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黄石纹绣培训哪里专业黄州区麻城市武穴市团风县皮肤管理皮肤美容微整形美容培训学校Europe#39;s politicians are outraged about alleged US monitoring of EU telephone and computer communications. But when it comes to building and exporting spy equipment, few are as capable as Europe.对于美国涉嫌监控欧盟(EU)电话和电脑通信,欧洲政界感到非常恼火。但要说制造和出口间谍设备的能力,没有多少地方能赶得上欧洲。That much was evident last month when the world#39;s leading sellers of electronic surveillance technology gathered in Prague at the ISS World trade show. Police and spy agency officials listened to closed-door presentations by a succession of European companies about their sophisticated internet and telephone interception wares.这一点在上个月表现得非常明显。其时,世界顶尖的电子监控技术销售商云集布拉格,参加情报持系统世界(ISS World)贸易展。展会上,来自警界和间谍机构的官员听取了由一系列欧洲企业所作的不公开报告,介绍它们生产的各种复杂的互联网和电话窃听产品。Hacking Team, a Milan-based maker of eavesdropping software, demonstrated its remotely controlled spyware that can tap encrypted communications, Skype calls and instant messenger chats.总部位于米兰的窃听软件开发商Hacking Team展示了自己的远程控制间谍软件,该软件可以窃听加密通讯、Skype通话及即时通信工具上的聊天。Munich-based Trovicor schooled agents on its “cell-based monitoring solution” to handle mass recordings, while Gamma International, an Anglo-German company, demonstrated its “FinFisher” spyware tool for remotely monitoring mobile phone communications.总部位于慕尼黑的Trovicor向特工们展示了如何使用其“基于蜂窝系统的监控解决方案”来处理海量记录。而英德合资公司Gamma International则展示了一款可用于远程监听手机通信的间谍工具“FinFisher”。At a time when European countries are loudly condemning the US and UK#39;s spying activities, Europe#39;s spy technology expertise is a potential source of embarrassment.在欧洲国家高声谴责美英的间谍活动之际,欧洲在间谍技术方面掌握的专业知识可能会令其陷入尴尬。Privacy activists and politicians fear that, if left unregulated, sales of European surveillance technology could infringe human rights overseas, as well as damaging the cyber security of Europeans.主张保护隐私的活动人士及政界人士担心,如果不加监管,欧洲监控技术的销售可能不仅会侵犯其他地区的人权,还会破坏欧洲的网络安全。Marietje Schaake, a Dutch MEP who has campaigned for better export controls on surveillance technology, says: “We in the EU must ensure we practise what we preach.”来自荷兰的欧洲议会议员(MEP)马利耶特捷#8226;沙克(Marietje Schaake)一直为加强对监控技术出口的控制展开活动。他表示:“欧盟必须确保言行一致。”Almost all countries have rules requiring telecommunications companies to build in functionality that enables law enforcement to monitor electronic communications, subject to a warrant. This statutory right is known in the business as “lawful interception”.几乎所有国家都设有法规,要求无线通信企业内置功能模块,令执法部门能依照许可监视电子通信。这种法定权利在商业上被称为“合法监听”。The US has by far the biggest national budget for surveillance technology but tends to buy large bespoke surveillance systems from US contractors. US tech start-ups often receive NSA/CIA funding and are discouraged from selling overseas, says Jerry Lucas, organiser of the Prague event. This means more than 50 per cent of the almost bn a year market for off-the-shelf surveillance equipment is controlled by western European companies, according to Mr Lucas.美国在监控技术方面投入的国民预算迄今远远超过其他国家,但美国通常从本国的合同商那里采购大型定制监控系统。在布拉格举行的贸易展组织者杰瑞#8226;卢卡斯(Jerry Lucas)表示,美国的初创技术公司经常从美国国家安全局(NSA)或中央情报局(CIA)那里得到资助,而且美国不鼓励这些公司向海外出售产品。根据卢卡斯的说法,这意味着每年近60亿美元的非定制监控设备市场超过一半的份额被西欧企业控制。