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A:Hello,thank you for calling Bradford and Sons. This is Tracy speaking,How may I help you?B:Hello.I would like to speak to your director of human resources,Ms.Jenkins,Please.A:Just a moment.I'll check to see if she is at her desk.May I tell her who is calling?B:This is Bill Burton from Milford Insurance,I'm calling in regards to our meeting next Tuesday.A:Thank you,Mr.Burton.Can you please hold for a moment?I'll check to see if she is available.B:No problem.A:I'm sorry,Ms.Jenkins is away from her desk.She has aly left for lunch.Would you like to leave a message for her?B:Yes,please have her return my call when she returns to the office.It's best if she can get in touch with me before 3 pm today;she can reach me at my office number,635-8799.A:I'm sorry,I didn't quite catch that,could you please repeat the number?B:No problem,my office number is 635-8799,Tell her to ask for extension 31.A:I'm sorry,Mr.Burton,just to confirm,your name is spelled B-U-R-T-O-N,is that correct?B:Yes,and I represent Milford Insurance.A:I wil make sure Ms.Jenkins receives your message and returns your call before 3pm this afernoon.B:Thank you very much.A:您好,感谢您致电布拉德福家庭公司。我是特蕾西,有什么需要我帮忙的吗?B:你好,我想找你们的人力资源部主任詹金思通话。A:稍等,我去看看她是否在办公室。请问您是哪位?B:我是米尔福德保险公司的比尔伯顿,我想问一下有关下周二我们见面的事。A:谢谢你,伯顿先生。请您先等一会儿好吗?我去看看她是否在办公室。B:没问题。A:非常抱歉,詹金思现在不在办公室。她去吃午饭了。您愿意给她留个口信n-B9B:好的,请她回办公室后给我来电话。如果今天下午3点以前能与我联系的话就再好不过了,打办公室电话635-8799就可找到我。A:对不起,我没跟上,您能再重复一下电话号码吗? B:没问题。我办公室的电话是635-8799,然后再接31分机。A:伯顿先生,不好意思。我想确认一下您的名字是B-U-R-T-O-N吗?B:是的,我是米尔福德保险公司的。A:我会把您的口信告诉詹金思,让她在今天下午3点以前给您回电话。B:非常感谢。 /08/810366 应聘理由3句英文任你选I think my major is suitable for this position.我认为我所学的专业适合这个职位。I wish to seek a more challenging job.我想寻找一份更具挑战性的工作。I think that my technical background is helpful for you.我觉得我的技术背景对你们有用。半个句型要记牢be suitable for this position (适合这个职位)Tip:以上三句是针对面试官提出的 Why are you interested in working for our company? (为什么有兴趣在我们公司工作?7)这个问题的作答。这样能得对方的好感。 /201505/37315124.办公用品常用应急场景范例一:Office supplies neededWhere were decorating and I’m going to ask some things.Well, I’ll be glad to help you out. We can deliver what you need to your office.Shall we need at 1:15 this Thursday?We definitely need some new filing cabinets and at least one desk unit.Fine, I’ll bring both our office furniture and equipment catalogs on Thursday. /12/9100511.我的办公环境常用应急场景范例一:Company surroundingsHow long does it take to get to downtown from here?It is 15 minutes’ drive.What companies do we have in our neighborhood?Mitsubishi, HP, IBM and many other famous corporations.Does the 7th floor belong to our company too?Yes, our company has two floors, the 6th and 7th floor in this building.It’s such a large firm. Do we have our own staff restaurant?Yes, at the end of the hall.范例二:A new officeSo, Monica, how do you like your new office?Well, I love it. The room is special and clean with big windows and a lot of sunshine. There are plants along the corridor. Especially, I got my own desk with computer and telephone. Such a great place!That’s very good. I once turn down a job offer just because the office is awful. What was so bad about it?Small rooms, small window, a small desk shared by three people. I would have been interrupted all the time and for sure not be able to deliver good work.Sounds bad! Lucky you! You didn’t take that job. I think a good office environment is also important to work efficiently.Totally agree. By the way, the number of the telephone on your desk is extension 506. You can pick up your office supplies from the supply room at the end of the corridor.范例三:I love the design so muchI went to visit a customer in IVS Company the other day. Their offices were very impressive, especially their company Logo which is all over the place. There are Logo models in metal, copper, clove, paper. They are even printed on the wall paper and the balls of the table-lights. It is really decorated identity.It is just too much. Don’t you feel it is an exaggerating style to decorate offices in that way?Not at all! I like the design so much. The designer must have thought really hard to come out with such a brilliant concept.Wow, I doubt that. /11/89132

A:This is Deng—Robert Deng from Taiwan. I'd like to speak with your Director.我姓邓,台湾的Robert邓.请您们主任听电话.B:Mr. Jones is not in right now. May I take a message?Jones 先生现在不在,您要不要留话?A:Yes. Could you ask him to call me at the Hilton Hotel, Room No. 579?好,请转告他打电话到希尔顿店,579号房来找我,好吗?B:Certainly, Mr. Deng. Hilton Hotel, Room 579?没问题,邓先生,希尔顿579号房吗?A:That's right. Thank you.没错,谢谢您. /201001/95364

第一句:Can we start the business matter?可以开始谈生意了吗?A: Mary, sit down, please.玛丽,请坐。B: Martin. Thank you.马丁,谢谢。A: What would you like to drink?想喝点什么?B: A glass of iced-water, thanks. Can we start the business matter?我想要一杯冰水,谢谢。可以开始谈生意了吗?第二句:Mary, would you mind if I start to talk about our business before the dinner?玛丽,你介意我在开饭前谈生意吗?A: Mary, would you mind if I start to talk about our business before the dinner?玛丽,你介意我在开饭前谈生意吗?B: It doesnt matter.没关系的。A: Thats good.太好了。其他表达法:桌位较多时,要摆桌次牌。宴会可用圆桌、方桌或长桌,一桌以上的宴会,桌子之间的距离要适中,各个座位之间的距离要相等。As the executive summary in my proposal shows, I think our new line of graphics workstations are exactly what you need.就像我在建议书的大纲中所提到的那样,我们新的一系列制图工作站正是你们所需要的。In fact, theyre less expensive and more powerful than your stated requirements.事实上,它们比你们所要求的更便宜,更先进。 /201208/194603

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