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Todd: So, hello, Alexandra.Alexandra,你好。Alexandra: Hi, how are you?嗨,最近怎么样?Todd: Im doing good. Now Alexandra, youre from Miami. 不错。你来自迈阿密?Alexandra: Yes, I am.是的。Todd: OK, so why dont you tell us about Miami.好的,那你跟我说说迈阿密吧。Alexandra: Born and raised in Miami, and its very warm, very warm. Lots of different people. It seems to be the port of Central and South America, so theres several different people from different countries coming through, as well as from Europe and some parts of the North of the ed States come down for a visit and its a tourist destination.我生长在迈阿密,那儿非常非常暖和。还有很多不同的人种。它貌似是中美洲和南美洲的港口,所以会有很多来自不同国家的不同人种经过此地,而且还会有欧洲和北美的一些人去那儿参观。那还是个旅游胜地。Todd: Wow, were you born in Miami?哇,你出生在迈阿密吗?Alexandra: Yes是的。Todd: Really! 真的呀!Alexandra: Yes, I was.是的。Todd: And you lived your whole life there? 你一直都住在那儿?Alexandra: Yep, yeah, yeah.对对对。Todd: Thats cool, whats the best thing about Miami?那不错啊,迈阿密最吸引人的是什么啊?Alexandra: The weather obviously, weather and the nearness to the ocean. Everything you can think of that can be done on the ocean, you can find a way to do it there.很显然是气候。还有隔海很近。凡是你能想到在海上做的事儿,在那儿都能做。Todd: Oh, nice, so what water sports do you play?哦,不错,那你都玩什么水上运动啊?Alexandra: Theres water volleyball, and do some skiing, and diving, and also during season you can go and catch lobster down in the keys. 有水上排球,滑水,潜水,有龙虾的时候你还可以去一些地方抓龙虾。Todd: Really真的吗?Alexandra: Yes, so it can be fun.对呀,特别有趣。Todd: Thats so cool. So you catch the lobster and eat it that night?那很不错啊。你可以白天捉了龙虾,当天晚上就可以享用了?Alexandra: Yes. Yes. Absolutely. So you just go get the lobster out of the traps, take the upstairs to the boat, so to speak, and just throw them in a pot, and youre gonna have dinner in no time. 是的是的,当然。你就从洞里挖出龙虾,再上楼拿到船上,也就是说,你直接把龙虾扔到锅里就可以直接吃晚饭了。Todd: You dont eat them on the boat do you?你们不会在船上吃龙虾吧?Alexandra: You can.你可以的。Todd: Really! People eat the lobsters on the boat?真的?!人们都在船上吃龙虾吗?Alexandra: Yeah, you can. 对呀,你也可以。Todd: Wow. Are they dangerous? I mean, cause they can snip your fingers.哇,不危险吗?我的意思是龙虾会划到手指。Alexandra: Well, you dont, you make sure you catch them in the right, hold them from the tail end and people usually put rubber bands around the claws, and you can just throw them into boiling water, get your butter out and youre good to go.哦,你不必担心。你要确保你抓着它的右爪,握着它的尾端。而且人们通常会用橡皮筋缠住它们的爪子,然后直接扔进沸水里,取出的时候放点黄油,然后你就可以美美地享用了。 /201307/249559for no reason at all 无缘无故地There is absolutely no such thing as love or hatred without any reason or cause.世上没有无缘无故的爱,也没有无缘无故的恨。 /201208/196949

经典句型:But Im afraid my skin is very sensitive. 但是恐怕我的皮肤很容易过敏。A:Do you want to try this toning lotion?甲:你想试试这种化妆水吗?B:But Im afraid my skin is very sensitive.乙:但是恐怕我的皮肤很容易过敏。A:Dont worry. Its the very product that matches your skin.甲:别担心。这种产品正适合你的皮肤。经典句型:I have an oily skin. 我的皮肤是油性的。A:I have an oily skin. Which pressed powder suits feme?甲:我的皮肤是油性的。哪种粉饼适合我呢?B:This product is for the oily skin.乙:这种产品是油性皮肤用的。A:There are always bumps on my face.甲:我的脸上总是有小疙瘩。B:Then you should do deep cleaning every week.乙:那你需要每周做深层清洁。句型讲解:你是什么样的皮肤呢? normal中性,oily油性,dry干性,sensitive敏感性。 /201410/336073

