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新坝锦屏镇板浦浦南镇治疗子宫肌瘤哪家医院最好的赣榆区人民医院妇科连云港海州区治疗不孕不育多少钱 In any other circumstances this charming childish doodle would have been stuck to the fridge by a proud parent.如果事情发生在其他情况下,这个可爱幼稚的涂鸦可能被父母自豪地贴在冰箱上。Unfortunately, however, this four-year-old artist decided to test his budding talents on his father#39;s passport while on a family trip to South Korea.然而不幸的是,这个四岁的小艺术家选择在他们一家去韩国旅游的时候,在他爸爸的护照上小试牛刀。The Chinese national is now stuck in the country after border officials failed to be impressed by his young son#39;s creative addition of people, animals, and a beard - all daubed in black felt tip - to the passport.这个中国家庭如今滞留在韩国,因为儿子用黑色水笔在护照上画满了各种人、动物还有胡须的涂鸦,海关官员无法辨认护照上的照片。It is understood that the problem arose when the man tried to board his plane back to China with the rest of his party.不用说,当爸爸带着一家准备登机回国的时候,麻烦来了。Thanks to his unrecognisable documentation, he was not allowed to pass through security and make it to his flight.由于他的护照难以辨认,他无法通过安检登机。Authorities have now told the father - known only as Chen - that it is likely he won’t be able to travel home with his son, and the rest of his family.目前只知道这位父亲姓陈。官方已经告诉了这位父亲,恐怕他不能带着儿子和其他家人回国了。The picture was originally posted on social networking site Weibo by the man, alongside a plea for help as to how he would be able to get home, Shanghaiist reports.据《上海人》报道,这张图片起初被父亲发在社交网站微上,并向网友求助如何才能回家。The drawing appears to include a cat, flowers and a few people like characters. The young artist has also drawn a beard and added some additional hair, sprouting from his father#39;s face.涂鸦中似乎有一只猫,几朵花,和一些人。这个小艺术家还在他爸爸的脸上画了胡须和更多的头发。 /201406/304601连云港市佳连医院中药科

连云港市赣榆区人民医院治疗妇科怎么样When smog descends on Beijing or other Asian cities, people rush to buy face masks.当雾霾降临到北京等亚洲城市的上空时,人们争相购买口罩。But how effective are the masks at filtering out tiny, harmful particles of pollution?可是,在过滤微小的有害颗粒物方面,这些口罩究竟有多少效果呢?The effectiveness varies tremendously, depending on factors like type, brand and fit. Simple, loosefitting masks do little to combat pollution, according to the ed States Food and Drug Administration, whereas more advanced, government-approved respirators that bind tightly to the wearer#39;s face can help but may be uncomfortable. More public education and research are urgently needed about face masks, health professionals say.基于类型、品牌和贴合度等因素,它们的有效性千差万别。美国食品与药品(ed States Food and Drug Administration)称,松垮地戴在脸上的简单口罩在对抗污染上起不到什么作用,而如果是获政府审批的更为先进的呼吸防护罩紧贴在面部,则能起到作用,但或许不太舒适。卫生领域的专业人士称,在口罩方面亟需加强公众教育与研究。;Consumers simply just don#39;t know which of those masks are the best,; Richard Saint Cyr, a physician in Beijing who writes a health column for the Chinese-language T Magazine once a month, said in an email. ;And some indeed may be worse than helpful if people are falsely reassured and spend more time outside using a mask which doesn#39;t work.;为纽约时报国际生活网站撰写月度健康专栏的圣西睿智医生(Richard Saint Cyr)在北京执业,他通过电子邮件接受采访称,“消费者对哪些口罩最好完全是一头雾水。有些的确是会帮倒忙,比如人们获得了错误的保,戴着不起作用的口罩在室外待更长的时间。”