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惠阳区男科挂号博罗县中医医院割包皮男童在迪斯尼度假村丧身鳄口 家人表示不起诉 --3 :56:50 来源: 上月,在迪斯尼度假村酒店大楼前,小孩雷恩.格雷福斯被鳄鱼吃掉,其父母本周三发表声明称将不起诉 (CNN) — The family of Lane Graves, the toddler killed by an alligator at a Disney World hotel in June, won’t sue the Walt Disney Company, his parents said Wednesday in a statement.上月,在迪斯尼度假村酒店大楼前,小孩雷恩.格雷福斯被鳄鱼吃掉,其父母本周三发表声明称将不起诉"Melissa and I are broken," Matt Graves said. "We will ever struggle to comprehend why this happened to our sweet baby, Lane. As each day passes, the pain gets worse, but we truly appreciate the outpouring of sympathy and warm sentiments we have received from around the world."小孩的父亲马特.格雷福斯表示,“梅丽莎和我都悲痛欲绝我们永远都无法理解,为何这件事会发生在我们可爱的儿子身上日子一天天过去,悲恸愈发强烈不过,我们真的非常感激世界各地人们对我们不幸遭遇的同情和温暖的关怀”The Graveses, who are from Nebraska, said they have started the Lane Thomas Foundation. According to its website, the foundation will donate funds to charitable organizations.来自内布拉斯加州的格雷福斯一家表示,他们已经建立了雷恩.托马斯基金会据其网站显示,该基金会将捐款给慈善组织When asked whether it provided a contribution to the foundation, Disney sent a statement that said it would continue to support the family.当被问及是否会资助该基金会时,迪斯尼发出一份声明表示,它将持续对这一家提供援助An alligator grabbed -year-old Lane as he was walking in a foot of water in a lagoon at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and dragged the boy into the water. He was found the next day not far from shore. He died from drowning and traumatic injuries, the Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office said.岁的雷恩在佛州迪斯尼度假村酒店大楼前的湖畔戏水时,突然被水中窜出的一条巨鳄刁走第二天,男孩的尸体在不远处的沙滩上被找到据奥兰治县法医称,孩子死于溺水和外伤Bee his death, there were "No Swimming" signs at the hotel beach, but Disney has since installed four sets of messages: "Danger," "Alligators and snakes in area," "Stay away from the water" and "Do not feed the wildlife."事发时,迪斯尼度假村湖畔只有写着“禁止游泳”的警告牌该事件发生后,迪斯尼开始在四周安装“危险”“ 鳄鱼和蛇出没”“禁止下水”和“禁止喂养野生动物”等警告牌Disney also roped off the beach by the water.迪斯尼还把沙滩和湖水隔离开来At one point, a GoFundMe campaign had raised about ,000 the family.GoFundMe曾一度为格雷福斯一家募集了.5万美元广东省惠州市妇幼保健人民中医院男科预约 卡梅伦卸任 携家带口离开唐宁街号 -- 3::5 来源: 英国首相卡梅伦昨日正式卸任,向女王递交了辞呈,携家带口离开了唐宁街号 David Cameron insisted he was leaving Britain ’stronger’ tonight as he said an emotional goodbye to Downing Street flanked by wife Samantha and their children.今晚在妻子萨曼莎和孩子们的陪伴下,卡梅伦向唐宁街作了一场感人肺腑的告别,他还坚持认为自己使得英国“更加强大”了In a parting speech bee heading to Buckingham Palace to tender his resignation, the Prime Minister admitted he had not got everything right.在前往白金汉宫递交辞呈前,卡梅伦作了一场临别讲话,他承认自己没有将所有事情都办好’It’s not been easy going and of course we have not got every decision right. But I do believe that today our country is much stronger,’ he said.卡梅伦说道:“首相并不好当,而且当然,我们并没有做好每一个决定但是我坚信,今天的英国要比以前更加强大了”Mr Cameron thanked his family keeping him ’vaguely sane’ during his six years in office, and described Samantha as the ’love of my life’.卡梅伦感谢他的家人在其任职期间的六年里让他保持“模糊的清醒”,称其妻子萨曼莎为“一生挚爱”An official communication issued by Buckingham Palace just bee 5.5pm said: ’The Right Honourable David Cameron MP had an Audience of The Queen this evening and tendered his resignation as Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, which Her Majesty was graciously pleased to accept.’