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上饶双腿激光脱毛多少钱上饶市立医院玻尿酸多少钱Petraeus Report Means Large US Troop Presence in Iraq Will Remain驻伊美军指挥官要求谨慎评估撤军  In congressional testimony this week, the top U.S. military and civilian officials in Iraq reported what they called "real" but "fragile" progress, and urged caution in any discussion of further U.S. troop withdrawals, beyond the end of the surge in July.  美国驻伊拉克最高军事指挥官彼得雷乌斯将军和最高文职官员克罗克大使本星期在美国国会作时汇报说,伊拉克的形势出现了“真实”但“脆弱”的进展。他们还敦促,要审慎对待所有关于7月份增兵行动结束后美国开始进一步撤军的讨论。 General Petraeus said he has recommended a 45-day period of consolidation after the surge troops leave. He says only then, in early September, will he be able to even begin to assess whether he can send home more troops.  彼得雷乌斯将军说,他建议在增援部队离开伊拉克后进行为期45天的整合。他说,只有到9月初整合结束时,他才能开始评估是否可以撤回更多军力。The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Carl Levin, pressed the general on just how long that assessment will take. 参议院军事委员会主席莱文参议员坚持要求彼得雷乌斯将军说明评估所需的时间。LEVIN: "Do you have any estimate at all as to how long that second period is going to take? Could that be a month? Could that be two months?" 莱文说:“你究竟是否计算过评估需要多长时间? 一个月?还是两个月?“PETRAEUS: "Sir, it could be less than that." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“可能不会这么久。”LEVIN: "Could it be more than that?" 莱文说:“是否可能比这个时间更长?”PETRAEUS: "It could be more than that. Again, it's when the conditions are met that we can make a recommendation for further reductions." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“这也有可能。我再说一遍,必须到时机成熟时我们才能建议进一步撤军。”LEVIN: "I understand, but I'm just asking you a direct question. Could that be as long as three months?"  莱文说:“我明白这一点。但是,我就是要问你一个直接的问题。这段评估期是否可能需要3个月?”PETRAEUS: "It could be, sir." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“有可能。”LEVIN: "Could it be as long as four months?" 莱文说:“那4个月呢?”PETRAEUS: "Sir, it is when the conditions are met." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“要等条件都具备才可以进一步撤军。”And no one can say when that will be. Analyst Michele Flournoy of the Center for a New American Security, who spent several weeks in Iraq earlier this year, says the general's caution reflects concerns among U.S. commanders throughout the country. 不过,没人知道这将是什么时候。新型美国安全中心的分析人士弗卢努瓦今年早些时候曾在伊拉克待过几个月,他说,彼得雷乌斯将军的审慎态度反映了所有驻伊美军指挥官们的担心。"It tells us that he and his commanders are comfortable with going to 15 brigade combat teams, but they're not comfortable committing to go beyond that," she said. "And I think that the request for a pause came from the bottom-up, from the various division commanders, and they want a six-week period to kind of see how the dust settles." 他说:“这告诉我们,彼得雷乌斯和他的指挥官们可以接受把作战部队军力削减到15个旅。但是,如果进一步削减军力,他们就不能接受了。我认为,暂停撤军是一个自下而上的要求,是各个指挥官提出的,他们需要6个星期的时间让尘埃落定,看清形势。”By the time that dust settles, Iraq is supposed to be preparing for provincial elections in October, to be followed in early November by the U.S. presidential election. Michele Flournoy says that is not a good time for U.S. troop withdrawals that could lead to instability.  等到尘埃落定,就该是伊拉克为10月的省级选举做准备的时候了,而美国在11月初也要进行总统选举。弗卢努瓦说,这不是美军撤退的良好时机,因为撤军可能导致不稳定局势的出现。"I think this administration is probably not going to go very far down that path," she added. "I think it's probably going to be left to the next president. Going into our own transition period, a time between Election Day and Inauguration Day, it's not a time when you want instability or a crisis in Iraq for a team that's departing or a team that's coming in to deal with right away." 