Remember what I told you, Forrest. Youre no different than anybody else is.记住我说的话,阿甘。你和其他任何人是一样的。Did you hear what I said, Forrest? Youre the same as everybody else. You are no different.听清楚了没有,阿甘?你和其他人是一样的。你并没有什么不一样。Your boys...different, Mrs. Gump. His I.Q is 75.你的孩子有点不一样,甘太太。他的智商只有75.Well, were all different, Mr. Hancock.我们都是不一样的,汉考克先生。She wanted me to have the finest education, so she took me to the Greenbow County Central School. I met the principal and all.她希望我得到最好的教育,所以她带我去绿茵县中心学校。我见到了校长什么的。I want to show you something, Mrs. Gump. Now, this is normal. Forrest is right here.请你看看这个,甘太太。这是正常水平。阿甘则在这儿。Forrest! Stop it! Stop it! Forrest! Stop it! Stop it!阿甘!停手!停手!阿甘!停手!停手!I shouldnt have brought you here. I should have known it was going to be some bullshit hassle!我不该带你来这里。我早该知道大家会争吵!He should not be hitting you, Jenny.他不该打你,珍妮。Come on, Forrest.走吧,阿甘。Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your Black Panther party.对不起,我在你们黑豹党聚会上打架。He doesnt mean it when he does things like this.他不是故意这么做的。I would never hurt you, Jenny.我永远也不会伤害你,珍妮。I know you wouldnt, Forrest.我知道你不会,珍妮。I wanted to be your boyfriend.我想成为你的男友。

  泡泡袋----bubble wrap大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。相信很多朋友小的时候都和小强君一样喜欢捏泡泡袋。那么,“泡泡袋”用英文怎么说呢?bubble wrap,注意这里的wrap作不可数名词。柯林斯词典对于bubble wrap给出的解释是:a type of polythene wrapping containing many small air pockets, used as a protective covering when transporting breakable goods.用大白话说,就是在运输易碎物品的时候,用来保护的一种聚乙烯包装,这种包装有很多小气泡。我们来听一下例句:Stuff delicate postal packages with old newspapers or junk mail instead of bubble wrap.用旧报纸或废邮件来包裹易碎的邮包,不要用泡泡袋。对于泡泡袋呢,我们可以捏,叫pinch、可以压compress,还可以刺破,叫puncture,让它发出噼噼啪啪的爆破声popping sound。据说,不仅小孩子,很多大孩子也喜欢摆弄泡泡袋,乐在其中,不能自拔。好了,本期的节目就是这样,我们下期见。获取更多英语资讯,请关注新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201411/341190

  Jessica在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是逸华要问的:头脑风暴。Jessica:Yihua! your presentation was awesome! Im really impressed!YH:谢谢你 Jessica! 做得好,可不是我一个人的功劳! 我们小组成员坐下来,来了一次头脑风暴!所以演示才这么成功。Jessica:头脑风暴?Whats that?YH:就是大家坐下来一起讨论,集思广益呀!Jessica:Oh! I think I know what you are talking about! You guys had a brainstorming session.YH:Brain, b-r-a-i-n, 大脑; storm, s-t-o-r-m, 风暴。加在一起,brainstorm 就是头脑风暴喽!Jessica:Exactly! Brainstorm basically means to put your heads together in order to come up with good ideas.YH:put someones heads together, 把头放在一起!引伸出来就是集思广益。就象中文里说的,三个臭皮匠,赛过一个诸葛亮。Jessica:Thats right! 对了,吴琼的生日快到了,Lets put our heads together and figure out what we can give her for her birthday.YH:Good idea! 我知道,吴琼特别标新立异,所以啊,这生日礼物也得有创意才行。Jessica:I know how picky she can be... But we can do it! Lets think outside the box and see what we should get him.YH:Think outside the box? 到盒子外面去找?Jessica:It basically means to break out of your normal ideas and be creative.YH:这个说法形象!Think outside the box! 跳出条条框框去想,就是有创意。集思广义,一定能找到有创意的想法。Jessica:There you go! Now tell me what youve learned today!YH:第一:头脑风暴叫做:brainstorm;第二,集思广义,可以说:put ones heads together;第三, 创造性思维,叫think outside the box. /201305/241047。

