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your husband is right there,whats your husbands name,Danny,Hi Danny, how are you doing你的丈夫也来了 你的丈夫叫什么名字 丹尼 嘿 丹尼 你好吗Oh,God,Hi I love you,I love you too,So where do you live噢 天啊 我爱你 我也爱你 你住在哪里we live in Beaverton Oregon right outside the Portland我们住在比佛顿 俄勒冈 波特兰外So I pretty much just described your story,you are saying pretty positive somehow,how do you say so positive在我描述你的故事的时候 你表现的十分乐观 你怎么做到如此乐观的God you know we have a beautiful 11 month old son,cute little picture, I saw the picture天啊 你知道吗 我们有一个美丽的11个月大的男孩 可爱的小照片 我看到了那张照片It looks like a painting you find in an emtpy,that doesnt look real就像是一幅在美术馆里的水画 那看起来不像是真的thats like one of those 1950s portraits that you buy,Look at that,there he is倒像是你20世纪50年代买的肖像画 看这个 他在那里So you have a little baby that youve go to say positive for,We have a baby we watch you everyday你有一个小宝宝 所以你很积极对吗 我们有一个宝宝 我们每天都看你呢I have to tell you I have an alarm set on my cellphone at 5-3 for your show我得告诉你我给我的手机上了闹铃 5点至3点为了看你的节目and everytime my alarm goes off,my husband goes time to watch Ellen,thats exactly what it is,thats sweet每次我的闹铃响的时候 我的先生都会说 看艾伦的时间到了 真是那样的 真好So we have a beautiful son,and lost my job,a lot of things kind of went on in about 6 months我们有一个美丽的儿子 我却丢了工作 糟糕的事持续了6个月how are you getting by,so you are like 20 dollars left over at the end of the month,pretty much你是怎样走过来的呢 你每个月都只剩20美元 差不多alright, well we wanna help,I know you want to bought a house,It needs reparing,it needs a lot of different things好的 我们想要帮助你 我知道你想要买一所房子 它需要修理 它需要很多不同的东西So let me start, let see,we are gonna first of all give you a one year supply of Huggies diapers让我们开始吧 让我看看 所以我们要为你提供 一年的Huggies尿布so that will help to have a one year supply of Huggies right,then to help with your home repairs一年的Huggies尿布的提供会给你们带来帮助 然后为了帮助你们修理房屋True Value hardware is giving you a 5000 dollars worth of supplies真品质的五金给你提供 价值5000美元的工具for your tools from your local True Value store and also True Value wants to give you this as well来自你们当地的真品质商店 同时真品质还想给你们这个 /201606/449875。

Leaders Business in Africa Making Africa work社论精粹 非洲商业 让非洲发展起来The continents future depends on people, not commodities非洲的前途依赖人,而非大宗商品“IS ANYONE here actually hoping to make any money, or are you all just trying to minimise your losses?”“在座的有没有任何人希望能赚到钱,还是大家都只是想把损失降到最低?”The question, asked at a dinner in London for investors who specialise in Africa, showed how the mood has changed in the past year.这个问题在伦敦一个为专事非洲投资的投资者举办的晚餐会上提出来,体现出过去一年的情绪变化。The financiers around the table—mostly holders of African bonds—all said they were simply trying not to lose money.在座的各位金融家大部分手中都持有非洲债券,他们都说自己只是想不要亏钱。Only a few years ago people were queuing up to invest in Africa.然而仅仅在几年前,大家都还挤破头要在非洲投资。As recently as 2012 Zambia paid less than Spain to borrow dollars.就在2012年,赞比亚美元贷款的利息比西班牙还低。Private-equity funds dedicated to Africa raised record sums to invest in shopping malls and firms making everything from nappies to fruit juice.专注投资非洲的私募股权基金筹得破纪录的资金用于投资购物中心和企业,这些公司生产的产品从尿片到果汁一应俱全。Business folk salivated at the prospect of selling to the fast-growing African middle class, which by one measure numbered 350m people.