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As territorial tensions flared in East Asia, Japans air force scrambled jets against Chinese and Russian planes far more often during the year that ended in March than in recent years, pushing the total number of such maneuvers to the highest since the end of the Cold War. 随着东亚地区因领土争端引发的紧张局势频频爆发,在截至今月的一年中,为应对中国和俄罗斯飞机,日本战机的升空次数远超近几年,总次数创冷战结束以来最高水平。Japans Self-Defense Forces said Wednesday it scrambled jets against foreign aircraft 810 times during the year ended March 31, breaking the 800-mark for the first time since the year ending March 1989. The latest total was a 43% increase from 567 a year earlier. 日本自卫Self-Defense Forces)周三称,截至31日的一年中,其战机为应对外国飞机一共升10次,较此前一年的567次增3%,也是自截至1989月的一年以来首次突00次关口。Bumping up the number was increased activity against Chinese planes, with the two nations playing cat-and-mouse games involving ships and planes as tensions persisted over a group of contested islands in the East China Sea. Sorties against Chinese planes soared to 415, compared with 306 a year earlier, and just 38 in the year ending March 2010. 日本战机升空的次数大幅增加主要是为了应对中国飞机活动的增多。中日两国围绕东中国East China Sea, 中国称东上一组存在主权争议岛屿的紧张关系持续发酵,两国舰船和飞机频频上演相互追逐的游戏。截至今月底的一年中,日本战机为应对中国飞机而升空的次数大幅增至415次,此前一年为306次,截至2010月底的一年中8次。China wasnt the only concern. The Japanese air force scrambled 359 times against Russian planes last year, up from 248 a year earlier. 不过令日本担忧的并不只有中国。截至今月底的一年中,日本战机为应对俄罗斯飞机的升空次数59次,远高于此前一年的248次。来 /201404/287330Chinese state media and netizens have decried high pollution levels in the northeast city of Shenyang, which activists have said could be the ;worst ever; air quality seen in the country.中国官方媒体和网民们对中国东北部沈阳市的重度污染都有所描述,其中激进分子称,这是中国“最差”的空气质量了。On Sunday pollution ings were about 50 times higher than that considered safe by the World Health Organization. State media have blamed the local government for the thick smog.周日,沈阳的污染数据比世界卫生组织推荐的安全数据高出了近50倍。国内官方媒体职责地方政府管理不当。Pollution is a perennial problem in Chinas northeast, home to heavy industries including coal mining.In some parts of Shenyang, Sundays ings of tiny particulate which can get into the lungs, known as PM 2.5, exceeded 1,400 mg per cubic metre, according to state media Peoples Daily. The WHO recommends a maximum 24-hour average of 25 mg per cubic metre.对于以煤矿为主能源的东北重工业基地,污染是个永恒的问题。中国官方媒体人民日报称,周日沈阳的可吸入颗粒物,即PM2,5,达到了1400毫克每立方米。而世界卫生组织标准为每日平均最5毫克每平方米;As far as we are aware from the data we have been observing over the past few years, this is the highest ever PM 2.5 level recording; in the country, Dong Liansai a campaigner with environmental group Greenpeace, told AFP news agency. There has been no government confirmation of this assertion.一位绿色和平组织成员告诉法新社,在中国“这是我们近年来观察到的最高的PM2.5值”。但是政府并实这一说法Unreasonable不合理The deterioration in air quality came as the citys coal-powered heating system fired up for the winter. Local media reported delays in the enacting of emergency measures, such as warnings to the public and issuance of stop-work orders to work sites.随着冬天到来,城市了开动了以烧煤为主的供暖系统,这成为了空气质量的恶化的主要原因。地方媒体报道,政府延迟制定紧急措施,如警告公众和工地停工令等。