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长春协和医院做人流多少钱For most Americans, Friday#39;s 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy#39;s assassination is a time to look back on one of the most turbulent days in the nation#39;s history.周五是美国总统肯尼迪遇刺50周年纪念日,对于多数美国人来说,这一天纪念着一段最为动荡的美国历史。But for people who were entangled in the events of Nov. 22, 1963, like the co-worker who drove Lee Harvey Oswald to work that morning, or the family of the man behind the power Zapruder film that captured the shooting, it has defined their lives.有一些人深陷事件之中,对于他们而言,1963年11月22日意味着人生的彻底转变。在他们当中,有在那天开车送李?哈维?奥斯瓦德(Lee Harvey Oswald)上班的同事,还有全面展现案件过程的泽普鲁德影片背后的拍摄者。That day also has remained a constant for people who became obsessed with the enduring mystery of what led to Kennedy#39;s murder, including a former conspiracy theorist who is now curator of the mainstream museum commemorating the shooting, much to the chagrin of his old colleagues.而对另一些人而言,肯尼迪遇害悬案背后的未解之谜令他们久久不能释怀。比如一位曾经的阴谋论者,如今他担任一家纪念这起事件的主流物馆的馆长,这令他以前的同事都十分气愤。Here are their stories:下面,就让我们走进他们的故事:Buell Wesley Frazier : After Driving Oswald, #39;I Was So Scared#39;比尔?韦斯利?弗雷泽(Buell Wesley Frazier):那件事之后,我害怕极了Fifty years ago, a teenaged Buell Wesley Frazier gave a colleague a ride to work, a courtesy that changed his life forever.50年前,十几岁的弗雷泽开车搭着一位同事一起去上班,然而他的好心彻底改变了他的生活。His co-worker at the Texas School Book Depository was Lee Harvey Oswald. The Warren Commission later concluded that the package Mr. Oswald placed on the backseat of Mr. Frazier#39;s Chevrolet Bel Air that morning didn#39;t contain curtain rods, as he had claimed, but the rifle he used to kill President John F. Kennedy.弗雷泽在德克萨斯州教科书仓库(Texas School Book Depository)工作,他的同事便是奥斯瓦德。根据华伦委员会(Warren Commission)的判定,奥斯瓦德那天早上将用来射杀肯尼迪的步放入一个包中,向弗雷泽谎称包里是窗 杆,并把包放在了弗雷泽的雪佛兰(Chevrolet) Bel Air轿车的后座上。#39;It#39;s still hard to believe that something like this happened and I got swept up in it,#39; said Mr. Frazier, now 69 years old. #39;I just wish it had never happened to me.#39;现年69岁的弗雷泽说道,我至今仍难以相信自己会被卷入到这样一个事件里,我真希望它从未发生在我身上。Many Americans alive when Mr. Kennedy was shot have said they lost some of their innocence that day. But for Mr. Frazier, the loss was deeply personal.许多经历了此事的美国人都将其视作一份纯真情怀的逝去,而弗雷泽承受的是更加深切的伤痛。He remembers watching from a window as the presidential motorcade passed the book warehouse, thinking that Jacqueline Kennedy #39;looked as good as the pictures in Life magazine.#39;他记得当总统车队经过书库的时候,他透过窗户看到杰奎琳?肯尼迪(Jacqueline Kennedy),心想她可真是和《生活》(Life)杂志里看起来一样漂亮。He remembers seeing Mr. Oswald, an acquaintance whom he knew only as Lee, walking away from the building in the chaos that followed the shooting and fading into the crowd.他记得看到奥斯瓦德从楼里走向喧闹的车队向总统开然后消失在人群里。他和奥斯瓦德并不熟,只知道他名字叫李。He remembers being pushed up against a wall later that evening by Dallas police, who interrogated him for hours about Mr. Oswald, then asked him to sign a typed statement confessing to being an accomplice to the assassination. He refused and was released.他记得那天晚上,达拉斯警员逮捕了他,用好几个小时审讯他有关奥斯瓦德的事情,然后让他在一份打好的声明上签字,承认自己是刺杀肯尼迪总统的同谋。他拒绝签字并被释放。He remembers the fear he felt when he watched Mr. Oswald be shot to death on live television by Dallas nightclub operator Jack Ruby that Sunday, how he wondered whether he was somehow in danger.随后,奥斯瓦德在被移交监狱的过程中被达拉斯夜店经营者杰克?鲁比(Jack Ruby)杀,这一过程经电视全程直播。弗雷泽记得当他看到这一事件时,心里是多么害怕自己也会出事。#39;This was all bigger than I could imagine. And I was so scared,#39; he said.他说:这件事的严重性远超我的想像。我当时真的害怕极了。Mr. Frazier went on with life, but says he was a changed man. He blames the shooting for his subsequent career frustrations, but concedes he hasn#39;t always been easy to like. #39;I have a hard time trusting people,#39; he said. He works part-time as a driver for an auto-body shop in the Dallas area, and like many Americans, continues to have questions about Nov. 22, 1963.弗雷泽的生活还是要继续,但他觉得自己已不再是曾经的自己。他认为杀案导致了他日后事业的不如意,不过他承认自己也不总是那么招人喜欢。他说,有段时间,我很难再相信他人。如今他是达拉斯一家汽车修理店的兼职司机,并和许多美国人一样,一直对肯尼迪刺杀案充满疑虑。Mr. Oswald lived in a Dallas boarding house during the week and asked Mr. Frazier for rides on weekends to visit his wife, Marina, who lived near Mr. Frazier in Irving, Texas. This time, however, Mr. Oswald had asked for a lift to Irving on a Thursday, and showed up to get a ride back to work Friday morning carrying what he said were curtain rods-a claim Mr. Frazier has trouble believing wasn#39;t true.奥斯瓦德工作日寄宿在达拉斯的一家旅馆里,妻子玛丽娜(Marina)住在德克萨斯州的欧文市,离弗雷泽很近。一到周末他就会请弗雷泽开车载他去见妻子。然而那个周四,奥斯瓦德搭他的车去了欧文市,并在周五的早上又与他一起回去上班。他告诉弗雷泽手上的包里装的是窗 杆,这让弗雷泽很难起什么疑心。Ruth Paine, the woman with whom Mr. Oswald#39;s wife lived at the time, long ago concluded that the official account of the assassination made sense: Mr. Oswald was capable of murder, she said, and all evidence pointed to him acting alone.露丝?佩因(Ruth Paine)当时与奥斯瓦德的妻子住在一起,她很早就认同了官方对谋杀案的解释,她说:奥斯瓦德绝对干得出杀人的事来,而且所有据都说明他没有共犯。