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郑州市中医院整形郑州市第二人民医院治疗腋臭多少钱《纸牌屋第四季:更精,更香艳 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:冷血狡诈、两面三刀的“下木总统”终于回来了经历了第三季登上总统宝座之后的百无聊赖,弗兰克遇到了自己最强劲的对手——妻子克莱尔权力、财富、亲情、道德交织下的政治阴谋,《纸牌屋第四季让你一次看过瘾~US TV dramas are known their seemingly endless seasons. In many cases, the longer a show is, the less creative and more tedious it gets. Viewers usually seek something new to binge on. But Netflix’s latest release, House of Cards season four, aims to avoid this fate.众所周知,美剧似乎总有拍不完的下一季大多数情况下,一部剧持续时间越长,就会变得越没创意,越乏味观众常常会转向新剧不过网飞公司最新发布的《纸牌屋第四季力图摆脱这种命运After its release this March, millions of subscribers from 190 countries and regions got hooked to this new season of political intrigue. Even the writer of the original B version of House of Cards, Andrew Davies, admits that he was engrossed by the new episodes. “I’m hooked on it,” Davies told The Guardian. “I’ll probably binge-watch the new season.”自三月上线以来,共有来自190个国家和地区的数百万名用户被新一季《纸牌屋中的政治阴谋深深吸引就连英国广播公司原版《纸牌屋的编剧安德鲁?戴维斯都坦言,自己被新剧集圈粉了戴维斯告诉英国《卫报:“我完全看入迷了我可能会一口气刷完第四季” many longtime viewers, the previous season was a letdown. Its plot lines were almost too pedestrian to be interesting. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) was adrift in his new role as US president. He had beaten all of his rivals to reach the top political office, and there was almost no one worth fighting anymore. But season four aims to offer viewers the juicy twists they missed last season.对很多常年追此剧的观众而言,上一季《纸牌屋太令人失望情节老套,毫无趣味可言当上总统的弗兰克?安德伍德(凯文?史派西饰)变得百无聊赖他打败了所有竞争者登上最高政治宝座,几乎再无对手不过第四季致力于为观众提供上一季缺失的生动、曲折的剧情Underwood confronts his most potent enemy ever, his wife Claire (Robin Wright). Claire aims to amass power by becoming vice president. When Underwood thwarts her attempts, Claire moves back to Texas, her home state, to compete a seat in the US Congress. This move injects the storyline with spice and sexual tension. As a plot twist, it is “more effective than any previous murder or immoral ploy ever [was],” Indiewire’s Nikola Grozdanovic wrote.安德伍德遭遇了有史以来最强劲的对手——他的妻子克莱尔(罗宾?怀特饰)克莱尔试图竞选副总统来发展自己的力量当安德伍德挫败了她的计谋,她转战家乡德克萨斯州,争夺国会议席克莱尔的举动为情节增添了不少情趣和香艳的张力随着剧情的发展,这一招“比之前任何谋杀和道德阴谋更奏效”,影评人网的尼古拉?格罗兹戴诺维克写道Season four also dazzles viewers with an array of new faces. Through Claire’s mother (Ellen Burstyn), viewers get an idea of how little kinship means among the power-hungry. And Claire’s political consultant (Neve Campbell) reveals the relationship between power and wealth. Meanwhile, Underwood himself has to tackle another rival: aspiring president and New York governor Conway (Joel Kinnaman). Conway’s character showcases how duplicitous one needs to be in order to get to the top. These characters’ storylines are woven together with hot-button political topics, such as gun control and terrorism.第四季中出现的一批新面孔也让观众眼前一亮通过克莱尔的母亲(艾伦?伯斯汀饰),观众知道了在权力和欲望面前亲情一文不值克莱尔的政治顾问(内芙?