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Goodbye, Gossip Girl! Hello, haircut!拜拜,《八卦天后(Gossip Girl)!她换新发型了!Weeks after hanging up Blair Waldorf signature headbands good — star Leighton Meester has debuted a new, much shorter do that the prim and proper Queen B might not have approved of.就在《八卦天后杀青,布莱尔·伍道夫(Blair Waldorf)的美丽发带全部束之高阁几周后,女主演莉顿·梅斯特( Leighton Meester)首次以清新短发造型亮相活动不知道高贵整洁的Queen B会不会喜欢这个发型呢?;Yes! I chopped off my hair after Gossip Girl wrapped,; the 6-year-old actress told JustJared.com when she debuted the new look at a dinner Thursday in Los Angeles. ;My long, wavy hair got a lot of mileage, so it was time a change. The girl who did my hair on the show chopped it off and I love it. I hop out of the shower and it takes five minutes to dry!;6岁的梅斯特于本周四出席洛杉矶某晚宴,她说:“是的,我在《八卦天后杀青后剪短了头发我留长卷发好久了,是时候做出改变了我在《八卦天后片场的发型师帮我剪了头发,我很喜欢!我洗完澡后头发五分钟就干了!”Seeing as Gossip Girl airs on the channel merly known as The WB — the same network that famously prevented its leading ladies from getting drastic haircuts after Felicity-gate in 1999 — maybe this was the first time Meester was allowed to get such a different hairstyle. Good to see she enjoying her newfound freedom.《八卦天后播出频道CW台的前身是WB台,该台自1999年播出《大学生费利西蒂(Felicity)后,就尽力避免各部剧集中的女主角们留起夸张发型这似乎是梅斯特第一次自主选择发型,很高兴看到她享受这份“自由”What do you think of Meester new look?你喜欢梅斯特的短发造型吗? 138

Is life in plastic really all that fantastic? ;Human Barbie; Valeria Lukyanova posted brand-new photos of herself via Facebook last week to welcome spring, and responded to her haters and body critics on Thursday, May . See more photos of Human Barbie here.塑胶里的生活真的只是幻想吗?5月日,;真人芭比;瓦莱里娅·卢基扬诺夫在脸书上发表了几张她上周拍的迎春照,并回应憎恨她的人和批评她的人,想看更多的真人芭比照,就在这里In her latest seasonal shoot, the Internet sensation — famed her porcelain face, Barbie-like proportions, and controversial es — appeared even more distorted than usual. The Eastern European model showed off her uber-tiny physique in a too-small navy bustier bra and skimpy faded shorts.她上个季度的自拍摄影,在网络上引起轰动 —— 因她那张瓷器一样的脸,芭比——相似的比例,也有争议 —— 因为看起来甚至有点失真这名东欧模特炫耀她的乳房——她瘦小的身躯外面那小巧的海军紧身胸罩和又短又紧的牛仔短裤From behind, her bottoms were so tiny that they showed off her butt cheeks. The model midsection, meanwhile, included a shocking set of six-pack abs, which prompted critics to speculate whether her physique was the result of hard work — or Photoshop.从后面看,她的裤子这么小,卖弄着她性感的屁股与此同时,这名模特的上腹部,有令人惊奇的六块腹肌,这促使批评者推测她的身材是否是整形的结果 —— 或者是PS出来的After receiving backlash with her latest social media updates, Lukyanova posted an extended message via Facebook on Thursday, ripping her critics. ;It is a pity that most people choose the path of degradation,; she wrote in Russian. ;If they see a man who has succeeded with something better than they are, they are y to literally tear. Especially often I see it on the Internet.;在她最新发布的照片遭到抵制后,卢基扬诺夫周四在脸书上发布了一条扩展信息,反呛她的批评者;真是可怜,大部分人都选择堕落,;她在俄罗斯写道,;如果他们看到其他男人比他们更成功,他们就会流泪我在网上看到的这种人更多;Lukyanova, who claimed last fall that she was brutally assaulted by two knife-wielding men outside of her Odessa home in the Ukraine, said she hasnt gotten surgery since the incident which left her hospitalized. In fact, she shared that the inspiration behind her latest muscular physique was none other than the Queen of the Amazon.卢基扬诺夫声称自己去年秋天在她敖德萨的家外面被两名拿着刀的男人强奸,她做了外科手术,然后住院事实上,她曾分享过,她最后一张肌肉照的灵感来自《亚马逊女王,而不是其他什么原因;I am certainly still far from ideal, very far,; she wrote. ;But I strive athleticism... So funny that girls and boys from sporting groups write such nasty things about my body... so much negativity.; She concluded her note on Thursday by saying ;love and light; to her haters.;我并不够理想,远远不够,;她写道,;但是,我努力的健身那些来自运动团体的男孩和女孩们写那些侮辱我身体的东西,真是可笑;周四,她又写下最终的的结论语;爱与光明;给憎恨她的人Along with her excessively dramatized features, Lukyanova has also made headlines her appalling comments about physical beauty. In an infamous April interview with GQ, the Internet celeb made several racist comments. ;Ethnicities are mixing now, so there degeneration, and it didnt used to be like that,; she mused to the mag. ;Remember how many beautiful women there were in the 1950s and 1960s, without any surgery? And now, thanks to degeneration, we have this.;关于她及其特殊的容貌,卢基扬诺夫因其令人震惊的有关人体美的而登上头条年在《绅士季刊的一次震撼的采访中,这位网络名人发表了一些种族主义言论;各种族间现在正在混血,所以,种族正在退化,过去可不是这样的,;她凝视着珍珠,;回想下,1950和1960年代有多少不整容的美女?现在,感谢种族的退化,已经没什么了;With that said, the Ukraine native has no problems with herself. ;I love the Nordic image myself,; she told GQ. ;I have white skin; I am a Nordic type—perhaps a little Eastern Baltic, but closer to Nordic.;虽然说出这些言论,这名乌克兰人对自己却很满意;我个人喜欢北欧人的外貌,;她告诉《绅士季刊,;我有雪白的皮肤;我是一个北欧特征——可能还有点东波罗的海特征,但是更接近北欧人种; 37583

各种美味的食物对我们真的是种抵挡不住的诱惑,在不知不觉中就吃得过多了,肥胖也悄然降临到了自己的身上饮食单一一点的确可以帮助我们减小胃口,但是为了防止营养不良,专家建议还是保持饮食多样性为妙  Studies suggest that when we eat a variety of foods, we are less likely to get bored. But theree we are more likely to eat more. That might contribute to the current obesity problem in America–people like the taste of different foods and keep eating even after they have had enough. So eating meals with foods that are similar in taste, color, and shape could help you eat less  有研究表明,保饮食多样性,我们就不大会厌食但是,这样的话,我们可能就会吃的更多这可能是造成目前美国的肥胖问题的原因之一-人们在各种不同的美味的诱惑下,饱了之后依然继续吃,吃色、香、味相近的食物能让你吃的更少  Research shows that eating a variety of foods is the best way to get all the nutrients we need. And food is supposed to be enjoyed, not just tolerated. So go ahead and enjoy your buffet…just be careful to take small portions. Fill your plate only as much as you would normally. Then eat slowly and savor each interesting taste!  研究显示,保持饮食多样性是获取身体所需营养的最好方法并且,食物是用来享受的,不是用来看着忍受的所以,去享受你的自助餐吧只是要注意少吃点儿,正常情况下吃多少,盘子里就盛多少然后,细嚼慢咽,品尝各种美妙的味道吧! 5

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