非洲的中产阶级正在快速成长,一项数据显示其人数可达3.5亿,商界人士一想到这些人是他们未来的销售对象便垂涎三尺。Miners sank billions into African soil to feed Chinas appetite for minerals.矿产公司也向非洲的土地中砸入数十亿美元以满足中国对矿产资源的需求。Now investors are glum. In the short run, they are right to worry.但现在投资者们个个愁容满面。In the long run, as our special report on African business shows this week, the potential rewards from a market of 1.2 billion people are too juicy to ignore, despite the risks.短期来看,他们确实有理由担心。长期来说,我们本周对非洲经济的特别报道显示,这个有着12亿人口的市场潜在回报巨大不容忽视,尽管风险也不小。From oil in the gears to sand in the wheels从一路顺风到磕磕绊绊For decades, sentiment about Africa has followed commodity prices, rising and falling like a bungee-jumper at Victoria Falls.数十年来,对非洲的投资情绪一直随大宗商品价格波动,如同在维多利亚瀑布蹦极跳一样忽上忽下。The recent plunge has caused a 16% drop in sub-Saharan Africas terms of trade (the ratio of the price of its exports to that of its imports).最近大宗商品价格大跌已令撒哈拉以南非洲的贸易比率(出口商品与进口商品价格的相对价格比率)下降了16%。Growth across the region will slow to about 3% this year, predicts the World Bank, down from 7-8% a decade ago. That is barely ahead of population growth of 2.7%.世界估计整个地区今年的经济增长将会从十年前的7%到8%放缓至3%,勉强高于2.7%的人口增幅。Nigeria and Angola, two big oil exporters, will probably need bail-outs from the IMF within a year.石油出口大国尼日利亚和安哥拉恐怕年内就会需要IMF的紧急救助。Yet Afro-pessimists should remember two things about commodity busts.然而对非洲持悲观情绪的人们就大宗商品价格大跌的问题需要记住两点:They dont last for ever. And they dont hurt everyone:第一,价格不会永远下跌;第二,不是所有人都从中受害。17 African countries with a quarter of the regions population will show a net benefit from the current one, thanks to cheaper energy.由于能源价格低廉,非洲有17个国家(占非洲总人口四分之一)将会在这一轮大跌的情况下获得净收益。More important, by focusing on the minerals markets it is easy to miss some big trends that are happening above ground—and these are mostly positive.更为重要的是,过于关注矿产品市场会容易忽略矿产行业以外的一些大趋势—而这些趋势多数都令人乐观。The first is that Africa is far more peaceful than it was even a decade ago.首先,非洲要比十年前太平多了。The wars that ripped apart the Democratic Republic of Congo and sucked in its neighbours, causing millions of deaths, have largely been quelled. A few states, such as Somalia, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, are in chaos.内战曾一度令刚果民主共和国四分五裂,且波及多个邻国,令数百万人丧生。如今,战火已基本平息。But overall the risk of dying violently in Africa has tumbled.还有一些国家,如索马里、南苏丹和中非共和国,仍然处于混乱之中。The latest ranking of the worlds most violent countries by the Geneva Declaration includes just two African states (tiny Lesotho and Swaziland) among its top ten.但总体来说在非洲死于暴乱的危险已大为降低。《日内瓦宣言》最近列出的十个暴力情况最为严重的国家中,只有两个是非洲国家(小国莱索托和斯威士兰)。Africa is also far more democratic than it was.其二,非洲如今也更为民主了。In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, only one sub-Saharan government was peacefully voted out of office.在上世纪六十、七十和八十年代,在撒哈拉以南非洲只有一个政府通过投票和平下台。Now nearly all face regular elections, which are harder to rig thanks to social media. Voters have real choices—one reason why policies have improved.现在几乎各国都会定期选举,而且在社交媒体的监督下,操纵选举愈发困难。选民们有了真正的选择—这也是政策有所改善的一个重要原因。Old-style governments favoured nationalisation, printing money and (in some cases) rounding peasants up at gunpoint and forcing them onto collective farms.老派的政府喜欢国有化、印制钞票和(在有些情况下)用杆逼着农民加入集体农场。 /201604/440364。

