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As a lively city, Shenzhen is also a paradise for recreation. Whatever you desire, Shenzhen has an offer. All standards of kursaals, ice rinks, golf courses, racket courts, bowling alleys, KTV, cinemas and theatres and other common recreational centers, makes Shenzhen a city that never sleeps.Shenzhen is also a window to view the fashion goods of the world. For it neighbors the taxless ports of Hong Kong and Macau, the merchandise here is not only varied but also pretty economical. The extravagant Renmin Nan (International Trade Center), economical Huaqing Bei, traditional East Gate Pedestrian Street, and fashionable Fudian Shopping Center are the four most famous spots for shopping here. The Sino-British Street in Shatoujiao Town, 'a street with two social systems', is also often brimming with all kinds of visitors. The landmark in the center of the street is the border line between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.As a nucleus of Guangdong Province, the food here mainly focuses on Guangdong (Cantonese) Cuisine. However, thanks to the frequent immigrants from other areas of China, all kinds of dishes can be savored here. In addition, various foreign dishes, such as Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and occidental snacks are all available. In Shenzhen, it is easy to find a restaurant, cafe or teahouse to satisfy your appetite. Article/201009/114306。

Mount Erebus was an irresistible draw埃里伯斯山以其不可抗拒的魅力to the legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton.吸引了传奇探险家欧内斯特·沙克尔顿In 1908,1908年 his men became the first to climb this active volcano.他的队员们首次攀登了这座活火山They soon discovered that他们很快发觉this is the coldest place on the Antarctic coast.这是南极海岸最寒冷的地区Today#39;s explorers still have to时至今日 探险家们guard against frostbite in the height of summer在盛夏时 仍旧需要预防冻伤when temperatures rarely creep above minus 30 degrees centigrade.温度在此时一般都低于零下三十度Shackleton#39;s men had no idea of沙克尔顿的队员们没料到the extraordinary spectacle that lay beneath their feet.他们脚下的景象如此非凡OK, up on the wall there somewhere now.洞壁上有落脚处了Under the ice and snow is a network of caves,冰雪下面是洞穴网which only a handful of expert cavers have ever dared to enter.没有几个洞穴专家敢进去This is the first scientific expedition这是为了探求洞穴详情to explore them in detail.而进行的第一次科学远征Here, there are ice formations that occur nowhere else on Earth.这里有地球上独一无二的成冰现象Each cave contains its own unique collection of structures.每个洞都有自己独特的结构 /201212/214506。

One week and a metre of snow later, the headland is visible again,一周后积雪已达一米 海岬再次显身and the team are raring to get back to the ice edge.摄制组迫不及待要回到冰面边缘They follow their old route back through the frozen maze他们沿原路返回 穿越冰冻的迷宫and, with no leopard seal in sight,沿途并未看到一只海豹it#39;s time for another attempt with the pole cam.又该再次使用长杆镜头了It#39;s cumbersome,过程很繁琐but it allows the team to capture underwater images不过可以让摄制组拍摄到水下画面without having to risk the icy water themselves.而不用亲自冒险进入冰冷的海水That is OK? That#39;s perfect.可以吗 非常好They are coming. I can see some.他们来了 我能看到几个Penguins coming in the hole. This is awesome. This is great.企鹅正钻入冰洞 真不可思议 太棒了The aim now is to film the penguins#39; dramatic exit from the hole.现在要拍摄企鹅从冰洞钻出的精时刻The only problem...which hole?唯一的问题就是 哪个冰洞These penguins keep outsmarting us.这些企鹅不断挑战我们的智商We tried to switch holes to film them coming up一待我们换个冰洞准备拍摄and they all just completely came up behind us.它们就从我们身后鱼贯而出Whatever the crew try there#39;s无论摄制组采取什么手段always someone who hasn#39;t the script!企鹅却总是不让你如愿拍到John has been filming but he can#39;t view his slow motion shots约翰一直在拍摄 但在上传至电脑里前until they#39;re downloaded to a computer.他无法看到慢速镜头While he waits, Didier seizes his chance.在他等待时 迪迪尔抓住了机会Come, my friend. Come.过来啊 朋友 来If you can#39;t beat them, join them.要是你打不过别人 就加入他们It#39;s time to go scuba diving in the coldest waters on the planet.该在全球最寒冷水域进行潜水了I will see you on the other side.我在另一边等你The team are 300 miles from help摄制组距离救治点近500英里and have only a small hole as their lifeline to the surface.只有一个小洞能让他们逃出水面A magical world opens up.一个梦幻世界即将呈现For the first time,现在 迪迪尔第一次Didier now shares the penguins#39; perspective from beneath the ice.领略到企鹅在冰下的视角 /201211/210688。

