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呼和浩特市第一医院治疗狐臭多少钱呼市光子美白多少钱amass ---- 积攒(及物动词) 英文释义(transitive verb) To gather a large quantity of something. 例句Over the past year my negligent brother amassed a lot of bills, and now I am trying to help him pay them.在过去一年,我那粗心的弟弟积攒了很多账单,如今我在努力帮助他还账。 /201609/466474呼和浩特治疗黄褐斑多少钱 Rice Defends Bush Travel Plans for Israel Anniversary赖斯为布什总统访问以色列辩护 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Saturday defended President Bush's plan to visit Israel later this month for celebrations of its 60th anniversary, without making a corresponding visit to Palestinian areas. Rice is in Jerusalem for more talks with Israeli and Palestinian officials. 美国国务卿赖斯星期六为布什总统的出访行程进行辩护。布什计划本月晚些时候前往以色列访问,庆祝以色列建国60周年,但是没有访问巴勒斯坦人地区的计划。赖斯正在耶路撒冷准备和以巴双方领导人再次进行会谈。Rice is here to lay groundwork for the Bush trip, which in addition to the Israeli birthday celebration will include political talks in Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 赖斯前往耶路撒冷是为布什的行程做准备。布什除了参加以色列国庆以外,还计划在以色列、埃及和沙特阿拉伯等国进行政治会谈。Some Palestinians have accused the President of insensitivity by marking Israel's independence without observing the consequences of the creation of the Jewish state, including the flight of Palestinians from their homes. 一些巴勒斯坦人指责布什总统出席以色列的独立纪念庆典而忽视这个犹太国家创立的后果,包括巴勒斯坦人被迫离开自己的家园。Mr. Bush is planning to see Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after the Israeli celebrations, but in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El Sheikh.  布什总统计划在以色列的庆典之后会见巴勒斯坦权力机构领导人阿巴斯,不过地点却是在埃及的度假城市沙姆沙伊赫。In a talk with reporters en route to Jerusalem, Rice said it is only natural that the President would want to celebrate the birth of Israel, a once-fragile state which she said has become an important friend and ally of the ed States. 在前往耶路撒冷的途中,赖斯国务卿对新闻媒体说,布什总统前往一个曾经非常脆弱而现在已经成为美国重要盟友的国家,这是非常自然的。But she said doing so does not mean indifference to the problems of the Palestinians, especially in the case of Mr. Bush, who she said took a courageous decision to become the first U.S. president to endorse Palestinian statehood: 但是赖斯说,这样做并不意味着对巴勒斯坦人的问题漠不关心。她说,布什总统是赞同建立巴勒斯坦国的第一位美国总统,这是一个勇敢的决定。"Celebrating that does not mean that you don't recognize that there were consequences for the people of the region from that founding [of Israel], and we're still trying to deal with those consequences," she said. "And the fact that the president has talked about the need to found a Palestinian state, and has been talking about that since he became President, practically, says that he recognizes that the Palestinians also deserve to live in their own state and become a vibrant democracy." 赖斯说:“庆祝以色列建国并不意味着就不承认建国造成那个地区的人民被迫承受的结果,我们仍在努力解决这些后果。事实上,布什总统一直在讨论建立巴勒斯坦国的必要性,从他就任总统以来就在讨论这个问题。特别值得一提的是,他说他认识到巴勒斯坦人也应该有自己的国家,并成为一个充满生机的民主社会。” Rice met Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Jerusalem and will see Palestinian President Abbas in Ramallah Sunday in an effort to keep the sides on track for a peace agreement by year's end.  赖斯在耶路撒冷会见了以色列总理奥尔默特,并将于星期天在拉马拉会见巴勒斯坦领导人阿巴斯,争取双边向既定方向前进,以便在今年年底前达成和平协议。She attended a London meeting Friday of the international Quartet on the Middle East - the ed States, Russia, the European Union and the ed Nations - which renewed its backing for the negotiations, while also calling for an end to Israeli settlement activity, and to rocket fire into Israel from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.  赖斯星期五在伦敦参加了国际四方中东问题会谈。美国、俄罗斯,欧盟和联合国这四方都重新表达了对和平谈判的持,同时还呼吁结束以色列修建定居点的活动,结束从哈马斯控制的加沙地带向以色列发射火箭的行动。In her airborne news conference Rice, as the Quartet did Friday, expressed hope that Egyptian-led mediation efforts can help to stabilize the Gaza situation and get Israel to reopen crossing points to the blockaded territory: 在飞机上举行的新闻发布会上,赖斯表达了国际四方会谈星期五所表达的意愿,希望埃及领导的调解努力能够帮助稳定加沙的局势,同时让以色列重新开放通往被封闭地区的过境点。"