他说:“我觉得,本届政府可能不会在这个问题上有太多举动。我想,这个问题可能要留给下一任总统了。在美国,从选举日到总统就职日是一个过渡时期。在段时间里,人们不想让正在撤离的美军或者刚刚接手的伊拉克军队去应对不稳定局势或者去化解一场危机。”When the surge ends, the ed States will have 140,000 troops in Iraq. And more and more analysts are predicting that number will not be reduced much, if at all, by the time the new president takes office in January. General Petraeus' comments this week appear to justify that view. 到增兵结束时,美国在伊拉克的驻兵数量将是14万。越来越多的分析人士预测,到新一任美国总统在明年1月就职时,这一数字不会进一步下降,或者只能小幅降低。彼得雷乌斯将军这个星期说的话似乎印了这种观点。That means the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq will remain a key issue in the presidential election campaign, and the U.S. military will continue to be strained by repeated, lengthy combat deployments. It also means there won't be many U.S. troops available to add to the coalition force in Afghanistan, which President Bush promised NATO allies his successor would do next year. 这意味着,美国在伊拉克驻军将继续成为总统竞选活动的一个主要议题,而反复又漫长的战斗部署将继续给美军带来压力;这还意味着驻阿富汗联军将无法得到大量美军的增援,而布什政府已经向北约盟国作出承诺,说他的继任者将在明年增加驻阿富汗联军中美军的数量。Still, in spite of some public opinion polls to the contrary, analyst Brian Darling of the conservative Heritage Foundation says he believes the American people will be willing to support a continued large U.S. troop presence in Iraq.  来自保守智库传统基金会的分析人士布莱恩.达林提出了和一些民意调查结果相左的看法。他说,他认为美国继续在伊拉克大量驻军将会得到美国人民的持。"The ed States can keep 140,000 troops in Iraq as long as progress is being made," he said. "And I think the American people will accept more time for troops to be in Iraq to allow for the political developments to take effect." 他说:“只要伊拉克的情况出现改善,美国就可以保持14万驻军的数量。我认为,美国人民将会接受把军队驻扎伊拉克的时间延长,以使伊拉克的政治进步发挥效果。”Darling says this week's report by the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, indicates political progress is being made, although slowly. And analysts say only political accommodation among Iraqi factions can pave the way for long-term stability. 达林说,美国驻伊拉克大使克罗克本星期的词表明,政治进步正在出现,虽然比较缓慢。分析人士们说,只有伊拉克各派之间实现政治和解才能为该国的长期稳定铺平道路。At the end of a long day of hearings on Tuesday, General Petraeus summed up his view of the situation in Iraq, five years after the U.S.-led invasion and more than a year after he took command and implemented the surge and a new counterinsurgency strategy. 从美国领导进攻伊拉克开始已经过去5年了,而距离彼得雷乌斯将军本人成为指挥官、实施增兵政策和新的反暴乱战略也已经有一年多的时间。在星期二漫长的听会结束时,彼得雷乌斯将军总结了他对伊拉克局势的看法。"We haven't turned any corners," he said. "We haven't seen any lights at the end of a tunnel. The champagne bottle has been pushed to the back of the refrigerator. And the progress, while real, is fragile and is reversible." 彼得雷乌斯将军说:“我们还没有渡过难关。我们还没有看到隧道尽头的光明。庆功的香槟酒已经被推进了冰箱里面。伊拉克虽然出现了真实的进展,但这种进步是脆弱的,还可能出现倒退。”General Petraeus wants most of the rest of the year, at least, to make the progress stronger and less reversible. And it will likely be left to his successor, and President Bush's, sometime next year at the earliest, to turn the corner, see the light at the end of the tunnel and take that celebratory bottle of champagne out of the refrigerator. 彼得雷乌斯将军希望,至少在今年剩下的大部分时间里,伊拉克的进步趋势可以得到增强,出现逆转的可能性也能降低,可能至少要到明年才能渡过难关,看到隧道尽头的光明,并从冰箱中取出那瓶庆功的香槟酒,而这些目标将被留给彼得雷乌斯将军和布什总统的继任者来完成。 