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Svetlana Alexievich, the recently announced recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature and a prominent critic of Soviet and post-Soviet regimes, offered a bleak assessment of the political situations in Russia and her native Belarus while addressing journalists in Berlin on Saturday.刚刚获得今年诺贝尔文学奖的斯韦特兰娜·阿列克谢耶维Svetlana Alexievich)是前苏联与前苏联政权著名的批评者,周六,她在柏林接受记者采访时,对俄罗斯与她的祖国白俄罗斯的政治局面发表了悲观的意见。“Every four years, new European officials come to power and think they can solve the Lukashenko problem without knowing that he is a man who is untrustworthy,Ms. Alexievich said. She spoke on the eve of a presidential election in Belarus in which President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, often referred to as Europe’s last dictator, is widely expected to win a fifth term.“每过四年,新上任的欧盟官员都认为他们能够解决卢卡申科的问题,殊不知他根本就不是个值得信赖的人,”阿列克谢耶维奇说,周六正值白俄罗斯总统选举前夕,现任总统亚历山大·格里戈里耶维奇·卢卡申Aleksandr G. Lukashenko)很有可能连续当选第五个任期,他往往被视为欧洲的最后一个独裁者。Ms. Alexievich described Sunday’s election as a rigged contest. “No one doubts that Lukashenko will win,she said. “To paraphrase Stalin, it’s unimportant who votes for whom; what matters is who counts the vote. I don’t think we can expect any surprises.”阿列克谢耶维奇说,周日的选举是一场非法操纵的竞争,“没有人认为卢卡申科会输,”她说。“这和斯大林是一回事,谁为他投票并不重要;重要的是谁来计票。我不认为选举结果会出现任何意外。”European officials have said the European Union is prepared to suspend sanctions against Mr. Lukashenko after he released the country’s last political prisoners this year. A decision is expected before Oct. 31.欧盟官员曾经表示,在卢卡申科于今年释放该国最后一批政治犯之后,欧盟将会暂停对白俄罗斯的制裁。这个决定有望在101日之前做出。Ms. Alexievich, who was awarded the Nobel for her sweeping nonfiction works about events like the Soviet-Afghan war and the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, also described Russia as a place where “one can no longer speak of democracyand “where ‘liberalis a dirty word.”阿列克谢耶维奇因她的非虚构写作而获得诺贝尔文学奖,她的作品广泛地描写了阿富汗战争与切尔诺贝利核泄露事件等重大问题,在她笔下,俄罗斯是一个“人们再也不能谈论民主”的地方,在那里“‘自由’是一个坏字眼”。“It isn’t about Putin,said Ms. Alexievich, 67, referring to the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin. “It’s about the collective Putin. He has a huge approval rating, perhaps 80 percent.”“这不是关于普京,7岁的阿列克谢耶维奇说起俄罗斯总统符拉迪米尔·V. 普京(Vladimir V. Putin)。“这是关于群体对普京的持。他拥有极高的持率,大概在80%左右。”“I now understand what Hannah Arendt meant when she talked about ‘dark times.Russia is now living in dark times,she added, referring to the German-born political philosopher who wrote about totalitarianism.“我现在明白汉娜·阿伦Hannah Arendt)所谓的‘黑暗时代’是什么了。俄罗斯现在就处于黑暗时代,”她补充说道;汉娜·阿伦特是生于德国的政治哲学家,曾经写过关于集权主义的专著。Because of her criticism of the government in Belarus, where press freedoms are under constant threat, Ms. Alexievich spent a decade in exile in Italy, France and Sweden, among other places. That time widened her horizons, she said, and helped her to “see the world in color.”在白俄罗斯,出版自由常年受到威胁。由于批评政府,阿列克谢耶维奇在意大利、法国和瑞典等地度过了十年的流放岁月。她说,这段时间拓宽了自己的视野,让她“见识了这个多的世界”。