Water allows the sand grains to flow to gather and intermingle and form more complex structures.水可以使沙粒流动到一起并相互粘连并形成更复杂的结构。In the same way, water acts like a cocktail mixer, allowing the atoms and molecules to come together, and also may form the building blocks of life.水的作用就像鸡尾酒调酒师使得原子和分子来在一起最终形成构成生命的基本物质。All that water was perfect for breeding life. Lots of it.那些水十分适合哺育生命,许多生命。Its estimated that since the emergence of earth’s first life form, 100 billion species have existed on the planet.据估计自从地球上首个生命的诞生1000万个物种在地球上生存过。Millions are alive right now.现在有数百万种存在着。And that fact alone tells scientists a lot as they combed the cosmos for alien life.在宇宙中寻找外星生命的科学家从中学到了很多东西。If we look for life in the universe, we have to understand they were coming in different shapes and sizes, and the same thing occurs here on earth.如果我们在宇宙中寻找生命就必须明白生命的形状和体积有很多种形式,地球上的一样如此。Take this handful of dirt. Its not just dirt.就拿这捧土来说,这不只是土。There is a lot going on here. There is an earth worm, going a little more, and there are these tiny little mites, zooming further, and there are these litter creatures called protozoa, and smaller still, theres bacteria, billions of them.其中还包含了很多东西。那儿有只蚯蚓,再深入点,就看到了这些微小的螨虫,再放大一下,这些小东西叫做原生动物,再看更小点的,就是细菌了,有数百万个。So you see, there really are a lot of living things in a handful of dirt and we should probably remember that if we ever go digging around on Alien worlds.所以你看到这对土里的确有许多的生物,也许当我们在外星世界中,搜寻时也应该记住这一点。Life isnt always something you can see with a naked eye.并非所有生命都能用肉眼看到。In these piles of dirt lie the secrets to our origins and scientists are keeping that in prospective when they search for life in the cosmos.这堆土中蕴含着我们生命起源的秘密,科学家们搜寻宇宙时也时刻牢记这一点。You have to be looking for that bacterium first, because thats gonna be far more common.你必须先寻找细菌因为他们最为普遍但我们找不到。If we dont find that, the chance of finding these hollow, again, gray ET guys is gonna be highly diminished.那么我们发现外星人的机会也就微乎其微。So are there other earths out there, capable of supporting ET or even bacteria?那么到底还有没有其他“地球”可以持外星人或着细菌的生存呢?We are closer than ever to finding the answers, because scientists pick up the scent in this cosmic cut.我们现在离找到比任何时候都要接近,因为科学家们在宇宙追捕中找到了踪迹。In the hunt for alien life, scientists are focusing their efforts on finding small rocky planets like earth, but searching for another earth is like trying to find a needle in a million haystacks.在搜寻外星生命的过程中科学家们专注于搜寻向地球一样的小型岩石行星,但是找寻另一个地球如同大海捞针。 译文属201512/417272。

All right,so Mindy you planned a lot of weddings for a lot of peopleMindy 你为很多人策划了婚礼and I know that brides are difficult,right,sometimes,sometimes我知道新娘一般比较难应付 恩 有时 有时I mean its really stressful,I learn that,its a very stressful thing有时真的会有压力 我知道 这真的是一件非常有压力的事情How do we compare cause you have two brides than that other poeple you have done跟其他一个新娘的比起来 我们这有两个新娘 你怎么比较这两者呢Well I think if we had a big wedding it would have been a big problems我觉得如果我们举办盛大的婚礼 那将会有很大的麻烦But because it got really small,I mean truely I have admited that you did