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上饶市中医院韩式三点多少钱上饶隆胸多少钱Pope Benedict Visits 9/11 Terrorist Attack Site天主教教皇走访纽约世贸大厦遗址  Pope Benedict XVI began his last day in the ed States at Ground Zero, the site of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on New York.  教皇本笃十六世以参观纽约世贸大厦遗址开始他最后一天对美国的访问。世贸大厦遗址是2001年9月11号发生恐怖袭击的地方。 The pontiff brought his message of peace to hallowed ground as the popemobile descended the ramp to the lowest levels of the former World Trade Center site. 在教皇乘坐的专车徐徐驶下斜坡抵达前世贸中心遗址的最低一层时,教皇给这个神圣的地方带来了和平的信息。Pope Benedict knelt in silent prayer on a pew placed in front of a large candle, which he then lit.  本笃教皇跪在一大蜡烛前的一个可以放置双手下跪祈祷的跪台上默默地祈祷,然后起身点燃了蜡烛。The pope then offered a brief prayer for peace and healing for survivors and the families of victims of the attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.  接着,教皇作了一个简短的祷告,乞求上天让发生在纽约、华盛顿和宾州的恐怖袭击的幸存者和受难者家属获得平安,让他们的创伤得到愈合。"Oh God of love, compassion and healing, look on us people of many faiths and traditions who gather today at this site of incredible violence and pain. We ask in your goodness to give eternal light and peace to all who died here, to heroic first responders, along with a the innocent men and women who were victims of this tragedy simply because their work or service brought them here on September 11th, 2001," he said. 教皇说:“啊,充满爱、同情和拥有治愈大能的上帝,请看顾我们这些拥有不同信仰和不同传统的人。我们今天聚集在这个发生过可怕的暴力和痛苦的地方。我们请求您的慈爱永远照耀那些在这里逝去的人,那些英勇地首先作出反应的人,以及在2001年9月11号那一天,仅仅因为工作或务来到这里、使他们成为无辜受害者的男男女女,让他们获得安息。”The pope then met individually with two-dozen survivors and representatives of victims' families.  接着,教皇会见了20多个幸存者和受难者家属的代表,同他们一一进行了交谈。According to officials, Benedict XVI insisted that a stop at Ground Zero be put on the schedule of his three-day visit to New York. For the low key, secular occasion, the Pope wore a long white overcoat in marked contrast to the more elaborate vestments he has worn throughout the rest of his six-day visit to the ed States. 有关官员说,是本笃十六世坚持把访问世贸大厦遗址列入他对纽约三天访问的行程中的。为这个低调的世俗场合,教皇穿了一件白色长大衣,这与他在美国的六天访问中始终穿着比较精美的正式饰形成鲜明对比。 200804/35850上饶铅山县botox除皱多少钱一支 Obama to Visit Middle East, Europe Next Week奥巴马将访以巴期望增加外交经验 Reports from the Middle East say US Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama will visit both Israel and the West Bank next week as part of a major foreign trip. Other stops include Iraq, Afghanistan, and several European locations. 来自中东的报导说,竞选美国总统的民主党候选人奥巴马将在下星期访问以色列和约旦河西岸,这是奥巴马一次重要外交访问的一部分。奥巴马此行还将访问伊拉克、阿富汗和几个欧洲国家。The Obama campaign has released few details about the senator's forthcoming itinerary, but Israeli and Palestinian officials say Obama will meet separately with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. 奥巴马竞选班子没有公布这位参议员出访的细节安排。但是以色列和巴勒斯坦官员说,奥巴马将分别会见以色列总理奥尔默特和巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯。His Republican rival, Senator John McCain, took a similar trip to the Middle East and Europe in March, and has regularly visited Iraq since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein. 奥巴马的共和党竞选对手麦凯恩参议员3月也曾访问中东和欧洲。自从美国2003年领导进攻伊拉克、推翻萨达姆以来,麦凯恩经常访问伊拉克。