Yet for most of her life, Ms. Alexievich has lived in the Belarussian capital, Minsk. It is only by being there and speaking to people, she said, that she can express the realities of their lives. “How people actually live you can’t find that on the computer,she said Saturday.然而她人生的大部分时间还是在白俄罗斯的首都明斯克度过。她说,只有生活在那里,并与人们交谈,她才能够表现人们的现实生活。“人们的真实生活是怎样的,在电脑上可找不到,”星期六接受采访时,她说。Since 1994, her books have not been published in Belarus.994年起,她的书在白俄罗斯被禁止出版。Though she said she hoped that winning the Nobel Prize could mean expanded protection for her and other dissenting voices, Ms. Alexievich said she was less optimistic about whether the award could make a larger difference in political terms.尽管她说,她希望这一次获得诺贝尔奖能够帮助她与其他异见者获得更广泛的保护,但她也说,自己对这个奖在政治层面能否产生更大影响不甚乐观。“I’ve won a lot of international prizes, and that had no impact on our authorities, our government,she said.“我曾经获得过很多国际奖项,但我们的当局和政府完全没有受到影响,”她说。来 /201510/403301Jeb Bush, once the clear favourite for the Republican presidential nomination, was under huge pressure over his flagging campaign following a listless debate performance that has sparked near panic among his donors.杰布布什(Jeb Bush)原本是共和党总统候选人提名战的热门人选,但现在面临选战日渐落败的巨大压力,原因是他在辩论中的表现不够出色,让其捐赠者近乎感到恐慌。The former Florida governor was aly under fire from supporters for lagging behind Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon, Ben Carson, the retired brain surgeon, and Marco Rubio, the Cuban-American senator. His performance in Wednesday’s debate made them even more nervous. “Last night may well have been the negative tipping point,said a fundraiser.这位前佛罗里达州州长此前已受到持者的压力,因为他落后于房地产大亨唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)、退休脑外科医生本愠Ben Carson)和古巴裔美国人、参议员马可脠比Marco Rubio)。杰布在周三辩论的表现更加让他们不安。一位筹款人表示:“昨晚很可能是否决点。”The son and brother of two former presidents started 2015 as the frontrunner. He has raised record funds but his poll numbers have tumbled as outsider candidates have won over the party base. The debate in Colorado prompted some donors to rethink their support as they fret he may not be robust enough to lead amid a crowded field.杰布是前总统老布什的儿子,同时也是前总统小布什的兄弟,他在2015年年初处于领先位置。他筹得了创纪录的捐款,但随着外部候选人赢得党内基层的持,他的民调持率大幅下降。科罗拉多州的辩论促使一些捐赠者重新考虑他们的持,担心杰布可能不够强大,无法在人数众多的候选人当中脱颖而出。One banker who backed Mr Bush is now weighing giving money to Mr Rubio. “We need to take back the White House and I don’t think Bush can do it any more,he said. “He doesn’t look comfortable on the campaign trail and Rubio is starting to look like a natural.”一位曾持杰布的家现在正考虑将资金捐给鲁比奥。他说:“我们需要拿回白宫,我认为布什做不到这一点了。他在竞选过程中看起来不够自如,而鲁比奥开始展现领导天赋。”The struggles of a candidate from one of one of America’s most influential families have underlined how the race has been upturned by the frustration of Republicans with “politics-as-usual来自美国最有影响力的家族之一的候选人的困境突显出,这场竞赛是如何被共和党基层对于“政治上一切照旧”的郁闷而颠覆的。Mr Bush also spent about 86 per cent of his campaign funds in the third quarter, and yet remained in the middle of the pack in the polls.杰布在第三季度烧掉了86%的竞选资金,然而仍在民调中处于中间位置。来 /201511/407158

