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经典句型:The maple is the national tree of Canada,and also the symbol of Canadians. 枫树是加拿大的国树,也是加拿大民族的象征。A:Why do the Canadians choose the maple leaf to represent Canada?甲:为什么加拿大人会选用枫叶来代表加拿大?B:The maple is the national tree of Canada, and also the symbol of Canadians.乙:枫树是加拿大的国树,也是加拿大民族的象征。经典句型:The Canada Day is on the 1st July. 加拿大国庆日是7月1日。 A:The Canada Day is on the 1st July.甲:加拿大国庆日是7月1日。B:What is its national anthem?乙:加拿大的国歌是什么?A:The national anthem of Canada is ;O Canada;.甲:加拿大的国歌是《哦,加拿大》。B:Can you sing the song?乙:你会唱吗?A:Yes,I could sing it when I was very young.甲:是的,我很小的时候就会。 句型讲解:1931年12月11曰,英国国会通过了《威斯敏斯特法令》(Statute of Westminster),此法令中表明自治领不再从属于(the Crown),表明加拿大殖民地为自治领;1982年4月17日,加拿大国会通过新宪法,并得到英国国会通过,废止旧宪,加拿大把7月I曰的自治领曰改为加拿大日(国庆日),加拿大真正实现独立。 /201506/38013413. Being Absent 缺席A: Why were you absent yesterday?A:你昨天为什么没来?B: Why do you care?B:你为什么关心这个?A: You should be thankful I care so much about your education.A:你应该高兴我如此关心你的教育。B: The truth is, I didnt hear the alarm clock.B:事实是,我没有听到闹钟。A: You missed out on a very important lecture.A:你错过了一个非常重要的演讲。B: It happens. Ill just ask my friend what was on the lecture.B:碰巧了。我会问下我的朋友演讲都讲了些什么。A: Is she a good note taker?A:她是个会记笔记的人吗?B: I dont know. I guess?B:我不知道。我猜是吧?A: If you were in class, you wouldnt have to rely on anyones notes.A:如果你在场,你就不用依靠任何人了。B: I cant change the past.B :我不能改变过去。A: I know. Anyways, you should increase the volume on your alarm clock.A:我知道。无论如何,你应该把闹钟的声音调的更大一些。B: I suppose I could do that. B:我想我会那么做的。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201509/401081

1. Looking for a Job 1.找工作A: Hey Dennis, this is Ron. Hows it going?A:嗨,丹尼斯,我是罗恩。进展得怎样?B: Hi, Ron. Im looking for a summer job. I was hoping you could help me.B:你好,罗恩。我想找一份暑期工作。我希望你能帮到我。A: Okay, how can I help you?A:好的,我能怎么帮你呢?B: Well, I was wondering if you could hook me up at the place you work.B:嗯,我想知道你是否可以带我去你工作的地方闯荡。A: No problem. I dont know if theyre hiring, but Ill find out.A:没问题。我不知道他们是否在招人,但是我会弄清楚的。B: Aw man, youre the bomb!B:噢,家伙,你真厉害!A: What kind of job you are interested in doing?A:你有兴趣做什么工作?B: Anything you think that I can do will be fine.B:你认为我能做的都可以。A: Ill talk to my boss in the morning and get back to you.A:我会在早上给我的上司打电话然后给你回电话。B: Thanks, man. A friend in need is a friend indeed.B:谢谢兄弟。患难见真情。A: Anything else you need me to do?A:还有什么别的需要我做的吗?B: No. Im waiting to hear from you. B:没有了。我静候佳音。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/441186

Exercise 8-5: tense and lax vowel exercise Lets practice tense and lax vowels in context. The intonation is marked for you. When in doubt, try to leave out the lax vowel rather than run the risk of overpronouncing it: lip instead of lip, so it doesnt sound like leap. Repeat: 1. eat it I eat it. 2. beat bit The beat is a bit strong. 3. keys kiss Give me a kiss for the keys. 4. cheek chick The chicks cheek is soft. 5. deed did He did the deed. 6. feet fit These shoes fit my feet. 7. feel fill Do you feel that we should fill it? 8. green grin The Martians grin was green. 