Obama has been a fierce critic of the Bush administration's handling of foreign affairs, especially the Iraq war. Political analyst Larry Sabato, who heads the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, says the upcoming trip is critical for a presidential aspirant with limited foreign policy credentials. 奥巴马一直猛烈批评布什政府处理外交事务的方式,特别是批评伊拉克战争。政治分析家萨巴托是美国维吉尼亚大学政治研究中心的负责人。他说,奥巴马即将进行的访问对这位外交政策经验不多的总统竞选人来说至关重要。"He is criticizing our [US] policy in Iraq. He needs to see it on the ground, and he has not been there [to Iraq] in years," he said. "It is important that he talk to the world leaders with whom he may very well be dealing come January [if elected president]." 他说:“奥巴马批评美国的伊拉克政策。他需要到伊拉克去实地考察。他已经很多年没有去伊拉克了。重要的是,他要同世界领导人交谈。如果他当选总统,他在明年1月以后很可能要跟这些人打交道。”Sabato describes the trip as a high-risk, high-reward opportunity for Obama, who could either quell voters' doubts about his command of foreign policy issues with a strong performance or amplify them with any miscues. 萨巴托说,对奥巴马来说,这次出访的风险很大,但是可能得到的回报也很大。如果表现好,他可以消除美国选民对他掌控外交问题的能力的疑问。如果犯什么错误,则会扩大人们的疑虑。International public opinion polls show Obama with high approval ratings in many countries. Sabato says he expects Obama will get a warm reception at most stops on the trip, particularly in Europe. Foreign leaders will have their own agendas, knowing that they could be meeting with the next president of the ed States, according to Sabato. 国际民意调查显示,奥巴马在很多国家都拥有很高的公众持率。萨巴托预计奥巴马在这次出访的多数国家都会受到热烈欢迎,特别是在欧洲。外国领导人有他们自己的日程,他们知道这次会晤的很可能是下届美国总统。"They will want to get off on the right foot with him [Obama]," said Sabato. "They will want to impress him. They will want to educate him about bilateral relations, multilateral relations, and some of the issues with which he will have to deal if indeed he does become president." 萨巴托说:“各国领导人希望从一开始就跟奥巴马搞好关系,给他留下好印象。他们希望让奥巴马了解双边关系、多边关系,了解那些他一旦当选总统就必须处理的问题。”Monday, Obama reiterated his determination to gradually withdraw US forces from Iraq should he win the election, and refocus US military efforts to target al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. In a column in the New York Times newspaper, Obama said he remains convinced that real political progress in Iraq will be achieved only if America places a time limit on the duration of its troop commitment in the country, but admitted that "tactical adjustments" to the strategy may be needed based on advice from US commanders. 奥巴马星期一重申,如果当选总统,他决心逐步从伊拉克撤军,让美国军队集中力量打击阿富汗的基地组织和塔利班。奥巴马在纽约时报发表专栏文章说,他仍然坚信,美国必须制定在伊拉克驻军的时间限制,伊拉克才能取得真正的政治进步。但是奥巴马承认,也许需要根据美军指挥官的建议对战略问题作战术性的调整。John McCain has blasted Obama for opposing last year's US troop surge that many credit for helping bring a fragile stability to Iraq that could pave the way for future troop reductions. McCain has refused to embrace a timetable for withdrawing US forces from Iraq, saying to do so would embolden America's enemies. 麦凯恩曾抨击奥巴马去年反对美国向伊拉克增兵。很多人认为,那次增兵有助于在伊拉克实现脆弱的稳定。这种稳定可能为将来减少伊拉克驻军铺平道路。麦凯恩拒绝接受撤军时间表。他说,那样作将鼓励美国的敌人。200807/44153UNICEF Sends Urgent Aids to Flood Victims in India's Bihar State联合国为印度洪水灾民提供援助  The U.N. Children's Fund is springing into action with aid as India's Bihar State faces the worst floods in 50 years. UNICEF says severe floods have destroyed almost one-quarter of a million homes affecting at least 1.25 million people in the northern part of Bihar. At least 55 people reportedly have been killed. 