Ever since the radical totalitarians of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant erupted into the consciousness of the world, with their lightning surge from Syria into Iraq, they have been much examined with a mixture of horror and fascination.自从激进的极权主义组织“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)横空出世、肆虐叙利亚和伊拉克以来,人们一直带着恐惧和浓厚的兴趣来研究它。The ferocity of the fighters, switching between irregular and conventional warfare; the novelty of a jihadi group that is well armed, with self-sustaining funding and the ability to place itself at the head of a mass movement of disaffected Sunni; their acute media and propaganda skills alongside a sulphurous and savage sectarianism all these facets of Isis have been duly noted.人们充分注意到了ISIS的以下特点:它的战士极其残暴,在非常规和常规的战斗手段之间切换自如;与以往的圣战组织不同,ISIS装备精良、能够自己筹集满足组织发展所需的资金,能够当起逊尼派不满教众所发起的运动的领头羊;一方面善于利用媒体、宣传手段高明,另一方面信奉疯狂、野蛮的教派主义。What is under-examined is their political sophistication, which is gradually enabling them to damage the fragile cohesion of neighbouring states, giving them a reach beyond the swaths of territory they have grasped in Syria and Iraq.人们未能恰当地认识到的一点是,ISIS极富政治手腕,使得该组织能够逐步瓦解邻近国家之间脆弱的凝聚力,从而可以将影响力扩展到叙利亚和伊拉克它已经控制的区域以外。Isis is banging violently on the doors of its neighbours Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan to some extent, and maybe eventually Saudi Arabia. While it can be repulsed militarily, it can still rack up political advantage by sowing fear and exploiting divisions. It does not need to break the doors down, just wait for the faultlines to open on the other side.ISIS正在猛烈轰击邻近国家的国门——黎巴嫩、土耳其,某种程度上还包括约旦,最终可能还会包括沙特阿拉伯。尽管我们可以在军事上击退它,但它仍然能够通过播撒恐惧的种子、利用对手阵营内部的分歧获取政治优势。它无需击破别国的国门,只需等待对手内部产生裂痕、然后乘虚而入。“They seem to have everything,says a western official intimately involved in Syria and Iraq. He is referring not to the Koran or the hadith but to Mao Zedong and Frantz Fanon. Like previous iterations of jihadism, Isis may yet over-reach and self-destruct. For now, it is a sophisticated, lethal cocktail.一名熟悉叙利亚和伊拉克情况的西方官员表示:“他们好像什么都读过。”这位官员指的不止是《古兰经Koran)或圣训(hadith,即默罕默德言行录——译者注),还包括毛泽东和弗朗茨#8226;法农(Frantz Fanon)。像之前那些经历了兴衰的圣战主义组织一样,ISIS仍有可能扩张过度、自取灭亡。但就目前而言,它是个高明、具有致命威胁的组织。The siege of the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, for example, on the border with Turkey, is often described as strategic or symbolic. Yet there is no especial imperative why the warriors of the Isis caliphate should expend the lives of about 500 of their number to seize this particular stretch of Turkey’s 1,300km frontier with Syria and Iraq. They have turned Kobani into a symbol, but by attacking it they have driven a wedge between the neo-Islamist rulers of Turkey and their Kurdish minority.比如说,人们通常认为,ISIS围攻位于叙利亚与土耳其边境的库尔德城市科巴尼(Kobani,阿拉伯语称艾因阿拉伯)是出于战略考虑,或是这一举动具有象征意义。然而,土耳其与叙利亚和伊拉克的边境长300公里,ISIS并无紧迫的理由牺牲约500名战士的生命,非要夺取科巴尼所处的这段边境。ISIS让科巴尼成为一个象征,但通过攻打这个地方,他们也离间了土耳其的新伊斯兰主义执政者和库尔德少数民族之间的关系。In Lebanon, where wounds from its 1975-90 sectarian war are still livid, the spillover can be more direct. In August the jihadis burst through the Syrian border into the Sunni town of Arsal. Heavy fighting between the army and Sunni Islamist radicals continues in the city of Tripoli. The Lebanese army, in operational alignment with Hizbollah the Iran-backed Shia paramilitaries fighting for the Assad regime in Syria and holding the political ring at home seem able to cope. But this is at the cost of Sunni alienation, a political benefit for Isis.