200804/34269上饶德兴市激光美白肌肤多少钱 ineffable ——— 说不出的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Unspeakable, incapable of being expressed through words.例句 The travelers were charmed by the ineffable beauty of the mountain lake at dawn.旅行者被这座山间湖泊在黎明时分难以表达的美丽陶醉了。 /201607/453205Iraq: The Defining Difference Between McCain, Obama美国总统候选人激烈辩论伊战问题  The war in Iraq continues to be a sharp point of difference between the two presumptive U.S. presidential nominees, Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain. 在即将成为美国总统候选人的美国民主党的巴拉克.奥巴马和共和党的约翰.麦凯恩之间,伊拉克战争仍然是突出的分歧。各界一直在关注在竞选活动中这两个人之间的辩论。Campaigning in New Jersey, Senator McCain said voters in this election face a stark choice on the war in Iraq. 参议员麦凯恩在新泽西州竞选时说,选民在今年总统选举中将不得不在伊拉克问题上作出明确选择。McCain says the ed States is winning in Iraq, and he strongly opposes Senator Obama's plan to begin troop withdrawals shortly after taking office. 麦凯恩说,美国正在伊拉克赢得胜利,他强烈反对奥巴马参议员计划在上台后不久就从伊拉克撤军。"He said the surge could not work and would not work, and to this day, to this very day, Senator Obama refuses to acknowledge that we are winning in Iraq," he said. "He refuses. He called it spin. Is General Petraeus spinning the American people? I do not think so. I do not think so." 麦凯恩说:“他说增兵计划不起作用,也不会起作用。到今天为止,直到今天,奥巴马参议员还拒绝承认我们正在伊拉克赢得胜利。他拒绝承认。他把这叫‘忽悠’。彼德雷乌斯将军在‘忽悠’美国人民吗?我认为不是这样,我不这样认为。”Obama was on the campaign trail Friday in Ohio, usually a key swing state in presidential elections. 奥巴马星期五在俄亥俄州竞选。这个很关键的州在总统选举中经常是一个“左右摇摆的州”。Obama restated his opposition to the war in Iraq after a voter asked him why the U.S. image abroad has sharply declined in recent years. 当一位选民问奥巴马,为什么最近几年美国在国外的形像急剧恶化时,奥巴马重申自己反对伊拉克战争。"Everybody supported us after 9/11. Everybody supported us going into Afghanistan. Right? It was not until we decided to go into Iraq, without listening to other countries who warned us that it might be a mistake, and George Bush basically ignored world opinion and the facts that there was no connection between 9/11 and Iraq, that is when world opinion plummeted," he said. 他说:“9/11恐怖袭击后,大家都持我们。大家都持我们出兵阿富汗,对不对?直到我们出兵伊拉克,大家才不持我们。当时别的国家警告我们说,这可能是个错误,我们不听。布什基本上是对全世界的意见置之不理,对9/11事件和伊拉克没有联系这个事实视若罔闻。正是在那个时候,世界舆论急剧下跌。”The latest campaign jabs on Iraq come at the end of a week of back and forth volleys on the war, which is likely to be a key issue in the November election, along with the weakening U.S. economy. 一个星期以来,这两个人在伊拉克问题上一直相互攻击,这次是最新的一次。伊拉克问题,以及美国正在衰退的经济很可能成为11月总统选举的重要问题,很可能成为今年总统选举辩论的焦点。"McCain is betting that the American people will be persuaded, ultimately, that no matter how angry they seem to be about what is going on in Iraq, we cannot afford to lose," said Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News and a frequent guest on VOA's Issues in the News program. "And, I think that Obama is taking the position that we will not lose, but we do not need to have as many troops there as we do at the moment, and with three-quarters of the American people opposed to the war in Iraq, I think that is an issue that works for Obama better than it does for McCain."Iraq and the economy will likely be the focus of presidential debates later this year, but how many debates are held remains an open question. 但是目前还不太清楚两个人会举行几场辩论。In recent elections, the two major party contenders have taken part in three nationally televised debates, while their vice presidential running mates debate once. 