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1. Bill can tell a dead cat on the line before anybody knows there's something wrong.比尔总能比别人先发现问题。2. Has the cat got your tongue? I'm waiting for an explanation.你哑巴了吗?你倒是解释啊!3. What's the matter with her? She's like a cat on a hot tin roof this morning.她今天怎么了?一早上都坐立不安的。4. This year the other party is way ahead of us when it comes to campaign money. They have all the fat cats on their side.今年对方党派的竞选经费比我们多很多,因为那些有钱的赞助人都在他们那边。fat cats:有钱有势的人 /201107/144757

Let me introduce to you Mr Kobe Bryant下面,有请科比·布莱恩特先生上台Alright. So I think uh... Thank you好的。我觉得……谢谢,谢谢I think weve heard a lot of stories about shaq today我觉得今天我们已经听到许许多多关于鲨鱼的故事了but what we havent talked about is how good of a player he was但我们没说到的是他作为一名球员的水平与素养Most dominant player Ive ever seen他是我见过的最有统治力的球员and the thing that was most impressive to me is that hes such a fun, outgoing guy而给我印象最深的是他风趣、外向的性格loves to tell jokes, loves to have fun with teammates, practical jokes总爱开玩笑,爱和队友嬉闹,爱搞恶作剧but before the tip-off something happens但比赛开始之前就会突然转变the switch goes off in him他体内的逗比开关会马上断开hes no longer joking around hes no longer playing around他不再嘻嘻哈哈,不再打打闹闹hes not smiling any more hes out there and hes trying to dominate不再嬉皮笑脸,而是走上场,全力以赴统治对手更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201703/501307

whistle-blower 揭发违规的人According to whistle-blower,the company has been trapped in a serious financial problem for a long time.据揭发,这个公司已经陷入财务危机很长时间了to sit on one's hands 袖手旁观He is really cold-blooded.A girl cried for help before him,but he just sat on his hands.他真是个冷血的人。一个女孩在他面前哭喊着请求帮助,他却无动于衷。They want to help raise money to fight AIDS.They can't sit on their hands.他们想为抵制艾滋筹集点钱,他们没办法袖手旁观。背景音乐:You are beautiful 一首很唯美的暗恋的歌 /201006/105795

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Ottawa County is a pretty lovely place on the western shore of Lake Michigan, a little south of Grand Rapids. I know it primarily for two things: the tulip festival in Holland, and for being the most Republican county in Michigan.Ottawa last voted Democratic for president in 1864, when the local farmers decided theyd had enough of the Civil War and wanted their boys home. Since then, it has been as Republican as they come. Franklin Roosevelt couldnt carry it, nor could Lyndon Johnson.But times are changing in Ottawa County. Oh, Donald Trump creamed Hillary Clinton here. However, few people noticed, but Trump did worse here than Mitt Romney did in 2012. Clinton got a little more than a third of the vote, and in a shocker, actually carried the city of Holland.Yesterday, I had the privilege of having lunch with the only elected Democrat in the county, Doug Becker, a Holland Township trustee, who was reelected last month.Becker is the kind of public servant we seldom hear about. He got into politics to make a difference for his neighbors. This isnt his day job; he commutes to Livonia in the Detroit suburbs, where he is director of HR technology for Trinity Health Systems.Nor is he especially impressed with himself as a politician. He told me hed gotten elected four years ago by luck, when one of the Republican candidates forgot to turn in his paperwork. This year, he said, ;I won again because one of our sitting trustees died, and the local Republicans didnt fill the seat. I hate to win that way, but do my best to serve Holland Township.;That he does. His wife works for Amway, and they have two little daughters: Arianna, four, and Addison, two. Though he is scarcely rich, he donates his ,000 township salary to charity. There are times he dreams of being in the legislature, but is realistic.The best any Democrats did this year in any of Ottawas districts was 34 percent, and thats because they ran an energetic small businessman who campaigned extra hard.Becker, however, is more concerned about the state than himself. At 42, he is one of those poor Generation Xers squeezed between the far more numerous baby boomers and millennials. He grew up in the small town of Fountain, where his mother and dad owned the lumberyard.He went to Saginaw Valley and Western, thought of becoming a history professor, but ended up getting an MA in Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State. Hes always been interested in technology, and thinks of himself as a sensible fiscal conservative who was a moderate Republican until that wing of the party became extinct.Being fiscally prudent, however, doesnt mean not spending to fix our infrastructure and for education.;I worry about the huge skill gap in our workforce, and how that impacts our competitiveness,; he told me.He thinks gerrymandering has ruined sensible politics in this state, and wants to find a way to fix this and build a better Michigan for his daughters.I have a hunch there are a lot of unknown public servants like Doug Becker. If we had a few more in higher positions, wed probably all be a lot better off.201612/482340

May the joy of Christmas stay in your heart and throughout the entire year.愿圣诞喜悦常驻你心。Song:RiverArtist:ah MclachlanIt’s coming on ChristmasThey’re cutting down treesThey’re putting up reindeer singing songs of joy and peaceOh I wish I had a riverI could skate away onBut it don’t snow hereIt stays pretty greenI’m going to make a lot of moneyAnd then I’m going to quit this crazy sceneOh I wish I had a riverI could skate away onI wish I had a river so longI would teach my feet to fly highOh I wish I had a riverI could skate away onI made my baby cryHe tried hard to help meYou know, he put me at easeAnd he loved me so naughtyMade me weak in the kneesOh I wish I had a riverI could skate away onBut I’m so hard to handleI’m selfish and I’m sadNow I’ve gone and lost the best baby that I’ve ever hadOh I wish I had a riverI could skate away onOh I wish I had a river so longI would teach my feet to fly highOh I wish I had a riverThat I could skate away onI made my baby say goodbyeIt’s coming on ChristmasThey’re cutting down treesThey’re putting up reindeer singing songs of joy and peaceOh I wish I had a riverI could skate away on /201412/350533

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