A Global Times editorial blamed local officials for inexperience in tackling pollution and ;inconsistent channels of communication;. It also blamed ;unreasonable modes of energy consumption and [the] industrial structure;. But it also called for public understanding saying that in general, local governments ;are still on a learning curve;.环球时报的一篇社论职责地方政府在解决污染问题上缺乏经验,沟通不及时,并且能源消耗和工业结构不合理。但是它同时也提倡公众理解,并称,总体来说,地方政府在处理这些问题上还“正在学习”。On the microblogging platform Weibo, Shenyang residents have continued to post pictures of themselves wearing masks and of the city plunged in a hazy gloom, using the hashtag #Shenyang Haze#, as the pollution persisted.在微平台上,随着污染的持续,沈阳居民不断发出自己带着口罩处于一片雾霾之中的照片,并将标签定沈阳雾霾#;I cant go on living like this, #Shenyang Haze#, if this goes on any longer everyone will probably get cancer,; complained user BLS-Christine on Tuesday. Multiple Weibo users shared ghostly images of neon signs ;floating; in the air as buildings were rendered nearly invisible by the smog“我不能这样生活下去沈阳雾霾# 如果一直持续下去,每个人都很有可能得癌症。”一位微名为BLS-Christine的用户在周二抱怨到很多微用户分享了建筑物消失在雾霾中的,霓虹灯“漂浮”在空中的可怕的图片。Earlier this year Chinas environment ministry announced that only eight out of the countrys 74 biggest cities had passed the governments basic air quality standards in 2014. Most of the cities found to have the worst air were in the northeast of the country. China is attempting to cut pollution but still relies heavily on coal for its energy and industrial needs.今年早期,中国环境部宣布014年,在中国的74个大城市中,仅有8个达到了政府规定的空气质量标准。空气污染最严重的城市大多数都位于中国东北部。中国正在尝试减少污染,但是仍然依靠煤作为主要工业能源。来 /201511/409049

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) Six people were arrested Sunday in connection with a terrorism investigation in Minnesota, where authorities have been tracking youths who have traveled or tried to travel to Syria to fight with militants, including the Islamic State group, authorities said.圣保明尼苏达(美联——周日在明尼苏达州进行恐怖主义调查时有六人被当局一直在明尼苏达州追踪前往叙利亚或试图前往叙利亚抗击激进分子(其中包括伊斯兰国家组织)的年轻人,当局说。A spokesman for the Minnesota U.S. Attorneys Office said the arrests were made in Minneapolis and San Diego but there is no threat to public safety. Spokesman Ben Petok did not give details about the charges. He said more information would be released Monday.明尼苏达州美国检察官办公室发言人说,是在明尼阿波利斯和圣地亚哥实施追捕的,但并没有对公众安全造成威胁。发言人Ben Petok没有给出指控的相关细节。他说周一会发布更多信息。The U.S. Attorneys Office and the FBI planned a news conference Monday to announce details. The news c nference was billed in a press release as an announcement of a joint terrorism task force operation.美国检察官办公室和联邦调査局计划周一在新闻发布会上公布相关细节。新闻发布会是联合反恐任务行动在新闻稿中的正式声明。Kyle Loven, spokesman for the Minneapolis office of the FBI, said six people were arrested Sunday but ga ve no further details. An FBI spokesman in San Diego referred questions to Loven.Kyle Loven,明尼阿波利斯联邦调査局办公室发言人说周日有六人被但没有交代更多的细节。圣地亚哥联邦调査局 的发言人也提供了同样的说法。Authorities say a handful of Minnesota residents have traveled to Syria to fight with militants within the last year. At least one Minnesotan has died while fighting for the Islamic State.当局在过去的一年里,有一小部分明尼苏达州的居民前往叙利亚抗击激进分子。在抗击伊斯兰国家组织的过程中,至少有一个明尼苏达人因此死亡。Since 2007, more than 22 young Somali men have also traveled from Minnesota to Somalia to join the mili ant group al-Shabab.007年以来,超过22名原在美国的索马里年轻人也从明尼苏达州前往索马里加入了激进组织沙巴布党。