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It was a landslide victory.这是一次压倒性的胜利。Duke, the mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, just won re-election to a third consecutive term.明尼苏达州科莫伦特市市长杜克刚刚在改选中获胜,赢得第三次连任。Duke may be the most popular politician in America, winning re-election for a landmark third time in a landslide.杜克也许是美国最受欢迎的政客了,他在改选中以压倒性的优势获得了具有里程碑意义的第三次连任。What#39;s his secret? Probably the fact that he#39;s a dog, and everyone loves dogs.他的秘诀是什么呢?可能因为他是一只,而所有的人都喜欢。In a vote held over the weekend, the 9-year-old Great Pyrenees won his third consecutive term as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota. Voters paid each to cast ballots in the election.在为期一周的投票中,这只9岁的大白熊犬第三次当选明尼苏达州科莫伦特市市长。在选举的过程中,每个投票人在投票的时候都要付1美元。;Everybody voted for Duke, except for one vote for his girlfriend, Lassie,; David Rick, Duke#39;s owner.“除了投给他女朋友蕾西的那一票以外,每个人都把票投给了杜克,”杜克的主人大卫·里克说道。As mayor, Duke appears on three highway billboards promoting the community.作为市长,杜克会出现在3条公路的广告牌上来为社区做宣传。While Duke#39;s role is somewhat unusual, he#39;s not the first animal to be elected to office in the U.S. Roadtrippers has collected some of the nation#39;s non-human mayors, including two other dogs, a cat, a cow and a goat named Mayor Clay Henry III.虽然杜克的社会角色有点不寻常,但是他并不是美国第一只当选政客的动物了。Roadtrippers(地面交通计划网)搜集了一下这个国家的那些非人类市长,其中包括另外两只、一只猫咪、一头牛以及一只名叫克莱·亨利三世的山羊。 /201608/462601A shows a six-year-old Afghan girl in tears, after her father allegedly sold her to a 55-year-old man for marriage, in exchange for a goat and food.一段视频显示,一名6岁的阿富汗女孩在流着泪,据悉,他狠心的父亲为了一只羊和稻米,竟把她卖给了一个55岁的老头做新娘。It is believed girls as young as 16 are commonly sold to men for marriage in line with Afghan law, but underage pairings are not uncommon. However such a large age gap like this one is rare, according to The Observers.在阿富汗,女孩在16岁时就卖给别人做新娘是法律允许的,不过,未成年婚姻也并不少见。不过,据《观察家》表示,像这样如此大的年龄差距还是罕见的。According to the website, the girl#39;s father sold her for a goat, a bag of rice, tea, sugar, and a few litres of cooking oil.据该网站报道,该女孩儿的父亲用6岁的女儿换回来了一只羊、一袋米,茶叶,白糖和几升食用油。The man, reportedly Seyed Abdolkarim, took his bride to Firozkoh, in Ghor province, to stay at a relative#39;s house. Alarm bells were raised when the host alleged he was undressing the girl at night.报道称,这名55岁的老头名叫赛义德·阿卜杜尔卡里姆,他把6岁的新娘带到了古尔省的Firozkoh,住在一个亲戚的家里。夜里,主人发现阿卜杜尔卡里姆脱掉了小女孩的衣,所以报了警。Abdolkarim was asked if the young girl was his daughter and he replied: ;No, she#39;s my wife. Her father gave her to me;. The host told a friend, who then alerted a local women#39;s rights bureau, which lead to Abdolkarim#39;s arrest.当被问起小姑娘是否是他的女儿时,阿卜杜尔卡里姆回答说,“不是,她是我的妻子。她的父亲把她卖给我了。” 随即主人将此事告知了一名朋友,这名朋友随后通知了当地的妇女权益组织,所以阿卜杜尔卡里姆才被抓捕。Tests later carried out reportedly revealed there was no sexual intercourse.经过检查,医生表示该女孩儿没有受伤的迹象。Herat journalist Fawad Ahmady recorded the clip on July 31 and posted it on Facebook where it has been widely shared across Afghanistan social media.赫拉特记者法瓦德·阿赫马迪在7月31日报道了这则新闻,并把它发布上脸书上,随后被阿富汗的社交媒体大量转发。