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哈尔滨人流哪种好哈尔滨妇科检查医院The pine, placed nearly always among scenes disordered and desolate, brings into them all possible elements of order and precision. Lowland trees may lean to this side and that, though it is but a meadow breeze that bends them, or a bank of cowslips from which their trunks lean aslope. But let storm and avalanche do their worst, and let the pine find only a ledge of vertical precipice to cling to, it will nevertheless grow straight. Thrust a rod from its last shoot down the stem; it shall point to the center of the earth as long as the tree lives. It may be well also what they need, and to take all kinds of irregular shape and extension. But the pine is trained to need nothing and endure everything. I is resolvedly whole, self-contained, desiring nothing but rightness, content with resrticted completion. Tall or short, it will be straight. 768哈尔滨九州价格表 关于“休息”(rest)的日常英语 -- :5:3 来源: 我真想睡个午觉I want to take a nap.I want to take a nap. (我真想睡个午觉)But you just woke up. (你不是刚刚起来吗?)I want to take a catnap. *catnap “打盹”、“小睡一下儿”Id like to lie down a while. (我想躺会儿)我去躺一会儿Im going to lie down. *用于稍感疲劳的时候Im going to take a rest. (我休息一会儿)你在装睡啊!Youre pretending to be asleep.Youre just pretending that youre asleep.Youre not really asleep. (你其实没睡吧!)I know youre still awake. (我知道你还没睡)你睡着了吗?Were you sleeping?Were you asleep?没有,还没睡呢No, I was awake.你能给孩子换块尿布吗?Will you change the baby diaper? *diaper“尿布”Will you change the baby diaper? (你能给孩子换块尿布吗?)Again? (又要换呀?)Will you change the baby diaper? (你能给孩子换块尿布吗?)I just changed it ten minutes ago. (分钟前我刚换过的)想尿尿吗?Do you need to pee? *主要对小孩子用该尿尿了It time to go wee-wee. *主要对小孩子用It time to go pee-pee. *对儿童用wee和pee,对婴幼儿用重叠wee-wee和pee-pee的形式表示“小便”蒙一儿Peekaboo! *孩子们在玩藏猫游戏时常用大人有时也半带玩乐地使用Peekaboo! (蒙一儿)Do it again. (再来一次)胳肢胳肢Kuchi-kuchi-koo. *胳肢婴儿时用大人有时开玩笑时也用我们来投球吧Let play catch.Let play catch. (我们来投球吧)Great! (好呀!)Let play ball.漏水了The water is leaking.The pipe is leaking. (水管漏了)全是灰呀It so dusty. *dusty“到处都是灰尘”、“沾满尘土”It so dusty. (都是灰啊!)I didnt notice. (我倒没注意)It needs to be dusted. (得扫扫了)这间屋子通风真差It stuffy in this room. *stuffy 房间等地方“通风不好”、“憋闷得慌”The air is thick. (这里真闷)I cant breathe in this room. (这屋让人喘不过气来)The air is dense. (空气混浊)这个房间很通风It drafty in this room. *drafty “有穿堂风的”你能去喂喂吗?Will you feed the dog? *feed “喂食”Please give the dog some food.你去遛遛吧?Will you take the dog a walk?帮我照看一下弟弟和啊Take care of my brother and sister.Take care of my brother and sister. (帮我照看一下弟弟和)You bet. (放心吧)请(给植物)浇点水Please water the plants. *water在这里是动词“浇水,洒水”Can I help? (要我帮忙吗?)Yes, please water the plants. (好吧,请帮我给花浇浇水)啊!怎么这么乱呀!What a mess! *母亲看到孩子们的房间时常说的一句话Look at the mess!What a pigsty! * 含有脏得像个猪窝的语气帮帮我吧Help me.Help me. (帮帮我吧)What do you want me to do? (我能帮你做什么呢?)把你的屋子收拾收拾Clean up your room.Clean up your room. (把你的屋子收拾收拾)But Im watching TV now. (可我正在看电视呢)Straighten up your room.Tidy up the room.帮我打扫打扫卫生Help me clean up the house.洗涤灵用完了Were out of dish detergent. *“洗衣粉”是laundry detergentWere out of dish detergent. (洗涤灵用完啦)Ill go get more. (那我去买一瓶)你能把衣晾上吗?Would you put up the clothes to dry?