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新疆省第一人民医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱新疆美白针的价格Mike: Wow! Theres so much fresh produce here. Half of it looks like it was growing in the fields this morning.迈克:哇!这里有这么多的新鲜农产品。有半数看起来就像是今早在地里刚生长出来的一样。Amanda: Look at those carrots. They still have mud caked all over them. I wish I could grow stuff, but Ive never had much of a green thumb.阿曼达:看看那些胡萝卜。上面还带着泥巴呢。我希望我也能种些东西,但我从来都不是个园艺高手。Mike: Taiwans subtropical climate is perfect for cultivating all kinds of fruit and vegetables. You can get things that grow in Europe, like apples and pears, and also more exotic fruits, such as pineapples, bananas and durian. A smorgasbord of delights!迈克:台湾属亚热带气候,最适合种植各种水果和蔬菜。在台湾,你可以买到欧洲生长的水果,像苹果和梨,还有其它的异国水果,比如菠萝、香蕉和榴莲。你可以开心地品尝自助美食!Amanda: Have you set your sights on anything, or shall we just wander around and be spontaneous?阿曼达:你有没有固定目标?或者我们只是四处逛逛?Mike: To be honest, Im tempted by everything I see. Ive never seen so many people hawking their wares. Its not only food thats on offer, theres clothing, flowers, toys, incense, even old-man style vests and pajamas.迈克:说实话,我看到的一切都让我动心。我从来没有见过这么多的人兜售他们的商品。不仅有食品,还有装、鲜花、玩具、熏香,甚至还有老年人的背心和睡衣。Amanda: Look at that guy selling batteries. Hes got every single size. Looks like hes cornered the market on that product.阿曼达:看那个卖电池的家伙。每个型号的电池他都有。就像他垄断了该产品的市场。Mike: Maybe if you buy two packets hell give you one for free. You should practice your bargaining skills if were going to India next year.迈克:也许如果你买了两包,他会免费送你一个。如果我们打算明年去印度的话,你应该练习一下你的砍价技巧。Amanda: Im too exhausted. Lets just grab some snacks and call it a day. 阿曼达:我太累了。我们买点小吃然后打道回府吧。201203/175686阿拉尔治黄褐斑多少钱 Business商业Trademark bullying商标欺诈Shut your kale-hole闭上你的臭嘴Whats in a name, anyway?无论如何,商标中能有什么呢?CHICK-FIL-A sells an average of nine sandwiches per second at its roughly 1,600 restaurants.托莱多的约1600家餐厅每秒平均卖出9个三明治。Bo Muller-Moore paints T-shirts in the garage next to his house in Montpelier, Vermont.家在蒙彼利埃(美国佛蒙特州首府)的Bo Muller-Moore在其车库里染印T恤衫。In 2011 Chick-fil-As sales were more than billion; Mr Muller-Moore (pictured) estimates that his were ,000.托莱多2001年的销售额超过40亿美元;而Muller-Moore估计其销售额仅有40000美元。Nonetheless, the slogan screened on his shirts-;Eat More Kale;, initially made in 2001 as a favour for a local farmer, whose kale crop had a bumper year-caught the humourless eyes of Chick-fil-As lawyers.尽管如此, Muller-Moore染印在T恤衫上的短语;Eat More Kale;还是为托莱多无趣的律师们所关注。They had sent him a cease-and-desist letter in 2006, claiming his slogan was too close to their clients ;Eat Mor Chikin;.他们向Muller-Moore发出了;勒令停止通知函;,声称Muller-Moore的宣传语同托莱多的宣传语;Eat Mor Chikin;意思太相近。Really?事实真是如此吗?The letter does not cite a single person whom the slogan has confused.信函并未列举出任何一个为此宣传语—Eat More Kale所误导的人。Besides, one entity sells food, the other clothing; only the profoundly stoned or deranged would try to eat a T-shirt or wear a chicken sandwich.此外,他们一个是卖快餐的,另一个是卖衣的;只有那些酩酊大醉、精神错乱的人才会吃T恤衫或者穿鸡肉三明治。But Mr Muller-Moore is not the only small entrepreneur to have caught the attention of a big firms trademark hawks.然而,Muller-Moore先生并非唯一一个受到大型企业商标权恐吓的私营业主。