9. heat hit Last summer, the heat hit hard. 10. heel hill Put your heel on the hill. /201511/410657Language Points1.Baby lock the door and turn the lights down low2.Put some music on thats soft and slow3.Baby we aint got no place to go4.I hope you understand5.Ive been thinking bout this all day long6.Never felt a feeling quite this strong7.I cant believe how much it turns me on8.Just to be your man9.Theres no hurry10.Dont you worry we can take our time11.Come a little closer /201610/4710371.Martial arts Dialogue1.武术 对话Li Ming intends to have a martial arts show in New Years party with his classmates. And he invites Steven to join them.李明和他的同学打算在新年晩会表演一个武术节目。李明邀请史蒂文加入他们。Li Ming: Steven, we are preparing a martial arts show for the New Years party. Would you like to join us?李明:史蒂文,我们在为新年晚会准备一个武术节目,你愿意参加吗?Steven: Id love to! But I have never learned martial arts, and there is only a month left before the New Year.史蒂文:我很愿意!但是我从来没有学过武术,而且离新年只有一个月了。Li Ming: Thats OK. A month is enough for you to learn the basic movements. It would be great to have you with us on the show.李明:没有关系,一个月足够你学会基本动作了。我们的节目有了你会很梢。Steven: Sounds great! Shall I learn the actions that Jet Li did in the movies?史蒂文:听起来不错!我是不是要学那些李连杰在电影里表演的动作呀?Li Ming: No. You know, there are many schools and styles of kung fu. What we will perform is a set of Chinese shadow boxing.李明:不是。你知道,中国功夫有很多门类和派别,我们要表演的是一套太极拳。Steven: Whatever! Im glad to learn something of Chinese kung fu. Thanks for asking me.史蒂文:什么都行。能学一点中国功夫我很高兴,谢谢你邀请我。Li Ming: Thank you for joining us! Now lets see some pictures and know more about kung fu.李明:谢谢你加人我们!现在我们看一些图片并多了解一些有关功夫的知识吧。Steven: Good!好啊! /201509/396878

34. Calling the Water Company (2) 34.给水务公司打电话(2)A: You have called the Water Company. How may I assist you?A:你已经给水务公司打过电话了。我能怎么帮你呢?B: Hello, I recently moved into my apartment.B:你好,我最近才搬进我的公寓。A: Are you calling to activate your billing?A:你是打电话来激活你的账单吗?B: Yes, thats one of the things Im calling about.B:是的,这是我打电话的原因之一。A: What was the other reason for your calling today?A:你今天打电话的其它原因呢?B: There is leakage in one of the pipelines. Is there anything you can do about that?B:有一个管道漏水。你能处理吗?A: No, Im sorry. But I could provide you contact with one of our plumbers.A:很抱歉,我不能。但我可以帮你联系我们的管道工。B: No, thats not necessary, but thank you.B:不用了,没有必要,但谢谢你。A: As for your billing, what form of payment would you like to have?A:至于你的账单,你想要哪种付款方式?B: Can I pay online?B:我可以在网上付吗?A: Yes, that is a service we do provide for our customers.A:是的,那是我们为顾客提供的一种务。B: Alright, I think Ill go with that form of payment. B:好的,我想我会用这种付款方式。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/428814Todd: So, now youre a bouncer. What would you say is the best thing about being a bouncer?托德:你是名保镖。你认为做保镖的优点是什么?Aaron: The best thing about being a bouncer, is that I did it mostly through university, and whats great about that is that youre working, when all of your friends are partying, so as a result, youre not spending any money, but usually youre friends are partying at your club.亚伦:我从大学时开始做保镖,当保镖最好的方面在于你工作的时候你的朋友们在开派对,所以你不用花钱,通常你的朋友们会去你做保镖的俱乐部开派对。Todd: Right, right.托德:嗯,对。Aaron: So, you know, youd be there, you talk to your friends, you do your thing, but you wouldnt spend any money.亚伦:你知道,你就在那里工作,你可以和朋友聊天,而同时你也在工作,所以你不用花钱。Todd: Right.托德:没错。Aaron: And of course as a young guy, I think I was 18, no I was 19 I think when I started, as a young guy, you know, 19 years old. Youre in a position of power. Right. The girls want to know you. The guys want to be like you. Right. Its really, really a kind of a fun place to be at times.