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抚顺包皮包茎手术抚顺铝厂职工医院男科挂号抚顺县医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 This tutorial describes a basic technique of ice skating called gliding or forward stroking. A professional ice skating coach walks us step-by-step through this basic ice skating move.本期视频汇将向大家展示滑冰的基本技巧:滑行,或者说是蹬冰前进。我们请来专业的教练给我们逐步讲解演示滑冰的技巧。Okay, so in this particular , we#39;re going to learn how to skate. Actually, gliding or pushing for the more confident skaters, standing on one, for a count of 2 or 3 seconds. You have to follow various steps.来吧,我们一起来滑冰。实际上滑冰这项运动需要滑冰者的自信:一只脚站立持续2秒或者3秒钟。然后才可以迈步。Within these, keeping your arms out, your knees bent. This all comes not just bending your knees, but also bending from your ankles, rocking the ankles over in order to pick up speed, maintain speed, and balance and flow across the ice. It will show much better quality and also create a lovely picture image which you will see from the TV and professional ice skaters.做这些动作时,双手打开,双膝弯曲,不仅如此,脚踝也要扭成一定角度,以方便加速、保持匀速和维持身体平衡。这种姿势对提高滑冰质量有很大帮助,而且画面感很强,许多专业滑冰运动员都采取这种姿势。So, we#39;re going to learn how to do that in various stages. Starting off with your feet parallel, you are going to bend your knees. Turn your right foot out.现在我们来学习在不同的地面做上述动作。双脚平行站立,屈膝下蹲,迈出右脚。That#39;s going to be our pushing foot to start with. Maintaining that position, again keeping your weight over the skates is very, very important. Arms slightly ahead of your body, keeping them roughly level with your hips, anything higher than that is going to create tension in your shoulders.我们以右脚为起脚点,保持稳定,同时保持冰上重心稳定非常非常重要。双手放在身前保持与臀部同高,如果手臂过高则容易造成肩膀部位紧张。So, you want to keep all the work happening from your knees. You#39;re going to rock the ankle over. As I#39;m rocking the ankle, I#39;m bending the knee.现在一切起步动作都要从膝盖开始发力。脚踝要灵活,像我一样。Very important to make sure you#39;re bending from the striking knee which is going to be the right leg. You#39;re going to bend, rock the ankle, create the pressure, and push from the inside part of the blade, hold on to it, rise up. Okay, so now, we#39;re going to switch to the left foot.将重心慢慢转移到迈出去的那只脚上-通常情况下是右脚,然后屈膝,用冰刀的内侧使劲并站稳,然后换左脚迈出。You obviously need to understand the transition from one foot to the next, changing the body weight, and pushing off onto the right foot. That would then create continuous flow and also skating forward at a nice quality within the ice skating world. Okay, so once you#39;ve learned how to start, push onto the left foot, you#39;re then going to rise up, feet together.需要体会两只脚之间的转换,改变身体重心,再回到右脚上。这样能使滑冰的动作连贯自然,并且质量很高。现在,入门之后就容易多了。Repeat the steps again. Bend, rock your ankle over, push and hold onto that position. Okay, so that was how to glide on to your left for and your right foot skating forward, commonly known as forward stroking.重复刚才的动作,屈膝,用冰刀内侧发力,前进。好的,以上就是左脚发力右脚前进的动作,一般称为前行。When doing these, it#39;s all about bending the knee, rocking the ankle, and remembering those steps of feet together, then turn your foot out, rock the ankle, push and maintain a lovely posture and position your weight over the skate. Now that you#39;ve learned how to glide on the ice, you#39;ll find that you#39;ll be a much more accomplished skater, and learning the real basics of ice skating. .在做这些动作的时候,任何时候都要屈膝,转动脚踝,然后将这些动作连在一起—迈步,转动脚踝,转换身体重心,保持平衡。现在所有的基本动作完成,你会发现自己颇有心得。Thanks for watching How To Ice Skate For Beginners谢谢收看本期“滑冰入门教程”节目。 /201208/194162抚顺做包茎手术费用