;The girl is now living with her mother in a safe house in Firozkoh,; Mr Ahmady told The Observers. ;Khalili, the head of the women#39;s rights bureau for Ghor province, told me she will do her best to make sure that her father loses his parental rights and that she is granted a divorce.;阿赫马迪告诉《观察家》称:“这名女童现在和她的妈妈住在Firozkoh一个安全的地方。古尔省女权组织负责人卡利里告诉我,她会尽一切努力剥夺这名父亲的监护权,同时帮助这名女童解除与阿卜杜尔卡里姆的婚姻关系。”The girls#39; father reportedly admitted he was having trouble making ends meet and selling his daughter would provide a goat and two months#39; worth of food, as well as one less mouth to feed.据报道,这名女孩的父亲承认自己入不敷出,将女儿卖掉能换来一只羊和两个月的口粮,同时还能少一张嘴吃饭。 /201608/460581

Tip #1:贴士#1First, prep the skin with foundation. Always put your foundation on your eyelids. It helps the shadow to stay longer, and makes you look more awake if you don#39;t even use shadow. Your fingers are just as great as applying foundation as a brush, but it#39;s always best to apply concealer with a little brush. It helps to provide better coverage.首先,肌肤先施以粉底,眼皮上一定要涂。这样眼影可以更持久,即便不上眼影,你看上去也更清醒。手指涂粉底和刷子不相上下,但涂抹遮瑕膏用小刷子再好不过了,这样遮盖力更强。Tip #2:贴士#2Next, apply eye shadow from the root of the lash all the way to the brow. Concentrate more shadow at the lash roots, then blend it out.接着,从睫毛根部到眉毛,一路都涂上眼影。在睫毛根部要重点刷上眼影,然后晕开。Tip #3:贴士#3Then, use a small brush to apply shadow along the lower lash line. This will make your eyes appear larger. You only need one color, just apply it in layers for a deeper look.然后,用小刷子沿着下睫毛刷眼影,这样眼睛看上去更大。你只需一种颜色,多刷几层就有深色妆容效果。Tip #4:贴士#4To stop shadow and mascara from smudging, use a translucent powder underneath your eye because it blends in better and works on every skin tone.眼影和睫毛膏不要化烟熏妆了,眼部下方扑上透明的粉,因为这样可以更好地融合,任何肤色都适宜有效。Tip #5:贴士#5Always apply mascara to upper and lower lashes. And, when curling them, curl at three separate points to ensure the biggest, fullest lashes possible: Press at the root, the center, and the tips.上下睫毛都要涂睫毛膏。卷曲睫毛的时候,从三个不同角度卷曲,确保睫毛达到最纤长饱满的效果:睫毛根部、中间和顶端都压一下。Tip #6:贴士#6To tame unruly brows, the best way is to spritz a little hair spray onto a Spooli brush, then comb through the brow.睫毛难打理,最好的方法是喷一点发胶在卷筒梳上,然后梳理睫毛。Tip #7:贴士#7Finally, finish with lip gloss. You should always begin your makeup routine by applying lip balm, then start on your foundation. By the time you get to lip gloss or lipstick, your lips will be well moisturized.最后涂上唇。日常化妆步骤一定要遵循先涂润唇膏,然后涂粉底。到涂唇或唇膏的时候,你的唇部已经水润十足了。Tip #8:贴士#8To take this look from day to night, simply add a darker shadow over the top of your existing shadow. Pick a bolder eye color.要从日间妆容变为夜间妆容,只要在现有眼影上施以深色眼影即可。选色大胆的眼影。Tip #9:贴士#9Finally, add a little more color to your look with a brighter lip-gloss.最后,用亮色系唇给你的妆容增色。 /201607/452118