In the company that makes Monster energy drinks demanded that Vermonts Rock Art Brewery stop calling its barley wine ;Vermonster;.在年,生产怪物能量饮料的公司要求福蒙特州的啤酒厂Rock Art停止使用;Vermonster;作为其高酒精啤酒的名称。Last year Tootsie Roll Industries, which makes chewy sweets, filed suit against the maker of a roll-up shoe called Footzyrolls.去年,生产咀嚼软糖的小脚趾圈公司对生产roll-up shoe的厂商Footzyrolls提起诉讼。And in The North Face, an outdoor-clothing company, sued a much smaller clothing company that had decided to call itself The South Butt.在年,户外装公司The North Face对一个非常小的装公司提起诉讼,因为其自称The South Butt。Chick-fil-A insists it has to protect its trademark.托莱多声称要坚决保护它的商标。But its idea of self-defence looks to others like bullying.然而,这一行为对于其他人来说更像恐吓、威胁。The firm is protecting its trademark not from a crafty restaurateur hoping to piggyback on its fame, but from a kale farmer and a ;Neolithic stencil-artist; in Vermont.它所谓的商标侵权者不是借其名声的狡猾的餐馆老板,而是风蒙特州的一个种植羽衣甘蓝的农民和一个民间模板艺术家。Also, Chick-fil-A seems to be claiming ownership of the phrase ;eat more;, which is a bit greedy.而且,托莱多似乎宣称其是;eat more;词组的所有者。这一行为显得太贪婪了。Mr Muller-Moore is fighting back. He has taken his campaign to Facebook and Kickstarter, where he and a co-producer are trying to raise funds for a documentary called ;A Defiant Dude;.Muller-Moore先生对托莱多的起诉予以回击。他同其合伙人在Facebook和Kickstarter试图为一个名为;野蛮的家伙;的纪录片募集资金。Rock Art Brewery similarly defended itself, not in a court of law, where deep-pocketed corporations enjoy an enormous advantage, but in the court of public opinion.Rock Art啤酒厂同样予以反击,不是在;自古衙门朝南开,有理无钱莫进来;的法庭,而是在公众舆论的平台。It worked.这一方式奏效了。After boycotts and negative publicity, Monsters makers agreed to drop the matter provided that Rock Art did not start making energy drinks.在收到抵制和负面的名声影响后,怪物饮料生产商同意撤销诉讼,条件是Rock Art不在生产能量饮料。Mr Muller-Moore claims to have received thousands of supportive letters.Muller-Moore先生声称收到了无数的声援信。Hundreds of people have pledged to fund his film.许多人对其给予了资金援助。Chick-fil-A may end up eating more crow.托莱多最终可能会以失败告终。 /201210/206156哈密市激光脱毛多少钱

乌鲁木齐县自体脂肪移植隆胸价格Today Emc^2 is Einsteins most famous equation but another thoery he published the same year is more important and more controversial ,今天Emc^2是爱因斯坦最著名的方程式,但另一个他同年出版的理论更重要而且更有争议,the special theory of relativity.那就是特殊相对论。When Einstein was a teenager he enjoyed imagining what it would be like to ride a beam of light.当爱因斯坦还是一名青年的时候,他喜欢想象,就像驾驭着一束光一样。Now he returns to this daydream and changes his life.现在他返回到这个白日梦而那改变了他的生活。In the spring of 1905 Einstein was writing on a bus and he looked back at the famous clock tower that dominates Bern Switzerland .在1905年春天爱因斯坦在一辆公共汽车上写作时他回头看到著名的钟塔占瑞士伯尔尼的主导地位。And he imagine what happens if that bus racing at the speed of light.而他想象如果那辆公共汽车以光的速度行驶会发生什么。In his imagination Einstein looks back at the clock tower and what he sees is astonishing.在他的想象里爱因斯坦回头看着钟楼而且他所看到的令人震惊。As he reaches the speed of light the ends of the clock appear frozen in time .他达到了光速,时钟的两端开始将时间凝固住。Einstein later writes the storm broken in my mind.爱因斯坦后来写道暴风雨在我心中激荡。All of sudden all of sudden everything everything can gush in forward.突然间所有的一切一切滔滔不绝突然向前。