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The only way to get deep into the jungle深入丛林的唯一方法is to follow these trails.就是顺着这些小路前进Trails made by dangerous forest elephants.危险的丛林象开辟出的小路The first thing you need to know about the forest elephant is,关于丛林象 你首先需要知道的是you dont want to meet one.你不会想要遇见一只象Cause running away can elicit a charge,因为你逃跑会招来他的攻击and it could be exactly the wrong thing to do.非常危险 那是绝对错误的做法Our team are completely dependent on their Bayaka guides for safety.巴彦喀向导负责保障摄制组的安全But its these same forest elephants that James has come to film.但詹姆斯计划拍摄的正是这些丛林象And just to make the challenge harder,但难度更大的是hes here to film them in the dark.他将在夜间拍摄他们Nobody knows exactly what they get up to at night,没有人知道晚上会遭遇什么状况they havent been filmed like this before.此前从未有人在夜间拍摄过201403/280392。

Every day we throw away millions of electronic devices, because they get old and become worn-out. But usually its only one of the components that causes the problem. The rest of the device works fine but is needlessly thrown away, simply because electronic devices are not designed to last. This makes electronic waste one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, and our phone is one of the biggest causes.每天我们丢掉数百万件电子设备,因为它们过时且变得破旧不堪。但通常其中只有一个造成问题的零件。装置的其余部份运作正常,但是被不必要地丢弃掉,仅仅因为电子设备并非设计要持久耐用。这让电子废物成了世界上最快速成长的废物流之一,我们的电话是其中最大的起因之一。So this is a new kind of phone. Its made of blocks, detachable blocks. Theyre all connected to the base, and the base connects everything together. Electrical signals are transferred through the pins, and two small screws lock everything in place.所以这是一种新型手机。是用积木做的,可拆卸的积木。它们全都接到基底上,基底将一切连结在一起。电子讯号透过插脚传送,两个小螺丝将一切锁在定位。So if, for instance, your phone is getting a little slow, you can just upgrade the block that affects the speed. Or if something breaks, you can easily replace it with a new one, or update it with the latest version.所以如果,举例来说,你的手机变得有点慢,你可以只升级影响速度的那块积木。或如果某个东西坏掉,你可以轻松地用一块新的取代它,或是使将它更新到最新版本。Another great thing about this is you can customize your phone. Lets say this is your phone, and you do everything in the cloud. Why not replace your storage block for a bigger battery block? If youre like this guy and love to take pictures, why not upgrade your camera? Or if you dont care about any of this stuff, you can keep it simple, and get a bigger speaker. You can choose the blocks you want, support the brands you like, or even develop your own blocks.另一件关于这个很棒的事情是:你可以个人化你的手机。比如说这是你的手机,你在云端处理一切。为什么不把你的记忆体积木换成更大块的电池积木呢?如果你像这个人,喜欢照相,为什么不升级你的相机呢?或如果你不在意任何这些东西,你可以让它保持简单,并加上一个更大的扩音器。你可以选择你想要的积木,持你喜欢的品牌,或甚至研发你自己的积木。Phonebloks is built on an open platform by companies working together to create the best phone in the world. To set out this platform, we need to get the right companies and the right people involved. They will only get started if there is a lot of interest in the phone worth keeping.积木手机是建立在一个开放的平台上,由数个公司合作创造出世界上最好的手机 。要开始这个平台,我们需要让对的公司和对的人参与。如果对于这值得保存的手机有非常多的关注,他们才会开始。So this is the plan: To show them theres an interest for this phone, we need your voice. You can donate your social reach on the website. We gather as much people as possible. On the 29th of October we send out the blast, all at the same time, sping all your voices to show the world theres a need for a phone worth keeping. The more people involved, the bigger the impact.所以计划是:要让他们知道有对于这手机的兴趣关注,我们需要你的声音。你可以捐出你在网站上的社交联系。我们尽可能地召集越多人。在十月二十九日我们送出这阵旋风,全部一起,散布你们所有声音来让世界知道对于一值得保存的手机有所需求。越多人参与,影响就越大。Please visit phonebloks.com to raise your voice and sp the word.请到 phonebloks.com来提出你的声音,并散播消息。Phonebloks, a phone worth keeping.Phonebloks,一值得保存的手机。201411/343562。