联合国儿童基金会迅速行动,及时向遭受50年不遇的洪灾的印度比哈尔邦提供援助。儿童基金会说,灾情严重,比哈尔邦北部将近25万户住宅被摧毁,受影响的人口至少有125万。另据报导,至少55人已经丧生。Flooding has affected more than 1,000 villages in 13 districts of north Bihar. This has caused large-scale displacement. The Indian government says it expects up to two million people will be impacted by the disaster. 印度比哈尔邦北部13个地区的1000多个村庄受到洪灾影响,造成大量人口无家可归。印度政府估计,受灾人口多达200万。The flooding started after the Kosi River broke a dam in Nepal and breached mud embankments in Bihar State in India a week ago.  洪水爆发是因为一个星期前尼泊尔境内的戈西河上一座大坝坍塌,导致下游印度境内比哈尔邦的土筑河堤决堤。The Indian government has set up about 155 relief camps to shelter thousands of homeless people. A spokeswoman for the U.N. Children's Fund, Miranda Eeles, tells VOA the condition of these camps is very bad, and as the number of people there grows, she says the risk of diseases will rise. 印度政府搭建了大约155个临时安置点,为数以千计无家可归的人提供住所。联合国儿童基金会的发言人米兰达.伊尔斯在接受美国之音采访时说,这些临时搭建的设施条件很差。另外,随着避难人数的增加,爆发疾病的风险也会随之上升。"The weather is extremely hot, which is exacerbating the conditions," said Eeles. "The hygiene conditions are very bad, the hand pumps for clean drinking water are not good enough. Sanitation facilities - people are defecating in open spaces. This is obviously extremely risky in terms of sping disease. And, we aly have heard cases of fever and diarrhea have been reported. So, the immediate priority certainly as far as UNICEF is concerned is to deliver life-saving supplies of medicine, food, clean drinking water and access to proper sanitation." she added.  她说:“天气非常炎热,使临时设施内的条件更加糟糕。卫生条件非常差,手动机井提取干净饮用水的办法也不够好。卫生设备缺乏,人们就在空地上大便。很显然,这样传播疾病的风险非常高。而且,我们已经听说有发烧和腹泻的报告了。因此,就联合国儿童基金会来说,现在最首要的问题就是提供救命的药物、食品和饮用水,并让灾民们使用合适的卫生设备。”Eeles says children, pregnant and lactating mothers, and the elderly are most vulnerable to the prevailing conditions. 伊尔斯说,儿童、妇、哺乳期妇女以及老人是目前条件下最弱势的一群人。UNICEF has conducted a rapid assessment of the situation in three of the worst affected districts. And, Eeles says, it has aly provided essential supplies to some 8,000 families. These include tarpaulin sheets, hygiene kits, water purification tablets and oral rehydration salt packets to treat children with diarrhea. 儿童基金会已经对受灾最严重的三个地区的灾情进行了迅速评估。伊尔斯说,儿童基金会已经向大约8000个家庭提供了基本的生活供应,包括防水布、卫生箱、净化水的药片以及治疗儿童腹泻所需要的袋装防脱水口盐。Flooding in southeastern Nepal has caused significant damages and human suffering. Eeles says at least 70,000 people have been displaced. 尼泊尔东南部也遭受洪灾影响,经济受损,民众受难。伊尔斯说,至少有7万人已经无家可归。"Also, what we have heard is that around 5,000 people from Bihar State have crossed into Nepal to seek relief from the floods. Many of the displaced are sheltering in schools. What we understand is around 30 percent of those are children."  她说:“我们还听说,比哈尔邦大约5000人越境进入尼泊尔寻求救援。许多无家可归的人现在在学校暂时栖身。我们掌握的情况是,其中大约30%是儿童。”Eeles says UNICEF so far has provided relief items to more than 10,000 people in temporary settlements and is seeking to reach 55,000 affected people in total. 伊尔斯说,联合国儿童基金会到目前为止已经向居住在临时安置点中的1万多人提供了救援物品。目前正在努力让5万5千位灾民获得援助。200808/46916上饶打botox