We're in favor of all of those goals," she added. "It's not easy because, of course, it is Hamas that is holding the Palestinian people hostage in Gaza by firing rockets into Israel, and by building up their terrorist infrastructure. But the effort the Egyptians are undertaking, and more intensive Egyptian efforts to deal with tunnels, smuggling and border control - these are all welcome developments." 赖斯说:“我们赞同所有这些目标。当然这并不容易,因为事实上哈马斯向以色列发射火箭、建构他们的恐怖主义基础设施,这就是将加沙的民众当成了人质。但是埃及所进行的努力,还有埃及在对付地下通道,走私以及边境控制等方面进行的更密集的努力,都是值得欢迎的行动。”Secretary Rice met in London Saturday morning with Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad, who complained that Israeli roadblocks and barriers in the West Bank are crippling his efforts to rebuild the Palestinian economy. 赖斯国务卿星期六早上在伦敦会见了巴勒斯坦人总理萨拉姆.法耶兹。法耶兹抱怨说,以色列在西岸进行的道路封锁和设立隔离墙的作法破坏了巴勒斯坦人重建经济的努力。Rice, while acknowledging Israel's security concerns, said she will press for the removal of more West Bank checkpoints beyond the 50 that Israel committed to dismantle during an earlier visit by the secretary. 赖斯在承认以色列有安全方面担忧的同时也表示,她要推动在约旦河西岸撤销更多的检查站。赖斯稍早访问期间,以色列承诺撤销50个检查站。200805/37564equivocate ———— 含糊其词(不及物动词)英文释义 (intransitive verb) To speak ambiguously in order to confuse the listener and conceal the truth; a subtle form of telling lies.例句 The cynical company owner trusted none of his employees, and always equivocated when they asked him questions about the business.这位愤世嫉俗的公司老板不相信手下的任何员工,每当员工询问公司的业务情况时,他总是兜圈子。 /201607/455753呼市中医院激光去痘手术多少钱

呼和浩特哪家缩胸US Envoy Urges China to End Barriers to Pollution Technologies美国促中国废除环保产品进口限制 U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has urged Beijing to scrap barriers on imports of pollution-reducing technology. The secretary praised China's appreciating its currency, but said it should continue.  美国财政部长保尔森星期四在北京发表讲话,敦促中国废除那些针对污染减排技术所设立的进口限制措施。保尔森同时赞扬中国允许人民币升值,并且说人民币还应该继续升值。 Secretary Paulson said high tariffs and other trade barriers are preventing the latest anti-pollution products from entering China. 保尔森指出,中国政府设立的高关税和其他贸易壁垒妨碍着最新的防污染产品进入中国。He praised China's energy and emission reduction goals, but said high technology is needed for China's severely polluted air and water. He noted that China is home to 16 of the world's 20 most polluted cities, and is to surpass the ed States as the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases.  他对中国政府制定的节能减排目标表示赞赏,但是又说,中国需要高新技术来解决严重的空气污染和水源污染问题。保尔森指出,在全世界20个污染最严重的城市中,16个是中国城市;而且中国即将超过美国,变成世界上排放温室效应气体最多的国家。Speaking at China's Academy of Sciences, Paulson said the technology would improve the health and well being of the Chinese people. 保尔森在中国科学院发表讲话时强调,科学技术可以改善中国人民的健康和福祉。"There is something that does not seem economically sensible, and does not seem morally right to, to not be using clean technologies and charging a tariff on them," he said. "So, I think that is one area where we can all work together." 他说:“有些事情从经济上讲是不可理喻的,从道德上讲是不正确的,那就是不但不利用清洁技术,而且还向它们征收关税。因此我认为,在这个领域,我们是能够携手合作的。”Chinese officials have argued Washington's restrictions are the problem. The ed States limits exports of technology believed to have a dual military use. 然而中国官员反驳说,华盛顿的出口限制措施才是这个问题的关键所在。美国政府限制军民两用技术的出口。Paulson met with China's President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao during two-days of meetings. They discussed closer U.S.-China cooperation on energy conservation and an upcoming round of bilateral trade and economic talks. 保尔森在他这次为期两天的中国之行中会见了中国国家主席胡锦涛和中国政府总理温家宝。他们讨论的议题包括美中两国在能源节约方面加强合作以及下一轮有关贸易和经济问题的双边对话。The ed States is hosting a fourth round of the twice a year Strategic Economic Dialogue in June.  