Gods story: Easter上帝的故事:复活节So part of Gods story is about Easter, and it begins like this:上帝的故事有一部分是有关复活节,它像这样开始的:You might know Easter as the Sunday a ginormous bunny hides chocolate inside plastic eggs. But Easter is really all about how much Jesus loves us, and how God sent Him to rescue us.你也许知道复活节是有一只巨大兔子将巧克力藏在塑胶蛋里。但复活节其实全都是有关耶稣有多爱我们,以及上帝如何派他来拯救我们。Remember how the Jews—Gods special family—were waiting for a King to come rescue them? Well, Jesus was the King, and this rescue was the whole reason He came to Earth. God had aly rescued the Jews once before, but this time it was going to include everyone.记得犹太人--上帝的特殊家人--是如何等待一名国王到来拯救他们的吗?嗯,耶稣就是那名国王,而这次拯救就是他来到地球的所有理由。上帝过去已经拯救犹太人一次了,但这次要包括所有人。So one night, Jesus told His friends about the rescue. Exciting, right? But talking about this rescue was sad. Thats because Jesus was going to rescue the world by dying.所以一晚,耶稣告诉他的朋友们有关那拯救的事。很兴奋,对吧?但谈及这次拯救是很伤心的。那是因为耶稣要借由死亡来拯救世界。Kids, every mean or bad thing we do deserves punishment. By dying, Jesus took our punishment. Lots of things in life have good parts and bad parts. And just like candy bars are mostly good, as long as you brush your teeth after you eat one, this story is a really good one.孩子们,我们所做的卑劣、或是不好的事都应受处罚。透过死亡,耶稣承担了我们的惩罚。人生中有许多事有好的部份也有坏的部份。就像糖果棒大部分会是很棒的一样(只要你吃完后刷牙),这个故事也是非常棒的。Anyway, talking about the rescue made Jesus sad since He didnt really want to die. Thankfully, we can talk to God when were sad, so Jesus took a few friends into a garden to pray. In the garden, a guy named Judas, who people thought was Jesuss friend, came with some people to help arrest Jesus.总之,谈论这次拯救让耶稣很难过,因为他其实不想死去。幸好,我们在难过时可以跟上帝说话,所以耶稣带了几个朋友到花园祈祷。在花园里,一个名叫犹大的人,他是人们以为是耶稣朋友的人,带了一些人来帮忙逮捕耶稣。Peter, one of Jesuss true friends, was so mad he cut off a servants ear with his sword. But Jesus didnt want His friends to hurt others, so Jesus healed the ear, and let them arrest Him.彼得,耶稣真正的朋友之一,非常生气,他用他的剑砍下了一名僕人的耳朵。但耶稣不想他的朋友们伤害他人,所以耶稣治好了那耳朵,并让他们逮捕他。Then Jesus was taken to trial. One of the most powerful men in the city, Pontius Pilate, wanted to let Jesus go. But many of the people wanted Jesus to die. They didnt believe He was the son of God, or any kind of King. Even after all the miracles Jesus did like healing sick people and making blind people see, they didnt believe in Him. The people were so mad they started yelling, ;Kill him!; So Pontius Pilate let the soldiers take Jesus.耶稣被带去审判。城里最有权力的男人之一,彼拉多,想要放了耶稣。但许多人想要耶稣死。他们不相信他是上帝之子,或是任何类型的国王。即使在耶稣所做的所有奇迹之后,像是治好病人,并让盲人可以看见,他们还是不相信他。人们太愤怒了,他们开始怒吼:“杀了他!”所以彼拉多让士兵们带走耶稣。The soldiers made fun of the idea that Jesus was a King. They put a crown of thorns on His head and nailed Him to a cross. Many people watched, but not all of them wanted Jesus to die. His mother and close friends were there, too. Just imagine how they must have felt.士兵们嘲笑耶稣是国王这个想法。他们把荆棘冠放到他头上,并把他钉上十字架。许多人看着,但不是他们所有人都想要耶稣死。他的母亲及亲近的朋友也在那里。就想想看他们一定会有何等感受。Once Jesus was up on the cross, the sun stopped shining for three whole hours in the middle of the day. But those soldiers kept right on making fun of Him. They said, ;If youre really Gods son, why dont you just call on some angels to save you?;当耶稣被钉上十字架时,太阳在白天停止了照耀整整三个小时。