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68.Room Service,may help you?送餐务,有什么可以帮您?685.Would you please bring me some breakfast?请为我送来一份早餐,好吗?686.At what time would you like your breakfast?您希望什么时候把您的早餐送来?687.A Continental breakfast or American breakfast?是要欧式早餐还是美式早餐?688.With coffee or tea?需要咖啡还是茶?689. how many people,please?请问要几个人的送餐?690.I will bring it up right away. 我马上把它送上来691.Good morning,here is the Continental breakfast you ordered.早上好,这是您点的欧式早餐69.Would you like to have something else besides the Continental breakfast?除了欧式早餐,你还想要点别的吗?693.Would you please sign the bill?请您在帐单上签名好吗?69.Thank you,enjoy your breakfast please,good-bye. 谢谢,请慢用,再见695.It won’t take long to prepare your breakfast. 您的早餐不会用太长时间准备696.It will take minutes to prepare your lunch.您的午餐需要分钟时间准备697.I would like some lunch now.我想现在进午餐698.It is Room Service here. 这是送餐务699.Shall I pour you some coffee now?我可以为您倒一杯咖啡吗?700.Your food and drinks will be sent up in a few minutes.您要的食品和饮料过几分钟就会送上去701.It will be up right away.马上送上去7.I will send someone up with your breakfast immediately.我马上叫人把您的早餐送上来7.Our Room Service starts serving at 7 0’clock.送餐务从7点开始7.I am sorry,we don’t start serving lunch until am.对不起,我们要上午点菜开始提供午餐务7.Is there anything else that you want?您是不是还要点别的什么?7.The room service is on the back of the door送餐务菜单挂在门后7.It’s my wife’s birthday today,I’d like to order a cake.今天是我太太的生日,我想订一个蛋糕7.We have different sizes,7inches,9 inches and inches,which do you prefer?我们有不同尺寸的蛋糕,有7英寸的,9英寸的和英寸的,你想要那一种?7.When shall I send the cake to your room?什么时候给您送进房间?7.Can I have my breakfast brought to the room?我可以在房间用早餐吗?7.Of courseWhat would you like to have?当然可以,您想吃些什么?7.Some porridge,some fried eggs and some toast with jam and butter. 一些麦片粥,一份煎鸡蛋,一份烤面包和一些果酱、黄油7.How many eggs and how would you like them done?您要几个鸡蛋?几成熟?7.What do you want to drink,tea or coffee?您想喝点什么?茶还是咖啡?7.Could you bring me a glass of milk and a boiled egg?你能给我拿一杯牛奶和一个煮鸡蛋吗?7.Do 有want to pay cash or sign the bill?您想付现金还是在帐单上签字?7.Please sign your name and room number on the bill.请您把您的姓名和房号签在帐单上 199183961.Let me see your passport,please.请让我看看你的护照.Please fill in this disembarkation card.请你填写这张入境卡3.What the purpose of your visit?你旅行的目的是什么?.It sightseeing.是观光5.How long are you going to stay here?你预计在这里停留多久?6.I am staying about three weeks.我将停留3个星期7.Where are you going to stay?你打算住在哪里?8.I will stay at the Grand Hotel.我将住在圆山大饭店9.Which one is yours?哪一个是你的?.This one is mine.这一个是我的.Please open your baggage.请把你的行李打开.Do you have anything to declare?你有东西要申报关税吗?.I have nothing to declare.我没有申报的东西.It all personal effects.这些东西都是我私人用的.That all.Thank you.好了,谢谢你.You may go now.你现在可以走了.Where men rest room?男厕所在哪儿?18.Where a women rest room?女厕所在哪儿?19.Where is public telephone?公共电话在哪儿?.Where can I find a bank?在哪儿?1.I want to change money.我要兑换钱.Call me a taxi,please.请替我叫一辆出租车 196