1. You don#39;t have to see each other every day.你们不必每天都见面。If you can, then why not? But you don#39;t have to nag each other about you or your partner coming over just because you haven#39;t seen a glimpse of each other for the day (yet). For long-distance relationships, if you can insert that five-minute FaceTime before you head for work (and before he hits the sack), thengreat.如果能见面,为什么不见呢?但你们无需因为一天没见就烦恼着是你过去找他还是让他过来找你。对于异地恋来说,如果你们能在上班之前(和睡觉之前)抽出5分钟视频聊天就很好了。And this isn#39;t about not making time for seeing each other, it#39;s just that you#39;ve reached a point in your relationship when you#39;ve realized the difference about being there and being clingy. Minus the Skype, FaceTime and whatever call apps you use, you are present. And he knows that.我的意思不是说不要刻意为见面留出时间,只是你们的关系已经到了那种程度,你们已经明白在一起和腻在一起的区别。即使没有Skype、FaceTime以及你们使用的所有视频聊天工具,他也知道你的存在。2. You don#39;t have to update each other of the most minute of details...你们不必随时向对方更新自己的细节……...like if you#39;ve aly eaten, what you had for lunch, etc. every. single. day. You aren#39;t absorbed in the world you#39;ve created just for you and your boyfriend. Your boyfriend coexists with all the other characters and elements of your world. He#39;s a part of it -- maybe a major part of it -- but not it.……比如每天都要汇报是不是吃完饭了、午饭吃了什么等等。你不用完全沉浸于只属于你和男友的世界里,他在你的世界里和其他人和事物共存,他只是其中的一部分,可能是主要的部分,但并不是全部。3. You don#39;t impose your friends to be his friends and vice versa.你不会把自己的朋友强加给他,反之亦然。If they can be friends by themselves without your pushing and shoving them together, wouldn#39;t that be a bonus? But you respect both your guy and your friends and know that how you relate to his friends (or how he does to yours) isn#39;t an area where anyone could pass a judgment to your compatibility as a couple.如果没有你的推动和撮合他们自己就能成为朋友,那岂不是意外收获?但你要尊重你的男友和朋友,要知道你如何和他的朋友相处(或他如何和你的朋友相处)都不是评判恋人是否相处得好的标准。4. You don#39;t (try to) impress each other with the most expensive of gifts.你们无需用最昂贵的礼物来取悦彼此。If both of you can afford it is a different story. What I#39;m saying is there are some couples who spoil each other (or just the other) with very pricey items when that single present aly equates to a month#39;s total of his or her net pay. You#39;ve reached a maturity with finances and both of you would rather plan on your anniversary getaway or a major investment for your future.如果你们能买得起就另当别论了。我说的是有些情侣用过于昂贵的东西把对方惯坏了,这个礼物就花掉了他(或她)整整一个月的薪水。你们对钱的看法已经成熟了,你们都宁愿计划一年一次的旅行或做做未来的投资。5. You don#39;t use any filter when you talk.你们谈话时不会遮遮掩掩。Finances filter, family filter, girlfriends / boyfriends filter, exes-filter, etc -- everything is out in the open. Honesty has always been the best policy.金钱、家人、男女性友人、花销方面等等都不会遮遮掩掩,这些都是公开透明的,诚实总是最好的相处之道。6. You don#39;t torture yourself with boredom to death by pretending to like what he likes.你不用假装喜欢他喜欢的东西而把自己折磨得无聊得要死。Your guy enjoys games; you enjoy your books. Your guy enjoys outdoor sports; you enjoy a cup of coffee in your little nook. He listens to pop music; you worship The Script. While you give a chance for each other to get a peek of your world, you don#39;t force him into being in yours.你男朋友喜欢;但你喜欢读书。你男朋友喜欢户外运动;但你喜欢窝在小角落里喝咖啡。他听流行音乐;但你崇拜The Script乐队(摇滚风格)。你们给彼此一个机会探究对方的世界,但不必强迫他走进你的世界。7. You don#39;t care what he sees anymore when you#39;re without makeup and/or fresh from slumber.你不再在乎他看到你素颜和/或刚睡醒的样子。