everything但因为你们的婚礼规模真的很小 而且我得承认你几乎计划了所有事情I just follow the directions,no,yeah,no,yeah我做的仅仅是执行你的计划 不会吧 是的 不会吧 是的But we did,we had a huge like 150 to 200 people originally,we were gonna do a huge wedding但我们原先打算邀请150人到200人参加我们的婚礼 我们打算举办盛大的婚礼and at the last minute we said please call and uninvited everybody,because we just cant do it,its too stressful但最后的时刻我们决定说请打电话给大家 我们决定不邀请那么多人了 因为我们不能做到 压力太大了and then we got the calls from the certain people thinking that they were the only one uninvited然后我们接到了一些人的电话 他们以为只有他们没受邀请So that they were offended,Im kept telling them,no you are still,you would have been there所以他们感觉被冒犯了 我不停的告诉他们 不 你是在邀请名单内的 你本来是要来参加的yeah,we did the right thing,we only had 21 people,so it was perfect我们做了正确的选择 我们的婚礼只有21个人 是的 这人数非常合适and even then it was so hard to decide the seating chart,cause the further away people get from you the more offended they are但仍然 你很难去决定座位表 因为离你坐得越远越会觉得他们被得罪they feel terrible,they analyze it,to see exactly who is next to you他们会感觉很糟糕 他们会试图分析 看看谁会坐在旁边Its a big deal,a political class but to see it.but we were pretty calm,right这可是件大事 看到才会明白是典型的官方反应 但我们都很冷静 对吧Very calm,from the minute I got there that morning,you were kind of flying around非常冷静 那天早上我到达场地的时候 你到处在那走来走去I was a little worried than I before,oh god here we go,not one我比之前想的还要紧张一些 哦 天啊 真的要开始了 不只一位新娘 /201608/460087。

Bubonic plague has found its way to Michigan.The so-called ;Black Death; killed anywhere from 75 million up to 200 million people in Europe and the Middle East throughout the 14th century.Were talking between 30% and 60% of Europes total population. People who seemed healthy when they went to bed at night could be dead by morning.Thats why news of Michigans first documented case of bubonic plague caught many by surprise.Dr. Eden Wells is Michigans chief medical executive, and she rushes to assure us that we have little cause for concern.;This is actually one of the least contagious. It is not a contagious form of the plague,; she says.Wells tells us the CDC receives around half a dozen cases of plague in the U.S. each year, but theyre usually all in the western half of the country.She suspects that the patient contracted the plague while hiking through Colorado.To further allay our fears, Wells explains that the plague in this form is not contagious and can be treated with antibiotics.She tells us that the patient is doing well.Dr. Eden Wells teaches us more about the bubonic plague and its history in our conversation above.201509/399053。

As Robert Palmer sang in the mid 80s,“You might as well faceit, youre addicted to love.”80年代中期的罗伯特帕尔默曾经唱道:“承认吧,你已坠入爱河。”While that may or may not be truedepending on who you are, its no secret that addiction is acommon phenomenon.虽然,这句歌词的意思因人而异,但我们都知道,沉迷某事物或某人是个普遍现象。Apart from serious addictions to drugs and alcohol, how many times have you heard someoneclaim that theyre absolutely addicted to chocolate? Or diet Coke.除了严重的毒瘾和酒瘾意外,你有多少次曾听到有人说他们对巧克力十分上瘾?或者说无糖可乐,Or broccoli?或是花椰菜?Well, maybe not broccoli, but you get the point.也许不是花椰菜,但你知道我想说的是什么。