坎贝尔饰)则裸地揭开了权力和财富的关系同时,安德伍德自己还要应对另一个对手:有当总统抱负的纽约州州长康威(乔尔?金纳曼饰)康威这个角色展现了一个人需要如何两面三刀才能登上权力巅峰热门政治话题,比如管控和恐怖主义等将这些角色的故事交织在一起On top of that, key characters from previous seasons return in the new season. The murdered journalist Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) surfaces in Frank’s constant hallucinations. And the bamboozled writer Tom (Boris McGiver) determines to expose the Underwoods’ misdeeds no matter the cost. The reappearance of these characters makes the whole series “connected and encapsulated,” IGN’s Matt Fowler commented.此外,前几集的主要人物也陆续回归被谋杀的记者佐伊?巴尔内斯(凯特?玛拉饰)出现在弗兰克的幻觉中被欺骗的作家汤姆(鲍里斯?迈克基弗饰)决定不惜一切代价揭露安德伍德的罪行网站IGN的马特?富勒说,再现这些人物能让整部剧“更紧密、更精炼”With fresh surprises and horrors, House of Cards season four has received a wave of praise from critics its entertainment value. “House of Cards has always longed to be an opera, right down to the soprano who occasionally wails on the soundtrack,” Vox culture editor Todd VanDerWerff wrote. “Season four comes the closest the show ever has to realizing that ambition.”全新的惊喜和恐惧元素为《纸牌屋第四季赢得了家的阵阵好评,盛赞它的价值新闻网Vox的文化版编辑托德?万德维夫写道:“《纸牌屋一直渴望像歌剧那样,有一位女高音随时可能会在音轨上留下最强音第四季是这部剧最接近实现这一野心的时候”郑州/隆胸医院 苹果或将在十月发布新一代ipad --18 :3: 来源: 有消息称,苹果预计在月1日再次举行发布会活动,将正式公布新操作系统实际上线时间,同时或许发布新一代iPad与iPad mini系列机种,分别为第6代iPad及第三代iPad mini  Apple to unveil new iPads, operating system on October 1  Apple Inc is set to launch two new iPads and release the next version of its Mac operating system at its next event on Oct. 1, a Daily Dot report said, citing sources familiar with the matter.  The company plans to unveil the sixth generation of its iPad and the third edition of the iPad mini, as well as its operating system OS X Yosemite, which has undergone a complete visual overhaul, the Internet news website said.  Trudy Muller, a spokeswoman Apple, declined to comment.  The iPad is expected to have a 9.7 inch screen, while the new version of the iPad mini will have a 7.9 inch screen, Bloomberg earlier reported, citing people familiar with the matter.  A Bloomberg report said the Cupertino, Calinia-based company will launch its next generation of iPads around mid-October as Apple prepares the holiday season by boosting its product lineup.  Apple sold .3 million iPads in the quarter ended June, falling short of analysts' projections more than million.  Apple also unveiled its Apple Watch, two larger iPhones and a mobile payments service dubbed "Apple Pay" last week.(Reuters)伦敦第一家裸体餐厅即将开业,你会来吗? --5 :: 来源:   Bon viveurs worried about spoiling their shirts at supper will be able strip off and feast in the nude when Londonrsquo;s first naked restaurant opens this summer.  担心在晚餐时弄脏衬衫的饕餮食客们可以放心了,今年夏天伦敦第一家裸体餐厅即将开业,他们可以脱下衣,裸体进餐了  The Bunyadi, which aly has a waiting list of more than ,000, will be open three months from June . Diners will be encouraged to disrobe and ;experience true liberation; while tucking into a tasting .  