*put up是“向上挂”的意思,但在这里表示“晾衣”你能帮我把衣叠起来吗?Will you help me fold up the clothes? *fold up“叠整齐”把地扫扫Please sweep the floor. *sweep“扫”、“打扫”把厨房的池子洗干净Please scrub the sink. *“洗”一般用动词wash和clean来表示,但是“使劲搓洗”这一动作,用scrub表示最合适我得用吸尘器吸吸我房间了I have to vacuum my room. *vacuum“用吸尘器打扫”掸掸柜子上的土Please dust the shelves. *dust“掸土”Please wipe the shelves. (请擦一擦柜子)请拖拖地Please mop the floor.你能把那件衬衫熨熨吗?Will you iron the shirt?我的裙子得熨了I have to iron my skirt. *iron不仅是名词,它还可以用作动词“熨”我们去超市买东西吧Let go grocery shopping.We need more milk. (还得再买点牛奶)Let go grocery shopping. (那我们去超市买吧)公园里人挤人The park was crowded.The park was filled with people.今晚能帮我照看一下孩子吗?Can you baby-sit tonight? *baby-sit“父母不在时帮忙照顾孩子”Can you baby-sit tonight? (今晚能帮我照看一下孩子吗?)Sure I can. (当然可以) 日常英语 英语口语关于音乐“music”的日常英语 -- :39:6 来源: 我买两张月3号的票Id like two tickets October 3rd, please.对不起,卖完了Sorry, were sold out.Do you have any tickets the concert? (还有那场音乐会的票吗?)Sorry, were sold out. (对不起,卖完了)有什么时候的票?When do you have tickets?Which date do you have tickets ?几点开始?What time does it start?What time does it begin?可以预订吗?Can I make a reservation?在哪儿买票?Where can I buy a ticket?△Where can I buy a ticket? (在哪儿买票?)▲At that counter. (在那个柜台)这位子有人吗?Is this seat taken?A)△Is this seat taken? (这位子有人吗?)B)▲No, it not. (不,没人) * 这句直译是:A:这个位子被占了吗?B:没有被占Is anyone sitting here? (这儿有人吗?)Can I sit here? (我可以坐这儿吗?)Do you mind if I sit here? (您介意我坐在这儿吗?)Is this seat free?我们这个位子真棒We have great seats, dont we?再来一个!Encore!Bravo, bravo!××加油!Go it,...!Yeah...!Go...! 日常英语 英语口语哈尔滨治疗盆腔炎好的妇科医院

黑龙江哈医大一院收费标准英语实用口语:如何地道表达“滚蛋” -- 3:1:35 来源: 1. get out (of here) 滚蛋这个应该是最家喻户晓的"滚"了吧,使用频率高,适用场合百搭eg: Didn't you hear me ? Get out of here!你听不懂人话吗? 滚!. piss off 滚远点一般指行为或言语招人讨厌,意为“走开” “滚远一点”eg: You idiot! Piss off !你个傻叉, 滚远点!3. fuck off 滚 杀伤指数☆☆☆这句话比较粗鲁,极度愤怒的时候可用不过话说回来,说fuck的时候感觉好爽啊,好有气势 ^_^eg: Fuck up! Fuck off !闭上你的臭嘴! 滚!. beat it 走开,滚开美国口语,程度中等,意为“离远一点”eg: Beat it ! I'm in a bad mood.走开! 我今心情不太好是否还记得 迈克尔 杰克逊 有一首歌,就叫"Beat it", 里面有一句歌词 "so beat it, just beat it" 这里面的beat it 就取这个意思 这首歌是一首反社会暴力的作品,告诫年轻人要远离麻烦,暴力不能解决一切问题 so beat it, just beat it~ 口语黑龙江省哈尔滨第六人民医院做血常规检查 口语词组:英语中表达合适Aropriatene的各种说法 -- ::00 来源: to be cut out (well suited ); 适合于;很匹配;They both like the study of English,seeming cut out (well suited) each other.他们俩都喜欢研究英文,看起来很匹配的to be good enough ; 适合;般配;I've received your letter,though,frankly speaking,I'm afraid I'm not good enough you.我收到你的信了但是,坦率的讲,我恐怕我并不适合你(配不上你)!(可用于推托);That's where it's at; 这是合乎时宜的;Modern inmation bodies use computerized retrieval systems in preference to ( instead of ) card indexes;that's where it's at. 当代情报机构不再用卡片索引,而是用计算机检索系统,这是合乎时宜的to go well with sth; 与.....相配;The striped silk tie goes well with your suit.这条带条纹的真丝领带与你的衣很相配to give one a dose of one's own medicine; 以其人之道,还治其人之身;She's been highly critical of others,so I gave her a dose of her own medicine by pointing out her faults.她老是对别人非常挑剔,所以这次以其人之道,还治其人之身,指出了她的错to tone down one's remarks; 措辞温和(缓和);Why not tone down your remarks? the company didn't lose much through his error.你能不能措辞缓和一些,他的错误并未给公司带来很大的损失to be a square peg in a round hole; 不适宜担当某一职务的人;You are a square peg in a round hole,so far as your talents are concerned.就才能而言,你不适合做这个工作to be out of one's element; 是个外行;出于不适宜的环境;不得其所;When it comes to American history,I'm out of my element.说到美国历史,我就感到格格不入了(不得其所了,感到是个外行了)to be a fish out of water; 感到很不自在;感到生疏;感到不适应;Being a doctor,I'm a fish out of water among these politicians.作为一位医生,在这些政客当中我感到很不自在to be in one's element; 如鱼得水;得心应手;She is really in her element at parties. 