在黎巴嫩975年至1990年的教派战争留下的创伤仍在隐隐作痛,ISIS在这里的影响可能更加直接。ISIS月突破叙利亚边界线、打入以逊尼派为主的阿萨尔城(Arsal)。在的黎波里,军方与逊尼派伊斯兰极端分子之间的激战仍在持续。黎巴嫩军方在与得到伊朗持的什叶派准军事组织黎巴嫩真主Hizbollah)并肩作战,后者对外力挺阿萨德政权,对内有能力左右黎巴嫩国内的政治集团。联合作战的双方看上去能够掌控局面,但代价是疏远了逊尼派,这在政治上对ISIS有利。Isis will keep trying to link up with local radicals and their sympathisers among the millions of Sunni refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan where a notorious al-Qaeda spiritual guide, Abu Mohammed al-Makdisi , was arrested on Monday for incitement against the US-led “crusadercoalition against Isis that Jordan has now joined. Salafi fundamentalism has long incubated in Jordanian cities such as Zarqa and Maan, and helped spawn the precursor of Isis. “I’m not worried that Da’esh [an Arabic acronym for Isis] will break through our borders,says a leading businessman in Amman, “I’m worried about what’s aly inside them.”ISIS将继续设法联合地方极端分子,以及土耳其、黎巴嫩和约旦境内数百万逊尼派难民中的同情者。因为煽动民众反对美国领导的对抗ISIS的“十字军”联盟(约旦如今加入了这个联盟),臭名昭著的基地组织(al-Qaeda)“精神导师”阿#8226;穆罕默德#8226;马克迪西(Abu Mohammed al-Makdisi)不久前在约旦被捕。长期以来,萨原教旨主义在约旦的萨卡(Zarqa)、马Maan)等城市滋生,帮助育了ISIS的前身。“我们不担心Da’esh(ISIS的阿拉伯语缩写)会冲破我们的边界线,”约旦首都安曼的一名商业大亨表示,“我担心的是原本就存在于我们境内的东西。”Isis is conjuring from the Sunni sense of betrayal in Syria and dispossession in Iraq the fanciful idea that Sunni worldwide about 1.3bn of 1.6bn Muslims are in some way a victimised minority. Countering this narrative politically needs mainstream Sunni leadership. What we have instead is a west slipping back into its comfort zone of backing Sunni autocracies. Chief among those is Saudi Arabia, with which Isis shares Wahhabi doctrines such as that the Shia are idolatrous apostates, and which has filled the void of Sunni leadership with petrodollars and poisonous bigotry.在逊尼派看来,叙利亚背叛了教义,伊拉克逊尼派遭到强取豪夺,针对逊尼派的这种看法,ISIS提出了一个奇妙的观点:尽管全世界16亿穆斯林中有3亿为逊尼派,但逊尼派在某种程度上却是受到迫害的少数派。要在政治上驳斥这种说法,需要主流逊尼派发挥领导力。然而,西方眼下却退回了持逊尼派独裁政权的老路。其中最大的独裁政权就是沙特阿拉伯,它和ISIS都信仰瓦哈比(Wahhabi)教义,比如认为什叶派是盲信的背教者,沙特还用石油美元和有害的偏见填补了逊尼派领导权缺失留下的空癀?来 /201411/342272

There is no future for Jews in France as long as Europeans refuse to confront the tacit acceptance of violence by many of the continents Muslims.只要欧洲人一天拒绝面对他们对其大陆上众多穆斯林的暴力行径听之任之的态度,在法国的犹太人就没有未来。That an assault on Jews would follow an assault on cartoonists came as no surprise. Indeed, there was a grim, if not explicitly expressed, foreboding in the aftermath of Thursdays attacks on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo that the Jews would come next. For satirists and Jews are markers of modernity, and it is modernity that the Islamists who committed these heinous atrocities detest most. It was tragically fitting, then, that one of their first victims would have been Ahmed Merabet, a French Muslim police officer posted to guard the offices of Charlie Hebdo. Here, in one horrible act, was the beauty of Western coexistence and secularism over the 7th century hell these monsters want to drag us back: a Muslim police officer giving his life to protect cartoonists who had come under threat for mocking Islam.