在下午5点5分前不久,白金汉宫方面就发布了一份官方通信,说道:“尊敬的卡梅伦首相阁下于今晚拜访了女王大人,递交辞呈辞去了首相和第一财政大臣的职务,女王也欣然同意了这一请求”Mr Cameron said it had been the ’greatest honour of my life to serve our country as prime minister’, and he believed successor Therea May would provide ’strong and stable’ leadership.卡梅伦表示说“担任首相侍奉祖国是我毕生最大的荣耀”,他相信继任者特雷莎会是一个“强大而坚定”的领导人Mrs Cameron, -year-old Nancy, Elwen, nine, and five-year-old Florence - who has lived at the famous address her whole life - were there to watch his final public statement in the role.妻子萨曼莎、岁大的南希、9岁大的埃尔文和5岁大的佛罗伦萨(他出生在唐宁街号)也在现场,他们见了卡梅伦作为英国首相的最后一场公共讲话Florence appeared to wipe away tears as she watched her father make his valedictory comments, while long-standing aides to the PM were also visibly upset.看着作告别讲话的父亲,小女儿佛罗伦萨擦去了眼角的泪水,首相的其他家人看起来也很沮丧As the constitutional handover swings into effect, Mr Cameron will now go to see the Queen and mally tell her he is quitting.随着宪法的移交生效,卡梅伦现在将启程拜访女王,并正式告知她自己辞职了After his audience with the monarch is over, Mrs May will take her turn - entering as Home Secretary and emerge as the new PM.在卡梅伦和女王的会面结束后,就轮到特蕾莎登场了--这位内政大臣将升任成为英国新首相Mr Cameron said: ‘When I first stood here in Downing Street on that evening in May , I said we would confront our problems as a country and lead people through difficult decisions so that together we could reach better times.卡梅伦说道:“年5月份的那个晚上,当我第一次站在唐宁街,我说我们将会作为一个国家来面对我们的问题,领导人民作出困难的决定,从而能够一起进入一个更好的时代”‘It’s not been an easy journey and of course we have not got every decision right but I do believe today our country is much stronger.“六年的首相生涯并不容易,而且当然,我们并没有做好每一个决定,但是我相信,今天的英国要比以前更加强大了”‘Above all it was about turning around the economy and with the deficit cut by two thirds, .5 million more people in work, and one million more businesses, there can be no doubt that our economy is immeasurably stronger.“首先,我们扭转了经济颓势,而且削减了三分之二的赤字我们让50多万人找到了工作,新增了0多万家企业,毫无疑问现在英国的经济无限制地变强了”‘Politicians like to talk about policies but at the end it is about people’s lives. I think of the people doing jobs who were previously unemployed. I think of the businesses that were just ideas in someone’s head and that today are making a go of it and providing people with livelihoods.’“政治家喜欢谈论政治,但是最终还是要归结到人民的生活上来我为那些以前失业的人们考虑,让他们找到了工作我为那些只在大脑中存在创业想法的人考虑,使得他们能够实现自己的梦想,而且为人们提供生计”Paying tribute to his family, the outgoing PM said: ‘I want to thank my children – Nancy, Elwen and Florence, whom Downing Street has been a lovely home over this last six years. They sometimes kick the red boxes full of work. Florence – you once climbed into one bee a eign trip and said: “Take me with you.”卡梅伦还赞扬了他的家人,他说道:“我想感谢我的孩子们--南希、埃尔文和佛罗伦萨,正是因为他们的存在,在这过去的六年里唐宁街才是一个可爱的家他们有时候才不会管我是否工作堆积如山佛罗伦萨--你曾经在一场外事访问前来到我身边,对我说:‘带我一起玩’”‘Well, no more boxes.“现在好了,再也不用工作了”奇葩!印度女孩与结婚 只为避厄运(双语) -- :58:39 来源: Many people have asked a hand in marriage, but what about a paw? This sounds like a whole new spin on the tradition of prearranged marriages in some countries.  In a remote part of India, young Mangli Munda is marrying a stray dog to fight off evil spirits that her family believes she has. The dog was found by the woman's father. The big wedding was taken care of by the 18-year-old's parents, to the dismay of the wife-to-be. Munda wasn't pleased with her parents' selection of a groom, saying, "I am not happy with this marriage."  