But is it really possible to be a chocolate addict in the same waythat someone might be addicted to drugs?对巧克力上瘾真的会跟毒瘾一样吗?To answer that question we need to know what addiction is.要解答这个问题,我们需要知道什么是上瘾。Although the precise science ofaddiction is unclear, we do know that it involves the brain;虽然对上瘾还没有确切的定义,但我们都知道它跟大脑有关;addictive substances alter brainchemistry in such a way as to make the body crave more.上瘾的东西会以某种方式改变脑化学,从而使人体产生对该物的渴望。But what about chocolate?但怎么解释巧克力呢?Several studies indicate that chocolate addiction is for real.一些研究表明,对巧克力上瘾确实是存在的。Chocolatecontains a number of addictive substances, including caffeine and cannabinoids, chemicals similarto the ones that make marijuana a potent drug.巧克力包含很多容易上瘾的物质,如咖啡因、大麻类物质(其化学成分很像将大麻制成特效药的物质)。Further studies found not only that chocolatefats trigger the release of pleasure-causing substances in the brain, but that chocolate contains achemical similar to amphetamine, a highly addictive drug.进一步研究发现,不仅巧克力脂肪能够促使大脑释放出使人体愉悦的物质,巧克力还含有一种和苯内胺(一种极易上瘾的药物)很相似的化学物质。Does this mean that anyone who eats enough chocolate will become addicted?难道说任何吃过多巧克力的人都会上瘾吗?No. Some peoplecan eat all the chocolate they want and never get hooked.不是的。有些人可以想吃多少巧克力就吃多少而不上瘾。But chocolate does cause chemicalchanges in the brain that can result in a powerful craving.但巧克力确实会引起大脑的化学变化,从而产生一种强烈的渴望。Chocolate addiction is nowhere near aspotent or harmful as alcohol and drug addiction, of course.对巧克力上瘾可不是像毒瘾和酒瘾那样对人体有害。But if you find yourself unable to gothrough the day without at least one Hersheys Kiss, its not just in your mind. Youre hooked.但如果你发现自己一天不吃上一块好时巧克力就不自在的话,不止是你脑中会这样想,而是你确实是染上巧克力瘾了。201412/347326。

I have to do a Texas accent.I have to do a Texas accent.Oh,you can do it.Howdy yall!Howdy partner我必须得发德克萨斯的口音 我必须得发德克萨斯的口音 哦,你能做到的 你好吗?老兄好吗?My agent thought this would a good part for me,My agent thought this would a perfect part for me,Because it showed me another side.我的经纪人觉得这个部分很适合我演 我的经纪人觉得这个部分很适合我演 因为这展现了我的另外一面Because it showed another side on me,But I have to be sad.I have to be sad all the time.因为这展现了我的另外一面 但是我必须表现得很悲伤 但是我必须一直表现得很悲伤I have to cry. I have to cry.Like this.Start crying.Why?! Cry! Why do I have to do it?Im so sad.我必须得哭 我必须得哭 就像这样 开始哭 为什么!哭 为什么我一定要这么做呢?我简直太伤心了。Somebody told me I have junk in my trunk.Somebody told me that I have junk in my trunk.有人告诉我说我行李箱里有垃圾。 有人说我行李箱里面有垃圾。No I dont think so.Do you have junk in your trunk?Do you have junk in your trunk? you?No..呃,我不这么认为。 你行李箱里有没有垃圾?你,你行李箱里有没有垃圾? 没有。。I have to cry again, I have to stay in the charactor.You know what, I have to stay in the charactor.我还得哭。。我得努力沉浸在我的角色里。。你知道么,我得保持沉浸在我的角色里。I have to cry again.I have to cry again.Just silently cry.HEE--No,but silently.Just silent.我得再哭一次。 我得再哭一次。就是安静的啜泣。嗷 哦哦只是安静的哭。只是静静地。Do you believe me? Do I cry well?Do you think Im crying well?你想不相信我?我哭得到不到位? 你觉得我哭得像不像?I think you did good, theyre really good.Then do you believe me?我认为你哭的非常到位,非常好。那你相信我么?I believe you big time.Tell me the truth.I told you the truth.我特别特别相信你。 告诉我实话。 我告诉你的就是大实话。Gallop around like a horse.You know, I have to, I have to cry,and do like the.学马一样蹦来蹦去。你知道么,我得..我得哭,然后,要这样. /201603/434360。