但那些士兵就还是继续嘲笑他。他们说:“如果你真的是上帝的儿子,为什么你不就召唤一些天使来救你呢?”Jesus could have called on angels to save Him, but He loved us so much that He wanted to rescue us. So instead, He prayed to God, ;Father, I place my life into Your hands.; At that moment, Jesus died.耶稣本来可以召唤天使来拯救他,但他太爱我们了,所以他想要拯救我们。所以他转而向上帝祈祷:“天父,我将我的性命交付给您。”在那一刻,耶稣过世了。And when He died, the soldiers who had just killed Him realized He really was the Son of God. Later, Jesus was put into a tomb and a big rock blocked the entrance. Jesuss friends thought that was the end, but three days later, God sent an angel to roll the stone away.当他死去时,刚刚杀了他的士兵们才了解他确实是上帝之子。后来,耶稣被放进一座墓里,一块大石头挡住了入口。耶稣的朋友以为那就是结局了,但三天后,上帝派了一位天使来把石头滚开。;Dont worry! Jesus could get out on His own.;“别担心!耶稣可以自己出来。”The angel moved the rock so everybody else could see the tomb was empty. Jesuss friends were the first to stop by the tomb. The angel said, ;He has risen!; which is another way of saying, ;Jesus is alive!; Nobody could believe it.那天使将石头移开,好让其他所有人可以看到墓里是空的。耶稣的朋友是第一个造访墓地的。那天使说:“他已复活!”那是另一种说:“耶稣还活着!”的方式。没有任何人相信。Jesus took our punishment and then proved He really is the Son of God by coming back to life.耶稣承担我们的惩罚,接着借由回到人世间明他确实是上帝之子。Now, if we choose to follow Jesus, God forgives us for all the wrong things we do because Jesus aly took our punishment.现在,如果我们选择要追随耶稣,上帝宽恕所有我们做的坏事,因为耶稣已经承担我们的惩罚了。And thats the story of Easter. But thats not all there is. Heres a quick version of what happened after the angel told the good news.那是复活节的故事。但那并不是全部。这里是在天使告知那好消息之后发生的事情的简短版本。Jesuss friends got scared. Jesus appeared to them. They saw His scars. It was really Him! Now, they could share the good news, too. Jesus appeared to more than 500 people. He went back up to heaven. And the best part—He promised to come back someday for everybody who follows Him. And all that is a part of Gods story.耶稣的朋友吓到了。耶稣出现在他们面前。他们看到他的疤痕。那真的是他!现在,他们也可以分享那好消息了。耶稣出现在超过五百人面前。他回到天堂去。然后最棒的部份--他承诺某天要为了追随他的所有人回来。那全都是上帝故事的一部分。201501/352942。

They say you’ll always remember your first kiss—so try to make it a good one.人们都说初吻是永远难忘的,所以,尽量让你的初吻美好一点。You Will Need你需要A willing partner两情相悦的情侣A suave technique柔和的技巧A mirror镜子Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose wisely1.明智地选择Choose the recipient of your first kiss carefully. Ideally, you’d like it to be someone you might enjoy a nice romance with, not someone who’s going to make you feel bad right afterward by blowing you off.认真选择初吻对象。最理想的是,选择你希望和他发展一段美好的恋情的人,而不是随后拼命打击你,让你觉得很糟糕的人。STEP 2 Flirt2.调情Invest some time flirting with the object of your affection beforehand. If the person is interested in you, it will build sexual tension. And if they’re not, you’ll know it before you embarrass yourself by trying to kiss them.提前投入一些时间,与倾心对象调情调节气氛。如果对方对你感兴趣,就会营造出比较暧昧的气氛。如果他们对你没有感觉,你就可以提前发现,以免主动献吻的时候让自己尴尬。STEP 3 Just do it3.大胆主动Once you’re fairly certain that your kiss will be welcomed, just do it. There’s nothing that ruins a romantic moment more than a wimpy, May I kiss you?一旦你非常确信他们会喜欢你的吻,大胆地去做吧。没有什么比懦弱地问“我可以吻你吗?”更破坏浪漫气氛的了。STEP 4 Proceed cautiously4.谨慎进展Gauge how aggressive you should be by your partner’s response to you. If they’re holding back—their lips firmly planted shut, their hands rigidly by their side—proceed cautiously. But if they’re panting like a dog in August, bring on the tongue.根据对方的反应来衡量力度。如果他们退缩,嘴唇紧闭,双手僵硬地垂在两侧——那就谨慎一点。但是如果他们非常热情,甚至可以尝试舌吻。STEP 5 Break up the action5.