亚伦:我想我大概18岁还是19岁就开始做保镖,当时我很年轻。而做保镖相当于有了一种权力。女孩们都想认识你。男孩们都想像你一样。所以可以说这是这份工作有趣的地方。Todd: Thats pretty cool. So, I have to ask, whats the worst thing about being a bouncer?托德:太酷了。我还想问,做保镖有什么不好的吗?Aaron: Whats the worst thing about being a bouncer, is that youre being paid to get into something that no one else would willing go into. As a bouncer, Ive dealt with a gun once, being pulled on me. Ive had knives pulled on me countless times. Ive got a little nick in one of my shoulders from a knife. Ive dealt with roid monkeys.亚伦:做保镖的缺点就是,他们付你工资,让你去处理其他人不愿意处理的事情。做保镖期间,我曾有一次被人用指着,而被人用刀指着更是遇到过无数次。我肩膀上有刀伤留下的疤痕。我还要应对那些异常兴奋的人。Todd: Roid monkey? Whats a roid monkey?托德:哪些人?Aaron: Basically just a guy whos totally pumped up on steroids and hormones. I deal with drug dealers. And youre dealing with things thats kind of like the worst side of humanity, cause you see people who get drunk every weekend. You see the alcoholics. You see girls doing things they probably shouldnt be doing, and you feel if it was your sister, you would not be happy about it.亚伦:就是指那些因为类固醇和激素而异常兴奋的人。我还要应对毒贩。保镖要面对的是人性最丑恶的一面,每周末都会看到喝醉的人和酗酒者。有时会看到女孩做一些她们不应该做的事情,你会有这种感觉,如果那是你的,你肯定不高兴。Todd: Right.托德:对。Aaron: I deal with quite a few girls who had ropies and so they would be sensing something is wrong and seek out a bouncer, and then all you have is this unconcious girl on your hands, and you know you cant trust anyone who comes up to you, and says, ;Oh, thats my friend;, because you dont know that and so youre stuck and youre not sure where to go.亚伦:有些女孩感觉不舒,她们感觉不适,所以她们会找保镖,我遇到过很多次这种情况,结果就是这你要应对这些失去意识的女孩,而且你知道不能相信任何人,会有人走过来跟你说:嘿,那是我朋友,你不能相信这种话,因为你不知道那个人说的是不是真的,所以你会不知所措,不知道应该做什么。Todd: Wow, thats insane. Thats insane.托德:哇,那太疯狂了,真疯狂。 译文属 /201506/383201

Todd: So, were here... first of all, how about everybody introduce themselves.托德:我们……每个人先做下自我介绍吧。Fred: OK. Im Fred from Canada and its a pleasure to be here.弗雷德:好。我是弗雷德,来自加拿大,我很高兴来到这里。Katia: Hello. I am Katerina. Im from Mexico and Im also very glad to be here.卡蒂亚:大家好。我是卡特琳娜,来自墨西哥,来到这里我也很高兴。Todd: Thanks guys. And then, Im Todd. Im from the U.S. Now for the listeners, we all live really close to each other and we live in a neighborhood, where I guess, all of our houses are probably within two or three minutes of each other.托德:谢谢你们。我是托德,来自美国。现在和听众朋友说明一下,我们几个人住的很近,我们住在一个社区,我想我们几个人的家也就相隔两三分钟的距离。Katia: Very close.卡蒂亚:非常近。Todd: So, we thought we would talk about the neighborhood, and the first topic would be the stray cats.托德:我们来谈谈我们的社区吧,第一个话题是流浪猫。Katia: Which are also are neighbors.卡蒂亚:其实它们也算是我们的邻居。Todd: Right. First of all, how many stray cats do you think there are in the neighborhood?托德:对。第一个问题,你们认为我们的社区里有多少流浪猫?Katia: At least at night, you see them all together, especially in one corner, and I see at least about six cats, at least, all together.卡蒂亚:晚上的时候流浪猫会聚在一个小角落里,我至少看到过6只。Fred: I would say much more than that.弗雷德:我认为要比6只多的多。Todd: Yeah, I would too actually. How many do you think?托德:好,我也觉得比6只多。你认为有多少只流浪猫?Fred: I would go for maybe twenty of those around the neighborhood.弗雷德:我想社区周围大概有20只流浪猫。Katia: But this is just one corner.卡蒂亚:我说的只是社区的一个角落。Fred: OK, just one corner, so multiplied by four or five corners, yeah, twenty, twenty-five cats.弗雷德:好,只是一个角落,假设有四或五个角落,这样一加倍的话,大概有20或25只流浪猫。