上饶信州区去鼻唇沟多少钱Obama Keeps Hectic Schedule After Clinching Democratic Nomination奥巴马乘胜前进 克林顿尚未认输  U.S. Senator Barack Obama is spending his first full day as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee giving a major foreign policy speech, addressing a powerful American labor union, attending a high-powered fundraising event, and doing interviews for American television networks. His rival, Senator Hillary Clinton, has remained visible, but tightlipped as to when she will concede and throw her support behind Obama. 美国参议员巴拉克.奥巴马成为预料中的民主党总统候选人提名后,他在第二天就在一个很有影响力的美国工会发表重要的外交政策演讲。他还参加了一个热情高涨的募款活动,并接受了美国几家电视台的采访。他的对手,克林顿参议员虽然也出现在公共场合,但是,她对自己什么时候准备承认败选,然后全力持奥巴马的问题守口如瓶。Congratulations and further endorsements poured in for Barack Obama Wednesday, including acknowledgments from some Republican quarters. The White House says President Bush congratulates Obama for his "historic achievement" that "reflects the fact that the country has come a long way." 星期三,对奥巴马的祝贺和持纷纷而来,他获得了更多的持,包括一些共和党人的赞许。白宫说,布什总统赞扬奥巴马取得了“历史性成就”。他说,这反映了美国走过了很长的历程。Hours after becoming the first person of color to clinch the presidential nomination of a major U.S. political party, Obama addressed a Washington gathering of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). There, he pledged an unyielding commitment to Israel's security, spoke of the need for peace in the Middle East, and clarified previous comments about his willingness, as president, to one day meet face-to-face with the leaders of Iran. 奥巴马成为第一个有色人种人士获得美国重要政党的总统候选人提名。几个小时后,他在美国-以色列公众事务委员会举行的大会上发表演讲。奥巴马坚决表示自己将毫不动摇地致力于以色列的安全。他谈到了中东和平的必要性,并且对自己先前发表的有关当选总统后与伊朗领导人进行面对面会谈的说法进行了澄清。He also paid tribute to fellow-Democratic contender Hillary Clinton, who vied to become America's first woman president. 奥巴马还赞扬了他的竞争对手希拉里.克林顿。克林顿一直在争取成为美国第一任女总统。"I want to publicly acknowledge Hillary Clinton for the outstanding race that she has run," he said. "She is a true friend of Israel. She is a great Senator from New York. She is an extraordinary leader of the Democratic Party, and she has made history alongside me over the last 16 months. So I am very proud to have competed against her." 奥巴马说: “我要公开承认克林顿进行了一场出色的竞选。她是以色列的朋友。她是来自纽约的杰出参议员。她也是民主党的杰出领导人。在过去的16个月里,我和她在一起共同创造历史。我非常骄傲能和她一起竞选。”Clinton has yet to officially drop out of the presidential race, although she has told supporters that she would be open to serving as Obama's vice presidential running mate. Short of a formal concession, however, Clinton has signaled that she is aware of Obama's status as presumptive presidential nominee. The senator also spoke at AIPAC, moments after Obama left the stage. 克林顿还没有正式退出总统竞选,尽管她已经告诉持者,她有意成为奥巴马的副总统竞选夥伴。虽然还没有正式承认失败,不过,克林顿已经表示,她知道奥巴马已经是预料中的总统提名人。在奥巴马结束在美国-以色列公共事务委员会的讲话后不久,克林顿也在那次大会上发表了讲话。克林顿说: "The Democratic Party's strong commitment to the state of Israel is one of our party's most-cherished values," she noted. "And it will continue under the next Democratic president. I know [that] Senator Obama understands what is at stake here. It has been an honor to contest these primaries with him. And let me be very clear: I know that Senator Obama will be a good friend to Israel." “民主党坚定地持以色列国是我们党最珍视的价值观之一。下一任民主党总统也会一如既往地执行这样的政策。