Angela Four Minnesotans have aly been charged in connection with supporting terror groups in Syria, includi ng the Islamic State group.四位明尼苏达人已经因持叙利包括伊斯兰国家组)的恐怖组织而被指控。One man, 19-year-old Hamza Ahmed, had been stopped at a New York City airport in November as he and three others were attempting to travel to Syria. Ahmed has been indicted on charges of lying to the FBI during a terrorism investigation, conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State group, and attempting to provide material support. He has pleaded not guilty.19岁的哈姆扎·艾哈迈德(Hamza Ahmed1月起就一直呆在纽约机场。他和其他三人正试图前往叙利亚。艾哈迈德(Hamza Ahmed)已经因以下罪名被起诉:在恐怖主义调查期间对联邦调查局说谎;与他人合谋向伊斯兰国家组织提供物质持,和试图提供物质持。但他不承认自己有罪。But there have been no public charges filed against his three companions, and little information had been released about them. An FBI affidavit said they are all between the ages of 19 and 20 and live in the Twin Cities.但他的三个同伴却没有受到公开指控,也没有被公开信息。联邦调查局的词中因为他们都是住在双城90岁的年轻人。来 /201504/371037




  Malaysian officials expressed confidence that a piece of aircraft debris washed up on a beach on the Indian Ocean island of La Réunion is from a Boeing 777 jet, increasing the likelihood it comes from flight MH370, the Malaysia Airlines aircraft that disappeared 17 months ago without a trace.马来西亚官员表示相信,被冲上印度洋法属留尼汪La Réunion)的一块飞机碎片来自一架波77(Boeing 777)飞机,这意味着这块碎片很有可能来自17个月以前消失得无影无踪的马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines) MH370航班。Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, confirmed earlier comments by one of his ministers that the piece of wreckage was almost certainly from a Boeing 777 aircraft. “Reports suggest that the debris is very likely to be from a Boeing 777, but we need to verify whether it is from flight MH370. At this stage it is too early to speculate,Mr Najib wrote on his official blog.马来西亚总理纳吉布拉扎克(Najib Razak)实了他手下一名部长稍早前的言论,即这块残骸几乎肯定来自一架波77飞机。“相关报道似乎表明,这块碎片很可能来自一架波77,但我们需要验它是否来自MH370航班。目前阶段要作出推测还为时过早,”纳吉布在自己的官方客上写道。If the part is from a 777 twin-engined jet, it is highly likely to be from MH370, since other known losses of the aircraft type including last year’s shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine occurred over land.如果飞机碎片来自一77双发喷气客机,那么它极有可能来自MH370,因为这种机型的其它已知坠毁事件——包括去年马航MH17航班在乌克兰上空被击落——都发生在陆地上空。Mr Najib said the piece of debris would be sent to a laboratory in Toulouse, France, for inspection by investigators from the Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses. La Réunion is a French territory east of Madagascar, which under international law makes the BEA the lead investigative body.纳吉布表示,这块碎片将被送到法国图卢兹的一个实验室,由法国航空事故调查Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses, BEA)的专家进行检验。位于马达加斯加以东的留尼汪岛是法国领土,按照国际法,这使法国航空事故调查处成为牵头调查机构。The Malaysians, Australians and Chinese have been conducting an extensive search for the aircraft off the west coast of Australia since it disappeared on March 8 2014. The jet was carrying 239 people on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.自这架飞机在2014日失联以来,马来西亚、澳大利亚和中国一直在澳大利亚西海岸外的大片海域进行搜寻。该机载39人,当时在执行从吉隆坡飞往北京的航班。Warren Truss, Australia’s deputy prime minister, described the discovery of the debris as a significant development. “It’s the first real evidence that there’s a possibility that part of the aircraft may have been found,he said. But he cautioned: “It’s too early to make that judgment, but clearly we’re treating this as a major lead.”