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长春微创卵巢囊肿多少钱榆树市妇女儿童医院扣扣Is the maker of Macs in for a board reboot?Mac电脑制造商苹果是否会赞成董事会改组?According to a Wall Street Journal article published on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook is looking for new board members. If the report is true, Cook’s search is reminiscent of Steve Jobs’ handpicking of an Apple board that would, perhaps in name only, oversee him. But CEO selection of board candidates is a governance no-no because CEOs report to—and are hired and fired by—the board.《华尔街日报》( Wall Street Journal)上周发表的一篇文章称,苹果(Apple)首席执行官提姆o库克正在物色新的董事会成员。如果这篇报道是真的, 那么库克的做法便是在效仿史蒂夫o乔布斯钦点苹果董事会成员的老路子,而由此组建的董事会对于库克来说可能只有名义上的监管权。但是首席执行官选择董事会成员候选人是公司治理的大忌,因为首席执行官得向董事会汇报,而且首席执行官的任用和离职也是董事会说了算。To be sure, the Apple AAPL 0.04% board is certainly ripe for an overhaul. Bill Campbell, the chair of Intuit INTU -0.11% , has served on Apple’s board since 1997. Campbell figured prominently in documents filed in the wage fixing case that Apple agreed to settle this year. The testimony related to that case also referred to Apple Chair Art Levinson, who has been an Apple board member since 2000. Amid antitrust concerns, Levinson stepped down from Google’s board in 2009. But in September of last year, he became CEO of Calico, a controversial gig for an Apple director since Calico is funded by Google GOOG 0.87% .的确,苹果董事会也该变一变了。Intuit董事长比尔o肯贝尔自从1997年以来就一直在担任苹果的董事。在今年苹果同意和解的工资补缴案的相关文件中,坎贝尔成为了重要人物。与这起案件相关的词还涉及苹果董事长亚瑟o莱文森,他于2000年开始就一直是苹果董事会成员。由于反垄断的原因,莱文森于2009年退出了谷歌(Google)董事会。但去年9月,他成为了Calico首席执行官。对于苹果董事来说,Calico是一个极具争议的怪胎,因为它的投资人是谷歌。The two other longest serving Apple directors are Mickey Drexler, CEO of J. Crew, who has been on the board since 1999, and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, a director since 2003. Drexler and Gore are not known as champions of good governance. Drexler survived a controversy in 2010 when he allegedly waited seven weeks to inform the J. Crew board of in-depth discussions he was holding related to the potential sale of the company. Gore led Apple’s internal investigation into stock options backdating allegations, issuing a report that some considered awhitewash.另两位任期最长的苹果董事是:J. Crew首席执行官麦琪o德勒克斯勒,他于1999年加入董事会;以及美国前副总统阿尔o戈尔,他加入董事会的时间是2003年。德勒克斯勒和戈尔并非以公司治理而著称。2010年,德勒克斯勒摆脱了一场舆论危机。据称,造成这个危机的原因在于,他曾就潜在的公司出售事宜与其他方面进行过深入探讨,但他在7周后才将此事告知J. Crew董事会。戈尔曾领导了苹果股票期权追溯案件的内部调查,并发布了一篇被一些人认为是用来掩盖真相的调查报告。Many boards find it vital to reconsider the people who sit on their nominating and governance committees in order to facilitate director exits and find the best candidates. When the least governance-minded or longest-serving directors control those committees, boards can run into serious roadblocks. Tech firms have a heightened need to avoid stagnant board membership because fast-moving strategies require fresh thinking.很多董事会认为,重新审视提名和治理委员会的委员构成非常重要,这样有利于董事的离任并寻找最合适的候选人。一旦不擅长治理的人或长时间位居董事一职的人掌控了这些委员会,董事会可能会陷入重重的困境。对于技术公司来说,拥有一成不变的董事会是个大忌,因为快速变化的策略需要新的思维作为撑。Apple’s board is not diverse and not reflective of its customer base. The composition seems out of step with the company’s recent new hires, including Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry. The board currently has only one female member—and not a single independent Apple director is under 55. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.苹果的董事会缺乏多样性,而且在客户群方面也不具有代表性。这个组合似乎跟不上最近公司新聘高管的步伐,包括柏利(Burberry)前任首席执行官安吉娜o阿伦德斯。董事会目前只有一位女性成员,而且苹果所有独立董事的年龄都超过了55岁。苹果并未对置评要求做出回应。At Apple, Campbell or Levinson, along with Drexler and Gore, have been responsible for board nominations and governance since 2003. (Apple’s 2011 to 2014 proxy filings show the board’s nominating and governance committee has been chaired by Campbell, the board’s longest serving director, with members Drexler and Gore. The 2003 to 2010 filings show the committee composed of Levinson, Drexler, and Gore.)自从2003年以来,苹果公司的董事会提名和治理工作一直是由坎贝尔或莱文森以及德勒克斯勒和戈尔负责。(苹果2011到2014年的代理委托书显示,董事会提名和治理委员会一直由坎贝尔这位任职时间最长的董事担任主席,其他成员包括德勒克斯勒和戈尔。