Many masks worn around Asia are simple surgical-type masks. But these are designed to prevent problems like splattering blood, not to block tiny particles, Benjamin Cowling, an associate professor of public health at the University of Hong Kong, said in an email. ;It is pretty common knowledge that surgical face masks have almost no filtration efficiency against pollutants,; he said.亚洲各地采用的许多口罩就是简单的医用口罩。香港大学公共卫生学副教授高本恩(Benjamin Cowling)在电子邮件中表示,这种口罩的设计用途是防止血液飞溅之类的问题,而不是阻挡细颗粒物。“医用口罩在过滤污染物方面几乎无效,这是很基本的常识,”他说。Surgical masks are made of polypropylene, according to Wallace Leung, director of the Research Institute of Innovative Products and Technologies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His tests found that at a standard airflow velocity, basic masks captured only 20 to 25 percent of tiny particles of 50 to 500 nanometers — a size common in diesel vehicles#39; exhaust. Such particles, less than 1 percent of the width of a human hair, are of particular concern because they can get buried deep in the lungs and end up in the bloodstream. The figures do not include any gap between the mask and the face that allows air to come in, further reducing efficiency香港理工大学创新产品与科技研究所所长梁焕方(Wallace Leung)称,医用口罩的材料是聚乙烯。他做的实验发现,在标准空气流速下,基本款的口罩只能过滤20%到25%直径在50到500纳米的细颗粒物。这种尺寸的颗粒物常见于柴油车尾气中,直径不到人体毛发的1%,因为能深入肺部进入血液循环而尤为令人担忧。这些数据还没有考虑口罩与面部之间漏气的情况,而这种空隙会进一步降低过滤效率。;What it means is, if you wear a face mask, you get 75 to 80 percent into the body,; Dr. Leung said. ;So that#39;s not good.;“这就意味着,如果戴的是一般口罩,就会有75%到80%进入人体,”梁士说。“所以情况不太妙。”A better bet, experts say, are respirators that guard against at least 95 percent of small particles. Sometimes known as N95 respirators, they use thick layers of polypropylene, according to Dr. Leung, and are designed to fit tightly to the face. In the ed States, such masks get tested by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and must be shown to keep out at least 95 percent of all tiny airborne particles to gain approval. They are often used by industrial workers and are generally disposable.专家们表示,更好的选择是能阻挡至少95%细颗粒物的呼吸防护罩。这种产品有时被命名为N95防护罩,梁士说它由厚厚的多层聚乙烯制成,采用紧贴面部的设计。在美国,此类面罩接受国家职业安全与卫生研究所(National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)的检测,要想过关必须明能过滤空气中至少95%的细颗粒物。它们常被工业工人使用,基本是一次性用品。One widely sought-after brand is 3M. The Minnesota-based company recently announced that it would invest million in a Singapore plant to increase production of its N95 respirators by 70 percent.一个广受欢迎的品牌叫3M,厂家的总部位于明尼苏达州。公司最近宣布,将投资1500万美元(约合9300万元人民币)在新加坡新建一座工厂,从而把N95防护罩的产量提升70%。;We definitely are seeing an increase in sales for respiratory protection; for use in China and elsewhere in Asia during hazy conditions, said Nikki McCullough, the technical manager for 3M#39;s personal safety division. The company said the price for its disposable respirators ranges from 30 cents to .70.3M个人安全部门的技术经理尼基·麦卡洛(Nikki McCullough)称,在中国等亚洲国家,由于人们在雾霾天气里要保护呼吸系统,“我们明显发现相关防护产品的销量增加了”。该公司称自己生产的一次性呼吸防护罩的价钱从30美分到6.7美元不等。The respirators block particles in a number of ways as the airflow encounters layered fibers. But respirators that guard against small particles can make it more challenging to breathe. That is especially true for people with heart or lung problems, said Tze-wai Wong, a research professor at the School of Public Health and Primary Care at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.