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Who gets the last peiece of cake?谁吃最后一块蛋糕?Socialists facing their biggest dilemma社会主义者面临的最大窘境(讽刺所谓的“平均分配”?) /201705/508185

The famous red star logo of Dutch beer Heineken could be banned in Hungary under a government proposal seeking to prohibit the commercial use of ;totalitarian; symbols.荷兰喜力啤酒的著名红星标志会在匈牙利遭到封杀,这是因为当地政府一项提议严禁该#39;极权主义的符号#39;的商业使用。The draft law was introduced by the ruling Fidesz party of hardline rightwing prime minister Viktor Orban, ostensibly to outlaw merchandise featuring symbols like the Nazi swastika or the communist five-pointed red star.这条法律草案是由匈牙利执政党青年民主主义者联盟强硬的右翼总理维尔托·奥尔班提出的,明确指出纳粹党的十字记号和红色五角星都是雷区符号。;If the bill goes through it will be forbidden to use symbols of totalitarian regimes,; said Janos Lazar, Orban#39;s chief of staff.总理奥尔班的首席幕僚亚诺什·拉扎尔表示:“如果提案通过,那么极权政权主义符号的使用将被全面禁止。”The government said it had a ;moral obligation; to Hungarians who had suffered ;under Nazi and Bolshevik reigns of terror;. Anyone in breach of the proposed law could face a fine of 2bn forint ($ 6.97m) and two years#39; jail.政府方面表示,他们有道义上的责任去拯救那些活在纳粹和布尔什维克恐怖统治下的匈牙利人民。任何违反这项法令的人将面临20亿福林(折合697万美元)的罚款和两年监禁。Heineken insisted its logo had ;no political meaning whatsoever; and that it dated back to medieval European brewers.而喜力方面则坚称,起源可追溯到中世纪欧洲的该啤酒,其标志没有任何政治意义。;We use the same brand symbols across the world, in every market,; the firm said in a statement. ;We will closely monitor this local issue and hope … this matter will be resolved soon.;该公司在一份声明中表示:“我们在全球每个市场使用的都是相同的品牌符号,我们将密切关注该问题,并希望能尽快得到解决。” /201704/501712

Half of fathers want less stressful job to help more with child-rearing一半的父亲都希望减轻工作压力,从而有更多的时间带孩子More than half of millennial fathers want to be demoted into a less stressful job in order to be better fathers, according to a report released on Monday. As experts warn of a “fatherhood penalty” for men who want to be more involved in the upbringing of their children, 53% of millennial fathers told researchers they wanted to move to a less stressful job, while 48% would take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance.星期一发布的一项报告表明:一半多的千禧一代父亲都希望自己被降职到压力更小的岗位,以成为更好的父亲。专家警告:对于想要更多参与到孩子教育中去的男性而言,有一种“父亲惩罚”,但53%的千禧一代父亲都告诉研究员,说他们想要调到压力更小的职位,48%的父亲愿意减少薪资,以更好的平衡生活和工作。One-fifth of fathers said their employer was unsympathetic about childcare, expecting no disruption to work, while 44% had lied to their employer about family-related responsibilities that “get in the way” of work.五分之一的父亲说他们的老板都对看孩子没有兴趣,仍期待他的员工不停歇的工作,而44%的父亲不得不就“打断”工作的家庭责任问题对他们的老板说谎。The 2017 Modern Families Index, published on Monday, found that while nearly half of working fathers (47%) want to downshift to a less stressful job because they cannot balance the demands of work and family life, and just over a third would be willing to take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance, those figures increase for younger fathers – indicating a seismic change in workforce mentality.周一发表的2017年登家庭指数发现:虽然近一半的上班族父亲(47%)由于无法平衡工作需求和家庭生活而想要降职到压力更小的工作岗位,而三分之一以上的父亲愿意减少薪资以更好的平衡生活和工作,但这些增加的人数都是年轻父亲——这就表明劳动力心态发生了天翻地覆的变化。Among the 2,750 parents across the UK who contributed to the Modern Families Index, men were twice as likely as women to think that flexible working would have a negative impact on their career. Experts warn that if companies do not change working practices to suit both men and women, they risk losing out on the best talent of future generations.登家庭指数的数据来自英国2750位父母,在这些人当中,认为弹性工作会对职业生涯造成负面影响的男性是女性的两倍。专家警告:如果各公司不改变工作方式以更好地适应男员工和女员工的要求,那么这些公司可能就会失去后代的最佳人才。The women and equalities select committee has launched an inquiry into the treatment of fathers in the workplace, amid fears that they are more likely to face discrimination if they ask for part-time or flexible working than mothers.女性和平等委员会已开展了职场中父亲待遇的调查,因为委员会担心如果这些父亲要求兼职或弹性工作时间,那么他们可能会比母亲更易遭受歧视。“The Modern Families Index shines a much-needed light on the experiences of British fathers in the workplace,” said Maria Miller MP, chair of the select committee. “Many fathers want to take a more active role in caring for their children and our committee’s inquiry into the gender pay gap last year found that sharing caring responsibilities equally between mothers and fathers is the key to reducing the gender pay gap.”“登家庭指数强调:在职场中,需要加强对英国父亲经验的重视,”委员会主席玛利亚#8226;米乐议员说道。“许多父亲想要在照顾孩子中扮演更积极的作用,去年委员会在调查性别收入差距中发现:父母同等共享育儿责任是降低性别收入差距的关键。”译文属 /201701/489787