我知道奥巴马参议员明白这里的利害关系。我一直感到很荣幸和他一起经历了这些初选。现在我可以很清楚的告诉大家:我知道奥巴马参议员将会是以色列的好朋友。”In a telephone call early Wednesday, Obama and Clinton agreed to meet face-to-face, but discussed no specifics. Just how and when Clinton exits the race - and what, if any, concessions she may want from Obama in doing so - will be closely watched as Democratic officials work to rebuild party unity after an often-bruising primary campaign season. 奥巴马和克林顿在星期三早上通了电话,同意进行面对面的会谈,但是不对具体问题进行讨论。不过,克林顿将如何以及何时退出竞选,以及她可能要求奥巴马作出何种让步等问题都会被密切关注。与此同时,在经历了伤痕累累的竞选季节后,民主党官员也在共同努力,让民主党重新团结起来。On the Republican side, Arizona Senator John McCain continued to question Obama's message of bringing change to Washington. Speaking in Louisiana, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee called for an expanded debate schedule between him and Obama that would include weekly joint town hall meetings across the country leading up to the November election. 在共和党方面,亚利桑那州参议员约翰.麦凯恩对奥巴马发出的要为华盛顿政治带来新的变革的讯息继续提出质疑。这位预料会获得共和党总统提名的候选人在路易斯安那呼吁增加他和奥巴马参议员的辩论场次,包括两人在11月竞选前每周共同出席一次全国各地的市政厅会议。"Joint town halls would show we both understand that this election could not be more important to the future security and prosperity of American families," he said. "It is, indeed, a 'change' election. No matter who wins this election, the direction of the country is going to change dramatically. But the choice before the American people is between the right change and the wrong change." 麦凯恩说: “共同参加市政厅会议将显示,我们两人都清楚这次选举对美国家庭未来的安全和繁荣是最重要的。这确实是一次“变革”的选举。不管谁最后赢得胜利,这个国家未来的发展方向将发生急剧的变化。但是,美国人要作出的选择是,要好的变化还是坏的变化。”An Obama spokesman calls the joint town hall proposal "appealing." 奥巴马的一名发言人说,两人共同出席市政厅会议的提议“很吸引人”。Barack Obama, 46, is vying to become one of America's youngest presidents. His age contrasts sharply with that of John McCain, 71, would become one of the oldest to enter the Oval Office. 现年46岁的奥巴马将竞选成为美国最年轻的总统。他的年龄与麦凯恩形成鲜明的对比。麦凯恩今年71岁,一旦当选,他将成为入主白宫最年老的人之一。200806/41191上饶横峰县哪家医院脱毛好 Hmm thanks…. oh lovely, custard creams… mmm.谢谢,美味的蛋奶饼干。Now Hannah, finally I wanted to ask you what exactly made you apply for this job at this company?安娜,最后我想问你是什么让你申请这家公司的岗位的?Errrr… ooo… well. The reason I applied is….我申请的原因是……Yes, yes, yes Anna? Do you need a bit more time to think?是的,是的,是的,安娜?你需要一点时间思考?Whats she going to say?她要说什么?How would you answer that?你会怎么回答?Join us next time to find out.下期跟我们一起揭晓。Before we go, heres a reminder of some of the great lines Annas used today…在我们离开之前,这里有一些关于今天安娜所说句子的提示。A good example that comes to mind.我想到了一个很好的例子。Im particularly proud of.我特别自豪。Timekeeping is important to me.守时对我很重要。Until next time, bye bye!下次见,再见! /201611/479859上饶好整形医院

上饶抽脂哪家医院好Partisan Attacks and Negative Ads Dominate US Election Campaign两党候选人最后冲刺竞推负面广告  With less than 50 days to go until Election Day on November 4, the U.S. presidential race between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama appears to be a dead heat. Analysts say the final weeks of the campaign promise to be intense and filled with partisan attacks and negative television advertisements. 离11月4号总统选举日还有不到50天,美国共和党总统候选人麦凯恩和民主党候选人奥巴马之间的竞争进入白热化。分析人士说,最后几周的竞选活动一定会非常激烈而且充满党派性攻击和负面电视广告。