2003-2010年的代理委托书显示委员会由莱文森、德勒克斯勒和戈尔组成。)At this year’s annual meeting, Apple stockholders did not approve a proxy access proposal that would have allowed shareholder board nominations to appear on Apple’s ballot. Nevertheless, the nominating committee should be seeking shareholder input.在今年的年度股东大会上,苹果股东否决了代理参与权议案。依据这份提案,股东董事会提名将由苹果股东投票产生。不管怎么样,提名委员会应该征求股东的意见。So, where does this leave Tim Cook? If the Apple CEO wants new board members, he has a couple of options. He can garner board support to get the nominating committee moving—or he can suggest that the board consider reconstituting its committees to shake things up and give newer independent members a bigger role in the nominations process.因此,这对库克来说意味着什么?如果这位苹果首席执行官希望增加新的董事会成员,有两条路可以走。他可以获得董事会持,让提名委员会开始行动;或者他也可以建议董事会考虑改组委员会,打破老格局,从而让新上任的独立董事在提名过程中发挥更大的作用。Under no circumstance should Cook, who as CEO reports to the board, be creating the slate. It’s bad governance that could backfire down the road. And it could tarnish Cook with the same brush that painted former HP HPQ 0.45% Chair Ray Lane when he took control of board nominations, contrary to that board’s governance charter.不论在什么情况下,库克作为向董事会汇报的首席执行官,都不应该插手董事会的组建工作。否则就属于治理不善,可能会给未来埋下祸患。而且库克可能因此而被扣上属于惠普(HP)前任董事长雷o莱恩的帽子。雷曾违反董事会的治理章程,掌控了董事会的提名。The era of Jobs is over. For Apple and Cook, that means it’s time for mature corporate governance. Along with it, perhaps the company will gain some fresh ideas as well.乔布斯的时代已经结束。对于苹果和库克来说,这意味着开展完善的公司治理的时机到了。除此之外,说不定公司还会因此而获得一些新理念。 /201407/312174九台市妇幼保健站怀孕检测多少钱 Samsung Electronics Co.#39;s (005930.SE SSNHY) latest smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, takes advantage of the South Korean electronics company#39;s chip- and display-manufacturing prowess to get its material costs closer to Apple Inc.#39;s (AAPL) costs for the iPhone 5.凭借其制造芯片和显示器的卓越能力,韩国三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)缩小了最新智能手机Galaxy S 4在材料成本方面与苹果公司(Apple Inc.) iPhone 5的距离。An analysis conducted by market-research firm IHS Inc. estimates Samsung#39;s cost of materials and manufacturing to produce the U.S. version of the S 4 is slightly above 7 a unit, according to a report expected to be released on Thursday. That is higher than Apple#39;s 7 production cost for a 32-gigabyte iPhone 5, which has a smaller and less-costly display screen.一份预计于周四发布的报告显示,市场研究机构IHS Inc.的分析报告估计,三星生产一部美国版Galaxy S 4的材料和制造成本仅略高于237美元。苹果生产一部32G版iPhone 5的生产费用为217美元。相比Galaxy S 4,iPhone 5的显示屏尺寸较小,成本也较低。Without a two-year contract, the 16-gigabyte version of the Samsung phone sells for 9 at ATamp;T Inc. (T), and the iPhone 5 with 32 gigabytes costs 9 at an Apple store.如没有两年套餐合约,这款三星智能手机的16G版在美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T Inc.)的售价为639美元,32G版iPhone 5在苹果专卖店的售价为749美元。Pricing for an unlocked 32-gigabte S 4 hasn#39;t been released.32G版S 4裸机价格还未发布。Most phone manufacturers buy components from many different suppliers. But Samsung, which builds everything from chips to displays, has used its production capabilities to produce many of the key components inside its S 4 phones.大多数手机生产商会从很多不同供应商那里购买零部件。而产品涵盖从芯片到显示屏的三星充分利用了自身的生产能力,S 4手机内配置的很多关键零部件都是三星自产。#39;Samsung#39;s strength is this ability to in-source to itself,#39; IHS analyst Vincent Leung said in an interview. #39;They just keep adding to the list of components that they can supply to themselves.#39;IHS分析师Vincent Leung接受采访时说,三星的优势就是这种“内包”给自己的能力。他说,三星还在不断增加自供零部件的种类。One key component that Samsung didn#39;t produce for its phone sold in the U.S., was the applications processor. U.S. versions of the phone contain a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) that contributes to the overall cost, IHS says.三星这款在美国销售的智能手机有一个非自产的关键元件,那就是应用程序处理器。IHS说,美国版手机采用的是高通公司(Qualcomm Inc.)生产的Snapdragon处理器,在总成本中占了20美元。Versions of the phone sold in Korea and other markets around the world use a Samsung-made chip called Exynos 5 Octa that costs in place of the Qualcomm chip. Samsung manufactures at least four different variations of the phone around the world, including two being sold in the U.S., one to ATamp;T, and another to Verizon Wireless, said Andrew Rassweiler, another IHS analyst.