If you think Munda's father was solely to blame this unusual arrangement, he wasn't. Munda’s mother was adamant about the need her daughter to get hitched to the hound named Sheru. The pooch even arrived stylin' and profilin' as most grooms often do — chauffeured in a car. Munda's mother mentioned, "We have to spend money on this wedding. That is the only way we can get rid of her bad luck and ensure the benevolence of the village."  But Munda won't have to love and honor her husband all the days of her life. The relationship isn’t legally binding, which will probably keep this bride from going barking mad.  In this remote village in the eastern state of Jharkhand, the ceremony isn't unheard of. It’s just a tradition meant to ensure the longevity of a couple's marriage when Munda is eventually married to a human groom. And, hopefully, her next husband won't turn out to be a dog.  相关内容  据外媒9月日报道,印度一个偏远山村的18岁女孩近日在父母的安排下与一只流浪举办了隆重的婚礼而她父母这样做的原因竟是为了让她远离厄运的纠缠,实在是令人匪夷所思  这名生活在印度某偏远山村里的年轻女孩曼葛利·蒙达(Mangli Munda)一直被家人认为是不祥之人,她不得不被迫与一只流浪成亲,以驱逐自己身上的厄运据悉,这只被选作新郎的流浪是蒙达的父亲在街上找到的然而,虽然这场盛大的婚礼都是由蒙达的父母一手操办的,但是这位年轻的新娘子却一点也高兴不起来显然,她对自己的“新郎”很不满意“我一点也不喜欢这段婚姻”蒙达说  事实上,这场令人瞠目结舌的特殊婚礼并不是蒙达的父亲一人包办的就连蒙达的母亲也坚信自己女儿的身上带有恶灵,必须要通过和流浪“联姻”的方式才能够摆脱恶灵的纠缠婚礼当天,这只名为舍鲁的小像普通的新郎一样被人精心打扮一番后用汽车送到了婚礼的现场蒙达的母亲还表示:“我们不得不出钱举办这样的一场婚礼因为这是唯一可以使她摆脱厄运并保整个村子平安度日的方法”  不过,虽然蒙达和这只流浪举办了婚礼,但是她并不需要和自己的“丈夫”真的厮守一生,因为这段婚姻并不受法律约束  其实,在印度贾坎德邦东部的这座偏远小山村里,类似的荒谬婚礼在从前也并非是闻所未闻的当地人相信,这样的一段婚姻能够在蒙达嫁给一个真正的男子之后保佑两人幸福长寿河源东源县看男科怎么样

惠州哪家男科医院专业朝鲜领导人金正恩卧床不起? -- 3:19:00 来源: 朝鲜领导人金正恩卧床不起? Is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un lying low? North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un hasn't been seen at a public event three weeks, including a prominent state meeting that he has attended every year since coming to power in late .On Thursday, Kim was conspicuously absent from the Supreme People's Assembly, which is North Korea's parliament attended by officials of the party, the military and various national organizations. A prominent seat remained empty on stage surrounded by North Korea's top brass."We expected to see him at the Supreme People's Assembly, because he had attended that session every time," said Yoo Ho-Yeol, a professor of North Korean studies at Korea University in Seoul. "So we are speculating that he might have problems in his health."On Thursday, North Korean state TV referred to Kim, saying, "The wealth and prosperity of our socialism is thanks to the painstaking efts of our marshal, who keeps lighting the path the people, like the flicker of a flame, despite suffering from discomt."The 31-year-old leader's absence has fueled speculation that Kim has a health problem, as some observers have pointed to weight gain, as well as a limp when he was seen walking in July.Korea's state-run news agency, KCNA, routinely catalogs Kim's activities and public appearances. A count of KCNA announcements about Kim's public appearances went from events in July to in August. It dwindled to just one event in September. His last listed public appearance was a September concert, which he attended with his wife Ri Sol Ju, according