The attack ads are everywhere - on television, radio and the Internet. Some of ads are created within only a few hours. 攻击对方的广告到处都是--电视、广播、互联网。有的广告是在几个小时之内就制作出来的。A McCain campaign ad attacked Senator Barack Obama on the issue of taxes.  麦凯恩的一条竞选广告在税收问题上攻击奥巴马。"Painful taxes. Hard choices for your budget. Not y to lead. That's the real Obama."  广告说:“令人头疼的赋税。让你在预算上作出艰难的选择。还没有为领导国家做好准备。这就是真正的奥巴马。”The Obama campaign responded with an attack on Senator McCain and his ties to lobbyists.  奥巴马也用广告回敬了麦凯恩,攻击麦凯恩和游说人员的关系。"The lobbyists running his low road campaign. The money - billions in tax breaks for oil and drug companies, but almost nothing for families like yours." 广告说:“游说人员负责经营麦凯恩不光的竞选。他将给石油和制药公司数十亿美元的税务优惠,但你们这样的普通家庭几乎什么好处也得不到。”But with both sides firing off negative ads at each other, experts say it is hard to know whether people are paying attention or to gauge the impact. 虽然双方展开了负面广告大战,但是专家们说,很难确定人们是否注意这类广告,也很难衡量这些广告的影响。Democratic pollster Celinda Lake says the latest bipartisan Battleground poll, which she helped conduct, found that both Obama and McCain remain popular with the public. 民主党民意调查员莱克说,她帮助进行了最新的垮党派选情调查,并发现两位候选人都受到公众的欢迎。"Both candidates remain remarkably personally positive," she said. "And again, you would think given a lot of the press reports that both candidates had decidedly negative views [would be viewed negatively by voters], but that is not true."  她说:“公众对两位候选人个人都依然持有十分正面的看法。你可能会想,由于媒体的大量报道,选民们会对候选人持有负面的看法。但事实不是这样。”Both campaigns complain that their opponent's attack ads are often inaccurate and misleading.  两个竞选班子都抱怨说对手的攻击性广告时常有错误和误导性的内容。One group of liberal activists is urging the moderators of the upcoming presidential debates to focus on serious issues and steer clear of what they regard as trivial political attacks.Robert Borosage is president of the Institute for America's Future, which promotes a progressive political agenda."And the basic theme of all of this work is to demand a debate worthy of a great nation in trouble," Borosage said. "As all of you know, the presidential campaign at this point seems to be descending right now somewhere along a road to nowhere. We are talking about [celebrity] Paris Hilton and lipstick on pigs and Alaska separatism." But experts predict the political attacks and negative ads will only increase in the final weeks of the campaign because the race has become more competitive since the party conventions. 专家们预测,政治攻击和负面广告在选举的最后几星期里只会增加,因为在政党全国大会召开后竞争变得更为激烈了。Obama led the polls for months. But in the last few weeks, McCain has come on strong and now leads in several surveys.  奥巴马曾在几个民意调查中一直领先麦凯恩。不过,最近几个星期里,麦凯恩实力增加,而且在几项民意调查中领先。McCain's pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate has energized social conservatives within the Republican Party. 他挑选阿拉斯加州州长佩林担任副总统竞选夥伴激发了共和党内社会保守派的热情。And McCain now casts himself as a reformer bent on changing politics in Washington.  此外,麦凯恩现在把自己说成是一个改革者,决心改变华盛顿的政治。"And I want to warn them, every single one of them, stand by because change is coming, and real change is coming to Washington, D.C. And we are going to shake things up," McCain said.  他说:“我要警告他们每一个人,等着瞧吧,改变就要来临,华盛顿即将迎来真正的变革。我们将对华盛顿进行重整。”