在对讽刺漫画家的袭击之后,对犹太人的袭击接踵而至毫不意外。事实上,即便没有明确的表明,在周四对法国讽刺新闻杂志查理周刊的袭击余波中就已经隐含着某种残酷的预示,犹太人将成为恐怖分子的下一个目标。因为讽刺作家和犹太人同为现代化的标识,而现代化恰恰是那些犯下这些可恶暴行的穆斯林们所最最厌恶的。而接下来,悲剧性的巧合是,在他们杀死的第一批受害者中,有一位正是被派去保护查理周刊的法国穆斯林警官默罕默德马拉比特。在这样一场一个穆斯林警察为了保护因讽刺伊斯兰教而受到威胁的漫画家们而献出生命的恐怖行动中,我们看到了西方共存主义和世俗主义之美,而这些恐怖主义禽兽想将我们拉回到7世纪时期的地狱中去。The Paris neighborhood of the Marais has long been home to both the citys vibrant gay and Orthodox Jewish communities. A resident of the Marais once playfully told me that, looking out his door every morning, he unfailingly sees “a heavily bearded man dressed in blackon one side and “a heavily bearded man dressed in tighter blackon another - the leather crowd at times indistinguishable from the ultra-religious one. Whatever their many differences, the two groups have co-existed peacefully for decades, lending the Marais a distinct charm and color. 巴黎玛莱附近的街区一直以来都是这座城市中充满活力的同性恋者和极端正统的犹太社团的聚集地。一位住在玛莱区的居民曾开玩笑的告诉我说,每天早上从他的门口向外看去,总能看见一个身着黑衣的大胡子男人在街的一边,而另一边则会看到一个同样身着黑衣的大胡子男人,只是他的黑衣是紧身- 在这里那些身着皮衣的同性恋们常常难以同那些极端虔诚的犹太教徒们区分开来。不管这两个团体之间存在着多少差异,他们在这一地区几十年来都一直和平相处,这也形成了玛莱区独特的魅力和色。Upon hearing about yesterdays events in Paris—the murder of four hostages at a kosher grocery and the subsequent shuttering of Jewish institutions across the city, the gory sequel to Thursdays slaughter of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo offices—my thoughts turned immediately to an evening last September when I was strolling through the Marais windy and narrow streets. I came across the Notre Dame de Nazareth synagogue, a grand, 19th century building constructed in the Moorish revival style that serves the citys Sephardic Jews, those who come from North Africa.听说了昨天发生在巴黎的事--一家犹太食品店名人质被害,随后城内的犹太机构关闭,周四查理周刊办公2名人员被害的血淋漓续集,我的思绪立即回到了去月份发生的一件事,当时我正漫步走过玛黑区狭窄而多风的街道,正好经过拿撒勒的圣母院教堂,这是一座建9世纪的尔式复古风格的大教堂,专为那些来自北非的西班牙系犹太人务。The rabbi happened to be walking out of the synagogue with his wife. After dispensing with the facts of my Jewish background and American citizenship, I promptly asked, ;Whats the situation?Our shared patrimony obviated any need for further elaboration; as a European Jew addressing an American one, he knew exactly at what I was aiming. ;There is no future for Jews in France,; he said.拉比正巧和他的妻子走出教堂。对我的犹太背景和美国国籍暂且不提,我脱口而问:“情况怎么样?”我们骨子里共同的东西不需要更多的言语解释,一名欧洲犹太人和一名美国人的对话心有灵犀,他对我的目的心知肚明:“在法国的犹太人没有未来,”他说。If the Rabbi is right, and I fear he is, than it means that there is no future for Jews in Europe. For France is home to the continents largest Jewish community, numbered at over half a million. But it is declining rapidly. Emigration to Israel from France doubled in 2014 from 3,400 to 7,000 people. According to Israels Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, the number of Jews leaving Western Europe for the Jewish State increased 88 percent last year. These numbers do not fully account for the Jewish flight from Europe, as significant numbers are leaving for America and other lands. This weeks events will surely lead to even higher rates of emigration.