在韩国和世界其它市场上销售的S 4则采用的是三星自产的Exynos 5 Octa芯片,成本为28美元。IHS另一分析师拉斯韦勒(Andrew Rassweiler)说,这款手机三星至少会在世界范围内生产四种不同版本,包括正在美国销售的两个版本,分别提供给电话电报公司和运营商Verizon Wireless。#39;Samsung is demonstrating its ability to suit the tastes of carriers in different regions of the world,#39; Mr. Rassweiler said. #39;It comes down to what the market is willing to spend on the features offered.#39;拉斯韦勒说,三星正在展示其有能力适应世界不同地区运营商的要求,具体取决于当地市场愿为该手机功能投入多少。The fact that Samsung used the Qualcomm-made chip is a testament to the U.S. chipmaker#39;s prowess. #39;Even with all the vertical integration it is doing, it isn#39;t like Samsung has given up on Qualcomm,#39; Mr. Rassweiler said.三星使用高通芯片是对这家美国芯片制造商出色技术水平的佐。拉斯韦勒说,三星即使在进行产品垂直整合的时候,似乎也没放弃高通。One interesting difference between the U.S. and Korean versions of the Galaxy S 4 is the imaging processor.Galaxy S 4美国和韩国版之间有一个很有趣的区别:图像处理器。U.S. versions of the phone contain an image-processing chip made by Japan#39;s Fujitsu Ltd. that added .50 to the total cost. IHS#39;s Mr. Leung says in the Korean versions, some of the image processing is handed off to Samsung#39;s Exynos chip.美国版配备的是日本富士通(Fujitsu Ltd.)生产的图像处理芯片,价格为1.50美元。Leung说,韩国版的部分图像处理工作则由三星的Exynos芯片完成。Samsung also supplied the flash memory used to store data on the device.这款手机配备的数据存储闪存也由三星自供。IHS estimates that the phone#39;s 16 gigabytes of memory added to the material cost of the device.据IHS估计,这款16G版手机的闪存成本为28美元。The Korean company supplied its own display and touch-screen parts, which added to the cost of components.另外,该手机的显示屏和触摸屏零部件也为这家韩国公司自产,成本为75美元。The combined display package also includes Gorilla Glass, a strong glass material made by U.S.-based Corning Inc. (GLW).显示屏组合配置中还有大猩猩玻璃(Gorilla Glass)。这是美国康宁公司(Corning Inc.)生产的一种强化玻璃。The S 4#39;s display is nearly an inch larger than Apple#39;s iPhone 5, raising the Galaxy#39;s material costs.相比苹果的iPhone 5,S 4的显示屏大了近一英寸,其材料成本也相应提高。Samsung is also thought to have supplied itself with several unlabeled components, including the camera module and some wireless baseband chips.此外,还有几种无标元件也被认为是三星自产,如手机摄像头和一些无线基带芯片。A few non-Samsung suppliers include Broadcom Corp., which provided Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips, Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (BRCM), which provided a power management chip, and Triquint Semiconductor Inc. (TQNT), which provided some wireless chips. Subscribe to WSJ: http://online.wsj.com?moddjnwires除三星外,该手机的其它几个供应商分别是提供了蓝牙和Wi-Fi芯片的通(Broadcom Corp.)、提供了电源管理芯片的Maxim Integrated Products Inc.和提供了部分无线芯片的Triquint Semiconductor Inc.等。 /201305/239270长春治疗性传播疣效果好的医院

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吉林医大二院官网专家在线咨询Klout#39;s new business dashboard, rolling out today, will offer a granular using at which social networks brands are seeing the most (and least) traction.Klout近日推出全新企业仪表板,提供细化信息,帮助企业了解自身品牌在哪个社交网站最具人气、在哪个网站最不具吸引力。Klout, the analytics startup that aims to measure users#39; influence across their social networks, is going after businesses. The San Francisco-based venture, which launched in 2008, is launching Klout for Business, a portal intended to be used by big-name brands to better understand their online audiences.社交影响力分析网站Klout致力于衡量用户在自身社交网络中的影响力,现在它开始争取企业用户。这家2008年于旧金山成立的初创企业目前推出了企业版Klout(Klout for Business),即一个旨在帮助各大品牌了解自身在线受众的门户网站。Today, Klout is making available a free analytics dashboard for companies with features that allow them to learn how influential their fans and followers are, which social networks the brand resonates most (or least) with, which social networks they should use more, which topics about the brand are most popular, and which ;moments;—a Tweet or Facebook (FB) update, for example—get the most attention.日前,Klout发布了针对企业的免费分析工具,帮助各公司了解自己的粉丝和追随者的影响力,自己的品牌与哪个社交网站最有共鸣,又与哪个最格格不入,自己应该多利用哪个社交网络,关于自身品牌的什么话题最受欢迎,以及哪个“时刻”——比如Tweet或Facebook上的一条更新——最受关注。