Capone is one of the richest men in the country.卡彭是美国最富有的人之一He should be paying 25% tax.他应当交纳25%的个人所得税Between 1925 and 1929,he pays nothing.1925年到1929年间,他的纳税额为零The defendant himself had no bank accounts,kept no book records of activities,bought no property in his own name.被告没有账户,也没有经营活动的收记录,名下没有任何不动产He conducted all his financial dealings with currency.他的所有活动都使用现金交易To secure a conviction, Wilson needs to prove,Capone has an income on which he is paying no tax.要给卡彭定罪,威尔逊必须明卡彭有未纳税收入He uncovers a ledger,confiscated from a business called Hawthorne Smoke Shop,thought to be a Capone front.他找到了一本账簿是从一间叫霍桑烟店的公司收缴来的,他认为这家店不过是卡彭的幌子It#39;s a detailed record of a gambling business,but no taxes have been paid on the income from this business.账簿里记录的是生意的详细帐目,但这部分的生意收入并没有上税If Wilson can establish a direct link with Capone,若威尔逊能够明卡彭还经营生意he may be able to nail the nation#39;s most notorious criminal on tax evasion.他也许就能将美国头号犯罪头目以逃税罪名绳之于法Wilson studies the ledger but can#39;t connect it to Capone.威尔逊仔细研究了账目,但无法找到其与卡彭的联系Then, a breakthrough.The handwriting.然后,找到了突破口,笔迹A careful comparison of the handwriting in the ledger with specimens from various employees of Capone organization established that the handwriting belonged to the managers and the cashier of the Hawthorne Smoke Shop.在将账簿中的笔迹与卡彭一干雇员笔迹样本仔细比较后,威尔逊明了账簿里的笔迹均来自霍桑烟店的经理和收银员The handwriting proves Capone#39;s connection to the business.It#39;s the vital evidence.笔迹明了卡彭还经营生意,这项据十分关键On October 18, 1931,Al Capone is found guilty of tax evasion,and sentenced to 11 years in prison.1931年10月18日,阿尔·卡彭逃税罪名成立被判有期徒刑11年Frank Wilson found out that he was not paying his taxes.弗兰克·威尔逊查出了他逃税的据It#39;s an odd thing,this man who had done all these other things,ordered the execution of lots of people,was responsible for the murder of people,and they get him on tax evasion.这有点出乎所有人意料,这个人恶贯满盈,被他一声令下杀死的人不在少数,他策划了这么多起谋杀案却因逃税罪名锒铛入狱Tax is no small matter.税收并非无足轻重Prohibition has been a disaster.禁酒令招致了灾难性的后果It has massively increased the stranglehold of organized crime.它使黑社会犯罪势力大大增强It#39;s cost the government billions in lost tax revenue.让联邦政府损失了几十亿税收Gangsters like Capone have become rich at America#39;s expense,像卡彭一样的黑帮将自己的财富建立在整个美国的损失之上but now more than ever,the government needs cash.然而,政府此时却陷入了有史以来最大的财政危机The stock-market crash in 1929 has brought the economy to its knees.1929年的股市大崩盘拉垮了整个美国经济The government is broke.联邦政府破产A levy on alcohol is a solution.对酒类饮料征税是出路之一On December 5, 1933, Prohibition is abolished,killed by the need for cold, hard cash.1933年12月5日,禁酒令被废止,直接原因是政府空前的财政短缺It#39;s an extraordinary U-turn.这种180度的政策大转弯极为罕见The only time in history an amendment to the Constitution is repealed.这也是美国历史上唯一一条被废除的宪法修正案The three decades of economic boom, fueled by oil, cars and the rapid growth of megacities are now over.历经三十年,由石油、汽车和大城市快速发展拉动的美国经济大繁荣就此终结The country has hard times ahead.这个国家将迎来一段艰难时期 /201301/218193。

The most decorated Olympian of all-time Michael Phelps has retired after another gold-winning swim in London. The American swimmer won 22 medals, including 18 gold, after starting his Olympic life at the 2000 Sydney Games. He says the moment in London is among those that meant the most to him.史上获得奥运奖牌最多得运动员—菲尔普斯在伦敦奥运上再摘金牌后正式宣布退役。这位美国游泳健自参加2000年的悉尼奥运会并开始奥运生涯以来共获得22枚奥运奖牌,其中金牌18枚。他说伦敦奥运是他奥运生涯中最重要的其中之一届。 Article/201208/193710。

杰夫.奥尔森倡导一种奥林匹克精神——健康理念。他呼吁人们在生活中普及健康观念,将之作为一种流行时尚,用文化的形式植入人们的心中。他还呼吁人们借助奥运会这个时刻传播健康理念,让世界实现良性发展。 Article/201208/193869。