Democrats complain the attacks on Obama have distracted voters from the real issues in the campaign, especially the economy. 民主党人抱怨说,对奥巴马的攻击转移了选民对选举中真正议题的注意力,特别是对经济问题的关注。They are urging Obama to fight back, mindful of the Republican attack ads that helped doom Democrat John Kerry's presidential bid four years ago. 他们注意到共和党人四年前的负面广告从一定程度上击垮了克里的总统竞选,因此敦促奥巴马展开反击。In recent days, Obama seems to be taking their advice.  最近几天中,奥巴马似乎接受了他们的建议。"Enough! I don't care what they say about me, but I love this country too much to let them take over another election with lies and phony outrage and 'Swift boat' politics. Enough is enough!," Obama said. 他说:“够了!我不在乎他们如何说我。我太爱美国了,因此我不能让他们用谎言、虚伪的愤怒和‘快船’政治又一次赢得选举。我已经受够了!“Political analysts say this year's presidential debates will be crucial in helping voters decide what is shaping up as a very close race. 政治分析人士说,今年的总统候选人辩论十分重要,辩论能帮助选民决定这场激烈竞争到底走向何方。Tom DeFrank is Washington Bureau Chief for the New York Daily News and has covered numerous U.S. elections. DeFrank told VOA's Issues in the News program that the debates will be especially important for Barack Obama. "I think he is now the underdog," DeFrank said. "And I have always thought that the first presidential debate is always important in presidential elections. But I think Obama needs to be really compelling in that debate now. The stakes are much higher for him now than for McCain."Three presidential debates are scheduled, beginning September 26 at the University of Mississippi. In addition, there will be one vice presidential debate between Republican Sarah Palin and Democratic Senator Joe Biden. 今年将举行三场候选人辩论,从九月26号在密西西比大学开始。此外,共和党人佩林和民主党人拜登之间还将举行一场副总统候选人辩论。200809/48953 US Lawmakers See Video Indicating N. Korean Nuclear Cooperation With Syria美指北韩帮助叙利亚建造核反应堆 Key members of the U.S. Congress are being briefed Thursday on U.S. intelligence information indicating North Korean nuclear cooperation with Syria. North Korea is being pressed to disclose its proliferation activity as part of the six-party agreement to end its nuclear program.  美国国会的重量级议员星期四听取了情报部门获得的有关北韩和叙利亚进行核合作情报的通报。作为结束北韩核项目的六方协定的签约国,北韩正受到压力,要求它公开其核扩散活动。State Department officials say the intelligence briefings were requested by congressional leaders, and acknowledge they come at a sensitive point in negotiations aimed at getting Pyongyang to give up its nuclear program. 美国国务院官员说,这次情报通报会是应国会领导人的要求举行的。国务院官员承认,目前力图让平壤放弃核项目的谈判正处于敏感的时刻。News reports say legislators are being shown a obtained by Israel and said to show North Koreans helping build a nuclear reactor in northern Syria, nearly identical to North Korea's now-shuttered main reactor at Yongbyon. 新闻报导说,议员们观看了一段以色列得到的录像。据悉录像显示,北韩人在叙利亚北部帮助其建造一个核反应堆。这个核反应堆和北韩在宁边那座被废弃的主要反应堆几乎完全一样。The Syrian facility was destroyed by Israeli war planes last September in action condemned by Syria, though Damascus said the Israeli target was an unused military site. 叙利亚的这个设施在去年9月被以色列战斗机摧毁。叙利亚谴责了这个行动,尽管大马士革说,以色列攻击的这个目标是个没有使用过的军事设施。In advance of the briefings, Syria denied any nuclear cooperation with North Korea and suggested that the has been faked. 在举行通报会之前,叙利亚否认与北韩有任何核合作,并表示那段录像是伪造的。