澳大利亚副总理沃伦礠拉Warren Truss)将发现这块碎片形容为一个重大发展。“这是第一个实实在在的据,明这架飞机的一部分有可能已被找到,”他说。但他告诫称:“现在要作出那样的判断还为时过早,但显然我们把它当作一个重大线索。”There were also unconfirmed reports that a badly damaged piece of luggage has been found close to where the debris washed up on La Réunion. Journalist Julien Delarue, who works for a local newspaper, posted a photograph of the suitcase on Twitter. It is not known whether the luggage came from MH370.此外,还有未经实的报道称,一件严重受损的行李也被冲上留尼汪岛,其发现地点靠近飞机碎片。为当地一家报社工作的记者朱利安德拉Julien Delarue)在Twitter上贴出了这个行李箱的一张照片。尚不清楚这件行李是否来自MH370航班。The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said yesterday that the discovery of the wreckage on the island was “not inconsistent with the current search locationwhich is 4,200km east of La Réunion. The search teams are working on the theory that MH370 crashed within a 120,000 sq km area of the southern Indian Ocean, 1,800km south-west of Australia.澳大利亚交通安全局(Australian Transport Safety Bureau)昨日表示,在留尼汪岛发现飞机残骸“与当前的搜索位置并不矛盾”;当前搜索位置在留尼汪岛以200公里。搜索团队依据的理论是,MH370航班在南印度洋一2万平方公里的区域内坠毁,大致位于澳大利亚西南方向1800公里。If the part is from the missing flight, it could provide critical clues to the fate of MH370: radar tracking showed the aircraft changed course to the west after heading north-east from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing without any further communication from the pilots. Later analysis of satellite signals suggested the aircraft had then turned south and headed out over the Indian Ocean.如果发现的残骸被确认来自失联航班,它有望提供关于MH370失事真相的关键线索:雷达跟踪数据显示,该机从吉隆坡起飞后,最初朝东北方向、即目的地北京飞行,后来改变航向向西飞行,而且没有再接到机长或副驾驶的进一步呼叫。事发后对卫星信号的分析似乎表明,该机后来又朝着浩瀚的印度洋向南飞行。Assumptions were made about the aircraft speed and height and it was decided it was likely to have ditched in the sea somewhere off Australia’s west coast when it ran out of fuel.专家们对飞机速度和高度作出了一些假设,最后得出结论认为,它很可能在耗尽燃油后,在澳大利亚西海岸外的海上某处坠落。A multinational force of ships and aircraft have spent months searching a large area of the Indian Ocean without success. Experts said the discovery of the wreckage so far from the theoretical crash zone was consistent with the direction of the ocean currents.多国派遣船舶和飞机,花了好几个月在印度洋的一大片海域进行搜寻,但一直查无下萀?专家们表示,在距离理论推定的坠机海域那么远的地方发现飞机碎片,与洋流方向是吻合的。The undersea search for Flight MH370 is one of the most complex and expensive in aviation history, costing about 0m to date.海底搜索MH370航班是航空史上最复杂和最昂贵的搜寻行动之一,迄今已耗资.5亿美元。来 /201507/389609Childrens Fund (UNICEF) report backed by two years of research says increasing HIV infections among adolescents has triggered alarms of a new epidemic. 联合国儿童基金会根据两年的研究发布报告说,青少年中间HIV感染率的上升,触发了一个新的流行病,令人警觉。The researchers warn that Asia Pacific nations in particular are facing a sharp rise in the incidence of HIV among adolescents, especially among key populations in urban centers, marking a worrying step back at a time when the global incidence of HIV has been falling.联合国儿童基金会(UNICEF)警告说,亚太各国面临青少年艾滋病病毒(HIV)感染率急剧上升的现象。特别是都市中心的关键人口群体。在全球HIV感染病例一直在下降之际,亚太各国不降反升,这一倒退趋势令人担忧。Wing-Sie Cheng, a regional UNICEF adviser on HIV and AIDS, says the cause for concern lies with the dramatic 120 percent increase in deaths among adolescents since 2000.