  The State Council has issued a guideline on government information sharing.国务院近日发布了关于政务信息共享的指导方法。The guideline, approved by Premier Li Keqiang, aims to increase government credibility, while improving administrative efficiency and government services.由国务院总理李克强批准的该方法,旨在增强政府公信力,提高行政效率,提升政府务水平。The guideline divides government information into three categories: unconditionally shared, conditionally shared and unshared.该方法将政务信息分为三类:无条件共享、有条件共享、不予共享。Sharing should be the principle while unsharing should be the exception, said the guideline.该方法称,应以共享为原则,不共享为例外。Information could be categorized as ;unshared; only when backed by laws, regulations or national policies, according to the guideline.凡列入不予共享类的信息,必须有法律法规或国家政策依据。All government information systems should be linked to a national data-base, so the public will have no need to submit the same information twice, it said.该指导方法指出,各政务部门业务信息系统应与国家数据共享交换平台对接,这样公众将不需要重复提交相同的信息。 /201609/468209。

  1. Identification1.身份We never know when we need to show our identification, so it’s a good idea to carry it in your wallet all the time. Your identification is actually your passport to numerous opportunities so you don’t have to keep your passport in your wallet unless you really need to.我们永远不知道什么时候需要出示我们的身份,所以随时都带着身份是一个好主意。你的身份实际上是武术机会的通行,所以除非你真的不需要带身份在钱包里面的时候,再把身份放下。2. Cards2.卡You might say that everyone carries their cards in their wallet everywhere, but there are times when we forget to put cards or even cash in the wallet. Whether it’s your debit card or credit card, this is one of the most essential things to keep in your wallet. For instance, you can use it to get home, if you ever get stuck. I can forget to put cash in my wallet, but my cards are always with me.你或许说每个人无论到哪里,都是将他们的卡放在钱包里,但是有时候我们也会忘记将卡甚至现金放在钱包里。无论是你的借记卡还是信用卡,这都是需要放在钱包中的最重要的物品之一。例如,你可以用卡回家,如果你被困住的话。我可能会忘记在钱包中放现金,但是我的卡一直都放在身边。3. A pen3.笔Although we all live in a modern, digital age, a pen is still essential. Start caring a small pen in your wallet and you will see how it’s useful. I always use my own pen especially when I fill out forms at the hospital. I don’t want to touch anything people with different diseases have touched.虽然我们都生活在一个现代的智能化时代,但是一笔还是很重要的。开始关心钱包中的那小笔,你会知道它有多有用。我经常用我自己的笔,尤其是当我在医院填写表格的时候。我不想触摸那些有各种疾病的人曾经摸过的笔。4. Passport photos4.护照照片It’s so wonderful to keep photos of your significant other or family in your wallet, but your smartphone is good for that. I suggest you to carry your passport photos. They are small and very handy. If you’re going to a college interview, applying for a job, or other similar occasions, you may need to attach a passport photo to your application form. Also, there’s replacing your actual passport or your license.把你最重要的那个人或者家人的相片放在钱包中,是非常美好的一件事,但是你的只能手机更适合储存照片。我建议你带上你的护照照片在钱包中。这些照片很小,非常方便携带。如果你要参加大学面试,申请工作或者其他类似的场合,你或许需要在申请表格上面贴上一张护照照片。而且,护照相片可以代替你的真实护照或者你的件。 /201701/488418

