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乌鲁木齐医院激光去痘印北屯市切双眼皮多少钱Windows 10, the next version of Microsoft’s operating system, arrives on Wednesday, and it will have a familiar look and feel to the more than one billion people who have touched a Windows computer in the last two decades.微软的下一代操作系统Windows 10于本周三发布,对于在过去二十年里使用过Windows操作系统的十多亿人来说,它将带来熟悉的外观和使用体验。That is a stark change from the last time Microsoft made a big revision to its operating system, in 2012 with the release of Windows 8 — a release that didn’t go so well. Many customers were confused by the flurry of changes that were designed for so-called hybrid devices that doubled as PCs and tablets. Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, said last year that the company “got a few places wrong in Windows 8.”这和微软上一次的操作系统全面升级有很大不同,也就是2012年发布的Windows 8——那一版的下场不太好。它是为一种既是PC又是平板电脑的所谓混合型设备设计的,一系列的变化让很多用户摸不着头脑。微软的首席执行官萨蒂亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)去年曾表示,微软“在Windows 8的设计上犯了些错误”。With Windows 10, Microsoft is offering something of a throwback to the earlier versions. The software also comes with an enticing price tag for users of Windows 7 and 8: free. But perhaps more than anything, there are a handful of new features that might make users consider making the switch.Windows10重新回归了早前几个版本的一些特性。而且对于Windows 7和Windows 8用户来说,它的价格也很诱人:免费。但最重要的可能在于,它还具备一些新特性,会促使用户考虑升级。The Trusty Start Button“开始”菜单回归Back is the classic Start button, the one-touch access to a main , including shortcuts to a user’s list of apps and documents. Like old times, it can be opened with the click of a mouse or by pressing the Windows shortcut on a keyboard. (The Start button was still available in Windows 8, but some users were confused because it was hidden from plain sight.)一键点开主菜单的开始按钮重返屏幕,菜单中包括一个用户的应用和文档快捷列表。和过去一样,点击一下鼠标,或者按一下键盘上的快捷键,就可以打开主菜单。(Windows 8中也有开始按钮,但有些用户搞不清怎么用,因为它不是那么一目了然。)Microsoft made efforts to modernize the Start with a fresh design. Clicking on the Start button brings up groups of tiles that can be tailored to your preferences. For example, I easily created a group of tiles labeled “Productivity” and pinned some of my most frequently used software for work, including apps for email, web browsing, Twitter, a calculator and Microsoft Word. Removing unwanted apps from the group is easy — you just choose to “unpin” the tile.微软试图用新颖的设计让开始菜单更具现代风格。点击开始按钮,可以看到一组磁贴,用户可以按自己的喜好随意组合。比如,我很容易就创建了一个组标签为“生产力”的磁贴,把工作中最常用的一些软件固定在了主菜单上,包括用来查邮件和浏览网页的应用、Twitter、计算器和微软的文档处理软件Word。删除不想要的应用也很简单,只需选择“取消固定”那个磁贴。For long time Windows users, the more intimidating part to get used to will be tablet mode. With hybrid tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface, you can detach the keyboard from the screen and switch into a different software interface optimized for tablets. In tablet mode, apps consume the entire screen; the tiles of the Start section are enlarged to be easier to see and touch.对Windows老用户来说,更让人生畏的一点是适应平板电脑模式。使用诸如微软Surface这样的混合型平板电脑,你可以把键盘和屏幕分离开,切换到一个不同的、更能发挥平板电脑性能的界面。在平板电脑模式下,应用占据整个屏幕,原先位于开始菜单上的磁贴被放大,更容易看见,也更容易点击。Fortunately, interacting with Windows 10 on a touch screen is generally the same as with most modern touch-enabled devices. Pinch outward to zoom in, swipe up to scroll down, swipe left to pan right. And even in tablet mode, the trusty Start remains there to remind you this is still Windows you’re dealing with.幸好,在触摸屏上使用Windows 10,和在大多数现代触摸屏设备上没什么两样。手指外拨以放大页面,向上拨动使页面向下滚动,向左拨动使页面向右平移。而且在平板电脑模式下,屏幕上也保留着让人安心的开始按钮,提醒你还是在使用Windows操作系统。 /201507/389686双河去胎记多少钱 乌鲁木齐整鼻子