  日常问候Good morning, David.早上好,大卫。A:Good morning, David.早,大卫。B:Good morning, Jane.早,简。How are you this morning?今早好吗?A: Good morning, David. How are you this morning?早上好,大卫。今早好吗?B:Im very well, thanks.非常好,谢谢。How do you do?您好?A: How do you do?您好?B:How do you do?您好?Whats up?有什么事吗?Whats up?有什么事吗?Whats up?与Whats going on?相同,意思是“怎么啦?”,“发生什么事了?”。Whats new with you?有什么新鲜事吗?A: Whats new with you?有什么新鲜事吗?B:Not too much.没什么。;Whats new?;是很轻松的寒喧语,与“How are you?”和“How are you doing these days?”的交际功能一样。Howre things going?Hows it going?Howve you been recently?近况如何?A:Howre things going?近况如何?B:Pretty good.很好。How are you doing?How are you?Hows it going?你好吗?A:How are you doing?你好吗?B:Good. Thanks.很好,谢谢。“How are you doing?”是比“How are you?”更随意的一种说法。Hows your little girl?你的小女儿好吗?A: Hows your little girl?你的小女儿好吗?B:Shes fine. Thanks.她很好,谢谢。How nice to see you!Very glad to see you.Pleased to meet you.见到你真高兴!How is everything?一切都好吗?A:How is everything?一切都好吗?B:Everything is fine.一切都好。How have you been getting along? How about everything? Hows everything going on?你好吗?A: How have you been getting along?你好吗?B:Quite well.我很好。get along“(事情的)进展”Nice to meet you.=Pleased to meet you.很高兴认识你。A:Nice to meet you.很高兴认识像。B:Nice to meet you too.我也很高兴认识你。Glad to meet you.Nice to meet you.How nice to meet you!见到你真高兴。So we finally meet face to face.我们终于见面了。A: So we finally meet face to face.我们终于见面了。B:A pleasure.幸会,幸会。face to face“面对面地” /201412/347445

  Jen: Hi Im Jen and with me today is Li. Did you get my text message this morning?珍:大家好,我是珍,今天我们请到了李。你今天早上收到我的短信了吗?Li: Hi Jen, yes, and Ive brought everything you mentioned.李:你好,珍,收到了,所以我把你说的东西都带来了。Jen: What, I didnt ask you for anything?珍:什么,我没有让你带东西啊。Li: Ive got you this great alarm clock and Ive made this lovely pot of coffee–would you like a cup?李:我给你带了这个很棒的闹钟,我还泡了这壶很香的咖啡,你想来一杯吗?Jen: Er… No thanks… But Li, I didnt tell you to bring anything today.珍:额……不用了,谢谢……可是,李,我并没有说让你今天带这些东西来。Li: You did. Look – you said : “The boss asked to see you in his office… I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee!”…李:你说了。你看啊,你说:“老板让你今天去他办公室找他……我想你需要清醒点!”Jen: Yes…but…珍:是,可是……Li: So Ive brought some coffee and an alarm clock for when I see the boss, to show him I can wake up and smell the coffee.李:所以带了些咖啡还有一个闹钟来,我去见老板的时候,就让他看我带的这些东西,以表明我一醒来就能闻到咖啡香。Jen: I didnt mean it literally. When we say ‘wake up and smell the coffee in English, it means that you need to pay attention because youre missing something thats really obvious.