  Buying a bridal gown can be a pretty hefty expense, but some brides eschewing tradition and selling their used wedding dresses online instead of storing them for the next generation.买婚纱花费相当高昂,但是有些新娘却抛弃传统,将自己穿过的婚纱在网上出售,而不是为下一代保留婚纱。Dalia Rhodes from Austin, Texas, has no regrets about sending her wedding dress down the aisle twice. After she wed in 2015, she sold her gown to a stranger online a year later.来自美国德克萨斯州奥斯汀市的达丽雅?罗德斯不后悔自己的婚纱被再度穿上走上婚礼红毯。2015年她结婚后,过了一年,她便将自己的婚纱卖给了一个陌生人。#39;I just wanted someone else to enjoy a pretty dress,#39; said Dalia, who used the website Once Wed to sell it for 0, about half of what she originally paid.达丽雅通过Once Wed(曾经结婚)网站以800美元(合5535元人民币)的价格卖掉了自己的婚纱,大约是她买入价格的一半。她说:“我只希望另一个人也能开心地穿上这条美丽的裙子。”Instead of holding on to wedding dresses for decades, many new brides are willing to swap them online for cash. Several websites cater to them, including Still White and PreownedWeddingDresses.com.现在许多新娘都愿意用穿过的婚纱在网上换取现金,而不是将婚纱保存几十年。迎合这一需求的网站包括Still White(依然洁白)和PreownedWeddingDresses(二手婚纱)。And other online marketplaces, such as eBay, Tradesy and Letgo, are filled with thousands of wedding dresses looking for a new bride.其他在线交易网站,如易趣、Tradesy和Letgo,都有数千件婚纱正在找寻新的主人。Just the idea of buying a used wedding dress was #39;shocking and horrifying#39; before 2008, said Tracy DiNunzio, the founder and CEO of online clothing and accessories marketplace Tradesy.装饰品在线交易平台Tradesy的创始人和首席执行官特蕾西?迪农齐奥说,在2008年前,光是想要买二手婚纱这个想法就足以“令人惊骇”。She noted that began to change about a decade ago during the recession, when cash-strapped brides were looking for a deal, and now millennials, who seemingly are not as attached to material things as past generations, are putting up their dresses for sale.她注意到,这个观念大约在十年前经济衰退时期开始发生改变,当时手头拮据的新娘开始找寻性价比高的婚纱,而现在的千禧一代对于物质的东西似乎也不像以前的人那么执着,她们开始出售自己的婚纱。#39;The money is worth more to them once the wedding is over than keeping a dress,#39; she explained.她解释道:“一旦婚礼结束,钱对她们而言比留住婚纱更有价值。”But don#39;t expect to make quick cash. Not everyone wants a used gown, so it can take weeks or months to find a buyer who also happens to love the style and can fit into the dress.但是别指望卖婚纱能很快拿到钱。不是每个人都想要别人穿过的婚纱,所以可能要过几星期或几个月才能找到一个正好喜欢这种风格又适合这件婚纱的买主。Well-known designer names, such as Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, sell faster, and some brides list their dresses on multiple sites, hoping to reach as many brides-to-be as possible.像王薇薇和莫尼克?鲁里耶这样著名的大牌设计师设计的婚纱卖得快些,此外许多新娘会将自己的婚纱放在许多网站上,希望尽可能多的准新娘能看到。The sites typically let listings stay up for as long as needed, charging a one-time fee or taking a percentage when it is finally sold.交易网站通常会让婚纱按照卖家规定的时间保持上架状态,并一次性收取费用,或者在婚纱卖掉之后收取提成。Dalia said it took about four months to sell her wedding gown on the Once Wed website. To make sure the dress didn#39;t get damaged during shipping she said she wrapped the dress in #39;like, probably, six pounds of bubble wrap.#39;达丽雅说,在Once Wed网站上卖掉她的婚纱用了大约四个月的时间。为了确保婚纱在运输途中不被损坏,她把裙子“用6磅重的气泡膜包裹得严严实实”。The buyer, Heidi Cundari of Thunder Bay, Canada, said she opted to purchase a used dress to keep her wedding costs down. She searched several pre-owned wedding dress websites before she fell for Dalia#39;s tulle and organza gown.买主是来自加拿大桑德贝的海蒂?昆达里,她说她选择买二手婚纱是为了节省婚礼开。她看过了几个二手婚纱网站,才最终被达丽雅这件欧根纱礼所吸引。#39;It seemed wasteful to spend thousands of dollars on a dress for one day,#39; she explained.她解释道:“花数千美元购买一条只穿一天的裙子感觉很浪费。”Dresses listed on Once Wed take about six months to sell and go for an average of about ,600, said Once Wed founder Emily Newman. She noted that more and more women are listing their dress for sale before they even get married, so they can ship the dress out once the ceremony is over.Once Wed网站的创始人艾米莉?纽曼说,挂在Once Wed网站上的婚纱被卖掉一般需要六个月的时间,价格平均为1600美元左右。她指出,越来越多的女性甚至在结婚前就将自己的婚纱上架,这样她们一举行完婚礼就可以把婚纱寄出。Some sites have seen their popularity soar recently. Still White, for example, said sellers earned 0,000 through the site in the past month, up 50 percent from the same time last year.某些婚纱交易网站的热度近来一直在飙升。Still White网站声称过去一个月卖家通过该网站挣了50万美元,比去年同期多挣了50%。#39;Modern brides are less sentimental, more budget savvy, eco-friendly and are comfortable making large purchases online,#39; said Still White#39;s co-founder and CEO Bruno Szajer.Still White网站的联合创始人、首席执行官布鲁诺?萨杰尔说:“现代新娘没那么感性,更善于控制预算、更注重环保,也愿意在网上进行高额消费。”However, Dahlia said she did hold on to two keepsakes: her veil and belt, which she said her future children are more likely to wear than her dress.但是,达丽雅说,她还是留下了两样东西作纪念:她的头纱和腰带,她表示,相比穿她的婚纱,她未来的孩子更可能戴这两样东西。Heidi, meanwhile, said she plans to keep the dress and not try to sell it again. Last month she sent pictures of her wedding to Dalia, so she could see the dress in its second trip down the aisle.与此同时,海蒂说她打算保留这件婚纱,不会试着再把它卖掉。上个月她将她婚礼的照片发给了达丽雅,这样她就能看见这件婚纱第二次经历婚礼。#39;We kind of forged a long distance friendship,#39; Heidi said.海蒂说:“我们之间有一种远距离友谊的意思。” /201703/497239