联合国儿童基金会HIV和艾滋病项目的亚太地区顾问郑咏诗(Wing-sie Cheng)说,令人担忧的原因是,自000年以来,青少年的死亡病例增加20%之多;Asia Pacific is facing a hidden epidemic of HIV among teenagers and it is hidden because testing cannot really be put on teenage people under the age of 18, primarily because theres a guideline that they have to obtain parental consent,; he said.她说:“亚太地区正面临HIV在十几岁青少年中间隐蔽流行的问题,之所以隐蔽,是因为十几岁的人实际上不能接受测试,主要原因是有关指导原则要求测试必须征得家长同意。”While the vast majority of people under the age of 20 are at low risk for HIV, prevalence is reaching double digits among key adolescent populations in Hanoi, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Mumbai and cities in China.这份报告说,虽然20岁以下人口中的绝大多数感染HIV的风险较低,但在河内、曼谷、清迈、孟买以及中国的一些城市,关键的青少年人口群体中的发生率却极高,达到两位数。Cambodia, China, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Vietnam are where the HIV burden among adolescents is most significant.柬埔寨、中囀?印度、缅甸、巴基斯坦、巴布亚新几内亚、菲律宾和越南是都市青少年人口中HIV感染问题最严重的。According to the study, the number of adolescents living with HIV in Indonesia has reached more than 40,000, followed by Thailand at almost 10,000.在印度尼西亚,联合国的这份报告估计,携带HIV病毒的十几岁的青少年超过4万人,其次是泰国,人数近1万。Across the region the U.N. says there are around 220,000 adolescents altogether living with HIV.在亚太各地,联合国说,总共有大2万名二十岁以下的青少年携带HIV。Wing-Sie Cheng says the trend points to an epidemic among the adolescent age group in new infections.郑咏诗说,这一趋势表明,青少年人口群体中的新增感染例已成为一种流行病;(The)50,000 number tells you that there is an epidemic among this age group,; she said. ;So therefore the challenge is really to get governments to really come up with adolescent sensitive response to this group.;她说:“他们构成的比例相当大,5%,数字达5万,这样的事实告诉大家,在这个年龄段的人口群体中,出现了流行病。因此,真正的挑战是让政府能够体会青少年的特殊情况,针对这一群体拿出相应的回应方式。”The report is calling on governments to develop better data on adolescents, strategies for HIV prevention and adolescent-specific laws and policies. The report adds that just 10 countries in the region have laws and policies that enable independent consent for young people to access HIV testing and other services.这份报告呼吁政府更好地收集有关青少年的数据,并制定出更好的预防HIV的战略以及专门针对青少年的法律和政策。报告还说,亚太地区只有10个国家有相关的法律和政策允许青少年自行同意接受HIV检测和其它务。来 /201512/413702

  Three Al-Jazeera journalists are marking one year since they were arrested in Egypt on charges of supporting the banned Muslim Brotherhood, as they look toward a court date Thursday to appeal their case.一年前,三名半岛电视台记者在埃及被逮捕。他们被控持被取缔的穆斯林兄弟会。星期四,这三名记者将向法院提出上诉。Australian Peter Greste and Egyptian-Canadian Mohamed Fahmy are in prison on seven-year sentences, while their Egyptian colleague Baher Mohamed is serving a 10-year sentence.澳大利亚公民格雷斯特和埃及裔加拿大公民法赫米被判7年监禁;他们的埃及同事默哈迈德被0年监禁。Grestes brother Michael told reporters Monday that the family has to be hopeful the court appeal will lead to the journalists release.格雷斯特的兄弟迈克星期一对记者说,他的家人希望这次上诉能使格雷斯特获释。Egyptian President Mohamed Fattah el-Sissi said after the journalists were convicted in July that the decision must be respected and he would not interfere.今年7月,埃及总统塞西在这三名记者被定罪后表示,必须尊重这一判决;他不准备进行干预。Al-Jazeera has insisted its workers were simply doing their jobs reporting the news, and the news agency called the verdict against them ;shocking.;半岛电视台坚持说,这三名记者只是在做报道新闻的本职工作,并表示对他们的判决感到“震惊”。