这家名为Bunyadi的餐厅即将在年6月开业,营业时间只有三个月,现在预约人数已经有四千多了餐厅倡导顾客们在享受美味前宽衣解带,;体验真正的自由;  On arrival, customers will be escorted to a changing room, asked to place their clothes and belongings in lockers and given a light gown. It is then up to them whether to remove the final item of clothing at the table. Tables will be partly obscured by bamboo screens, creating a semblance of privacy. Large napkins will presumably be provided to prevent untunate burns.  顾客们一到餐厅,就会被领到更衣室,把衣和随身携带物品锁进储物柜里,穿上一件轻便的罩袍然后进餐时脱不脱这最后一件衣就由他们自己决定了桌子会被竹制屏风隔开,营造出一种隐隐约约的隐私空间大餐巾会事先备好,以免被食物烫伤  Naked serving staff will wait on tables, offering a which will include grilled meats as well as vegan options, all cooked on a wood fire and served on handmade clay crockery.  裸体的务员会在桌边侍奉,呈上菜单,菜单上有素食也有烤肉这些食物都是用柴火烹饪的,盛在手工陶器里  According to the masterminds behind the restaurant, the ;Pangaea-like; enterprise seeks to free guests from the ;trappings of the industrialised-world;. Mobile phones and photographs will be banned.  据餐厅的设计者说,开设这家具有;盘古大陆天地初开;时原始氛围的餐厅是为了把客人们从;工业化世界的泥沼;中解脱出来餐厅里禁止使用手机和照相机  The Bunyadi - a Hindi term meaning 'fundamental', 'base' or 'natural' - is the latest creation from Lollipop, the company behind Shoreditch's Breaking Bad cocktail bar, ABQ London.  Bunyadi餐厅的名字源于印度语,意为;本原;,;根本;或;自然;,是饮食集团Lolliopop新开的一家餐厅,伦敦肖尔迪奇区的《绝命毒师主题鸡尾酒酒吧ABQ也是这个集团创建的  Founder Seb Lyall said: ;I think it will appeal to vegans and naturists from all over the UK. It wonrsquo;t be a first date venue but certainly second dates and dinner with friends.;  创始人谢布bull;莱尔说:;我觉得它会吸引全英国的素食主义者和裸体主义者尽管没有人会把第一次约会的地点选在这里,但一定会是第二次约会和朋友聚会的地方;  The venue in central London - its specific location is so far undisclosed - has a capacity of ty-two and dinner will cost around pound;60 per person.  这家餐厅能容纳个人,人均消费在60英镑左右,地点在伦敦中心地区,具体地址目前还没有披露  Mr Lyall added: ;We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone - and even no clothes.  莱尔先生补充说:;我们认为人们应该有机会享受并体验一个纯粹的夜晚:没有化学制品、没有人工色素、没有电、没有燃气、没有电话;;甚至没有衣  ;We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked. The use of natural bamboo partitions and candlelight has enabled to us to make the restaurant discreet, whilst adhering to the ethos behind it. No doubt, this has been the most challenging project us yet, which makes us very excited about it.;  ;我们很用心地设计了这样一个空间,每位顾客接触到的事物都是没有遮蔽的、的使用天然的竹制屏风和烛光可以使用餐环境显得隐蔽一些,但并没有丢掉我们的理念毋庸置疑,这是我们目前为止接触过的最有挑战性的项目,我们对此都非常兴奋;郑州省人民医院光子脱毛手术多少钱

商丘市做双眼皮手术多少钱里约奥运村环境太差 澳大利亚代表团拒绝入住 --9 :00:57 来源:chinadaily Teams are housed in tower blocks at the Olympic Village in Rio de JaneiroAustralia are refusing to move their athletes into the Rio Olympic Village because of concerns about the state of their accommodation.澳大利亚拒绝让运动员搬进里约的奥运村,因为他们担心那里的住所状况不佳Problems include "blocked toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wiring", according to team boss Kitty Chiller.