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IMF Upgrades UK Growth Forecast Above Rivals The International Monetary Fund is on the brink of upgrading its UK growth forecast for 2014, Sky News has learnt.Now you may not have realized this, but 2014 is going to be a big year, a watershed year for Britains economy. Let me show you why.This is the picture of the UK since the start of the recession. This is economic growth. You can see the big dip that happened in 2008. But just look at how slow the recovery has been since then. Right now we are still below the pre-crisis peak. The economy is still smaller. But look at what will happen when you include some of the forecasts for this year. Now this is what the MIF expected to happen when its last updated forecast back in October, 1.9% growth this year. And now weve learned that the fund will upgrade that to a far more respectful 2.4% growth. But the majority of other forecasts think it will be even stronger, chunky 2.7% growth for the independent forecast. Now under all of these scenarios, the important thing is, this year finally the UK economy, the size of the economy is back to the size of it was, back to 2008. But note, under the MIF new forecast, it really can burst throughthout that line as opposed to just creeping above it. Now this isnt the only piece of good news weve had recently. UK sales last month, they were up 5.3% on an annul basis, that were the strongest numbers in alomst a decade. And house prices, they are up by 5.4% in the year to November, though some are worried that the Chancellors help to buy scheme may risk creating a bubble,and some are worried that good as this growth is, it still relies on emergency measures. /201401/274647内罗毕的Juliana Rotich说,技术团体在非洲大陆日益兴旺。她是开源软件Ushahidi的合作创始人。但是在一个时常停电而且网络连接不稳定的地方,想要连网并保持在线仍是极具挑战性的。因此 Rotich 和朋友们开发了 BRCK,为发展中国家的人们提供了一种可迅速恢复连接的上网方式。201403/280432

Ashley Judd Blessed to Return in Dolphin Tale 2The actor talks about the films message and what it means to her.G: And it takes hour for Ashley Judd back with us this morning. She is starring in Dolphin Tale 2, bing you back her role, turn to be inspiring team saved a hurt dolphin named Winter. Here she is speaking with the daughter of Winters doctor after they learn the dared orphan sick again.A: What if someday I came to work and the place was empty.Just room after room, no patients, such a bore, doctors and nurses sitting around because everybody in town was fine.No need for surgery, no sick people.No one is here, honey, because they want to be, they are here because they need to be. I assure you no one stays one minute longer than they have to..Talk to your dad. You kids take us by surprise. You grow up so stinging fast.G: How true is that? So great to get Ashley Judd here now, welcome back.A: Thank you, good morning.G: You said you feel blessed to have this role again.A: Oh, so blessed absolutely.G: What grabs you about it.A: So many things, initially what reach mind is the fact that as humans we sometimes do foolish and selfish things that hurt animals. But we also have such compassion and engenuity that we can help rehabilitate them and ideally restore them to their native habitats. In Winters case she wouldnt be able to survive in the wild because she doesnt have a tail. And the fact is she is willing to live with this processes and is clearly an very content animal and has such grace that she has become an inspiration to people all over the world. Its pretty joyful to be a part of that.G: The challenge this time around is Winter cannot live alone.A: Precisely.G: His mother dies, so we made a new dolphin Hope.A: Yes, Dolphins just like humans are meant to be in community. And she would not survive on her own. She would literally die from grief. So the name Hope has so much meaning. Winter has hope. You know obviously the season winter has hope because spring comes. Winter the dolphin has hope and we all have hope. And that is the credit to Charles Martin Smith, the director of this film.G: And you know, one of the twitter questions we got. Robin Duken tweet to know. Was it difficult to train dolphins and the actress so you can shew together? Thats the big part of its job.A: Okay, Winter is a camera hog. There is no difficulty. If anything is like hello, this is too like in this movie. She loves being the center of attention.G: Hey such a great cast for ** , all back together again.A: And these beautiful children. So lovely. Love working with Nathan and Cozy.G: Tell us about the clear water marine aquarium,there, you know this is where this the reabilitation has happened? Whats the first movie and now the second meant for that?A: Well its meant that we as audience members and animal lovers have helped increase the number of animals safen able to help and return to the wild. You know CMA is the real deal. It was jsut this little kind of somewhat crony mama and papa operation at the begining. And now theyve increased facilities, and theyve got the capacity to expand theire science and I just love being associate. Im glad they tolerate me. I am like in the way when I go there. Being able to see what goes on behind the scenes is fans fascinating too , because they just have whiteboards full of the names of the animals for their helping. You know the movie isnt about dose animals but their work is very extensive.G: They are doing great work and its a great movie. Asheley Judd thanks very much.A: Thank you Goerge, a pleasure /201409/329316

Is it possible for work to be fun? We asked Professor Csikszentmihalyi, a pioneer in the field of positive psychology, and his answer was an enthusiastic yes. Here are his tips for finding enjoyment on the job.工作有可能变得有趣吗?我们向积极心理学领域的先驱Csikszentmihalyi教授请教。他慷慨激昂地回答可以。以下是他提出的工作时间怎样找到快乐的建议。According to Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, work offers many elements needed to achieve the kind of happiness that he calls ;flow;: a sense of mastery, satisfaction, and total involvement. Here are some ways to help you get into YOUR zone at work.根据Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi教授所说,工作提供了获得快乐所需的许多因素:精通感,满足和全身心投入。以下是让你在工作中获得快乐的一些建议。Step 1: Find Hidden Challenges1.寻找潜在挑战Dr. Csikszentmihalyi mentions a man who slices raw salmon for a living- an unenviable job to most. But by attuning himself to the challenges and differences in each fish, and by pushing to perfect his technique, he was able to get satisfaction and happiness out of a mundane job. By striving for challenge even in tedious work, we begin to enjoy it more.Csikszentmihalyi提到了一个切生三文鱼谋生的男子——对于大部分人来说,这是一份很卑贱的工作。但是他能够处理每条鱼之间的不同,能够使自己的技术更加完美,因此从一份平凡的工作中获得了满足和快乐。即使是非常枯燥,只要勇于挑战自己,我们也能更喜欢这份工作。Step 2: Perfect Your Skills2.完善技能Sharpen your expertise until it becomes innate. Most people who enjoy their work have sharpened their skills to the point that they can forget the rules and instead improvise and use their own judgment. This puts you in a creative rather than repetitive position.不断提升专业性,直到炉火纯青的地步。大部分喜欢自己工作的人都把技术训练到忘记行业规则,而使用自己的经验判断的程度。这让你处于创造而不是不断重复的位置。Step 3: Focus3.集中精力A key element of happiness on the job involves ;losing; yourself in your work. And sharp focus can generate this feeling.Many people do the opposite- try to distract themselves from or rush through the boring parts of their job, making these tasks seem more ded and tedious than they need to be.对一份工作感到快乐的关键因素是工作时达到忘我的境界。集中精力工作可以产生这种感觉。许多人则恰恰相反——试图从比较枯燥的工作分心,或者草草了事,这会让这些任务比原本看上去更加枯燥和令人恐惧。Thanks for watching How To Be Happy At Work.感谢收看“从工作中找到快乐”视频节目。视频听力由。201312/269383

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