to KCNA.While it's difficult to know what's happening in North Korea, the absence of its leader from public view has given hints in the past."We had that kind of occasion when Kim Jong Il was seriously sick in ," said Yoo.That year, the elder Kim's absence from parades and national events raised questions about the leader's health. US and South Korean intelligence believed that Kim Jong Il had suffered severe health problems and possibly a stroke.Kim died at the age of 69, in December , and his son assumed command.9月5日,朝鲜举行最高人民会议,该会议的与会者主要包括劳动党领导人、军方及各种国家机构负责人,但值得注意的是,金正恩并未出席该会议台上的一个主坐空着,周围坐着一众朝鲜高官“我们本来预想他会出席此次会议,因为他每次都参加该(这个)会议,”高丽大学(Korea University)朝鲜问题专家柳何烈(Yoo Ho-Yeol)教授说道,“所以,我们猜测他可能健康出了问题”9月5日,朝鲜国家电视台提及金正恩时说道:“我们社会主义的富裕繁荣,都要归功于我们元帅的高度努力,他尽管身体不适,他仍如同闪耀的火焰一般,不断照亮人民的道路”这位31岁领导人的缺席,人们对此多有猜测认为他健康出了问题有些人认为是体重超标,也有人认为他腿部出了问题,因为7月份的一个视频显示,他走路一瘸一拐朝鲜国家新闻通讯社——朝鲜中央通讯社(KCNA)例行通报了金正恩出席活动与在公共场合露面的情况从7月到8月日,朝鲜中央通讯社共报道了金正日次公开活动而在9月份则剧减至仅仅1次他最近一次亮相是在9月日与其妻子李雪主(Ri Sol Ju)观看音乐会我们很难知道朝鲜发生了什么情况,但在过去,其领导人从公众的视野中消失时能给人些许提示“在年,金正日病重时,我们经历过同样的状况”柳何烈说道在那一年,金正日缺席了游行及国家的一些重大活动,人们怀疑他的健康状况出了问题美国与韩国的情报机构相信金正日遭遇了严重的健康问题,很可能是中风金正日于年月去世,享年69岁他的儿子继承了领袖地位(译者 林喜鸣 编辑 丹妮)惠州做包皮切割手术要多少钱 人类灭绝后地球会发生什么变化? -- :5:5 来源: 如果人类突然消失的话,地球上的生物会发生翻天覆地的变化但是调查员称人类事实上有办法拯救自己的星球 According to a recent , it won’t take long Earth to ’reset’ itself - but the process would be terrifying.最近公布的一个视频显示,地球不久之后将进行“自我调整”,但是调整的过程很吓人Within a few hours most of the lights would turn off and within months, nuclear disasters would strike across the planet.仅仅数小时内,所有的灯都会熄灭几个月后,核灾难会席卷全球After thousands of years the only evidence of our existence would be in the m of stone structures like the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China or Mount Rushmore.仅仅数小时内,所有的灯都会熄灭几个月后,核灾难会席卷全球数千年后,唯一能明人类曾经生存过的据就是类似埃及的金字塔,中国的长城或者美国拉什莫尔山等石头建筑The was put together using footage created by National Geographic.该视频是由《国家地理杂志拍摄的镜头剪辑而成The animations came from Life After People, a television series on which scientists, structural engineers, and other experts speculate about what might become of Earth should humanity instantly disappear.视频中的动画来自于“人类消失后的世界”这部电视剧这部电视剧主要讲了科学家,结构工程家和其他领域的专家预测在人类彻底消失后,地球会变成什么样子Earlier this year, Columbia University astrophysicists Michael Hahn and Daniel Wolf Savin explained how life on Earth will slowly begin to decline in an essay entitled ‘How to Survive Doomsday’ published in Nautilus.今年早些时候,哥伦比亚大学的天体物理学家Michael Hahn和Daniel Wolf Savin在一篇名为“如何在世界末日中幸存下来”的文章中揭示了地球上的生物是如何慢慢消亡的,该文章已经发表在《鹦鹉螺杂志上If Earth avoids a life-ending event – like self-inflicted nuclear apocalypse or an extinction-sized asteroid – the scientists say humans have less than 500 million years left on the planet.科学家称,如果没有诸如核灾难或毁灭性行星撞击等灭绝性事件发生,人类的生存时间已经不到5亿年了This comes well bee the planet is predicted to be ‘melt’ 6 billion years from now, when the sun swells to become a red giant.有预测称60亿年后地球将融化,届时太阳会变成一个红巨星,而人类的灭绝会发生于此前The predictions seem grim, but the researchers say there are a few ways humans can potentially save the fate of our planet. One such idea is to physically move the orbit of Earth.