在社交聚会上,她可真是如鱼得水to be out of one's league; 超出某人的水平或能力;To surf in such high waves is out of my league. 在如此大的浪中冲浪,我做不了A house like that is out of our league. 那样的房子不是我们这号人买得起的!to be not in one's league; 比不上谁;I'm not in her league,when it comes to cooking. 提到烹饪,我不是她的对手(远不如她,远比不上她)to be in a different league from sb; 与....相比,不属于同一个级别;They are in a different league from us. 他们跟我们不属于同一个级别to be right on the nose; on the money (S); (恰恰)正好,正是;(美国俚语);His estimate of what was needed to complete the projiect was right on the nose (money).对于完成这个项目之所需,他的估计恰恰正好to be just what the doctor ordered; 恰到好处; 正好;The overcoat you bought me is just what the doctor ordered.你给我买的外套,正好适合我穿to have no business doing sth; 不适合做什么;不该...;I've no business attending that meeting, I'm not even a member.我不适合去参加那个会议,因为我连会员都不是to be Johnny-on-the-spot; 正在近旁;招之即来的;When fighting broke out among the students,our teacher was Johnny-on-the-spot and stopped it.学生们开始打架时,老师正好在旁边,于是平息了这场打斗If the shoe fits,put it on.(P) 有则改之(谚语)I don't mean all of you have been remiss in your duty.If the shoe fits,put it on.我并不是说你们都是马马虎虎不尽责有则改之,无则加勉嘛to hit the spot; 正合口味;满足要求;That cool drink on a hot day like this hits the spot. 在这样的热天里那种凉爽的饮料正合口味to fill the bill; 能够解决问题;能够满足需要;Even if you don't have a large wrench,a small one will fill the bill.即便你没有大的扳手,有个小的也可解决问题to answer ( serve ) one's purpose; 管用;能够解决问题;This measure should answer (serve) our purpose of helping him improve his English proficiency.这项措施应该能够解决帮助他提高英语水平的问题to be right down one's alley (S); 正是.....的拿手好戏;符合某人的能力兴趣;You are asking the right person help,since traditional Chinese medicine is right down my alley.你算是求对人了,中医药正是我的强项to hit the nail on the head; 击中要害;说的中肯;You hit the nail on the head,when you said he deserved a rebuke.你说他该受到斥责,这话说的中肯It is high time (that) someone did sth; 是......的时候了It's high time we launched anothe crack-down compaign. 是我们发起再一次严打运动的时候了to fit (sb) like a glove; (大小,形状)完全适合;Wow,that coat fits you like a glove. 喔,那件外套对你完全合适to fit (sb) to a T; 恰好适合;丝毫不差;The nickname "Big Fool" fits you to a T;you even failed to follow me.“大傻瓜”这个绰号太适合你了,你连我说什么都会不过来to fit in (with sbsth): (与.....)合得来,合适;Where do I fit in? 哪里有我适合的地方?I wonder if he'll fit in with the other poeple in the company. 我不知道他是否与公司里的其他人配合得好Do my plans fit in with your arragements? 我的计划与你到安排有冲突吗 ?to be fit sthsb : (质量,素质,技能)合格的,适合的;恰当的;It was a meal fit the king. 这顿饭称得上御膳啊Do you think I'm only fit cooking and washing? 你以为我只配做饭洗衣?He is so angry he is in no fit state to see anyone. 你看他气的样子,这怎么去见人(简直无法见人)?This is not a fit job you to do.(You are not fit the job.) 这事不适合你来做(你不适合做这事)to seethink fit (to do sth ); 觉得怎么做是合适的;You must do as you think fit ( but I don't agree with you ).你认为怎么合适就怎么干吧(但我并不同意你的决定)About disciplining the children,do as you seethink fit.说到管教孩子,你觉得怎么合适就怎么做吧The newspaper didn't see fit to publish my .那家报纸认为我的文章不易发表(但我对此持批评意见)to do what one thinks best; 觉得怎么好就怎么做;觉得怎么合适就怎么做;OK,do what you think best. 那好吧,你觉得怎么好就怎么做吧fitly spoken; 谈吐合宜;说话表达的好;During the interview,he deeply impressed the boss with words fitly spoken.面试的时候,他谈吐合宜,表达恰当,给老板留下深刻印象to use choice wording; to use words that hit home; 措辞恰当;You should use choice words (words that hit home) in your address.演讲时,你应该注意措辞得当to comply with; to be in conmity with; 符合;与....