a very low weight, whic we can get up to eighty hours a battery allows. So we think those are pretty significant changes as they just make the tablet more usable, you know, make it much more friendly for users, so I think thats a difference.Yeah, the decision to invite Ashton Kutcher to become an advisor in these matters. And he is extremely good on the screen and exceptionally popular in media. But what does he give you besides a name and a hot property?You know, I know that sounds terribly tripe. But, you know, we are really looking for a partnership with Ashton. Yeah first of all ,he is an amazing technologist. I think you know,many people know him because he is acting and his great presence on screen. He is originally studying engineering. He is very involving in technology. He has a fairly significant venture investment firm. He invest new companies. He really is a technologist at heart and you know, he loves doing things.Its a risky strategy, isnt it? I mean getting select some bod is a bit like playing with fire.You know, I think our experience with Ashor so far is being that he is fantastic. He really is a real deal. He is obviously has a tremendous present,he really does have a lot of technology insight. But he really is focused on getting things done. He likes to do things, he is a, you know, we think of ourselves as a company for those who do. Ashton really is a doer. /201311/263319福州治支原体感染大约多少钱In January 2011,2011年1月Steve Jobs announced another leave of absence,乔布斯宣布再次请病假but be appeared at the launch of iCloud in June 2011.不过之后他在2011年6月的iCloud发布会中亮相It was the last product release那次是他作为苹果行政总裁he would attend as CEO.出现的最后一个产品发布会Two months later,两个月后in a short online letter,他透过一封简短的电邮he stepped down as CEO of Apple.宣布他正式辞任行政总裁Here was someone他是那种不工作who seemingly couldnt hold himself back from work.便不自在的人To see this person actually所以看见他决定辞职step down was a bit shocking.我真的有些愕然For four decades,超过40年Steve Jobs has been at the forefront of personal computing.乔布斯一直站在个人电脑发展的前端His enthusiasm, perfectionism,他的热诚,他对完美的追求creativity and entrepreneurial spirit他的创造力和领导企业的能力come together in a career and a life令他的职业生涯和生命发出异that made a huge impact on the technology world.同时为科技世界带来极大影响I have a word,我有个词语想说but I care about this word,但是我要很小心运用cause it s a dangerous word.因为这是个很危险的词语And its called ;visionary;而且经常被滥用and its overused.就是很有远见But thats what he is, a visionary.但乔布斯真是个很有远见的人 /201310/262748福州看男性不育那里好Red-billed tropicbirds rely on extreme aerial agility红嘴鸏仰赖极其敏捷的飞行技巧to overcome the many challenges of their life.克生命中的挑战For others, survival demands endurance.至于其他鸟类要生存 就得坚忍不屈Every spring, red knots fly 10,000 miles每年春天 红腹滨鹬要飞上一万六千公里from their wintering grounds in Argentina从它们在阿根廷过冬的地方to their nesting sites in Canada.飞往加拿大的筑巢地点The only way they complete this marathon journey要完成这趟马拉松旅程is by making a crucial fuel stop here唯一的办法是在美国东岸in Delaware Bay, on the east coast of America.德拉威湾这里 务必要停下来补给What is most extraordinary is that最非比寻常的是as well as having to find their way to this one location,除了必须设法飞到这个地点they must also time their arrival to perfection.抵达的时间还得算得刚刚好They have a rendezvous with prehistoric creatures emerging from the deep和海底冒出的史前动物会合which have hardly changed in 250 million years.两亿五千万年来 这种动物几乎没变201308/253772Wouldnt it be so romantic to make your own engagement ring? Vannetta takes you step-by-step on how to do this and explains what materials you will need to accomplish this unique piece of jewellery.