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And when you put Phoebes trace on the screen,当把菲比的行踪放到屏幕上时you get a snapshot of HER daily routines.你就会看到她每天的行程了So, in the green,绿色的轨迹huge amount of overlap in the space that they use.他们的领地有很大的重叠There is, isnt there?就在这 对吧For cats, which seek their own space,对领地意识很强的猫来说these two cats are on top of each other.这两只猫在互相竞争No wonder they are stressed.怪不得他俩剑拔弩张But they dont seem to be fighting much. So whats going on?但他们不常打架 这是为什么Its 11:50 pm,现在是晚上11:50heres Kato heading out on his night patrol.凯托正要出门夜巡He stays mostly around the cul-de-sac,他大多待在死胡同附近and takes a trip into the local woods.偶尔会进入当地的树林里游览一番He comes back around dawn.他在黎明时分归来An uneventful night.一夜无事And thats because Phoebe hasnt left her home all night.那是因为菲比整夜都没有出门重点解释:1.a huge amount of 大量例句:She spent a huge amount of money on that coat.她花了大笔的钱买那件衣。2.each other 互相;各自例句:They took out their resentments on each other.他们互相发泄怨气。3.head out 离去例句:I have a long way to go before dark. Im going to head out.天黑前我还有很远的路要走,我得上路了。201608/458597In 1258, in the very hall that defined his majesty, Westminster,1258年 就在亨利加冕的威斯敏斯特教堂里seven of the most powerful barons confronted the king.七位位高权重的男爵挑战了国王的权威Fully armed, they paused only to leave their swords outside.他们全副武装 只有卸剑的时候稍事停顿They demanded that Henry meet them at a parliament in Oxford and stop trying to turn his European dreams into reality.他们要求亨利前往牛津参与议会 并且放弃统一欧洲的梦想The barons were led, in all but name,by the most improbable revolutionary, in all of British history Simon De Montfort.实际上 男爵们的首领 发动了不列颠史上最离奇的革命 他就是西蒙·德·蒙德福特Here at Kenilworth, he presided over a little empire of culture.在凯尼尔沃思 他曾创办过 一个小小的文化帝国A French aristocrat who inherited the earldom of Leicester,这个世袭了莱斯特伯爵爵位的法国贵族Simon became convinced that he was more English than the English.坚信自己比真正的英国人更像英国人What was good for De Montfort was good for the nation.德·蒙德福特的利益就是这个国家的利益Love him or hate him,everyone knew that Simon De Montfort was a man with a mission.无论爱戴还是憎恶 人人都知道西蒙·德·蒙德福特 肩负着重大的历史使命That mission, embarked on with his fellow barons,was to bring the wayward, self-glorifying monarchy to book,这一历史使命 得到了他男爵同僚的持 就是要求任意妄为 狂妄自大的君主制to make it the servant, not the master of the realm.为民务 而不是独揽大权At Oxford, amidst wildfire rumours, a camp of soldiers,and the growling hunger of a famine,在牛津城 谣言四起 军备森严 哀鸿遍野Henry III was treated to the emasculation of his sovereignty.亨利三世不得不削弱自己的王权 /201610/470613Lay all this paperbark on top like this for three reasons,Gets me even higher out of the water,再把白千层树皮放到最上面 这样做有三个原因 首先它可以让我远离水面camouflages me from the saltwater crocodiles and its comfy to sit on.This is y to launch.掩护我躲过咸水鳄的伤害 而且 坐上去更舒一些 这艘木筏可以下水了Its worth just throwing sticks into this shallow water.最好还是往浅水区扔几根木棒If there is any crocodile there...this will just give me a good indication.这样就可以侦查清楚 水里到底有没有鳄鱼This raft will take me downstream towards the coast,这艘木筏将载着我顺流而下去到海边but you could be on this for days,so you need a way to hunt for food.但是这趟旅程可能得花上好几天 所以最好还是想办法弄点吃的Check out the barbs on that.Actually make a hook out of this.看看这上面的倒钩 可以用这个做个鱼钩The fibrous barbs of the pandanus plant are incredibly strong, ideal for making a fish hook.露兜树纤维质的倒刺 出奇的坚韧 是做鱼钩的理想材料Take a small section of it...Just tie some paracord to that, and we can fish.从上面取一小部分 然后再缠上点草绳 就能拿来钓鱼了Okay, thats gonna work nicely as a hook,and I just need something to act as a lure for it.好啦 这应该可以当鱼钩用了 但是我还得找点鱼饵才行Be a bit careful getting off this raft to go and find something.下木筏找东西的时候 一定要万分小心Its only knee-deep, though, here.Okay, lets just be quick about this.尽管这里的水深没膝 但我们动作还是麻利一点儿好Spider webs are always gonna make a good lure.蜘蛛网是绝佳的鱼饵You grab the whole thing and wrap it up in the web.你可以把蜘蛛整只抓住 然后卷好201701/488264

Nothing measures the imperial scale of Henrys court better than the size of the space needed to feed its gut.供给亨利膳食的厨房的规模 是他恢弘宫殿的最佳佐Here at the kitchens at Hampton Court, 230 people were employed,每天在这汉普顿宫厨房工作的230名工人servicing another 1,000 who every day were entitled to eat at the kings expense.供给着一千仆人的日常饮食 而这一千人 全部为国王务Three vast larders for the meat alone.有三个巨大的储藏室 专门储藏肉类A specially designed wet larder for holding fish,supplied by water drawn from the fountains outside.一个特别设计的水箱 专门储藏鱼类 水箱从外部的泉水汲水Spiceries, fruiteries, six immense fireplaces.香料 水果 六个巨大的火炉Three gargantuan cellars capable of holding the 300 casks of wine三个庞大的地下室 堪容三百桶葡萄酒and the 600,000 gallons of ale downed each year by this court.这座宫殿每年要消耗六十万加仑的麦芽酒And at the centre of it all,though carefully protected in the privy chamber from undue exhibition,居于王宫的正中的 重重保护的密室中 以免过度抛头露面的was Englands new Caesar the king, at 40, colossal, autocratic, 正是英格兰的新凯撒 四十岁的国王 身形高大且手握大权bestriding the realm with all the god-like power and authority of the Roman Caesars.如同罗马的凯撒一般 高居王土之上 有着神一般的权力和威仪And now inevitably, the Church, with its allegiance to Rome,现在不可避免的 忠诚于罗马的教会found itself on the wrong side of a nasty argument.发觉自己在这场不堪的争执中站错了边How they must have shivered at the Archbishop of Canterburys palace in Lambeth when they heard Henry say of his bishops,试想在朗伯斯区坎特伯雷大主教官邸 听到亨利谈论他们时 主教们该有多么心惊胆战啊They be but half our subjects,yea, and scarce our subjects.他们并不完全从于我 不 根本就是不从于我 /201612/486046

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