来 /201412/351376The Belgian government issued a private diplomatic protest to France this week over what it perceives as the French leadership’s unfair blaming of Belgium for Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, saying that homegrown jihadism is as much a problem for France as it is for Belgium.比利时政府本周私下向法国提出外交抗议,认为法国领导人就上周五巴黎恐怖袭击怪罪比利时是不公平的。比利时政府表示,对于法国和比利时而言,本土圣战主义都是同样严重的问题。The protest, made by Prime Minister Charles Michel’s chief diplomatic adviser to the French ambassador to Belgium on Tuesday, comes after international scrutiny has focused on the Brussels neighbourhood of Molenbeek, home to at least three of the attackers and the militant believed to be the plot’s architect.此次抗议是由比利时首相夏尔猠歇尔(Charles Michel)的首席外交顾问周二向法国驻比利时大使提出的,此前国际社会正将目光聚焦于布鲁塞尔的莫伦贝克(Molenbeek)地区,至名恐怖袭击者和据信为此次阴谋策划者的激进分子曾在这里居住。Belgian officials said only one of the three teams that carried out the Paris attack was linked to Molenbeek, and that France was attempting to point the finger at Belgian failings to cover up its own domestic lapses in countering Islamic extremism.比利时官员表示,在实施巴黎恐怖袭击的3个团伙中,只有一个与莫伦贝克有关,法国试图通过指责比利时的失误,掩盖本国在打击伊斯兰极端主义方面的过失。“We were quite firm in our message,said one senior Belgian official briefed on the démarche. “We do not ignore that jihadism and radicalism has a source here in Belgium. But France has to deal with its own problem as well.”“我们传达的信息相当坚定,”一位介绍此次交涉情况的比利时高官表示,“我们没有忽视比利时存在圣战主义和极端主义源头的事实。但法国也必须解决自己的问题。”According to both French and Belgian officials, Belgium’s security services have been effective in assisting in the rapidly expanding investigation into the attack’s plotters, including tracking two men who may still be at large: Salah Abdeslam, a French national who resided in Molenbeek and is the subject of an international manhunt, and Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian former Molenbeek resident believed to be the architect of the plot.法国和比利时官员都表示,比利时安全机构有效协助了迅速扩大针对袭击策划者的调查,包括追踪两名仍然在逃的嫌疑人:住在莫伦贝克、是国际追捕对象的法国人萨拉赫阿贝德斯拉Salah Abdeslam)以及以前曾在莫伦贝克居住、据信是此次恐怖袭击策划者的阿卜杜勒哈米德阿巴德(Abdelhamid Abaaoud)。But Mr Michel was said to be embittered that French investigators, instead of praising their Belgian counterparts for their assistance, were pointing their fingers at Belgium as the centre of the plot. One official said Brussels was particularly irked at the claim by Bernard Cazeneuve, French interior minister, that the attacks had been organised in Belgium.但据说让米歇尔感到愤怒的是,法国调查人员没有称赞比利时方面提供的协助,反而指责比利时是此次阴谋的核心。一位官员表示,让比利时感到尤其愤怒的是,法国内政部长伯纳德愠泽纳Bernard Cazeneuve)声称,此次袭击是在比利时组织的。One official noted that a January Islamist plot uncovered in Molenbeek and the Belgian city of Verviers to attack Belgian police had involved radicalised French nationals but Belgian authorities had not blamed Paris for a failure to control its homegrown extremists.一位官员指出,今年1月在莫伦贝克和比利时城市韦尔维耶被揭露的一场伊斯兰密谋计划就包括法国激进人士,该计划本将针对比利时警方发动袭击,但比利时当局并没有指责巴黎未能控制本国的极端主义者。来 /201511/411676