这些预测看起来很恐怖,但是调查员称人类事实上有办法拯救自己的星球其中包括物理方法如改变地球的运行轨道‘If we fired a 0 km [6 mile] wide asteroid on an elliptical orbit that passed close to the Earth every 5,000 years, we could slowly gravitationally nudge the planet’s orbit farther away from the sun, provided that we don’t accidentally hit the Earth,’ the authors write.作者写到,如果毁掉椭圆轨道上的一个直径为0千米(6英里)且每隔5000年就会靠近地球的行星,那人们就可以慢慢的借助引力作用推开地球轨道,使其远离太阳当然前提是我们没有不小心伤害到地球A few hours later, most of the lights around the world will shut off because most of the power stations will not be able to run. Fossil fuels power plants would run out of fuel and solar panels would eventually get covered in dust. The only power plants still running would be hydroelectric stations.几个小时后,世界上大多数的灯都会熄灭因为大部分的发电站都会出故障化石燃料发电厂的燃料会消耗殆尽,太阳能电池板会被灰尘淹没唯一能正常运转的发电站就是水电站了A month later, the cooling water in nuclear power stations would have evaporated. This would lead to a series of disasters across the world, stronger than Fukushima and Chernobyl. ’But overall the planet would recover from the radioactive contamination rather fast and easily,’ the says.一个月后,核电站的冷却水会完全蒸发这会在全球引发一系列的灾难,甚至比福岛和切尔诺贝利核电事故还要严重但是视频中提到“全球会迅速而且轻而易举的从核污染中恢复过来”Over time, vegetation growing in cities will attract herbivorous animals. And because there will be prey, predators will follow.慢慢的,生长在城市中的植物会吸引大批食草动物由于有了被捕食者,捕食者也尾随而来The air in cities will become cleaner and visibility will improve. Three hundred years later, metal buildings, bridges, and towers will start to break apart because of corrosion.城市中空气会变得更加清新,可见度也更高三百年后,金属建筑,桥以及塔会由于腐蚀而坍塌Wind turbines would keep working until the lubricant to keep the blades spinning runs out.风力发电机在维持刀刃运转的润滑油用尽前会一直正常工作Life on our planet would be incredibly different if humans were to suddenly be wiped out. According to a new , within a few hours most of the lights would turn off and within months, nuclear disasters would happen around the world.如果人类突然消失的话,地球上的生物会发生翻天覆地的变化根据视频显示,数小时内大部分灯会熄灭,核灾难在数月内会席卷全球One year after the disappearance of humans, satellites around Earth would start to fall from their orbit, creating strange ’stars’ in the sky.人类消失一年后,地球表面的卫星将会脱离轨道,天空会出现许多奇怪的“星星”Twenty five years later, three quarters of cities will be covered with vegetation, with some cities being buried in sand - like Dubai and Las Vegas.5年后,全球四分之三的城市将长满之物而像迪拜和一类的大城市会被掩埋于沙地中Without humans, whales will thrive and breed to the maximum capacity the ocean allows.人类消失后,大洋中的鲸鱼会肆意繁殖,一直达到海洋的最大容量惠州生殖门诊

广东惠州人民医院地址美国:法国欧洲杯或成恐怖袭击目标 --01 :: 来源: 美国政府警告称,下月于法国举行的欧洲足球锦标赛可能将会成为恐怖袭击的目标 "The large number of tourists visiting Europe in the summer months will present greater targets terrorists," the State Department said.据美国国务院表示:“夏季欧洲将会有大量游客涌入,而这将会给恐怖分子提供更多的目标”The event is being hosted from June to July at various venues.欧洲杯将从6月号开始,直到7月号结束期间,比赛将在各个不同场馆举行France is aly under a state of emergency following last year’s Islamist-claimed attacks in Paris.去年巴黎曾遭到伊斯兰教徒的袭击,所以法国现在处于国家紧急状态The near-simultaneous assaults on a stadium, concert hall, bars and restaurants left 0 people dead and many more wounded.当时,伊斯兰怖分子几乎同时袭击了体育场馆、音乐厅、酒吧和饭店,一共造成0人死亡,另有多人受伤In March, 3 people died in neighbouring Belgium when suicide blasts hit Brussels airport and a metro station. So-called Islamic State said it was behind both the Paris and Brussels attacks.