Some analysts caution that the high-profile exposure of the North Korean project in Syria could anger the Pyongyang government and upset the six-party process. 分析人士警告说,以高调方式曝光北韩在叙利亚的工程可能激怒平壤政府,破坏六方谈判的进程。There have also been suggestions of conflict within the Bush administration itself over the wisdom of dealing with Pyongyang given its role with the Syrians. 考虑到平壤在叙利亚发挥的作用,布什政府内部在如何对付平壤的策略问题上,也存在相互矛盾的建议。But in a talk with reporters, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack dismissed the idea of a factional rivalry among U.S. agencies over North Korea policy as "cartoonish."  但是国务院发言人麦科马克在向记者发表讲话时,否认美国政府内部在北韩政策上存在派系斗争,称这种观点“滑稽可笑”。He said North Korea will have to decide for itself whether it is in its interests to give up the potential benefits of the six-party process. 他说,北韩必须自己决定放弃六方谈判进程可能带来的好处是否符合它的利益。"The North Koreans will make their own decision. And if they were going to, at some point, use some perceived slight as a pretext to not perform, then they were going to do that in any case," McCormack said. "But there's been, within the six-party framework among all the parties including the North Koreans, a discussion about the importance of verification as well as the importance of the non-proliferation aspect to the nuclear programs." 他说:“北韩人将自己作出决定。而且如果他们打算在某个时刻利用一些他们认为受到的怠慢而借口不作为,那么他们无论如何都会这样做。但是,在六方框架内,包括北韩人在内的有关各方都一直在讨论核实的重要性,以及核项目不扩散方面的重要性。”North Korea agreed last year to scrap its nuclear program including weapons in return for aid and diplomatic benefits from the other parties in the Chinese-sponsored negotiations. 在由中国斡旋的谈判中,北韩去年同意放弃它的核项目,包括核武器,以换取其它参与谈判的国家的援助和外交利益。Pyongyang is more than three months overdue in making a promised declaration of its nuclear assets and activities, including any nuclear help given to, or obtained from, other countries. 平壤承诺要申报它的核资产和核活动,包括给予别国帮助或者从别国获得帮助。但是平壤已经拖了3个多月还没有兑现承诺。Senior U.S. and North Korean diplomats reported making progress on the declaration at a meeting in Singapore earlier this month. The State Department's Korean affairs chief, Sung Kim, is en route back to Washington after more talks this week in Pyongyang. 美国和北韩高级外交官员报告说,这个月初在新加坡举行的会谈在核申报问题上取得了进展。美国国务院韩国事务主管金成这个星期在平壤进行更多会谈后正在返回华盛顿。Conservative critics of the State Department's handling of the matter have seized on press reports that a Singapore understanding requires North Korea only to acknowledge U.S. concerns about proliferation, rather than be explicit about its dealings with Syria. 对国务院处理这个问题的方式持批评态度的保守派人士利用了媒体的报导。这些报导说,在新加坡达成的谅解要求北韩只承认美国对核扩散的担心,而没有要求北韩披露它与叙利亚的交易。But the State Department has said the declaration will be subject to strict verification and that if North Korean deception is discovered, it could halt the process at any point.  但是,国务院说,北韩的申报将经过严格核实,而且如果发现北韩进行欺骗,美国可能随时停止这个进程。If the declaration is completed and accepted by all the parties, the next phase of the process would involve among other things the dismantling of North Korean nuclear facilities and lifting terrorism-related U.S. sanctions against Pyongyang. 如果申报完毕并且被各方接受,这个进程的下一个阶段将涉及拆除北韩的核设施,和美国取消对平壤实施的和恐怖主义相关的制裁等问题。 200804/36563上饶市南昌大学医院绣眉手术多少钱横峰县自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好



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