一致;I'm sorry,your suggestion in this regard does not comply ( is not in conmity ) with our own goals.不好意思,你关于这方面的建议不符合我们的目标to take appropiate action; 采取适当的行动;You're supposed to identify the problem bee taking appropriate action.你要先找出问题的症结,然后再采取适当的行动It's now an appropiate time to do sththat.....; 现在是.....的时候了to be not appropiate ....; 不适合于...;Jeans are not appropiate a mal party. 牛仔裤不适合这种正式聚会to be appropiate to sth; 适合于...;The book was written in a style appropiate to the age of the children.该书文体适合儿童阅读It's right and proper (that...)(to do sth); ......,这事天经地义的without proper regard to sth; 对.....没有正当的考虑;The developement was planned without proper regard to the interets of local poeple.开发区的计划没有对当地居民的利益作正当的考虑to follow the proper procedures doing sthto do sth; 采用正当的手续做....;Please follow the proper procedures dealing with the complaints.请用正当的手续来处理投诉!to meet the right one in the right time in the right place; 在正确的时间正确的地点遇到正确的人;I wish you to meet your Mr.Right in the right time in the right place.我希望你能在恰当时间恰当的的地点遇到你的意中人!Nothing's going right me today. 今天没有哪一件事让我顺心的!I'm right behind you on this one. 在这件事情上,我完全持你!the right man in the right place; 恰当的人用在恰当的地方;人尽其用; bringing about radical changes in our company,Bill was the right man in the right place.若要公司发生巨大变化,非得用比尔不可,其才适用 各种 说法 合适 表达哈尔滨省第十医院几点上班

黑龙江中医院产前检查好吗On beautyWhere shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide? And how shall you speak of her except she be the 1)weaver of your speech?The )aggrieved and the 3)injured say, "Beauty is kind and gentle. Like a young mother half-shy of her own )glory she walks among us."And the 5)passionate say, "Nay, beauty is a thing of 6)might and 7)d. Like the 8)tempest she shakes the earth beneath us and the sky above us."The tired and the 9)weary say, "Beauty is of soft )whisperings. She speaks in our spirit. Her voice )yields to our silences like a )faint light that )quivers )in fear of the shadow."But the )restless say, "We have heard her shouting among the mountains, and with her cries came the sound of hoofs, and the beating of wings and the )roaring of lions."At night the watchmen of the city say, "Beauty shall rise with the dawn from the east."And at )noon-time the 18)toilers and the 19)wayfarers say, "We have seen her leaning over the earth from the windows of the sunset."In winter say the )snow-bound, "She shall come with the spring leaping upon the hills."And in the summer heat the 1)reapers say, "We have seen her dancing with the autumn leaves, and we saw a drift of snow in her hair."All these things have you said of beauty, yet in truth you spoke not of her but of needs unsatisfied, and beauty is not a need but an )ecstasy. It is not a mouth 3)thirsting nor an empty hand stretched th, but rather a heart )enflamed and a soul 5)enchanted. It is not the image you would see nor the song you would hear, but rather an image you see though you close your eyes and a song you hear though you shut your ears. It is not the 6)sap within the 7)furrowed )bark, nor a wing attached to a 9)claw, but rather a garden ever in bloom and a flock of angels ever in flight.Beauty is life when life 30)unveils her holy face. 8973 9黑龙江省哈尔滨市妇女医院网友评论巴彦县儿童医院在哪里



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