“It#39;s not helpful to say that all surveillance is bad – think about how it can be used to deal with child porn, organised crime or terrorism,” said a European vendor who declined to be identified.一名拒绝透露身份的欧洲生产商表示:“说监控一无是处是没什么用的——我们应该考虑如何让这种技术在打击涉及儿童的色情作品、有组织犯罪或恐怖主义方面发挥作用。”Lawful interception becomes controversial when governments use it to commit crime rather than fight it. “In countries with no regulation, interception can be used by governments to secure power by spying on its citizens,” Frost amp; Sullivan, the consultancy, noted in a 2011 study.当政府用合法监听来犯罪(而不是打击犯罪)时,合法监听就会引发争议。咨询公司Frost amp; Sullivan在2011年发布的一份研究报告中指出:“在没有监管的国家,政府可能会利用监听技术来监视本国公民,以维护自己的权力。”When protesters stormed security service headquarters during the Arab Spring uprisings, they often found secret police had purchased European surveillance technology to monitor protesters.在阿拉伯之春(Arab Spring)反政府暴动期间,当抗议者猛攻安全部门总部时,他们经常发现,那些秘密警察购买了欧洲的监控技术来监视抗议者。Amesys, a French company formerly owned by Bull Group, sold its Eagle internet analysis software to Colonel Muammer Gaddafi#39;s Libya in 2007 and was sued by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) for alleged complicity in torture. The claim is being contested.曾属于布尔集团(Bull Group)的法国公司阿梅希思(Amesys),在2007年曾将自己的一款名为Eagle的互联网分析软件卖给穆阿迈尔#8226;卡扎菲(Muammer Gaddafi)统治下的利比亚。该公司后因涉嫌“共犯酷刑”(complicity in torture)被国际人权联盟(FIDH)起诉。诉讼目前正在进行中。Bull last year divested the unit and explained it signed the Libya contract during a period of Libyan rapprochement with the west. Bull says its business dealings complied with international requirements and firmly denies complicity in torture.去年布尔集团出售了阿梅希思,并解释说,该公司是在利比亚与西方恢复友好关系期间与该国签订的合同。布尔表示其商业运作符合国际法规定,并坚决否认曾“助纣为虐”。In spite of these problems Mr Lucas says business is booming: “The public relations issues have not hurt the industry. It has created more demand.”尽管出现了上述问题,卢卡斯表示,公司的业务仍在增长:“公关问题并未损害这一行业。需求增加了。”Mr Lucas does not allow attendees from Iran, North Korea or Syria at his trade shows but otherwise he claims ethical concerns are “not our responsibility”.卢卡斯不允许来自伊朗、朝鲜或叙利亚的人参加他的贸易展,不过除此之外,他声称,道德问题“不是我们的责任”。“We say: here are the tech products. What countries do with the technology they buy, that#39;s up to them to decide.”“我们不过是说:这里有技术产品出售。至于各国要用买到的技术干什么,那是他们自己说了算的。”Hacking Team does not sell to countries blacklisted by international organisations such as the EU, Nato and the US. In addition, an independent external board takes potential human rights issues into account before approving a sale.Hacking Team不会将产品卖给被欧盟(EU)和北约(NATO)等国际组织、以及美国列入黑名单的国家。此外,在批准一笔销售之前,会有一个独立的外部委员会负责权衡潜在的人权问题。Europe and the US block the sale of surveillance technology to Syria and Iran, but activists say export restrictions do not go nearly far enough.欧美禁止将监控技术出售给叙利亚和伊朗,不过活动人士表示,目前对监控技术出口的限制还远远不够。Eric King, head of research at Privacy International, says: “Lawful interception can only happen when there is the rule of law. [The export of] arms, weapons, bulletproof vests – even flares – are controlled. But surveillance equipment is not. And in the wrong hands this technology is just as dangerous.”隐私国际(Privacy International)研究部门主管埃里克#8226;金(Eric King)表示:“只有在法律法规存在的情况下才会存在合法监听。军火、武器、防弹衣甚至信号弹(的出口)都是受控的。但监控设备却不受控。而这种技术如果被邪恶势力掌握会造成同样大的危害。”