珍:我的意思并不是要这样照字面来理解。这个短语在英语中的意思是,你需要注意,你可能错过了一些很明显的事情。Li: So when you tell me to “wake up and smell the coffee,” you think somethings going on that I dont realise.李:所以你跟我说wake up and smell the coffee的时候,你认为我没有意识到一些事情。Jen: Exactly. Lets hear some examples:珍:没错。我们来看一些例子:Wake up and smell the coffee–she doesnt want to go out with you!清醒点吧,她并不想和你出去约会!My girlfriend wants me to buy her some diamond earrings, but Ive got no money, she really needs to wake up and smell the coffee!我女朋友希望我给她买钻石耳环,可是我没有钱,她真的应该说认清现实!Li: So if this mans girlfriend needs to ‘wake up and smell the coffee, she needs to realise he cant afford to buy her the earrings she wants.李:所以,如果这个男人的女朋友需要wake up and smell the coffee,那就是说她要认清他买不起她要的钻石耳环。Jen: Now youve got it!珍:现在你已经明白了!Li: Ok, so in your text you said that I need to wake up and smell the coffee because the boss wants to see me?李:好,所以你在短信中说老板要见我,而我要清醒点?Jen: Yeah…珍:对……Li: So you think Im missing something…李:所以你认为我错过了一些事……Jen: Think about it… he said he loves your work, he is always talking about how talented you are, how he wants to reward his staff…wake up and smell the coffee, Li!珍:你想想……他说过他喜欢你的工作表现,你总是在说你多有才华,而且他还说会奖励他的员工……清醒点,李!Li: I just dont know what you are getting at.李:我还是不明白你的意思。Jen: I mean I think hes going to give you a pay rise.珍:我是说,我认为他要给你涨工资。Li: Really! Wow, that would be fantastic! I never would have thought Id get a pay rise, he must think Im really good!李:真的吗?哇,那真是太棒了!我从来没想过我会涨工资,他一定是认为我的表现非常不错!Jen: Well, dont forget me if you suddenly become really rich.珍:如果你突然变成富翁了,可别忘了我啊。Li: Of course I wont forget you.李:我当然不会忘了你的。Jen: You can buy me something nice.珍:你可以给我买些不错的东西。Li: Ill tell you what–Ill buy you a coffee!李:我告诉我会买什么吧,我会请你喝杯咖啡的! /201405/298768Boutique hotel 精品酒店在酒店业,随着个性消费理念的发展,消费者已经越来越不满足于千篇一律的连锁酒店了,精品酒店正成为酒店行业的新军。精品酒店的客人想要的不只是有一张舒的床这么简单,他们希望酒店本身新奇有趣。请看中国日报网报道:Unlike the traditional standardized hotel, a boutique hotel - also known as a lifestyle hotel or designer hotel - contains luxury facilities of varying degrees in unique or intimate settings with the opportunity to explore the local atmosphere.跟传统的标准化酒店不同,精品酒店,也叫生活时尚酒店或设计师酒店,内设各种不同等级的奢侈设施。精品酒店的布置通常独特亲切,给旅客探究当地文化的机会。上面报道中的boutique hotel就是精品酒店,boutique原本仅指“出售时装的精品店”,在这里做修饰语,表示“提供特别产品或务的生意等”。精品酒店的设计一般个性十足,文化气息浓。同时,精品酒店规模小,客房少,因此可能实现一对一的butler service (管家式务),这也是部分高级精品酒店价格昂贵的原因所在。这种酒店面向的群体一般都是年龄在25-55岁之间的middle to upper income people(中高收入人群)根据不同的大小、装修风格、务等,酒店可以分为很多种类,除了我们常见的budget hotel(经济酒店)、starred hotel(星级酒店)和guest house(招待所),还有提供住宿加早餐的简易旅馆bed and breakfast、类似于公寓,拥有居家格局和良好居住功能的apartment hotel(公寓式酒店)、以接待休闲、度假的客人为主的resort hotel(度假酒店)、处处体现环保理念的Eco hotel(生态酒店),以及建在船上的Botel(水上旅馆)等。 /201205/182763