克拉玛依市去蒙古斑价格新疆腋臭微创手术 Documentary Tells of Last Astronaut to Walk on Moon纪录片聚焦最后的登月宇航员In 1972, Eugene Cernan and two fellow astronauts began what would become the last mission to the moon, Apollo 17.在1972年,尤金·塞尔南作为队长,与另外两名宇航员一起乘坐阿波罗17号宇宙飞船,开始了最后一次登月之旅。On December 14, 1972, after scratching his daughter’s initials in the lunar dust and setting up a remote camera, he stepped into the lunar lander and left the moon.在当年的12月14日,尤金·塞尔南在月球表面的尘埃中写下自己女儿名字的缩写,架好遥控相机,之后便进入登月舱,离开月球。Cernan assumed someone else would go back but, in his view, the U.S. space program then took a wrong turn.塞尔南当时认为未来会有人再次前往,但是他说,美国的空间项目其后便走入错误的航道。“There is no space program,” he said — a situation he finds disappointing. “We cannot even put an American in space on a made-in-America piece of hardware to go to our own space station.”“完全没有相关的空间项目在运行。”塞尔南对现状感到十分遗憾。他说:“我们甚至不能用一个纯美国造的发射器,将一个美国人送入我们自己的空间站。”Cernan went to Austin, Texas, last week to the annual South by Southwest film festival to help promote a film about him, aptly called ;The Last Man on the Moon.;塞尔南来到奥斯汀帮助宣传这部关于自己的电影,该片恰如其分地被命名为:月球上的最后一人。The film tells of a time in the 1960s and early 1970s when the ed States was launching men into space every few months. It mixes archival footage of a young Cernan with shots of the older man of today, revisiting sites associated with his space adventure.这部电影回顾了二十世纪六十至七十年代美国经常性地将宇航员送入太空的光景。有成功,也有伤痛。塞尔南回忆说,家人为了持他的事业付出很多。There is triumph, but also sadness, as Cernan recalls the cost his family paid for his all-out commitment to his career.电影将档案资料中年轻塞尔南的影像与如今年老的他造访当年飞船的镜头剪辑在一起。Director Mark Craig said it was not hard getting frank, honest comments from Cernan.影片的导演马克·克雷格说,从塞尔南那里得到坦率诚实的意见并不困难。“Luckily for us, Gene is a very articulate character anyway, and so he was able to express his own feelings and emotions,” Craig said.克雷格说,“对我们而言最幸运的是,塞尔南健谈的性格使他能够充分表达自己的情绪和感受。”Cernan knows his days in space are over, but he hopes others will follow up on what he and his fellow astronauts started. “All we#39;ve got to do is inspire those young kids and give them the opportunity that someone gave myself and all my colleagues,” he said.塞尔南知道他的太空生涯早已结束,但是他希望有后来人能够继续他和同伴们所开创的事业。他说:“我们需要做的就是鼓励年轻人,给他们一样的、当年我和我的同事所获得的机会。”And what does it take to be a space explorer?要成为一名宇宙探索者,需要哪些特质呢?“If you believe that what you are doing throughout life is the right thing to do and you are willing to take the challenge and accept the risk to get it done,; he said, ;you have what I call #39;the right stuff.#39; ”塞尔南说, “如果你相信你毕生从事的事情是正确的,你就愿意接受挑战、承担风险,我认为这就是需要的特质。”And he hopes ;The Last Man on the Moon; helps sp that message.他希望电影《月球上的最后一人》能够传播这个信息。 /201503/367257新疆省做隆胸多少钱

阿克苏共振吸脂价格The Environmental Protection Agency said on Monday that it had discovered cheating software on more Volkswagen and Audi cars than previously disclosed and, for the first time, also found the illegal software in some of the carmaker’s high-end Porsche models.美国国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency,简称EPA)周一表示,他们在更多大众(Volkswagen)及奥迪(Audi)车上发现了作弊软件,超过之前披露的规模,而且首次在大众高端品牌保时捷的一些车型中发现了非法软件。The findings put significant new pressure on Volkswagen, which did not reveal the defeat devices to the agency, and its new chief executive, Matthias Müller, who was previously the head of Volkswagen’s Porsche division.这一发现给大众集团及新任首席执行官马蒂亚斯·穆勒(Matthias Müller)带来重压,该公司没有向EPA报告这种减效装置,穆勒之前是大众集团保时捷部门的负责人。