随着气流经过层状纤维,呼吸防护罩会以多种方式阻挡颗粒物。不过,能阻挡细颗粒物的呼吸防护罩可能会让呼吸变得更困难。香港中文大学公共卫生及基层医疗学院(School of Public Health and Primary Care at the Chinese University of Hong Kong)的黄子惠(Tze-wai Wong)教授表示,对有心肺问题的人群尤其如此。To improve breathability and increase filtering efficiency at the same time, Dr. Leung of Hong Kong Polytechnic University wants to create masks and respirators that use multiple layers of nanofibers. He received a ed States patent last year, and ;a number of companies have approached us,; he said.为了改善透气性,同时增强过滤效率,香港理工大学的梁士想发明出使用多层纳米纤维的口罩和呼吸防护罩。去年,他在美国获得了一项专利。“已经有多家公司跟我们接洽了,”他说。Another issue is that while N95 respirators guard against small particles, they do not combat another form of traffic-related pollution: gases like nitrogen oxides or volatile organic compounds.另一个问题是,尽管N95防护罩能阻挡细颗粒物,它们却无法抵御另一种与交通有关的污染:像氮氧化物这样的气体或挥发性有机化合物。Some companies have created cartridges that can connect to certain respirators to block some gases. But they are expensive and cumbersome — and, Dr. Leung said, not a good choice for the public in Asia.一些企业已经研制出了能和特定的呼吸防护罩相连以阻挡部分气体的滤芯。但它们很贵,而且很笨重。梁士说,对亚洲的民众而言,它们不是很好的选择。Dr. Leung hopes to create a system that uses sunlight and oxygen to turn nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds into ;harmless substances, like carbon dioxide or water.; Eventually, he hopes to be able to join it to a regular, particle-filtering respirator.梁士希望能制造一个用阳光和氧气,将氮氧化物和挥发性有机污染物变成“像二氧化碳或水那样的无害物质”的系统。他希望最终能把这个系统加进过滤颗粒物的常规呼吸防护罩中。More testing of existing brands of masks and respirators should be a priority, Dr. Saint Cyr said.圣西睿智表示,首要的应该是对现有的口罩和呼吸防护罩品牌进行更多的检测。Aided by his blog, Dr. Saint Cyr is trying to organize independent testing for 40 brands that are commonly available in China. But he recently put the project on hold, citing the need to gain academic and scientific backing for the project.通过自己的客,圣西睿智正试图组织对中国常见的40个品牌进行独立检验。但前不久,他搁置了这个项目,理由是必须让这个项目有学术依据和科学依据。;I feel it#39;s very important to warn people against masks that don#39;t work, as well as to tell them which work well,; Dr. Saint Cyr said, adding that research is also needed on household air-purifying machines.“我觉得提醒人们有些口罩不起作用,并告诉他们哪些口罩效果好很重要,”圣西睿智说。他还表示,也需要对家用空气净化器进行研究。Dr. Wong said that one low-tech method of combating air pollution might also be the most effective — encouraging people not to go jogging or engage in other strenuous activities during times of heavy smog. The goal, he said, is ;really to try to change the behavior of people on high-pollution days.”黄子惠表示,对付空气污染的一种科技含量很低的方法可能也是最有效的,那就是建议人们不要在烟雾浓重的时候跑步或进行其他剧烈运动。他说,目的“实际上是试着改变人们在高污染天气中的行为”。 /201410/335708连云港东海医院中药科 If I ask you what constitutes ;bad; eating, the kind that leads to obesity and a variety of connected diseases, you#39;re likely to answer, ;Salt, fat and sugar.; This trilogy of evil has been drilled into us for decades, yet that#39;s not an adequate answer.如果我问你,什么构成“不良”饮食,你可能会回答那些导致肥胖和各种相关疾病的东西,“盐、脂肪和糖。”这个邪恶三剑客已经困扰我们几十年了。但这个并不充分。