抚顺看软下疳医院A packed train speeds on its way south, y to replenish the Union Army with fresh troops and supplies.一列火车满载着飞驰南下给联邦军队带去生力军和给养。Lieutenant George Benedict writes home. We were stowed away in freight cars and started out of the city.乔治·班尼迪克中尉在家书中写道,我们被塞进运货车厢驶出这座城市。The train took 600 other troops besides our regiment, and numbered 34 heavily loaded cars.车上除了我们团以外还载有名600军人,以及34节装得满满的车厢。The railroad, one of Lincoln#39;s hidden weapons in this war. In one key operation ordered directly by the President 25,000 fresh troops were sent on a 1200-mile journey to the South.铁路是此战中林肯的秘密武器之一,这是总统直接下令进行的调度,25000名新兵被送往英里以外的南方。By road it would take over two m onths. By rail, it will take these men just seven days.如果从公路走需要两个多月,而通过铁路只需天便可到达。Following its introduction in the 1830#39;s, America#39;s rail infrastructure has gradually sp its tentacles across the country.自从世纪年代开建以来,美国的铁路设施渐渐将触角延伸到了全国的每个角落。Lincoln realizes it can revolutionize the speed of troop deployments. He strikes a deal with the rail owners to put the North railroad network under government control. It turns the railroad into a weapon of war.林肯意识到这将彻底改变军队调度效率,他和铁路拥有者们达成协议,将北方铁路网纳入政府管辖,这使铁路也成为了一种战争武器。Instead of armies being limited to the speed at which they can march, all of a sudden, you had armies being able to move to up to the front by rail. And more importantly, supplies.军队不再像以前那样被行军速度所限。突然之间你可以通过铁路把军队输送到前线,而更重要的是后勤供给Supplies and troops pour out of the North toward the battle front. Some busy lines carry 800 tons of supplies a day, the equivalent of 80 railroad cars.给养和部队通过铁路从北方源源不断地输往前线,有些繁忙的路线每天要运输800吨给养,相当于80节车厢的货运量。In Lincoln#39;s hands, the 24,000 miles of railroad tracks in the North becomes an arm of his war machine. But the South has a far smaller network.林肯手中掌控的北方24000英里的铁路线成了他战争武器的杀手锏,但南方所拥有的铁路网则小得多。Just 9,000 miles at the start of the war and it remains under private control.战争初期只有9000英里,并且一直为私人所有。In the four years the war lasts, the North adds 4,000 miles of new tra ck to it#39;s network against just 400 miles in the South.战争持续的四年中,北方新修了4000英里铁路线,而南方只新修了400英里。This inability to coordinate rail supplies will prove disastrous for the South. Even though they#39;re just 30 miles from their capital in Richmond.铁路物资供给协调不力,给南方带来了毁灭性的打击。尽管他们离首都里士满只有30英里,In the winter of 1863, poor rail links mean Southern troops in Virginia starve.1863年冬落后的铁路运输却使弗吉尼亚州的南方军队陷入饥荒。 /201211/207090抚顺矿务局西露天矿职工医院治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好 【视频欣赏】 小宝宝是Justin Bieber的超级fans,一听到他的歌,就泣不成声。这个视频在国外视频网站上引起了不小的轰动,小宝宝也最终成功见到了Justin Bieber本人,还当场要求做人家的老婆,^^【英文文本】-Cody's very sad today.Cody, why are you so sad honey? -Because....-Because why? -Because I love Justin Bieber. -I can't hear you. -Because I love Justin Bieber.-You are crying because you love Justin Bieber?-Yes, that's why I ran in my room.-You ran in your room and cry because you love him?-Yeah-Does that make you sad?-Yes-Why does...-See Justin Bieber all day-Cause you don't get to see him all day?-Yeah.-Why do you love Justin Bieber?-Because I know he loves me back-Because you know he loves you back?-Yeah-Honey,-Why,Mummy-We don't have to dry because we love Justin Bieber.-Yeah, we do, sometimes-Well, waht makes you cry?-Justin Bieber always makes me (cry) with his songs-He always makes you cry with his songs?-Yes-Well, why do they make you cry?-Because I just love Justin Bieber.-Honey, you do know you're just 3 years old,right?-Yes, mummy, I do.-When you are 3, you are not supposed to cry over boys.-Yes, I know, but....I love Justin Bieber-Well, what do you want Justin Bieber to do?-i want Justin...that's all. I want him to be...to be one of my family.-You want him to be one of your family?-Yes.-Baby girl.-Honey, you are 3, you should not be crying over boys.-Mummy, I don't love boys. They always make me cry.-Honey, have you ever seen Cheyenne cry over Justin Bieber?-Sometimes they do.-No.-Yes.-Ok, honey, we should stop crying. Do you wannna go listen to some of his songs, that will make you fell better?-No, that will make me cry again.-Hey ,cody. Ok, don't torture her, you guys stop.-Ok, cody...Cody.Listen.Stop crying for a second, listen. Stop, listen. If you cry like this when you listen to Justin Bieber songs,mommy is not gonna let you listen to Justin Bieber songs no more. -i don't want to.-You don't want to? It makes you too sad?-Yes.-Ok. I'm gonna turn the off now.-No.-You don't want me to?You want me to keep recording you?-Yes. -Well, all you're doing is just crying about Justin bieber.-No, I don't want...I want..I...I bet that's Justin Bieber.Cheyenne, get that to me. Article/201006/105934辽宁抚顺医院男科医生

抚顺妇保医院在哪 9SwzSusZ8v.+XG;pi3t%1~GzZb|0Oy@MJohIhar0j#)mCould it be possible that playing games might be good for your health? VideoJug are here to point you in the right direction to shed some pounds while fighting aliens and shooting people. The very best games to keep fit are explained in this .yvdyRird|-~+玩电视游戏也许会对你的健康有益?VideoJug在这里就传授给你玩游戏减肥的秘籍!1jDu+#CDc。这个视频会告诉你有助于减肥视频游戏F3jRQEKV*miZr。mjN3NLxXQ.kd]hBiPJ+gL1|l,do0P;HGV~2TIuw7w;n]*_ Article/201203/176328抚顺轻工局职工医院看男科好吗抚顺市南医院




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