You#39;re past those days when you thought that you always have to put your #39;best face#39; forward. You#39;vebecome comfortable with being all natural. You#39;ve seen your beauty without makeup in his eyes.你们已经过了你总想着要展现自己美貌的时候,你表现出自然的一面也觉着很舒,你已经在他眼中看到了自己素颜的美。8. You don#39;t support him in all his rants and complaints about the world.你不会持他的吹嘘和对世界的抱怨。When he needs a good sermon, it#39;s you he hears it from. If he#39;s wrong, you tell him. There#39;s no sugarcoating when you think he needs a slap of reality. You don#39;t condone his wrong acts, you correct him. You don#39;t feed him with false ;it#39;s okay;s.当他需要启示时,他要从你这儿听到。如果他错了,你要告诉他,你认为他需要面对现实时你不必花言巧语。你不会宽恕他的错误,你要纠正他。你不会虚伪地说“没关系”来满足他。9. You don#39;t act like a curfew officer anymore.你不会再表现得像宵禁官。You know he#39;s going to have to make some time for his friends and you know he#39;s going to have to stay some nights out. You know him well to be sure that he#39;s going to go home when he thinks it#39;s time. And you respect his judgment of ;it#39;s time;.你知道他要留一些时间给朋友,知道他有时晚上要出去,你也很懂他,确信他知道什么时间该回家。你尊重他对“回家时间”的判断。10. You talk about the specifics of the future...你们细致地探讨未来…...10 years, 20 years from now. You share dreams of tomorrow. You see him in the big scenes of what lies ahead. You see him as your partner in accomplishing these dreams.……10年或20年以后。你们分享对未来的憧憬,你在未来的画面上能看到他的身影,你把他看成你实现这些梦想的伴侣。11. No buts, no ifs. He is your ally.没有“但是”,没有“如果”,你们是同盟。Whatever, whenever, wherever. It#39;s always going to be you and him against the world. You can take on whatever life throws at you because you know he will always be somewhere there -- either holding your hand before that big jump or just an inch behind you as you take that most dangerous step that you have to take by yourself. But you#39;re never really alone in the most literal sense; you will always have a sidekick.无论何事、无论何时、无论何地,永远都是你和他一起面对这个世界。你能承担起生活赐予你的一切,因为你知道他会永远在那儿——无论是纵身一跃之前握住你的手,还是当你不得不独自迈出危险一步时就站在你身后。你永远不会真正孤单;永远有人陪你同行。12. You value his thoughts. He values yours.你看重他的想法,他也重视你的想法。He has a say on the major changes in your life so as he does to those in yours. His opinion is taken in earnest because you know he#39;s one of the few people in the world who would sincerely and selflessly want the best for you. He would give it to you straight and simple. Sometimes, his thoughts would open you up to new wavelengths of thinking, make you affirm those thoughts that you aly hold or make you totally say no to some that you haven#39;t been sure about.对你生活中的重大改变他都有发言权,因为他参与了你的生活。你会认真考虑他的想法,因为你知道他是世界上仅有的几个真心实意而且无私地想要你过得好的人之一。他会直接简单地给出他的看法。有时他的想法会让你眼前一亮,给你带来新的想法,使你能肯定之前的想法或彻底否定你不确定的想法。13. You don#39;t really see or consider him as a boyfriend anymore.你其实不再把他看作男朋友了。He has become more like a brother? Err. No. He#39;s more like a brother and lover combined. He#39;s somewhere between those two. Not a brother, no longer a boyfriend, not yet a husband. LIFE MATE? That#39;s more like it.他变得更像一个兄弟?不对,他更像是兄弟和爱人的结合,有时介于两者之间。不是兄弟,不再是男朋友,但也还不是丈夫。那是生活伴侣?这个更贴切吧。 /201605/444408

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