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unit 484人民币兑换美元dialogue 英语情景对话A:I will travel to Southeast Asia this summer, so I need to exchange some US dollars. Can I get the foreign currency at any bank?A:我今年夏天要到东南亚去旅游,所以需要兑换点美元。我能在任何一家换到外币吗?B:I dont think you can. In China, our currency is not freely convertible yet.B:不能。在中国,人民币还不能自由兑换。A:Do you mean there is no way to get any foreign money?A:你是说没有办法换到外币吗?B:No. You can go to the Bank of China to exchange some US dollars at the current exchange rcrte of the day you exchange them. The maximum amount you can exchange is 2000 dollars.B:不是。你可以到中国去以当天的外汇兑换宰换到美元。你最多可以兑换2,000美元。A:Only 2000 dollars ? Are there any other ways to get the money exchanged?A:只有2,000美元?有没有其他途径兑换外币?B:The only official way is to go to Bank of China.B:中国兑换是惟一的官方途径。A:Id better take more dollars with me. It seems that I need to borrow some from my friends.A:我最好多带点美元。看来我得试试能不能到朋友那里去借一点。 /201607/454237

Michael: So hows crime in the big cities, like in Rome? How is crime in Rome?迈克尔:罗马等大城市的犯罪问题呢?罗马的犯罪活动是什么情况?Goron: Well, many people are complaining for the huge immigration. Like we have many foreigners and illegal foreigners actually. They come in with boats during the night, theyre landing, and we cannot control, we cannot stop them because Italy is in the middle of Europe. So from Northern Africa, for many like – I wouldnt say underdeveloped countries but the countries that see Italy like the...高伦:许多人抱怨的问题是大规模移民。罗马有很多外国人,准确的说是非法外国移民。他们在晚上乘船偷渡到罗马,他们靠岸以后,我们无法控制他们,无法阻止他们,因为意大利位于欧洲中部。这些人来自北非国家,不能说是欠发达国家,不过这些国家认为意大利是……Win: Dream.温:梦境。Goron: America or like dream, like opportunities, which is changing right with the recent crisis.高伦:他们认为美国也是梦境,是机会之地,而美国现在因为近期的危机正在发生改变。Michael: Its actually very interesting because we have the same problem in Norway.迈克尔:这非常值得深思,因为挪威也面临同样的问题。Win: Im seeing the same problem everywhere.温:我认为各个地方都面临同样的问题。Michael: Because of the European economic agreement, its actually illegal to come and try to find work. But the problem is that people abused us and they come – they are just to, you know – beg for money or to steal money or steal things from others. And its really easy to pass the border without being controlled.迈克尔:依据欧洲经济协议,进入欧洲找工作属于非法行为。但是问题是,这些人会欺骗我们,他们乞讨、偷钱还偷东西。因为不受控制,所以穿越边境非常容易。Goron: I dont think those people are bad. Its like poverty makes you bad.高伦:我认为这些人并不坏。是贫穷让他们变坏了。Michael: No, Im not saying theyre bad.迈克尔:我没有说他们是坏人。Win: Yeah.温:嗯。Goron: If you are desperate, you feel desperate, you do something that is, like we say, illegal.高伦:如果你感觉绝望,你就会做一些非法的事情。Michael: And thats a huge problem because in the EU right now, theres several countries which have poverty, and it evolves from that, I think. Its really hard like to create, to make everyone happy and to – I dont think its possible to solve the poverty matter. So what about Vietnam?迈克尔:这是一个严重的问题,因为现在欧洲有很多国家都有贫困问题,罪恶就是因为贫困产生的。很难让所有人都幸福,我认为解决贫困问题不太可能。那越南呢?Win: Well, the city Im living in is very – there is no really people who was born in the city. I mean, I was born in the city but I have roots from everywhere. And most of the people from the city is like that. We Theyre from everywhere from the country and the city welcomes them no matter what. So yes, we do have a problem that people keep flocking to my city to find jobs, and we have crimes and everything. But I think the fact that we have multi-origin people is one of the facts that makes the city interesting.温:我生活的那座城市,几乎没有人出生在那里。我的意思是,我是在那座城市出生的,可是我的家人遍布其他城市。那座城市的居民大多数和我的情况一样。他们来自越南各个地方,无论怎样,那座城市都欢迎他们。我们的确面临着问题,因为人们一直涌向我所在的城市找工作,我们也面临着犯罪等问题。不过我认为,人口出身多元化是使那座城市变得有趣的其中一个原因。 译文属 /201706/513802

Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Hairdresser:Very sorry to have kept you waiting so long. What do you want, madam?很抱歉让你久等了,太太,你想怎么做头发?Mrs. Smith:I want a haircut and a perm。先剪一下然后再烫卷。Hairdresser:How long would you like your hair cut today?您想把头发剪多少啊?Mrs. Smith:Just cut a little off。稍微剪一下就可以了。Hairdresser:Do you want a tight, medium or naturally curly perm?要小捐儿、中卷儿、还是自然卷儿?Mrs. Smith:I’d like to have it medium。我想烫成中卷儿。Hairdresser:How about your hairstyle?发型呢?Mrs. Smith:Can you tell me my choices?你能告诉我都有什么发型可供选择吗?Hairdresser:Well, with a perm we can do various kinds of patterns, such as a bob, chaplet hairstyle, or a bun. Which do you prefer?嗯,烫发也可以做出不同造型。比如说短发式、盘花冠式、或圈发髻式。您喜欢哪种呢?Mrs. Smith:I want a chaplet one. I like to have it in big waves。我喜欢盘花冠式;就烫成浪卷儿吧。(two hours later)Hairdresser:It looks wonderful。看上去很漂亮。Mrs. Smith:Turn the chair so that I can see myself in the mirror。转一下椅子,这样我就可以在镜子里看到自己了。Hairdresser:What do you think of it?您觉得怎么样?Mrs. Smith:Beautifully done. Many thanks。烫得不错,谢谢。重点句子:我要烫头发。I’d like a perm。你需要冷烫还是热烫?Do you want a cold wave or an ordinary perm?我只需轻烫一下。I just want a light perm。要大卷儿、中卷儿、还是自然卷儿?Do you want a tight, medium or naturally curly perm?我想把卷发拉直。I’d like to have my curly hair straightened。您烫了头发会更有魅力。You’ll look more attractive with curly hair。烫这个头发需要多长时间?How long will this perm take?你们有没有发型图片让我看一下?Do you have pictures of hairdos to show me? /201501/356342

栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:Ill keep my ears open 我会留意的(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201504/367987

10. Taking a Walk around a Park 10.在一个公园散步A: You want to go for a walk?A:你想去散步吗?B: Sure! Where to?B:当然!去哪儿?A: I was thinking of going to the park.A:我想去公园。B: Isnt it a bit far?B:是不是有点远?A: Not really. Well just take our time. Its very beautiful there.A:不太远。我们不用着急。那儿非常美丽。B: Okay, lets go.B:好吧,我们走吧。A: Look at the swans. Do you see them?A:看天鹅。你看到他们了吗?B: Theyre gorgeous. Look at how white those plumes are.B:他们太美丽了。看看这些羽毛是多么的白。A: And the lake looks so calm.A:湖水看起来很平静。B: It does. This was a great idea.B:它确实。这是一个好主意。A: I know. I do this walk often.A:我知道。我经常这样走。B: I didnt even think it was that far; its so beautiful. B:我甚至不觉得它有那么远;它是如此漂亮。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/435264

Exercise 5-2:Sounds Comparing L with T, D, and NRepeat after me,first down and then across.1. At the beginning of a wordlaw low leegnaw know kneetaw toe teadaw dough Dlaw gnaw taw dawlow know toe doughlee knee tea D2. In the middle of a wordbelly caller alleyBenny Conner AnniesBetty cotter at easebelly Benny Bettycaller Conner cotteralley Annies at ease3. At the end of a wordA hole hold hone hoedcall called con codB fill full fool failfell feel fuel furlRepeat the last group of words.fill full fool failfell feel fuel furlOnce you are comfortable with your tongue in this position, let it just languish there while you continue vocalizing,which is what a native speaker does. Exercise 5-3:none /201510/402851

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