We don#39;t know everything about the dietary links to chronic disease, but the best-qualified people argue that real food is more likely to promote health and less likely to cause disease than hyperprocessed food. And we can further refine that message: Minimally processed plants should dominate our diets. (This isn#39;t just me saying this; the Institute of Medicine and the Department of Agriculture agree.)我们对饮食和慢性病的关系还有很多不了解的地方,但是在这个问题上最有发言权的人说,相比经过高度加工的食品,真正的食物对健康更有利,不容易导致疾病。我们还可以进一步提炼这一要旨:我们的饮食主体,应该是经过极少加工的植物。(这话不只是我在说;美国国家医学院[Institute of Medicine]和农业部[Department of Agriculture]都是认同的。)And yet we#39;re in the middle of a public health emergency that isn#39;t being taken seriously enough. We should make it a national priority to create two new programs, a research program to determine precisely what causes diet-related chronic illnesses (on top of the list is ;Just how bad is sugar?;), and a program that will get this single, simple message across: Eat Real Food.然而我们正在面临一个公共健康的紧急状况,并且没有给予足够的重视。我们应该设立两个新项目,这应该是国家的头等大事,一个是研究项目,要准确地判定是什么导致饮食相关的慢性病(其中最首要的问题是,“糖到底有多糟糕?”),另一个项目是要传播一个简单的讯息:吃真正的食物。Real food solves the salt/fat/sugar problem. Yes, excess salt may cause or exacerbate high blood pressure, and lowering sodium intake in people with high blood pressure helps. But salt is only one of several risk factors in developing high blood pressure, and those who eat a diverse diet and few processed foods — which supply more than 80 percent of the sodium in typical American diets — need not worry about salt intake.真正的食物能解决盐/脂肪/糖的问题。是的,过多的盐会导致或加剧高血压,减少钠的摄入对高血压人群是有益的。但盐只是导致高血压的几个风险因素之一,而且那些饮食种类多样、很少食用加工食品的人,不需要操心盐摄入的问题——典型的美式日常饮食中,80%以上的钠来自加工食品。;Fat; is a loaded word and a complicated topic, and the jury is still out. Most naturally occurring fats are probably essential, but too much of some fats — and, again, it may be the industrially produced fats used in hyperprocessed foods — seems harmful. Eat real food and your fat intake will probably be fine.“脂肪”是个含义丰富的词,也是个错综复杂的话题,至今仍悬而未决。多数自然产生的脂肪可能都是必要的,但某些类脂肪——同样,可能是那些高度加工的食品中使用的工业方法生产的脂肪——过多似乎是有害的。吃真正的食物,你的脂肪摄入大概就不会有问题。;Sugar; has come to represent (or it should) the entire group of processed, nutritionally worthless caloric sweeteners, including table sugar, high fructose corn syrup and so-called healthy alternatives like agave syrup, brown rice syrup, reduced fruit juice and a dozen others.“糖”已经成为(或者说应该成为)整整一类经加工、无营养、高热量的甜味料的代称,包括食糖、高果糖玉米糖浆以及一些号称健康的代糖,比如龙舌兰糖浆、糙米糖浆、浓缩果汁等等。All appear to be damaging because they#39;re added sugars, as opposed to naturally occurring ones, like those in actual fruit, which are not problematic. And although added fructose may be more harmful than the others, it could also be that those highly refined carbohydrates that our bodies rapidly break down to sugar — white b, for example — are equally unhealthy. Again: These are hyperprocessed foods.这些似乎都是有害的,因为它们是添加糖,和天然的糖不一样,比如,在真正的水果中的糖是没问题的。添加果糖可能比其他形式更糟,但是精制碳水化合物在体内可以迅速分解为糖,比如白面包,可能对健康一样没好处。同样:这些都是高度加工食品。In sum: Sugar is not the enemy, or not the only enemy. The enemy is hyperprocessed food, including sugar.总而言之:糖不是敌人,或者说不是唯一的敌人。真正的敌人是高度加工食品,包括糖。