据澳大利亚团队主管凯蒂?奇利尔称,奥运村的问题包括“堵塞的厕所,漏水的管道和暴露的电线”Chiller said she had raised concerns with local event organisers and the International Olympic Committee, and was "pushing hard a solution".奇利尔说,她已要求当地的奥运会组织者和国际奥委会关注此事,并“大力催促他们给出解决方案”Australian staff are in nearby hotels with the first athletes due on Monday.澳大利亚的工作人员以及将于周一(75)抵达的第一批运动员住在奥运村附近的酒店Alternative accommodation team members arriving over the next three days has been arranged.未来三天将要抵达的团队成员的替代住所也已安排好Chiller, the head of Australia's Olympic delegation, said extra maintenance staff and more than 1,000 cleaners have been engaged to fix the problems but the faults, particularly the plumbing issues, have not been resolved.奇利尔是澳大利亚奥运代表团团长,她说,临时的维修人员和00多名清洁工已开始处理各种问题,但是各种故障,特别是管道问题,还没有得到解决She said in a statement on the Australian Olympic website: "Due to a variety of problems in the Village, including gas, electricity and plumbing, I have decided that no Australian team member will move into our allocated building.她在澳大利亚奥运网站的一份声明中说:“由于奥运村里存在包括天然气,电力和管道在内的各种问题,我已经决定不让任何澳大利亚团队成员搬进给我们分配的住处”"Problems include blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, darkened stairwells where no lighting has been installed and dirty floors in need of a massive clean."“这些问题包括堵塞的厕所,漏水的管道,暴露的电线,未安装照明设施的昏暗楼梯间,以及需要大规模清洗的肮脏地板”The British team have had staff in place several days and a spokesman told Reuters: "We are confident that our accommodation is y to receive athletes and will be to the highest standards within the village.英国奥运代表队已让工作人员在里约奥运村住了几天,一位发言人接受路透社采访称:“我们相信我们的房间已做好准备接收运动员,而且将是奥运村里最高标准的住所”"Whilst we have encountered some maintenance difficulties this is not uncommon with new build structures of this type and we have been working hard to overcome them."“虽然我们遇到了一些维修方面的困难,但这对此种新的建筑结构来说很常见,我们也一直在努力克困难”The 31-building village will house 18,000 athletes and officials at the height of the Games, which start on 5 August.里约奥运会将于8月5日开始举行,在比赛最火热的阶段,这个拥有31栋楼房的奥运村将容纳1.8万名运动员和工作人员英文来源:B翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning郑州/管城回族区去除腋毛多少钱 英国退欧致使伦敦金融时报指数应声暴跌% -- 19::0 来源: 英国将在下周公投,从而决定不列颠是继续留在欧盟,还是另谋出路本周二,退欧的不确定性使得恐惧在市场蔓延,投资者权衡利弊后选择了撤资,整个欧洲股市一片绿灾,伦敦金融时报指数更是应声暴跌了% The FTSE 0 in London closed down %, or 1 points, at 5,93 - the first time the index has been below the 6,000 mark since February.昨日,伦敦金融时报指数(FTSE 0)收盘于593点,下跌了1点,跌幅达到了%这是自从今年二月份以来,伦敦金融时报指数首次跌破6000点大关The Cac in Paris sank .3%, while Frankfurt shed 1.%.法国巴黎CAC0指数下跌了.3%,德国法兰克福指数缩水了1.%Jitters sent the interest rate on -year bonds issued by the German government negative the first time.紧张的情绪第一次使得德国政府消极派发行的年期债券上调了利率Recent opinion polls have suggested that there may be growing support a Brexit vote in the 3 June referendum.据最近的民调显示,可能将会有越来越多的人在6月3日的公投中,投票持英国退出欧盟"Markets are on the verge of a full-blown panic sell-off due to rising probability of Brexit," said Rabobank analysts.