  My name is Jeff Eagar. Im from Canada but I just spent six months in India and I love India. I think India is my favorite country in the whole world. India is very interesting. Its real life. Its the good and the bad, and the rich and the poor, and the happy and the struggling, all together in one country, and when you go to India, you feel a lot of emotion, you feel a lot of sadness and happiness and joy and thats why India is my favorite country.我的名字是杰夫·伊格。我来自加拿大,我只在印度生活了六个月的时间,可是我爱印度。我认为印度是全世界我最喜爱的国家。印度非常有意思。那里的生活很真实。有好的方面,也有不好的方面,有富人,有穷人,有快乐,也有挣扎,那个国家有所有的这些因素,你去到印度时,会感觉到多种情感,你会感到很伤心,也会感到幸福和快乐,这就是我最喜欢的原因。India is a very interesting culture, and its a very old culture. It takes a little bit of time for you to get used to India when you go there. They go things differently from other countries. I was eating with my hands in India. You eat with your hand and your left hand acts as toilet paper, because they dont have toilet paper in India, and they are mostly Hindu and they believe in the Hindi, Hindu religion, and its a very old religion. A very beautiful religion, they have many gods and many deities, and its very colorful and they do lots, lots of religions ceremonies with fire and with bells, and with holy priests, and its very visually, for your eyes, its an interesting place, a very interesting thing to see.印度的文化很有意思,那里的文化很古老。你前往印度时,要花些时间才能习惯那里的生活。他们的生活与其他的国家完全不同。在印度我要用手吃饭。你用手吃饭,而你的左手则用作卫生纸,因为印度没有厕纸,大部分印度人都是印度教徒,他们信奉印度教,这是一个非常古老的宗教。也是一个非常美的宗教,印度教神祗众多,丰富多,他们会用燃火和铃铛进行宗教仪式,当然神父也会参加,这在视觉上非常享受,印度是一个有趣的地方,是一个可以看到有趣事情的地方。 /201402/276123A: 又到了学美语的时间了!大家好,欢迎收听美语训练班!我是杨琳!B: 我是CAT!杨琳,今天我们教什么呢?A: 今天,咱们要看看被出租车司机忽悠时该怎么办, 要尝试刺激的跳台滑雪,要聊聊买车, 还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“路痴”和“新手”。B: 新手是;newbie,; 这个我们以前教过了吧?A: 没错,今天咱们教另外一种说法。不过,节目一开始,咱们还是先来学个词儿!Learn A Word #1355 Off the charts今天我们要学的词是off the charts. Off is spelled o-f-f; and charts, c-h-a-r-t-s, charts; off the charts. Chart 是表格的意思,off the charts,不在表格上了,意思是超常。The bands popularity among teenagers is off the charts. 这个乐队特别受青少年欢迎。研究发现,医护人员容易患抑郁症,因为他们工作时间不规律,而且 Their stress levels can be off the charts. 他们承受的压力也过大。我们还可以把这三个词用hyphen, 连字符连接起来,作为形容词。比如:The Washington Redskins are having an off-the-charts season。美国首都华盛顿的橄榄球队红人队这个赛季表现特别好。好的,今天我们学习的词是off the charts, off the charts, off the charts.A: 我家附近新开了一个泰国饭馆,Its food is totally off the charts! 哪天咱们一起去吃!B:Thats great! I love Thai food! As a matter of fact, I just bought some cooking books and now Im learning to make Thai food by myself.A: 在家钻研做泰国菜? 你太贤惠了!B: 不是,我只是嘴馋嘛!A: 那什么时候能尝尝你的手艺啊?B: Im not there yet. 我还是个新手,做得不好。A: 诶呀,你太谦虚了。不过说到“新手”,咱们来听今天的流行美语!Popular American: shoot hoops, rookie各位听众,现在播送《流行美语》。Larry 和李华要放三天长假,他们正在计划假期的安排。李华会学到两个常用语:shoot hoops 和 rookie.LL: I cant believe we have a three-day weekend. I havent had a break from school for so long.LH: 是啊,要放假了,一定得好好玩玩。LL: What are you planning on doing over the long summer?LH: 不知道啊,不过,今天放学后我和 Tracy 要去吃饭,看电影,你要不要一起来?LL: Sorry Li Hua. I have plans tonight. Im going to shoot hoops with Jeffrey and Tom.LH: Shoot hoops? 那是什么?LL: Shoot hoops is a casual way of saying to play basketball.LH: 喔~原来to shoot hoops 就是去打篮球。