In the ed States — the world#39;s most obese country — the most recent number for the annual cost of obesity is close to 0 billion. (Obesity-related costs are incalculable but could easily exceed trillion annually. Wanna balance the budget? Eat real food.) The amount the National Institutes of Health expends for obesity-related research is less than billion annually, and there is no single large, convincing study (and no small study will do) that proposes to solve the underlying causes of obesity. If the solution were as simple as ;salt, fat, sugar; or the increasingly absurd-sounding ;calories in, calories out,; surely we#39;d have made some progress by now.在美国这个全球最肥胖的国度里,最新数据显示每年在肥胖问题上的花销达到2000亿美元(约合1.2万亿元人民币)。(肥胖相关的出无法计算,但每年超过1万亿美元应该不成问题。想财政收平衡?吃真正的食物。)国家医学院每年用在肥胖相关研究上的经费不到10亿美元,而且没有一个有说力的大型研究(在这个问题上小型研究是没用的)能提出解决肥胖潜在成因的办法。如果解决方案就“盐、脂肪、糖”这么简单,或者是那个越听越荒唐的“卡路里进,卡路里出”(calories in, calories out),我们现在应该已经有一些进展才对。We know that eating real food is a general solution, but a large part of our dietary problems might stem from something as simple as the skyrocketing and almost unavoidable consumption of caloric sweeteners and/or hyperprocessed carbs, which are in 80 percent of our food products.我们知道,吃真正的食物只是一个笼统的解决办法,但我们的饮食问题,可能在相当程度上是源于高热量甜味料和(或)高度加工碳水化合物的摄入,而这两者在我们的饮食中几乎是不可避免的,且摄入量在飞涨。在我们的食物产品中,有80%含有这些东西。Or it could be those factors in tandem with others, like the degradation of our internal networks of bacteria, which in turn could be caused by the overuse of antibiotics or other environmental issues. Or it could be even more complex.或者也有可能是和其他因素共同作用的,比如我们体内的细菌网络在退化,而这个问题本身可能是过量使用抗生素或其他环境问题造成的。或者可能比这还要更复杂。The point is we need to know for certain, because until we have an actual smoking gun, it#39;s difficult to persuade lawmakers to enact needed policies. (Smoking gun studies are difficult in the diet world, but throwing up our hands in the face of complexity serves the interests of processed-food pushers.) Look no further than the example of tobacco.关键在于我们需要有确凿的了解,因为只有攥着如山的铁,才有可能说议员们去实施必要的政策。(在饮食的领域,寻找铁是很困难的,但是如果我们被这些困难吓倒,那就是正中加工食品贩子下怀了。)这方面只需要看看烟草的前车之鉴。Meanwhile, if we had to pick one target in the interim, caloric sweeteners are unquestionably it; they#39;re well correlated with weight gain (and their reduction equally well correlated with weight loss), Type 2 diabetes and many other problems. How to limit the intake of sugar? A soda tax is a start, proper labeling would be helpful, and — quite possibly most important, because it#39;s going to take us a generation or two to get out of this mess — restrictions on marketing sweet ;food; to children.与此同时,如果我们在此期间一定要找一个目标,毫无疑问应该是高热量甜味剂;它们跟体重增加、II型糖尿病等等问题是有明显关联的(而减少摄入也明显和体重下降有关)。如何限制糖的摄入?首先可以征收汽水税,进行妥善标注也是有帮助的,此外还有限制向儿童推销甜的“食物”——这很有可能是最重要的,因为要走出这片泥沼需要一代甚至两代人的时间。There#39;s no reason to delay action on those kinds of moves. But let#39;s get the science straight so that firm, convincing, sound, evenhanded recommendations can be made based on the best possible evidence. And meanwhile, let#39;s also get the simple message straight: It#39;s ;Eat Real Food.;这些举措都没有理由再拖了。但是让我们先从科学入手,找到尽可能充分的据,得出坚实、可信、明智、公正的建议。同时,我们还要明确传达一个要旨,那就是“吃真正的食物”。 /201409/326499海州幸福路朐阳洪门街道私密整形多少钱