  Chinese engineers have developed a cash machine that uses facial features - instead of the traditional PIN number - to identify card owners.中国的工程师研发了一种靠脸部识别而不是传统的PIN码来识别取款人的设备。The device, which is jointly developed by Tsinghua University and Hangzhou-based TzekwanTechnology, is able to scan the users faces to ensure they are the genuine holders of the bank account.这套设备是由清华大学和杭州锌昆科技联合研制的。它能够扫描用户的脸部进而确认其是否为真正的账户持有者。The cutting-edge technology was unveiled during a press conference on Saturday, reported thePeoples Daily Online.这项前沿技术在周六的一场新闻发布会上被披露出来并被报道于中国日报上。When a user inserts a bank card into the device, the built-in camera will immediately start scanning his or her facial features.当使用者插入卡时,设备中的内置摄像头将立即扫描使用者的面部特征。A small window will pop up on the upper left corner of the screen to show the process.一个小的窗口会从左上角蹦出来来演示这一过程If the face of the user does not match the ID photo that is used to open the account, then the user wil I not be able to withdraw funds from the account/ says a bank spokesman to Shanghai-based Dragon TV.一位发言人对东东方卫视说道:;如果使用者面部与开户时所使用的身份照片不符将无法从账户里取款;However, this also means only the owner of the card - not even their friends or family - will be able to get money from these cash machines.然而,这也意味着只有开户本人,即使是本人的朋友,家人也不能从取款机里取款。Gu Zikun, Chairman of Tzekwan Technology, claims the device is the worlds first cash machine to be equi pped with the facial recognition function.梓昆科技主席谷志昆称这套设备是世界上第一个装有脸部识别功能的取款机。Gu says: Our facial recognition technology has passed the certification by authoritative industry experts and is authorised to be used in the financial services industry.谷说到:;我们的脸部识别技术已获得权威的行业专家颁发的书,并被授权应用于金融务业。The cash machine also represents Chinas first independent intellectual property rights in financial security protection.这套取款机也代表了中国首个具有自主知识产权的金融安全保障产品。Apart from the innovative recognition system, the device can also exchange Chinese Yuan to as many as 256 foreign currencies.除了装有全新的识别系统外,这套设备同时也能够将人民币兑换56种外币。Chinas central government has placed an emphasis on information and financial security.中国中央政府一直强调信息和金融安全。Gu Zikun says this new machine has passed its certification and will soon be used in the market place.谷志昆称这套设备已经获得书很快将投入市场。来 /201506/381044。


  The head of the U.N.s nuclear watchdog met with Iranian officials Thursday in Tehran in the latest effort to resolve long-standing questions about the countrys nuclear program.联合国核监察机构首脑星期四在德黑兰与伊朗官员举行会谈,为解决长期存在的伊朗核项目问题做最后的努力。International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Yukiya Amano held talks with the secretary of Irans Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, and was also due to meet with President Hassan Rouhani.国际原子能机构总干事天野之弥与伊朗最高国家安全委员会官员沙姆哈尼举行了会谈,随后还将会见伊朗总统鲁哈尼。The IAEA said the officials were due to discuss how to more quickly resolve outstanding issues, including ;clarification of possible military dimensions; of Irans nuclear activity.国际原子能机构说,双方将讨论如何尽快解决目前仍然存在的问题,包括澄清伊朗核能力是否可能具有军事性质。Iran has long denied working to develop nuclear weapons and said the allegations are linked to faulty intelligence from the ed States and Israel.长期以来,伊朗一直否认正在研制核武器,并表示这一指称是与美国和以色列提供的虚假情报相关联的。The IAEA has tried for years to get answers in its probe, including having U.N. inspectors visit the Parchin military site, but has faced resistance from Iran.多年来,国际原子能机构试图通过调查找到,包括派检查员进入帕琴军事设施进行核查,但一直遭到伊朗的阻挠。来 /201507/383825


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