荷兰合作分析师指出:“由于英国退欧的可能性越来越大,目前市场正处于一个全面抛售的恐慌边缘”PVM Oil Associates analyst Tamas Varga said: "Safe havens are back in fashion. The thought process is that if the UK leaves the EU, then the EU might slip back into recession."PVM石油合作组织分析师瓦尔加说道:“现在人们又开始寻求避险港了人们的想法是,一旦英国退出欧盟,欧盟可能会陷入经济衰退”Markets were aly jittery over the health of the global economy and worries over when the US may start raising interest rates.由于对全球经济健康性以及美国加息的担忧,目前全球市场非常紧张A new survey from Bank of America Merrill Lynch showed fund managers were holding more cash than at any time since 01 and have reduced the number of shares they own to four-year lows. "Globally, sentiment remains weak," the survey said.据一份来自美国美林券的调查显示,目前基金经理人所持有的现金要比01年以来的任何时候都要多,他们所持有的股票数量缩减到了年以来的最低点这份调查说道:“整个全球市场的行情都不好”Returns on -year UK government bonds fell by a significant amount - 0. percentage points - to a record low of 1.6%, while -year and 30-year "gilts" also dropped to record lows.英国政府年期债券的收益率下降明显,大约0.个百分点,创纪录地跌破了1.6%而且年期和30年期的“金边债券”的收益率也跌破了历史低点The decline in yields, or returns, government bonds reflects strong demand from investors a safe place to park their money.政府债券收益率的下降意味着投资者对这种更安全的理财方式有很大的需求,他们需要更加妥善的安置他们的财富In the case of Germany, the yield fell as low as minus 0.% - meaning investors were prepared to pay, rather than be paid, to own "Bunds".而在德国,债券收益率只下降了0.个百分点这意味着投资者们愿意为持有“国债”而付款,而不是被付款Luke Hickmore, co-manager of Aberdeen Asset Management’s Strategic Bond Fund, said that Bund yields could fall as low as minus 0.1%: "This is just investors getting, very, very, very nervous about the way this [Brexit] vote is going to go."据安本资产策略债券基金联合经理卢克·海克默表示,国债收益率最低有可能会降低至0.1%:“这一切的起因仅仅是因为投资者们对即将举行的英国退欧公投感到非常、非常、非常的担心”Ulrich Kater, economist at DeKaBank, said the uncertainty about a possible Brexit was driving investors to the safe haven of German bonds. "The drop in yields below the zero mark once again shows the immense challenges currently facing global financial markets," he added.据德卡经济学家乌尔里奇·凯特表示,英国退欧的不确定性驱使投资者们寻求一个安全的避风港,而德国债券成为了他们良好的选择他说道:“债券收益率跌至零线以下意义重大,这意味着目前国际金融市场仍然面临着巨大的挑战”LBBW analyst Werner Bader added: "Fears that Britain will quit the EU has killed off any willingness to take risks."德国巴登·符滕堡分析师沃纳·巴德说道:“由于对英国退欧感到恐惧,没有投资者愿意冒险”The yield on Japan’s -year government bond, which has been in negative territory some time, fell to a new low of minus 0.5%.一直形势不好的日本政府年期债券更加低靡,收益率创下新低,跌到了0.5%Sterling fell 1.1% against the dollar to .1 as opinion polls showed mounting support Brexit ahead of next week’s EU referendum.由于民调显示越来越多的人将在下周的公投中持退出欧盟英镑对美元汇率应声下跌,目前汇率为1英镑兑1.1美元Investors are betting sterling will fall, regardless of the outcome of the 3 June vote, with millions placed in the derivatives market, where traders can speculate in the future price of currencies.