徐圩新区治疗肛门疣病多少钱When Joshua Blue, a vice principal at the Kennedy School in Hong Kong, hosts an assembly for his students, he wears a light violet-coloured pastel tie to give him an edge.坚尼地小学(Kennedy School)的副校长约书亚·布卢(Joshua Blue)在给学生讲话时,一条粉紫色领带给他增色不少。The bluish-purple tie is “colourful yet muted”, he said, which Blue believes keeps students from being as bored when listening. On the other hand, he avoids brighter purples and pinks when standing up in front of students.布卢说,紫中带蓝的领带“多而柔和”。他觉得这能让学生听他说话时,不至于想打瞌睡。另外,在学生面前发言,他不会选择亮紫色和粉色领带。“You don’t want so many bright colours that the kids will get distracted, ” said Blue, 35.“不要用太多的亮色,这会让孩子们分心,”35岁的布卢说。It might sound a bit like hocus pocus, but experts say that no matter the audience — clients, staff or even children — picking the right tie colour can help get your message across.这听起来可能有点荒唐,但专家说,不管是观众——顾客,员工甚至是孩子——挑对了领带颜色能帮你传信达意。“Colours give off very specific signals, ” said David Zyla, New York-based author of Color Your Style. “The same suit can be transformed with different tie colours, each with a very different impact and message.”写了《用颜色秀出你的风格》(Color Your Style)的纽约作家大卫·兹拉(David Zyla)说:“颜色会传递特定的讯息”。他还表示:“不同的领带颜色让每一件西装看上去都与众不同,每一种颜色都会产生不同的影响,传递不同的讯息。”Wondering what colour tie to wear to your next meeting? Here’s how to choose the perfect tie colour for every occasion:在想下一次开会要系什么颜色的领带?下面的小贴士能帮你选出匹配每个场合的最佳领带。All powerful reds万能的红色It’s not a coincidence that many politicians wear red-coloured ties with light shirts and darker suits.很多政治家都热衷系红色领带,穿浅色衬衫和深色西装,这并不是巧合。“Red is the power tie, ” said Mark Woodman, a trend analyst who studies colour in Laurel, Maryland, in the US. “There’s something about red that always comes back to strength and passion.”“红色领带象征权力,”美国马里兰州劳雷尔市(Laurel)研究色的潮流分析师马克·伍德曼(Mark Woodman)说,“谈及红色,总绕不开力量和。”But the tone of your reds matters, too. Darker reds, such as a burgundy, can help build trust, while lighter red and pink ties can be more of a statement about your personal style and be associated with creativity. In the last decade, a pink tie can sometimes signal “solidarity with women, ” added Woodman.但红色的色调也很重要。深红色,比如酒红,能帮你树立威信,而浅红和粉红色领带则更多彰显的是你的个人风格,与创造力挂钩。近十年,粉色领带有时也表示“团结女性”,伍德曼补充道。When you are taking the lead on a project or want to convey a sense of ambition, consider a bold shiny red. A matte or printed red tie can be a more subtle way to convey power.如果你在带一个项目,或想彰显你的雄心,可以考虑一下大胆的鲜红色。麻面或印花红领带能低调地展现权力。Royal purples贵族紫Ross Znavor, an executive in financial services in New York, wears purple ties rather than red to business meetings because the colour shows a bit of self-confidence and helps him create lasting first impressions.在纽约一家金融公司工作的高管罗斯·基纳尔(Ross Znavor)参加商务会议时,系紫色而不是红色的领带,因为他觉得紫色能显示自信,帮他留下持久的第一印象。Wearing a tie in a hue that’s less traditional shows clients, he is “comfortable in my own skin and someone with whom you want to build a relationship”, he said.见客户时,系一条不那么常见颜色的领带,说明这个人“大方自信,也让你想和他建立联系”,他说。Lindsay said purple, traditionally a sign of royalty and wealth, is becoming more acceptable in the workplace.