The European parliament in October endorsed a proposal by Ms Schaake that would oblige EU companies to ask for export authorisation if they had reason to believe the export might infringe human rights or EU strategic interests. However, it has not yet become law.欧洲议会(European Parliament)十月批准了沙克提出的一项议案,该议案将强制性要求欧盟企业在有理由相信某项出口可能侵犯人权或欧盟战略利益的情况下,必须申请该项出口的授权。不过,这一提案还未成为法律。But apart from Ms Schaake, few European politicians appear to have recognised that the prolific export of surveillance technology also poses a direct threat to the continent#39;s security. It was James Clapper, US director of national intelligence, who told the US Senate in March foreign governments were using surveillance technologies marketed for “lawful interception” to target US systems.但除沙克以外,欧洲政界似乎已经意识到监控技术的大量出口会直接欧洲大陆自身安全的人寥寥无几。提出这个问题的人是美国国家情报总监詹姆斯#8226;克拉珀(James Clapper):他在3月份向美国参议院(Senate)表示,外国政府正将矛头对准美国的系统,使用就是那些以“合法监听”名义销售的监控技术。“It seems strange to turn a blind eye to selling hacking technology when European governments are at the same time investing in cyber security defence,” says Christopher Soghoian, a security and privacy researcher at the American Civil Liberties Union.美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)研究安全与隐私问题的研究员克里斯托弗#8226;索戈扬(Christopher Soghoian)表示:“奇怪的是,欧洲政府一方面对出售黑客技术睁一只眼闭一只眼,另一方面又大力投资于网络安全防护。“The government claims to be protecting civilians#39; data and domestic businesses from foreign attack. But#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;this industry is in direct conflict with that goal.”“政府声称它在保护公民的数据以及本国企业不受外国攻击。然而……这一行业与该目标直接冲突。” /201307/246400明光市全椒来安凤阳县定远县纹绣培训哪里专业 Getting too little sleep for several nights in a row disrupts hundreds of genes that are essential for good health, including those linked to stress and fighting disease.连续几个晚上睡眠过少会扰乱数以百计对身体健康必不可少的基因,包括那些与压力有关以及对抗疾病的基因。Tests on people who slept less than six hours a night for a week revealed substantial changes in the activity of genes that govern the immune system, metabolism, sleep and wake cycles, and the body#39;s response to stress, suggesting that poor sleep could have a broad impact on long-term wellbeing.对连续一周每晚睡不到六个小时的人的测试揭示了控制免疫系统、代谢、睡眠和清醒周期以及身体应激反应的那些基因活动的明显变化,这表明睡眠不好对长期健康有广泛影响。The changes, which affected more than 700 genes, may shed light on the biological mechanisms that raise the risk of a host of ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stress and depression, in people who get too little sleep.这些变化,影响超过700个基因,可能阐明了那些睡眠过少的人会增加一系列包括心脏病、糖尿病、肥胖、压力和抑郁等疾病风险的生物机制。Previous studies have suggested that people who sleep less than five hours a night have a 15% greater risk of death from all causes than people of the same age who get a good night#39;s sleep. In one survey of workers in Britain more than 5% claimed to sleep no more than five hours a night. Another survey published in the US in 2010 found that nearly 30% of people claimed to sleep no more than six hours a night.先前的研究显示:那些夜里睡眠少于5个小时的人比能睡个好觉的同龄人多增了因各种原因而死亡的15%的风险。在对英国工人的一项调查中,超过5%的人声称每晚睡眠不超过5小时。另一个2010年在美国发表的调查发现,近30%的人声称每晚不超过6小时睡眠。