1.I should like to see you tomorrow.我想明天和你见面.I want to see you this evening if you are not too busy.如果你不忙的话我想今天晚上和你见面3.May I see you tomorrow?我能和你明天见面吗?.When are you free?你什么时候有空?5.When shall we meet again?我们什么时候可以再见?6.Can you possibly see me tomorrow?你明天可以见我吗?7.Will you be free tomorrow morning?你明天早上有空吗?8.Any time will suit me.我随时都有空9.Any time would be convenient me.我随时都方便.Let meet in the lobby of the K Hotel.我们在K旅馆的大厅见面吧!.Ill wait you at the corner of Y Crossing.我会在Y路口等你.Please come on time.请准时来.Please dont be late.请不要迟到.Please wait me even if Im a few minutes late.要是我迟到几分钟请等我.Ill be there between two and two_thirty.点钟到点30分之间我会到.Ill pick you up in my car at three_thirty.3点30分我会开车来接你.Are you free tomorrow?你明天有空吗?18.Yes, it Sunday.是的,因为明天是星期天19.How would you like to play tennis with me in the afternoon?下午一起去打网球好吗?.That would be nice.Where shall we meet?And at what time?很好,我们什么时候在哪里见面?1.How about the lobby of the T Hotel at about two p.m.?下午点在T旅馆大厅见面如何?.That would suit me fine.那很适合我3.May I see you this afternoon?今天下午我能见你吗?.Im awfully sorry,but Im busy all afternoon today.很抱歉,我今天整个下午都很忙5.Then how about tomorrow?那么明天如何?6.Just one moment.Ill take a look at my appointment book.Oh,yes,Ill be free from 3 to tomorrow afternoon.请稍等,我要看看我的安排哦,是的,明天下午3点到点我会有空7.Then may I call on you at that time tomorrow?那么明天那时我可以拜访你吗?.Yes,of course.Ill be expecting you.好的,当然,我等你来1.Could you put me through to Mr.Smith,please?请接史密斯先生好吗?.Please hold the line.请稍等3.Did you want to speak with Mr.Smith?你要和史密斯先生讲话吗?.He not in at the moment.他现在不在5.When do you expect him back?他什么时候会回来?6.That would be a week from Friday.下个星期五Terry Wang is in New York on a business trip.He is calling to make appointments with people he needs to see during his stay.王泰利商务旅行到了纽约,他打电话给他此行要见的人预约见面的时间T(Terry):Hello?Smith amp; Smith?This is Terry Wang of Wang Trading.Could you put me through to Mr.Smith,please?(泰利):喂,史密斯和史密斯公司吗?我是王氏贸易公司的王泰利,请帮我接史密斯先生好吗?O(Operator):Yes,of course,Mr.Waters,right away,sir.Please hold the line.(接线员):是的,当然,华特斯,马上接过去,先生,请稍等S(Secretary):Marcus Smith office.May I help you?(秘书):麦克思?史密斯办公室,我能为你效劳吗?T:Did you say Marcus Smith?你是说麦克思?史密斯吗?S:That correct,sir.Is this Mr.Waters?是的,先生,你是华特斯先生吗?T:Wang,Terry Wang.W_A_N_G.王,王泰利,W;A;N;GS:Yes,sir.Did you want to speak with Mr.Smith,sir?是的,先生,你要和史密斯先生讲话吗?T:Yes,but not Marcus Smith.Could you give me Sam Smith office,please?是的,但不是麦克思?史密斯,请你帮我接山姆?史密斯好吗?S:Right away,sir.Please hold the line.马上接过去,先生,请稍等S:Sam Smith office,may I help you?山姆?史密斯办公室,我能效劳吗?T:Yes,I hope so.This is Terry Wang.Is Mr.Smith in?是的,我是王泰利,史密斯先生在吗?S:Im sorry,sir,but he not in at the moment.Would you like to leave a message?抱歉,先生,他现在不在,你要留言吗?T:Id like to see him sometime this week .When do you expect him back in the office?这个星期我想见他,他什么时候会回来?S:That would be a week from Friday,sir.He just left this morning on his annual fishing trip.Im afraid he cant be reached until he returns.下个星期五,先生,他今天早上刚走出去做每年一次钓鱼旅行了,恐怕要等到他回来才能联络到他T:He what?But I have to be back in Taiwan next week.Didnt you get my letter?他什么?但我下个星期要回台湾,你们没收到我的信吗?S:Just a moment please...Yes,Mr.Wang,we got your letter asking an appointment.请稍侯;;是的,王先生,我们收到你要预约的信,But by the time we got it ,you had aly left Taibei,and there was no way we could get in touch with you.我们收到信的时候你已经离开台北了,而且我们没有办法联络上你T:Well,that okay.I guess I should have called ahead.Just tell Mr.Smith I hope he catches a lot of fish and that the big one got away.嗯,好吧,我想我应该先打电话,告诉史密斯先生说我希望他钓到很多鱼;;但最大的一条鱼跑掉了T:Hello?Peterson Paper Products?This is Terry Wang of Wang Trading.喂?彼得逊纸厂吗?我是王氏贸易公司的王泰利,Id like to speak with Mr.Peterson_Mr.John D.Peterson_please.我想和彼得逊先生谈话;;约翰?D?彼得逊先生O:Yes,right away.是的,先生,马上接过去P:Hello,Peterson here.Ive been expecting your call,Mr.Wang.Are you enjoying your stay in New York?喂!我是彼得逊,我在等你电话,王先生,你在纽约玩的愉快吗?T:Yes,I am,thank you.Listen,I have some ideas that might interest you.When can I see you?是的,我玩的很愉快,谢谢你,听着,我有一些主意你可能会有兴趣,我什么时候来见你?P:Well,how about three tomorrow afternoon?嗯,明天下午3点钟如何?T:That fine with me.Ill be at your office at three.可以,我3点钟到你办公室P:Fine.Ill see you then,Mr.Wang.好,届时见,王先生 73

Register a trademark 注册商标A: Hi, Lily. How are you doing?嗨,丽丽最近怎么样?B: Great. Id like to have the trademark of my new product registered. But I am not clear about the procedures.很好我想给我的新产品注册商标,但具体程序不是很清楚A: It not complicated.那不复杂B: Is there a time limit trademarks?那商标有年限吗?A: Yes, by law the trademark should be renewed in one year time.当然有,据法律规定,商标每一年要更新一次B: Does that mean the protection is limited to one year?那就是说商标有效期为一年吗?A: Exactly. It must be renewed every year. Our county follows the priority of use principle.没错,每隔一年必须更新我国实行先使用,先拥有的原则B: What should I prepare the register?申请注册商标需要准备什么?A: Some relative documents and the fee.一些相关材料和费用B: I see. Thank you your explanation.我明白了,谢谢你的解释A: You are welcome.不客气1. ;follow the priority of use principle;意思是;遵循使用优先权原则;,其中;follow;是;遵循;的意思,;priority;是;优先权;的意思;. ;be clear about;是;清楚某事;的意思例如:Are you clear about this? (这件事你清楚了吗?) 769

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