LL: Yes. In basketball, the main goal is to shoot hoops. If you are only playing basketball with friends or alone, in a casual manner, you can say that you are going to shoot hoops.LH: 我明白了,打篮球主要目的是投篮得分,所以要去打篮球时就说,Im going to shoot hoops. 那如果我要去踢足球,可以说,Im going to kick balls 吗?LL: No, no, no. No one says theyre going to kick balls when theyre going to play soccer. This way of saying to play a sport is only used in basketball.LH: 哦,原来只有篮球可以这样说。对了,Larry, our school is going to shoot hoops with our rival school tomorrow. We have to win! 我这样说行吗?LL: Well, you generally dont say shoot hoops when you are talking about a basketball game or competition. Shoot hoops is only used for casual basketball playing.LH: 好吧,不过 Larry, 认识你这么久,我好象从来没见你打过篮球,藏而不露嘛!LL: No, Im not that good at basketball. Im just a rookie.LH: Rookie? Whats a rookie? 我那天有个朋友也说自己是投资的 rookie, 我当时就没搞懂他的意思。LL: Haha. A rookie is a beginner, a person who is new to a field or profession.LH: 哦,Rookie 是初学者的意思,你说自己篮球打得不怎么样,刚入门,而我那朋友则是在说自己刚开始做投资。LL: Thats right. A rookie can be used to describe any type of beginner. You can be a rookie doctor, a rookie English speaker, or a rookie violinist.LH: 嗯,那我懂了。Larry is not only rookie at basketball, but is also rookie at driving. 你不光打篮球刚入门,开车也是新手。LL: What do you mean by that? Ive been driving for years!LH: 没错,你拿到驾照虽然很久了,可你开车的技术还是跟初学者一样,每次坐你的车我都心惊胆颤的。 /201206/188547

  嘉宾:Debbie Mason主题:Burlesque女人与幽默剧!拼写:1、emboldened: 壮胆,加油2、passive: 被动的aggresive 主动的3、illusory: 虚幻的4、predominate 掌握, 统治, 成为主流重点俚语:1、sense of professional pride: 职业的自豪感2、fringe (burlesque) events: 边缘活动3、sell to the masses 销售给大众问题:1、What does Ophelia mean when she says: I dont feel that my work identity and the performance I do is central to who I am as a person?2、How long has she performed in the burlesque industry?3、Who does she say her audience is?:1、Her job is nothing about her character.2、5 years3、both men and women, but most of them are women /201310/260763

  争端,祸根---an apple of discordHello, everyone! 欢迎大家来到小强英语!九把刀的《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》上演后大受欢迎。这部电影的名称呢英译为“You Are the Apple of My Eye”,也就是“你是我的掌上明珠”。今天我们来学习另外一个与;apple;有关的短语——an apple of discord,意思是“争端,祸根”。;an apple of discord;出自于希腊神话故事,三位女神争夺一个苹果,这个苹果属于“最美丽的女神”。而这场争端呢最终引发了特洛伊战争。Thus, ;an apple of discord;often refers to the crux(关键,症结) of an argument or a small matter that could cause a bigger dispute。我们来看一下例句:This problem seems to be an apple of discord between the Soviet union and the USA.这个问题似乎成了苏联和美国之间不和的根源。本期我们学习了关于;apple;的习语——“an apple of discord”,意思是“引起纠纷的祸根,争端”。星星之火可以燎原,一个小小的争论都有可能酿成大错,我们可要尽量避免。好了,本期的节目到此结束,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请关注新浪微@小强英语!本栏目由原创,。 /201409/325367。