琳赛(Linsay)说,传统意义上,紫色是贵族和财富的象征,现如今越来越为办公室所接受。“Men are wearing shades of lighter purple shirts and darker purple ties, ” she said. Wear one of these shades if you want to stand out from the crowd with a slightly bolder look that’s not distracting.“眼下男士开始穿浅紫衬衫,系深紫领带,”她说。如果你想脱颖而出,用一点大胆色调搭配这些领带也无妨。Black affair高贵冷艳的黑色While you might not wear them to executive meetings on a regular basis, wearing black ties to a cocktail party or even an upscale dinner gives off a sophisticated vibe, said Zyla.兹拉说,你可能平时不会系黑领带去参加高管会议,但它绝对是鸡尾酒会和高级晚宴的好伴侣,系上它,一种高大上的感觉油然而生。But beware: the formal black colour can feel arrogant or overdressed in many situations. “Avoid it if being one of the ‘boys’ at work is necessary as you climb up the ladder, ” Zyla said.但注意了:在很多场合,黑色会给人一种傲慢嚣张或过度装扮的感觉。兹拉说:“如果你还只是办公室‘小弟’,那你在往上爬的过程中要小心避免这一点。”It’s often smarter to stick to grey shades, added Woodman. A grey tie can help give you a more sophisticated look without seeming pretentious, said Woodman.伍德曼补充说,灰色是更为明智的选择。灰色领带能让你看上去老练却不做作。“Grey is kind of edgy and it can look very modern, ” he said. To pull it off, pair it with a lighter, pastel-coluored shirt. Look for lighter grey shades and shiny finish for a more polished look.他说:“灰色看上去略显精明又不失时尚感,”要想穿出范儿,一件淡色衬衫绝对少不了。如果想要看上去更加光熠熠,除了一条浅灰色领带,亮色处理必不可少。Shades of the garden花园色Green can signal several things, from rebirth to the colour of money in some countries. But, surprisingly, it can be too loud for the workplace.绿色会传递一些讯息,从再生到一些国家的钞票颜色。但,小心了,绿色在办公室可是很扎眼的。“Do you want to be remembered for the tie or who you are as an individual?, ” Woodman asked. Choosing the right green can be tough. A bright green is often too distracting, and it can also be difficult to find matching suits or shirts, he added. Still, a light green tie with a subtle print can pair well with a neutral-coloured shirt.伍德曼问道:“你是想因为领带而被人记住,还是想因为自己本身而被人记住?”他还表示,选个合适的绿色还真不容易。亮绿色通常太扎眼,想找个西或者衬衫搭配也困难。但是,一条浅印花的淡绿领带和一件素色衬衫堪称是完美组合。Yellow is a traditional tie colour in countries, including England, which can signal assuredness, along with radiance and vitality, he said.他说,在很多国家,包括在英国,黄色是传统的领带色。它给人一种自信、活力的跃动感。Yellow ties can make you more approachable to colleagues because it’s a vibrant colour that’s symbolic of the sun. For many, wearing a yellow tie, “can show optimism and a positive outlook on life, ” added Eve Roth Lindsay, an image consultant in Hong Kong.黄色会让你在同事中更具亲和力,因为它代表了活力,是太阳的象征。对很多人来说,系黄色领带“显示了对积极向上的生活观”,香港的形象顾问伊芙·罗斯琳赛(Eve Roth Lindsay)补充道。Be careful of committing cultural faux pas when it comes to colour. For example, a yellow tie in India can signal that someone is a merchant, said Zyla. Wearing a white tie in China signals a period of mourning.兹拉说,在颜色选择上,要注意避免文化失误。比如,在印度,黄色领带可以说明这个人是个商人。在中国,白领带是悼念的时候系的。Fifty shades of... blue一半的……蓝色Afraid of sending the wrong message with your tie colour? Consider blue as the all-purpose tie hue.担心领带颜色让人误解?考虑一下最保险的蓝色吧。Blue ties are a good investment because the colour reminds people of the sky and ocean, which has a calming effect, said Lindsay.琳赛说,蓝色领带值得购买,因为它让人想到蓝天大海,有心平气和之效。“Blue is the safest colour to wear, ” she said.“蓝色是最保险的颜色,”她说。