如果拉比说得没错的话,我恐怕他的意思应该是欧洲的犹太人没有未来。因为法国是欧洲大陆的最大犹太社区所在地,犹太人数超过了50万。但这个数字正在急剧下降。从法国移民到以色列的人014年比2013年数量增加了1倍,400人增加到000人。根据以色列移民吸收部的数据,去年离开西欧前往犹太国家的人口数量增加了88%。这些数字还不包括飞离欧洲的犹太人,因为大量犹太人去了美国和其它国家。本周的事件将导致移民比率的大幅增加It is hard to deal with a problem, however, when you studiously avoid naming it. This is a curious characteristic of Europes anti-Semitism predicament, in which too many are hesitant to identify victims and perpetrators, that is, when they even concede that such categories exist. Writing live from the hostage scene for the Jewish website Tablet yesterday, French journalist Marc Weitzmann noted that, ;On TV and on the radio up to this moment, no one—no one—is mentioning or discussing that the hostages are Jews. No one. Its strange.;当你故意避免提到某个问题时,问题更加难以解决。这是欧洲反犹太主义困境的一个令人好奇的特点,在这里太多人不愿意指出受害者和肇事者,即使他们承认这类人的存在。昨天为犹太网站Tablet现场报道人质现场的法国记者马克·威兹曼注意到:“至今电视和广播媒体没人,一个人也没有,提到或者议论说人质是犹太人。一个人也没有,这太奇怪了。Weitzmann then shared this chilling anecdote regarding the attack on Charlie Hebdo. ;I spoke to a person who teaches history in a high school in one of the suburban Cités,; Weitzmann wrote. ;He told me that this is a complete disaster. Teachers are afraid to mention the events. He told me that in his school, students are asking to debate the massacre—and they are justifying it. Thirteen-year-olds, 14-year-olds saying, You shouldnt insult the Prophet. The killing is justified.;威兹曼把关于这次袭击事件的令人心寒的故事分享到了《查理周刊》。“我与一名巴黎市郊的高中历史教师交谈过,”, 威兹曼写道:“他说这完全是一个灾难。教师们不敢提及这些事件。他告诉我在他所在的学校,学生们要求讨论屠杀事件,他们认为这是正当的3,4岁的孩子们都说,你们不能侮辱先知。屠杀是伸张正。”Rather than focus on alarming views that appear to be prevalent among young French Muslims, many in the media would rather talk about the inevitable “backlashthat Muslims will endure. Concomitant with nearly every story about jihadism in Europe is a warning about the far right taking political advantage of the situation.很多媒体人不是把焦点集中在年轻的法国穆斯林当中流行的一些令人堪忧的想法上,他们宁肯讨论穆斯林所要忍受的不可避免的“反击”在欧洲跟随每一次圣战后而来的都是对极右翼利用政治形势的警告。As if by rote, The New York Times could not help but insert early into its story about yesterdays terror that the events ;set off soul-searching about the integration of Muslims in Frances impoverished immigrant suburbs.; But it is not French assimilation policies (or the lack thereof) that are to blame for this weeks deadly acts. There are plenty of ;impoverished immigrants; all over the world who do not condone, never mind perpetrate, acts of violence over cartoons. And 72 peecent of French people, according to Pew Research, have a ;favorable; impression of Muslims, putting the lie to the claim that France is ;Islamophobic.;纽约时报在对昨天恐怖袭击的报道前面按部就班的插入道,这次事件引发了人们对于穆斯林在法国郊外贫困移民区的融合性问题的深思。但本周的致命事件并不应该归咎于法国的民族融合政策(或其缺乏)。世界各地有许多贫困移民,他们不会宽恕因漫画而引发的暴力行为,更别提他们自己会去做这样的事情了。根据Pew研究机构的调查,法国72%的民众表示对穆斯林仍;积极正面;的态度,这表明法国有“伊斯兰恐惧症”的说法是一个谎言。