Later this spring, the company will also introduce a Groups feature. Klout Groups will operate somewhat similarly to Facebook Groups, although they will only include the most influential people on social networks like Twitter and Instagram. The feature will allow companies to know, broadly, in which social networks members are particularly influential. Pricing will vary on a case by case basis. Klout currently draws the lion#39;s share of its revenues from Klout Perks, a rewards program that encourages social media influencers to share information about brands. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez told Fortune he expects these to flip next year once Groups get off the ground.Klout将于一季度末推出新功能群组。Klout群组和Facebook群组有些类似。不过,前者的成员范围要窄得多,仅包括Twitter和Instagram等社交网站上最具影响力的人物。借助这项功能,公司能大体了解自己在哪个社交网站上特别具有影响力。这项功能的价格将根据公司而有所变化。Klout目前最大的收入来源是Klout奖励。顾名思义,这个奖励计划鼓励社交网站上的知名人士积极分享有关各大品牌的信息。Klout首席执行官乔?费尔南德斯告诉《财富》(Fortune)杂志,一旦群组功能步入正轨,将有望在明年成为Klout的柱业务。The third part of Klout#39;s business strategy will include tools so brands can interact and engage directly with their influencers, from polls to targeted perks. At this year#39;s South by Southwest, Cirque du Soleil and Klout provided users who downloaded the mobile app and were at the festival various prizes.Klout还准备了第三项业务。它计划推出多种工具,帮助各大品牌与社交大号互动,或是直接对他们给予激励。这些工具涵盖了从投票调查到精准奖励的多种功能。今年的西南偏南音乐节(South by Southwest)期间,太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)和Klout就向那些亲临音乐节,同时下载了该移动应用程序的用户发放了各种奖品。Will it work? That remains to be seen. Klout is no stranger to controversy. The company#39;s very launch generated much discussion of the importance of measuring influence on the growing social Web. Later, controversy then shifted to Klout scores themselves. Because outsiders were unsure of how scores were achieved, they questioned their validity. (Indeed, at one point, President Obama ranked lower than tech influencer Robert Scoble. Wait, what?) That issue was allayed thanks a major redesign late last year that offered a more accurate calculation of scores as well as transparency into how they are measured.效果究竟如何?目前还不得而知。Klout是一家备受争议的公司。诞生伊始,人们就竞相热议,在高速发展的社交网络圈,制定一套影响力评分标准究竟有无必要。随后,大家的注意力转移到Klout的打分上。因为人们不认可Klout评分方法,质疑它在暗箱操作。(确实,奥巴马总统的分数竟然要低于科技界名人罗伯特?斯科布。这怎么可能?)迫于压力,Klout在去年年底对评分系统进行了大幅调整,分数计算更加精确,打分过程也更加透明。大家的怨气终于稍稍平息。Since then, Klout has matured and gained more acceptance among consumers, thanks in part to a partnership with Microsoft#39;s (MSFT) Bing search engine. The company tripled revenue last year and expects to make in the low double-digit millions this year. There#39;s a hitch, however. ;A friend came in and told me that 10 out of 10 CMO#39;s [chief marketing officers] that I talk to know what Klout is—so we have brand recognition—but 0 out of 10 know you do anything for brands,; says Matt Thomson, Klout#39;s VP of Business Development and Platform. Today#39;s announcements are intended to address this.此后,Klout慢慢成熟,并深得消费者的认可,一定程度上是因为它与微软必应(Bing)搜索引擎的合作伙伴关系。Klout的收入在去年增长了两倍,并有望在今年实现年入千万美元。但有一个小问题。Klout负责业务拓展和平台的副总裁马特?汤姆森表示:“有位朋友对我说,他遇见过的首席市场官没人不知道Klout,所以我们的品牌认知度很高。但是,没有哪位首席市场官清楚,Klout究竟为品牌做了什么贡献。”而Klout日前的宣告正是为了解决这一问题。 /201303/231607 Reader Survey: Apple Rides Recent Growth In AsiaFor a company with a tiny market share in Asia, Apple Inc. has an outsized reputation.Apple held just a 1.6% share of the personal-computer market in Asia in the second quarter of this year, and a 0.6% sliver of the region's mobile-phone market, according to technology market-research firm IDC. Yet Apple skyrocketed to the top of our annual Asia 200 survey this year, and was ranked by ers as the region's most admired multinational company. Last year, Apple ranked seventh.Apple's sharp rise to the top spot over the past year reflects its fast-growing global reputation as a trend-setting technology company that continually turns out iconic products backed by unparalleled marketing savvy. Apple might not be a big player in Asia, in terms of market share, but the company's reputation looms large.'Even if they don't have a big presence, they are tremendously successful at marketing themselves,' says Bryan Ma, the Singapore-based director of personal systems research at IDC. 