The time spent asleep had a huge effect on the activity of genes, picked up from blood tests on the volunteers, according to a report in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Among the sleep-deprived, the activity of 444 genes was suppressed, while 267 genes were more active than in those who slept for longer.睡眠时间对基因活动有巨大影响,从血液测试志愿者那采集的,根据《美国国家科学院院刊》上的一份报告。在睡眠不足的人中, 444个基因活动被抑制,而267个基因比那些睡得更长的人的基因更活跃。Changes to genes that control metabolism might trigger or exacerbate conditions such as diabetes or obesity, while disruption to other genes, such as those that govern the body#39;s inflammatory response, might have an impact on heart disease. Further genes that were affected have been linked to stress and ageing.控制代谢的基因变化可能会引发或加剧像糖尿病或肥胖那样的情况,而破坏其他基因,比如那些掌控身体应激反应的基因,可能会对心脏疾病有影响。被影响的其他基因与压力和老化有关。Sleep loss also had a dramatic effect on genes that govern the body#39;s biological clock, suggesting that poor sleep might trigger a vicious cycle of worsening sleep disruption.睡眠不足对配人体生物钟的基因也有巨大影响,这表明睡眠不足可能引发恶化的睡眠中断的恶性循环。Jim Horne, professor of psychophysiology at Loughborough University#39;s Sleep Research Centre, said: ;The potential perils of #39;sleep debt#39; in today#39;s society and the need for #39;eight hours of sleep a night#39; are often overplayed and can cause undue worry. Although this important study seems to support this concern, the participants had their sleep suddenly restricted to an unusually low level, which must have been somewhat stressful.吉姆#8226;霍恩,拉夫堡大学睡眠研究中心的心理生理学教授,说:“ 在今天社会‘睡眠债’的潜在危险以及需要‘每晚八小时睡眠’往往被夸大,会导致过度忧虑。尽管这一重要研究似乎持这一担忧,但参与者使其睡眠突然限于异常低的水平,这一定是有些紧张。”;We must be careful not to generalise such findings to,then say, habitual six-hour sleepers who are happy with their sleep. Besides, sleep can adapt to some change, and should also be judged on its quality, not simply on its total amount.;“我们必须小心地不去归纳这些发现,然后说习惯于六小时睡眠的人满意他们的睡眠。此外,睡眠可以适应于一些变化,也应根据其质量来判断,而不是简单地根据其总量。” /201302/227077VALENTINE#39;S Day is a particularly embarrassing time for many men and women looking for love in China, where it#39;s traditionally considered shameful to remain single after 30.在中国,情人节对于许多还在寻找真爱的男女来说是一个特别尴尬的时间,这里30岁之后还单身传统上被认为是可耻的。This year, the Western holiday fell on the fifth day of the Chinese lunar New Year, in the middle of family gatherings and feasts that often focus on gossip, including who is getting married and who is going to have a baby.今年,这个西方节日落在农历新年的第五天,在家庭聚会和宴会中经常关注绯闻,包括谁要结婚和谁将有婴儿。Lonely hearts are then forced center stage. Well-meaning aunts and uncles work to arrange dates that promise to ruin the rest of the holiday.孤独的心那时被逼至舞台中央。好心的叔叔阿姨忙着安排相亲的承诺毁了剩下的假期。;I am either on a date or on my way to the next date,; one microblogger posted.“我不是在约会就是在去下一个约会的路上,”一位微用户发贴称。;I was forced to go on two dates during the first four days of the holiday,; said Cheng Xiaonian, an office worker in Taiyuan, capital of north China#39;s Shanxi Province. ;I was not in the mood to meet anyone, but my mom called me a weirdo, saying I was immature, unsociable and too picky.;“我被迫在假期的前四天进行两个约会,”中国北部山西省省会太原的上班族陈晓年说。“我没心情见任何人,但我妈妈叫我怪人,说我不成熟、不和气的和太挑剔。”Cheng, the only child in her family, is 29, a borderline ;old maid; as far as her mother is concerned.程,家里的独身子女,29岁,处在“老处女”的边缘,正如她母亲所担心的。