Einstein knows that back to the clock tower time is passing normally.爱因斯坦知道回到钟楼的时间是正常通过。But on Einsteins light speed bus as he reaches the speed of light,但对于爱因斯坦而言,光速公交车使他达到光速,the light from the clock can no longe catch up to him .从时钟而来的光已经无法赶上他。The faster he races through the space the slower he moves through time.他穿越空间的越快,他通过的时间就越慢。This special insights sparks the birth of Einstein special theory of relativity which says that space and time are deeply connected.这种特殊的见解点亮了爱因斯坦的相对论说法,时间和空间都是紧密联系的。In fact they are one in the same,实际上它们是相同的,a flexible fabric called space time.一个被称为空间时间的柔性织物。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/182161乌鲁木齐那家整形医院削骨做的好 Books and Arts; The Spanish civil war;Never forget;文艺;西班牙内战;铭记于心;A dark time in history finally comes to light一段黑暗史总将真相大白In need of a truth commission需要真相委員会The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth-Century Spain. By Paul Preston. ;《西班牙大屠杀》:二十世纪西班牙的审与杀;保罗·普雷斯顿著;The Spanish civil war and its repressive aftermath, following the victory of General Francisco Franco, was a particularly savage conflict. But it is far-fetched to describe it as a holocaust, as Paul Preston does in his latest book. His provocative title raised eyebrows when it was published in Spain last year, as the countrys horrors still pale in comparison with the magnitude of the Nazi Holocaust. Mr Preston, an emeritus professor at the London School of Economics and leading historian of 20th-century Spain, contends that no other word aptly conveys the whole of the Spanish tragedy, which included a strain of anti-Semitism. Thankfully he exercises better judgment within the covers of this meticulous and well-argued book.西班牙内战以及殖民军首领弗朗西斯科?佛朗哥取得胜利后的强力镇压是一次特别野蛮的冲突。但是在保罗·普雷斯顿(Paul Preston)最新著作中将其描述成大屠杀有些过于牵强。这本书去年在西班牙发行的时候颇具煽动性的题目令人惊奇,但是相比于纳粹大屠杀的程度,这个国家的恐怖行动仍显得苍白暗淡。保罗·普雷斯顿(Paul Preston)是伦敦经济学院荣誉退休教授而且还是20世纪中叶西班牙历史的权威学家。他认为找不到一个更恰当的词来表达西班牙的整个悲剧,其中包括反犹太主义。他之前的判断(说反犹主义)有误,幸好这本书的内容还算合情合理。Mr Preston puts the number of those who died in battle at 200,000, after Nationalist military rebels rose against the democratically elected Republican government in 1936. He counts an additional 150,000 murders by the right-wing Nationalists—plus 20,000 more after the civil war ended in 1939—and a further 50,000 killings in areas held by Republicans.保罗·普雷斯顿指出,民族主义军事反政府武装在1936年发动了针对选举的军事叛乱,战场上死亡的人数达到了20万。保罗·普雷斯顿统计于右翼民族党残杀的15万人(附加上了1939年内战后死的2万多人)和共和党杀害的另外5万人。The book is largely based on secondary sources. Victims in the Republican zone were documented by the state investigation set up in 1940. But the sheer scale of the atrocities committed on the other side have come to light only recently, in a flood of books and exhumations of mass graves. A proper reckoning of the war had been avoided by the generation of politicians who followed Francos death in 1975, to smooth the transition to democracy. Yet the past decade has seen various groups, often led by the relatives of Republican victims, unearthing the past—often literally.这本书的素材来源很大程度上是二手的。共和党区的受害者信息记载于1940年建立的国家调查组的文献中。但是在另一边(右翼民族党区)大规模的残暴罪行最近才得以显露,这得益于大量的书籍以及大量墓地的开掘。