Mr. Müller’s predecessor, Martin Winterkorn, resigned in September after regulators in the ed States disclosed that the German automaker had installed sophisticated software on some Volkswagen diesel models that reduced pollutant emissions when the cars were being tested. In day-to-day usage, the mandatory controls were turned off, providing the cars with better engine performance but emitting as much as 40 times the legal limits of nitrogen oxide, a pollutant linked to lung ailments.在美国监管机构发现这家德国汽车制造商在一些大众柴油车上安装用于排放检测作弊的复杂软件之后,前任CEO马丁·文德恩(Martin Winterkorn)于9月辞职。在日常使用时,这种强制控制软件会被关闭,为车辆提供更好的发动机性能,但排放的氮氧化物是规定标准的40倍,这种污染物会导致肺部疾病。The new revelations escalate the potential damage to Volkswagen’s finances and reputation. Audi and Porsche are the source of most of the company’s earnings, because profit margins tend to be much higher on luxury cars. In contrast to Volkswagen brand cars, which have struggled in the ed States, Audi and Porsche are success stories in America. The ed States is Porsche’s biggest single market.新发现加剧了此事可能对大众财务状况及声誉造成的损害。奥迪和保时捷是该公司的主要收入来源,因为高档车的利润空间要大得多。与难以立足美国的其他大众品牌汽车相比,奥迪和保时捷在美国取得了成功。美国是保时捷的最大市场。The E.P.A.’s report opens a new chapter in its investigation of Volkswagen’s practice. The new cheating devices were uncovered by investigators during new tests that were conducted on all diesel car models in the ed States by E.P.A., the California Air Resources Board and the regulatory group Environment Canada.EPA的报告打开了针对大众集团的调查的新篇章。EPA、加州大气资源委员会(California Air Resources Board)及监管机构加拿大环境部(Environment Canada)的调查人员在美国对所有柴油车型开展了新的检测,期间发现了这些新的减效装置。“VW has once again failed its obligation to comply with the law that protects clean air for all Americans,” Cynthia Giles, the assistant administrator for E.P.A.’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, said in a statement.“大众集团再一次没有承担担任,没有遵守为所有美国人保护洁净空气的法律,”EPA环境执法办公室行政助理辛西娅·贾尔斯(Cynthia Giles)发表声明称。Volkswagen did not immediately comment on the E.P.A.’s announcement. The carmaker has not yet disclosed how it will fix the cars.大众集团没有立即就EPA的声明发表。该汽车制造商尚未透露如何修理相关车辆。Since September, regulators have been conducting additional tests on all diesel cars models. They have not found similar defeat devices on diesel models produced by automakers other than Volkswagen. Testing is continuing and the agency plans to make its results public once the tests are completed.自9月以来,监管机构对所有柴油车进行了额外的检测。他们尚未发现除大众之外的汽车制造商生产的柴油车存在类似的减效装置。检测还在继续,该机构计划在检测结束后公布结果。The agency says the new tests found that Volkswagen had installed a defeat device in some Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche diesel cars with a 3.0-liter engines, encompassing model years 2014 through 2016. It said these devices, meant to cheat on emissions testing, would increase the release of nitrogen oxide up to nine times the agency’s standard.该机构表示,新检测发现该公司在一些大众、奥迪及保时捷3公升引擎柴油车上安装了减效装置,包括从2014年到2016年的车型。该机构称,这些用于排放检测作弊的装置将会增加氮氧化物的排放量,最多达到该机构设定的标准的九倍。The disclosure covers about 10,000 passenger cars aly sold in the ed States since the model year 2014. In addition, the violation notice from the agency covers an unspecified number of 2016 vehicles. The cars found to have the software installed are the diesel versions of the 2014 VW Touareg, the 2015 Porsche Cayenne and the 2016 Audi A6 Quattro, A7 Quattro, A8, A8L and Q5.此次披露的丑闻涉及1万辆在美国销售的2014年款轿车。除此之外,该机构发出的违规通告还涉及2016年款轿车,但没有详细说明数量。被发现装有作弊软件的车包括2014年款的大众途锐(Touareg)柴油车、2015年款保时捷卡宴(Cayenne)和2016年款奥迪A6 Quattro、A7 Quattro、A8、A8L和Q5。 /201511/407791 阿克苏市膨体隆鼻多少钱新疆打瘦脸针价格



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