在前几次总统选举中,这两个主要政党的总统候选人通常进行三次全国范围的电视辩论,他们的副总统竞选夥伴要进行一次辩论。Senator McCain has proposed an additional series of 10 town hall meetings in which he and Senator Obama would appear together to answer questions from voters. 麦凯恩参议员建议双方在上述基础上再增加10次市政会议的碰面机会。届时,他和奥巴马参议员共同出席,回答选民的提问。But the Obama campaign has rejected that idea. An Obama spokesman said the presumed Democratic candidate would be willing to take part in one town hall event with McCain and one foreign policy debate, in addition to the three nationally televised debates scheduled between late September and mid-October. 但是奥巴马参议员的竞选班底拒绝了这个意见。奥巴马的一位发言人说,除了安排在9月底和10月中旬的三次全国电视辩论外,奥巴马愿意与麦凯恩共同出席一次市政会议,并进行一次外交政策辩论。200806/42012上饶割双眼皮哪家医院好

铅山县妇幼保健人民中医院做去疤手术多少钱Er, ask Denise. She should know.问丹尼斯,她应该知道。Ok, thanks Tom, Ill ask her.好的,谢谢汤姆,我会问她的。Id warned her, you know, I said Victoria, if you dont change your hairdresser... Denise? One day youll… hold on a moment.我警告过她,我说:“维多利亚,如果你不换发型师……” 丹尼斯? 终有一天你会……等会儿。Anna? Please email me the background file on CBL.安娜? 请把CBL公司的背景资料用邮件发我。Er! Thank you.谢了。Who does that girl think she is?那女孩以为自己是谁?Anna...new girl...I told you about her...yes with the saucepans, thats the one.新来的女孩,安娜。我跟你说过她。对,就是拿炖锅的那个人。Shes only been here five minutes and shes aly acting like the Queen of Sheba.她刚来了五分钟,就好像希巴女王一样。Oh and Denise, please send it to me within five minutes, Paul needs it soon. Thank you.丹尼斯,请在五分钟内发给我,保罗急着要呢,谢谢。Well, honestly!的确!Good to see whos the boss, eh Denise? Really!很高兴知道谁是领导了吧,丹尼斯? 确实!Er, Anna, I think youve upset Denise. Upset Denise?安娜,我想你让丹尼斯生气了。 让丹尼斯生气了?You were a bit rude when you asked her for help. Was I?你求她帮忙时有点无礼。 我有吗?Remember what I said Anna.记得我说的吗,安娜。Just using ‘please’ to ask someone to do something can sound a little rude.只用“请”来让某人做某事的话听起来有点无礼。 /201612/483597上饶吸脂塑型哪家医院好 We seem to have a deep rooted fear in the market right now, concerning whether the US economy is on the skids and we saw an emergency of rate cut for the, from the Fed about a month ago, and again we saw a retail Fed cut about a week and a half two weeks ago and right now what investors are actually betting on is that we are going to see another rate...Fed rate cut towards the end of the month. But I'll tell you what's really the big fear, what's really driving this market lower is the concern that the US consumer is really maxed out. So it wasn't the big banks that really took it on the chin on Friday, no, it was company just like people like you know, 3M you know the ones that make posted note from toilet paper and whatever else they make those are the ones that are really being hit very hard, but the mitigating circumstance is behind me, you can probably hear it's busy. We are not seeing the near the kind of selling that we thought. We thought the Dow would be down about 2.5% on Friday, but we are only declined about 1% so we, it is a decline but we see that as a you know, as a silver lining that we are able to hold our own against a very weak week of Asia.So when Caterpillar came out with that profit warning on Friday that was enough to send things into a downward spiral, to what extent though do you think sentiment played a part in all of that rather than actual fundamentals. It was of course the 20th anniversary of black Monday on Friday?Yeah this black...Notes:Silver Lining: A hopeful or comforting prospect in the midst of difficultyTake it on the chin: to have a lot of bad things happen to you or to be criticized a lot200807/43856上饶丰胸需要多少钱