Ms. Paine, now 81 and living in California, believes Mr. Frazier may not be able to emotionally digest what the Warren Commission concluded Mr. Oswald had transported in Mr. Frazier#39;s car that day.现年81岁的佩因居住在加利福尼亚,对于华伦委员会对那天早上包中放有的判定,她相信弗雷泽心里肯定很难接受得了。#39;I am really sorry Buell is in that form of denial,#39; said Ms. Paine, a retired school psychologist, whose old home was restored by Irving and reopened as a museum this month. #39;I have tried to run away from talking about this all my life, but I have also tried to accept the facts.#39;佩因退休前是一位学校心理咨询师,她说,我为弗雷泽的遭遇感到深深的遗憾。这个月,她在欧文的老家已被重新翻修成一座物馆。她说,我一直试着不去谈论我人生中的这段遭遇,但我也努力着去接受现实。Mr. Frazier remains adamant that Mr. Oswald couldn#39;t have killed the president by himself. It is a view shared by many Americans, who feel that multiple people must have plotted the assassination, according to opinion polls, including one by the Associated Press this month that found 59% believed in a conspiracy.弗雷泽却坚信奥斯瓦德不可能凭一己之力杀害总统。根据美联社(Associated Press)本月的调查,有59%的美国人也都持此观点,认为肯定是多人共同策划了这起谋杀。#39;I#39;d like for the American people someday to know the truth,#39; Mr. Frazier said. He acknowledges that he isn#39;t quite sure what that is.弗雷泽说,我期待着真相大白于天下的那一天。他说,他并不清楚真相到底是什么。 /201311/266025长春三院门诊怎么走 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:一直觉得一句描述女性衣柜的话,反而更精确地描述了女人:女人的衣柜里,总是缺少一件衣……男人的衣柜呢?男人有衣柜吗?我们男人有海澜之家就够了…!译者:koogle长春协和医院就诊时间

宽城区妇幼保健院怎么预约 In his famous book Learned Optimism, Martin Seligman points out how our present use of language can be a fairly accurate predictor of future success. Seligman explains how he was able to predict outcomes of sporting events with reasonable accuracy by comparing the language used by the coaches and players in interviews before the event. Basically what he did was count all the positive words and the negative words in published pre-game es from the players and coaches, and then he calculated the ratio of positive words to negative. The team with the higher ratio was the one picked to win. There is some subjectivity in deciding whether a word is positive, negative, or neutral, but if you try it yourself, I think you’ll find that most of the time it’s fairly easy to classify words. Seligman also explains using a similar process to predict the winners of political elections.Try this for yourself. Here’s a sentence I grabbed from Yahoo News on Feb 23:Scientists fear the avian flu that has killed 46 people in Asia could be the strain that will cause the next global pandemic but said more evidence is needed about how infectious it is in humans.How many positive and negative words do you count? I count zero positive and four negative (fear, killed, pandemic, infectious). So this sentence has a ratio of 0/4 0.Let’s try the same process on all of the headlines from Yahoo News (I’m using the Feb 23 version). I count 6 positive words (eases, adds, new, found, right, wealthy) and 15 negative words (denounce, fight, die, soak, death, somber, slain, fears, concerns, dismissed, defiant, avoids, risk, pandemic, handouts) for an overall ratio of 6/15 0.4.My picks are subjective of course, so yours may be different, but try it for yourself on any news site. If you find one with a ratio above 1.0, please tell me about it!Try this on yourself as well. Go over some text you wrote recently — emails, forums posts, whatever. What’s your ratio of positive/negative words? Seligman would argue that this is a powerful predictor of future success. Some personal development experts believe that by intentionally choosing more optimistic words in the language you use, you’ll start to become more optimistic in your thinking, which will in turn lead to better results. Anthony Robbins has a whole chapter about it in one of his books; he refers to it as “transformational vocabulary.”Have some fun and try this on your friends and co-workers. Grab something they wrote, and compute their ratio. Is their language predominantly optimistic (gt;1.0) or pessimistic (lt;1.0)? Who has the highest score? The lowest score? Any interesting patterns?What kind of boss do you work for? What about your company’s brochures? If you run your own business how’s your marketing material, your web site, your business plan? Are you projecting confidence or self-doubt to your customers? What about your journal entries? Your to do list?You’ll often see a pattern where like attracts like. Pessimistic news sources will attract pessimistic ers, partly because those are the best targets for advertising — negative people are more likely to believe that buying products will change their emotional state. A pessimistic company will attract and breed pessimistic employees — the high-energy positive people will go where their enthusiasm is welcome. So there’s a good chance you’ll see similar ratios to your own when you look around your environment. /200803/29467四平中医医院妇科专家大夫吉林白求恩医大一院服务



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