Patterned blue ties tend to give off a classic professional feel and can be worn in a global business environment without sending the wrong message. A subtle blue can be “soft and introspective” while a cobalt or royal blue can help you stand out just the right amount, she said. “Dark blues are often reminiscent of well-respected pilot uniforms. Navy blue is a trusted colour and gives us confidence, ” Lindsay said.她说,印花蓝领带释放一种经典又不失专业的感觉,系上它出席国际商业会晤,也无须担心传递错误讯息。浅蓝会给人一种“柔和内敛”之感,而钴蓝色和宝蓝色在助你成为焦点的同时,又不会给人过分张扬的错觉。琳赛表示:“深蓝常与让人肃然起敬的飞行员制挂钩。藏青色可以放心使用,它能给人自信。”Be one with nature自然色“A more relaxed wardrobe of friendlier colours such as tan, brown, earthy colours, salmon and yellow works for people dealing with other people such as sales, teachers and the service industry, ” said Lindsay.琳赛说:“那些和销售、老师、务业人员打交道的人,可以选择一些更为轻松的色调,比如棕褐色。棕色、大地色、橙红色和黄色。”Make sure the brown tie does not look too plain, because it can signal a dull personality. A beige tie can sometimes come across as too relaxed, she said. Avoid pairing earth tone hues with similarly coloured shirts. And if you are eager for a promotion and want to stand out in the workplace, skip these colours altogether.她说,确保你的棕色领带看上去不会太普通,不然这会让人觉得你很无趣。米黄色领带有时会让人觉得过于随意。系了大地色领带就不要再穿颜色一样的衬衫了,如果你很想升职,想在办公室脱颖而出,那碰都别碰这些颜色了。 /201409/328351 Selfies have become ubiquitous over the past few years, with everyone from pop stars to the president of the ed States jumping on the bandwagon - but turns out the photo craze is at least a century old.近年来,“自拍”成了风靡全球的时尚。从流行歌手到美国总统,不一而足,都加入了这一潮流。但“自拍热”至少一个世纪前就已经有了。Writer and photographer Tom Byron has shared with the Internet community a handful of `selfies` taken by his great-grandfather dating back to 1909.作家兼摄影师汤姆·拜伦在网络社区上分享了几张自己曾祖父的“自拍照”。这些照片拍摄于1909年,已逾百岁。Unlike today`s compact smartphones and slender tablets, taking a selfie a hundred years ago was a complicated task that required the photographer to hold a large, boxy apparatus in front of him.不同于今天便携的智能手机和轻薄的平板电脑,百年前的“自拍”是一项繁琐的工程:你必须在面前举着一个大盒子一样的设备。The resulting images appeared disordered and out of proportion, similar to a reflection in a fun-house mirror.举着早期照相机拍出来的自拍照看起来有些不协调,与人的身体并不相称,有点类似哈哈镜的镜像。In the prints aged by time, Mr Byron Clayton, a bespectacled, moustached gentleman, is depicted smiling for the camera in his hand alongside his friends all dressed in impeccable suits and bowler hats.在这张标有时间的自拍照上,拜伦·克莱顿先生就是那位戴着眼镜、蓄着胡须的绅士。照片上的拜伦·克莱顿先生面带微笑地举着照相机,和他的朋友们一起,穿着得体的西装,戴着圆顶礼帽。Joseph Byron Clayton died in 1923, after which his son took over the Byron Company and continued to run it successfully until the middle of World War II, when business experienced a downturn and the company closed for good in October 1942.约瑟夫·拜伦·克莱顿先生于1923年离世,之后他的儿子继承了拜伦公司(摄影公司)并经营了下去。直到二次大战中期,公司面临萧条,于1942年10月永久关闭。Tom Byron, a married father of three, who earned several college degrees in economics, followed in his ancestors’ footsteps, working as a photographer until 2010, when he retired.汤姆·拜伦现在是三个孩子的父亲,他拿了好几个经济学文凭,但还是追随了自己祖辈的足迹。他一直是一名摄影师,直到2010年退休。 /201402/276503东海县妇科疾病哪家医院最好的连云港海州区引产多少钱



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