美国将在6月主持召开第四轮一年两次的美中战略经济对话。Paulson said it is important that the two countries increase cooperation to target problems they are both facing. 保尔森指出,至关重要的是,美中两国扩大合作来解决双方共同面临的问题。"Long-term structural challenges confront both of our economies," he said. "For the ed States the challenge is to save more and spend less, for China the challenge is to save less and consume more." 他说:“我们两大经济体都面临着长期的结构性挑战。对于美国来说,我们面对的挑战是:如何增加储蓄和减少开;对于中国来说,你们面对的挑战是:如何减少储蓄和增加消费。”He welcomed China's letting its currency, the yuan, rise in value and said it should continue.  保尔森还表示,欢迎中国允许人民币升值,并且希望人民币继续升值。The yuan has increased in value by 18 percent since Beijing ended its fixed exchange rate with the dollar in 2005. The currency is four percent higher against the dollar this year. 自从2005年北京取消了人民币对美元的固定汇率制度以来,人民币迄今为止已经升值18%。仅仅在今年第一季度,人民币对美元汇率就攀升了4%。The yuan is believed by many economists to be undervalued. Washington partly blames the exchange rate for its record trade deficit with China.  很多经济学家认为,人民币的价值被大幅度低估。华盛顿一直抱怨说,美国对华贸易赤字连年打破记录,部分原因就是人民币对美元存在不合理的汇率偏差。 200804/33398呼和浩特去生长纹哪家好 赛罕区激光祛痘多少钱

呼和浩特市第一医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱Scripts:The race for the high-end consumer is on. BMW is putting in in the high gear on the green. CN auto reporter Phil LeBeau has this tough assignment once again this morning. Ah, I didn't even think about that, Dr. Phil, go forward, Dr. Phil. Joe, anytime you can spend the morning at Cog Hill, watch the sun rise like this, pretty good gey. I'm here with Tom Purves, the president of BWM North America the man who is in charge of BMW in North America. We are gonna talk about the BMW championship in a little bit and the reason that we are here. But first, I wanna ask you about auto sales, August numbers are gonna be reported later today, and you have the first numbers from BMW, and you had a blockbuster month. Tell me about that. Yes we did,I mean we had over 26,000 BMWs sold and this is about 18% better than last year which for us is preciously great, we are delighted. And we had extremely good sales of our Mini brand as well, over 4000 vehicles so it's been a record August for us.So you were looking at sales being up roughly 20% year over year, year to date coming in to August you're up roughly 8 %, you've heard the same commentary out there that consumers are pulling back, people are not going out and buying new cars and trucks. Yet you are not seeing that, why?Well, first of all, I think anybody who has got great new products is doing well in what is essentially a flat market. we are seeing some delinquencies with our financial service's company, ah, slightly up on last year. But I really do believe that the package that we are offering the consumers the moment is remarkable. We are one of the, we are the only brand that has full maintenance included in the price of the car. And I think we are the smart buy at the moment.You're up, Mercedes is up, Lexus is up, are the luxury brands ,are you insulated from what you are seeing in the economy right now in terms of people saying it is not the right time to buy a new model?Classically, the luxury brands have some insulation and you see a turndown in the higher volume products before you do in the luxury market. so I've, some extent, been expecting to see a reduction in demand and I am delighted in the fact that we are not seeing it at BMW at least not as August 2007. And you told me that back in March of last year when you started to see the data about housing turning down you expected ultimately to see a slowdown,and yet we are only seeing that with mass brands at this point. Yes,and classically, property foretells the