;I know how people will look at me and my family if I remain single, and I know precisely how my mom feels,; she said. ;But I#39;m still a green hand at my current job and I#39;m under heavy pressure. I don#39;t have the time or energy for dating.;“如果我继续保持单身我知道人们会怎么看我和我的家人,我清楚的知道我妈妈的感觉,”她说。“但我在我目前的工作上还是一个新手,我承受着巨大的压力。我没有时间和精力来约会。”Like most of her peers, Cheng said she believes her ;Mr Right; is waiting for her somewhere. ;I will meet the right person at the right time. These forced dates will not work,; she said.像大多数的同龄人一样,程晓年说她相信她的“Mr Right”正在某个地方等她。“我将在正确的时间遇到正确的人。这些使得约会不起作用,”她说。Despite their reluctance, it#39;s always difficult to turn down a warm-hearted aunt#39;s invitation to a ;private chat; at a restaurant or coffee shop, only to find a complete stranger of the opposite sex, often equally uneasy, struggling to strike up a conversation.尽管他们不情愿,但总是很难拒绝一个热心的阿姨邀请你前往餐馆或咖啡店的一个“私人聊天会”,却发现一个完全陌生的异性,往往同样不安,并努力搭讪。;My parents worry that their only son might end up to be a bachelor for life and relatives simply enjoy nosing into others#39; private lives,; wrote one male microblogger. ;As a result, I live like a zoo animal, being watched and commented on by different people every day.;“我父母担心自己唯一的儿子可能会以一个单身汉的生活孤独终老,亲戚只是喜欢打听别人的私生活,”一个男性微主写道。 “结果我活得像一个动物园的动物,每一天被不同的人监视和。”An online poll conducted by matchmaking service baihe.com found that more than 80 percent of respondents under the age of 33 felt pressure regarding love and marriage, saying they felt guilty about being unable to find love.由相亲务网站百合网发起的一个在线民意调查发现,超过80%的33岁以下的受访者谈到爱情和婚姻时会有压力,说他们对无法找到真爱感到愧疚。As the pressure mounts, some even rent a boyfriend or girlfriend to accompany them home to make their parents happy. Such ;rent-a-date; services have been popular on shopping website taobao.com for at least the past two years.随着压力的增加,一些人甚至租一个男朋友或女朋友陪他们回家让父母高兴。这样的“租对象”务至少在过去两年在购物网站淘宝上受欢迎起来。Most singles around the age of 30 are well-educated, independent and have plans for their careers, said Zhou Xiaopeng, a specialist on love and family issues for baihe.com.大多数三十岁左右的单身男女都受过良好的教育、独立、有自己的事业规划,百合网的婚恋专家周小鹏说。;They represent a new trend in urban life,; he said. ;In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, at least a million people are unmarried after 30. Family members and society should be more tolerant of their lifestyle and respect their choices. Leave them alone, relax and they will ultimately find their Valentine.;“他们在城市生活中代表了一种新的趋势,”他说。“在北京、上海等大城市中,至少有一百万人30岁以后还未婚。家庭成员和社会应该对他们的生活方式更加宽容,尊重他们的选择。不要打扰他们,放心,他们最终会找到他们的情人。” /201302/225195延安市哪里有好的纹绣学校

常宁市双清大祥区北塔邵东县纹绣培训学校十堰市韩式半永久眉培训学校 宜昌纹绣培训要多少钱

芜湖市学纹绣学费 Mr. Brown came to an inn on a very cold day, and could get no room near the fire.在一个寒冷的冬日, 布朗先生来到一家小客栈,发现火炉旁边已经没有空位了。He called to the hostler to fetch a peck of oysters, and give them to his horse.于是,他让旅店的马夫去拿些牡蛎来喂他的马。;Will your horse eat oysters?; said the hostler.“您的马吃牡蛎吗?”马夫问道。;Try him, ; said Mr. Brown.“你试着喂喂吧。”布朗先生回答。Immediately the people ran to see this wonder, and Mr. Brown who alone remained in the room, chose the best seat by the fire and made himself comfortable.  顷刻间,人们都跑去看这一奇观,而布朗先生却独自呆在屋里,他在火炉旁找了个最好的座位,舒舒地坐在那取暖了。开封孕睫术mts脱毛纹绣培训宜昌市微整形培训学校排名榜



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