上饶横峰县做黑脸娃娃多少钱 Fast Food for Fast Olympic Athletes快餐助奥运会运动员破纪录?   Olympic athletes traditionally have been known for their years of discipline in training for one moment of international sports glory. Sometimes, the preparation involves precise and scientific regimens, including strict diets to build muscles and enhance endurance. But some top athletes have proven to be just like the average person when it comes to food. 众所周知,为了在国际体育比赛中迎来辉煌的一刻,奥运会运动员一般要经过多年的严格训练。有时,运动员在备战比赛的过程中要遵守精确而科学的饮食法,包括严格的膳食结构来增长肌肉和加强耐力。不过,一些顶级运动员在饮食上和普通人没有什么两样。Usain Bolt of Jamaica is the world's fastest man. On Saturday, at the Olympics in China, he shattered the world record in the men's 100-meter sprint with a time of 9.69 seconds. 牙买加运动员乌塞恩.尔特是世界上跑得最快的人。星期六,在北京奥运会的赛场上,他在男子100米短跑比赛中以9点69的成绩打破了世界纪录。That is fast. And, after the race, Bolt admitted that some of his fuel for the race was also fast - fast food that is. 他跑得可真快。不过他在赛后承认,他在比赛中所使用的一些能量也来得挺“快”,那就是快餐。"I woke up around 11-o'clock. And sat around and watched some TV. Then I had lunch. I had some [McDonald's chicken] nuggets. And then I pretty much went back to my room, slept again for like two more hours, and went back and got some nuggets," he said. "Then I came to the track." 他说:“我大约11点起床,坐着没事干,或是看看电视,然后就吃午饭。我吃一些麦当劳的炸鸡块。然后我通常回到自己的房间,再睡上两个多小时,再回去吃点炸鸡块。然后我就来到田径场。”Bolt is referring to chicken nuggets from McDonalds, small, deep-fried, bite-sized chicken pieces. It may just be a coincidence, but with much fanfare, the mega-fast food chain opened its largest restaurant in the world in the northern end of the Olympic Green, the main venue complex, as the Games began. 尔特说的是麦当劳出售的油炸小鸡肉块,通常一口能吃掉一个。也许是出于巧合,当奥运会开始的时候,麦当劳在主要赛场区奥林匹克公园的北端大张旗鼓地开了它在全世界最大的一家分店。And it has attracted at least one other world class athlete, double gold medalist American swimmer Ryan Lochte. 这家店还吸引了至少另外一位世界级运动员,那就是获得两块金牌的美国游泳选手瑞恩.罗切特。"Nutrition is probably the last thing I worry about," said Lochte. "Um, it is probably my downfall. But I mean, I have been doing it so long, eating like whatever tastes good. So, yeah, I have been eating McDonald's almost every meal here. I think it has helped out." 他说:“营养可能是我最不在乎的东西。嗯…这可能是我的缺点。不过,我一直这样,什么好吃吃什么。所以,是的,从我到这里以来,我几乎每顿饭都在吃麦当劳。麦当劳也许真帮我拿了金牌。”His diet certainly did not slow him down on the way to a pair of world records (in the 4x100 meter freestyle relay and 200-meter backstroke). Britta Steffen of Germany also decided to stray from her diet before winning the women's 50-meter swimming event in Olympic record time (24.06 seconds). 当然,他的饮食结构没有拖他创造世界纪录的后腿。他在4x100米自由泳接力赛和200米仰泳赛中都打破世界纪录。赢得女子50米游泳金牌并创造奥运会纪录的德国选手布丽塔.斯特芬赛前也决定在饮食上放纵自己一下。"I was keeping the pizza for this afternoon. But, yesterday, I was so happy that I had a piece after all," said Steffen. "And it does not seem to have damaged my performance." 她说:“我留了一块比萨饼,准备今天下午吃。昨天,我很高兴,我还是吃一块比萨饼。看起来,它似乎没有影响我在赛场上的表现。”We will never know if all that fast food was the secret to success. But, at the very least, it seemed to raise spirits before the athletes lowered record times. 我们永远不会知道快餐是否是取得成功的秘密武器。但是,快餐至少看起来在运动员刷新纪录之前起到了让他们精神一振的作用。200808/46201上饶信州区激光全身脱毛价格上饶韩美整形美容医院抽脂减肥价格



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