  5. Money does not always bring happiness.金钱并不总是带来快乐。还能这样说:Happiness doesnt always come along with money.Even if you get money, you are not sure to get happiness.谚语:Money is a good servant but a bad master.要做金钱的主人,莫做金钱的奴隶。6. We have to learn how to manage money.我们必须学会理财。还能这样说:We have to learn money arrangement.It is a must to learn to manage money.应用:manage about 设法处理,解决;manage with 以……设法应付;manage without 没有……而仍设法应付过去7. Im wise in money matters.我是理财能手。还能这样说:I am a financial genius.Im good at money management.应用:a matter of opinion 看法不同的问题;as a matter of convenience 为方便起见;as a matter of routine 按常规;作为例行公事;its no matter that... ……是无关紧要的8. She isnt good at managing money, for she always spends more money than she earns.她不会理财,因为她总是入不敷出。还能这样说:She doesnt do well in money management. She cant make ends meet.She doesnt know how to manage money, because she always lives beyond her income.谚语:Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.脑中有智慧胜于手中有金钱。 /201303/229733


  SANDY: Can I help you?珊蒂:我能帮你吗?DEREK: Yes, I need to apply for a parking permit.迪瑞克:是的,我需要申请一张停车许可。SANDY: Are you a professor?珊蒂:你是教授吗?DEREK: What? Are you kidding? Im only 22 years old!迪瑞克:什么?你在开玩笑吗?我才二十二岁。SANDY: Yes, I am kidding.But dont you know only professors and students with disabilities can apply for parking permits?珊蒂:对,我是在开玩笑。但是难道你不知道只有教授和有残疾的学生才可以申请停车许可吗?DEREK: Yes, I know. I have a disability.My hip was broken last year. And I cant walk well.迪瑞克:是,我知道。我有残疾。我的骨盆去年裂开。我走得并不好。SANDY: Oh, Im sorry. I didnt know.珊蒂:喔,我很抱歉。我不知道。DEREK: Its alright. You didnt see me walk to the desk.迪瑞克:没事的。你没有看到我走到桌子前。SANDY: Here is the application form.I also need to see your student ID and your permission letter from the university.珊蒂:这里是申请表。我同时需要看你的学生明以及学校的许可信。DEREK: My permission letter?迪瑞克:我的许可信?SANDY: Yes, the letter that certifies you have a disability.And it must certify your disability entitles you to a parking place.珊蒂:是的,许可信是明你有残疾。而且必须明你的残疾让你有需要使用一个停车位。DEREK: I was told I should have the letter sent directly to your office.迪瑞克:我被告知我的许可信是直接寄到你们的办公室。SANDY: Yes. Or you can bring it yourself.珊蒂:是的,你也可以自己带来。DEREK: But I asked them to send it to you directly.迪瑞克:但是我请他们直接寄到你们这里。SANDY: Let me look in the file then. Maybe we received it.珊蒂:让我查看一下档案,或许我们已经收到了。DEREK: My name is Derek Schneider, S - C - H - N - E - I - D - E - R.迪瑞克:我的名字是迪瑞克·施奈德尔:S - C - H - N - E - I - D - E - R。SANDY: Yes, here it is.Alright. Then I just need your completed application form,and I will be able to process your request.珊蒂:是的,在这儿。好,我只需要你填好的申请表,我就可以处理你的申请。DEREK: Good. I will sit over there and fill out the form.I will give it to you in a few minutes.Oh, by the way, can I apply for any parking lot I want?迪瑞克:很好。我会坐下来填好表格。我会在几分钟内给你。喔,顺便问问,我可以申请任何我想要的停车位吗?SANDY: The form has a map on the back. You may specify your top four choices.We will give a spot in the lot that has an opening.珊蒂:表格的後面有一张地图。你可以指明四个最喜欢的选择。我们会把空缺的位子给你。DEREK: I see. Thank you.迪瑞克:我知道了。谢谢你。SANDY: Youre very welcome.珊蒂:不要客气。 /201304/237150

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