  Damn global warming!该死的全球变暖!When a pool of balls overflows its banks.当一池的球溢出其边缘时。 /201610/471579





  China is to launch an online version of its national encyclopaedia next year, to compete with Wikipedia.中国计划在明年推出国家级百科全书的网络版,来与维基百科相竞争。Officials said more than 20,000 people had been hired to work on the project, which will feature 300,000 entries at about 1,000 words each.据官方人员透露,共有2万多人受聘参与了该项目,其内容多达30万余条,每条约1000字。Unlike Wikipedia, it will be created by selected scholars from state-run universities rather than being openly editable by volunteers.与维基百科不同,这本书是由从公办高校挑选出来的学者负责编撰的,而不是由志愿者公开编辑的。The Encyclopaedia of China ;is not a book, but a Great Wall of culture;, Yang Muzhi, the editor-in-chief of the project, who chairs the Book and Periodicals Distribution Association of China, said in an update earlier in April.该项目的总主编、中国书刊发行业协会会长杨牧之,在4月初的一次最新报道中表示:“《中国大百科全书》不是一本书,而是一座文化的长城。”The Encyclopaedia of China was first published in 1993, in paper form, with the support of scholars, and released a second edition in 2012.在学者们的持下,《中国大百科全书》于1993年以纸张的形式首次发表,并在2012年发布了第二版。The idea for an online version was approved in 2011, but work on it began only recently.创建一个网络版本的想法在2011年获得批准,但直到最近才开始着手进行。It will take the state into direct competition with local companies that have launched their own online encyclopaedias - such as Baidu and Qihu 360, as well as the largest platform, Wikipedia.《中国大百科全书》的网络版将会与已经推出了自己的在线百科全书的本土公司形成直接的竞争,比如百度和奇虎360,淡然也包括最大的平台维基百科。 /201705/508411

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