今年3月,邻国比利时遭受自杀式爆炸袭击,布鲁塞尔机场和一处地铁站遭到炸弹攻击,共造成3人死亡“伊斯兰国”声称对巴黎和布鲁塞尔的恐怖袭击负责Up to a million eign fans are expected in France the tournament, which involves the continent’s top national teams.预计届时将有多达0万的外国球迷前往法国,为参加欧洲杯的顶级球队加油In its travel alert US citizens, the State Department warns of the dangers of militant attacks throughout Europe.在对美国公民的旅行警告中,美国国务院警示说,整个欧洲都有遭受恐怖分子袭击的危险While it routinely issues travel alerts short-term risks worldwide, this is only the third time in years one has been issued Europe.尽管美国国务院经常发表对全世界短途旅行的风险警告,这还只是二十年里第三次对欧洲地区发出这样的警告The attacks could hit tourist sites, restaurants, commercial centres and transportation, the State Department warns, with large events such as Euro singled out.美国国务院警告称,由于要举行欧洲杯这样的大型活动,恐怖分子可能会袭击旅游景点、饭店、商业中心和交通The warning also cites the Tour de France cycle race and the Catholic Church’s Youth Day in Krakow, Poland, which is expected to draw up to .5 million visitors.美国国务院还对环法自行车赛和波兰克拉科夫天主教堂青年日活动(该活动预计将吸引50万游客)提出了警告An unnamed US official told the Reuters news agency they had no particular threat inmation that gave rise to the latest alert.美国政府一名不愿透露姓名的官员告诉路透社,他们并不是因为收到了什么特别的威胁信息才做出这份警告的Britain’s eign Office has warned of a high threat from terrorism in France.英国外交部警告法国存在很大的恐怖袭击威胁Asked if it wanted to comment on the warning from the US, it said it had specific advice football fans travelling to the competition.当被问及是否想对美国政府的警告做时,它说它对即将前往欧洲杯的球迷们有特别的建议France’s state of emergency was extended to include the tournament, and it also plans to deploy anti-drone technology as another precaution.法国的国家紧急状态时间将延长到欧洲杯比赛结束,法国政府还计划部署反无人机技术作为另一项预防措施More than 90,000 police, soldiers and private security agents are being deployed as well.法国政府也将部署超过9万名警察、士兵和私人安保人员 [文化]单反买不起?手机拍照一样美翻了(双语) --3 :39:3 来源:sohu 相片不好还在怪相机?那你就错啦!原来,只用iPhone就能够让你用三脚猫的摄影技术拍出让世人震惊的大师级照片iPhone摄影奖(IPPAWARDS)的获胜者们就向我们明了这个事实 Think that you need a fancy camera to take a good picture? You are WRONG! Turns out an iPhone is enough to shock people with your sick photography skills, and the winners from the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) can prove so. 就在最近,第九届年度IPPAWARDS落下帷幕获奖作品从简单的风景照片到可爱的动物照片——都是那么都是令人惊叹不已下面就让我们一起来欣赏一下吧 Just recently, the 9th Annual IPPAWARDS ended, and the winners have been announced. From simple landscape photos to photos of adorable animals - all of them are absolutely amazing. Take a look yourselves below. 一等奖《旅行 Fugen Xiao From Guangdong, China, 1st Place, Travel 那束光仿佛来自天堂,太美了! Beautiful light. 二等奖《日落 Yongmei Wang From Chongqing, China, nd Place, Sunset 你确定我的手机也是iPhone? 总冠军 Siyuan Niu From Xinjiang, China, Grand Prize Winner 三等奖 《动物们Junbiao Cai From Guangdong, China, 3rd Place, Animals 如果你把眼睛眯起来看,就像很多黑人和白人牵着手 If you defocus your eyes, it looks like many black and white people holding hands. :) 一等奖 《建筑 Jian Wang From Beijing, China, 1st Place, Architecture 三等奖 《旅行 Shiyang Han From Beijing, China, 3rd Place, Travel 像是用乐高拼出来的 Like lego land 一等奖 《人民Xia Zhenkai From Guangdong, China, 1st Place, People 二等奖 Robin Robertis From Carlsbad Ca, ed States, nd Place 一等奖 《自然 Junfeng Wang From Shanghai, China, 1st Place, Nature 看来如今拍照已经不全看设备了,就算只用智能手机,只要善于发现美的世界,你也能拍出“单反”照片 English Source: BoredPanda 到底什么秘诀能让手机变单反? 小编很快就会揭晓了!惠州哪个医院有做做男人结扎惠州切除包皮的费用



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