'Look at the entire experience and aura they create, especially this globally connected age; everyone is hearing about this whole iPhone phenomenon, and can see their earnings are doing very well. Even if their market share isn't so big out here, these are things that businesspeople and executives in Asia would certainly respect and admire.'Apple's ability to sidestep the global economic crisis has gained the company fresh respect. In July, Apple posted a 15% rise in profit for the fiscal third quarter ended June 27, and said it couldn't supply enough iPhones and Macintosh computers to meet demand. Shipments of Mac computers rose 4% to 2.6 million, although revenue fell 8% as the company cut prices on some models. Still, that stands in contrast to PC sales, which have slumped globally. Apple's results were fueled by surging demand for its 3G iPhone: the company sold 5.2 million iPhones in the quarter, more than seven times what it sold a year earlier.Apple's focus remains on its core U.S. market, and also on Europe. Apple shipped 53% of its Macintosh computers to the U.S., 24% to Western Europe and 14% to Asia, in the second calendar quarter of this year, according to IDC. While the company's iconic iPod is popular in Asia, Apple's iTunes store remains out of reach of most Asian consumers. Apple has set up iTunes in Japan and Australia only. Copyright is the big hurdle. Apple has to conclude deals with individual record labels at the country level to allow songs to be sold on the iTunes platform in each market. That labyrinth process has mired efforts to make the service more widely available in Asia. The company is also likely concerned about piracy in Asia, say many analysts.Still, the company is expanding its presence. Apple opened its first company-owned Apple retail store in Asia, outside of Japan, in China last year. Meanwhile, it has signed agreements with Asian mobile-phone carriers outside of Japan to distribute its hot-selling iPhone in the past 12 months. The product, which was aly on sale in Japan, is now available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Thailand and Taiwan. In late August, China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. announced a three-year deal with Apple to sell the iPhone in China later this year.The release of the iPhone, Apple's latest must-have gadget, in Asia has helped buoy the company's profile in the region. More than 2,000 people in Singapore queued up for hours when domestic carrier Singapore Telecommunications launched the iPhone on July 10. The customer at the front of the line reportedly waited for 11 hours.Apple has also managed to lift its share of other core segments in Asia. The company's 1.6% share of personal computers in the second quarter of this year marks a steady rise from the 1.1% share in the first quarter of 2007. The 0.6% share it has in the Asian phone market, meanwhile, is notable given the iPhone has been available in most of Asia for less than a year.Those efforts are paying off. Apple ranked second in the Asia 200 survey in the innovation category, up from seventh last year. When asked to rank multinational companies by the long-term vision of their management, ers ranked Apple second this year, up from sixth.'For a company that, from a product-line perspective, isn't that broad, it is rather admirable they can create so much demand, so much hunger and so much loyalty -- even out here in Asia, where the priority for the company might not be as high,' says IDC's Mr. Ma.On Wednesday, Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs appeared in public for the first time since he received a liver transplant earlier this year, unveiling new offerings that included an iPod Nano with a camera. /200909/83911长春白求恩医科大学第一医院盆腔炎多少钱九台区生宝宝哪家医院最好的



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