1975年佛朗哥死后的一代政治家回避了这场战争的,为了国家顺利过渡到民主主义社会。然而,近十年我们可以看到各种共和党受害者的家属组成的团体时常揭露事实真相。In a recent trial in Madrid against Baltasar Garzón, Spains most famous magistrate, relatives of slain victims aired their stories for the first time. Mr Garzón was charged with abusing his powers by calling an investigation into the deaths of 114,000 people under Francos dictatorship, despite a 1977 amnesty law. He was ultimately absolved of this charge, but in another case last month the conservative judiciary barred Mr Garzón from the bench for 11 years, thus ending his career.在马德里最近的一次针对西班牙最有名的法官巴尔塔萨·加尔松的审判中,内战中受害者的亲属第一次讲述了他们受害人的故事。加尔松被控告不顾1977年的大赦律法,滥用私权号召一个关于佛朗哥的独裁统治下那11.4万人的死亡情况的调查。他最后还是在这次控告中得到了赦免,但是上个月的另一个案子中,保守的司法禁止法官加尔松11年内不得再入法官席,因此就这样结束了他的职业生涯。Mr Preston does not hide his loathing of the rebels and empathy for the left. He argues with impressive detail that the repression by the Nationalists was largely planned and institutionalised, whereas the Republicans violence was more spontaneous and mainly in defence against the better armed and trained Francoist forces. Other scholars say that this view is too simplistic. The author is on new and firmer ground in his examination of the role played by the NKVD, the Soviet secret police, particularly in the massacre of hundreds of Franco supporters at Paracuellos in 1936. Santiago Carrillo, a communist leader at the time and the only war protagonist alive today, has always claimed he had nothing to do with the killings, and has never been charged. Yet Mr Preston argues otherwise, citing his ties with Josif Grigulevich, a sinister NKVD agent.保罗·普雷斯顿一书中并没有回避他对叛乱分子的厌恶和对左翼共和党的同情。保罗·普雷斯顿以令人印象深刻的细节描述有利论了民族党派的镇压很大程度上是有计划且被制度化的,然而,共和党的暴力更多是自发地出于抵御先进的武器装备和佛朗哥特训过的部队。其他学者称这样的过于简单化了。本书作者在新的领域里审查苏联秘密警察组织(NKVD)所扮演的角色,尤其是1936年,在马德里Paracuellos在内务部的掺和下,共和派对佛朗哥同情者的镇压。圣地亚哥·卡里略是当时的一位共产党领袖,如今唯一活着的战争领导人,现总是声称他与屠杀无关,从来也没有被控罪。然而保罗·普雷斯顿认为他和那个NKVD内务部特工有联系。“The Spanish Holocaust” is a compelling chronicle of a grim time in history. It would be a pity if the books dubious title discouraged a wider ership.《The Spanish Holocaust》是一本令人信的残酷编年史。如果这本书可疑的书名使得广泛地读者群沮丧的话那真是个遗憾。 /201211/207840乌鲁木齐米东区去抬头纹多少钱

新疆医科大学附属医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱But more than these kinds of natural processes are needed to have an atmosphere. You also need gravity. Without sufficient gravity, any gases will just leak out into space and be gone. Earth loses some of its atmosphere this way, but in general it has enough mass to hold on. The moon, on the other hand, with only one-sixth the gravitational pull of earth, isnt big enough to do the job. Still, recent observations have shown that the moon does in fact have an atmosphere of its own. Its so thin, however, that it only counts as one in technical terms, and certainly couldnt be breathed. So much for that restaurant. 除了这些自然进程产生氧气外。您还需要重力。没有足够的引力,任何气体都会泄漏到太空,并消失。地球也这样失去了一些大气,但总体来说地球吸引住足够多的大气。月球,从另一方面说,它只有地球的六分之一的引力,无法完成这样的工作。尽管如此,最近的观测表明,月球确实有其自身的大气层。但它是如此之薄,它只能作为一个技术术语计数,而不能被互信。谈到月球上的餐厅就说这么多。201202/169882 喀什祛斑多少钱乌鲁木齐整形美容医院副乳手术怎么样



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