亲手制作自己的订婚戒指难道不是很浪漫的事情吗?Vannetta逐步向你展示怎样制作,使用什么材料来打造这件独一无二的珠宝。In this , Im going to show you how to make your own engagement ring. To start with, you will need a ring mandrel, a vice to secure the ring mandrel. You need some letter stamps.在这段视频中,我将向大家展示怎样制作订婚戒指。最开始,你需要一个戒指心轴,一个用来固定心轴的钳口,还需要一些印章。This is the letters of the alphabet, and you need some ring blanks. Now, these ring blanks, I have 3 different ring blanks here. I have silver.这里是字母表中的字母,你需要一些空白指环。我这里有三种不同材质的指环。This is silver. I have gold, 18 karat gold, and 18 karat white gold. These blanks can be purchased from any jewellery shop.这一个是银的,还有一个18克拉的黄金,一个18克拉的白金。这些空白指环在任何珠宝店都可以买到。Now, to make your own engagement ring, its a little bit tricky because you dont know what your receiver would like. So, I thought to make it a bit interesting and a bit quirky, you can buy these alphabet stamps at any hardware shop, but they need to be quite small ones. These are 1 millimetre.现在,要制作自己的订婚戒指会有一点棘手,因为你不知道收到戒指的人喜欢什么样的。所以,我认为最好有趣一点,奇特一点,你可以在任何五金商店购买这种字母表印章,但是必须非常小。这样的大概是1毫米。I thought it would be a nice idea to stamp “Will you marry me?” If youre going to attempt to do this, you need some extra metal so that you can practice stamping. The stamping is not consistent. Its a little bit more organic.我认为在戒指上刻上“嫁给我好吗?”这句话比较不错。你需要一些备用金属,这样可以练习一下怎样镌刻上去。印章的过程并不是连贯的,看上去整体比较一致就可以了。The style is a little bit like old-fashion type lettering. The particular stamp that I have, they have a little slot so that you know which direction they should be facing in. The little slot should be facing towards me.这种风格看上去比较像老式的字母。我这里有一种特别的印章,上面有一个小小的凹槽,这样你就知道他们应该面向哪个方向。凹槽应该面向我。And you try to line them up as well as you can, but inevitably, the stamps are not even so your stamping will not be even. And one of the reasons for securing your ring in a ring mandrel, so you need a hard surface underneath, so that you can apply a reasonable amount of pressure, you position your letter and use a little hammer. The first one is a W.你应该尽可能地让他们整齐划一,但是不可避免的,印章本身就是不均匀的,所以刻出来的印章也不可能是均匀的。用戒指心轴来固定戒指的一个原因就是,下面需要有一个表面比较坚硬的物体,这样就可以用合适的力度,把字母放在合适的位置,然后用锤子砸。第一个字母是W。The second letter is going to be an I. Okay. There you go.第二个字母是I。现在印上去。“Will you marry me?” stamped nicely along this ring. Thats how you make your own engagement ring. .“嫁给我好吗?”这几个字母沿着指环刻上去。现在,你的订婚戒指做好了。Thanks for watching How To Make Your Own Engagement Ring.感谢收看“如何亲手打造自己的订婚戒指”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201307/248667福州妇幼医院输卵管通水

福州那家医院治疗无精好福州宫腹腔镜需要多少钱Heavy sno trapped 62 vehicles, 174 people in Nyalam county in Tibet西藏聂拉木县大雪造成62辆车174人被困In Chinas Tibet, heavy snow has trapped 62 vehicles and 174 people in Nyalam county of Shigatse city.在中国西藏的日喀则市聂拉木县,一场大雪造成62辆车174人被困。The snow began falling Thursday and stopped Sunday night, blocking some of the countys main roads over the weekend.这场从周四开始的大雪直到周日晚间才停止,整个周末该县主要道路都无法通行。Public transportation has been affected, with traffic control measures launched on some state roads.由于公共交通受到影响一些道路还实施了交通控制措施。As of Sunday noon, the snow was 76 centimeters, well-above knee deep.截至周日中午这场雪达76厘米深,远没过膝盖。Local authortities say no casualties or damage have been reported so far, and they have enough disaster relief goods in stock.当地政府表示到目前为止没有人员伤亡,而且物资供应充足。201501/352310龙岩去哪里看弱精福州去那精子检测

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