Whats responsible for this weeks murders in France is the same thing thats responsible for the murder of some 2,000 innocent people in Nigeria, and over 100 students in Peshawar: violent Islamism. It is an ideology that is to blame, an ideology that is embraced by millions of people, many of whom have no intention of committing violence against infidels, heretics and other enemies of the faith but nonetheless tacitly condone it. And it is this ideology—not a phantom neo-Nazism—that is driving todays Jews out of Europe.本周法国谋杀案的元凶与谋害尼日利亚近2000名无辜民众和白沙00多名学生的元凶相同:即暴力伊斯兰主义。因此我们要谴责的是一种意识形态,一种为千万民众所接受的意识形态,而接受的这些人中,大多数并无意对不信教者或异教徒或任何其信仰上得敌人施加暴力,相反他们选择默默地宽恕。将当今的犹太人一步步赶出欧洲的正是这样一种意识形态,而不是所谓的新纳粹主义幽灵;The Jewish community feels itself on the edge of a seething volcano,; says Shimon Samuels, the Paris-based Director of International Relations for the Simon Wiesenthal Center. ;A culture of excuse exonerates the perpetrators as disaffected, alienated, frustrated, unemployed. No other group of frustrated unemployed has resorted to such behavior. Until politicians and media define the problem as jidahism remote-controlled from mosques in France and not only the Middle-East the cancer will not be isolated and destroyed.;“犹太人社区感觉自己正坐在即将喷发的火山上,“西蒙·维森塔尔中心在巴黎的国际关系主任Shimon Samuels说。”宽恕的文化认为这些人是“愤愤不平的,被疏远的,失意的和失业的,所以才犯下了这些罪行。”但是其他失业的和失意的人群并没有诉诸这种暴力行为。除非政治家和媒体将这些问题定义为从法国清镇市里远程控制的圣战行为,不仅仅从中东进行远程控制,否则我们将无法隔绝和摧毁这个癌症。The longer this unwillingness to name and confront the problem goes on, the more succor well meaning elites inadvertently lend to those who would paint the worlds Muslims with one single, simple, bigoted, broad brush. Yes, extreme right parties like Frances National Front will likely benefit from the events of this week. But their rise has been fostered as much by the unwillingness of many mainstream politicians, on both left and right, to speak clearly about the challenges facing France on this front. This failure on the part of responsible political leaders has allowed irresponsible voices—like the National Fronts Marinne Le Pen—to fill the void.越是长时间的不去面对这些问题,那么善意的精英们就会在不经意间向那些抹黑全世界穆斯林的人提供更多的帮助。是的,像法国国民阵线这样的极端右翼团体可能会从本周的事件中获得好处。但是该团体的崛起在很大程度上还受到了很多主流政治家的持,因为这些主流政治家(不管是左翼还是右翼)不愿意就法国在这方面所遇到的问题发出清晰的声音。正是因为这些政治家没有发出自己的声音,所以才让不负责任的声音有了可乘之机,比如国民阵线的Marinne Le Pen。Things will get worse, before, or even if, they get better. ;Unfortunately, it looks like the calm before the storm,; the Wiesenthal Centers Samuels writes. As I the grim headlines from Paris, I was reminded of another encounter in another European city, Berlin, specifically at the Opernplatz where the Nazis staged one of their most infamous book burnings in 1933. One of the authors whose works they incinerated was the great German poet, Heinrich Heine, whose epigraph now lines a memorial marking this historically ominous event: ;That was but a prelude; where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as well.; And where they drive out and kill Jews, they will ultimately drive out and kill you, too.在事情好转之前局势可能会变得更糟.”不幸的这好像是暴风雨前的平静维森塔尔中心(一个为了纪念在第二次世界大战中被纳粹杀害的犹太人而成立的国际人权组织)的塞缪尔写道,当我看到巴黎的可怕的消息我想到发生在欧洲的另一个城市柏林的与此相似的的事情,1933就在柏林的倍倍尔广场纳粹上演了他最臭名昭著的焚书事海因里希.海涅是德国的一位伟大的诗人,也是作品被烧者中的一他的碑文现在是这件不幸的历史事件的纪念性标”这只是一个前哪里烧书的地最后也会烧人”并且在驱逐并杀害犹太人的地他们也会杀死你们。来 /201502/360420

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