story for the car business. On the other hand, what we are seeing with property is that it is in sectors, in locations, is not totally all across the markets, and we have some very very strong markets where we are just seeing business continue. I know Joe Kearney has a question for you,Tom. Joe, go ahead.I do, and it's a long term question, Phil and Mr. Purves you think BMW, you think performance. you think you are gonna go here to here with some power and with some speed. Long term you think carbon footprints, you think Prius, you think hybrid. Does BMW have to reposition itself with the, with... since that riding is on the loaf and it's not going to be all about performance down the road. No, I don't believe so, I mean we've taken this whole business of sustainability very seriously for many many years now. No a car company has done more to improve the fuel efficiency of its product range of last ten years, and BMW in fact, we just won an accolade last week on that very subject. One of the reason we had such a good Auguest we had a great new BMW 3 series with a 2.8 litre, 3 and half litre engines, brand-new engines. They not only produce more power but they are actually more fuel- efficient at the same time. So I believe that together with work we are doing to introduce diesels into the ed States next year. We have hybrid technology coming along and here at Cog Hill we have four of our hydrogen part 7 series which are really the cars of the future. We are in pretty good shape. So long as we deliver to the customer better fuel- efficiency as well as better performance , and BMW is a clever buy. Alright, um, If you heard where the Nicholson's playing next week?No, You knew the question was coming. I knew the question was coming I'm sure Phil will do the right thing and when I speak to the commissioner later today. I'm sure I am gonna hear some good news. (Tom Purves, the...) Sounds like he's gonna play.I hope so.The president of BWM North America Tom, thank you very much for joining us today on Squawk Box. BMW championship kicks off, tees off I should say Thursday. They've aly got some good news with auto sales for August and certainly they're gonna enjoy that here. Guys?Back to you. All right.Notes:tee off: to get startedon the loaf: in a situation of straying or wabbling200807/43997 We will certainly consider your company.我们肯定会考虑贵公司的。Well we hope to hear from you soon. Goodbye.我们希望尽快接到您的来电,再见。Tom, Tom, how are you getting on?汤姆,汤姆,你进行的怎么样了?…well if that’s what you think then you can shove your kumquats… hello? Hello?如果你这么认为的话,你可以推走那些金橘……你好?你好?What’s wrong?怎么了?They’ve hung up on me. Really!他们挂我电话。真是的!He said the plastic fruit industry is in meltdown.他说塑料水果产业正在衰落。Anna, if I don’t get any contracts soon I’ll be fired.安娜,如果我签不到任何合同的话,我会被解雇的。Well, this calls for teamwork Tom – tomorrow, Tuesday, we’re going to tackle this task – together!汤姆,这需要团队协作。明天,周二,我们一起来解决问题。Hooray for Anna.安娜万岁。Now she’s sounding like a leader.现在她听起来像是一个领导。And she’s mastered cold calling by using some simple phrases, like these.她通过使用这些简单的表达方式已经掌握了如何打调查电话了,像是这样。My name is Anna. Can you spare a few minutes of your time?我是安娜,可以占用你一点时间吗?I’d like to tell you about our great new laser-curved fruit.我想向你介绍我们最新的激光曲线水果。How much plastic fruit do you buy?你想买多少塑料水果?Thank you for your time.感谢您的宝贵时间。We hope to hear from you soon.我们希望今早接到您的来电。Anna. There’s a call for you, from someone in France, they want to talk to you about lemons.安娜,有你的电话,来自法国的人,他们想跟你谈谈柠檬的事。Sounds promising.听起来很有希望。Find out what happens next time on English at Work. Bye.下次再来English at Work看看发生了什么事。再见。 /201703/497213内蒙古解放军第253医院纹眉多少钱呼和浩特双眼皮埋线



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