结束动作Don’t remain lip-locked until the other person is bored or gasping for breath. Break up the action by nuzzling their neck, kissing their earlobes, or gently biting their lip.不要一直亲吻对方的嘴唇直到对方厌烦或者喘不过气。可以轻吻一下他们的脖子,耳垂,或者轻咬一下对方的嘴唇来结束亲吻。STEP 6 Check a mirror6.照镜子When you’re done, check a mirror. You don’t want to spend the rest of the night with lipstick smeared all over your face.结束亲吻后,照一下镜子。你不想剩下的整个晚上脸上都晕染着口红。The transfer of germs that occurs when you French kiss boosts your immune system.法式热吻时细菌的转移有助于增强免疫系统。视频听力译文由。201406/305429。

Its probably the biggest, the messiest, and the most trouble of any themed party, but its usually the most memorable. Plan a Christmas party that makes peace on earth engagingly raucous.这或许是任何主题派对中最盛大,最杂乱,最繁琐的,但是通常也是最值得回忆的。策划一场动人的圣诞派对,在喧嚣中找到安宁。You Will Need你需要Budget预算Creativity创意Invitations请柬Decorations装饰Scented candles香薰蜡烛Food食物Christmas music圣诞音乐Games游戏Gag gifts恶作剧礼物Stories故事Movie camera电影摄像机Dollar store (optional)一元店(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Plan1.计划Plan the kind of Christmas party you want to throw: formal or informal, pals or family, with or without kids. Based on the mix, your budget, and the age of the guests, come up with creative ideas that will keep people interacting while they relax.计划你想要举办的圣诞派对类型:正式的还是非正式的,朋友的还是家人的,有没有孩子。根据类型,预算和宾客的年龄,提出有创意的想法,让人们放松的同时能够互动。STEP 2 Send invitations2.发放请柬Send personalized invitations, announcing the theme and purpose, and list the date and time. Have fun with it and sign each one ;Santa.;发放个性化的请柬,宣布主题和目的,写明日期和时间。充分享受其中的乐趣,每份请柬的落款都加上“圣诞老人”。Save money and trouble by raiding the local dollar store for festive flatware, tablecloths, cups, and plates. Find unusual items and dress up your home on the cheap.到当地的一元店购买节日餐具,桌布,杯子和盘子,既省钱又省时。寻找不同寻常的物品,以最优惠的价钱把家里装饰起来。STEP 3 Decorate3.装饰Decorate the house with bright lights and mistletoe; add old-fashioned popcorn strings. Accompany this with special scented candles that might trigger fond memories.用明亮的灯光和槲寄生装饰房屋;添加一些老式的爆米花串。再加上一些香味特别的香薰蜡烛,更增添愉快的回忆。STEP 4 Prepare food4.准备食物Bake gingerb, shortb, pumpkin pie, and other aromatic and memory-laden foods for your guests. Lay out finger snacks, cheeses, sweetbs, cookies, and cakes for nibbling with egg nog.为宾客烘烤一些姜饼,脆饼,南瓜派和其他芳香的,充满回忆的食品。摆放一些可以用手指拿着吃的零食,奶酪,杂碎,曲奇饼和蛋糕,与蛋酒搭配。STEP 5 Play music5.播放音乐Play Christmas music and hand out song sheets for a sing-along if you want to get real sentimental. If you serve your guests spiced egg nog, you may get a few to go caroling around the neighborhood.播放一些圣诞歌曲,如果你想让气氛更加浓厚,发放歌曲列表,让大家跟着一起唱。如果你为宾客提供了加调料的蛋酒,或许可以让几位宾客到社区里唱圣诞颂歌。STEP 6 Plan games6.计划游戏Stage Christmas games, like Pictionary Carols or Pin the Nose on Rudolph. Have a gag gift exchange to get everyone involved.发起圣诞游戏,比如猜谜颂歌或者给鲁道夫钉鼻子。设置恶作剧礼物交换环节,让每个人参与进来。STEP 7 Tell stories7.讲故事Tell stories by the fireplace if you have one, especially if the guests have a common past to share.如果有壁炉的话,在壁炉旁边讲故事,尤其是如果宾客们有共同的回忆。STEP 8 Film8.拍摄Film the party if no one minds, for posterity and perhaps evidence. This is a sacred time to give thanks for one another and to share memories. And of course, to eat until you explode.如果大家都不介意的话,把整场派对拍摄下来,留给子孙后代或者作为你们快乐的据。这是一个神圣的时刻,应该相互感恩,分享回忆。当然,也要敞开肚皮大吃特吃。It is believed that Saint Nicholas, the inspiration for Santa Claus, was born sometime around 280 C.E. in Patara, near Myra in modern-day Turkey.据信圣诞老人的原型圣尼古拉斯出生于公元前280年左右的帕塔拉,位于现代土耳其的迈拉附近。201412/349314。