无论6月3日的公投结果如何,投资者们都深信英镑将会下跌金融衍生品市场行情火爆,投资者们希望借助英镑预期下跌的行情来大赚一笔James Ruddiman, director at currency broker Audere Solutions, said: "Expect some wild swings in the coming days, with .0 the next level to watch. I would expect greater degree of panic if the ’leave’ margin widens in the coming days."货币经济公司Audere Solutions的董事詹姆斯·拉蒂曼表示:“在未来几天市场将会有较大的波动,英镑-美元汇率可能将会跌至1.0据我估计,在未来几天如果赞成退出欧盟的人越来越多的话,市场将会产生更大的恐慌”Since the start of the year sterling is slightly down against the US dollar from its high of .7.从今年年初开始,英镑兑美元汇率就一直在缓慢下跌,从1.7的高点一路下滑Luke Ellis, president of Man Group, the world’s largest listed hedge fund, told B Radio ’s Today programme that most of the activity was by companies looking to protect themselves against a fall in the pound.英仕曼是全球最大的对冲基金,其总裁卢克·埃利斯对英国广播电台套的“近日”栏目说道,目前市场上的大部分交易都是由公司在进行,他们希望保护自己,以免在英镑贬值的过程中受损Few traders were prepared to call the outcome of the referendum, he added.他补充说道,少有交易者已经准备好应对这场公投的结果了河南郑州市华山整形美容医院韩式隆鼻多少钱

焦作市妇幼保健院 口腔美容中心头上长草已经OUT了 头顶炒菜才是王道 -- ::7 来源: 时尚总是瞬息万变,让人琢磨不透如果头上长草可以让人看起来萌萌哒,那么头上别鸡翅、五花肉、包子、西兰花是为了让别人看到自己“口水直流”么?  最近淘宝热卖的食物发夹让歪果仁都震惊了,谁还敢说中国人没有想象力?  Last month, plastic hair plants took over China as the new fashion trend.  But in the world of fashion, one week you’re in and the next you’re out. And the Chinese Internethas decided to prove that by quickly brushing aside the “old” trend and upgrading to the nextlevel: plastic food clips.  While most Internet users have been quite shocked by the stunt, the self-proclaimed inventor sayson the store’s Taobao product page they have their hands full producing more clips because ofthe high demand.  【Key Points】  五花肉、鸡翅、排骨神马的戴在头上真的能好看?其实都是商家吸引消费者的噱头原文中的stunt指“引人注意的花招,噱头”除了“商业噱头”,还有“宣传促销噱头”(publicitypromotional stunt)等此外,stunt还有“电影特技”的意思  美女亲试鸡翅、基围虾发夹  淘宝热卖,一盘菜  荤素搭配更美味 把放口袋里?纽约地铁新时尚(双语) --30 18::56 来源:sohu 国外的大部分地铁都是不允许动物乘坐的,因为有很多安全隐患,造成潜在的秩序混乱美国纽约的地铁也颁布了类似规定 规定的内容大体为:“不允许乘客带动物乘坐地铁,除非是把动物放进一个容器里(笼子之类)”但是,这个规定没有规定动物的大小或是容器的大小从下面这些图片我们可以看到,有些人为避免罚款来”遵守“这些规定 The rules are clear when it comes to carrying animals on the New York subway. ;No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in acontainer.; But the rules say nothing about the size of the animal or the container, and as you can see from this picture, some people are quick to exploit that fact in order to avoid a fine. 长腿帅哥和他的哈士奇 有CBS的新闻制作人Alex Romano乘坐地铁时,拍到了一个男子带着自己的乘地铁的照片当你看到这张照片时,一定会忍俊不禁也许是因为他们随意的造型,也许只是因为这家伙用手提袋装了一只呆萌的哈士奇这个事实不管是什么原因,他(它)都让人不得不爱 This guy and his husky were recently captured riding the subway by CBS news producer Alex Romano, and it's hard not to smile when you look at it. Perhaps it's the casual pose. Or perhaps it's simply the fact that the guy is carrying a big ass husky in a tote bag. Whatever the reason, we love it. 这家伙为了避免在地铁上被罚款,把一只体型巨大的放入手提袋里 This guy avoided a fine on the New York subway by putting his huge husky into a tote bag 这小表情也是很委屈 其实主人为了带出远门,主人们都使出了毕生绝学 一只就曾经因为坐车时太搞笑而走红 这样的宠物和主人是否让你哭笑不得呢河南科技大学第一附属医院口腔科商丘市开眼角多少钱

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