Todd: OK, so then, what do you guys think about the cats? Like should something be done about the cats? Should the people feed the cats?托德:好,你们怎么看流浪猫?我们是不是应该做些什么事?是不是应该有人去喂这些流浪猫?Katia: I think especially for a lot of the elderly people that live here, I think for them its very nice to have the cats around and they feed them and I think as long as they dont go into the trash, I think its OK, but for me, I havent seen any trash, and I dont think it would be a problem.卡蒂亚:生活在这里的老人非常好,他们会经常和流浪猫在一起,也会喂它们,我认为只要流浪猫不去翻垃圾,就没什么问题,我并没有看到有垃圾,所以我觉得这并不是问题。Todd: Well, you know, they break into my house. I dont know if they break into yours, but theyre amazing. If I dont lock the windows, the sliding glass doors they pull the door open with their paw and they come in and they look through my trash and then they leave.托德:流浪猫闯进了我的家。我不知道流浪猫是不是也闯入过你们的家,不过它们真是太令人不可思议了。如果我没有锁上窗户,它们会用它们的爪子把滑动玻璃门打开,进到屋里去翻我家的垃圾,然后离开。Fred: Those are very clever cats.弗雷德:那些都是非常聪明的猫。Todd: Yeah, I thought it was a raccoon. I thought I had a raccoon, and I went to talk to my landlady, and shes like, ;No, thats just the cats.;托德:对,我认为那是只浣熊。我认为有只浣熊进了我的家,我和房东太太说时,她说,“不是,那只是猫。”Katia: I think you were just not feeding them.卡蒂亚:我想是因为你没有喂它们。Todd: Well, yeah, I guess thats it. Like, theyre so hungry that they break into peoples houses for food.托德:嗯,我想也是。它们太饿了,所以它们闯进人们的家寻找食物。Katia: OK, I dont have that problem. I live on the third floor.卡蒂亚:我并没有遇到这样的问题。我住在三楼。Todd: Oh, really.托德:哦,是吗?Katia: So, maybe thats why.卡蒂亚:所以这就是原因。Todd: Right.托德:好吧。Fred: I dont have that problem either, although I do live in a house similar to yours, Todd, where we live on the first floor and there is a lot of stray cats around the neighborhood but Ive never had any problems of them breaking into the house.弗雷德:我也没有遇到个这样的问题,不过我和托德住的房子很像,我们都住在一楼,社区里有很多流浪猫,不过我并没有遇到过流浪猫闯入家里的事情。Todd: Yeah, I dont know. Theyre pretty amazing. Like, I did not even know that cats could break into a house, but they can.托德:我也不知道为什么。这些猫真是太神奇了。我以前都不知道猫会闯入家里,不过它们确实可以做到。Katia: Very smart cats.卡蒂亚:非常聪明的猫。Todd: Yeah. Or very hungry cats, as you said.托德:对,或者像你所说,是非常饿的猫。Katia: Or friendly cats. They want to visit.卡蒂亚:或者说是友好的猫。它们想去你家拜访。Todd: Yeah, right.托德:好。 译文属 /201602/427632讲解文本:break the ice 破冰,缓和紧张气氛,使在场的人放松一些He started the meeting with a couple of jokes to break the ice.为了缓和气氛,他在会议开始的时候说了几个笑话。Its hard to break the ice at a party.在party上要缓和气氛可不容易。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201706/51340012. Going Home Early Because Of Being Ill 12.因病早回家A: Can I have a minute?A:我能借用您一分钟吗?B: What is going on?B:怎么啦?A: Im really not feeling very well this afternoon.A:我今天下午感觉不太舒。B: Oh, Im so sorry to hear that.B:哦,很遗憾听到这个消息。A: Do you think I can leave the office early?A:你认为我可以早点离开办公室吗?B: Well, I have some medication here on my desk.B:好吧,我桌子上有些药。A: I aly took some pills and they really arent helping.A:我已经吃过一些药片,但真的没有用。B: Its just that we have the report due today.B:只是今天我们有个报告会。A: I aly gave Dennis what I have so far.A:我已经把我目前做好的给了丹尼斯。B: He knows how to finish it?B:他知道怎么完成?A: I emailed him detailed instructions.A:我发个他了细节指导。B: All right, go home then, but leave your phone on so we can call you if we have questions. B:好吧,那你回家吧,但保持电话畅通,这样我们有问题的话就可以打给你。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/421602

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